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  • If you're that kind of mother runner—or you want to be that kind of mother runner—then this, the beautiful and versatile Saucony Peregrine 4.
Hump Day Giveaway:  LÄRABAR + Renola

Hump Day Giveaway: LÄRABAR + Renola

Sometimes, a small tweak makes a big difference. Run your typical route in the opposite direction, and you notice that you’ve actually been running a slight uphill on a part you swore was flat. (Yay, you!) Throw a slice of lemon in your water, and one gulp makes you feel like you’re coming out of a spa appointment, not vacuuming the family room for the fifth time this week. Tell your kid, “You get to pick dinner tonight,” give him a few guidelines (one veggie, say), and the omnipotent battle of the broccoli quickly becomes non-issue.

Humm Foods first tweaked boring, not-super-nutritious granola bars when they created LÄRABARs delicious bars that contain between five and ten simple, pronounceable ingredients, max…

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Bucolic meets urban: a view across the race field out toward the big city.

Race Report: Grete’s Great Gallop Half-Marathon

This race report is written by Alison Pellicci, a mom of two from Stamford, Conn., who is Sarah’s “cadet” in the Saucony 26Strong program. Next month, Alison will be taking on her first 26.2, the Philadelphia Marathon, with SBS by her side. On Sunday, Alison ran Grete’s Great Gallop, a half-marathon in NYC’s Central Park, as a prep run for Philly. Last Thursday, Dim’s cadet, Kelly Pollock, wrote a post on running the Rock ‘N’ Roll Montreal half-marathon. 

Sunday morning my husband, Anthony, and I head into Manhattan to run our second warm-up race before we both undertake our maiden 26…

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Plus, in Little Rock, you can snap a goofy image like this one.

Register for First-Ever AMR Run + Refresh Retreat!!!

With great excitement—including giddy hand-flapping and prancing in place—Another Mother Runner invites you and your best running-friends to our first-ever AMR Retreat: Run + Refresh. (Oooh, even just typing those words gives me—SBS—almost the same fluttery feeling I had the first time I saw the blue, positive lines on a pregnancy test!!) This women’s running retreat happens April 16 to 19, 2015. Hosted by Capital Hotel, a delightfully luxurious boutique hotel dubbed “the front porch of the South” in Little Rock, Arkansas, this weekend will make the AMR virtual community reality.

This on-your-feet retreat will start with daily group runs (yes, morning runs, but not too early since this is a getaway)…

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Cheers! Sarah and Coach Christine share laughs at a 2012 Mother Runner party.

#130: Coach Christine and Sarah Talk Tapering and Racing

Mom of two Christine Hinton, the coach who designed eight of the nine training plans in Train Like a Mother, steps in for Dimity, who is taking some R&R. After some frank conversation about the pain of divorce, the two mother runners answer tapering and racing questions called in by members of the AMR tribe. They address Laura and Laural’s questions about overcoming the “crazies” during taper, and tell Kim how to hone mental toughness. They dive into a discussion about mantras, and talk about how tough it can be to shave minutes off a goal marathon time. It turns out both women land on the same side about using a pacer for a goal race…

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Martini Fridays: winner, winner, chicken dinner

Martini Fridays: winner, winner, chicken dinner

Remember last week? Remember how I said “From here on out, I plan to finish the race plan as written?” How innocent we all were, back then.

First, the good news. Saturday’s long run was pretty good, with a few exceptions. It was a foggy morning so I took to the high school track, because I don’t trust drivers in dense fog on the sidewalk-less route I take for my long runs. Plus, the track is flat.

I was maybe three miles in when small, helmeted bodies were suddenly underfoot, having snuck up on me through the lingering haze. Then the bleachers were full of cheering people. And, then, a modified football game broke out around me…

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