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Partnership Opportunities

We value the opportunity to spread the word about high-quality products that fit into a mother runner’s life–or better yet, make her life easier.

If you have potential partnership opportunity you’d like to discuss, please e-mail us at runmother at gmail dot com. Thank you!

13 Responses to Partnership Opportunities

  1. Hi Folks! Congrats on the new book.

    I would love it if you would enter Go WOW Team (aka WOW) on your location finder. We are in the Oakland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek Area in Northern California. We were voted the Best Run Club in the Bay Area by ABC 7 the last 3 years in a row. We are awesome, just like Another Mother Runner! Go WOW Team!

    As an author and speaker we might also want to partner. Want to talk?

  2. Hi Ladies! I just sent an email introducing myself & my company coveRumps, LLC. I would love to discuss any opportunities to work together in the future. Look forward to hearing back from you soon. Sincerely, Adrienne Jones

  3. Hi,

    Happy World Run Day!

    This year, on November 9 we celebrate runners all across the world. On
    this occasion we prepared eye-catching infographic, that will help
    spread this passion that is shared by more than 40 million people in
    US alone.

    In this infographic you’ll find more interesting facts about running,
    as well as some dietary tips.

    Here you can find it:

    Please let me know if you would like to share it, so I can provide
    with high resolution version.


  4. I’d love to discuss a partnership opportunity, but I’m also leading a group of ladies as we train for a Summer Run Series here in South Oklahoma City and I’d love to learn more about getting our group listed as a running club.

    My business offers a free, HIPAA compliant health risk assessment and provides feedback to improve overall health and a “prescription” for a customized vitamin regiment based on that assessment. It takes the guess work out of finding the right vitamins to meet your nutritional gaps. There is an option to have the vitamins shipped right to your door or just print out the assessment and get what you need.

  5. Joan Santa Croce says:

    My son in law is in the airforce – he flies an F15E – a badass for sure! He and two other fighter pilots are starting a business – it is fitness related. It is a start up and I would LOVE if you featured it on your posts/websites. I am placing the link here for you to have a look and decide. Thank-you for just taking a look!!!

    Joan Santa Croce

  6. Jaime says:

    oops! tried to reply to michaels book idea! BUT!!! I love the concept of this blog & am new to reading it and look forward to being inspired, and crying my eyes out all at once as I dive in! afterward, ill likely try to weasel my foot in for some guest screen time or a greater commitment!
    nice work!!! :)

  7. Jaime says:

    I love this idea & would be happy to photograph for it if it’s a picture book. I think I’ve seen a caillou a episode where the dad was preparing for a race & the little boy was very excited to learn what it was, etc. later that day my son asked if I was going to without or go run a marathon & it was so nice that he knew my health is important to me as well as running being “what I’m out doing” ,,, love this idea SO much!!!

  8. I’m considering a pair of children’s books called “My Mommy/Daddy’s A Runner” and would love some input from those with children. The idea would be to explain things like why a parent is out on a Saturday morning for hours, what a race is, things about being healthy, starting out with kids’ fun runs, wanting to eat healthy, etc. I think a partnership with AMR would be great for a project like this!

  9. May Li Shih says:

    Hi! I’d like to help form a group in my neck of the woods (Cary/Apex, NC). I’m a former runner/rec soccer player & mother of to a 6yo. There’s no shortage of running clubs here in the Triangle area, but one that caters specifically to pregnant/parenting women would, IMHO, be a welcome addition. What’s involved in starting/maintaining a group? What is the vision for partnering with like-minded groups (ex: Girls On the Run, PTAs, etc)?

  10. Joyce Stath says:

    I am not only a mother runner (my youngest is 15), but have now moved into the grandmother runner category! I wrote the book ‘Grandma Wears a Running Skirt’ for Amazon Kindle, and also have a blog that is mostly about running, I loved your first book, and am now reading Train Like a Mother. Thanks for sharing your stories and advice. It is awesome when we can learn while laughing!


  11. Hi! Can you please contact me. I’d love to get our run(s) listed! Thanks in advance.

  12. Interested in sponsorship/collaboration. Please contact me!

  13. Ralph Anderton says:

    I would like to consider a partnership, but would like to see or learn more about the products. Thanks ………….

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