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Ironmother Week: The Spirit

Ironmother Week: The Spirit

So my body is on board, my mind is prepping to live in the moment, my coach is unbelievably awesome. The last piece? The spirit. And with this, I will close Ironmother week; look for a short race report-ish post on Tuesday (and some longer ones once I get settled at home again). Thanks for sticking with me.

One of my favorite kid books is the Hello, Goodbye Window, a simple story of a young kid staying overnight at her grandparents’ house.

In the morning, the grandpa wakes up and yells out the Window, “Hello, World! Whatcha got for us today?”

I think I will open my window at the Days Inn on at 4:30 a…

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Onward: Dimity and Ironman Coeur d’Alene

Onward: Dimity and Ironman Coeur d’Alene

Last week, Dimity’s triathlon coach, Briana Boehmer, emailed me on the sly, asking if she could write a blog post for Dimity. “Just talking about all she has done…. I imagine the corresponding support from the AMR community would be such a great boost for her. She has been so quiet about all her hard work. I just thought it might give her a big HUG and lots of love for race day. AND just give her a full understanding of how far she has come….” With happy tears in my eyes, I heartily agreed. Here is what Bri wrote:

I’ve started this post a dozen different ways…

First, with the ever-popular (and admittedly cheesy) motivational quote…

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There were more trees on my bra-top-only run, but other than that difference, this gal and I are twins. (In my dreams!)

Hump Day Giveaway: Five (5!) Saucony Sports Bras

On Facebook yesterday, I admitted that on a recent run, I peeled off my shirt to sport just a bra on top. I also ‘fessed up that the only reason I was so brazen (in my mind) was because I was running solo on a remote trail in an old-growth forest where my chances of encountered another human were, oh, slim to none. My flabby midsection and riddled-with-odd-dots-and-blemishes upper body is not something I care to showcase in my urban neighborhood on my daily runs.

But I asked other mother runners if they run in just a sports bra, and I was pleasantly surprised by how many gals dare to bare…

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Ironmother Week: The Mind

Ironmother Week: The Mind

So my body is idling, ready to shift into gear on Sunday. My glutes, the biggest muscle in my body, are ready to fire and fire and fire and fire. But the largest muscle that matters is the one on top, both literally and figuratively.

Oh, my brain.

I wish I could load up my brain with carbs, pre-race, and when the cannon went off, be confident it wouldn’t betray me.

Because as badass as I may seem, my brain always struggles in a race. Sometimes from the start (a really bad day), but always when a race gets hard. I start making bargains with myself. “O.k., this is fine, but just don’t let your splits drop any more…

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Ironmother Week: The Body

Ironmother Week: The Body

So 8 months of training comes down to one day for me—Dimity—on Sunday. I’m going to go all Shark Week on you, and to take the opportunity to write three Ironmother pre-race posts: body, mind (Tuesday), and spirit (Friday). If that’s too much blood and iron for you, no worries; just check back next week. Oh, but then I’ll have a race report or two. So hang in there and then we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming.

Almost 6.5 years ago, I crossed the Nike Women’s Marathon finish line with my sister Sarah. In order to get myself there, I had to limp, cry, bargain, plead, walk, shuffle, run, and tell myself, “This is one hour of your whole life…

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