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#145: Another Mother Runner Run + Refresh Retreat

A trio of guests join Sarah and Dimity to make the Another Mother Runner Run + Refresh Retreat, hosted this April in Little Rock, Arkansas, come to life. Jonna Bass Parr charms with her Texas twang, talking about how the Retreat will lead you to the starting line of your best running season ever. Erin Taylor, co-owner of GO! Running, highlights the running scene in Little Rock, which she dubs, “an outdoor paradise in The Natural State.” She’s proof chicks are in charge in that charming city. Finally, Errin Dean talks about the amazing Cure for Arkansas event and the vibrant gO! gO! Girls, many of whom will serve as RUNbassadors during Retreat…

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In Her Shoes: Breaking Up With a Running “Friend”

In Her Shoes: Breaking Up With a Running “Friend”

One section Tales From Another Mother Runner is called In Her Shoes, which is first-person accounts of different running situations and tales. We love running stories as much as—or maybe more than?—running itself, but we had a surplus of In Her Shoes stories…if we put them all in the book, it would’ve been bigger than a dictionary. So we’re going to run these every other Friday for a while.

Wendy found a friend she didn’t really want on a run…

I have a neighbor, the father of one of my son’s friends, who used to wait for me at the end of his driveway so he could run with me…

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Tales from Another Mother Runner Thursday: Marit Fischer

Tales from Another Mother Runner Thursday: Marit Fischer

Welcome to round three of Tales From Another Mother Runner Thursday, where we preview one of the 22 essays and authors in our forthcoming book. While our names are on the cover, the book is a truly celebration of this amazing, badass community: not only does it contain 22 essays from a range of talented writers and mother runners, it has miles of insight, advice, stories, and humor from hundreds of you.
Up today: Marit Fischer, a trail runner in Park City, Utah and mother of Hazel, a five-year-old.
My running history: As a kid, I loved running because I was good at it. No matter my focus sport through school and in my twenties (soccer, basketball, track, fencing, triathlon), I always ran as part of my training, until, in my thirties, everything else lost its allure and running itself became my passion…

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AMR in Saucony

(Extra) Special Contest: Another Mother Runner in Saucony

If you think being a sponsored runner, documenting your running journey, sharing your ups and downs while looking fresh and sweaty in the latest, best gear is a privilege reserved for those who fly by you in a race, who never seem to struggle with motivation, whose splits typically start with a “7″ or lower, it’s time to update your maps, mother runner.

Because we—and our premier partner, Saucony—have schemed up an incredible opportunity for one mother runner: a year of being a Saucony runner.

Or more accurately, a year of being another mother runner in Saucony. (#AMRinSaucony, because we’re so #hashtagsavvy…

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AMR Nuun Year: No Limits Challenge Starts in Six Days!

AMR Nuun Year: No Limits Challenge Starts in Six Days!

Hey Mother Runners–
You may have seen us chatting up our latest Challenge on Facebook and other social media venues; we wanted to put out all the details again today because it starts in less than a week! Our collective limits start expanding on January 26th, and w e won’t be able to accept any new entries after Sunday night, the 25th! Check out all the good stuff below, and we hope to see—and help you—stretch your limits soon!
xo– Dimity + Sarah
There’s a limit on how many grocery bags you can carry from your car to the house. (My pinky is stronger than I thought!)

There’s a limit on how fast you can drive a car—even if there’s no police in sight, as Dimity recently relearned…

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