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October Challenge, Take 2: RUN4GOOD with Saucony and Another Mother Runner

Last Monday, when we announced the RUN4GOOD challenge, there were some technical difficulties, so we’re giving it another go today. The links below all work now, and we’re pushing the challenge deadline back a week: it now runs from October 1-November 4. We also saw a couple of similar questions, and I’ll answer those two now: 
1. Yes, you must have  a smartphone to participate, as the RUN4GOOD App is the way Saucony tracks the miles.
2. No, the app doesn’t work on a treadmill.



We love a good BOGO, and our partner Saucony might have just come up with the best free BOGO ever: fighting childhood obesity with the miles you run…

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2nd Skype Call-In Show

2nd Skype Call-In Show

Continuing to pay homage to Click and Clack, Dimity and Sarah laugh their way through another Skype call-in show. The mother runners answer questions, too, such as giving pointers to self-proclaimed “slow runner” Lauren on how to carry on a conversation while running and helping Nicole negotiate marital harmony while balancing conflicting workout schedules. They talk low iron levels with Kim, solutions to training burnout with Rachel, and the beauty of shorter races with Kithy. From Lisa, they resolve the debate of stretching versus foam rolling. Be sure to catch the analogy Dimity tosses out in the first call…


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Running accessories

Winners of Saucony Hats and Arm Warmers

As you read this, Team Sarah and Team Dimity are duking it out on the winding, hilly roads of Maryland, headed to Washington D.C., in the Ragnar Relay. I’m sure we’re stinky, slightly sunburned, sleepy, and slightly delirious, laughing at things that won’t seem so wildly hilarious even 24 hours from now. And I know we’re loving every giggly minute of it!

But let’s get to your good stuff. The winners of the Saucony Sonic ViZi Cap with LED (oh, how I wish we had these for Ragnar Relay!!) and Saucony Primo Armwarmers with Mitt, and what they do to stay safe while running are:

Sadye: “I always carry my cellphone, never run with earbuds and stick to well-lit sidewalks/trails at night…

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The Most Important Mile of my Life: Lisa Payne Kirker

The Most Important Mile of my Life: Lisa Payne Kirker

Mother runner Lisa Payne Kirker shares her most important mile, which took place a couple of years ago on a late-fall holiday in her small Michigan town.

The most important mile of my life was mile one of our first annual Marshville “Dam Pie” 5K race on Thursday, Nov. 24, 2011. A few weeks before, my neighbor and BRF Amy TenBrink and I decided to put together a small Thanksgiving morning turkey trot around our country block. We wanted to get in some girl time and burn a few calories before the chaos of the holiday began. We thought we might get 10 of our friends and neighbors to show up and run with us…

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Follow This Mother!

Follow This Mother!


Best recent run: My best run so far has been my fastest 5K. I ran it in 37.26 and knocked about a minute off my previous pace.

On Persevering: I recently began running after stopping (again) and I am pretty happy with myself so far. This time I refuse to let the voice in my head tell me I’m not a runner. I would run for a few days, then start getting a sore back, sore feet, etc., and just quit! It’s challenging for me, so it’s easy for me to say, “Oh, it’s just not for me.”  That is just an excuse to stop. I try and remember I’m not racing against anyone. It’s me, myself, and I out there doing the best I can…

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