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Seven pairs of Sof Sole socks. Try saying that 5 times fast. And try winning them in this week's giveaway, along with a pair of insoles.

Hump Day Giveaway, National Running Day Edition: Sof Sole Socks + Insoles

National Bow Tie Day (August 28). National Pickle Day (November 14). Clean Your Refrigerator Day (November 15). Make a Hat Day (September 15). If Pets Had Thumbs Day (March 3). All days I let pass without giving a second (or a first!) thought.

But today is a day I can get behind. A day I believe in. A day I promote (literally!). A day I will be kickstarting with an 8-mile run. Because today is National Running Day.

Celebrated on the first Wednesday in June since 2009, National Running Day encourages folks to go for a run, encourage friends and family members to run, commit to a race, set a goal…

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Follow This Mother!

Follow This Mother!

Brookline, MA physician Rebecca Breslow has switched gears in recent months, making the decision to move away from practicing medicine and instead reaching out to fellow mother runners through her local strength and conditioning business called Moms Run Strong. “My goal with the athletes I train is to empower them to make their own dreams happen,” she says. “I think my medical background is helpful for this, as I can combine a scientific, evidence-based approach with my own personal experiences and the practical knowledge I’ve gained from those I have trained and studied with.” Up next for this BAMR: tackling the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill 5K this weekend, June 7…

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Sweaty selfie with Molly at the end of Sunday's run. My last unstructured, uncoached run until after October 12.

It’s (Marathon Training) Go Time for SBS

As I sit here at my keyboard, I keep having to stop typing because my left hand impulsively returns to my mouth so I can bite on my left pointer-finger nail. Type-type, bite-bite, type-bite-type. Then my right middle finger nail finds itself between my teeth. Tap-tap, bite, tap-tap-bite-bite-bite. I know myself well enough that I only chew on my nails when I’m nervous.

So I’m trying to pinpoint the source of my anxiety. It’s not writing a blog post–I “pen” about three of these badboys a week. No, it’s the topic that’s tying my stomach in knots: the start of more than four months of intense marathon training…

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#112: When To Stop Training for a Race

Sometimes training is the easy route: Dimity opens up about her decision to stop swimming-biking-and-running in her pursuit of Ironman 70.3 Boulder triathlon. From that bold decision springs a conversation between Dimity and Sarah about the reasons why to stop training for a race, including injury, time constraints, and lack of enthusiasm. They sprinkle in comments from other mother runners, like this from Krystal: “Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in what I feel I should do, rather than what I want to do. It takes a lot to simply admit that right now is not the time, and even more to actually act on that realization…


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More over-the-shoulder boulder-holders from our friends at Saucony.

Three Winners of a Saucony Sports Bra

“Stop the bounce.” “Hide the headlights.” “Banish chafe.” “Comfort for mile after mile.” “No more uniboob.”

These are some of your top priorities in a sports bra. We know ‘cuz we had you tell us in order to enter a giveaway for the Saucony sports bra of your choice. We asked, you answered, and here are the three lucky ladies, who will be well supported, chafe-free, comfortable, separated, and concealed once they slip on their Saucony bra:

Lisa McKenna: “Definitely the back hook closure. After 4 miles I don’t need a wrestling match with a wet bra before I get into the shower!”

Molly: “I look for a racerback with enough support to prevent bouncing of any variety…

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