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Another Mother Runner Radio 45: Time for Another (Mother Runner) Q&A

Enough with Sarah and Dimity: We invite mother runners into the conversation, in the form of questions culled from our Facebook page. We tell Nicole she really should ease back into running after an injury with a run/walk program; we give Letty and Alissa the 411 on marathon prerequisites; and we talk a lot about acceptance of size, shape, and pace when self-described “bigger and slower” Carolyn asks about making peace with bringing up the rear. But first the gals share their excitement about heading to Disney Princess Half-Marathon! (Shhhh, don’t tell Sarah’s kids: Mom’s fibbed, saying she’s heading to Houston…

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Another Mother Runner Radio 44: The One Where They’re Both Injured

The unthinkable—but the inevitable—has happened: Dimity and Sarah are injured at the same time. The mother runners talk about what’s causing them pain and keeping them awake at night, then they divulge the treatment alternatives they’re pursuing. Based on personal experience, they share the importance of listening to your gut and finding a trusted practitioner (giving rise to a new category in our AMR Connect forums). But first Dimity tells about making a treacly kid-toffee that even her 9-year-old daughter dubbed, “too rich,” and the gals discover the correct pronunciation of, “nonpareil…

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Another Mother Runner Radio 43: A Chat with Chris McDougall, author of Born to Run

Find out why Dimity dubbed this, “our best podcast ever!” Chris McDougall, author of the bestselling book Born to Run that spawned the barefoot running movement, dishes with Sarah and Dimity about the movie adaptation of B2R, his favorite running route, and the topic of his next book (which he admits to being “1.7 years” past deadline). Chris reaffirms the importance of running for fun and pleasure.

Follow along as a conversation about the 100 Up drill morphs into an idea of training for incarcerated individuals, and idle chitchat about running in Oregon leads to a possible side business for the trio…

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Another Mother Runner Radio 42: Don’t Let the Weather Get You Down!

The ladies channel their inner Sam Champion and talk about running in the rain and wind. Sarah draws on her hundreds of hours spent in the Portland rain for practical tips, while Dimity gives great advice on how not to feel pushed around by the wind. But first they share tales about baking cakes for their respective Aquarius husbands, and falling on their butts in Salt Lake City. Ultimately the show takes a turn into enchanted landscapes, complete with ferns growing in trees and lines from a Robert Frost poem. An epic storm of a podcast!

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Another Mother Runner Radio 41: Wheezes and Sneezes: Our Talk with an Allergy Doctor

Dimity and Sarah talk to David Fitzhugh, a doctor specializing in allergy and immunology in Chapel Hill, N.C., because it sometimes seems they’re the only mother runners not suffering from allergies or asthma. (Knock on wood.) Dr. Fitzhugh assures the gals that “everything that wheezes isn’t asthma,” and he shares numerous suggestions to managing symptoms if it is. He also gives the 101 on gluten-intolerance, which he believes is more common than some folks think. Not to be outdone by Lance and Oprah, we talk steroids.

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