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Follow This Mother!

Follow This Mother!

Marathon Mother Runner Nikki Davies, 40, will tackle her second 26.2, the Portland Marathon, this fall. Along with logging training miles, Nikki, who lives with husband Steve and their three kids Lexi, 13, Trent, 11, and Dirk, 8, in Onalaska, Wis., swears by yoga to keep her strong, flexible, and race-ready. 

Best Recent Run: We recently traveled to New Jersey to visit family, and while out for a run, I ran on a trail that’s lined with trees in memory of loved ones. My mother-in-law Carol has a tree there. Running past her tree—it made me feel closer to her. She was a runner too. I know she’d be proud of me!

Walking to Running: I didn’t really set out to become a runner—it kind of just evolved…

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My trusty traveling companion

Hump Day Giveaway: Two Hyland’s Gift Baskets + Tees

I’m typing this post on Monday, staring down taking an overnight flight to Cleveland for a swing through the Midwest, ending at the ZOOMA Chicago half-marathon expo. (No race for Dimity and me, but we’re looking forward to running along the banks of Lake Michigan while we’re in town. Shout out greetings if you see us tall gals!) While I’m eager to meet many mother runners in my mother’s birth state, where I spent many a sweltering summer vacation eating fresh-picked blueberries and watermelon from the fields around my grandmother’s farm, I’m not looking forward to the flight to get me there…

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Heidi at the end of her marathon. "Blurry because of camera work, not speed," sandbags Heidi.

What Would Another Mother Runner Do?

Reading about Michele Gonzalez (a.k.a. NYC Running Mama) pumping breastmilk for her 10-month-old son during both transitions of her recent Ironman triathlonreminded us of Heidi Garner. Back in February, that mother of four wrote of a breastfeeding dilemma on our Facebook page, and we realized it would make an intriguing episode of What Would Another Mother Runner, our semi-regular dilemma-solving feature. Heidi was three weeks away from running what she hoped would be a sub-4:00 marathon, and her five-month-old son, Ben, was refusing to take a bottle. Given the race set-up, she would have to leave Ben about two hours prior to the start of the race, meaning momma and baby would be apart at least six hours…

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10 Running Truths for Mother Runners

10 Running Truths for Mother Runners

So I went about 26.2 miles out of my comfort zone recently and did a solo, video streamed presentation at the Training Peaks office in Boulder. I’m becoming a better public speaker, but holy cow: if I had $10.00 for every time I said, “um” in this presentation, I’d be able to buy the new West End sectional I’m coveting for our family room.

The video is about 30 minutes long—and it’s far from Jimmy Fallon and the Roots playing Blurred Lines—so I’m not going to be hurt if you don’t watch. I’ve included my Cliff Notes below (some of them are cribbed from the10 Commandments for Running Mothers)…

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Running: it all starts with your feet!

A Conversation about Feet and Toes

Perfect timing: Dimity’s feet are extra-gnarly thanks to doing the Ironman, so the mother runners welcome Jane Andersen, a podiatrist in private practice Chapel Hill, N.C., to talk all things feet. All three gals have big paws, so they start by talking about the importance of having roomy-enough shoes—and, perhaps surprisingly, big-enough socks to give feet and toes room enough to spread while running. Things get a bit yucky with discussion on the best ways to cut toenails, remove calluses, and lance yucky blood blisters under toenails. (Ew!) But the ladies work the laughs, so don’t shy away…


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