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#146: How to Run a Sub-30min 5K or Sub-60min 10K

Sarah and Dimity realized it was high time they talk about how to bust a move in shorter races. In this podcast, they welcome back Christine Hinton (the genius behind the training plans in Train Like a Mother) to impart wisdom and practical tips about breaking the popular time goals of 30 minutes in the 5K and an hour in the 10K. After explaining why running a timed mile is critical, Coach Christine goes on to share crucial elements of success in reaching these time goals. Two spoilers: believing in yourself, and sticking to a training plan (which builds confidence and fitness). Coach shares sure-fire speed workouts, and she advises racers, “be prepared for the pain…

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Martini Fridays: Like the Boss

Martini Fridays: Like the Boss

The past two week’s worth of training, in short, have been a Bruce Springsteen song. This one. Really, just one line in the song, then line about being tired and bored with myself. Because I am.

It’s still winter here, in case you missed the coverage of the snowmageddon and have spent the last week with your head in a bucket, which is totally your choice and I won’t judge. As I type, big, fat, fluffy flakes of snow are coming down. It’s a picture postcard of all that you could want a New England-y snow to be. It’s just darn scenic out there.

I dig winter. I like the hush and the thrill of new snow…

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Tales From Another Mother Runner Thursday: Jennifer Graham

Tales From Another Mother Runner Thursday: Jennifer Graham

Welcome to our next round of Tales From Another Mother Runner Thursday, where we preview one of the 22 essays and authors in our forthcoming book. While our names are on the cover, the book is a truly celebration of this amazing, badass community: not only does it contain 22 essays from a range of talented writers and mother runners, it has miles of insight, advice, stories, and humor from hundreds of you.
Up today: Jennifer Graham, a mother to four (ages 12, 15, 20, and 22) who recent moved to Sewickley, PA, which is twenty minutes outside of Pittsburgh.
My running history: I was an adult-onset athlete, started running at the age of 27…

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We freely admit we love this aqua/lime Soleus mini because its colors remind us our AMR colors!

Hump Day Running Giveaway: Two Soleus mini GPS Watches

I’m just going to admit up front: This post is going to be short because I still need to make frosting for my husband’s birthday cake and rustle up a dinner worthy of his big day. 

While Molly is my best running friend (BRF),  I have another trusty companion with me on every run: a Soleus mini GPS watch. In fact, lately I’ve had to run w/o my BRF due to our conflicting schedules (as a veterinarian, Molly often works a half-day on Saturday, and my weekends are a flurry of kids’ basketball and futsal games), but my Soleus mini is always ready for runs, any day, any time.

Soleus might not be the “big name” in the GPS watch business, the pint-size mini gets the job done–and more…

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What Would Another Mother Runner Do? Training Run Mathematics

What Would Another Mother Runner Do? Training Run Mathematics

Recently, Lindsay, a mother runner in Florida, posted a dilemma in our Another Mother Runner Club on Strava. Since it’s a question we’ve come across often, we thought we’d dissect her situation and ask what you’d do as part of our occasional What Would Another Mother Runner Do series?
Lindsay takes it from here: Three days before the Disney World Half-Marathon, I was offered a bib to run it. (Ed note: Yes, we realize this isn’t the exactly best thing to do, but bib-transfer happens. We’re not here to judge; we’re here to figure out WWAMRD.) I jumped at the chance because my husband was already doing the Goofy (half-marathon + marathon) and I was going to be there with the kids anyway…

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