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Another Mother Runner Radio 89: Marathon Goddess Imparts Her Wisdom

Dimity and Sarah get to know Julie Weiss, a.k.a. “Marathon Goddess,” who ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks (wowza!). A mother of two, Julie was motivated in her epic quest as a way to raise money and awareness for pancreatic cancer research, in honor of her father who succumbed to that disease. You might recognize Julie from the documentary “Spirit of the Marathon II”; as Dimity points out, Julie has perfected the art of wearing a lot of mascara while marathoning. Find out how Julie worked full-time, jetted around the country, and ran at least a 26.2 every weekend, sometimes even twice…

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Another Mother Runner Radio 88: We’ve Got Some Answers

Sarah and Dimity dig up some running questions from their Facebook community and, at long last, provide answers. They tell folks in the same boat as Shelle how to train for a 10K or half-marathon on just three runs per week, and they discuss running underwear options for gals like Angie who don’t want to go commando. The mother runners lean in and give advice about how to juggle breastfeeding demands with running, and Sarah talks at length about dealing with plantar fasciitis. Finally, the gals come up with all sorts of solutions doing a 5K with a slower-than-you runner. First up, though: Find out why Dimity had a morning, “from H-E-double-skis,” the day they recorded the podcast…

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Another Mother Runner Radio 87: Running While Pregnant, Peeing Your Pants, or Having Your Period

On call today with Dimity and Sarah: Elizabeth Stevenson-Gargiulo, an OB/GYN in Dallas who runs the website Running Through Pregnancy with her husband, an elite runner. Dr. Beth talks straight about a variety of gyno-issues. Find out what to expect when running with a baby on board—and how exercise can affect efforts to get pregnant. The mother-doctor—and nine-time marathoner–explains it’s important to use unscented products “down there,” and she shares ways to overcome Piss-Pants Syndrome. (It’s not every day you hear someone say, “physical therapy up in their vagina.”) Not surprisingly, this podcast’s word debate has to do with lady parts…

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Another Mother Runner Radio 86: Travel Talk: Runs From Around the Country

Fresh off their final 2013 trip, Sarah and Dimity recall running adventures from this year’s travels. Some scorchers stand out in their collective memory, including revisiting slogs along the American River in Sacramento and the Hudson in Albany and outside Washington, D.C. (Suffice to say, they were not capital runs.) They rave about their St. Louis excursions, and SBS waxes eloquently (read: semi-drones) about the homes in one grand San Antonio neighborhood. Sarah tries to rally listeners to start doing her 21st-century version of a boombox while running. And find out what words Dimity is trying to expunge from her vocabulary…

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Another Mother Runner Radio 85: Feel the Gratitude

In this Thanksgiving week, Sarah and Dimity start off the show by discussing running-related things they are grateful for, such as temperate climates for year-round running, nearby BRFs, and the vitality our fair sport provides. “Running is the time I feel most alive,” confesses Dimity. Then the ladies bring on Amy Little, a mother runner of two who allows runners to give back in a major way: Through the race she organized, Cause + Event in Portland, Oregon, racers can donate to the charity of their choice. Amy talks through how she hatched the race concept and has seen it through to the point of writing checks to 62 (62!) non-profit organizations…

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