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AMR Back to School 5K Giveaway: 13 Winners!

Thank you all for helping us make our first ever Back to School 5K Giveaway a roaring success…kids should go back to school more often! Seriously, when we switched it from the 5K of the Holidays to this time of year, we weren’t sure we made the right move. Now we know we did.

Here are the 13 lucky winners, which selected randomly.

If you see your name and comment below, please email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com with your address and sizes, if you’re on the Get Dressed page.  Enjoy the sweet, sweet prizes, ladies! 

If you don’t see your name below, know that you’re still a winner in our eyes…

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Hump Day Giveaway: ISO Mother Runner Help, Please

Back in the day, when we wrote Run Like a Mother, we has no clue that one yellow book would launch Another Mother Runner, a place where female runners of all levels can celebrate muscular legs and cry over fractured bones; send inspiration and support—and grab some when they need it; and connect in the knowledge that they’re nestled in a community of like-minded, funny, honest, strong women.

And we’re in the midst of putting together our biggest year yet. 

Yep, we’re planning a nationwide book tour for Tales From Another Mother Runner, the first AMR Retreat(s), three AMR Challenges and a bunch of other good stuff…

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How To Handle Stress, Plus a Gift Basket Giveaway

How To Handle Stress, Plus a Gift Basket Giveaway

Thanks to an ice bath (brrrrr!!) followed by several applications of Hyland’s Muscle Therapy with Arnica, my legs felt surprisingly fresh after a recent demanding 19-miler. (Wait, is it redundant to say a nearly 20-mile run is “demanding”?! What I mean is it had race pace and other speed bursts added into it, like walnuts studded in banana muffins.)

My shoulders and upper back weren’t as content: That upper region of my back threaten to seize whenever I bent my head to read Farmer Boy to my twins or turned to, “look at me!” when one of them danced with our cat or showcased their new cross-country jerseys…

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Passing the Ragnar Relay Baton: DC to Napa Valley

Passing the Ragnar Relay Baton: DC to Napa Valley

On Friday morning, 12 badass mother runners will take off on the adventure of a lifetime as we take on Ragnar Relay Napa Valley; together, we’ll cover 205 miles, sleep probably 24 hours combined, as we laugh, run, laugh, run, laugh, run. Hoping Sarah doesn’t get recognized in the shower again, and I—Dimity—am relieved to report that my three legs total 14 miles, total. Should be…easier than last year, when my first leg was pretty much straight up on a dusty gravel road for 7 or so miles.

Ragnar is the kind of race where experience definitely helps, which is where the teams that rocked Ragnar DC last year come in…

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Rachel with her dog, Helen: The duo ran a half-marathon earlier this year, and Helen was the 4th-place dog out of 42!

#127: First AMR Reading/Running Book Club with Rachel Toor

Sarah and Dimity welcome author/ultramarathoner/professor Rachel Toor to talk about her young adult novel, On the Road to Find Out. A prolific runner—she’s run more than 50 marathons and 12+ ultras—Rachel explains why she has her teen protagonist be a burgeoning runner making her way through the college-admission gauntlet. Like an enjoyable, rambling running route, the mother runners’ conversation with Rachel weaves unexpectedly, delving into topics like the sport of ride and tie and why rats make surprisingly fantastic pets. Find out, “the most profound thing” Rachel has ever done as a runner, and how she helped a mother runner named Liz reach her sub-4:00 goal in the NYC Marathon…

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