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Train Like a Mother Plans

That’s what we’re talking about.

We’ve got 9 training plans in Train Like a Mother:

5K Finish It + 5K Own It
—10K Finish It + 10K Own It
Half-Marathon Finish It + Half-Marathon Own It
—Marathon Finish It + Marathon Own It
—A Half-Marathon Bike Plan for Injured Runners (tested by Dimity when she had a stress fracture in her heel)

—Plus, there’s one bonus strength-training routine: Get Ripped Like a Mother.

They’re pretty self-explanatory: The Finish It option is when you’re hitting a race distance for the first time, coming back from injury or childbirth, in the middle of I-have-no-time-at-all-but-must-run doldrums; the Own It option is when you’re up for setting a PR (personal record) or just seeing how badass you are. (Because we know that you are definitely badass.)

We’re generous, but we’d really like you to buy the book so you can train for all race distances, mark it up, and have many of your other pressing questions about racing answered. (There’s a really handy button right to the left of this post if you need a copy of TLAM–or our first tome, Run Like a Mother.)

Do the plans work? Does your kid throw a fit when you leave, then quiet down within seconds for a babysitter, only to have him resume the fit when you walk back in the door?

But don’t take it from us. How ’bout these testimonials:





Boo-yeah! I mean awesome, awesome, awesome!

36 Responses to Train Like a Mother Plans

  1. Debbie Beauchene says:

    Regarding the HM: Finish It plan – When Hills are scheduled, is the recovery going back down the hill? Or should it be a timed recovery? If it’s the “going down the hill” – does it matter if you walk or job?


  2. greg says:

    Can’t believe there is a subject that’s eclipsed daily Kardashian brunch reports. “Ermagerd, Ebola, we’re all gonna daaa!” The quantity of narrow minded people in the world is astonishing.

  3. Betsy Szatkowski says:

    HI! I bought the train like a mother, but only the e-version on my kindle. Is there a way to print the marathon training plans from there? Thanks!

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