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Rock ‘N’ Roll Montreal 2014 Half-Marathon Race Report

Rock ‘N’ Roll Montreal 2014 Half-Marathon Race Report


This race report is written by Kelly Pollock, a mom of two from Chapel Hill, N.C., who is Dimity’s “cadet” in the Saucony 26Strong program. Next month, Kelly will be taking on her first 26.2, the Philadelphia Marathon, with Dimity by her side. Kelly ran the Rock ‘N’ Roll Montreal Half-Marathon last weekend as a lead-up to Philly.  

My husband, Mike, and I headed up to Montreal, a gorgeous city with an “old-world,” European feel, without our kids, which is a big deal for us. I was set to run the race with gal-pals Jen and Sissy, and Sissy’s 25-year-old daughter, Keuren. Race day dawns in the 80s with high humidity–far-from-ideal race conditions, but c’est la vie…

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Dansko Romy: pair with skinny jeans or rolled ones?

Hump Day Running Giveaway: Pair of Dansko Footwear

I seriously value comfort.

Take, for example, our recent relay race: I was set to run more than a marathon (26.3 miles, to be precise) over the course of three race segments. When I was running, I would be sporting my beloved Saucony Guides. But when I was in “off” mode, I knew I had to treat my feet equally right. My solution? Dansko Professional clogs.

The contoured midsole lets my high-arched, rigid foot relax, while the wide toebox provides welcome space for my toes to spread. The polyurethane (PU) sole absorbs shock, while the 2″ heel gives my sometimes-tight Achilles relief. (Plus, I get closer in height to my tall AMR “sister,” Dimity!) I basically live in these Dansko clogs with jeans or cords at home, so I wasn’t going to forego them during Ragnar just because I was sporting a tutu!

I can understand, though, if that fashion combo isn’t quite your style…

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Sound Off: Race Shirts Manifesto

Sound Off: Race Shirts Manifesto

My five vanmates and I arrived at the starting line for Ragnar Napa around 4:30 a.m. We picked up our race tees at 5 a.m.–and even in the dark, even with sleep crud still in the corner of my eyes, even though I couldn’t see the whole shirt through the beam of my headlamp, I knew immediately that I really, really liked it.

Which for me means that I would wear it again—and not end up in my Goodwill pile wiith weeks.

Which is the the exception, not the rule, for me these days.

I should state up front that I do not emotionally attach to race shirts. I saved my 2007 Nike Women’s Marathon until it pitted out—it was light pink— and I’ll probably hang onto my 2013 Ironman Couer d’Alene one for a few more years…

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#46: You Might Be a Mother Runner If…

#46: You Might Be a Mother Runner If…

And if your handoffs are flawless, you’re definitely a mother runner. Check out more validation here.


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Ragnar team shot

#129: Napa Valley Ragnar Relay

Fresh of running 205 miles (with 10 other bada** mother runners!), Dimity and Sarah tell the tale of their Ragnar Relay from San Francisco to Napa Valley. They are joined by a teammate from each of their vans, Kelly and Melissa. Kelly hits the nail on the head when she describes the 38-hour relay race as, “a sleepover with my best friends I’d never met before.”

During this hour-long podcast, find out what a Honeybucket is – and why Kelly played Candy Crush in one. Then learn why the gals in the team’s second van quickly adopted the Minions’ motto of, “I was born to be awesome, not perfect…

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