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Another Mother Runner Radio 95: The Polar Vortex Special Edition: How to Stay Active

Dimity and Sarah know this polar vortex has been unbearable for runners, but the mother runners come to the rescue with alternatives to stay active. A body-weight circuit to do at home; pointers on getting optimum results from a spinning workout; tricks on the elliptical to make it an effective sweat-session; plus loads of treadmill tips. (One of which involves Benedict Cumberbatch.) Along the way, Sarah delights in Dimity reviving a phrase she hasn’t heard in decades. At the very least, this extra-long podcast, interspersed with more music than usual, will keep you company for almost an hour on the treadmill…

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Another Mother Runner Radio 94: Larissa Explains It All

Still shimmering with glitter—and a healthy dose of pixie dust—Dimity and Sarah share fresh memories from the 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon at Disneyland. Then the mother runners welcome Larissa Rivers, the run marketing manager at the GPS app/website Strava. A new, first-time mom Larissa talks about returning to work (sometimes via foot over the Golden Gate Bridge!) and training for her first post-baby race. (An ultrarunner, Larissa is “scaling back” to a marathon.) Larissa takes listeners through the genesis of Strava and its nifty features—which give Sarah the chance to finally tell Dimity she needs to slow her roll on some training runs…

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Another Mother Runner Radio 93: First Q&A Session of 2014

In this running podcast, Dimity and Sarah dive into the New Year with some new questions, several of which deal with winter or coming back from some time off. The mother runners provide tips for Kristin to help her (and you!) find your groove on a treadmill. They offer tried-and-true advice (a walk/run program) for resuming running after an injury, as well as a few other pointers that have worked for them. Learn how to ease into speedwork with hill repeats, strides, and pick-ups (no, we’re not talking hackneyed lines from our fraternity party days), and when to measure your runs in minutes, not miles…

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Another Mother Runner Radio 92: All About Survivor with Mother Runner Monica Culpepper

Sarah and Dimity are delighted to have “Survivor Blood vs Water” runner-up Monica Culpepper as a guest. This mother-of-three runner over-shares all the too-much-information details you’ve been dying to know about the reality show, from how women on the island deal with their periods to where contestants poop. (The locations will surprise—and disgust—you.) In (nearly) gag-inducing detail, Monica describes the food challenge she won by eating 40 meal worms, 12 ounces of pig intestines, cow eyeballs, (“a viscous explosion in your mouth”), and thumb-plus-sized grub worms. Monica talks of permanent nerve damage caused by sleeping on hard surfaces, and lets us in on the reason why female contestants have to pee in a cup 30 minutes before heading to the island…

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Another Mother Runner Radio 91: How to Plan Your Races This Year

Dimity and Sarah bring on Briana Boehmer, a coach of endurance athletes (including our own Dimity for Ironman) for the past 12 years who is starting work with Training Peaks, to give advice on planning a race calendar for the year. Briana talks about timing races to ensure you bring your A-game, as well as sharing an interesting formula for recovery time between races. (Spoiler: It’s based on time on your feet, not miles under them.) Coach Bri tosses out a few helpful questions to ask yourself if you’re debating stepping up to a new-for-you race distance in 2014. Then she ends with what we all want to hear: some behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Dimity’s Ironman…

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