#151: Tales from Another Mother Runner Essayist Kristin Armstrong

Kristin rocking the black tank and aqua skirt.
Kristin rocking the black tank and aqua skirt.

Sarah and Dimity welcome Kristin Armstrong, the well-loved Mile Markers columnist for Runner’s World. This mom of three teens, including girl twins, tells how she was a “nerd child,” not tapping into her running side until after she had her children. (Dimity dubs this, “delayed-onset athlete syndrome.”) Kristin details how her friends pulled her into running while she was going through a difficult divorce. The author now trains for ultramarathons, saying, “an ultra is a matter of your head and your heart.” Kristin reads an excerpt from her joyful essay, then talk turns to faith and running, with Kristin revealing running connects back to the Source, which for her is God. The women talk about leading an examined life.

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3 responses to “#151: Tales from Another Mother Runner Essayist Kristin Armstrong

  1. I agree- this made my 9 mile treadmill run much better! What an inspiring group of essayists in this book. My copy arrives tonight, according to Amazon so i can’t wait!

  2. I found this to be awe-inspiring. Mother runners beware, you cannot breathe and cry and run at the same time. Very moving interchange between the three of you.

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