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110% Transformer Shorts Giveaway Winner

It's your body calling: Are you going to listen?

One of the most-oft dispensed pieces of advice we give, whether on Facebook, on this site, on our podcast, or in person, is to listen to your body. Yet we all know it can be tough to discern what it's saying--and to know when it's really your body talking, not your willpower leaving the building. Is it your tender Achilles suggesting a flat run instead of hill repeats, or lack of mental toughness? Is it your tight IT band insisting on rest, or your pillow calling your name?

This week I was getting all sorts of signals and shouts from my bod. Suddenly my groin started groaning whenever I made lateral moves. Not wanting to feel left out, my right hamstring started making intermittent squawks. Then, in the middle of the night, my right wrist hurt so badly, it woke me up twice. Yet, like a dutiful foot soldier, off I went to boot camp on Wednesday morning. I knew push-ups and burpees were out--too much pressure on the wrist. But I thought my leg issues had cleared themselves up. Then, two-thirds of the way through class, my hamstring called out to me again. I took a look at the upcoming stations--they involved lots of TRX rings and wall sits--and I realized they'd be too hard on my aching limbs. Then, I did the almost-unthinkable for me: I left class early.

A Transformer for mommy, not a 7-year-old boy

I knew the instructor (dear Ashleigh, who designed the Get Ripped Like This Mother plan in Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line - and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity) was flabbergasted, but I also knew it was what my body was telling me to do. My legs felt good the next day on a 7-mile run, but next time my legs speak up, I'll be wishing I had a pair of 110% Transformer Shorts. They allow targeted ice treatments to quiet any parts of your upper legs and quads that are complaining.

One fortunate mother runner, chosen by, is the winner of a pair of these new feel-good shorts, and she is:
Sam, who told us she hoped to celebrate National Running Day by: "My dream scenario would to be able to have a run with my mama, Anywhere. Anytime."

Sammy, to claim your prize, please email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com, telling us your first and last name, address, and what size bottoms you wear in athletic apparel. All you other lovely ladies, remember: Listen to your body.

8 responses to “110% Transformer Shorts Giveaway Winner

  1. Great item, Sam is lucky to have won these! Thank you for all the nifty giveaways you do. And I’m glad you listened to your body! There is no shame in stopping when you know in your heart it’s the right thing to do.

  2. Those shorts are so cool! There have been so many times I’ve wanted to make an exit in boot camp! At least I feel normal after reading this. Lately I’ve had a tight hamstring & glute muscle that affects almost every run and work-out.Also feeling out of sorts and tired so I cross trained on my bike this a.m. Thinking about taking a week off and see if I can come back strong.

  3. I so could have used these… I crashed on my bicycle on thursday and battered my hip, wrist, shoulder, and my face

  4. So glad you listened to your body during boot camp! I know it’s got to be tough to leave part way through…good for you!

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