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#AMRHoliday Craftiness


Dimity and I have creativity in spades–professional magazine writers, we’ve written books that we hope is dog-eared on  your nightstand or  stashed in your gym back–yet we lack craftiness. Asking us to knit, crochet, embroider, felt, scrapbook, sew, mold, tool, tat, weave, bead, quilt, cast, or stencil something would be on par with asking us to handwrite our two books…in long hand…in Latin…blindfolded. My sole crafty endeavor is needlepointing, but the kind I do is basically high-end Paint-by-Numbers except I “color” with yarn, not acrylics.

But dang if we don’t admire the heck out of crafts done by other mother runners…

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Travel Talk: Runs From Around the Country

Travel Talk: Runs From Around the Country

Fresh off their final 2013 trip, Sarah and Dimity recall running adventures from this year’s travels. Some scorchers stand out in their collective memory, including revisiting slogs along the American River in Sacramento and the Hudson in Albany and outside Washington, D.C. (Suffice to say, they were not capital runs.) They rave about their St. Louis excursions, and SBS waxes eloquently (read: semi-drones) about the homes in one grand San Antonio neighborhood. Sarah tries to rally listeners to start doing her 21st-century version of a boombox while running. And find out what words Dimity is trying to expunge from her vocabulary…


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Winners of Mother Runner Pendants

Winners of Mother Runner Pendants

Not sure about you, but I’m a bit Thanksgiving hungover. As I get older, it gets harder to eat big meals—accompanied by a glass of wine or 3. I actually didn’t eat crazy gobs yesterday—the only seconds I had was salad, mostly because of the candied walnut/goat cheese/pomegranate combo that was in there—but appetizers then a big meal around 4 p.m. throws me out of whack. When we got home at 7 p.m. and I felt like I was going to burst, I wasn’t sure if I should go to bed and read, watch tv, play cards with the kiddos, or just unbutton my skirt and lay like a beached whale on the floor and concentrate on breathing…

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10 Reasons I’m Thankful for Running: SBS Edition

On Monday, Dimity listed her top 10 (I suspect we both have far more than 10!); here’s mine.

It gets me outside and interacting with nature. I am happiest outdoors—marveling over vivid fall leaves, a slant of sunlight piercing through the clouds, and squirrels chasing each other up trees—and running allows me be a part of the great outdoors on a nearly daily basis.

It gives me a built-in social outlet. My friendship with my running buddies—currently Molly, Ellison, and Sheila, but in the past it’s been Heidi, Dorothy, and others—wouldn’t be nearly as rich and deep if we’d fostered our relationships over occasional coffee dates or a rare dinner out…

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