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Another Mother Runner Radio #108: Talking S#!t with Author Mary Roach

The mother runners were thrilled to welcome Mary Roach, best-selling author of clever non-fiction like Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers and Gulp: Adventures in the Alimentary Canal. Like food through the digestive track, the conversation moves from top to bottom, but it fairly quickly centers on poop. But not before talking flatus (that’s fancy-talk for “fart,” folks). Perhaps most satisfying for SBS is when Mary validates Sarah long-held theory on her parasympathetic colon. The introductory chitchat even dwells on a tush-related topic: Dimity shares her attempts to cure her son of constipation, which is most likely the root cause of his frequent bedwetting…

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Another Mother Runner Radio #107: Time Management Tips from Jill Farmer

Dimity and Sarah suspect you’re in the same proverbial boat they often are: drowning in seeming “must-do’s” and “gotta-get-done’s.” So they brought on Jill Farmer, a time- and life-management coach in St. Louis, to help unravel the busy cluster of mother runners’ lives. Jill shares some insightful, yet delicious simple, solutions on how to shed some stress and get more done in a day. (Including making sure you have enough time for your all-important runs!) We love that she even uses running terms, like “bigger strides, longer goals” as analogies for accomplishing more in life…

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Another Mother Runner Radio #106: Two Friends + Boston Marathon 2014

With Dimity on Skype, Sarah is joined in the studio by Dana Sullivan and Santha Cassell, two longtime BRFs (best running friends) who both ran the 2013 Boston Marathon. These Portland moms talk about the journey—months of hard training and several marathon attempts spread out over a few years—that lead them to the Hopkinton, MA, starting line. Then they share their experiences on April 15, 2013. (Spoiler alerts: Neither Santha nor Dana reached the finish line and neither were injured in the blasts.) The four mother runners dive into Dana’s decision to return to run this year’s Boston Marathon—and why, mid-training-cycle, Santha decided against it…

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Another Mother Runner Radio #105: Demystifying the Track

With spring racing season upon us, the mother runners decided it was time to banish any intimidation you might be feeling about track workouts. Dimity and Sarah welcome Carl Leivers, a certified USA Track and Field certified running coach in Atlanta, to help make track workouts less daunting and more “enjoyable” (that being a relative term…). He deciphers all those numbers—e.g., 10 x 400, 6 x 800, 4 x 1000—as well as helps the gals figure out what all the lines mean. He gives pacing tips, including a pointer that’s especially welcome to Sarah. Plus, find out what Dimity’s going to yell at SBS the next time she catches up with her at an airport…

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Another Mother Runner Radio #104: Q&A for Early Spring 2014

Before jumping in to answer questions culled from the AMR Facebook page, Sarah talks about her busy running-related morning and Dimity admits to finally “committing” to a workout for her mid-June 70.3 Ironman triathlon. The Ironmother reveals her clever multi-media strategy for getting fired up for intervals. (Hint: It’s a medley involving Kevin Spacey and the band fun.) Then the ladies suggest ways for Jackie (or you!) to like running—or at least like having run.  They talk about importance of the oft-overlooked runner’s upper body, tossing out a bevy of at-home exercises. Sarah shares a plethora of pointers for a lunchtime run, garnered from her running partner who holds down a full-time job…

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