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You, too, can look as happy, strong, and capable as Dimity did during a triathlon.

#150: Everything You Need to Know to Tri

Thinking about trying a triathlon this spring or summer? Dimity and Sarah welcome triathlon coach Barrie Hufford to answer questions ranging from gear to training. As the mother of two young boys, Barrie recognizes most moms can’t dedicate four hours/day to the sport, and her realistic attitude shines through in her answers, such as telling gals not to do too much (e.g. no need to do a 40-mile bike ride now for a sprint triathlon in June). She walks mother runners through setting up gear in the transition area, offering pointers on getting in and out of a wetsuit (including whether you even need one) and the best shorts to wear in the race…

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Martini Fridays: All About Thighs

Martini Fridays: All About Thighs

I’ve been thinking about my thighs a lot lately.

Most of these thoughts have sprung from my pants, which sounds far naughtier than it is. See – I need new pants, ones that I can wear to my quasi-professional office without looking like a farmer fresh in from her field. Currently, I have one pair that works. One. And one isn’t enough when one is prone to spilling.

The pants problem will evaporate once it’s safe to expose flesh to the outside air again and I can go back to my old reliable skirts and dresses, whose very nature makes the girth of my thighs irrelevant. That’s assuming spring comes…

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Tales From Another Mother Runner Thursday: Sarah Bowen Shea

Tales From Another Mother Runner Thursday: Sarah Bowen Shea

Welcome to our next round of Tales From Another Mother Runner Thursday, where we preview one of the authors in our forthcoming book. While our names are on the cover, the book is a truly celebration of this amazing, badass community: not only does it contain 22 essays from a range of talented writers and mother runners, it has miles of insight, advice, stories, and humor from hundreds of you. 
As the publishing date nears (less than one week!), we’re casting the spotlight on SBS.
Important Schedule Note: We’ve flushed out much of the information for our events for the first half of 2015…

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Hold on tight: The graduated compression in PRO Compression products enhances circulation.

Hump Day Running Giveaway: PRO Compression Socks (3 Winners!)

Cue the Peter Paul and Mary: “I’m leaving on a jet plane; don’t know when I’ll be back again.”

Today I’m jetting to Little Rock, Arkansas, to speak at Capital Hotel Detour Speaker Series (Sarah Bowen Shea and Runner’s World Bart Yasso, two names always said in the same breath, right!?) and to represent AMR and sell Another Mother Runner merch at the Little Rock Marathon expo. It’s at these two events I’ll be, drum roll please, debuting Tales from Another Mother Runner! I hope to see a lot of you BAMRs in Little Rock.

But back to the 1970s tune: While I do know when I’ll be returning home, I am going to be leaving on a jet plane a lot in the next few months to promote Tales…

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#74: You Might Be A Mother Runner If…

#74: You Might Be A Mother Runner If…

Thanks to Wendy of Taking the Long Way Home for the badass picture!
And even if you prefer the treadmilll over snow-covered sidewalks, you’ll find you fit in this You Might Be Another Mother Runner If…Gallery.

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