12K’s of the Holidays: El Dia Quatro!

Sarah wrote a lovely ode to her purple hat a few days ago. Way back in my rowing days, I had a lucky, cotton Minnesota Twins baseball hat way back that had jagged white lines circling the brim from all my sweaty workouts. Now it's smashed somewhere in some bin; I come across it every two months or so, when I'm looking for a mitten or favorite dinosaur or something else that, although it was just here 2 minutes ago, has magically disappeared.

Although my running career has no such relic, the thing I'm most attached to is my gray Nike running skirt, which I've logged at least 500 miles in. I got it while training for the 2007 Nike Women's Marathon, and although I didn't wear it in the race, I did wear it for the Runner's World photo shoot. Whenever I put it on, it reminds me of early mornings with my friend Katherine; how important and vital having my own goal was to my mental health; how intent I was on getting across the finish line. These days, it is my go-to bottom when my motivation is as hard to find as that wayward mitten.

You'll look--and feel--like a cool cat in this hat.

What's your favorite or go-to piece of running clothing or gear? Let us know to throw your hat into the ring to win one of nine Headsweats Ultralite hats, a ridiculously lightweight lid that blocks the sun (we're talking 50+ SPF), wicks the sweat so your eyes don't become repositories for your sweat and keeps your noggin' cool, thanks to an inner liner and two mesh panels made of Coolmax.

Plus, it's way cuter than a faded Twins cap...hmmm, thinking maybe I found my new lucky hat?


Congrats to the following ten winners--and nice split between wingers and planners--who will be soon sipping from a GoLite HydroClutch:

1. Karen: In my life I am an over-planner, however in running I am a winger. When I first started “running with the girls”, I had no idea how far we were going, where we were going or how long I would be. I just “followed the girls”. Whatever they did, I did. I think that helped me with my running. I just go out and run, sometimes a short one and sometimes I am gone for a while. It seems to balance me out. I plan all day at work, I plan when I am at home, so when I hit the road it is a nice break to just “run”.

2. Elisa: I am mostly a winger as I usually want to see how I feel that morning but try to plan the night before.

3. Jess M.: I plan my work… and then work my plan!! In fact, I’ve started to slack lately so I just signed up for my Spring Half and working on “the plan”.

4. Jennifer F.: I am a planner and I have to go for my run early in the day (like before 11am) or else it hangs over my head for the rest of the day and I don’t feel right till I get it in. I like to run where I know – to the point where I will run the race course the weekend before so I feel prepared. I absolutely plan my races as well. I plan the race, the whole training schedule and my calendar around it. After having back surgery and then 3 kids in 4 years, I never thought I would be dedicated to it, but I am. I love running.

5. Julie B.: Neither really. Would like to feel like I can set a plan but am pretty flexible to when, where, how long and if plans change. Yet, don’t randomly run for the sake of running on the spur of the moment. I do motivate myself by usually waking and dressing in workout clothes so that I can get out for a run if time allow but it’s not always a guarantee.

6. Jackie R.:I’m a planner! I wish I had more of the “winger” spirit in me–I think it would make life a lot more fun. But I’m a down to the half mile kind of gal. Always run according to the plan; rarely more or less.

7. Karen M.: I am here to represent the wingers! Before I became a mother, I was a planner. Now that I’m a mother, I’ve found that I just can’t be a planner for everything. If I insisted on being a planner for running, I’d end up frustrated and would never run any races! My running life is much like Dana’s a few posts above me. I’ve learned to love it! My only exception is marathon training – I have too much respect (uh, fear!) of the distance to completely wing marathon training!

8. Lori: Definitely a planner–hey I still have 5 kids at home, I’m a working mom and a homeschooler! Well…I guess that also makes me somewhat forced to be flexible and wing-it once in a while. And, I hide my bottles for running. If the bottle is older and less valuable to me I will let it float around the house so that the kids feel like they have found something awesome they would like to lose for me. The good ones–hidden!

9. Christine: I’m in-between too. I usually have a mile goal, but I occasionally add or subtract depending on how I feel. For longer runs, I plan the route, for shorter, I just head out the door and see where the mood takes me.

10. Dana DeBardelaben: I like to pretend that I’m a planner. I even have an automated training plan that emails me with the workout of the day!! I have gone one step further with it and purchased a training plan that would set me up for my next planned race-so the mileage and even cross training for x number of weeks pre-race are all figured out based on race day.

But….I have decided to stop fighting it and embrace my “wings”!! I AM A WINGER! I have signed up for races the day before (sometimes the day of)–the “only ” time I sign up in advance is if there’s a significant danger in it filling up. I usually decide on the number of miles I’ll run today based on who I’m running with, where I feel like going or how many I need to get in so that I’m increasing (or sometimes decreasing) my weekly total. (right now my next planned race is RNR (half) NOLA, but just after that I’m looking at a very tough 25K trail run–McKay Hollow– so I’m increasing my trail time but also getting in some road miles). I crosstrain if I’m hurting and feel like running would do more harm than good, other days (when I’m feeling spunky) I run then bike right after.

And yes, I’m like that in all areas of my life!! That’s why I don’t get as much done as my friend who keeps a spreadsheet of her day, but I have great fun, until I miss out on things I’ve forgotten or get overwhelmed because its time to run a half marathon and my longest run has only been eight miles because I didn’t plan (or follow the plan that was already in place!).

However, things generally work out just fine….plans stress me out every day, not having one (or following one that is there) just gives me moments of freak out!!

Winners/wingers/planners: please e-mail us at runmother at gmail dot com with "HydroClutch winner" in the subject line and your address in the e-mail, and we'll get them out. As with the other giveaways, let us hear from you within 2ish days so we know you're still out there. If not, we'll find somebody else to keep hydrated.

213 responses to “12K’s of the Holidays: El Dia Quatro!

  1. my favorite running item…..i have a couple. never leave home without my RoadID, black Nike running hat (women’s fit, i have a smaller head, standard hats don’t fit my head), Garmin. for long weekend runs I always wear the same pair of socks…..Smartwool Adrenaline crew length, grey with green and flowers on them.

  2. My never leave home item is my Road ID anklet. I often run solo due to my crazy schedule and I wear it so I can be safe! I try to carry a cell phone too, but not always possible and this give me an extra sense of protection just in case. It is an adorable pink color so I feel like a little fashionista too!

  3. My running skirts. I cannot stand wearing shorts that accentuate my thighs, but skirts look so good! Also, they’re so cool on hot FL summer days or worn over tights for a little bit of extra warmth for the bum on freezing NY mornings. The added bonus is they have pockets to hold gels!

  4. Well,since it is freezing cold in Kansas, I need my gloves and head wrap. But, during the summer I can’t run without a sweatband. Gotta love going from one extreme to the other!

  5. my favorite running item…..i have a couple. never leave home without my RoadID, black Nike running hat (women’s fit, i have a smaller head, standard hats don’t fit my head), Garmin. for long weekend runs I always wear the same pair of socks…..Smartwool Adrenaline crew length, grey with green and flowers on them.

  6. This time of year, Smartwool long-sleever. It goes from 50 degrees to 25 degrees, perfectly. Summer time–running skorts. love them!

  7. If I am running outside, I must have my prescription sunglasses and my iPod! If I am running on my treadmill, must have some shows on my DVR!

  8. I don’t go out the door without my hat! Nike, white mesh, but ooh–no SPF! I have far too many baby hairs that would annoy the crap out of me during a run and make me have a halo of wispy hair around my head (which looks really stupid!). Pull my hair in a ponytail, slap on that hat and I feel serious about my runs!

  9. My morning running cap from athleta, the reviews from the petite headed women said it was way too big for their small heads, I then knew it was worth buying. It’s the perfect hat for my big, sweaty noggin. I don’t run without it, even in 20 degree weather.

  10. In the summer its a hat to keep the sun out of my face, in the winter it my gloves and ear band to keep warm. Oh and always my garmin.

  11. I always wear my Adidas M10 running skirt! Came upon it at an outlet, loved and went back for 2 more (all the same color). I wear it all year round (running tights under in the winter). Love it!!

  12. This is totally geeky, but I don’t lace up without wearing either my Smart Wool or Dry Max socks. But for sentimental purposes, my favorite piece of my running ensemble has to be my coral Running Room reflective jacket. It was the first piece of “serious” (and expensive) running equipment I ever bought. And being a Minnesotan, I have to give you kudos for having a Twins hat!

  13. My favorite is also a hat… it’s my white one that keeps my dark hair-covered head cool on sunny runs and rain out of my eyes on rainy runs… it is held together by a safety-pin now b/c I broke the little buckle in back but it is too essential to run without!

  14. My favorite is my black running hat with “Learn, Live, Dream, run.” It was earned from a Girls on the Run event that I did with my family two years ago, so we have four in the house. The pink lettering is my favorite to go with my pink running shirt. Keeps the sun out of my eyes in summer and the rain off of my glasses in the winter. And it brings great memories of a day with my family the success of my kids.

    BTW, Girls on the Run is a great program that teaches girls fitness, self confidence, and health as they enter their pre-teen years. 2-3 months of training sessions are followed by a 5k event. It totally changed my girls self perception. Highly recommended!

  15. My favorite thing right now is my under armour beanie that is pink! I have a nike skullcap which does its job wonderfully (no cold ear, and I’m always toasty warm without overheating), but it leaves me with the “shower cap” look. When I saw some pictures from my Halloween 5K with it on, I decided I needed something to make me feel more feminine. And pink always seems to help out with that! 😉

  16. I have two pairs of the same Brooks running shorts that I love. And I almost ALWAYS wear a hat or visor when I run. Need a new one just like this to keep the sun out of my eyes! Super cute.

  17. For races, I always wear my favorite pair of underwear (I know you can’t see them but I love that they stay wear they are supposed to stay). For outwear, I tend to wear the same red shorts that I have been wearing for the past 10 years but now thanks to RLAM, I have invested in some good running skirts so I am hoping those will take the place of my red shorts. Oh and I love my Sauconys – they go with me on all my runs 🙂

  18. Hard to say because I change so often. Right now though it is my Saucony hat. It was a gift from my friend and running partner. It has a hole for my ponytail and I LOVE it! I’ll be sad when it’s too warm to wear it!

  19. I love my running skirts!! They give me the perfect blend of “I’m a pretty darn strong woman but cute at the same time” kinda feel….
    Definitely getting more with my Christmas money:)

  20. Oh, I am with you on the hat thing. I only seem to have one at a time. For like 3 yrs it was a blue Adidas visor. Now it’s a pink Nike visor I got for $5 at Ross!! I also have a pair of Adidas capri’s that I’ve been running in for 5-6yrs. They are getting a hole in between the thighs now…but I continue to wear them. I got the at Costco for $20 and it’s so hard to bring myself to spend more on a replacement pair. Can you tell I’m motivated by good deals, lol!

  21. I love to run with my pink Life is Good hat (the one with the 3 flowers on the front). I think mostly because the color makes me feel girly!

  22. My go to running pieces are my Lululemon running shirts. Either short sleeved, racer back or now long sleeved, I almost never run without one!!

  23. After I saw the race photo from my first race two years ago, I was shocked to see the “girls” hanging almost to my waist. I immediately threw out my sports bra and got a one that kept them up where they used to be when I was 20. I love my Garmin 405 and running shoes, but I will never run again without a good bra.

  24. My New Balance shoes, Nike + and ipod, cell phone, and my Adidas socks.
    Most of the time if running on the treadmill (during the winter, we are enjoying a blizzard here today) my Nike white tank cause it is so light and doesnt get soaked with sweat. Also like my Nike shorts.

  25. My Make-a-Wish half marathon t-shirt. It’s getting pretty old now, but it was the first half marathon that I ran. I love this shirt.

  26. My favorite running gear is actually a Head Sweats white hat that I got for free with one of my original Her Sports magazine subscriptions. I LOVE that hat; it fits perfectly and is just my friend on all runs in the sun. Her Sports is no longer called that, though; it is now Women’s Running so I’ve been on the hunt for a Head Sweats replacement. This might be my lucky day and my new favorite hat!

  27. Well, since it is deer season I’ve been partial to wearing my son’s orange hunting snookie. It keeps me warm and safe!

  28. My Road ID bracelet: I feel absolutely naked without it on my right wrist. I have a bracelet that my mom gave me that I never take off. It is kind of a bangle with a ball in the middle that screws the bracelet in place. If I don’t have my Road ID on, the bangle goes up and down my wrist for the entire run, annoying the crap out of me. With my Road ID on, it keeps the bangle from moving AND I know that if I get taken out by a crazed biker on the path or fall down and hit my head, when someone finds me, they will have my husband’s number to call!

  29. My Adidas black running hat. I wear a hat 99.5% of the time when I run. Sometimes I pick my white TNT hat, sometimes my Brooks “look I am a moving billboard” safety hat in the early morning. But when it come to comfort and feeling good it is the black beauty hat.

  30. When it is cold, my new running long sleeve fleece! Love it,so warm,but I can wear it dropping the kids at school and it doesn’t look weird. But in the summer time, I love how I can just throw on a tank/sports bar and some shorts and go. That’s why I think it is harder to get out the door in the winter, not that it is cold, but it takes sooo long to get all the clothes on.

  31. In my younger days I had a lucky pair of foot earrings that I wore for every race. I was looking for that pair to wear for my “comeback” race, but couldn’t find them. Go figure – it had been probably 8 yrs since I’d worn them… Shoot – I needed something for good luck! My hubby gave me several ideas; they were ok but nothing was hitting the spot. Finally I spotted it – my pepto bismol pink bottle of nail polish that I had gotten from my Grandma. I’m not a pink gal, really can’t stand it actually. This was different though, it was Grandma’s polish. She’d had that particular bottle for YEARS in her fridge, though I only remember her wearing once or twice. Anyhow, I painted my toenails for luck, and I’ve stayed with that since. Grandma didn’t really get my running, and especially running distances, but she loved me and supported me. When I’m doing a race that has me digging deep, it helps to think about my pink tootsies and Grandma.

  32. My Sugoi running tights that are wind resistant! These were not cheap, but I am so happy I splurged last year as they are really helping out with this early winter weather we are having!

  33. My Rudy Project sunglasses with the photochromic lens. I can’t run without them. I wear them night or day, rain or shine. They keep the wind and sun out of my eyes and don’t slip and slide. I was worried about the cost when I got them but between running and biking I have squeezed every penny out of them and more. Made my husband get some too for when he runs too and now he swears by them as well.

  34. Sports bra!! After having a baby and breast feeding this is must have to keep everything in line and comfy! There’s nothing worse than feeling like you are destroying connective tissue that will hinder you from looking like a victoria secret model once you lose the baby weight!

  35. I’m still a new runner, so I’m slowly getting the right gear. But so far it would be my Spibelt to hold my iPhone and key. And now that the weather is colder my earband, which has the bonus of not only keeping my ears warm but holding my earbuds in and keeping hair out of my face. I’ll have to find something similar for the warm weather.

  36. My running friends! I had been a solitary runner for five years and just started running with two friends. No matter what the weather is or what i am wearing, they are there to keep me going!!

  37. My Pat’s Run t-shirts. Pat Tillman’s life and legacy are motivation to get out there and be tough. When ever I have a tough run, I reach for my Pat’s Run shirts.

  38. my go-to item is a pair of running shorts I got at the Salvation Army. I have running shorts that I’ve bought new, but none fit quite the way this one pair does.

  39. my watch. My husband bought it for me about 5 years ago. It is cheap, the alarm goes off when it’s not set, I can’t change the time on it. The only function that works is the stop watch part and I use that on every run. It’s also very lightweight which I’ve learned to appreciate when trying wear other watches.
    So my watch is my ‘go-to’ piece when heading out for a run.

  40. There are a few go to items. One is the dog leash, it’s a hands-free one/belt. Highly recommended for runners with dogs. My fave pants are my born fits (I love them because they run big in size and make me feel like I am actually a small). And, of course, my cell phone for emergencies and it’s my MP3 player.

  41. Not to sound like a brown nose , but… my’ badass mother’ runner top has fast become my favorite. I wore it at my last race , 8k Thanksgiving day and ran a PR of 40 mins which for me is good going at a 8min/mile pace!

  42. I LOVE, LOVE my new New Balance WT-100’s. I have been coveting these at the outlet, and (shhh, don’t tell my husband) bought them before my 790’s were worn out. My justification–I could use a pair of black sneakers to wear with jeans, and the 790’s are perfect!

  43. I have two favorites…my uber, padded socks that I buy from Thorlo …I couldn’t run without them and Spi belt….good for short runs when I only need my inhaler and my phone.

  44. Old pair of Purdue mesh shorts. No liner, no inner pockets for gels or keys, just always a good fit, pre-, post-, or during pregnancy. I didn’t even go to Purdue or know anyone who did!! I got them at an outlet 12 years ago…

  45. So far, it’s my pink sports bra that I love so much. It’s super comfy and doesn’t show any side boob when I wear tank tops.

  46. I always have my fuel belt palm holder. Though my favorite is not clothing or gear it is my James Avery Necklace that says Mommy. Have to have it on.

  47. My running tights. It’s wet, wet, wet here in the PNW and I don’t like having the yucky puddles splashing up on my bare calves when I run. Yuck!!

  48. I have so many favorites! My Garmin 405, Saucony shoes, Wright blister free socks, Skirt Goddess run skirt (in summer), Sugoi tights in winter. I always, always wear a hat- Life is Good ball cap in warmer weather, Roots Olympic 2002 USA fleece beret in winter. I could definitely use a new hat and love the idea of 50+ SPF. Running is hard on your skin.

  49. My favorite running wear is a grey short sleeve shirt (not technical) that says “Run the planet”. It is one of the few designs from my friend Sarah’s company. She got me into running and it was a gift after I finished my first race.

  50. New runner so don’t have too many “favorite” items YET. But I couldn’t do it without my iPod nano and SBS’s BFF 1/2 playlist! I so related to the music chapter in the book and feel like I am discovering music again! Finally got off the treadill today (7 weeks of running) and hit the pavement for the first time with songs from that playlist!

  51. I always take my Camelback handheld water bottle along because I drink more with it. I also like my new Asics arm warmers. They really keep my flabby upper arms warm and sleek looking!

  52. My Iphone/ Runkeeper Pro – the best app ever. I love hearing my pace every mile and knowing that every run will be publicized on twitter keeps me moving. Added bonus: music when I want it and feeling safe knowing that I have my phone with me.

  53. Believe it or not, my favorite item right now is my $9.99 Walmart running tights. I got one pair and they were sold out so fast! They are full length and keep me warm on the cold runs.

  54. I think I left a comment about my hat under Sarah’s ode to her own headwear, but my orange hat is really the article of clothing I reach for almost every time I run… In fact, I wear it so often, I need a new one, it’s getting kind of funky after so many years of use (and washings).

  55. I love my Handful bra. It’s a bit padded, so it’s warmer in the winter (and no visible nipples!) and cute enough to wear alone in the summer. Such a treat after years of painful DD-cups–I had a breast reduction a few years ago and am still excited about the new things I can wear.

  56. My Under Armour sports bra, hands down. I would run in it every run if I could keep up with the laundry. Veeeeery close second would be my below-the-knee running tights. I wear mine year-round to prevent chafing.

  57. I don’t really have a “must wear” article of clothing… yet!… I know my husband has gotten me *something* from the Run Like a Mother site for Christmas so undoubtedly that will be a must-wear after 12/25. I guess I could say that if it’s Monday – Friday I run at scary o’clock so I have a headlamp and an ankle light that flashes red. It is not that I love these things it’s just that I really prefer living/walking under my own power to dying/being dismembered by a motor vehicle. Fussy, aren’t I?

  58. My go-to clothing favorite is a pair of running capris! They are super comfortable, looking pretty good, and have a back pocket–everything a girl needs!

  59. My most recent must-have piece of gear is my saucony high-visibility rain jacket. It’s bright orange and makes me feel safer and visible when running in the Oregon rain.

  60. Lately, my skirtsports capris and skort. If I had to pick a shirt, it would be my race shirt from the Atlanta Women’s 5K 2009 (one of those cute wicking soft shirts), or for long sleeved, my race shirt from the Knoxville half marathon (also SOFT and flattering!).

  61. My favorite go to gear is my Nike armband. I’m a sucker for numbers and love having it right there to check my mileage, my pace, and see how much further I need to run! 🙂 I’m looking for a new favorite hat because my Cubs ball cap is getting a bit ratty.

  62. My nike head/earband and my under armour running tights for cold weather running! Love my hats in the summer/fall/spring time though!

  63. All my runs including all the 2 halfs and chicago I wore my C9 Capris from Target and my Nike Dri-Fit Principle Airborne Tank. I first thought the tank wouldn’t have enough support but it’s been perfect. I don’t know if they are my favorites but I don’t chafe in them and I “kinda” of look thinner in the them. lol

  64. My go-to gear has to be my black Nike running skirt…any skirt will do but that one makes me run faster…I just know it’s the skirt. I feel even better when I pair it with something pink. Don’t know what the pink does but it seems to make a difference. Plus, who doesn’t want to look cute when running all over town?

  65. I have my favorite black running shorts. They’re not too long, not too short (thus mitigating the inner-thigh chafing) and fit well enough in the waist to not accentuate the muffin-top. I wish I had 100 pairs of them!

  66. Two things: my sports bra and Bondi bands. I’ve been breastfeeding and gradually weaning over the last couple months. My Under Armour bra has been the best and most supportive during this awkward phase for the girls. As for my Bondi bands… It’s perfect for catching all the sweat coming from my head and holding my hair back. I’m that person who can’t stand having anything touching her face. Any little bit of hair drives me nuts! So, the bands keep all that too-short-for-the-ponytail hair out of my face.

  67. My favorite are my super warm running pants a friend bought me so I wouldnt be too much of a baby to run in the Minnesota snow….I love them

  68. My go to piece at the moment is a pair of Feetures socks given to me by my running buddy. 🙂 So far they are the only ones that don’t give me blisters.

  69. There’s a long-sleeve tech T I’ve had since 2006 or 2007 that is perfectly long enough for my height and my long arms — I love it and wear it as often as possible! The funny thing is, I never even ran that race — the director absconded with all the funds and was never heard from again!

  70. This year, my favorite piece of running gear is my fit mama running skirt. (a maternity running skirt) All my old running clothes are WAY too small now, and I feel awesome in the skirt and it’s very roomy & comfortable. 7 months along now and still pounding the pavement 🙂

  71. If it’s a longer run, my must have is my Nathan waterpack. It’s comfortable, reminds me to keep hydrated (a personal issue), and has storage! I realize I shouldn’t “need” to take so much with me, but I feel more comfortable knowing I have fuel, cell phone, MP3 player (if running alone or likely to break off the group), and camera. I’m not a ‘run fast, don’t stop, focus’ runner, but rather a ‘hey, there’s a butterfly! look at the shiney thing!’ runner, so love being able to easily pop out the camera and catch a photo or two.

  72. Mine is my running visor or my Garmin. However, my visor is STINKY (its probably 6 or 8 years old and has been through the wash a million times) and my Garmin is WAY outdated (its the 205).

  73. My black REI gloves. They are slim fitting and stylish, but keep my fingers toasty in any type of weather. Living in Utah, they are absolutely necessary, though for only about 5 months of the year. The best part is that they are super easy to throw in the washer when they start to smell stinky from all the sweaty head wipes they endure!

  74. I love my buff! On chilly mornings I can pull it up over my head to keep me warm. On hot days I can wear it around my neck with some ice in it. Makes a good snot rag too. ; ) : )

  75. I have this great champion tank top I love and feel good in. I love when its ‘her’ turn to be worn (<; I cant run without my adidas socks-I lost 4 toenails due to crappy socks and tight shoes.Also gotta have my Asics, my headband that doesnt move and my ipod. So yeah a lot of gotta haves but they all add up to a comfortable run!

  76. I love my runningskirt running skirt. It’s black with white polka dots and it was the first piece of “real” running equipment I ever got. It makes me feel like a runner and I love the looks I get while wearing it. Who knew running in a skirt would be so fun?!?

  77. My favorite piece of running gear is my spandex (bermuda length) shorts! I love them. THey are so comfortable. I have 2 pair that I alternate in the summers. My other equally favorite piece are the Under Armour Boy Short undies! LOVE them….I even have a separate pair just for wearing under jeans for no panty-lines!

  78. During the summer, it’s definitely my running skirt which has the perfect little pocket in the shorts underneath to hold my cell phone. Currently, since it’s freezing I can’t leave the house without my husbands Nike bicycling jacket. It’s fitted and has tons of pockets and compartments for gloves, ipod, phone, etc.

  79. My old 3/4 Asics tights. I feel strong and fast when wearing them plus it’s amazing when I get on my first run wearing them – it means it’s a real spring.

  80. My lululemon bright longsleeve pullover. Whenever I am feeling unmotivated to go for a run, I pull on this almost blinding orange/red top and feel (a little more) energized!

  81. My Nike for my iPhone! I love being able to listen to music and hear how I’m doing at the same time! Plus, those sexy make voices telling me I went further or faster are a great boost!

  82. My go to piece right now is my Nike Dri-Fit Capri’s. I love them and they were one of the first pieces of actual running gear I bought. They keep me warm when its chilly out and cool when its hot out. I’m training for my first half marathon this spring and I’m sure I’ll end up wearing my capri’s for all my training runs.

  83. My current fav item is my sports bra- a black new balance one bought @ tj maxx, it fits just right and hold things in palce without squeezing me to death. LOVE IT!

  84. Recently got a pair of compression socks – LOVE THEM! Not sure that I can do the long socks & shorts look come the warm weather, but for now, I wear them on every run 🙂

  85. Hands (or boobs) down, my favorite piece of running gear is my sports bra. It is OLD. It is STAINED. It is TATTERED. It once, if memory serves me, was white. It has seen better days. When I started running seriously again in April, I pulled it out of the drawer for my first Saturday morning “long” run (wow, how my definition of “long” has evolved since then!), and it has kept’em in place on every long run since, including the half and the 5K i’ve done this year. At the rate I’m going, I may ask to be buried in it. I’d never let anyone see it, but man, I’m proud of that bra…and the mama who wears it.

  86. I love trying out new gear for running but my favorite things are my Smartwool socks, CW-X capris (tights now for winter), Lululemon Ta-Ta tamer (oddly comfortable for narrow band size but bigger cup), and any hat with a pony tail opening. And of course I wear a shirt–but not too picky about that as long as it wicks.

  87. Funky tech socks. Nothing makes me feel more like a runner than when I have a funky pair of technical socks to jazz up an outfit.

  88. My Nike capris. They wear like iron – and are still going – through two years of training 3-4x/week, one 10 miler and one half-marathon. If I can’t find them or if they are dirty I go crazy!

  89. My favourite piece of running gear/clothing is my sad old running cap. I’ve had it since I was 13 so it’s been with me for half of my life. It’s melded to my head and has been with me every run. The only sad thing is that it wasn’t made from running and so now smells horrible despite several washes. My husband doesn’t let it stay in our bedroom anymore!

  90. My wright blister free running socks. They are the only way I can run without feet blisters and I LOVE them! There are lots of other things that I like But the socks are the one thing I don’t run without!!!

  91. I’m with Dimity, back in my crew days it was my PCRCs hat, except it was a white hat so I had a sexy brown line from all of the sweat it absorbed. Now my go to running piece is an awesome Moving Comfort sports bra (I think it is the Vixen). I used their bra finder and didn’t like it initially because of the padding but after I ran in it I LOVE IT!!! Now I just have to slowly stock up on more….

  92. My Icebreaker running socks- merino wool from the land of my birth, New Zealand. So comfortable and they have solved my blister problems.

  93. My black Nike visor. I even wear it inside when running on the treadmill. It’s just an automatic part of my workout wear.

  94. The one thing I definitely need when I run is a ponytail holder, and I love Goody’s Stayput elastic hair bands with the rubber grippers that stay in no matter what. Along the same line, love my winter hat and earband with the cutout for the pony tail.

  95. My trusty visor. It’s brown, stained, the velcro has been reglued once already, it’s shrunk and been stretched out – but it’s a trusty friend, sits low on my forehead, allows my head to breathe through my mass hair, protects my eyes from sun & sweat – & rain!

  96. Got to have the entire ensemble going- Balega running socks, New Balance stability shoes, moving comfort compression shorts, CWX zip front running bra, Nike dri-fit US soccer jersey replica, iPOD nano/ Nike+ chip, Gatorade sport watch and GO!!!

  97. I have a pair of long Champion yoga pants that I wear. I didn’t even buy them for running – I bought them for that in-between stage when I refused to buy maternity pants. Yes, they still fit 2 year post maternity but I am finally out there again and I have to pull those pants up a lot more often ;o)

  98. I love my Nike running jacket when it’s cold. It’s my absolutely favorite. I have yet to find a favorite hat, and I do prefer wearing a hat, so I would be super excited to try this one.

  99. In the winter – my ear warmer headband. If my ears are warm, life is good.
    In the summer – my adidas soccer shorts. Just the right length to prevent chub rub. They’re also the first piece of running gear I bought when I started running again. I’ll frame them when they’re too tattered to wear anymore.

  100. I LOVE my propel run tights from They make me feel like a rockstar! : ) My brother sent me a gift card for my birthday and I found them advertised in “lucy’s feel-good guide to Holiday Survivorship 2010.” I love their motto right now too! “Peace. Love. SWEAT. Have a feel-good season.”

  101. My favorite running gear are some gray brooks shorts. They have a small zip pocked on the backside, perfect length and never move up or down on my waist.

  102. My favorite go-to running gear are my race ready running shorts. I love the extra pockets all around the shorts–great for carrying gu and a small cell phone.

  103. My pink Brooks running shirt. It has a pocket – a pocket! Genius! I can stash a gu or keys there and then not make my hips look bigger by avoiding using the pocket in my capris. Or I can stash stuff in both places if I’m going on a really long run. Love it!

  104. My red Mountain Hardware tech t-shirt. When I wear this shirt, I always have a good run. I’ve gotten PRs in the 10k and half marathon while wearing my “lucky red”. When I ran my first marathon last October, there was no doubt in my mind what shirt I was going to wear! I ran a really good race, and I know it was all due to my lucky shirt.

  105. I don’t really have any particular go-to running clothes. Usually I just wear whatever’s clean 😉 I don’t run or race without my RoadID wristband though…I started wearing it for functional purposes, but now it’s kind of evolved into my lucky charm!

  106. My circa 1986 Lands End wind breaker – I have lots of fond running memories with it. My running partners past and present probably wish its demise. Hoping i get a new jacket for Xmas.

  107. I have so many I could sing them to a tune
    One must have is the playlist on my zune;
    And if I head out in the dark dark land,
    I can’t got out without my illuminte headband;
    And last but not least it would feel like a sin
    if I didn’t check my pace and don my garmin.

  108. I love my SPI Belt, great for the iphone with my ear phones. I’ve also determined that my Ford Edge’s key pad has also become one of my fav running “accessories” because I don’t have to take my keys with me, just lock them in the vehicle and punch the code to get it! No more lost keys while out running!

  109. Socks! I didn’t think socks could make much difference until I bought some technical socks, but boy do my feet feel better after a run now!

  110. I have a Sugoi tank that has pockets on the back that is great for holding gels. I can only wear it in the summer but I love it!

  111. I tend to go a little overboard on clothes (gotta love le target) and so don’t really have a go to. Try to keep lots of cute clothes to keep myself motivated. Did by two One More Mile running skirts recently, but so late in the fall that it got cold before I could break them in (looking forward to the spring for that). However, in terms of gear, I NEVER run without my Garmin, so that would have to be it.

  112. All year round my Darn Tough socks, best running sock ever! Summer my Nike Tempo shorts paired with an Adidas all in one bra top shimmel (all in a variety of colors) and my Adidas visor. Winter my Asics wind pants and Adidas wind vest couldn’t survive the winter without either one of those!

  113. i have 2 pairs of the exact same running shorts- even bought them at the same time. but one of them is just so much more comfortable than the other, so it’s my go-to at all times (except when the weather drops below 40- then it’s tim for tights).

  114. I dont know that I have a favorite piece of running gear…but I will say that I haven’t worn anything but asics running shoes in the last 18 years. And I love my Garmin.

  115. I love my Fox River socks with their pink daisy on the cuff. I have 2 pairs and have had them for about 3 years. I am an avid runner and when I run with my other socks on, I feel that something is amiss.

  116. I just started running in August, so I don’t have any old favorites yet. But right now I am loving my long sleeved Underarmour top. Pulled way down over my hips, and paired with my pink fleece vest and my black capris, it looks just like a cute running skirt. And it is so warm!
    Mary, mom to 10

  117. I love my capri tights. But if I’m running outside, I don’t feel ready without my Phiten necklace around my neck, my Road ID around my ankle, and my Garmin on my wrist.

  118. My old Air Force camouflage hat. Probably dorky as heck but stays on my big melon the whole time, instead of sliding up and up and up!

  119. I don’t go anywhere without my Nike+. I travel quite a bit for work, but even when I’m at home I love checking my distance and pace on a new route. When I’m abroad it’s nice to be able to track my milage and keep on track as I explore winding streets. I have small wrists, so most GPS watches are too bulky for me, but my Nike+ is a great (and cheaper!) alternative. Plus, I’m not good a keeping training logs, so being able to plug it in my computer and go helps me track my progress.

  120. I love my running vest. It weighs nothing, provides great wind breaking qualities, has a practical pocket, and is a lovely shade of lime green. I am giving a shout-out to Arc’terix, the manufacturer, as the company continues to design from Vancouver, although now owned by by someone else. I love my Smart Wool and Ice Breaker socks too but others have mentioned them already.

  121. my nano and my Athleta Chase Skort running skirt. Would have never thought of wearing a skirt until I read RLAM! woo hoo!!!!!!

  122. My go-to running gear are my zulu socks. Just the right amount of cushioning in just the right places. I also have to have my tunes – either in my iphone or I steal my daughter’s nano if the weather isn’t phone friendly.

  123. I adore my Asics bamboo socks. They keep my feet supported, dry, and very happy. I do my best to make sure they’re always clean – I rarely wear any other socks.

  124. Sweaty Bands – the best headbands ever. They don’t slip, they don’t give my a headache and they keep my hair out of my face. And they’re nice enough to wear even when I’m not running!

  125. Can’t run without my Sauconys…..LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them…best shoes ever. and of course due to RLAM, I am now a fan of the running skirt, bought my first this fall and now it is a must have….although I probably should get another so that one doesn’t get too gross!

  126. I have a balck & white polka dotted bondi band headband that I wear almost every time I run. Of course, mostly I wear it because I sweat a ton!

  127. I had a blue Nike tech hat that I wore for years until it finally fell apart. My sister got me a pink Life is Good tech hat to replace it that is now on it’s last legs. I have tried to sew it back together but it is about time for a new one. So this giveaway would be perfect. I never run without a hat. It keeps the sweat out of my eyes, the sun off my face and the color in my hair.

  128. Usually it’s a pair of capris that feel great, don’t ride funny, and make my butt look cute 🙂 But this time of year, it a pair of Nike running gloves that make braving the elements possible (but if I’m hitting the gym I can still wear those capris!)

  129. My favorite piece of running gear is a headband that I got on etsy. It was less than 5 dollars and it’s double sided. One side looks like Moorish tiles (orange) and the other side is floral (blue.) Before my biggest race to date, I frantically asked my husband: “Which side of it should I put facing out??” and he said, “The red one.” Since that, it’s always made me crack up a little when I wear it.

  130. LOVE my yur buds. When SBS professed her love for them, I was skeptical. I’ve never had a bud-type headphone work without slipping out constantly and throwing off my rhythm. But those things are awesome! My best running find of 2010!

  131. I have a white headsweats hat that a adore. I only wear it running. It has the Girls on the Run logo on the front. I love it for many reasons. It is washable and never loses it’s shape. It protects my face from the sun and rain (yes I ran my 20 training run in a torrential downpour and that hat was my saving grace. It allowed me to see my way to the end). It captures all my sweat as I run…and in Chicago we sweat a lot in the summer! Most importantly it reminds me of why I run. I run for the girls that cant. I run for the girls I coach….present and future. I run for my own 4 daughters. I run to model empowerment and strength….that those things come in all different packages.

    That hat has become so much a part of who I am as a runner. I have worn it on every run and during my 2 marathons and my half. Everyone knows me by my hat. I am a girl on the run!

  132. I have two pairs of socks that rotate- pink and white ones or purple……Nothing special about them (outside of the defeet brand), but just make my shoes faster. 🙂

  133. I have a great pair of socks that I got as part of the swag from my very first race, a Thanksgiving 8K. They are horribly ugly; since they are Thanksgiving socks they are burgundy and gold, and have a turkey on the ankles. They match nothing in my running wardrobe. But they are comfortable and remind me of my first race.

  134. I could totally use this prize because my go-to piece of running gear for the last eight or so years has been my pink (now bleached white from the sun) Boston Red Sox hat. Say what you will about the Sox, but don’t diss my hat. I’ve worn this thing in just about every single race, including my one and only triathlon, not so much because I am a die hard Sox fan but because it keeps my crazy mane under control and sun out of my face time and time again. It’s worn soft and the sweat marks across the brim are now permanent, despite the number of washes it’s had. It’s seen a lot of miles but I would gladly hang it up on the wall with all my race bibs if I had an official running hat.

  135. One of my favorite go-to pieces of running gear is a light long sleeve wicking green (day-glo) shirt. I don’t even know who made it. I bought it at the Chicago marathon expo (2001 or 2003) and have worn it to race in for years. In fact I just wore it for the Philadelphia marathon a few weeks ago. I love it because it keeps my arms warm when it’s chilly, it’s not bulky so if I get warm during a race I can wrap it around my waist for the rest of any distance, and my family can find me due to the bright color. In fact, just writing about it makes me think I need to hunt down another one! I also love my red Chicago marathon hat that I bought in 2003 when I got to Chicago and realized I forgot to pack a hat. The only problem is that it’s not a wicking hat, but I love it anyway!

  136. My smart wool running socks. I have found that they are the only socks that keep my feet semi dry and pretty much blister free! I will never wear cotton running socks again!

  137. My skirts are my favorite piece of running clothing. I wear them year round – even in the colder months over some of my running tights. They make me feel great and they have two pockets which I always need! 🙂

  138. My Nike visor. Keeps the hair/sun/sweat out of my eyes, while not giving me “hat hair.” that way I can squeeze in a run at lunch and return speedy quick to my desk! in fact, it is the main thing I don’t like about running on the treadmill — I miss my visor (but I’m too self-conscious to wear my visor inside!). however, now that it is colder I’ve had to switch to something that actually covers the top of my head to help keep warm *le sigh.* Maybe a cute little pink hat will make the difference. Happy running, ladies!

  139. I have a lucky hat that I wear to every race. It’s in tough shape, so I only take it out for races. But if I won this one, it just might become my new lucky hat!

  140. Although I train with varied head gear, I race in one hat alone. My signature race day day hat recognizes Ruffian, the filly, a champion race horse on the mid 70’s. She was an amazing horse who refused to stop running even after she had broken her leg in a match race that was billed as the battle of the sexes. They tried to set Ruffian’s broken leg but she didn’t come out of the sedation well. She thought she was running in a race and broke her other legs as she came out of the sedation. It is her spirit, this great huge woman of a horse, I carry with me in every race.

  141. this year it has been my ‘ARMY’ t-shirt… Having it on reminds me of the sacrifices all of our soldiers and their families make everyday… Knowing my little bro was working his way through boot camp made every mile feel like a ‘breeze’… Otherwise I go from ‘must have’ the nano and hrm, to ‘lets just run’ in the peace and quiet when it is just for kicks…

  142. My nano for sure, if that counts. I know it’s good to run without music sometimes and all that jazz, but I don’t. If my nano is dead, I literally just don’t run. As far as clothing, I pretty much have one of everything good – one pair of warm tights, one good tank, one long-sleeve dry-weave shirt, one warm sweater layer, one running jacket – so pretty much whatever I have is my “go-to”.

  143. My favorite running gear is my skirt sports running skirt- in pink crush tatoo. I love it! I’m very sad that the tri-top that matches it is sold out… The print is bright and vivid- and I just LOVE IT! I ran the Disney 1/2 in it. 🙂

  144. My new sports bra! Although it is much bigger than I anticipated when I got fitted (figured I’d be a C, maybe a D, and it was an E!!), it holds them in like no one’s business – they aren’t going anywhere. It was the RLAM book that told me #1 was a good bra and yup, it is what has made the difference in feeling good when running – whereas before I was sore and uncomfortable, now I can just concentrate on getting more fit. I’ll need another one soon but will hopefully be down a size or two before the next one!!

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