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Tish reading at NJ party

#162: Tales from Another Mother Essayist (and Runner’s World Exec Editor) Tish Hamilton

Tish Hamilton, the executive editor of Runner’s World, once again joins Sarah and Dimity for a chat. This mother runner of one opines about the wonders of running friends and how hers got her through an unexpected divorce. After reading an excerpt of her brilliant essay in Tales from Another Mother, Tish and the ladies explore various ways to find a BRF. The gals were all pleased no mice were harmed for the recording of this podcast, which makes sense since Tish tells a tale proving she’s most definitely not a Boston Marathon “squeaker” anymore!

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Me on liberating iWalk device and BRF Molly being a delightful goof before our "marathon" walk around the block on Wednesday evening.

#BAMRdown: A Progress Report

In the days immediately following my accident in which I fractured two bones in my right ankle, I got verklempt every time someone was kind or helpful. When Hillary, one of the mother runners I was running with, let me hold her hand as we waited for Jonna to arrive with a ride to the ER, I silently sobbed. The next day, when Jonna took me to get my hair professionally washed at the hotel salon, my breath caught in my throat and tears streaked my cheeks. When Jonna hopped in the car to drive me home to Portland (five+ hours, through the night!) rather than put me on a plane, I cried some more…

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Going (really, really) long with Coach Christine

Going (really, really) long with Coach Christine

Adrienne here. At the Little Rock Retreat, Coach Christine Hinton mentioned that she was training to run 101 miles over 48 hours in May. “That sounds awful,” I said, because tact is my strongest trait. I also had to admit that it sounded really interesting.Why would anyone run 101 miles? 

Each runner has her own reasons, of course. Coach Christine’s sprung from the recent implosion of her marriage. “I am so trashed emotionally,” she said before the run. “I’m trying hard to rise above the hurt and anger. I’m hoping I’ll have some sort of awakening, like Eat, Pray, Love. Except more Run, Run, Run…

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Hair elastic, ubiquitous in every Ultimate Direction Jenny Collection item.

Hump Day Running Giveaway: Trio of Ultimate Direction Products

I could tell many a good tale about runs I’ve enjoyed wearing Ultimate Direction hydration products–a 10-mile trail run Molly and I took in late April, when I quaffed Nuun from a Handy 20 or countless marathon training runs last fall when I sported a Jurek Endure waistbelt–but now that my ankle is busted in two places, those runs feel like another lifetime ago. (Cue the tiny violins, and toss confetti on my pity-party.) Those hydration devices served me well, letting me drink Nuun or water where none was otherwise available, and making me not feel like a camel sloshing along with a hump full of fluid…

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Five New Podcasts for Your Listening + Running Pleasure

Five New Podcasts for Your Listening + Running Pleasure

We’re not Ryan Seacrest (and for that, we thank our lucky stars: to be that chipper and have perfect hair all the time would be exhausting!), but Sarah and I have had the opportunity to be on a couple of podcasts recently. We’re sharing them with you in case you need some new entertainment on an upcoming run.

1. Sarah shared some laughs with Mr. Dad on his Positive Parenting for Military Families Podcast (which also features a book called “Calm the F*&^ Down”). She’s on the episode on March 28, and you can grab it here.

2. I went the opposite direction of Sarah—probably not surprising—in a two-part episode about depression on The Running Lifestyle Podcast…

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