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Laverne and Shirley: not mother runners, but always good for a laugh and a life lesson.

#102: The 2nd Best-of Show!

Because our website was down all weekend, we are releasing this podcast episode on Monday, not Sunday. Enjoy!

The celebration for passing the 100th-podcast mark continues! Sarah and Dimity take you back to their very first running podcast—them being interviewed by a mother runner named Phoebe who poses a stumper of a question. Then Dimity revisits her epic Ironman race, namely the painful start to the marathon portion of the race. Many laughs follow, however, including an important debate about which mother runner gets to be Laverne and who has be Shirley, and SBS being recognized in the nude…


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Be the first mother runner on your block to try caffeinated Nuun Energy.

Winners of Nuun Energy Giveaway

Here in Portland, it’s Day 1 of spring break. I’m rejoicing about a week of not making school lunches…but I’m also feeling a bit guilty our family isn’t doing anything vacation-like. Not even a few nights at the ruggedly beautiful Oregon coast, which is the go-to option for most Portlanders, no matter what season it is. (Heck, you’d risk hypothermia year-round if you were brazen/crazy enough to go into the Pacific this far north!)

Only tentative plan on the docket: taking the kids to see, “Muppets Most Wanted” (despite the flick getting tepid reviews). Other than that, I got nothing.

Maybe I should let my kids drink some Nuun Energy, the three new flavors of caffeinated electrolyte tablets with energizing B-vitamins, to make them feel peppy…

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Martini Fridays: Dealing with a Cranky Calf

Martini Fridays: Dealing with a Cranky Calf


In this edition of Martini Fridays, Adrienne Martini, training for the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon using the Train Like a Mother: Finish It Half-Marathon plan, deals with complaining calf muscles–and a strong craving for a Crayola-colored milkshake. 

After such a stellar run last week, disappointment was inevitable, so I knew a let-me-down 11-miler on Saturday wouldn’t be out of the question. So I wasn’t all that disappointed, actually, when the inevitable came to pass. Which makes me, what, appointed?

On Friday night, my husband and I had driven an hour and back to see a play, so I knew I would be starting the long one with one foot already in the underhydrated-and-overtired bucket…

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Follow This Mother!

Follow This Mother!

Texas Mother runner Marissa McClellen, 34, lost a significant amount of weight after changing her eating habits and committing to a healthy, active lifestyle while in college. A decade later, this mom of two boys—Jake, 7, and Justin, 4—has kept the weight off (92 pounds!) and is now a support to other women interested in living healthy. Up next on her race schedule: a local 10K with her family and her fellow “Move It Mommas.”

Best Recent Run: It was a race, the Aramco Houston Half Marathon. I PR’d that race by quite a bit—a race that conquered me when I completed it in 2012; I had felt defeated then, but not this time…

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Hump Day Running Giveaway: LÄRABAR Bonanza

I’m not a calorie-counter: I can eat dessert with the best of ‘em. Bacon is almost a 6th food group for me. I’ve never met a bread product I don’t love. Yet I used to adamantly eschew eating before my weekday runs. If I was running 75 minutes or less, I’d chug-a-lug a 7-calorie bottle of Nuun-laced water and call it good. I was (wrongly) convinced that if I deprived my body of calories, it would turn to the fat on my hips, upper arms, and gut for energy.

It didn’t matter that countless sports nutritionists and dieticians had refuted this outdated theory, whether in interviews I conducted for Runner’s World or on our podcast…

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