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Bethany being a badass in Boston

#158: Boston Marathon 2015 Recap

Sarah and Dimity welcome back Bethany Meyer, who recorded the show less than 48 hours after completing her first 26.2, the prestigious Boston Marathon, as part of Team Stonyfield. The mother runners agree Bethany delivers the best line ever on an AMR podcast, then she moves on to describing the race section by section. (Or, as she divided it, “GU by GU by GU.” Complete with a Bahston accent, Bethany repeats race advice she got from a seasoned Boston Marathoner. Find out why the race became “magical” after Mile 10 or 11, and why it became, “just a 5-mile jog” after infamous Heartbreak Hill…

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Martini Fridays: Incontinence and the taper

Martini Fridays: Incontinence and the taper

I am deep in the self-doubt and recriminations phase of my taper for May 3’s Pittsburgh Half Marathon. I’m also hot off AMR Retreat in Little Rock, which means that I’ve had five amazing days full of running, talking about running, and Action Wipe-ing after running, with a side order of not sleeping or hydrating nearly enough. To say that re-entry has been rough is an insult to rough things. I’m experiencing what I’ve had more than one psychiatrist refer to as “emotional incontinence,” which means I almost burst into tears when, say, the foil lid on my yogurt tears weirdly when I open it…

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Tales From Another Mother Runner Thursday: Meredith Atwood

Tales From Another Mother Runner Thursday: Meredith Atwood

 We’re excited to return to our regularly scheduled Tales From Another Mother Runner Thursday and to keep the #TAMRTour  momentum going. (TAMR rhymes with BAMR, btw.)

Today we’re profiling Meredith Atwood, who you may know as Swim Bike Mom. Meredith is a mother of two (ages 6 and 7, or 14 months apart) near Atlanta.

My running history:  Until a few years ago, my history of running consisted of getting in the car and “running” to the nearest Dairy Queen for a giant Blizzard. I was never a runner, and I never cared to be. But I woke up one morning and couldn’t believe what I had become—an angry, out-of-shape, stressed-out, working wife and mom—and I wanted to change…

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Now hear this: Here's the sweet Red Fox prize package.

Hump Day Running Giveaway: Red Fox EDGE Headset + Bicep Sleeve


Every so often, I find a device that makes a pleasingly distinct difference in my life. A zester my mother-in-law gave me made making lemon-infused pasta and orange-peel-studded breads easier and tastier. An ear thermometer made middle-of-the-night temperature-taking more stealth and effective.

In the past few months, not one but two Red Fox Wireless items have helped transform my running “kit.” First up: Red Fox EDGE  Wireless Headset. No more threading wires under my bra strap, then contorting my arms and upper body to try to grab the cord to run it down toward my phone in the hip pocket of my Saucony Bullet Capris…

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Mother’s Day Race Directory: The Gift of Race Miles

Mother’s Day Race Directory: The Gift of Race Miles

Because we know that miles are one of the best (and relatively affordable) gifts going, we pulled together a few races on Mother’s Day weekend. Ask for a race entry–or treat yourself. May 9, 2015: Day of the Mother Eve
Las Vegas, Nevada: Moms Rock! (You might spot a peacock along the trail!)
Buford, Georgia: Super Mom (Our fave race name of the bunch here, btw.)
Billings, Montana: Montana Women’s Run (Actually a 5-mile and 2-mile course, so we split the distance and filed it here.)
Peoria, Illinois: Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
Salt Lake City, Utah: Susan G. Komen Race for the Care
Fredericksburg, Texas: Texas Flower Country Women’s 5K/10K Run (You get to see parts of the beautiful Wildseed Farms that are not open to the general public!)
Atlanta, Georgia: Susan G…

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