12K’s of the Holidays: δεκαήμερη*

*Greek to you? Day 10.


It happens to all of us: We find something that’s so delightfully game-changing, we wonder how we got along without it. Greek yogurt, the Shazam iPhone app, The POREfessional by Benefit cosmetics all did it for me. And the latest thing rocking my world is wool workout wear. Wool, you say? Yeah, I was a skeptic, too. Then I slipped on a long-sleeve wool tee, and it was love at first feel. Light, yet warm. But not stuffy. And definitely not itchy. Then I layered it under a vest and ran in the rain in it, and I was hooked. The wool tee kept me warm even when it was soaked, yet when I started sweating, I didn't overheat.

Made me think: those sheep are onto something.

A perfect wool shirt for Baaaaaaaaadass Mother Runners.

And now we're going to share the love: Three open-to-new-things gals will be chosen at random to win an Ibex Woolies Crew, a $69 shirt (hey: those sheep work hard!). Not only does it have all the wonderful properties of wool, but I just love its name: Woolies Crew. Makes you cozy just saying it. And then there are the original colors: the aptly named Chlorophyll will remind you that, one day, there will be green leaves on trees, even if we're dealing with Snow--another color name--right now.

In order to enter to win, we just want to know: what do you love best about running? Is it the feeling of accomplishment of crossing a finish line? How it helped you drop some post-pregnancy poundage? The feeling of zen that fills your body after a sweat-session? Or is it the ease and accessibility of our just-get-up-and-go sport? What is it about running you *heart* so well?


Record number of entries--439!--for the Skirt Sports Kick Start Skirt....why are we not surprised? So much helpful running advice from everybody, but the 4 winners are:

1. Sam Rhoades: Don’t run for distance, just time. and give yourself HUGE credit EVERY TIME you go out for your run. you are doing something most people won’t even DREAM of doing!

2. Erin D.: Never back down. You can do whatever you set your mind to…just believe in yourself!

3. Casi Leahy: Running was something I thought I could never do, something I was not physically able to do, I was not a runner. It did not come easy to me and I never tried. I left it to the “runner types”–you know the thin, muscular, fast people who seemed to thrive on speed–making it all look so effortless.

I read the book “Born to Run” the summer of 2009 (the summer before I was to turn 40) and I began to think–”if they can do it–why can’t I (this mentality motivates a lot of my psyche).” Start slow. I found that incremental running alternating with walking was a great way to ease into the activity. I remember running my first 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 5 miles of uninterrupted running–each time felt like winning the lottery (I am only guessing at the feeling, since I have never actually won the lottery).

Now, I can not believe I am going to say it—I HEART RUNNING. It is still a humbling experience for me–but the effort is part of the attraction. Sign up for that 5 K and start training–goal of 30 minutes running—look at the other entrants—size, age, body type does not predict their running capabilities (I love that). If I can do it–you can too.

4. Michele: Enjoy all the small successes along the way… the great feeling of finishing your first mile & remember to give yourself a pat on the back. You are taking the plunge which takes courage… not everyone even gets that far!

Congrats! E-mail us at runmother at gmail dot com with your address and size skirt you wear (there's a size chart right next to the style number) and put Skirt winner! in the headline. We'll get them out to just as quick as our little elf legs can move.

392 responses to “12K’s of the Holidays: δεκαήμερη*

  1. I’m not sure there is only one *best* for me – the fresh air, the amazing feeling of accomplishment no matter the length or time of my run, and the endlessness of goals (I will always be able to go longer or faster)!

  2. I love how a run can turn around a terrible, stressful day. I can literally pound my frustration into the pavement and pour all of my pent-up energy into something that’s so healthy and good for me. I come home feeling more peaceful, having been able to sort out some of my thoughts. The fresh air of running outdoors is especially beneficial when doing this.

  3. I love the tangible progress I make and the fact that I have actually motivated others to start. Especially people who have known me forever. I’m sure they think “if Brenda can do it, I can.” And they are right. I love being the one people come to for advice and of course I always recommend RLAM.

  4. I love the feeling of accomplishment from just getting out of the house and out there, and pushing myself to do something that isn’t easy but is good for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. What I love about running is when my body feels like a machine. Like all the parts are working together for one common goal. And that I am in charge of keeping the machine running!

  6. I love the feeling of pushing my body beyond its comfort level, feeling my breath deliver oxygen to all the right places, and hearing the rhythm of my feet moving me forward, all before most people would ever dream of getting out of bed. I never feel more beautiful.

  7. I just get antsy if I don’t run! It keeps me patient with my family. I love dripping with sweat and knowing that I am so privileged to have a body healthy enough to allow me to run!

  8. I love running because it gives me time to stop being a mom, a wife, a physician and just be the athlete I love to be. I am able to leave all the junk behind and just run and enjoy myself for however long the run may be! It is me time that makes me better at all the other people I am!

  9. I love that not only has it helped me lose 75 lbs. But that my running has inspired my husband to lose 40lbs. AND that my seven year old son tells me how proud he is of me and even tells his little friends about his Mom the runner. And one day he looked at me and said, “I want to be a runner just like YOU!” Now when I don’t feel like getting up and running at 5am on dark, cold mornings…I remember that little face and the pride in his eyes. And how could I not run? 🙂

  10. I used to think I ran for weight maintenance. After nursing my second child. I lost all the weight easily – even though my busy schedule was keeping me from running. This was an important lesson for me in that I missed running terribly – even without the weight management i thought it has been giving me. It was good to detatch the two. Now I realize I live running for the endorphins, the freedom, the salty sheen of sweat even after a crisp early morning run.

  11. I love the feeling of accomplishment in knowing that I am a runner. I never thought I’d be a runner and it took me a long time to realize that’s what I am. Every time I run, I’m proving to myself that I am awesome. 🙂

  12. What do I love about running? EVERYTHING. I love that it’s a simple no-frills sport that can be adapted to suit whatever personal goal I have at the time, whether it be to zone out or find focus, to let it all go or push myself to overcome pain. I love that it forces me to breathe deeply. I love that it takes me outside. I love that it makes me feel strong. I could go on and on…

  13. I love how running transports you to this other world where you can dream, think and escape from everything else. I get in this zone and I feel like I’m floating on air. I lose sense of time and forget about all troubles or cares in the world. No matter how I feel when I start a run, I always feel better after I finish. I love that with running, there is always a new goal to chase after. A faster time, a longer distance, a new course. Running never gets old. It’s something you can do by yourself, with others, with little equipment and at any time.

  14. I LOVE running! I love they freedom I feel from the pressures of life when I lace up and head out, even the biggest dilemma seems to disappear. I love they way my heart feels so full and is pounding so hard during a great run. I love that my two young daughters know their Mommy is strong and healthy and they think I can do anything, even when I am not so sure! I just love running so very much. I was a very overweight kid and had low self-esteem. I started running 15 years ago to get in shape for my wedding and have never looked back. I run longer distances when ever I can find the time and love the confidence running has given me. I want to share my passion for it with everyone, it is the perfect sport for me. Lace up and go=phenomenal. LOVE IT!

  15. I love to run because it’s for me! I was told I would never be able to run again after surgery and here I am at my pace all for myself! I also love how proud my girls are and the fact that my husband gives me nudge to just go!

    An really you can’t beat a runners high or the fresh (freezing) air first thing in the morning after being up with the baby in the night!

    I also love running because it keeps me of depression meds!

  16. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I run a distance that I never thought I`d be able to…this time last year I was a definite NON runner; this year I`m definitely a RLAMer 🙂

  17. What I love about running is that it is something that is individualized. It is about what I can accomplish and feel proud of doing for myself. It is the only selfish thing I do, so I make the most of that snippet of my day. Breathing in the fresh air, being allowed to chat with my running friends while covering the miles and not feeling like I’m “wasting time”. Running makes me a better mom, wife, teacher and all-around person. So nice to have something that can do all of that for me! 🙂

  18. I love how strong my legs look and feel…. I love hearing my daughters encourage me to “go running, Mama!” Lastly, I love how I am able to think through problems and often, solve them, just by going for a run.

  19. I absolutely love the way running makes me feel! It challenges me to go faster, train harder, and go for the goals I’ve set! I never dreamed I could run and I am doing it! I’ve already done a 1/2 all on my own!

  20. the sense of pride and accomplishment when I’m done – especially when it’s a weird time of day or bad weather – and the time on the clock after a race which only comes from all those previous runs.

  21. I love that it is a sport that has massive appeal, participation, and dynamic support for each other, but the goals, results, triumphs, and challenges are always individualized. Those qualities make it the best individual “team” sport there is!

  22. I love running! It makes me feel fully alive. It is a gift. Nothing can lift me up in quite the same way. I am grateful for every single run I get to do, and I try not to take it for granted.

  23. I love the time to myself, the chance to breathe the fresh air, the joy I get from knowing I can run, and the amazing physical feeling after a run. The opportunity to eat what I want is a nice fringe benefit too!

  24. I love that running gives me a way to control my weight, but I love it even more because it’s something I thought I could never do! I have proven myself to be a strong, willful person who can acheive things I never would have thought I was able to do!

  25. I love running because:
    -Running is my meditation.
    -Running makes me feel like a superhero. For example, my half marathon PR at age 27 was 2:20. My half marathon PR at age 37 after giving birth to 3 children is 1:51. I’m a superwoman.
    -Running helps me look good in a pair of leggings.

  26. I love heart running because the way it makes my body feel. After pushing out a 9 lber, I realized that my body is capable of much more than I give it credit for. It is those moments during the middle of a run in the dark morning when I grunt as I’m running the last little stretch that I realize…I am a woman, and I am pretty darn good at being one. LOVE IT

  27. Gosh…that’s a hard question. I guess what I love best about running (beyond the physical and emotional benefits) is the comraderie among other runners. Love that instant connection you have with people!

  28. Running is part of who I am. It gives me time to get out and breathe, gives me a sense of accomplishment, and allows me to meet some great new people.

  29. I run for the accomplishment…so I can say I do. I run for the mental reprieve and so I don’t have take prozac while dealing with a deployed spouse and two wonderful little girls. I run for me. I run so when it counts I know how hard and how far I can go to get what I want.

  30. I heart running because its not only good for the body but a necessity for the mind – and probably cheaper than therapy!! 🙂

  31. There are so many things that I love about running. One of the biggest may be the mental clarity that I feel I have afterwards. It’s my time to just let my mind go and not worry about anything.

  32. I love running because it lets me set my own standard. Whether I achieve it or not depends only on me (well, most of the time). Getting there gives me energy through the day, a chance to escape from work and family, and it makes me feel good along on the way.

  33. I love wool — and not just for knitting with! For now, I just have Smart Wool gloves and socks, but I’d love to try another brand!

    I love running because it’s so easy to do almost anywhere (just step out the door!) I didn’t used to like running (it was so hard!) but now I really enjoy going for a run and being able to clear my head. I like how my progress with running is so easily measured (thanks in part to my Garmin FR).

  34. I first (11 years ago) loved running because it set me free–from the gym, from a bad relationship, from smoking–and it still sets me free. I am alone; I can think; I know I can do it anywhere, in (almost) any weather, no matter what mood I am in.

  35. The feeling I get after a great run; I got out the door, I pushed myself to go that extra mile, the sprint to the finish was strong, I gave 110%. Do I sound like my high school coach? Maybe a little.

  36. I love how a good (or even a bad!) run has the power to transform me from a grouchy, impatient, self-doubting woman and mom into a strong, confident, vibrant one. Nothing makes me feel more alive!

  37. I love feeling like I’m part of something special, like a runner is a special breed or type of person. I like knowing people that “get it” and like talking about “it”. I’m slow and I only run 3x/week, but I’m a runner.

  38. I love that’s besides a great pair of sneakers there isn’t any other necessary gear, and the fact that when I’m done with a run I feel like a better mom because I’m showing my kids that it’s okay to take care of myself too 🙂

  39. I love running because I feel so GREAT after every run, long or short, because I have done something for ME; my physical, emotional, and mental health. There are so many benefits to running and I lover every one of them!!! Oh, and I guess I also like passing men in races. 🙂

  40. I love the time and space it gives me to think, be myself, and just totally be in my own world. I feel so relaxed and happy when I finish. I love those days when running doesn’t even feel like work and your body just goes (I do think those days happened more often in my 30s than my 40s).

  41. I love crossing a finish line and knowing that I didn’t let asthma, a too-hectic schedule, the weather or a trick ankle stop me. Again.

  42. As a farmgirl that’s been transplanted to the “city”, I love that running lets me discover, escape to, and explore the nature trails that are tucked all over the place. I’ve found so many great spots to take my kids while on a run. Their favorite spot is along a creek bank where they can skip rocks on the water.

  43. It centers me. A year ago I would have laughed in your face if you told me I’d be so in love with running today but now I do, I love it.

  44. I love a lot of things about running. I love the feeling when I’m done, a sense of accomplishment. I love that it’s cheap and I can go running just about anywhere. I love races, even though I’m not fast! I love feeling like an athlete. And I love that I’m a positive role model for my kids and I believe they will grow up to be healthy adults!! Yay running!!!

  45. i love everything about running but my favorite things are conflicting…..part of me loves my 5;30am runs in the snow all by myself , but…i also love running with my friends and giggling away 8 doesn’t get better than that!

  46. I love how it makes me feel free. I am out there alone, and have to rely on myself to dig deeper and be better. Only cycling makes me feel like this more than running.

  47. I love the me time I have to myself. I can process through my day, past conversations I’ve had, and conversations I need to have. Nobody else (husband nor kids) can interupt my time while I’m on the trail running. I love the feeling I have after I run – I really can be a super mom and wife.

  48. I LOVE the feeling of sweat dripping down my legs. I know, it sound kinda gross… But when your legs start dripping with sweat, then you KNOW you’ve gotten in a good run. 🙂

  49. What I love most about running is how it makes me feel. Physically I love the endorphins, the sweat, and the shape it gives my legs. Mentally, I love how I feel powerful, strong, and confident after my runs!!

  50. I love so many things about running. I love that my body can run mileage that we normally rely on a car to get from here to there. I love the sense of accomplishment. I love the me time and the quiet of my mind when I run. I love the feeling of goose bumps that I get every time I line up at a race start knowing that I’ve shared so many training miles with so many others with the same goal. I love that running will help me shed my pregnancy pounds. I love all of the running friends I’ve made over the years. I can go on and on…

  51. I love the sense of community with runners. No matter how slow I am, when I tell people I finished two half-marathons this summer, they’re supportive and inclusive. I love running with a group and knowing that we’re all out for our own time, but to have a great time with each other as well. I LOVE that I can eat food that I would feel terrible about, but I know that the bulk of the time i’m fueling myself with great stuff so if I want a cheeseburger after a long Saturday run; Darn It! I’ve earned that cheeseburger!

  52. I ran my first marathon 13 months after my first daughter and seeing her at mile 26.1 was the best feeling ever–knowing that she was there cheering me on was the best thing ever! I love that I’m able to be a positive example to her as she grows up–i didn’t have that and I am so excited that I can be that for her!

  53. I love that when someone comments on how I look… I can shrug it off and explain that I’m a runner… and yes, a mother of two. I love that I can eat and drink what I want with out feeling guilty. I love that my running is showing my kiddos that a healthy lifestyle is the best lifestyle. I love that I’ve gotten girlfriends excited about running. I love that I’m going crazy right now because I don’t have a race on the calendar till July. I LOVE to get dirty running. I LOVE racing. And I LOVE the PDX running community!

  54. What I love about running is that it’s something my dog Hinckley (1.5yr golden retriever pup) can do together. I especially love that now that I’ve been big on running for about a yer we can break into spontaneous sprints (romps) at will on walks without getting out of breath or overly tired. So much fun!

  55. I used to hate running. Really, truly hated it. Then I had a couple of kids, gained some weight and had very little time to excersize. Running seemed ideal. Just strap on some shoes head out the door and start moving. It was hard at first, but after a few months I grew to like it. Then I signed up for a marathon and started putting in some real distance. I’m still slow, but now I can’t go more than a few days with out running or I get stir crazy! So….what I love about it is it’s simplicity. Put on some shoes and get moving.

  56. When I first started running, I considered it a success if I put on my running shoes and actually went outside–regardless of how far I ran. Today, that’s kinda still what I love about running. No matter how crummy I’m feeling before a run, I always know I’ll feel better after.

  57. What I love most about running is how it makes me feel. My body is stronger, my mind is stronger and I am more relaxed. It makes me a better friend, wife and most importantly it makes me a better mother. I would be a tired, unhappy mom if I weren’t a runner!

  58. I starting running for ME at 40, and can say “ditto” to so many of the other responses…. but a nice bennie that I didn’t consider when I started, has been the example it sets for my kids and how carves out a place in the crazy calendar of activities in which THEY come cheer ME on, it’s not just the parents driving kids to and cheering on at their activities. Keeps the family focus more balanced, not just on kids activities. Maybe they even get a glimpse of me as someone other than “Mom”, however fleeting…. 5K races have also become a fun family activity that we can all celebrate each other’s accomplishments. I like to think that the gift I gave myself my running as also been a gift to family and my kids that will last them a life time…oh and I can eat lots of Christmas cookies, guilt free. There is that…

  59. Call me selfish…but most of all I love that it revolves around me. Nobody else in my house “runs” It is MINE. I love how I can totally be by myself , set my own goals and go on races by myself. And it is MY glory! 🙂 Can you tell I still need to get out and rlam today?

  60. running has always made me feel good… but after becoming a mother, it’s even better! it’s great to feel so strong postpartum, and to think that i’ll be role modelling this athletic behavior… priceless!

    also, the accomplishments you achieve with running or crossing a finish line… no one can ever take that away from you!!!!

  61. I love that I can do it! That I can run 26.2 miles (a few times a year) and survive (even if I hurt afterward). I love that I can run a fast, hard 5K and hurt while I’m doing it, but feel just fine moments after. I love that it is the most interesting method of burning calories I can find.

  62. I love that while I’m running – 30 minutes or three hours – the world’s problems cease to exist. For that moment, all is right and I can enjoy the quiet success of one step after the other. It reminds me how simple the world really is.

  63. Oh, I’d LOVE to win one of those!
    I love running because it makes me feel strong – in body and mind. Even from the first step that I take when I run, I just feel good. Gotta love that feeling!

  64. I love the feeling that I get when I’m done – I’m not a runner (yet) but I’m trying. It’s hard to get motivated but I try!

  65. I love the fact that running puts a positive mental spin on either my own thoughts, if I’m running alone, or my conversations, if I’m running with others. And that “high”–the ol’ runner’s high–lasts the rest of the day. I also love running on the back roads and getting to enjoy the beauty of the area I live in. You don’t appreciate it seeing it from a car the way you do when you are running down a gravel road. I love the sense of accomplishment running races gives me. I compete against myself and that works for me.

  66. I love , that no matter how bad I feel before I run – how stressed out , ticked off or otherwise grumpy , I am “Miss Mary Sunshine” afterward . It’s better than anything for lifting my mood and making me feel somewhat “in control” of my life 🙂

  67. I love that running helped me lose and keep off 90 lbs after having my twins. I have 3 kids under four years old and it helps my stress level and I sleep amazing…I try and do two miles even if I am exhausted at the end of the night.

  68. I love how running makes me feel. I feel strong and powerful after I conquer a hill. I feel in control of my life. I feel sexy and strong. I feel like no one can stop me.

  69. The quiet. The freedom. The positive effect on my mood. The “it hurts but it feels good” way I feel when I’m done. I love that I don’t have kids to yell at, or are yelling at me. LOL! The sense of accomplishment when I’ve reached another goal (ran a 5K, ran a 10K, ran 9 miles, PR’d in something, made it up that nasty hill w/o stopping, etc)

  70. I’ve only been running for a few months (completed C25K), but what I love about running most is the fact that I am ACTUALLY DOING IT!! I’ve never in my whole life thought that I could do this, and I am. I think that I am verging on *loving* it, and it’s so incredibly awesome and thrilling to me to have finally found something like this. 🙂

  71. The one thing I love most about running is the little bit of pain that you have in strange places after a long run: in your inner thighs, in the side of your middle back. Nothing that hurts, per se, but lets you know that you have pushed yourself and that your body is really being used. It’s a feeling that lets me know I’m becoming stronger.

  72. What I love the most about running is the ability to think clearly. It’s the movement, the no kids, the endorphins, the lack of whining and multi-tasking that allow my brain to solve all problems (that is until I get home again) 🙂

  73. After a hard day of daycare, listening and fulfilling other people’s children’s needs andthen my own children’s needs, it gives me a break to regain my sanity.

    The feeling of accomplishment.

    Weight lose.

  74. I am just starting a running program and what I love so far is the recognizing potential my body has as a runner. I’ve always thought running was only for “other people”, well not now. With more training, and a lot of determination, I too will be a runner.

  75. I started running at the age of 16 thanks to a wonderful therapist. I was brutually raped by a very good guy friend and had to go through rehab for months to recover. I was also very depressed!! I had a therapist who told me running was great therapy and would take me out during sessions for a run around the building and talking. It was when I first met running and since then I have loved it!! It has been my therapy through the roughest of times and saved my life. It makes me feel strong and has helped me fight depression.

  76. That is really hard to say. What I love *most* is the feeling of accomplishment, that I can put a number on what I did that day, because I have a job where you can’t see the fruits of what you do maybe EVER! It never lets me down, even if the run was tough. What I love the *best* is the occasional runner’s high. I thought it was a myth until I started running barefoot and minimalist, and discovered that it is NOT a myth….that I can actually feel beside myself with joy while I run!

  77. There is nothing like feeling the beauty of nature on my runs….even the ones of Japanese old men peeing by the side on my favorite running trail.

  78. I <3 running because it reminds me how strong I am. When life has me down, and I'm feeling defeated as a mother or wife, I know I can count on my strong legs and mind to carry me through a good run. Running also keeps me in check…as my favorite Chinese proverb says, "Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are."

  79. That I did it when I was 23, and I can still do it when I’m 43 (the team of professionals that it takes to keep me out there — podiatrist, chiropractor, pcp, etc. — notwithstanding).

  80. I love running because it makes me a better mother, wife and all around person. It allows me to do something for myself. After two kids and 3 deployments my husband still finds me HOT and running allows me to feel HOT!!!!

  81. I heart running because after running casually for a long time, this year I am seeing real progress in my speed, my fitness and the sense of accomplishment that gives me is second to none. Nothing else comes close to the feeling I have after a good run …. But one note that makes me want the long sleeved wool shirt – I can’t get that satisfied feeling after a treadmill run no matter how hard I try!

  82. The thing I love most… hour of more that I can shut off my brain. I don’t have to worry about who needs a diaper change, or a nap, or food. I can go on pure feeling, just my legs moving and the road ahead.

    it is magic.

  83. I love running for the peace it gives me; when I run, it’s just me, the road and it takes my mind off the little details that may be plaguing my life

  84. Ooh, hard to give just one reason…but I suppose what truly says it all is this: Running centers me, brings me back to my true self and reminds me that I am a strong woman — in body and mind — and that I really can achieve anything.

  85. I <3 running because it's so hard! And it makes me sweat like crazy, even when it's 19 degrees out. and when I finish a long run, I feel like I can do anything!

  86. I love the feeling that I’m an athlete. I never was as a child- I was chubby, with a mother who told my dad that girls don’t need to play sports. I got a job at a health club in high school and discovered that I loved the gym, but I was always an aerobics class kind of girl. It wasn’t until I got a wild hair to try c25k that I discovered that feeling- that runner’s high- that I thought wasn’t possible. Running taught me to push myself just a little bit farther than I thought I could go, that I’m strong and in control.

  87. I like the running community I now feel I belong to. I love doing long runs with girlfriends and just chatting, catching up and encouraging each other along the way. I also like how connected with nature I feel now. I have ran outside for a whole year now through every season and running has allowed me to really stop and enjoy the outdoors, to really feel the weather, and take the time to see the small things in nature I just zip by in my car.

  88. I love the sense of pride i get every time I’m done with a workout. When it is too hot, or too cold or I am just too tired of juggling a fulltime job, two kids and a husband, or I’m jet lagged or had a sleepless night because one of the kids was sick; I still get out there, and perform the simple task of putting one foot in front of the other, and I complete my task. I feel accomplished, proud and alive.

  89. Someone said that they love the feeling of walking around all day on ‘runners legs’ after a morning run. That sums it up for me.

  90. I love the feeling I have when I finish a run. It’s a real accomplishment considering I probably tried to talk myself out of going on the run in the first place 🙂 And, I like meeting new people through running and sharing stories from our favorite races.

  91. I love running because it gets me out of my house- away from my computer, and gives me alone time. I love the feeling of accomplishment went I improve my time, or pace, or mileage, or whatever it is for that run!

  92. Meditation with movement= running for me! I find it’s my peace and quiet time, no kid, no guinea pig, no job, no boss, just me, my ipod and some very calm thoughts….delish!


  93. I love the community. I always meet amazing people at races and training runs, and everyone always wants to share stories and running tips. I love the camaraderie, since everyone is there for the same reason. Especially at races when it’s raining or really cold, no one is in a bad mood because everyone pumps each other up talking about how tough we all are for being out there.

  94. I love running for its simplicity. Its always there and always effective. I can try other sports and push running to the background but it has always made its way forward as my reliable fitness method. Oh those post run endorphins , not bad either!!

  95. I love the way that I feel AFTER I run. Not to say that I don’t like the actual running, but most of the time I am winded and thinking “how much longer?” it’s after a good 5mile run that I feel like, “man, I could go on forever.” it gives me strength and energy and pride 🙂

  96. I love the feelings I get from running. Its’ stress-relieving, I feel very accomplished and fit and it helps me believe in myself and my abillities.

  97. I love that I can head out my front door for 30 minutes or more and get a great workout. I love that I don’t have to have super expensive equipment or wait for other people, I can just go.

  98. The accomplishment of running a certain distance/time/race and the fact that it lets me eat and drink a bit more than I could otherwise!

  99. I love running for the feeling of accomplishment I have after *almost* every run. I love it for the baby poundage plus 15 extra lbs. it’s helped me drop this past year. I love the friends I’ve gained since becoming a runner.

  100. It’s the one part of my day when it’s ONLY ABOUT ME (not kids, not husband, not work, not housework, or the 1,000 other things us RLAM have our plates)!

  101. What I love best about running is that its the 1 hour I have in the ENTIRE DAY that is MINE. No one else is demanding attention (kid and husband are asleep) and I’m not shirking work (because it won’t start for another 2-3 hours). Its me, the road, my music and time. to. think.


  102. So many things — the way I feel after (that came earliest), the way I feel during (that came later), the fact that I am below my pre-pregnancy weight at 7 months post, and how happy, healthy and fit I feel overall.

  103. I love that I have found a fun, healthy, pass time that I can share with my friends (and occasionally my husband & children) that offers me cute gear, an excuse to eat & drink whatever I want, and makes me feel strong & confident.

  104. What do I NOT heart about running?! It’s hard to think of just one answer! My favorite thing, though, is when someone else refers to me as a runner. Not just someone who runs, not even a jogger, but a capital-R Runner.

  105. For me it is the calmness I feel after my run and throughout the rest of the day. I also love how I feel when I cross the finish line.

  106. I may not be a doctor, lawyer, nurse, but I am a pretty kick ass runner! It makes me feel like I have accomplished something, especially after running a marathon!

  107. I like the feeling of accomplishment. Whether its the “glow” when I get back from a run or having to buy my pants in a smaller size.

  108. I just feel better in general when I run. Can’t put it in one word…lighter, free, happier, accomplished all of the above. Running is my “prozac”…:)

  109. I love running because it created a bond in my family. I started running just about 2 years ago and got my brother started shortly after. Several races later, including two halfs for us and a full for him, my parents still come to cheer us on! Now my sister and her husband are training for their first 5k. We always have something to talk to each other about now!

  110. I was never athletic as a child and now I call myself an athlete. Running gives me an amazing sense of accompplishment and empowerment! I feel like a super hero! I can do anything I put my mind (and body) to!!!

  111. i NEVER thought i could BE a runner much less run half’s and next year my first marathon! the feeling of acomplishment is worth it all to me! i’m probably in the best shape of my life, about to turn 40 next year and the “me” time/girlfriend time isn’t that bad either!

  112. I love the sweat-drenched feeling of euphoria after a good run. Running definitely brings confidence, clarity of mind, emotional wellness, and a feeling of sexiness!

  113. I love that you can do it anywhere! Out of town for work, at home, on vacation, and the big one, while visiting relatives for stress relief!

  114. I ♥ running because of the way it makes me feel…strong, powerful, and confident. After a good run I feel like I can conquer anything!!

  115. Taking it everywhere we go (ie, move to). I can run in MN and I can run in Savannah! I have gone through many ups and downs through life and the one constant has been me running, and I am really good at it!

  116. I love that, for the first time in a while, it’s all about me. I run for myself, and I LOVE it! I love it soo much most of the treadmill days at the gym, I forget to be selfconcious about what I look like! I love lovin’ some me!!!

  117. My favorite part of running is the feeling of accomplishment when I’m done. It feels amazing to be able to go every step I can and still be able to come home and be a good or even better mom to my family!

  118. What I love most about running is the feeling I get while running. I’m at home on the roads while I run, I belong there and it brings me peace and makes me happy. For me, running is like going home to family-the door is always open and I’m always welcome.

  119. I have to be honest here and say I don’t love running. I do it because it helps me stay in shape and lose weight and it is the only exercise I have found that I stick too. I get antsy when I feel like I haven’t gone for a run for a couple of days. I do love the feeling I get after the run however- a sense of accomplishment. And I do heart all the cool workout gear that goes along with running 🙂 I am definitely a convert to wool running gear- love, love, love it!

  120. I love the fact that I can run anywhere! Whether we are visiting family or friends I can always sneak out for a run in the morning before everyone else is up! Its nice to have that quiet time to myself and also the ability to explore new areas!

  121. I love the quantifiable accomplishment of running that is so infrequent in the life of a mother, a life otherwise filled with intangibles and the delayed gratification that I hope will come when my children have all dodged high cholesterol and prison. It may have taken me 3 hours to load the diswasher, I may have cleaned up a pile of Legos for the twelfth time that has mysteriously turned up on the floor again, I may participate in an hour long circular argument with my daughter about whether or not she is permitted to wear a tube top, but if I logged the miles that morning I feel that I DID, I WAS, I RAN, I produced a recordable result. Plus, I like fitting into my pants.

  122. It’s my outlet! I can run with friends for socialization, I can run by myself to de-stress, and I love being able to do it just about anywhere at anytime.

  123. I love being alone and just being able to feel strong and fast. Even when it’s a crummy run, I feel like my body is getting a good workout and I just think about how refreshed i will feel afterwards.

  124. People think I run because of what it does for my body, but I really run because of what it does for my mind! It’s like free therapy!

  125. I love running becaue it is MY only thing! I love how I can push myself further and further and when I am finished I truly feel like an athlete!

  126. all of the above?!?!? Mostly, though, the runner’s high/zen feeling and the sense of accomplishment each time I run just a little farther and/or faster than ever before. The camaraderie ain’t bad, either!

  127. I love to run for so many reasons! I love being outside, I love challenging myself, I love being alone, I love listening to my favorite songs, I love doing something that is healthy for my body, and I love that it makes my metabolism faster. Overall running has become a necessity in my life b/c it makes me feel good both mentally and physically.

  128. I love the feeling of being out on a long run – the road feels wide open ahead of me, nothing else to do or think about but running. And I love that the endorphins stay with me for hours afterwards, making me a happy camper.

  129. I hate it when a simple question brings me instantly to tears. Running is the one thing in life I’ve done for myself, that I am not giving up. Often, that is where I have deep reflection on the road and I am re-centered to the importance of my kids, husband, life – the same things that I dump my entire self in to. For a person that used to be 90 lbs heavier, running is that thing that has, like a disease 🙂 attached itself to my butt and challenged ME to get over it & get on.

  130. I love the sense of freedom running gives me. Running down the road in the country with hills either side listening to my favorite tunes. I often break out singing because I love the freedom of movement. I’m slow but maybe that helps me enjoy the scenery a little bit longer!

  131. I love the feeling I get when I am 100 yards from home, exausted and accomplished. I love being able to eat a little more without freaking out. I love impressing people with my mileage. Mostly though, I love impressing myself. Being tired and thinking there is no way possible I can run 8 miles and then doing it anyway. I impress MYSELF and that blows my mind daily. Worth every missing toenail.

  132. there are so many reasons why I love to run…but the accomplishment is high on the list. I remember when I first started running, I ran around my neighborhood (the perfect 5K) and I said to my husband “I am a runner now” (I had been running for only a few months) Since then I have run 26.2 twice, a dozen half marathons and I still love it. Even on days when I don’t feel like running, I always push myself to do so because you always feel better afterwards!

  133. I love the way a run brings me a feeling of peace and calmness. It doesn’t seem to matter if it was a 20 minute run or a two hour run. I always feel great afterward.

  134. I love having some time to myself to be in my own head without anyone asking me to pour them a glass of milk or tie some stort piece of string to a large stuffed animal. I also love how the moon lights my path and the cold wakes me up on my early morning runs.

  135. I love the fact that it’s something I’ve found I’ll do, regardless of what the rest of my world brings. Something that is now just ingrained in me, like eating or sleeping. I don’t always train the “hardest” or give every run my 100% effort, but I love that I keep doing it, day in & day out, year after year. It’s almost become an old friend that I know will always be there for me.

  136. I love the clearheadedness running brings me. It keeps me going when I’m not eating the best food, or sleeping enough, or getting enough time to myself. Running is for me what meditation is to some others, a path to enlightenment, kindness and clarity.

  137. I love looking at my watch and discovering that the pace I used to consider “fast” is now my new norm. Of course, the problem with that is that I now have to work a lot harder to think I’m “fast”. 🙂

  138. I love that running gets the kinks out of my body and my brain. As I run, I feel my body let go of the stress it has been carrying all day. Also, running helps me sort out my priorties, gives me confidence and helps me let go of the things that don’t really matter.

  139. I love that, after a year and a half of running, I finally have runs where I feel good when I’m running. Where I feel powerful, invincible, and graceful. (I’m not sure how I actually look, but it’s the feeling that counts, right?) I still have mostly not great runs, but it’s enough to know that some run every once in a while will feel great. I love that!

  140. I love running because it lets me:
    have me time
    enjoy the beautiful place i live
    ponder issues that need concentration

    It has given me self confidence.

  141. What do you love best about running?

    My life has been so stressful lately — work, kids, aging parents’ health issues, etc., and running relieves so much physical tension from my body. The tension in my neck and shoulders melts away when I run — sometimes it happens around the start of mile 3, sometimes I don’t notice it until later in the day. I don’t know what I’d do without the ability to lace up and head outdoors!

  142. It is just my time, with so many titles as mother, daughter, sister, wife, employee ….. it is just nice to just have a time when I am just me and running gives me that time. My time running is when I can choose what I want to be and let my imagination run wide.

  143. What I love about running is that I am always in a better mood after a run than before a run. If I am in a funk and a bad mood I can go out for a run to get rid of it. Another bonus is that it allows me to eat (which I LOVE to do) and not pack on the pounds!

  144. I love running because it’s hard. I have spent years trying to make my life easy and comfortable and that made me very lazy. Doing something hard gives me a chance to exercise courage, strength, stamina and heart. Those things are good for the soul.

  145. What I love most about running is how “freeing” it is. I can go for a run and just clear my mind of all my responsibilities, stresses, lists of things I need to do, my kids’ temper tantrums, etc. It is MY time, and it is awesome!

  146. I love running because I know I’m setting a good example for my son. It also makes me feel closer to my dad now that we live 2,400 miles apart (he’s a runner too). That and because I love how great and energetic I feel after I’m done. Ok so I could probably go on and on but those are a few reasons why I love running!

  147. I love running because it makes me feel strong and confident! When I’m finished, I feel a little smarter, a little leaner, and a lot more like “myself”.

  148. What do I love best about running? The fact that I’m healthier, both physically and mentally, than I was before I became a “runner”. It makes me a better person all around!

  149. I love that running has given me back my motivation and drive to improve. I had lost it for a few years. I started running Nov 2009, have gone back to school, working on losing weight and being stronger. I am still slow in my running, but in the last year I have run several 5Ks and 5 half marathons, something I hadn’t even thought of doing 2 years ago!

  150. Running gives me some alone time. Something I rarely get since becoming a SAHM. I love the feeling of accomplishment, even from a “short” 3 miler. I’m amazed what my body is capable of when my mind pushes it. I love the weight loss! Running was the only thing I changed and began to melt fat. And my favorite: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the long, lean feeling after a long run. I’ve never in my life felt that and I’m hooked on it. (I’m actually craving a long run now, but life hasn’t given me the window I need to go. Soon, tho-thats what I asked hubbs for Christmas!)

  151. I think my favorite thing about running is the sense of accomplishment: from getting out there and doing it; from the progress I make; from each race I complete; and from sticking with it!

  152. I started running after having my babies-it saved the drive time to the gym and it was such an amazing feeling to finish my first half.
    I can run with the dog- our ears bounce with each step. I love seeing the change with the seasons.
    I absolutely love that I can run wherever I am: I’ve gotten lost in Munich, run in Spain, DC, around St. Moritz, the hills of San Francisco.

  153. I heart running because no matter what it just makes me feel good — the legs get pumping as does the heart and then I have time to myself to think about anything and everything. It’s just good old fashioned exercise that makes everything better.

  154. I love the way it makes me feel, like I can do anything! This feeling lasts me 24/7 so long as I am running at least three times a week.

  155. I used to swim regularly. Then I had kids, and I didn’t have that much time for exercise anymore – driving to the pool, changing into my suit, swimming,and then showering took 1 1/2 hours at least . I switched to running, which took only about 1/2 the time, and still gave me a good workout. Time was a major factor in the beginning, but now I’d rather run than swim even if I do have extra time.

  156. I love running because it is mine! It is the only selfish thing I do and it makes me happy-happy to be healthy and strong; happy to have time alone to think; and happy to make myself a priority.

  157. I’ve never been an athlete. so when I started to run, it changed the way I see my self. I was always someone who “couldn’t run.” So, when I run a half-marathon now, it makes me think, what else am I telling myself I can’t do that I really can?!

  158. I love feeling fast, watching things go by at a quicker pace. The way it makes big problems come into perspective, and finally the “I did it” accomplishment for the day!

  159. What don’t I love about running is the question! I guess what I love most is the release that it is for me. I’m not a crier, but I often have a lot of emotions, tension, stress, worry, anxiety etc that needs to be released. It’s almost like I sweat it out, instead of cry it out. There is no better remedy for my soul than a nice run.

  160. I love that it’s a multi-purpose sport. I love the camaraderie of running with my running group. I love the “it’s all me” of it when I push through a race. And I like how it can be zen and laid back, or intense and something that requires me to concentrate (hills! speedwork!).

  161. What I love most about running is the feeling that I am doing something that is SO GOOD for me, mentally and physically, but at the same time, such a good thing for me to do for my kids (I’ll be here longer and the role model thing).

  162. I LOVE the feeling of crossing the finish line … knowing all the time and effort it took to get me to that place (and losing the extra baby weight is also a plus) — thanks!!

  163. I love that moment when you are out for a run…the sun is out, but it is only about 45 degrees, the best song comes on, and your body is just tingling, your head is clear, and everything just feels right!

  164. Running is the only thing in my life that is all mine. So there’s that, before I even hit the pavement. I love how I feel when I’m done – that sense of accomplishment and pride never get old for me.

  165. I “heart” the feeling of free-ness I get during/after the run. Yea, sure, it’s probably just endorphins and I’m high or something, BUT – that feeling that I am strong, powerful, free, and light because I run and I can run is what I love the most. OH. And I love that I can fit into my skinny jeans. so. vanity does play a small role.

  166. I think the thing I love the most about running is it is just about me. I am in charge and I control the speed, the distance and for those moments when I am out running I will not be continuously interrupted to find the only pair of underwear and pants my 3 year old will currently wear, argue about why we don’t eat cookies before breakfast, or any of the other requests I get throughout the day. Plus, after I get a run in, I am much more patient with the constant barrage of requests! 🙂

  167. I just love how running makes me feel, can’t really even describe it except to say it makes me feel fantastic (most of the time). And I love how it allows me to connect with my friends. The conversations we have while running range from light, to deep, to silly, etc. 🙂

  168. What I love about running:
    *losing the massive baby weight that I have accumulated over my last three pregnancies.
    *the sense of pride I get when I break a personal record of mine!
    *and while I’m running I have time to clear my head, thinking of new creative things to make, or destress from my hard day with the kids.

    I NEED my run time to survive!

  169. I love running because it makes me happy. Even if I have a less than pleasant run, running itself just puts me in a mood that is good enough that I can tackle anything the day throws at me. I’m definitely a better person because I run.

  170. I love the shocked feeling when I’m done that I just ran that far. I smile every time I’m finishing a run. When I first started, I couldn’t run more than 3 blocks. Now I can run 5 miles and my goal for 2011 is to turn that 5 to 10.

  171. I love the way I feel when I am done. The feeling of accomplishment, knowing that I am more fit and have burned calories, the good example I am setting for my children – all that makes me feel great.

  172. To try to win a woolies crew from RLAM,
    I must say what about running it is that I *heart*
    there are so many things that I can list
    I am not really sure where to start.

    You could say it’s the racing or try to PR
    Or maybe its the future BQ.
    Boston training is of course one of my loves
    And running to fund-raise is certainly true.

    And then there is the time alone
    Where I can step on the gas (or pass it)
    and burn those calories mile by mile
    rather than sit on my ass (oh fantastic).

    But the plain truth is,
    if you ask me why I love running so,
    it is the way it makes me feel
    connected to my family, my life, my beau.

  173. I love running through the streets of Vegas, I love running through the snow in Central Park, I love running along the irrigation canals of El Paso, I love running around Lake Merritt in Oakland, I love pushing 100 pounds of kids and jogging stroller, I love the runners high I get when the perfect song comes on my iPod right as I crest a hard hill, I love that when my two year olds play make-believe they pack up dolls in their strollers and say, “bye, we’re going for a run.”

  174. So many things that I love… getting up and moving, alone time, the bragging rights :), the goal-setting, the goal-accomplishing… But lately what I love most is the brain-clearing. I feel like I’m literally sweating out the stupid when I get out and run. With a 4-month old, a 3-year-old and a 6-year old, Mommy Brain has taken over, but when I sweat and move I feel slightly human again.

  175. I love the way running makes me feel like I have achieved something.

    That and love the way people look when I tell them how much I run. There’s something fun in being a little crazy.

  176. I love running because it is the one thing I do for me. It keeps me sane and it gives me direction. I’m a better mother, wife, employee and person because I run.

  177. There are so many things I love about running…one is the feeling after I have just completed a run. No other workout can compare (for me) to the feeling of accomplishment (miles, calories, sweat!) and the mental clarity…even if I have totally been zoned out for x amount of time 🙂

  178. I love the ease of the sport–all you really need is a decent pair of shoes (and a sports bra for the ladies) and you can just go…I can’t think of another form of exercise that is so simple! It’s nice to have that in your life when everything else can feel complicated!

  179. I love the time on the road with just me and my music. It’s peaceful and calming–really helps me have perspective for other parts of my life!

  180. I love that running can get rid of the yuck from my day. sometimes I have to run for a little longer, but when I am done, the events of the day don’t seem so bad.

  181. wool? R U sure? wool = itchy to me, but if you say it isnt so, i believe you! I love love love the freedom of running. i run to escape and destress, so peaceful out there on your own, just you and the elements.

  182. The sense of accomplishment. It makes me feel like a rock star, especially when I run in the morning and I think to myself, “I ran X miles already this morning while you schmucks were in bed.”

  183. I love the way it has helped me shed the post pregnancy pounds like nothing else has managed to do, and the few minutes of peace I get just for me while I am on the road/trail!

  184. There is so much to love! I feel like I have accomplished something & more importantly, it’s good for me and my family. Not only will I be healthier (mentally and physically) for them, but hopefully they will be too!

  185. I love the clear head I have while running. Its just me, my breath, and the pounding of the road. I love the feeling after I finish, the adrenalin rush, the sense of accomplishment. I love the feeling I get when I set into a warm shower afterwards! I just love it!

  186. Running helps me focus and release the stress of the day. I love the feeling of accomplishing something I never thought I could do!

  187. I love how it makes me feel. I love feeling like I could go on forever. I love feeling strong. And {gasp} I’ll admit… I love the way it makes me look.

  188. I love knowing that I CAN run 13.1 miles whereas when I started, I could hardly run 1/2 mile. I’ve come so far! I lost a big part of myself along the way (just fat, don’t worry) but I’ve gained a lot too. I’ve gained endurance and discipline and self-esteem. It’s fabulous! And the endorphins don’t suck either. 😀

  189. I love running because of how strong and healthy it makes me feel. I love challenging myself, setting goals, and working towards them. It gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. It’s become a part of my identity–my daughter told her preschool teacher that I was going to be late picking her up because I had to go for a run! Love it!

  190. I love running because I own it. I set the pace, the direction and the distance. It is one of the easiest decisions I make in the morning and I reap the benefits all day.

  191. I love running because it is my quiet alone time. I only have to be accountable to me and running provides me with time to reflect, challenge and push myself. I love running!

  192. I love the way I feel healthy and strong just knowing that I got out there! I’m a newish runner/walker but every time I put on my running skirt (yes – love love love skirtsports) and get a run in I am so proud of myself!

  193. One of the things I love most about running is the feeling on race day. I love the feeling of community that I feel when we are all running together…well, together may be a generous word since I am much slower!

  194. Running brings everything in to perspective for me. It helps me clear my mind of all the stuff that seemed so important before I hit the road. I love the feeling afterward of nothing it too big to handle. Just it all one step at a time.

  195. I love the calmness that a good run can bring to my day. I love that I’m out there running even when I thought I could never, ever be a “runner.” I love that even my unobservant husband is noticing that my jeans are fitting better 🙂

  196. I was trying to explain this to another mom at a “mom’s night out” recently as she just looked at me in disbelief. How could anyone love running? A complete sense of empowerment was my answer. It’s changed who I am for the better. You don’t get it unless you do it.

  197. There are many things I love about running, but my favorite is that it’s my way to escape from my everyday routine. When I get outside and run, it feels like a mini-vacation. I can go where I want, think about whatever I want to, and just relax and unwind. I love it!

  198. I love running because it allows me to eat what I want! I also love the after-glow and the feeling of accomplishment. I come from a family of non-exercisers and I’m so proud that I’ve changed that vibe in my own family.

  199. I love that I always feel healthy and stress free after a run. I also love meeting someone new who is also a runner and having an instant connection. Running makes me feel like my own person!

  200. I love just about every thing there is to love about running…that it is just a pair of shoes away, no matter where I happen to be, that it gives me clarity of mind throughout the day, that it is ‘me’ time away from the kids and time with good friends…the sense of accomplishment finishing a race. But one thing I reallly enjoy, that I don’t necessarily feel often enough, is the when you just feel like you have worked so hard, you are so tired, so strained, but you made it. Love that feeling!

  201. Time by myself (or with my cutest little 1.5 yr. old son pushing the stoller). The feeling of my heart and breathe working together….each step making me a stronger woman. I “heart” the feeling of just getting out there and trying!

  202. I love that it is something I can do just for me and that I can see my improvement. With 3 kids, I spend all my time doing for others and running gives some of that TLC back to myself!

  203. I love running because it is something I NEVER thought I could do. I feel excited every time I finish a run, whether it’s long or short, because i never dreamed I could be a runner!

  204. I love running because it doesn’t (need to) require any gadgets (although I have my fair share of them). Just running shoes, and you’re off!

  205. Peace. And quiet. As a busy mom and full time lawyer, I love the time to be by myself in my own head. Whether to just clear it or to think things through. Its the best therapy out there!

  206. I love the running community, but I love that I run alone. It’s about me and my progress and my increasing strength, no my team’s. I love that it’s about each run being unique and still a part of the process. I love that feeling of dropping my worries behind me on the road with each step…it’s a visual that I can feel.

  207. My favorite thing about running is being by myself. I occasionally run with a partner, but am usually pounding pavement alone and I love the blissfully quiet time I get to myself!

  208. For me, every run is a quest. Each time out the quest can be different. Initially it was all about losing weight and gaining health. Then it became a stress reliever. Sometimes it’s a way to sort out my thoughts, plan my schedule, daydream, or look at fall leaves and think of nothing. Some runs are more spiritual in nature and time is spent praying and listening to that small still voice for direction. Sometimes it’s a battle of mind over body. And often enough I just want to feel the feeling of accomplishment.

  209. Wow, so hard to choose what I love most out of so many!! I love how running makes me feel so strong, powerful and in control! And how fun it is to run fast like when you are a kid and just want to run as fast as you possibly can.

  210. Hey guys! There is nothing like running on a long straight stretch of open road/trail, feeling completely free, fast, and in rhythm. This doesn’t happen all the time but for all the times you feel hunched over, slow and wheezing, the stretches of road where you fly make it for it and that is what I love.

  211. I love the feeling I get when I done running. I’ve never come close to ever even having a runners high while actually out running. But the calm realization of what a total badass I am after I ‘m done running and knowing what I’ve accomplished makes me lace them up again and again.

  212. a more apt question would be- what DON’T I love about running? I love how I feel during and after, what it does for my body and health, that I can travel anywhere and take it with me. It’s part of who I am.

  213. I run because I spent too many years as the dorky kid with no athletic ability who got picked last in gym class. I love to run because I can put one foot in front of the other – no coordination required! I ran 6.2 miles on a treadmill one Saturday because my boyfriend (now husband) told me that I would probably need to train for a few months before I could do a 10k. A year later, I ran my first marathon. I may not be coordinated or fast, but I have HEART and that’s what keeps me going. I LOVE running!!!

  214. I love that without it I think I would be medicated! 🙂 it’s keeps me sane which is hard with two kids and a full time job!

  215. What do I love best about running? The peace. I leave my phone at home. I don’t run with an ipod. I watch the trees along my route transform with each season — enjoy their brilliant green in the spring, their generous shade in the summer, their changing colors in the fall, and their stark outlines in the winter. Watching the trees and the sky and listening to my own heart beat brings me overwhelming peace.

  216. I love seeing the sunrise on my way home from a run. I enjoy that my kids are not ‘right’ there. I enjoy how the feeling will last for hours afterwards. I ‘heart’ running.

  217. I love that running grounds me…it “takes the garbage out” of my mind and allows me a positive “re-start” when my life gets a little too carried away in the flow of every day living.

  218. My favorite thing about running is that it can put almost anything into perspective. If I’m having a rocky day with the kids, am totally stressed about work, or just feeling overwhelmed, a run usually helps me hit “reset.” I can’t think of anything else in my life that does it for me that quickly!

  219. I heart running because I heart the way it makes me feel. I may be a clunky joggy type of runner, but I always feel like I’ve accomplished something once I’m done with a run.

  220. SO many things I love about running…depends on the day. Some days, I love it for the feeling of accomplishment in an otherwise uneventful day. Some days, I love it for the feeling of peace and quiet when I run without my iPod. Other days, its the motivation I get to make it through the day from my music. Of course, I love it for the way it changes my body postpartum (I am 4 months pp now, and I owe the fact that my jeans fit all to running!).

  221. I started running as a way to escape from some recent family drama. It began as “walks” to clear my head. When the “walks” weren’t working anymore… I added running. There was something about the way the rhythm of my pounding feet made my head and my heart feel lighter. Although I am a newbie runner girl – the strength I gain from my runs makes me feel braver and more secure about myself. These days as I head out the door – I find I am no longer escaping from the drama but am embracing running as a way to find myself.

  222. I love the way it lets me explore and see my city in new ways everyday. There is something so special about running through an empty city early in the morning.

  223. I love that running makes me — someone who is much more in touch with her mind that her body — pay attention to the way that I am physically moving around in this world. Running is the only thing that puts the breaks on my many mental spreadsheets and checklists. While I started running for the physical health benefits, I keep running for the mental health ones.

  224. It’s empowering to know that I can go out and run 6-8 miles without giving it a thought. Using MY body as a form of transportation (and a very green form at that).

  225. I lvoe the way i feel when I’m done- even if it’s a crummy run i still always feel good, usually a lot better than when i started. There’s something so headclearing about a run that always makes me feel better after.

  226. I just started running in May of this year at age 47 – who would have thought it possible? I get such a “high” from the fact that I am out there running, moving and sweating every day!

  227. I am a woman. Therefore I have many, many moods. And so to answer the question “what do you love best about running?” is not an easy task. Some days it’s the sweat I love, others it’s the freezing temps on my face. Some days it’s about the accomplishment of what my body can do, and then there are days when it’s the tranquility and peace-of-mind running brings me that makes it all worthwhile. So, whatever my moood, there’s always something to run for.

  228. What I love most about running is the fact that a few years ago, I would have laughed if someone told me I could run a mile. Now I”m laughing my ass off (literally) knowing I’ve completed a 1/2 marathon. Dropping 30 pounds in the process was a bonus.

  229. I love running for the feeling I get two miles in when my mind has let go and my legs have taken over. And I love the peace I feel at the end.

  230. I heart running for the way it makes me feel afterwards: strong, confident, with lots of energy and feeling able to take on anything the day might throw at me.

  231. I love that I can just walk out my front door and go. I love how strong it has made me, physically and mentally. And I love the bond that I have with my friend that I now run with. 🙂

  232. I have never been a runner. Ever. Last spring a girlfriend and I tried it out. One day the gym happened to be closed so we started the “couch 2 5k” program. I love the feeling of empowerment that I can actually do something that I never thought I could. We now both coach our “girls on the run” team at our kids elementary school!

  233. I love that it gives me the chance to focus on what’s going on in my life. I don’t have to think about anything, but it gives me the chance to think about everything. Running makes me a better wife, mom, friend, etc. I love that!

  234. I love the alone time where I can recharge from all the busyness in my life. I also love the way it has changed the shape of my legs. And I LOVE how I feel after I’m done running for the day!

  235. Where do I start? I love running because: 1: It’s made me into a stronger person, both physically and mentally! 2: It just makes my day go so much better when it happens. 3: Just me time. 4: A body that can fit into my skinny jeans! 5: The looks I get from people who are astounded when they find out that I get up at 4:30am to go and RUN!!!

  236. I love that I feel strong & healthy… I know that I can keep up with my 2 active boys and running motivates me to eat healthier so I can make it through those longer runs.

  237. I love the idea of running more than the actual running itself! I don’t “love” running – I’m slow, I don’t really enjoy the feeling of pushing myself, and I always have to force myself to go. But I love the feeling of accomplishment I have when I finish. I love looking at my charts I make with my planned runs when they are all checked off. I love looking at the times I’ve recorded and seeing the teeny improvements. I love the way other people look at me when I tell them I run.

  238. the think I love most about running is the simplicity of it. It is one foot in front of the other. If you want to be a faster runner, run faster. If you want to run a longer distance, run longer. It also helps me to clear my head and be able to think and come up with ideas that I wouldn’t be able to sitting at my desk.

  239. After finishing a run, I always feel strong – phyiscally and mentally. I love the way it clears my head and I feel that I can accomplish anything the rest of the day throws me. I also LOVE the alone time – even if it is just for 20 minutes 🙂

  240. I heart running cuz it’s the one thing I do that I NEVER thought I would EVER do and every time I go out for a run, the feeling I get when I finish is complete satisfaction. Forget when I complete a race or Sat long run, ie, this Sat we ran 12.6, and my satisfaction turns to complete, badass, elation, and crazy enough, I spend the next week looking forward to and preparing for the next weekend challenge.

  241. I went for a run yesterday and thought-how would I make it without running? I would be mean and nasty to my three children, not to mention I fear my butter consumption would finally catch up to me.
    As the younger sister of two older brothers, one of whom is a super athlete and one who is crippled by cerebral palsy and can’t walk or talk, I am acutely aware what a blessing it is to walk, much less run. So I love running for the simple fact that I can do it, I love it because it makes me feel whole, and I love it because it makes me feel capable of just about anything.

  242. I love running because it makes me feel strong when there’s so much out there trying to beat you down. Bonus: it keeps me sane.

  243. I “less than three” (<3) running. Why ask why?!!

    Seriously I think it's because there's always more to accomplish–there's no end. I can run faster or further, but I'll "never" be "there" unless I decide I'm done. See, I'm an accomplishment junkie and with running my success depends only on me. When I set a goal (say to run a sub 25 5k by June), although reaching that goal is certainly an accomplishment it doesn't have to be the pinnacle–I jump for joy and immediately set a new goal! There will ALWAYS be new "highs" to seek. 😀

  244. I love running because it keeps me sane. For however long I am running on any given day, it is a time to push myself for me, and then to feel great about getting it done.

  245. I’ve been running for almost 20 years, and still running gives me positive feelings all around, even when it’s a run where I felt crummy or didn’t run the distance I set out to. I just always get the feeling like I just did something, just accomplisged something I ncver thought I could do. And in a world with young children where I am giving so much to everyone all the time – that positive, runner’s feeling is just for me – so yay me!

  246. What do I love about Running?
    Freedom, accomplishment, mental reprieve from my crazy household, feeling of being strong, staying healthy, doing something for myself, peace and quiet of the outside when I run, being a healthy example for my kids, and just that awesome feeling of being done with a run, that ahhhhh feeling….

  247. I love that running fills the big void of an empty nest. Instead of wondering when we might go visit our son in NYC next, I register for a few races there and have double the amount to look forward to as I run toward my goals. He, his wife and my husband all cheered my at my first half marathon on Long Island this year. It was an amazing feeling, being surrounded my their love and support. I love that running has brought that to me.

  248. I love the sanity-inducing empowerment of long runs, and the gratitude for what I can do in this body, imperfect as it is (as all are). My mind starts out spinning away, chews on problems and stresses…then, I remind myself to let things go, I focus on the run, and eventually my mind starts thinking enthusiastic thoughts about possibilities and things I can do to make positive changes, opening my world instead of limiting it, changing “I can’t” to “I could, why not”. At the end of a good long run, I feel stronger, smarter, happier, healthier, saner and more the person I want to be.

  249. I <3 running b/c of the after race conversations I have with friends and family members who ran the race too or came to support us. It's such a fun event. Running has brought me closer to so many people. That and I feel tough when I do it. 🙂

  250. Running is all mine, one of the few things that is. I compete only against myself, I am the only one responsible for my results, and I am the only one to take the credit for my results. It is all mine.

  251. What I love best is how strong I feel when I run and how good and tired I feel after a run, such a great sense of accomplishment comes along with that….makes me think I can tackle anything after being able to finish a good run!

  252. What do I love you ask…it is time just to myself. Time that is just about me, alone with my thoughts. Something about the repetitive motion and noise of my breathing…it is like meditation just more work!

  253. I love the solitude of my runs. Busy noisy household goodbye, hello quiet for 1-2 hours. During race sesaon I love making a challenge for myself and trying my hardest to meet that challenge.

  254. I started running again when my son was about a year old. I was 50 pounds over weight and wasn’t feeling too good about myself. I started slowly and felt better each week. It has been now over 2 years. I am 50 pounds lighter and running marathons. I feel a whole lot better about myself!

  255. I started running because I wanted to lose the last of the baby weight but I also had a goal in mind – finish a 5K without walking. When I was able to finish the 5K I set new goals for myself. Each time I accomplish my goal I get so giddy. The giddiness is addicting and I am excited to set each new goal. I also just love the feeling of finishing a race. Along the way (the last 11 months) I have lost all of the baby weight but I’ve gained self confidence and energy to do all the big things at work but also all the little things at home like chasing the kids around and ease going up and down the stairs in the house. Plus, I’ve discovered that I like to have the running time alone with my thoughts and after I run I feel much more at peace with the world. Those are a few of the reasons that I ♥ running.

  256. I love that my body allows me to run!! I was not a runner when I was younger, so being able to run now and not feel like I’m going to die is the best motivator!! I’ve realized I’ve given birth twice so I can do anything!

  257. What I love most about running!?
    1. The running at home is a great sense of “doing something good for myself”
    2. The running events are social! All my peeps are there!!!

  258. The best thing about running? The meditative pound of feet on pavement. Nothing like that rhythm to reset negative thinking, a bad mood, or just clear the head. Thank you for the giveaway!

  259. After all these years, it’s hard to say. It’s become so much of who I am. Initially I started running because I knew it would keep me healthy and I liked the sense of accomplishment. But, I guess the thing I love most abour running now is hanging out with friends.

  260. I love the sense of pride in myself after I finish a particularly long or difficult run. I almost put my back out patting myself on the back!

  261. I love how my body has changed–stronger, leaner–and I can fit into some pants that I almost threw away since they didn’t fit. Glad I hung on to them!!!

  262. Above all, I heart those sweaty, witty, sweet, foul-mouthed, sometimes peppy, sometimes belligerent, and always encouraging ladies with whom I run.

  263. The thing I love most about running is that I got tears in my eyes when you asked me what I love most about running! For the purposes of answering this question I will go to my old standby: No matter what else I don’t get done or fall short at during the day, I can usually say “well, at least I went running today.” Built-in accomplishment is a self-esteem saver!

  264. i love the clearling of my mind and spirit and
    a physical cleansing that running gives me.
    “empties my cup” so i can handle so much more
    of life in a positive way…aaaahhhh!

  265. I love running because it makes me feel strong, healthy, and confident, and because, as much as I adore being a mom, it’s nice to have another way to identify myself – as a runner.

  266. The feeling I get after a run, still somewhat a disbelief that I can do it, gives me this swelling sense of accomplishment. Feeling proud of myself for something I do that is all me, no one else. And I love the feel of a good sweat! What started out as a weight-loss idea (thank you c25k and b210k and fellow rlam’ers) has changed my life, and the life I have created, with a lead-by-example-thing, for my son 🙂

  267. It is hard to pick just one reason that I love running, but I would have to say that I love that awesome feeling after completing a goal. I love that I can push my body beyond what I thought was possible and want to run more. Training for and finishing a marathon (as well as every other distance along the way) gives me an extra boost of confidence is all the other areas of my life every time I cross the finish line. What’s not to love about that!

  268. Realizing that I can do this and the sense of accomplishment it brings to my life. The extra pounds lost and the stress relief that comes with a nice sweat session are just bonuses that make me *heart* it even more!

  269. I love running for so many reasons I didn’t think I would. The main reason I puffy heart running is for the many ways it has changed my life and made it better than I ever thought possible ….and continues to allow me to evolve.

    1. I love feeling strong and powerful again.
      I was a competitive swimmer through college, then stopped. I didn’t know how to do another sport. 4 kids later, I realized I’m a jock. I hadn’t acknowledged that in my youth… I like feeling strong.
      I was never a runner… It’s amazing to achieve goals you had no idea you could aspire to achieve.

  270. What I love most about running is the sense of accomplishment I get when I’m finished. Running isn’t easy, but I do it anyway and I feel great about it.

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