Sweat Out the Bitterness

bitter runningCreated by: Kara

"A list for when my boys and husband have pushed me out the door for a run, or for when I am feeling like a jerk and I need to sweat off the meanness."

Y Control: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I Will Survive: Cake
Disturbia: Rihanna
Shut Up and Let Me Go: The Ting Tings
Misery Business: Paramore
Depression: Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses
Dancing in the Dark: Dev
American Nightmare: Misfits
Out on an Island: Cock Sparrer
Ache: Jawbreaker
Eyes on Fire: Blue Foundation
You Wouldn’t Like Me: Tegan and Sara
Smile Like You Mean It: The Killers
Welcome to Paradise: Green Day
Portions for Foxes: Rilo Kiley
It’s a Hit: Rilo Kiley