Photo Gallery: What a Mother Runner Looks Like, Part I

Note how her arms and abs are captioned.

A few weeks ago, we asked you to bare your strength and stretch marks in all your glory, and you did.

Did you ever. (Thank you!)

More than 100 of you bared your soul and your abs, and they're all beautiful. I was teary today as I put this together; so much confidence and power and might and honesty and awesomeness here. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I have a huge crush on this mother runner tribe.

Details: I split the group in half—split up purely on when we received entries—because I didn't want to be the annoying relative that makes you watch an endless slideshow. Better to savor it in two parts. Part II will air next week, most likely on Monday. If you want to be included in that round, feel free to join in the party. Directions are here.

If you like what you see—and I guarantee you will—please, please share this. Tweet it, Facebook it, email it, otherwise love on it. I want the world to know how badass we are, both individually and collectively.

Thanks again, mother runners. You make us so proud. xo.



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