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Grins from ear to ear, head to head: Dimity (left), me (center), and our pal Jonna after a summertime trail run in Colorado.

How a Positive Attitude Affects Running

About 10 minutes into recording our podcast with Olympic medalist Deena Kastor, who is on an amazing streak of race successes, I asked her to what she attributes her continued strength. Deena’s response:

“It sounds a little hokey to say that happiness has helped elevate me the past year, but I am extraordinarily happy with my life and with my running and I think because of that, I have this great momentum going. I feel I’m always an optimistic and upbeat person, but I have really cut out anything in my life—there is nothing on my calendar that doesn’t make me smile,” said Deena, who finished the NYC Marathon strong yesterday in 2:33:18, the 11th overall woman in a top-notch field of international athletes…

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Back To Where It Began: 1997 New York City Marathon

Back To Where It Began: 1997 New York City Marathon

So back during my recent staycation, I found my race report from the 1997 New York City Marathon (the first one ever to hit the Internets back then? Maybe I should’ve trademarked it…). I emailed it to about 15 pals, including Sarah, and thought I’d share the gem with you on Marathon Morning in NYC; this very special race was where I found my running legs—and identity.


Since I know you all were waiting for this: My official 1997 Marathon report.

Two words: wet and AWESOME!

What a rush coming over the Verranzano Bridge. Wind in my face, water below my feet, 29,000 of my closest friends running along side me…

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Mammoth Lakes, California, 2010: Dimity (yellow) and Sarah flank (read: tower over!) two-time Olympian Deena Kastor.

#134: Marathoner, Medalist, Mother: Deena Kastor

Dimity and Sarah are delighted to be joined by Deena Kastor, a mother runner who wears myriad hats, including 2004 Olympics bronze medalist in the marathon, American women’s record holder in the marathon (2:19:36), avid cook/baker, and mother of a pre-school daughter. Deena talked with the gals a week before she headed to New York City to run 26.2 miles through the five boroughs, site of her first marathon more than a decade ago. Deena shares tips for success running NYC Marathon. Proving she’s getting #FasterAsaMasters, Deena talks through her run at the Rock ‘N’ Roll Philadelphia half-marathon, in which she set a new World Masters Half-Marathon record (1:09:39) by 20 seconds…

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#31: You Might Be a Mother Runner If…

#31: You Might Be a Mother Runner If…

Based on the highly scientific calculation that 1 mile burns roughly 100 calories. 
Need some more situational humor? Check out our You Might Be a Mother Runner If… gallery.
Happy Halloween! Enjoy the Milk Duds!

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Day in the Life of Another Mother Runner: Happy Fit Mama

Day in the Life of Another Mother Runner: Happy Fit Mama

Welcome to our second stab at #dayinthelifeofAMR: a day where we hand over our Instagram account to another mother runner and let her document her day. Angela from Happy Fit Mama stepped up, even though she’s not able to run right now (ugh, hate that, Angela…so sorry. Sending you healing vibes!). Angela is a running coach and is participating in Saucony’s 26 Strong Program, among other things. Here’s a recent Saturday in her life:

If you’re interested in taking over our account for a day, we’d love to have you. You can be training, injured, inspired, not so much, a beginner, a marathoner…

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