12K’s of the Holidays: Sept Jours


As most of you know, not much goes unshared on Run Like A Mother. My Midwestern mentality sometimes gets a little red-faced when I see that SBS has put up a post about clearing out the system before a run, but the reality is this: after giving birth, when I was poked, prodded and paraded around naked in front of total strangers, my modesty levels have fallen almost as much as my saggy, nursed-out chest has.

In that spirit--and because it's come up on our Facebook page more than once--we want to know: Do you go commando when you run or workout? If not, what kind of undies do you wear?

Henna Hipsters: surprisingly tough and performance-driven. Just like a RLAM'er.

If you fall into the cover-me category, you'll be psyched that your answer qualifies you to win one of six pairs of super cute Isis Henna Hipsters. These technical undies wick sweat faster than you can produce it, and because they're seamless, they say ix-nay to chafing. If you fall into the commando category, you definitely still want a pair: they're great for hiking, skiing or just taking a stroll with your dog.

So, undies while running: yay or nay?


The seven winners of the six-pack of nuun--and their running goals are--

1. Andrea Lehman: My running goals for 2011-
*to be injury free and to take the time to stretch, ice baths, etc to stay that way.
*run a half marathon in under 2 hours- I am so so close- this will be my 4th
*run my first full in the fall- either marine corp marathon in DC or the Philly full in november
*to always remember the joy of running!!!!

2. Liana Shanes: 1/2 way indeed! My end goal since I started last summer was to run a full marathon by the end of 2011. Having JUST completed the Amica Seattle 1/2 a few weeks ago, I’m HALF WAY THERE with a comittment to Team in Training to be a team mentor for the Nike Women’s 2011 season.

3. Vicky H.: To complete a sprint distance triathlon…then work up to international distance…..a whole new ball game baby!!

4. Kathy S.: I have 2 goals:

1- I’d like to run 3 miles on my due date again. I’ve run all the way through this pregnancy (7 months & counting) and I did the same including 3 miles on my due date with my first son.

2-I’m due March 1st, and I am signing up for an awesome local marathon in October that I’ve done before. I’m not putting an official time goal on it, but I’d be really happy with a sub 4…

5. Denise: My ultimate goal is to run a marathon by the time I’m 50. I started running this year at 44. So far, I’ve done 3 5ks and improved my time on each one, then I had a little setback with an injury. Next year I’ll do a 10k and keep trying to improve my time, and just work up from there. My kids are only 5 and 3, so my most important goal is to get/stay in shape and set a good example for them.

6. Susan Kokesh: 2 goals: to stay injury free, and to break 24 hours at the 100 mile distance.

7. Jacinda: I want to run a half-marathon in less than 2 hours and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight!

Congrats, you soon-to-be-well-hydrated winners! Send us an e-mail at runmother at gmail dot com with Nuun winner in the subject and your address in the e-mail. We'll get those tubes out asap.

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295 responses to “12K’s of the Holidays: Sept Jours

  1. i always thought i was way too modest to go commando – until i started running with my MILF group. they convinced me – and i’ll never go back!

  2. I’m not a momma (yet!), but thought I’d comment:

    Sometimes in the summer I’ll go commando to improve the air circulation, but in the winter here in Calgary, undies are a MUST (sometimes double-layered). It’s not just the guys that have to worry about frostbite!

  3. Commando when running, always! The last thing I need is an extra sweaty layer down there. Of course, maybe if I had that extra layer, my bum wouldn’t be so cold….hmmm…

  4. Yes, almost always wear panties. Occasionally I’ll wear shorts with built in liner, but mostly wear compression shorts and the seam is usually in a bad place.

  5. I am a nay for undies who needs pantilines? As an Ob/Gyn I talk to alot of my patients about the problems that arise from staying in damp, sweaty panties after excercise. Although these panties may make me a convert!

  6. I feel naked without underwear if there is such a thing?! Always have undies on but cotton. Never tried any running underwear and have always wanted to try them.

  7. Commando most of the time, but my colder-weather capris tend to chafe, so I wear undies more often this time of year. I never thought of buying special running panties. Hmmm. That would be a big improvement over plain old cotton.

  8. Well, as much as I’d love to go commando, after giving birth in a not so pleasant way, I’ve been left with a bit of, ahem, TMI, incontinence while running. So, alas, I must wear underwear while I run. I would love some comfy undies to wear that don’t fall down and aren’t cotton.

  9. Undies for me- I’ve actually been looking a little bit for something like these! I wasn’t really sure where to look, and asking the guy working in the sporting goods store wasn’t going to happen. 🙂
    I tried commando once, didn’t even get out the door it felt so weird.

  10. Did I miss the commando comment? I have to wear undies because I pee my pants! Talk about TMI tuesday, I know. Lands End made a great brief that I love, but of course was discontinued the minute I purchased a pair.

  11. Commando for me. Just the thought of wearing panties gives me a wedgie. That being said, maybe I just haven’t found the right panties.

  12. I always wear undies when I run. I have one pair of Moving Comfort wicking panties that gets lots of use, so I’d love another pair of good undies!

  13. I tried it after seeing some RLAM posts. It wasn’t a modesty thing, really don’t care one way or the other, just hadn’t thought about it. Result- I didn’t like how seams were riding. Maybe if my skirts had off-set seams it would work better, just didn’t like serious lycra/spandex/whatever wedgies…

  14. Honestly, I learn so much from these posts! Until recently it never even occurred to me to get special undies for running, much less to go commando! Yay for me!

  15. Definitely commando. Have yet to find a pair of undies that don’t ride up and undie creep is just not cool. I’m open minded though, so I would be willing to give these a go.

  16. Oh My Gosh! I can’t believe this is the topic BECAUSE last week on my 7.6 miler for the first time I came back with a “what! is! that?! How come that hurts there? HOW does it welt there?” 🙂 I have a few specific underwear I wear that fit perfectly – that day I chose a different pair. So just today, before I saw this post, I was thinking “could I do away w/them under my running pants? Don’t THEY ride up then?” Such personal thoughts – LOL! That’s being a mom, no propriety left! RLAM!

  17. none. Wondered about it for awhile, but isn’t that what the shells on the shorts are for? And the liners? I think it’s worse with bike shorts but with undies=chaffing and that is far, far worse!

  18. Depends, on weather and time of the month. Chafing when wearing undies not an issue but (here comes the tmi) yeasty beasties especially in summer. Would love to try some tech ones.

  19. Commando with skirts (they have undies built in!) and with capris. But when it gets to be tights weather and COLD in chicago (subfreezing) i wear the icebreaker girl shorts under my running tights. I know wool underwear sound weird but their as soft or softer than cotton and wick and don’t smell! They also keep the area warmer…b/c sweatiness in subfreezing weather= cold girl parts and that is NO fun!

  20. Commando, but I was considering some coverage under my capris and tights, they just don’t ride the same as shorts and skirts.

  21. co-mmando!!! It’s a vanity thing, if you can see a panty line, I won’t go out in it. Besides, it’s hotter than bejeezus gere most of the time, I try to shed as much gear as possible – not ADD a layer!

  22. I always wear unders, mostly because it is cold out now, and I only have one pair of tights! Usually cotton (GASP!), ’cause that is what I have, but I am hoping “Santa hubby” will get me a GC to the running store so I can try out some technical fibre unders.

    I wonder if they will keep my butt warmer??

  23. Good question, and frankly, I haven’t yet answered that 🙂 After reading RLAM, I decided to go commando, but only in shorts with built-in panty or workout gear with the litle white strip inside. I guess the little white strip is my measuring stick.

  24. Running shorts with liner or under armor shorts with no undies and regular shorts over the top….need to the pockets and NOT brave enough to run in just under armor yet!!!

  25. YAY, for sure! I don’t think it has ever crossed my mind to run commando:-O Seeing all the nay posters makes me think I should give it a try!

  26. If I’m wearing shorts, then the liner in them is good enough for me. But in the long “non-short” running season that is Wisconsin, I always wear them. It keeps me comfortable and I don’t have to think about material crawling up my crack 🙂

  27. used to be Victoria Secret cotton low rise, but they changed them AGAIN and the new style is no longer comfy 🙁 Been searching for something better, could not go commando here!

  28. If I’m wearing my Under Armor pants then YES! But if I am facing laundry day and have to strut my stuff for a few miles in my old cotton duds (pre-technical wear days) then I have to wear some panties under there…(*blush*)

  29. I always wear undies and have a hard time wrapping my mind around running commando! I would feel nekkid and not in a comfortable way.

  30. Commando for me. Is it not enough that I spend the rest of the day picking and pulling stuff into place. These panties do look quite wonderful though!

  31. None w/ shorts, and I recently tried going commando in tights/capris as well. It is apparently a no-go as I sweat like a dude and had a massive case of crack sweat that was embarrassingly visible.

  32. I go sans undies in my lined running shorts. I can’t bring myself to do it in tights. I still wear my minimalist thong undies though. Chaffing has never been a problem in those areas. These undies look like heaven though. I hope I win.

  33. Yay, if AF is here…and I LOVE hipsters!! Nay, any other time as they tend to fall down, then out of, my running shorts! 🙂

  34. Yay, always in my “finest” holey cotton jockeys. Only hope I never get in an accident while running that would require anyone to see them in their tattered best!

  35. I have always worn the free victoria secret underware as my running undies. However, I guess they are on to me, as I am probably the only person that goes into the store with my free under wear coupon, gets my free undies and leaves, without purchasing anything else! I always feel so cheap, but who can afford VS underware when they are full price? Well, I haven’t gotten any free coupons in a while, and my cotton thongs are starting to get a hole in the back (at the top where there is a little fabric)
    I have run commando once in a marathon, and it was nice! But normally wear my now becoming more and more well worn VS freebies! 🙂

  36. yay for me. Unless the shorts have a built in system. As my Grannie always said… “what if you had an emergency and had to go to the hospital? Do you want all those people to see you without undies?” Not that that is why but, I just need something.

  37. I’m surprised how many people wear underwear! Commando always (except really really cold weather, I might force myself to wear them then). But maybe these undies will convert me. 🙂

  38. Commando, just feels right. But I have a friend who was just asking me about this issue the other day. I’d love to try these babies out!

  39. Commando all the way. Hate panty lines, hate chafing, hate the cost of the underwear that won’t chafe. Will consider changing my tune if I win these.

  40. Can’t go commando. I need a good pair ‘o’ undies to hold those post-kid bladder pads in place. Seems I traded bladder control (especially while running) for my daughter. I’ll take that. 🙂

  41. Depends on what I am wearing. Tights, lined shorts/skirts–commando. Shorts or looser yogaesque pants–gotta wear something, and I’m not picky.

  42. All my shorts/skirts have built ins — no need for an extra layer. In cold weather, I wear a microfiber thong under my capris/tights.

  43. Sadly I wear my “regular” unders but I do have some that I consider my running pairs. I may need to readdress this issue if my current chafing situation is any indication!

  44. Yay for undies. I’m all for commando in some situations but for me, running is not one of them! My undies help everything else on my lower half stay where it is supposed to stay 🙂

  45. I do not think I could EVER go commando….just doesn’t seem right??!! I love my Gap hipsters, they never ride up or even move for that matter…LOVE them!

  46. Not if I’m wearing some techie pants/shorts/skirt with the built-in crotch-liner. I don’t like worrying about if they’re gonna ride up or something. But if I’m just going for a walk or whatever, yes, usually my beloved VS cottons.

  47. Under most clothes: I prefer going without as much as possible and comfortable – depending on what I am wearing.

    For running or working out: I always wear panties to help with sweat absorption and because I just expected that I would chaffe otherwise… But recently I bought a pair of running shorts with the liner built in and I ran a half marathon without – It is so **liberating** and I LOVED IT!!!

  48. Undies for sure! I would be so uncomfortable without them!! (Physically, not uncomfortable in a modesty way). I usually just wear whatever cheap hanes or fruit of the looms I have from wal-mart… but would love to win these!!

  49. yes sometime a go commando when running, depends on the shorts i wear. my compression shorts, nope, other shorts yes. i usually wear Target Champion wicking underwear.

  50. Commando, for the most part. Running shorts with the built in liner, obviously no, but tights are hit or miss for me. Ever since having kids, I seem to be a bit more self-conscious about my weight (or at least where I carry it now) and I tend to run in undies with my tights.

  51. Yea. Have to. I know there is an inner lining in shorts but my vag prefers double duty with undies. The breeze greets my girlfriend in an unhappy mood. So I create a barrier. I like to make sure all my parts are happy on my runs. If they are happy, I am happy.

  52. HA! I had NO idea that people actually ran withOUT underwear … the thought never crossed my mind. Would LOVE this giveaway as I am an avid underwear ‘wearer’ — thanks!

  53. Sometimes but never while biking (which means if it’s a tri and i run after then usually nay) But just normal daily ones for running otherwise.

  54. at first i was thinking- why would anyone run commando? then i remembered that i do whenever i wear running shorts with a built in underwear! so i guess it depends on what i’m wearing 🙂

  55. Yay for undies! Can’t imagine running without them and I figure in the winter it’s just one more layer to keep me toasty!

  56. Like many of the other ladies on here, it depends on what I’m wearing overtop of my lady bits. Crops=commando (unless its November or later) Shorts=undies. Although I have to admit, my absolute favourite way to run is barefoot on the beach at the water’s edge in my 2-piece training bathing suit- perfect for a cool-off dip afterwards!

  57. Usually, whether or not I wear underwear to run depends on whether or not I’ve remembered to pack an extra pair into my bag (I often run over lunch in the development behind my office). I’m a bit embarassed to admit how often I forget!

    Also, entirely off topic, I am proud to announce that I blew my first snot rocket during today’s 15 degree run. There is no other forum that I know of that will be as accepting and celebratory of this accomplishment 🙂

    1. Running in 15 degrees – awesome!
      Meeting another running milestone – more so! (And yes, I think a snot rocket is a perfectly acceptable milestone to celebrate!)

  58. I am probably 80% commando and 20% undies. It depends on what I’m wearing and whether or not my bottoms have a lining conducive to going commando. 🙂

  59. I usually just wear my normal undies , but are thinking of going comando due to the wedgies( tmi?) so these snazy hipsters might just be the ticket!

  60. I usually wear the shorts with the undies built in. If I wear capris though I go commando. Thankfully I live in Florida where I rarely have to wear anything other than shorts.

  61. For me it takes a whole other level of “badass” to go commando and I am just not there yet. So I say Yay to undies.

    p.s. the word “undies” always gets a giggle out of my two kiddos.

  62. Haha! I love this question, because I always wondered if it was weird that I run without undies on! Now I get to see that others do the same.

  63. Usually commando, but my mom butt doesn’t look so great in tights and I’d love to try some sports undies to hold things in.

  64. My technical undies are a necessity in my running wardrobe. The only other item that is more important is my sports bra. I spent many years wearing regular underwear on long runs and it is not comfortable. There is nothing pleasant about sweating in cotton for 2+ hours. Technical undies are worth every penny!

  65. Depends on the pants. Tights – undies (they have a rogue seam that my panties must protect me from). Capris – no undies (the panty line is just not pretty).

  66. I’m way too modest to go commando, and figure the one time I try it will be the time I’ll get injured, and didn’t mom always say to wear clean undies… 🙂

  67. I wear them. I’ve tried not wearing them and my pants fall down (maybe after 5yrs they need to be replaced?) or I end up with camel toe that is uncomfortable. yes, I said camel toe. Although, the undies I wear are thongs. Probably not running friendly. But I’ve yet to find (or really even try) another style that works. That’s what I wear all the time, so it just happens.

  68. Commando!! Isn’t that why shorts and skirts have liners? And nothing comes between me and my tights, and that’s the way I like it! No panty lines (H-A-T-E thongs) and to me, it’s just super comfy. The only time I veer from my commando-ness (when running – I do say yes to the undies otherwise) is when it’s “that time” and that’s only out of necessity…

  69. I wear compression shorts, not underwear, under everything, except my running skirts. Although my thighs cannot be compared to twigs, you get the same friction induced fire when you have this Mother running without her compression shorts. I’ve tried wearing the running shorts with the built in briefs, but I felt like I was running bottomless for all the lack of support they provided.

  70. Never thought about going commando until I read RLAM book! Still haven’t gone without, but definitely going to try it…..unless of course, I win some fantastic undies!

  71. Commando all the way! Ever since crew in college I have gone commando because having a wedgy while rowing and not being able to fix it is no fun! Just got used to it now that is all I do! (while working out. I wear underwear to work, etc. Just to clarify)

  72. Commando! When I ran in college our uniforms were racing briefs…little butt-huggers. If you wore underwear they would bunch up and peek out, so we all pledged to go commando together. Ever since I only buy shorts with the built-in liners and just go sans underwear when I run.

  73. Commando when i wear my running skirts w/ the briefs. But i have a few skirts that just rub uncomfortably so undies are a must when i wear these.

  74. I have to wear something. Don’t like shorts with the built ins & I don’t like the thought of having nothing 🙂 Wicking undies would be fab, some I’ve seen are so ugly, besides being spendy, that I’ve never tried them. But these are cute! 🙂

  75. Is it still “commando” if your shorts have them built in…? My answer is commando in my running shorts and undies on in any other running attire. 🙂

  76. I simply can’t imagine running commando! Though wicking panties definitely sound like something I need as mine are saturated after my runs…

  77. Like others, I go no when wearing shorts with built in undies. But in the cooler weather, I need them to avoid not so much chafing but camel toe and other ride up/in issues. What do I wear? Patagonia’s active hipsters–they’re really great and sometimes on sale!

  78. I go without when wearing my running shorts with the built-in undies, and I love it because the built-in jobbers never ride up. I definitely go with when wearing my winter tights and pants, though…too much potential for chafage in odd places!

  79. Definitely commando for me. Very freeing, and there’s no need to worry about undies bunching or riding up while running!

  80. Yes i wear underwear. I have thought about going commando after reading a post that sounded like almost everyone did- but i just don’t think i can do it yet.

  81. Yea and nay — depends on which shorts, tights, or pants I’m wearing…although, if I win the Henna Hipsters, the answer will be yea and yay!

  82. If my shorts/skirts have liners, then I don’t worry about underwear. But for those without lining (mostly my tights/capris), I wear them. Love patagonia ones.

  83. Most of the time I opt to skip the undies since I favor shorts with the built-in undies. But on really cold days when I absolutely have to do tights, I usually, but not always opt for undies.

  84. Depends…no, I don’t wear them running.

    Short run – yes
    Long run – no
    Aunt Flo from Redding in town – definitely

  85. Depends on what I am wearing and the time of the month…mostly commando in the summer as my shorts have the built in undies. Not so keen on going without in running tights…ewww.

  86. I run with underwear on but they can’t be boy shorts or any fancy pairs. Just plain ol’ cotton undies. Sometimes I’ll run sans undies if I wear my tight capris but no way in shorts.

  87. I’m new to running and wondered if they made sweat wicking undies so I’m crossing my finger! Gotta admit the Target 6 pack of ugly white cottons are my rather uncomfortable norm.

  88. Always commando! However, I always wear running shorts over my compression shorts in the summer and tights/capris in the winter.

  89. I wear the built-ins with shorts or a skort, but with tights I LOVE wicking undies. My favorites are Nike, but I’ve gotten nice pairs at super discount stores (like Big Lots). I know it’s random but I’d love one more nice pair from Isis!

  90. So, I routinely wore thongs until I saw how many were going commando on Facebook. I tried it, it’s pretty good, now I go back and forth, depending.

  91. Always, always, always wear underwear. After a comment posted on RLAM facebook I was shocked by how many ladies go commando. But I was curious enough to try it…probably should have waited until Spring… I literally froze my buns!

  92. Commando for everything except my thickest winter running pants (that just hurts). I’ve never tried anything technical, though, for sports undies so this would be fun to give a new product a try.

  93. I can’t commit. Depends upon the outfit. Skirt/shorts with liner, commando. No gusset, undies (but only own one pair of really good wicking ones, $20 for a pair of undies seems kind of steep). Gusset, depends upon the day and if my under-armours are clean! Would lover another pair, cuz I hate the thong thing while running, but soggy cotton boy shorts are even worse!

  94. Totally depends. With a running skirt or with pants, yes. (Not be too TMI, but chafing down under SUCKS!). If I’m wearing shorts with a built-in liner, then no.

  95. Oh commando for sure! I cannot stand panty lines or wedgies and have not found any undies that don’t do either or both. If I wear shorts, I make sure they have the built in liner so nobody can peek!

  96. I always go commando. Always. However, if I were lucky enough to have a sweet pair of Henna Hipsters, I would definitely be willing to change my ways….please?

  97. I’ve tried going commando, but I always seem to chafe if I’m not wearing undies, regardless of what tights/shorts I’m wearing. So, I usually wear my Victoria’s Secret hiphuggers. For long runs, it definitely has to be synthetic material. If it’s a short run, then I don’t worry if I’m wearing cotton.

  98. Commando. Most all of the time. Sometimes I wear underwear with my tights. But I don’t often run in tights. Though those Henna hipsters might inspire me to wear underwear more often.

  99. Undies all the way. Though I noticed I feel more comfortable in a bathing suit bikini bottom than cotton underwear, strange but it works. These might too!

  100. Running shorts have built in undies – they do the trick. If wearing tights – commando – unless the temps are really cold (say, below 20), then Asics running underwear. Never anything cotton – spend the money to get real wicking running undies!

    These posts are interesting – I thought EVERYONE went commando. Guess I was wrong…

  101. When wearing tight running pants – no undies – last thing my butt needs while bouncing up and down is panty lines! Running shorts – have to have the kind with undies built in, but still wear my own also.

  102. Definitely yay. With a post three baby belly and extra padding on my bootie I like to wear undies that help hold everything in place.

  103. Usually commando but depends on what i’m wearing, in desperate need of some good ones I can wear for those pants/capris that I just can’t go commando under!

  104. If it is a running workout I plan to do,
    with either shorts, capris or pants too,
    In the heat, rain or in the snow,
    It is certainly commando I will go.
    And to avoid the chafe and those unsightly zits
    I slather body glide on the girly bits.
    Sharing this may be TMI,
    But my RLAM modesty too has fallen by the wayside.

  105. HEY! even though I wear a running skirt with built in briefs, I just am so used to wearing undies that i keep on wearing them. I don’t even notice! I figure I’d notice if I weren’t wearing them so why change. 😉

  106. I’ve tried without and I can’t stand it (can’t even get out of the house) so I run in whatever I am wearing. Typically cotton but there has been the occasional chafing to deal with. These sound great- I would love to try them!

  107. A little of both-shorts with built ins-definitely no undies. But with tights, capris, etc I will wear lululemon techthongs-really truly very comfortable! I will have to try my CW-X tights without though based on the above mention-but honestly they really do look uncomfortable without undies.

  108. I cannot do commando. My favorite running undies are the Under Armour Boy Short Undies. No chafing, no riding up, and no panty line in those compression shorts/tights!

  109. This is too funny! My mom and I have been on the hunt for some “running undies.” I just don’t feel right going without…although I’ve never tried it…I know, don’t judge until you’ve tried it once, right? Maybe.

  110. Love that this is a topic question! We laugh and laugh in my all women running group about this! No, no,and no! There is already underwear built in to running shorts. I cannot even image putting on another pair, especially in the summer!! Too swampy!

  111. Well goodness, I’ve never even THOUGHT of going commando?!?! hahaha! I just wear my regular cotton underwear and never had a problem?

  112. I only buy shorts & tights etc that have a gusset crotch so that I can go commando when I run, do yoga, or spin. That being said – I’d love to win a pair of those pretty panties to wear when we go hiking! It would be a wonderful birthday gift since my birthday is in 2 weeks.

  113. Depends on the apparel, if I am wearing capris or workout type pants I will wear underwear, if it is running shorts with the pantie built in then no need to double up.

  114. I’m with Dena–I consider this the ultimate test of running gear. If I can’t go commando comfortably, I think the shorts, tights, etc. aren’t well made. I have a cute pair of tights that are solely for wearing around the house now due to bunchy crotch…I had to cut them from the team, cute or no.

  115. no commando here, even wearing tri shorts in a triathlon–yes, I’m sure VPL has entertained some fellow runners, which is why I do love wearing a skirt over my very necessary chub containing compression shorts.

  116. Yay – but truthfully I have never tried running without. Maybe when the weather warms up I’ll give it a go! Until then I would love some new undies! 🙂

  117. The only time I was going commando (wow, great improvement of my English vocabulary LOL) was 10 years back when I was running short track competitions. Otherwise always undies. 🙂

  118. I mostly run in shorts that already have a built in liner of some sort, but if not, I don’t have anything. It’s too much work and not really worth it in the end!!

  119. Switched to dirty fraternity a few months back when I started upping the mileage and was too lazy to add yet another garment to the wash. I’d give these a whirl, though.

  120. I absolutely go commando! I have a hard enough time making undergarments stay where they are supposed to in the course of normal activities-I certainly do not want to worry about that when I’m running. I pick out shorts with a liner and tights with a crotch. One notable exception-my CWX tights. I do NOT like the seam that runs right up the middle of my …who-ha… Much less the little triangle of fabric the tacked in to cover that seam!! I was convinced the first time I put them on I’d be chafed in places I hadn’t been since my honeymoon!!!! But to my pleasant surprise-once I was running-I didn’t feel anything! I still can’t stand them when I first put them on (as if I think that seam will suddenly disappear!) but, they are still my go-to cold weather pant. 😀

  121. I go commando in my running togs. My little girls think its “icky” to run without panties. They’d be so proud if I sported the hipsters!

  122. Talk about TMI…. I usually run first thing in the morning. So… if I already have undies on, I wear them. If I don’t, I don’t. (C’mon! Who wants to put on a pair of clean undies just to get them immediately stanky!?)

    We’ll let you ponder why I might or might not be wearing underpants in the morning…..

    P.S. And TTTTTMI…. I usually have them on. : )

  123. I have a few pairs of shorts with built-ins, which I love, I add no extra when wearing those, otherwise yup, the girl stays covered.

  124. 90% of the time I go commando. If I’m wearing a pair of loose fitting pants, sometimes I’ll wear Nike Pro Fit compression shorts or a Moving Comfort bikini.

  125. Yay for me. Tried commando but it wasn’t comfy. I prefer my g’s or my jockey’s (they are a type of see-through, breathable, microfibre type undie. Otherwise it has to be cotton.

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