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A Bit of Honey: Ode to My Best Running Friend

Friday night, I cooked a new pasta dish. It was tasty—bursting with bits of artichoke and tomato–yet slightly bitter. The recipe called for adding a bit of honey at the end if the sauce tasted too tart, yet I was in such a hurry to serve my ravenous gang, I skimmed right past that end note. With every bite, I kept thinking the dish was good, but it lacked something. I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

Looking back a few years, I now can see my running was like that Pasta Rafael recipe: enjoyable, but missing something. I realize it was a regular running partner.

When my kids were little, I’d occasionally run with my good friend Ellison: The miles passed by in an engaging blur of books read and childhood memories shared…

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Magda Boulet (bib number 15) ripping it up at Way Too Cool 50K.

#103: Talking Nutrition with Olympic Marathoner Magda Boulet

Sarah and Dimity are pleased to welcome Magdalena Boulet, a mother runner who ran in the 2008 Olympic Marathon; Magda is also VP of Innovation, Research & Development at the gals’ favorite energy gel company, GU Energy Labs. Fresh off a win at USA National Masters 8K Championship Race and 50K Way Too Cool, Magda shares tactics that’ll help runners exercise on consecutive days without feeling tapped out. She emphasizes the importance of finding a fueling system that puts the least demand on your stomach. As the conversation turns a bit lighter, find out what flavor GU is often requested—but won’t ever make it to store shelves…


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Three Winners of LÄRABAR Loot

Three Winners of LÄRABAR Loot

For this giveaway of a treasure trove of LÄRABAR products, including the original bars plus ALT bars (boasting pea protein) and nutty über bars along with some fun accessories, we asked what good advice you gals have followed lately. Before getting to the winners, I’d like to share some suggestions I followed this week:

-Listen to your body. My hips have been complaining occasionally, especially when I sleep too long on one side, so I took an extra rest day this week and recommitted to rolling on a GRID.

-Listen to your friends. My book-loving buddy Ellison urged me to read Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest novel–The Signature of All Things–and I’m so grateful she did…

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Martini Fridays: Of Tracks + Tests

Martini Fridays: Of Tracks + Tests

In this edition of Martini Fridays, Adrienne Martini, training for the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon using the Train Like a Mother: Finish It Half-Marathon plan, celebrates some spring-like—or definitely not winter still—weather.

Saturday’s “only 8 mile” run felt like 20 miles, which makes me think that I needed the step-back week more than I’d thought. It was one of those Godzilla-stompin- on-Tokyo runs, where I felt as graceful and swift as a giant and clumsy lizard or, more accurately, a dude in a hot and heavy foam costume.

Working in my favor was our recent less-cold snap—I categorically refuse to call 45 degrees warn—earlier in the week…

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