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#101: Kathrine Switzer Reflects Back—and Talks Future Races

Sarah and Dimity are honored to welcome Kathrine Switzer to the podcast. As the first woman to run the venerable Boston Marathon with an official number, Kathrine changed the course of women’s running. Kathrine walks the mother runners through that epic 1967 Boston Marathon experience, calling it, “a series of coincidences that couldn’t possibly repeat,” and “an awakening” for herself at age 20. She shares her vision for future races she’d like to see in the Olympic Games—such as relay races, “that combine men’s unique capabilities with women’s.” Kathrine also talks about the work she’s doing to reach out to women to make them feel fearless, including the inaugural 261 Women’s Marathon happening in Majoraca, Spain, in two weeks, and the 261 Fearless Collection from Skirt Sports…


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Winner of the Saucony Spring Outfit—and a Little Complaining

Winner of the Saucony Spring Outfit—and a Little Complaining

I know bitching about daylight saving time and the pseudo-jetlag it causes is about as overdone as complaining about the Polar Vortex and this never-ending winter, but just let me for a setenence or three. Because I’m pretty sure when we sprung forward, some super-natural force jumped in and added another day to the week.This has been an interminably, crazy long week and I feel like Sleeping Beauty. Getting up to run—let along getting out of bed before 7 a.m.—has hardly happened.

I have a lot to report—I fractured my hand in two places on a trail run about 10 days ago, I’m into the Pikes Peak Ascent, I’m training for Boulder 70…

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Martini Fridays: Double Digits

Martini Fridays: Double Digits

Adrienne Martini hits a big milestone (ha!) in her miles as she ramps up for the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon. Catch up with her running here. 

I spent most of week 8 obsessed with the 10-mile long run. By “obsessed,” I don’t mean it would cross my mind every now and again. It was like the elephant in my jello— it’s possible that I’m mixing two sayings here—all. dang. week.

“Ten miles,” my brain said while I was getting my morning joe.

In the shower it said, “Maybe you should shave your pits for the 10-mile run.”

“Ten miles,” it said, while I was teaching my classes…

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Follow This Mother!

Follow This Mother!

Romance novelist Shirley Jump (she’s authored more than 50 books!) started running to lose “those last 20 pounds” of weight gained while pregnant with her second child. “Ever since the birth of my son, when I gained a ridiculous 70+ pounds, I had been struggling with my weight,” recalls Jump, now 45 and mom to a 20-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son. “I started small—just running from light pole to light pole—on my daily walks. Those short runs gradually got longer and longer, and within a few months, I ran my first 5K. Now I’ve run several half-marathons and am contemplating a full in 2015…

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Glittery and caffeinated: I was ready to run Princess

Hump Day Running Giveaway: Five (5) Nuun Energy Sampler Packs

I vividly remember only time I ever I drank coffee in my life: I had a double latte, yummy with loads of foamed milk, at a hip Berkeley, CA, cafe with my first husband. An hour later, as we drove home across the Bay Bridge, I was buzzing so hard from the caffeine, I thought I was going to jump out of the car, let alone my skin. High above the glistening San Francisco Bay, I realized I am very sensitive to caffeine.

For this reason, I use it judiciously in my training. Studies have shown caffeine can reduce the level of perceived exertion during a demanding workout or race (translation: you feel the hurt less when you’re pushing hard), which I’m all for when I’m gunning to go faster or further…

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