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Another Mother Runner Radio #105: Demystifying the Track

With spring racing season upon us, the mother runners decided it was time to banish any intimidation you might be feeling about track workouts. Dimity and Sarah welcome Carl Leivers, a certified USA Track and Field certified running coach in Atlanta, to help make track workouts less daunting and more “enjoyable” (that being a relative term…). He deciphers all those numbers—e.g., 10 x 400, 6 x 800, 4 x 1000—as well as helps the gals figure out what all the lines mean. He gives pacing tips, including a pointer that’s especially welcome to Sarah. Plus, find out what Dimity’s going to yell at SBS the next time she catches up with her at an airport…

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Another Mother Runner Radio #104: Q&A for Early Spring 2014

Before jumping in to answer questions culled from the AMR Facebook page, Sarah talks about her busy running-related morning and Dimity admits to finally “committing” to a workout for her mid-June 70.3 Ironman triathlon. The Ironmother reveals her clever multi-media strategy for getting fired up for intervals. (Hint: It’s a medley involving Kevin Spacey and the band fun.) Then the ladies suggest ways for Jackie (or you!) to like running—or at least like having run.  They talk about importance of the oft-overlooked runner’s upper body, tossing out a bevy of at-home exercises. Sarah shares a plethora of pointers for a lunchtime run, garnered from her running partner who holds down a full-time job…

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Another Mother Runner Radio #103: Talking Nutrition with Olympic Marathoner Magda Boulet

Sarah and Dimity are pleased to welcome Magdalena Boulet, a mother runner who ran in the 2008 Olympic Marathon; Magda is also VP of Innovation, Research & Development at the gals’ favorite energy gel company, GU Energy Labs. Fresh off a win at USA National Masters 8K Championship Race and 50K Way Too Cool, Magda shares tactics that’ll help runners exercise on consecutive days without feeling tapped out. She emphasizes the importance of finding a fueling system that puts the least demand on your stomach. As the conversation turns a bit lighter, find out what flavor GU is often requested—but won’t ever make it to store shelves…

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Another Mother Runner Radio #102: The 2nd Best-of Special!

The celebration for passing the 100th-podcast mark continues! Sarah and Dimity take you back to their very first running podcast—them being interviewed by a mother runner named Phoebe who poses a stumper of a question. Then Dimity revisits her epic Ironman race, namely the painful start to the marathon portion of the race. Many laughs follow, however, including an important debate about which mother runner gets to be Laverne and who has be Shirley, and SBS being recognized in the nude. Mile Posts blogger Dorothy Beal admits to being addicted to marathons, which prompts Dimity to ask Sarah how many marathons she thinks she’ll run in her lifetime…

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Another Mother Runner Radio #101: Kathrine Switzer Reflects

Sarah and Dimity are honored to welcome Kathrine Switzer to the podcast. As the first woman to run the venerable Boston Marathon with an official number, Kathrine changed the course of women’s running. Kathrine walks the mother runners through that epic 1967 Boston Marathon experience, calling it, “a series of coincidences that couldn’t possibly repeat,” and “an awakening” for herself at age 20. She shares her vision for future races she’d like to see in the Olympic Games—such as relay races, “that combine men’s unique capabilities with women’s.” Kathrine also talks about the work she’s doing to reach out to women to make them feel fearless, including the inaugural 261 Women’s Marathon happening in Majoraca, Spain, in two weeks, and the 261 Fearless Collection from Skirt Sports…

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