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After many winter runs, my fingers resemble these ivory candles. Just substitute fingernails for wicks.

Tell Me Tuesday: A Dozen Ways to Help with Raynaud’s while Running

If the folksy aphorism, “Cold hands; warm heart” is true, my blood-pumper must be a blast furnace. Like many runners, especially XX ones, I suffer from Raynaud’s disease, a condition that makes parts of the body (especially hands and feet) go cold, numb, and pale in response to cold or stress. If I’m not hyper-vigilant, my fingers can look like cream-colored candles for hours after a frosty run. More distressingly, my hands are either numb and clumsy or painful and tingly, too.

To save other mother runners (and myself!) from the discomfort of Raynaud’s, I collected antidotes and preventative measures from other cold-clawed runners…

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10 Reasons I’m Thankful For Running

10 Reasons I’m Thankful For Running

1. Fresh shoes and a few miles can lift me up like nothing else.

2. Downhills. Love the real ones when I can just chill and cruise and head down. And I also appreciate the virtual downhill: single runs and  longer spells when running just feels lighter and less onerous than I anticipated. I try to savor every gravity-gifted moment in each situation.

3. Endorphins. God bless every last one of them.

4. The deep, wide cardiovascular foundation that consistent running provides me; I may never be able to do 10 good burpees/push-ups/pull-ups in a row, but I can run 10 miles. And that’s enough for me…

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Feel the Gratitude

Feel the Gratitude

In this Thanksgiving week, Sarah and Dimity start off the show by discussing running-related things they are grateful for, such as temperate climates for year-round running, nearby BRFs, and the vitality our fair sport provides. “Running is the time I feel most alive,” confesses Dimity. Then the ladies bring on Amy Little, a mother runner of two who allows runners to give back in a major way: Through the race she organized, Cause + Event in Portland, Oregon, racers can donate to the charity of their choice. Amy talks through how she hatched the race concept and has seen it through to the point of writing checks to 62 (62!) non-profit organizations…


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In real life, my ViZiPRO vest, top, and trimmed capris were not an exact color-match with what Dimity and I dubbed the "Fountain of Blood" in St. Louis. (Dyed for Cardinals in the World Series, which was being played that week.)

Winner of Saucony ViZiPRO Outfit

Like many parents at this time of year, my husband, Jack, and I are having conferences with our kids’ teachers. Thursday afternoon we sat down with Mr. S., the twins’ third-grade teacher. (John and Daphne are in the same class because, I’ll admit: It simplifies our family life.) Jack and I held our collective breath when Mr. S. launched into his assessment of John, as our son has a track record of being mildly disruptive and unfocused in class.

Overall, it was a good report, with only a few behavioral speedbumps. One tactic Mr. S. uses is having kids do a lap around the playground if he feels they need to blow off steam…

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woman running with music

Turkey Trot 5K Running Playlist

I dubbed this Turkey Trot 5K Running Playlist for no other reason than I thought it was time to have a new playlist on our site that screamed “autumn 2013.” I’m forever looking for new, fast-paced, catchy songs to inject some fresh flavor into my race playlists, and I figured I can’t be the only one who’s hankering for tasty tunes. So I pulled titles of songs I’ve Shazamed while shopping in Old Navy or driving to record our podcast. Then I cruised around Spotify, listening to songs the app suggested I might like based on previous listens. Via the magic of Google, I stumbled across some other suggestions…

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