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Sof Sole + Saucony = treating my feet right

Hump Day Giveaway: Sof Sole Insoles + Week’s Worth of Running Socks

As I get ready to toe the line of marathon #2 in as many months, I think about all the things that had to go right to keep me upright (read: injury free). I had to give my body time to recover after my first 26.2, without letting my mileage or effort drop to nil. I had to commit to flexibility, form, and strengthening drills to make sure my joints and muscles didn’t stage a rebellion. I had to continue going to bed earlier than my husband would prefer me to. (You get what I’m saying…) I had to pay closer attention to the food I put in my piehole than I normally do.

And I had to take care of my feet…

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Mother runners chilling post-run, discussing the next day's workout they just received via Training Peaks app on their phone.

Another Mother Runner Training Plans Now Online!

As we hurtle toward Thanksgiving and the gift-giving season beyond that, with a flurry of cranberries, stuffing, tinsel, candles, and ribbon flying all around us, we encourage you to lift your head–even if just briefly–to start planning your 2015 race calendar. Getting something set on your running calendar, like a race, gives you a goal to shoot for–something both to look forward to (maybe a girlfriend’s weekend away, or a fun roadtrip with the family) as well as a challenge to keep your motivation percolating in the cold, dark weeks ahead.

While we love a variety of race distances, we think a half-marathon is as close to perfect as it gets…

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We suspect this tee must summon bittersweet feelings in Sarah's Saucony 26Strong cadet, Alison.

Another Injured Mother Runner Can’t Run Philadelphia Marathon

In a post last Monday, Dimity told the AMR tribe she’s been hiding an injury that is now preventing her from running the Philadelphia Marathon as the culmination of the Saucony 26Strong program. Now my 26Strong cadet, Alison Pellicci, delivers the same painful revelation. With Dimity and Alison out of the race, Dimity’s cadet, Kelly Pollock, is going to run with two other mother runners (one for the first half, another for the second 13.1 miles). It feels too late in the marathon-game to find another 26.2 companion so I’m going to run it solo. But if you see me and want to run together for a bit, tap me on the shoulder–I’d love your company…

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Professor Ted Spikers speaks the truths with the mother runners.

#136: Down Size with Best-selling Author Ted Spiker

As part of the AMR Running and Reading Club, Dimity and Sarah welcome Ted Spiker, a father runner and author of Down Size: 12 Truths for Turning Pants-Splitting Frustration into Pants-Fitting Success. Known also as the guy behind the Big Guy Blog for Runner’s World website, Ted has gone through numerous ups and downs with his weight, even while training for marathons and an Ironman triathlon. Ted talks about why it’s so important to value successes instead of focusing on mistakes, whether it’s in the pursuit of a race starting line or weight-loss goal. Find out why he thinks exercise and eating are exact opposites…

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Martini Fridays: Surprise!

Martini Fridays: Surprise!

For the last few weeks, I’ve been practicing hard-core rest, as suggested by Deena Kastor on an AMR podcast a few weeks ago. I wouldn’t call it outright sloth, mind. I have run since the Empire State Half, just not with any sense of purpose or agenda. It’s been the running equivalent of a meander, truth be told, and it has been delightful. The only downside is that I’m developing quite a backlog of podcasts because I’m not out pounding the pavement for hours and hours each week.

My last really long run post-half was all of seven miles a couple of Saturdays ago. I didn’t really feel like I deserved my ice cold chocolate milk afterwards but forced myself to drink it anyway because I don’t like waste…

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