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#18: You Might Be a Mother Runner If…

#18: You Might Be a Mother Runner If…

Need to chat about some more mother runner traits? Head on over to our collection of photos.

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Follow This Mother!

Follow This Mother!

Tammy Eakes, 39, is a mother runner who works hard at staying fit, and she is adamant that she does so while enjoying her favorite foods. Hence the name of her blog, No Skinnies, where she offers tips on getting the most out of quick workouts and healthy eating (and also talks about her passion for good food: “I like to eat, damn it!”) She lives in Biloxi, MS with her two girls, August and Lucy, and husband David.

Best recent run: 8 miles, from my house to the beach and back.

What’s with the Wonder Woman outfit? I wrote a post called “im just a girl.” It was about how we all have to be superheroes in order to keep up in life and with family and the expectations of the world, etc…

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running stroller

Hump Day Running Giveaway: Thule Chariot Cougar 2 Carrier + Jogging Kit

My constant traveling companion, Dimity, and I can get silly (read: punchy) when we’re on the road. When our energy drops or we start missing our families, we break out the goofiness to boost our spirits. I suspect our jump-right-in antics might confuse some folks (like the re-enactors at the Alamo that found themselves posing with a mother runner a few weeks ago) but it’s all in good fun.

Case in point: When we stopped by the Thule Chariot booth at a trade show last summer. There we were, dressed in our mother runner tees, yucking it up with the Thule marketing gals. Most folks would just ooh-and-ahh over the amazing kid-carriers that convert from a carrier suited for strolling to one tricked out for running or even biking (or skiing)…

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Tell Me Tuesday: Running after a Breast Lift, Reduction, or Enlargement

Tell Me Tuesday: Running after a Breast Lift, Reduction, or Enlargement

A while ago, mother runner Kim emailed us with several questions: What are the effects of a breast lift on long- and short-term training? How long after the surgery can you start running again? How does running feel with the revised girls? The answers poured in from the tribe, not only with advice on running after a breast lift, but also on running after a reduction or enlargement.

Heidi mentions her friend, who had recently gotten a lift: “She started slowly running in about a month or so…but she had to be wrapped up and wore two bras. She loves her revised girls and wears Enell bras to keep them in check now…

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Mother Runner holiday cookie

#AMRHoliday Craftiness


Dimity and I have creativity in spades–professional magazine writers, we’ve written books that we hope is dog-eared on  your nightstand or  stashed in your gym back–yet we lack craftiness. Asking us to knit, crochet, embroider, felt, scrapbook, sew, mold, tool, tat, weave, bead, quilt, cast, or stencil something would be on par with asking us to handwrite our two books…in long hand…in Latin…blindfolded. My sole crafty endeavor is needlepointing, but the kind I do is basically high-end Paint-by-Numbers except I “color” with yarn, not acrylics.

But dang if we don’t admire the heck out of crafts done by other mother runners…

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