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Day in the Life of a Mother Runner (New Column!)

Day in the Life of a Mother Runner (New Column!)

Around Another Mother Runner, we’re constantly trying to keep up with you guys–and with social media. So when Amanda, aka MissZippy emailed us and suggested taking over our Instagram account for a day, we happily bit. Great idea–and a great mother runner to kick it off!

If you’re interested in taking over our account for a day, we’d love to have you. You can be training, injured, inspired, not so much, a beginner, a marathoner…as long as you want to open the door to your mother runner world, we’d love to come on in and look around. Please email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com.

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The Most Important Mile of My Life: Anna Benvenuto

The Most Important Mile of My Life: Anna Benvenuto

My most important mile was Thanksgiving Day 2012. My sister and I were out walking; she turned to look and me and said, “So, I’ve been running a little. Want to run for a while?” Having been obese for my entire life and never really run before, I was filled with feelings of apprehension and self-doubt.

 We ran a single mile, during which time I said, “I’m dying,” at least 100 times. I, obviously, didn’t die. The next day we ran two miles. It was exhilerating and set me on a completely new path.

I began running consistently throughout the winter, which is no small feat in Vermont in the cold, snowy darkness…

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#128: The Importance of Rest

Sarah and Dimity talk about nothing—doing nothing, that is. Rest is a crucial part of an exercise program, whether it’s a rest day during a training plan; recovering properly after a race; not overdoing it on “easy” days; or getting enough sleep. The gals cover all these forms of rest as they crack each other up. This podcast also reveals such personal details about Dimity as her family dinner routine, her bedtime, and her astrological sign.
This is a repeat podcast as the mother runners are running from San Francisco to Napa Valley in the Ragnar Relay. Oh, the irony of them talking about sleeping and resting when they’re coping about 2 hours of shut-eye in the past 24 hours!

*If you’re digging our podcasts, we’d be super-grateful if you’d take a minute (because we *know* you have so many to spare!) to write a review on iTunes…

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Martini Fridays: even the best of plans aren’t foolproof

Martini Fridays: even the best of plans aren’t foolproof

This training cycle has not gone as planned.

I’ve tried to keep this running engine on its proverbial tracks. I really, really have. Two weekends ago, I went for a 10-mile run, just like I was supposed to. The morning was Goldilocks perfect: not too hot and not too cold. Just windy enough, with a few gusts to keep it interesting. I was at just the point in my audiobook that I wanted to keep running so that I can hear what happens next. This long run that more than made up for the demoralizing one from the previous week.

Heck, I’d even been hitting my tempo run goals — and discovered that I actually like tempo runs, which can only mean that I ought to pick up the pace…

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AMR Back to School 5K Giveaway: 13 Winners!

Thank you all for helping us make our first ever Back to School 5K Giveaway a roaring success…kids should go back to school more often! Seriously, when we switched it from the 5K of the Holidays to this time of year, we weren’t sure we made the right move. Now we know we did.

Here are the 13 lucky winners, which selected randomly.

If you see your name and comment below, please email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com with your address and sizes, if you’re on the Get Dressed page.  Enjoy the sweet, sweet prizes, ladies! 

If you don’t see your name below, know that you’re still a winner in our eyes…

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