Hump Day Giveaway: Sometimes Say Never

Skateboarding; eating mussels; allowing any reptile to live under the same roof I do; participating in a Polar Dip; keeping up an intricate garden--or even a basic one, at that; "camping" in a snow cave; singing in public; staying up all night; reading Moby Dick; smoking anything; watching CSPAN for more time than it takes to push the remote; going to any hard rock concert where the band members have hair longer than I've ever had.

Those are, in case you haven't guessed, things I never have done--or never want to do again.

For a long time, I had barefoot running on that list. But barefooters, including some of you, rave about the experience and I get all drooly like a dog, thanks to videos like the beauty up above, and almost persuaded. Almost. I just can't see myself running barefoot--I've got too many other issues going on to go shoeless--but I can see myself going somewhere further towards the barefoot spectrum.

Further along the spectrum in a shoe like the Merrell Dash Glove, which comes in five springy colors. Because, you know, colors matter the most when choosing a running shoe.

Clocking in at a skin-like 5.8 ounces, Merrell's Dash Glove, a natural running shoe, gives you a feel for the road beneath you without going totally bare; there's a durable Vibram outsole and thin forefoot plate for protection between you and the pavement, tiny pebbles and other detritus that may annoy your soles. The zero-drop profile (translation: there's no slope from your heel to your forefoot) means your feet fall exactly as nature intended.

Even if you're not up for transitioning out of your regular shoes for your miles, the Dash Gloves, part of a whole new line of Merrell barefoot shoes for women, do a foot good when you wear them simply as your every day shoe (SBS wears them all day at race expos) or when you strength train (ditto: she sports them at boot camp). When the ligaments and tendons in your feet have to support you more significantly, they wake up and snap to attention, which will enhance your running, no matter what footwear you choose to wear--or not to wear.

We've got a pair of the Dash Gloves up for grabs today to a lucky another mother runner; in order to enter, you have to let us know in the comments below: what activity will you never do--either ever, or never again--in your life?Β 

678 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Sometimes Say Never

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  2. bungee jumping. Fear of heights + fear of falling…just not the right combo for bungee jumping.

    And does anyone bungee jump anymore these days???? Seems to have fallen out of fashion.

  3. I never want to make my daughter feel unloved. And I never want to be on a cruise ship during a storm–ever (again)!! I do however, want to try these shoes!

  4. I will NEVER EVER roller skate again. I spent hours and hours at Savannah Skatetime as a tween and teen, but after a birthday party as an adult where I wiped out and busted my butt, I’ve sworn it off forever. I’m too scared of getting hurt!! (ANd I kind of look like a dork skating anyway.)

  5. I will never EVER ride a tram or skilift. Did the tram at Palm Springs and the buckets in Disneyland. PETRIFIED! NEVER AGAIN!

  6. I won’t ever forget to order my asthma medication on auto renewal. I suffered through a 45 min. asthma attack 1 night ago. I am training for the Athleta Irongirl 1/2 marathon in Clearwater Florida in April. It was the scariest and most empowering experience, since I’m a Nurse, and should know better. I was thinking the best, and preparing for the worst, (A NIGHT IN TH E.R.) I gutted a 3 miler, on my treadmill 2 days later. I’m feeling much better, since getting my auto-renewal mediaction. Now I’m back on track to kick some butt, and have a great time, and maybe a PR in Clearwater! WHOOT!!

  7. I haven’t come up against any activity that I won’t ever do again. though the list of things that I haven’t done and won’t do is pretty long!

  8. Never again do a shot of jagermeister and wish that I never had!

    I’m intrigued by barefoot running but worry that my feet couldn’t take the lack of support.

  9. I will never ride the flight simulator at Epcot 1 hour after completing the Princess 1/2 marathon. Come to think of it, I’ll never ride that again…EVER!! Nothing like being escorted away by staff to your very own puking room! Enough said…

  10. I will never STOP RUNNING! I have fallen in LOVE with it and now can’t imagine my life without it. I an I only started 7 months ago!

  11. I will TRY never to complain about the way my body looks. This body has given birth twice (once with no painkillers), run a marathon and can still climb trees. When look back at pictures of myself in my 20’s when I was convinced that my belly & thighs were too big, I think, “but dang, I looked so good then”. I am sure that in 10 years, I’ll feel the same way about the way I look right now.

  12. I will never EVER smoke again. I have grown from a lethargic, self loathing smoker to a powerful running mother, leading my children by example.

  13. I will never ride the pirate ship at an amusement park again. Apparently my stomach just can’t handle that swinging motion like it could when I was young.

  14. I will never do an ultra marathon!! I guess you can never really say never, but I have no desire to run an ultra. (Although I did say the same thing about a marathon and somehow I registered to run one in September.)

  15. I will never, not ever, go cave diving. Or probably any kind of deep sea diving. (But jumping out of an airplane again? Just sign me up!) :o)

  16. I’m starting to stick by the “never say never” motto more in more, because in life we never truly know what road we’ll end up going down… that said, I think tclimbing everest would be a little too much for me and can not imagine a hike/adventure so dauntiung. but you never know. πŸ™‚
    the shoes however are wonderful β€” barefoot running? certainly I’m up for that!!!

  17. I’ll never ever go on Fear Factor. My boys watch it every week and I don’t the stunts–it’s the eating crazy, alive, disgusting things that kills me πŸ™‚

  18. I will never do anything at excessive heights or depths, nothing that involves bears, sharks or other excessively dangerous animals, and I will not eat bugs if I have the choice not to.

  19. I will never smoke, that’s one I can say for sure. I’m somewhat allergic and can’t stand the smell. Beyond that, there’s lots of things that I doubt I will ever do again, but who knows. Life is too short to live it scared.

  20. Skiing. Two years ago I messed up my knee in a MAJOR way while skiing. Although it’s fun, great exercise, and I loved how I felt flying down the slopes, I love running more. So…never again!

  21. I will never ever give up on myself. As a mother, it is important for me to set a good example for my daughter. I owe it to my child to accomplish goals, to show her that whenever you set your mind to it, anything is possible.

  22. I will not rock climb, not because I don’t think I could do it but because heights scare me. I love going hiking at the Great Falls in Virginia but just walking along the edge of the cliffs and seeing the water below makes me dizzy and sick to my stomach so NO height activity for me. I will stick to my good friends walking/jogging/running….which I must go do right now before the kids wake up. πŸ™‚

  23. never gonna say I am going to loose 10 pounds by _____ again. Going to be thankful I am healthy and can enjoy my kids and run w/ them while they are training for sports!

  24. I just gave birth to our fourth and last baby last week, so I can definitely say I will NEVER be pregnant again!! Hip-hip Hooooooray!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  25. I’ll never white water raft class 5 rapids again. Or even class 4. It’s a great adrenaline surge while it lasts but a nasty accident in Zimbabwe left me lucky to be alive and in one piece. The roar of the water, my body being smashed on rocks, not knowing which way was up or down, the near drowning vomiting that came after – it was awful. My fellow rafters lost teeth and broke bones. I swore if I got out of that mess alive, I wouldn’t do it again. And I haven’t. PLenty of other adventures since, but I’m very at peace with my decision to be done with class 5 rapids.

  26. I am very much enjoying your website and podcasts – thank you! I’m a vibram 5fingers runner and would love a pair of these to wear in the winter, so I can wear regular socks when it gets so cold here!

    The one thing I would definintely not do again would be knee-boarding – almost drowning once was quite enough thank you! I will stick to the land from now on!

  27. I say never run another half evey time I finish. Running my fifth in 3 weeks and my sixth two weeks after that! Guess I should really quit saying that.

    I read a really good article about a lady who decided to do a nude 5k. The article had me rolling on the floor. I will not EVER be doing that.

  28. Jump from a cliff into the cold, cold White Salmon river on a rafting trip…I couldn’t stop shivering and my lips turned blue!

  29. Hmmmmm… tough one. I like to think I’d try anything once. And then twice or three times to make sure. There are a few definites, though… I will never become pregnant, give birth or breastfeed a baby ever again. A little bittersweet, but those years are definitely behind me now. I also will never smoke again. Oh, and I will never run a big race untrained ever again. Soooooo not worth it!

  30. Possible a marathon, I’ve done one, it was tough and painful. I love running but prefer the half or shorter. 7th half coming up in June, Rock ‘N Sole in Milwaukee, WI. It will also be my 50th race overall for the past 4.5 years that I’ve been a runner.

  31. I will never ride a motorcycle. I can’t stand the sound of them, and I don’t care for riding motor vehicles for fun.

  32. I will never only eat rice cakes for two weeks straight just to see all the different ways rice cakes can be “prepared”. It was college, one of the crazy things I will never, ever do again.

  33. Ride the rides that are at the top of the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas. I did it once, never ever ever ever again!

  34. I will never go Jeeping off road again! Not that it’s not fun, but the thought of it gives me a stomach ache. After breaking down on the Rubicon trail and having to stay overnight, then almost dying on the way out, my plan is to never step foot on a Jeep trail again.

  35. Playing golf! I tried this sport many years ago. It was so frustrating! My friend said she’d never heard me swear until she played a round of golf with me. I finally realized there are other things I’d rather do with my limited free time than chase a white ball around.

  36. I will never give up on trying to find balance in my life! πŸ™‚

    And, I will never swim in a fresh water lake, pond, ditch, or any other body of fresh water with alligators!

  37. Skiing! I will never ski again. I had a minor ski fall in my early 20’s that had me laid up for a couple days but I feel like my knee has never been 100%. As a runner, wife, mom, and pediatric nurse, I need my legs! I decided that it just there is so much I love more than skiing!

  38. I rarely say never, but one thing deep in my skin that I will never do, even if you pay me, or grant me a faster half marathon time, is to handle or be around snakes!!! And you won’t catch me bungee jumping either.

  39. I lived in a cabin with no power, no running water (hence no indoor plumbing) and no driveway in winter (hence a 2 km walk through snow in -20C and below while pulling sleds of groceries, propane, laundry and drinking water) while pregnant and toting around a toddler. I will NEVER do that again!

  40. Visit any touristy cave that requires me to crawl through a narrow space. Mega heebie-jeebies just thinking about it.

  41. hmmmm…that one is hard… I will most likely never ever sing in public again. The only other thing I could think of was skinny dip nvr done it most likely never will.

  42. I will never ever go sky diving! I know people do it and are fine but I’m too scared about that parachute opening up!

  43. I will never eat anything the crawls, slithers, or is slimy in any way shape or form. I will never have a perfectly flat stomach again after three kids.

  44. I will never, ever, EVER perm my hair again. Bad, bad memories of my childhood…lol. Love the give aways! Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. I will never again watch another Seth Rogen movie in hopes of finally finding him funny rather than painfully annoying. It seems that every time he comes out with a new movie, I find myself thinking “Maybe this is the one that will change my opinion.” However I think I finally learned my lesson after The Green Hornet.

  46. I have no intention of ever riding in a gondola up the side of a mountain again. But (yay me!) at least I did it once!

  47. Kayaked the Napali Coast and absolutely LOVED the view, but was so DOG sick that I will never do it again. ONCE in a lifetime experience should only be ventured once πŸ™‚

  48. I will never again let my brother drive me anywhere…goodgolly he’s a maniac behind the wheel and I’d rather let Mickey Mouse pilot my plane than let him drive again. πŸ˜‰

  49. I will never get a tattoo .. don’t like needles..afraid of getting an infection…don’t find them attractive ..i would try minimal shoe running though.

  50. Skydiving, base jumping, pretty much anything involvong a parachute. In my ‘middle age’ all of that has lost its allure.

  51. I will never, ever skydive, bungee jump, drive a race car…lol. I like things about the speed of running πŸ™‚

  52. Never eat spaghetti again. Last time I was about 5 yrs old, mom put it in between two slices of bread, I was feeling bad…threw it up near the heat vent. Yes, I still remember 30 yrs plus later. Gotta love mom for making a spaghetti sandwich. I tell my kids my cooking skills are from Grandma.

  53. Never buy uncomfortable shoes
    Never try meth

    Never Again pass up an interesting experience without a decent reason. (Why *didn’t* I try a tamarind lollipop, or octopus sushi?)

  54. I’d put everything from your list on my list…add white water rafting and any type of jumping from very high places. No thanks!

  55. I will never again battle through a mosh pit to get to the front of a hard rock concert–those days are so thankfully behind me! Although as a mom of 3 boys, it sometimes feels like a mosh pit right in my own house…

  56. I will never say I am going to do something and not follow through. After years of doing this, I ran my first half marathon last November! Now, when I say something is going to happen, it does =)

  57. I will never get a tattoo. I look at them and think that theyre cool,but then who knows what they will look like a few years down the road.
    I will also never be pregnant again, sadly due to PCOS and infertility. ITs ok though. I have 3 kids ( a 3 year old and 1 year old twins , all girls)

  58. I will never go to Mars. I wouldn’t normally think of that immediately, but we were just at a Mars exhibit at the museum and you had to decide which gate to enter through: the “Yes, I’d go to Mars” or the “Nope, I will never go to Mars.”

    It was a no brainer.

  59. Skydive. Nope, never, not me. Also eating snails or anything else seen on that Bizarre Foods show is something I never ever want to experience.

  60. I have learned not to say “never”. If I did, running may have been a “never”. Not saying never opens you to the freedom of life’s possibilities.

  61. I will never take the greyhound bus across the country again. Probably not, anyway. I’m no good at nevers.

  62. Tough question. I don’t think I’ll ever go into another haunted house or monster maze. Pay to get scared out your wits? Not since high school!

  63. I see a lot of people have written bungee jumping or sky diving–both of which terrify me (total terror or heights–causing out-of-body, out-of-focus panic). I am am pretty sure I will be a never for both. But I guess saying “never” is hard–I have a lot of life ahead of me. I’m only 40, after all!

  64. I will never try to climb a mountain again. An ex boyfriend talked me into it and I was terrified the entire time.

  65. Babies. No more babies. Nor diapers, drooping, drippy boobs, cluster feeding at 2:00 a.m.
    2 was my limit.

  66. I will never participate in a “spit skit” – a line of people take a sip from the same cup and spit it back in, one after the other, and the last person has to drink it!

  67. Natural childbirth. Did it three times. Done. I am confident that I can complete a full marathon because of the confidence it gave me in my body.

  68. Bungee jump, never have, never will! Flinging myself towards the ground and praying the rubber band selected for me by some well meaning twenty something thrill seeker, hardly seems intelligent! I would love these non-shoe shoes!!

  69. Never say never. I would never (that one doesn’t count!) have imagined myself where I am today: a stay home Mom to two awesome kids, a runner – someone who actually LIKES running! Signing up for my first marathon soon. Who knew? Certainly not me.

  70. As sad as I am to say it, I’m pretty sure I won’t see Europe again. When i went in college I wasnt a runner yet, but now would love nothing more than to run the Paris or Athens Marathon… Somehow I just don’t think it’s in the cards…

  71. I will never do anything that will put myself or my family at risk. I want to be a healthy example to my two little girls. I never want to start over again. I want to maintain a healthy weight, diet, and exercise plan that I can share with my family and others.

  72. I am Chinese and in my “youth” (20’s), I was one of the first female in NY (or US) to do the lion dancing to celebrate Chinese New Year. The lion heads weighed anywhere from 20-40 lbs. I don’t mind doing that again but what I will NEVER do again is to jump in the middle of fireworks blowing up (part of tradition) and not knowing if one of the firecrackers got trapped in the lion head with me.

  73. I will never float a river again, I never have the desire to float down a river with a bunch of people…where else are they going the bathroom but right next to you?

  74. Being a mom has taught me that “never” is a word I should be very careful with. That being said, I will never let myself have a sedentary lifestyle. Not only for myself, but for my kids. I want them to stay healthy and be active and I do this by being a good role model, no matter how tired I am after a day of work!

  75. I am a mom of four. I am a teacher of fourth graders. I run marathons. I can’t say there is anything that I won’t or can’t do…..who knows what the day will bring?

  76. This was a t0ughie. I have done so many things that I thought I would never do in my life, so I am hesitant to say I will never do something….so I have to say that I will never stop learning! That is what life is all about.

  77. I will never spend another night doing shots like I did in my 20s. My days are too valuable now and hangover days don’t mix well with running days.

  78. I will NEVER EVER drink a McDonald’s Frappie. I literally go into heaving convulsions like I am pregnant. It’s pretty dangerous while driving.I tried them twice and it happened twice. Never again!

  79. As soon as I say never, I’m usually proven wrong and end up trying or having to do that which I said never to. With that said… I would probably not ever go underwater cave diving. ; )

  80. I will never ever stop exercising! I did for a while, and I suffered physically and emotionally. I won’t let that happen again. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  81. I will never run naked. I saw an advertisement for a naked running camp & I thought it would be totally uncomfortable & embarrassing!

  82. I will never do aerobics barefoot without strengthening my feet first. I pulled a muscle and wasn’t able to exercise for more than a month!

  83. I will never ever ever ever again fill my belly with yummy super bowl food ( umm hotwings, dip, chips, brownies, beer) and then eat a bongo thai pepper on a dare and then follow that by a long run the next day. all i can say is burning ring of fire!

  84. I will never run another “beer mile”- you chug a beer then run 1/4 mile then repeat 3 times! But with these shoes I may be able to push through the pain!

  85. Skiing. My sister took me bunny hill skiing post divorce and I can say it was interesting, but never again would I want that out of control, death defying activity experience. Life is to precious to take that crazy risk!!

  86. I tell myself never to say never, but if I must, I will never again strap my feet onto a snowboard. I did it a few times for a boy (now my husband) but can’t stand the feeling of being stuck. I much prefer strapping up my laces on my running shoes!

  87. I’ll never do speed slides at waterparks or the Tower of Terror ride at Disney again. I swore I’d never want to run long distances either, but I’m registered for a half!

  88. Like many others who’ve already responded, I don’t think there’s anything that I will absolutely never do. The things I enjoy most are all those things that people said “never” to above. That’s me. But I say, go for it!

  89. I’ve always wanted to go sky diving until I had children. Now, I can never imagine willingly jumping out of a plane and potentially leaving my kids behind forever.

  90. I will never again be afraid of 25 minutes πŸ™‚ I just finished week six of my 5k training program and ran 25 minutes straight! I feel like a rockstar (a 235lb, mother of three rockstar!)!

  91. I will never again strap on a pair of rollerskates and go wheeling around the roller rink like it’s 1985! Yes, it was great fun for about 20 minutes…until I fell flat on my butt (resulting in a bruised sacrum, smushed under tailbone, and hyerpextended knee…2 weeks before a half-marathon, mind you). This mother runner will definitely be supervising her girls’ skate parties from the sidelines from now on πŸ™‚

  92. I will never ever, EVER, ride on a jet ski in the ocean again!!!!! And def. not in the back with my husband driving!!!!

  93. I will never run a full marathon ever again. Once was enough. Now, I do 13.1 miles because I’m just half crazy!

  94. I think i’ve had my lifetime fill of thrill rides like roller coasters etc….the older i get, the more they turn my stomach!!

  95. Due to a strong fear of heights I will never sky dive or bungee jump, or ride any of the ride onto of the straosphere in Vegas….my daughter still talks about “remember mommy when we climbed up the lighthouse on vacation and you were crying” yes I remember- mommy hates heights!

    No snakes, mice, rats, or spiders will ever live in our house as pets!

  96. Motherhood has taught me that I should never say never. The second I say it it’s practically written in stone that I will eat those words sooner or later. (i.e. I’ll never let my kids do xyz or I’ll never be *that* mom… ha!)

  97. I will NEVER Zumba and I will NEVER karaoke! This runner cannot dance and certainly would not dare to sing anything other than Old MacDonald. Trust me; it’s for the best!

  98. I will never forget to live every day. Someone close is battling cancer and she is teaching me that every day is so important.

  99. I will never stop looking for the silver lining in all things. πŸ™‚

    As for skydiving- despite a terrible fear of heights, I have clung to the wing of a perfectly safe plane, let go, flew for few seconds, and rode that chute to the ground- twice.

    Never say never!

  100. I will never ever try downhill skiing. My husband did it as a child and teen and wants to teach our son. I told him more power to him but you will not catch me on two little sticks flying down the side of a snowy mountain. I am convinced I will break one or both of my legs!!

  101. I will never ever volunteer to grate crayons for my son’s kindergarten class. Not very exciting I know but man it was a pain in the a@&!

  102. This was a hard one until I read some of the other comments and realized that there are indeed things I won’t do. Eating tripe again would be at the top of that list.

  103. The only thing I can think of now – is that I WON’T say yes to the ganache, even when it sounds wonderful, when I am already full from an amazing dinner. (Did that once and spent the rest of the night in agony b/c I was crammed way too full. Big mistake.)

  104. Bungee jumping is an easy never. I also say never to an Ironman. I like to think Olympic is as far as I will push it. I would like to say never to a marathon, but I’m sure someone will twist my arm at some point!

  105. I will never give up training for my first 1/2 marathon…no matter how painful it can be for a beginner runner. I almost gave up after experiencing my first shin splints! Ouch! I really need new running shoes!:)

  106. Bungie jump, base diving/jumping, repelling or Jump out of a plane- unless it’s on the ground. I’m terrified of heights. The high dive at pools and roller coasters are as high as I go.

  107. I will never…EVER…eat authentic Jamaican curry again. Even the mild version was so spicy that I almost fainted. I ended up having to put raw sugar on my lips (who’s ever heard of this remedy? Not I, said the cat.) to stop the burning. I am forever traumatized.

  108. I guess the activity I will NEVER do is the activity of being a bystander. In my 43 years, I’ve been given the title daughter, sis, wife, mom and teacher. My newest title has been “the woman that runs all over town” which I’m quite proud to own! Life is too short and the world is too beautiful not to take an active role!

  109. I have learned never to say never, because every time I do God shows me he has other plans in mind. πŸ™‚

  110. Zumba. I fall way more than makes sense when running, and that just involves putting one foot ahead of the other. I’ve fallen during step aerobics. I’m pretty sure I could take out the entire class if I tried anything that required that sort of rhythm.

  111. I will never have a perfectly clean home, but I will try to say yes to an extra game or book with my young son.

  112. I will never ride the Mission to Mars ride at Epcot; should have never let my husband talk me into that one! And we rode the fast one at that! But my daughter who was 5 at that time did better than me!

  113. I will never walk 7 months pregnant where I know angry geese tend to chase people. I have never jumped a ditch, grabbed under my belly for support, and ran so fast in my life. I also don’t think my sister has laughed so hard.

  114. Be pregnant again (btdt often enough), sky dive (I was all for it before kids, now it’s not worth the risk), or smoke (quit 4.5 years ago).

  115. Usually I’m up for anything fun and exciting in the outdoors but I will never ice climb with my husband. Too extreme!

  116. I really had to think about it because you never know! :)But I think it is safe to say I will never give birth or breastfeed again. Part of me feels nostalgic about that but the other part feels ready and excited for the next adventure!

  117. I will never again ride a tandem. I don’t know how my husband ever convinced me it would be fun. We tried for two months. I hated it. NEVER AGAIN!

  118. I will never, ever skydive. The supposed adrenaline rush just isn’t worth the risk. Plus, I hate to fly!

  119. In the realm of running, I was invited to a run with the hashers. It sounded interesting, and was, but just not my cup of tea. I don’t think I’ll ever do that again.

  120. I will never…ever…EVER…eat authentic Jamaican curry chicken again. I don’t like spicy food. Even when I asked the cook to make my dish mild, the MILD VERSION nearly sent me into respiratory arrest! I had to put sugar on my lips (who ever heard of that remedy? Not I, said the cat.) to relieve the burning sensation in my mouth and throat.

  121. I will NEVER climb Chichen Itza again!!! Always afraid of heights, I would make myself conquer the issue at hand, and not give into my fears. Then I climbed Chichen Itza, and somehow got back down. But my fear increased dramatically. Now I cannot even climb a ladder to clean out my gutters…..Good thing running keeps my feet on the ground!!

  122. I dont think I’ll EVER run a full marathon! my goal this year is to do six half’s, ive only done 2 so far in my life these last 6 months. but never a full, I’m only half crazy!!!

  123. There are so many things that come to mind…mostly medical things like, I would never give blood but if my child needed my blood I would do it. If my sister needed a kidney I would give her mine…I have a never say never attitude…I said I would never do a triathlon and have have now down 4, 2 of them half ironman distance….I don’t think I would j,p from a plane but if it would save my life I think I would.

    I do not enjoy roller coaster and most amusement rides, and luckily my husband doesn’t mind them so my kids won’t miss out on them

    I thinki read too much into this question?!?

  124. I hate to say never, (because you never know), but I never want to stop being a runner. It is too much a part of who I am.

  125. I have zero interest in Karoke. My girlfried loves it. I love watching her perform, but there is no chance that I will ever get up there with her. Sorry babe. I love you, but no. I won’t do that.

  126. I will never doubt what I can do or take life for granted. I started running at the age of 50 to celebrate being cancer free. I will run my first marathon this year 2 days after I turn 54

  127. It’s may be wishful thinking but I hope to never have brain surgery again, recovery is a bitch! πŸ˜‰

  128. Be pregnant! Seriously we are done at one and happy about it. Now if I just never had to answer the questions about more kids again! I want to say seriously did you jsut ask about my uterous???

  129. I WILL NEVER bungee jump- highly doubt I’ll jump from a plane either. I’m scared of falling to my DEATH.


  130. I will never drive an RV again! there is nothing romantic or rugged about it. did it on a race crew for 39 hours and never again.

  131. I will never again say that I am not a runner. I spent the first 33 years of my life believing that I couldn’t run, that my body wasn’t a “runner’s body” and that my frame wasn’t made out for running.

    Those were excuses. Running is something that I have to work hard at. It’s something that I usually have to push myself to do. But I AM a runner. And I will never deny myself the chance to fly off the ground again.

  132. I will never say I can’t. As a new runner, with the right schedule, I CAN and WIll run my first half in October. Even if it is in the age 50 and over category.

  133. I will never go night diving. I love to Scuba dive and I love the ocean, but I just can’t handle the deep blue sea in the scary darkness πŸ™‚

  134. I will NEVER BULLY – Never use words or actions to hurt others. Nope, not gonna do it.

  135. Wow, lots of great comments on this one! I hope to never be an injured runner again. I have battled a few injuries and I hope they are behind me now. Nothing worse than having to sit on the sidelines.

  136. I will never tell myself that I can’t do it. I’ve been running almost one year (March 17), and at age 50 (when did that happen) ran in the Detroit Freep Relay Marathon! Already signed up for the half for 201!

  137. I will never say never. I’ve said that about running a marathon, and I have a feeling it’s in my non-too-distant future. thank you RLAM!

  138. There’s not much that I can say I would NEVER do. That word is so final. But I’m pretty sure I will never be prego again. I love my kids, but being pregnant did not agree with me.

  139. I will never say something is impossible. Before running, I was always an optimistic person, but now, I feel like I am more of a “never give up!” kind of person! And, I would definitely never say, “my child would NEVER do that…”

  140. Before kids (heck, before I met my husband) I spend 45 minutes running stairs in 90+ degree heat, then we all went outdoor happy hour. After that, I attempted to ride my bicycle home. I may or may not have ended up mildly drunk, on my bike, on a DC freeway. Hands down the stupidest thing I have ever done.

  141. I’m not the first to say this, but I will never go on a spinning ride again! Even when my kids beg me. It may be fun for a few minutes but then my whole day afterwards is ruined with feeling sick.

    I thought I would never try this not-so-new anymore barefoot trend, but when Santa brought me five fingers I am slowly giving it a try. I have been eyeing the more conventional minimalist shoes though for many reasons and I love these!

  142. Definitely smoking – have never, will never. Not sure of anything else I would say never too.
    I hope to never give up running though!

  143. I will be er let a good friend go unappreciated. As an adult, I feel li,ei’ve found the best friend group of my life and I want each and every one of them to know that they are amazing.

  144. I will never go a day without telling my family that I love them. They are my reason and inspiration for all that I do!

  145. I will never again fly solo, in the wintertime, from Brussels, Belgium to the United States. Lost 7 of my 9 lives out there!

  146. I will never quit running. I’ve quit once before and never again. When I run, I feel alive and I know that my 3 year old is waiting at the door to tell me I’m buff. πŸ™‚

  147. I will never do ocean sports. Too scared of what’s underneath the water. This is why I don’t like snorkeling: I don’t WANT to know what I’m swimming with.:)

  148. I would not jump out of a plane, go down in a submarine, or a deep tight cave (yes, I’m claustrophobic). There’s too many other experiences that I hope is in my future!

  149. I don’t think I will ever go in one of those graviton rides at an amusement park ever ever again. It is the only ride in my life that made me vomit all over the place when I got off!

  150. I’m not a big fan of gravity-induced sports (downhill skiing, downhill mountain biking, etc.) but I can’t say I would never do them again in my whole life because who knows! However, I can say I will never, ever in a million years go rock climbing.

  151. i’ll never motorcycle road race again. It was fun while it last and nothing like dragging your knee on the ground while carving a turn(or passing macho dudes) but I didn’t get the cardio my body craved so i switched to mtn biking and running.

  152. I will never go deep water diving into caves… I’m pretty sure there is a term for it, but whatever it is, I won’t do it, no thank you.

    I love, love, love those shoes… have been lusting after them for a while now. πŸ˜€

  153. Wow, although I have never gone ski diving or bungee jumping those seem like they would be lots of fun and I’d be thrilled to have the opportunity to try them.
    I think I fall into the never say never crowd and attempt to live life to the fullest. However, I would do my best to not put my life or other people’s life in danger. No sense in that!

  154. Personal integrity…

    I will never knowingly deceive myself or anyone else by not speaking the truth…even if it’s hard and I have everything to lose.

  155. snow ski….one and done. never again want to be that cold sliding down a mountain on my back because I’m not coordinated enough to stay upright!

  156. Smoking – I was a smoker and kicked that habit 6 months ago when I fell in love with running…. I beat it and I will NEVER smoke again.

  157. I will never, ever play rugby. My husband is a rugger and he thinks that I have the edge to do it. Um…doe she know me? I cry, when I stub my toe!

  158. Touch a snake! I remember as a kid I was intrigued with them, but had an incident. My sister and I were riding bikes on a Rails-to-Trails path, trying to run over as many sticks as we could. You know what’s coming… I hit a live “stick” that went flailing up around my legs.
    Give me perfectly good plane any day to jump out of πŸ™‚

  159. I will never skydive, bungee jump, etc. I am not into things that include heights and falling. I prefer running on solid ground!

  160. I will never sky dive, bungee jump, etc. Anything that involves heights and falling. I’m definitely not into that. I prefer running on solid ground!

  161. I will never bungee jump. I’ve gone sky-diving, but it’s the thought of the cable snapping that makes me shy away from bungee jumping.

  162. I will never skydive. I can hardly stand on the top of a skyscraper…so I can’ t imagine being higher than that and then jumping. It makes my stomach drop just thinking about it!

  163. Be FAT!!! AGAIN!!! lost 40-60 lbs more time than I care to count, then dropped 100+ and will NEVER be fat again!

  164. I will never pull an all-nighter a la college again (on purpose). It was stupid then, and it would be more stupid now. Having children and getting through grad school with NO all-nighters taught me that.

    I *love* those shoes!

  165. Oh goodness, I had to give this one some thought. In terms of adventure, I would never bungee jump or rock climb up a huge mountain!

  166. I don’t like to say “never” but, hopefully I will never smoke again, ride on roller coaster, bungee jump, sky dive, or stay up all night drinking and partying only to have to be “functional” by 6 the next morning. Not gonna happen (I hope!) I will also not likely ever get to run barefoot for much of a distance, due to extremely flat feet and a propensity towards Plantar fasciitis, but I would sure like to try them out for cross training!

  167. While I might be tempted to get on Amazing Race, I will NEVER try to get on Fear Factor! Have you seen the things they have to eat??? No way! Makes me gag just thinking about it. Travel and run around the world- now that sounds fun!

  168. I will never ever climb Mt. Everest. I have read many books written by others who have climbed the mountain and the conditions of the climb. I WOULD never put myself in that position and besides I am deathly afraid of heights.

  169. I say that I will never skydive or bungee jump…but I have also learned in my life that I should never say “never”! So, we’ll see…

  170. I will never ride in a car while super pregnant and experiencing near to pushing contractions ever again! I really hate being in the car when I’m in serious labour.

  171. I know so many people are saying bungee jumping and sky diving, so I’d hate to be unoriginal. BUT heights scare the living daylights out of me. I saw somewhere that you could do an walk around the edge of the CN Tower in Toronto. The though alone makes me nauseous.

  172. I hate saying never. I’m always changing so never feels like it doesn’t work. But I get dizzy easily. No more rollercoasters, especially if they go upside down.

  173. I will never take my two year old to one of those inflatable jumping places again. A few months ago, I caved in and took him, and he sprained his knee so bad he was out for four weeks. I carried/strollered him around that entire time. Poor baby.

  174. This is a tough one because I love to think of myself as open-minded and free-spirited! I’ve really had to rack my brains about this one (although the several times mentioned “being pregnant->never again” automatically came to mind). I guess if I HAD to pick one thing it would be being buried alive? Or anything involving being in a tight/trapped space. Anyone else watch The Biggest Loser episode a week back where they had to dig in the sand and crawl under logs? Seeing them get stuck and have to dig/shimmy their way out from under that log truly made me freak out!

  175. I will never ride the teacups again at an amusement park! The last time my kids convinced me to go with them it took hours for the nausea and spinning to go away! There is not much I won’t do for my kids!

  176. Never: Live away from the water, and/or somewhere in “the middle” as my kid would say. (With the possible exception of Chicago, which is middle, but aquatic.).

    Never again: Pregnancy. Twice is enough. And I’ve discovered that running pregnant kills the sweet, sweet glory that is the downhill. Ouch!

  177. I will never again be a 2nd grade substitute teacher in a place I don’t speak the language after the children have been fed cupcakes.
    I did that once and the children plotted against me.
    I needed the run after work that day.

  178. I will never say “Never!” I use to say I would never jump out of a plane, and yet it’s one of my favorite memories (even if I broke my ankle upon the landing). I thought I would never have children, but now I have the sweetest baby boy! I never thought I would run for hours, yet I am training for a 3 hour race!

  179. I will never be one to be ok within several feet of a snake. Just seeing them on TV freaks me out. A while back there was a small grass snake in our yard and I screamed so loud, the neighbors came running. I HATE snakes.

  180. I wanted to skydive when I was younger, but since having kids (and perhaps just being a bit older and wiser) that is now on my never-not-ever list.

    Other than that, I really like the challenge of pushing myself to try new things. I used to say I’d never be able to run a marathon again b/c of injuries – but I just did, on Sunday. πŸ™‚

  181. I did the Polar Plunge in New Years Day and it hurt SOOOO bad to jump into three icy pools. I now can say that I’ve done it, but I will NEVER do it again!!! I will also never eat an oyster or a sardine or any other slimey smelly fish food like that!

  182. I will NEVER have bangs again. Not only are they difficult to pull off with curly hair – but you ALWAYS have to wear a bandband while doing anything more than walking your dog – sweat and bangs were not a good combo for me.

  183. Eat myself into the 300lb territory. I spent my 20’s being a miserable 300+ pound person and I swear I will never do that again!!

  184. Hmmm….not sure about this one. I know I will never straighten my curly hair on a regular basis, does that count? Ha ha! Too much time, and I just don’t think I look like me that way πŸ™‚

  185. Horseback riding. I did it ONE time and that horse went nuts. I got stuck at the back of all the riders (although I had no idea what I was doing and they put me on their biggest horse). It decided to go and stop when it wanted. It tried to veer off into the woods. I seriously thought I was going to die. Thankfully it got me back to where we started. I didn’t blame the horse….I still love animals….but I’m okay with not using them for transportation. πŸ™‚

  186. My husband would hate this, but I kinda want to say mountain biking. In theory it seems like I should like it (I LOVE trail running) but everytime I’ve gone, its been a miserable experience. Throwing in the towel!

  187. So this is random but I will never ski. What weirdo invented going up a cold, windy, snowy hill just to go straight down it with boots that don’t allow ankle movement? Yeah, no thanks.

    a side note, my husband is an avid skier and asks every year if I’ll do it.

  188. I will never, ever, ever wear shoes that don’t feel good on my feet. Too many years of foot issues, I need to protect these puppies!

  189. No more drink-too-much-all-night-and-wake-up-confused-and-sick college days for me! I prefer the healthier and more resposible lifestyle of a grown-up, although it’s definitley more boring.

  190. Wow, that’s tough. Maybe bungee jumping. I did it once years ago in Australia, so I can check that one off the list and I will most likely never do it again. I *probably* will never sky dive…how’s that? πŸ™‚

  191. I will never ever ever bungee jump, sky dive, or do anything that resembles the feeling (Tower of Terror, etc.)!!! I couldn’t be paid enough money to do it, sorry. Other than that, I will never say never.

  192. I recently added something to my “List of Things I’ll Never Do” after seeing it on TV – hand fishing (reaching down into holes in murky river water to grab a catfish out of a hole) – no thanks!

  193. I’m never gonna do a “mud run”. The thought of getting my $100 shoes muddy is beyond what I can handle. I just don’t like that idea of filth.

  194. Never let anyone define me and what I can and cannot do. I don’t look like a typical marathoner but have done 14 in 5 years much to some people’s shock.

  195. I’ve been skydiving but would never do it again. It was AMAZING, but one time is enough. I don’t think I’d ever scuba dive.

  196. I will never tell myself I can’t do something. A year ago I wasn’t sure I could even pull off a 10K, now I have talked myself into working towards my first half. πŸ™‚ It helps that I just convinced my sister we could do it together.

  197. I have learned in life to never say “never”. I wasn’t a runner last year and now track 20-30 miles a week. I don’t think I will ever want to bungee jump or sky dive, but I have no idea how my life will change over time–so anything is still possible.

  198. I will never sky dive. People say it’s fun, I say I think I’m going to die and there is no way I can make that fun!

  199. I hate to say never any more. 2 years ago I said I would never run unles I was being chased, and now I love it and am so proud to have completed a half!

  200. I will never bungee jump. I have no desire to get jerked up at the end of the line. I will probably never sky dive again either, I think once was enough.

  201. I will never skydive again. Once was GREAT but now there are responsibilities to consider. Plus, I know how truly scary it is! I’m not sure my body would let me do it again…

  202. I know better than to say never, as I always get talked into trying something stupid, BUT..I will never, ever, ever eat anything that could be classified as an insect.

  203. Skydiving. One of the ONLY things I’m afraid of is heights. Why would I jump out of a perfectly sound airplane?? Actually, even an airplane that isn’t sound… I might have to be “encouraged” to jump

  204. never quit! i gave myself a second try and changed my life. after loosing a ton of weight, running my first race (a half!) and surviving winter (i hope) im due for new shoes. i think these are beautiful- and seem kind of perfect.

  205. I will never go river tubing again after watching my dad get sucked under a tree (he came back up), now I am terrified~

  206. I will never try skiing, there is a reason I went into running. It mostly has to do with terrible coordination, but also as a PT, I see way too many injuries!

  207. I will Never say Never.. I thought I would hate snowboarding, I tried it this year and really enjoyed it. So, you never know until you try.

  208. I will never again live away from the ocean and mountains; life and trail running just ain’t the same without them!

  209. I will do a lot of stuff, but I will NEVER jump out of an airplane or bungee jump… I can’t do freefalling….. eeek! Scary!

  210. Generally I don’t like to say ‘I will NEVER’ – like it’s tempting fate to put that ‘NEVER’ right in my direct path. I can with confidence say that I will never smoke, do drugs, etc. I hope I will never let my fitness and health take a back seat in my life.

  211. Never ride the Gravatron at the Fair again – even when my toddler grows up and begs me to….the only ride I refuse! Makes me ill, but I love the other crazy ones.

  212. Jumping from heights. either from a plane or otherwise is of no interest to me. I’m not really afraid of Heights, it’s the falling feeling that I’m not so impressed with πŸ™‚

  213. I will never say never…when I look at my life and all the things I’ve done I could have never imagined doing them at certain points in my past. I never thought I would be a marathon runner, a skydiver, marathon running MOMMY…so many of the best things in my life have happened because I took a chance. Never Say Never!

  214. I will never run in high heels again! I used to work long 15+ hour days in high-end fashion wearing beautiful expensive shoes and would literally run around all day tending to silly fashion needs. I met my husband the day after I put in my resignation letter. The only shoes by the door for me now are flats and my mother-running shoes πŸ™‚

  215. I will never jump out of a plane, bungee jump, or do the wild rollercoasters or rides though that last one might difficult on a trip to Disneyland!

  216. Never is a pretty strong and absolute word. I know I will NEVER be able to hold to my convictions 100% of the time, but I will try. Never skydive, never do drugs, never take my health and ability to run for granted. Never give up.

  217. I will never get pregnant again, but my lil guy is enough for me πŸ™‚ Despite being a half-marathon girl, I will never say that I will never do a full.

  218. Do a triathlon when the water temperature is below 60 degrees. Even with a blubber like wetsuit humans are just not meant to swim in such cold temperatures!

  219. Generally, I will never say never, simply because you just never know! However, I do know that I will never jump out of an airborne airplane unless there is some extremely compelling reason to do so. (Like, it’s on fire and going to crash.) I can’t imagine ever doing it for fun!

  220. quit exercising – no matter how hard it is to get out of bed before 5am, no matter how selfish I feel for sneaking out for a run, I am a calmer and more enthusiastic mother, partner, person than I ever imagined. Plus, I look pretty good πŸ™‚

  221. I’ll never risk a humongous jinx by saying things that I’ll never do. At 44 years old, I still have some growing and learning to do, so who knows what opportunities may arise? A list of things I don’t plan today to do is similar to many of the above, but tomorrow’s another day.

    LOVE the shoes πŸ™‚

  222. Considering “run a marathon” was on my never list and now I think more eagerly about it each year I continue running, I really don’t want to ix-nay anything I haven’t yet done. That said, I will never do a polar plunge again. That was a once and done kind of thing for me.

  223. I have to join the ladies that said bungee jump or sky dive. No way, no how. There is no need for me to feel that kind of fear. Life is scary enough as it is.

  224. It may be a bit blasphemous, given the venue, but give birth. Twice was enough – I got enough variety (quite medicated vs. not-at-all medicated) that I don’t think I need to do that again.

  225. I will never parasail again . . . It was exhilirating and awesome, but I realized while 1,000 feet in the air that I was perhaps afraid of heights. Plus, my 15 yr-old daughter was with me & we clearly saw the outline of a shark in the water below us. No mistake, it was a shark. Most terrifying, since we had requested that they dip us at the end.

  226. After an injury that took 2 1/2 years to come back from, I will never take any run for granted. Ever.

    And I will never smoke another cigarette. It’s been 10 years and I can’t believe I was ever a smoker.

  227. I will probably never ski… It looks fun, but if I’m going to choose a vacation I’m going to choose the beach everytime! Plus going through the pain of learning doesn’t sound fun to me… A bruised bum! Ouch!

  228. Eating escargot. One of my bosses convinced me to try it, just to be able to say I had tried it. Yuck! Snails are exactly the consistency you think they would be. Never again!!

  229. I will never again not listen to my body when it tells me it’s too much…. Much better than ending up with an injury!

  230. I will never, ever, ever, bungee jump. No way, no how. The whole heights thing, and then too many youtube videos of bungee mishaps. Nope.

  231. Like many of the other ladies, sky diving is at the top of my list but I also will never sign up for any show like survivor or fear factor where I may have to eat bugs as a challenge. I know I am a million times bigger than they are but insects are my nemesis!

  232. Usually my policy is to never say never but one thing I have said I would never do is a marathon– unless it is part of an iron man triathalon. I love 1/2 marathons but have no desire to run the full distance.

  233. I will never, ever, ever shovel heavy snow off an ice rink, bent over for hours. Ever again. Herniated disc. And so began the trouble.

  234. I will never go night diving in Hawaii with a buzz again. As for never ever something I haven’t yet done, well I like to try things at least once.

  235. I will never run a tri with no training again. That was dumb – even if it was a sprint. Still dumb. Given what I know now, I’m lucky I didn’t die.

  236. I will NEVER EVER EVER cave to peer pressure and ignore my gut instinct again. I’m a little older and wiser now and trust my own judgement! Best feeling ever.

  237. I’ll never lose my competitive edge. I will always be ‘that girl’ trying to pass everyone on the running trail, making imaginary competitors out of strangers wo just happen to be out enjoying the day. Kind of quirky but it works!

  238. It’s so funny to me that a lot of RLAMers here have said they’d never skydive. I used to say that. I used to say that A LOT. Then, in December, I was in Hawaii, and a friend was going to skydive to celebrate his 42nd birthday. I thought, “Why NOT? I’m in Hawaii, which is where I should DO it, if I’m ever going to DO it.”

    So I did. And it was PHENOMENAL (and tandem, of course, with the HOTTEST of all the tandem guys—Marcello—my friends were all jealous).

    The thing I will never do? Smoke. Yuck.

  239. Streaking!! And not because I fear getting naked, its just that I like to keep the girls contained when I run. I can’t imagine running and having them flop all over the place. Now that I’m 40 and have had 4 kids, they’re not as perky. I just really don’t want to give myself a black eye when they bounce and hit me in the face. Trying explaining that to anyone.

  240. The older I get, the more I realize I change. To limit myself and my life experiences by saying “never” goes against the idea of living life to the fullest. Three years ago, I said I’d never run, and anyone who does is crazy. I’ll be running my first marathon in April. I said I would only have 3 kids, and I’m expecting #7. Are there foods I don’t like? Sure, but as a kid I hated salad and now a good salad is AWESOME. I guess to accurately answer the question: I will never limit myself.

  241. I will never say never to new things. You don’t know what life will throw your way, so you can’t tell what you’ll say no to in a few years.

    I will never smoke again. That does a body no good and sets no good example.

  242. I will not have a pet bird! My 5yo DD keeps begging, b-e-g-g-i-n-g me to get a bird and she is having trouble understanding the word NO. πŸ™‚

  243. what activity will you never do–either ever, or never again–in your life?

    I will never smoke or drink alcohol ever again. I will not waste my life away in front of a television set, watching shows like the Biggest Loser wishing I was strong enough to make changes in my life. I will never make excuses for the way I live.

    I cannot say there is a specific activity I will never do again–living life with a new set of eyes, I am open to all experiences so BRING IT!!
    I will jump out of an airplane.
    I will run from Miami to Key West.
    I will swim with sharks
    I will climb mountains and shout from the top that I AM ALIVE!!


  244. I will never stop loving the aroma of a brand new fresh baby, the eternal scent of hope in my way of thinking

  245. Things I will never ever never do again:
    1) go SCUBA diving
    2) touch a snake
    3) drunk dial
    4) take my health for granted
    5) wear stirrup pants, two pairs of slouch socks, an oversized shirt, multiple Swatch watches, and hairspray-teased, permed hair

  246. I can’t imagine saying ‘never’ to anything, it always bites me in the butt. Eighteen years ago I said I would never live above the Mason-Dixon line, then I met my husband and I’ve lived in Milwaukee, which is hell and gone from the MD line, for the past 17 years.

  247. I will never ever go white water rafting ever again. BAAAAAD experience on the snake river cured me of that one. Plus I agree with Cindy above I will never do zumba

  248. I will never smoke a cigarette, I like my lungs strong and healthy! I will also never bungee jump again, I did it in Daytona Beach during Spring Break in the 90’s, I wet my pants.

  249. as one of the biggest wusses of all time, there are way too many things on my list. definitely anything that involves jumping out of something or off of something (bungee jumping, skydiving, etc). and i’d never own birds. they’re just gross. and have talons and feathers.

    1. I once thought this as well, but I have to say, it is absolutely the best pet ever! We don’t handle ours at all, so that takes a lot of the heebie jeebies out of it. Seriously, though… You throw in a few crickets for her to eat every couple of weeks, give her a little water (when you think of it), and that’s IT. You can go on vacation and leave her at home, no care required. The kids like to watch her, and no one has to clean her cage or exercise her at all. BEST. PET. EVER!!! πŸ˜‰

  250. I will never go on amusement park rides that go in circles. I learned my lesson in 7th grade when I was screaming for the attendant to stop the ride and, with an evil smile, he wouldn’t. I guess I showed him b/c when he finally stopped the ride, I stood up and threw up. I know I learned my lesson…did he? Maybe as he cleaned my vomit…

  251. Go on a cruise. Seriously, the news stories about cruise ships overturning or losing power really freak me out! No thank you.

  252. At one point I never thought I would be a runner so I’m sorta afraid to say “never”. I will never walk across the top of a car again? Teenager = stupid dare = fell through windshield = stitches. That’s a safe bet.

  253. Well I will never be a dare-devil and
    1) jump over objects on fast motorized vehicles
    2) jump out of an airplane (for fun)
    3) bungee jump

    However, I will totally put it on my bucket list to live on the edge and run a half marathon and even a full marathon!!!! Now that takes guts!

    Love you all!

  254. May be the wrong forum to admit this, but I will never run a marathon! I’m perfectly content with the challenge that a half marathon offers and just don’t think my body would tolerate the abuse! πŸ™‚

  255. I will never go on a spin and puke ride at the fair or World’s of Fun. I consider it a form of exercise when we go, because of the miles and miles that we walk and the adrenaline rush from every ride. I do NOT enjoy the spinning though! =)

  256. Never say never! There is always a chance that I will do things I never thought. I will be 35 this year and have already done many things I never thought I would do. If you would have asked me 2 yars ago is I ever thought I would run a marathon I would say NO WAY! Now I have a 5 year old son with Crohn’s Disease who has inspired me to use my body, it does things that he may never be able to do!

  257. I will never again enter an obstacle laden race! No zombies, no warriors, no barbed wire, no mud and no swamps! I completed one last summer with my husband. It was 93 degrees as we leaped over fire, waded through the feted swamps, and crawled through mud pits. On the last obstacle, my braid became entangled in the barbed wire. My gallant husband turned back to free me. The crowd turned on us, chanting “Cut it off! Cut it off!” When he untangled my hair, the wire snapped back and gouged his calf. Even though he had it cleaned and bandaged at the first aid tent, it became infected. A tetanus shot, an antibiotic shot, numerous doctor visits, and three rounds of antibiotics have not cleared it up. In some small way, he probably wishes he had left me to fend for myself!

  258. That’s a hard one! One activity that I’ve never done and that I never will do…you know that Survivor Man on TV? He drops himself off in a completely deserted place…in the depths of the wilderness in Alaska…then he tries to survive for 3 or 4 days with silly things like a pen, some tape and toothpicks or something.
    That, I will never do!

  259. I’m pretty bold. But I did an 8k this past weekend, in 40mph sustained winds with gusts up to 70mph. I will never do that again.

  260. I will never, ever, ever scuba dive. The thought of being under water with no escape route if something happens to my air supply feeds my claustrophobic panic like no other scenario.

  261. I’ll never go ice skating again. I tried it for the first time this past weekend. I got around the rink exactly once, clinging to the wall and near tears. Ice skating is not for me.

  262. First things that came to mind…I will never breastfeed again. I will never have another period. Those are definite. I do believe anything else is never absolute. The problem is that after my 70.3 last year I said “I will NEVER do that again!” I’m on week 7 of training for another one this year. I never thought I’d tutor again, and I am . I never thought I’d have to support my family, but with the economy, that was a reality for half of last year. I do believe in the phrase “never say never” and be prepared for anything. Well, except for Rocky Mt. oysters. I do believe I’ll never try those!

  263. Cute shoes! That is very important!

    I don’t think I will ever try slack lining. I’ve watched and it looks really fun, but I don’t think I have the coordination and youth to do that.

  264. I will never downhill ski again. Once was more then enough for me. I was terrified of the ski lift and did the “snow plow” down the trail the entire way. I tried cross country skiing last year and that is more my speed (or lack of speed!)

  265. This is tough, I am known for trying anything and everything, I’m an adrenaline junkie.
    I will never let someone tell me what i cannot do.

  266. I’ll never eat caviar again. Yuck! The taste was so bad that I had to wipe my tongue with a paper towel to get the residue off when I was done. I don’t care how much champagne it comes with!

  267. I once jumped off a 60ft cliff at Angora Lakes near Lake Tahoe for no good reason — I wasn’t a kid, I wasn’t drunk, and I didn’t even know how to swim that well. I ended up with my bathing suit up where I thought bathing suits couldn’t go and I damaged my ear drum. NEVER again!

  268. I will never ever never take mudbath again no matter how “relaxing” my she-she friends say it is. Yuck! Blech! Nasty!

  269. I will never read or watch the Twilight series. I would like to say that about Harry Potter too but my kids are still young so I can’t say never to that one.

  270. I will never again let someone else make me into someone I’m not. I’ve discovered a me I love and I won’t let anyone take that away.

  271. I will never watch the movie 2012 again. Complete waste of my time and one of the all time worst movies I have ever seen. Which is a shame because I actually like John Cusack and Amanda Peet, but they did not do themselves justice in that movie. Can you tell I didn’t like that movie? I didn’t! NEVER AGAIN!

  272. Zumba…. Let’s just say zombies w/ only 1 leg look better than I ever could on my best day!! And no I don’t even get a good workout, there was a reason I only went out dancing AFTER drinking a few too many fruity concoctions back in the day!!!!

  273. I will never, ever, ever go on another scary roller coaster. I am still traumatized from the last one, three years ago.

  274. I will never run a 100 mile trail ultra. I’ve volunteered and paced at The Burning River 100 and most of the people coming in at mile 80 needed serious help.

  275. Bungee jumping would be it for me. I don’t see how I would ever change my mind on this. I just don’t trust a giant rubber band to not snap

  276. Will NEVER EVER go camping in the cold again. I did it with several families in our circle of friends and, while the kids had a good time, I was completely miserable. No camping past mid-October. Ever.

  277. I will never skydive again (I have done it twice); post kids, it is not worth the risk. I also never want to have to be on chemo/radiation again – once was enough!

  278. I will say “never” to skydiving, caving and anything that involves climbing higher than a step stool, but I will promise to never be pregnant again. 70 cumulative weeks of HG was enough thanks.

  279. Well, I said I would never run another marathon after my first one, and now I have my sights set on a second one in the fall…so I guess never say never!

  280. A few words for the ladies who are refusing to scuba dive. I invite you to go with me. You know what’s down there? Loads of cool fish, turtles, octopus, sharks (yes, and they are cool and won’t eat you) and lots of peace and quiet! Recreational diving is actually very safe, probably more so than running on roads with cars. I’ve rehabilitated more than my fair share of naysayers, and, despite their claustrophobia/fear of water/fear of sharks/[insert appropriate fear], they’ve all ended up loving it. Most of the earth is covered in water. Aren’t you curious to see what’s down there? It’s lovely. And quiet. Did I mention the 60 minutes of quiet?

    When I got certified to dive, I was awful to the instructor, had to have remedial lessons, and took slightly longer to work through some of the skills. I may have spat at the instructor, threatened to divorce my husband, and cursed his brother who talked us into it. I wasn’t particularly into seeing what’s under the water, and I had never been all that interested in the ocean, but, as soon as my awesome open water instructor just told me to hang and look around, I was hooked. Anyone who’s contemplating it, you can do your pool/book work in the US and a referral open water dive in warm, clear waters. I highly recommend Nat and the crew at Indepth Watersports in Grand Cayman: You can pair it with their marathon in December (

    As for me, I will never let fear make my decisions.

  281. I will never… tell myself I “can’t” eat something. Too many years of food controlling me–now I control what and how much I eat. Works much better this way, and I am 25 lbs lighter for it. And beginning to run again probably helped too!

  282. I will never again force myself to finish reading a book or keep watching a movie that that is boring me to tears.

  283. I wish I could truly say “I’ll never say never,” but skydiving, bungee jumping, and even (again) white water rafting are for sure on my NEVER list!

  284. I will never let myself become unhealthy again. I have made a lifestyle chnge and will stick to it forever. I have been running for over a year now and I don’t plan on stopping!

  285. I will never again ride a theme park roller coaster. I have– and hate it. All I do is pray, with my head tucked down in my lap, that I’ll live to see another day. No more rollercoasters!

  286. Never say never…well, except ofr sky diving, bungee jumping, and anything that involves my fear of heights.

  287. I will never sky dive, bungee jump or go scuba diving. I will try just about anything, usually, but those things scare the living dickens outta me!

  288. I will NEVER bungee jump or skydive, and I may not ever ride a rollercoaster again… I am just too dang afraid of heights!

  289. Never say never…but unfortunately I think my bikini days are well gone. I’ll likely never wear a bikini again. Tankinis for me!

  290. I will never dance on bar table again; its been over 10 years and my legs are much better defined thanks to all my running but I think I’ll stick to jamming to Kids Bob 21 and Chipwrecked with my kids-much better memories!

  291. I will never jump off/out of a perfectly good anything. That anything could be a bridge (bungee jumping) or it could be an airplane (sky diving) or it could be a cliff (base jumping). If what I am in/on is good and functioning as it should, why would I want to leave it?

  292. I will never willingly let someone else raise my children. We make so many sacrifices so I can be home with them and though I’m not perfect, I’m the best person for the job.

    1. Oh my! With the understanding that we are all doing the best we can given our circumstances, I will never judge another parent’s child care choices.

  293. I never say no! Whether it’s a simple request for a back rub from my husband or one of my kids when I am exhausted or the opportunity to go on an adventure, no is not in my vocabulary.

  294. I will never cave tube again. Something about being in a Central American country floating through dark caves filled with bats, strange water “residents” swimming under you bumping against your backside. Not to mention having your feet tucked into a strangers armpits… No thanks. Not again.

  295. Hmmm, I’m not sure I can say for certain that there is something I will NEVER do/never do again. I consider that a good thing!

  296. I will never again jump out of an airplane. I broke my leg last time I tried, which cured me of the desire. I would love a pair of sweet Merrells!

  297. When the nice ranger at the entrance to RMNP tells us she thinks we can make it down Trail Ridge Road before they close it due to weather, we will never try that again. Mama needs to be at a lower altitude when there is snow involved.

  298. I will never eat 90 percent dark chocolate again. My friend had some and shared it with me…it is like eating dirt. I will stick to my milk chocolate despite the pressure from friends to go dark.

  299. Zumba. My mom and I belong to the same gym but I can’t bring myself to latin-sexy-dance-sweat with my mom at her favorite class. It’s just too weird.

  300. I will never bungee jump for sure! I will never go on anything that you drop straight down so I guess that leaves out sky diving too! I will never free climb, too clumsy!

  301. I will never snorkel again. Apparently I’m afraid of fish, and figured it out on my honeymoon when I went snorkeling. It lasted about 3 minutes, then I was on the deck with a margarita in my hand.

  302. I will never go swimming in the ocean or scuba diving. My father took me to see Jaws when I was 6 years old and I have had an unnatural fear of sharks my whole life. I do not even like to swim in a pool by myself….I think sharks…yes even in a pool.
    Lesson:never take a 6 year old to Jaws.

  303. I will never hold/touch a snake, never eat raw sushi, never put the toilet paper on the roll so it rolls under (has to be over!) I will never wear pink or red pants, I won’t make eye contact with a clown and lastly I won’t eat raw tomatoes.

  304. I will never downhill ski. I have NO balance. I’d probably pull a Sonny Bono. It’s bad to put limits on urself but I’m responsible for 3 kids. Gotta stay alive.

  305. ZIP LINING! I went to a place called Forest Adventure in Okinawa Japan – against my better judgement – and it was fun but terrifying. I’m good with keeping my two feet firmly planted on the ground!