What Should I Name My Bike?

Have wheels, will travel. Far and fast.

So I recently got a bike that, quite frankly, I'm not worthy of. Yet. But I plan to be within a month or so. It's a Trek Speed Concept 7.8, and it's a tri-specific bike, which means it has aerobars--nearly horizontal bars where my forearms are resting in the picture above--instead of a straight-across handle bar, which mountain bikes have, or drop-bars, like road bikes have. Aerobars make you--surprise!--more aerodynamic, but they also up the danger factor a bit; I can shift with the arerobars, but there are no brakes on them. The set-up means I have to be really engaged when I ride and have improve my bike handling skills just a smidge.

I've got big plans for this bike. We're going to do the Harvest Moon Half-Ironman together in September, and if that goes well, I'm going to gun for a full Ironman in 2013. In other words, I'm going to have a pretty serious relationship with this bike; its seat will be glued to my most delicate part for many, many miles over the next two years.

I am not the type to name my vehicles, but I'm taking my cue from the mother runner who nicknamed her treadmill Donnie Wahlberg; she likes to get on him and get in a workout. (The exact quote is in TLAM in the Best Signs atΒ  Race sidebar if you need more details.) I'm still not sure if the bike is a he or she; it is a men's bike because Trek's Women's Specific Design 7.8 is built for the more average-sized female riders.

A close-up, so you can have a better idea on what you're voting on. (Notice I added light blue water bottle cages to make it a bit more girly.)

So far, I've got four options:

1. Dwight. This was my first thought, because the Speed Concept puts the emphasis on speed, and I needed a way to reign this bad boy in and keep him humble, and let him remember it's the legs doing the pedaling, not the bike itself, who is in charge.

2. Sam. During my second ride on ___________, I rode with my husband, who happens to have testosterone. Which means I have to pedal hard to hang with--or ideally, stay in front of--him. We were riding on a pretty narrow bike path, going under bridges (read: there were a lot of shadows and light changesΒ  was changing quickly) with pretty abrupt little hills and I was freaked as I tried to hang with the husband. So I thought of Sam. The reason why I like it: it can be drawn out, like Sam-U-EL! Like how you expand names when you're punishing kids. Sam-U-EL! Let me not crash! It could also be Sa-MAN-THA! You control your turns!

3. Trixie. This was SBS' addition this afternoon before we parted ways in Atlanta today. This could be a girl bike, and she could own her speed and power, as we always tell you'll do do. Trixie the Trek could be one badass mother bike, piloted by one BAMR.

4. Alamimo. Researched this baby at the airport; a unisex name that means fast, quick, nimble. I kind of wish it were Alamino--seems to roll better off my Minnesotan tongue--but I do like the uniqueness of the name. I can hear the fake announcer in my head now: "Here comes Alamimo, piloted by Dimity!"

What would you name it? One of these four or something else?

49 responses to “What Should I Name My Bike?

  1. So… did you name your bike? What was the verdict? I LOVE my bike, too! I’m hoping of getting to bike more this summer and swim more this fall when my 2 yr old starts preschool! Maybe, just maybe, I’ll train for a Tri!!! Maybe that should be the topic of your next book: Tri like a Mother! I’d love to see it! πŸ˜‰

  2. How about naming the new bike Jaguar or Tiger or another big and swift animal? After the recent IM South-Africa race which had very difficult conditions, the women’s winner Natascha Badmann spoke about her bicycle named β€˜Cheetah’. β€œCheetah was my motivation. I said, Cheetah you have to hunt even if there is wind. Otherwise there is no food. So you better race fast!” And Cheetah delivered, in big time.

    Which IM you are thinking of doing?

  3. I will be very curious to hear what you name _______________________ .

    I found out today that I’m probably looking at another three months or so of no-to-minimal running. So I named my friend the gym’s recumbent bike “Pitbull” after the (yes, vulgar but oh-so-catchy) hip-hop Cuban whose music accompanies all my rides.

  4. Ursula the Unstoppable
    Too funny that you are naming your bike. Last year when I bought a custom made bike, my family made fun of me for naming her Mabel (Mabel, Mabel, strong and able!) Glad I’m not the only one πŸ™‚

  5. I love Trixie the Trek I think that is way cute. But I also name my cars :). I never thought to name by new bike I just got to complete the Seattle to Portland in July 2012. You have for sure given me food for thought. Love the new bike and the great goals.

  6. I vote for BAMBI- as in “bad ass mother bike” … And the I is just for extra…. Bambi looks gentle and sweet, but man can she fly when she wants too!
    Congrats on a beautiful bike, whatever you name her. I am a triathlete as well, I really enjoy the cross training.

  7. I like Moxie (and not just because it sounds like my name!) It is cute and spunky and to have moxie means to have the courage to take on a difficult challenge. Couldn’t we all use some of that? πŸ™‚

  8. This has been very interesting for me. I picked up my new bike last week as I train for my first Triathalon. I did not know that naming one’s bike was a thing. Now I have something to think about. I hope you will blog about you tri training and that you and SBS will talk about it on the podcast. I love you guys!

  9. Because you are such a BAMR, BAMMER the Bike sounds a great name πŸ™‚
    But I’d totally ride him/her a few times befor pe you decide if he/she calls to you seductively, playfully,powerfully or friendly πŸ™‚

    And nice wheels! I’m looking to us my first entry level bike this season.

  10. Well, being the owner of 5 bicycles all for myself (I have an addiction) … I have to say, I have given them all female names. However, I am really digging the idea of giving one a Manly Man Hot Man Yum name since we do … er … have an intimate relationship with our bikes. hee hee! So therefore, I vote we decide to name your bicycle Robert Downey Jr. Mrowr!

  11. My first though…please don’t name it anything that be confused with an actual person…the whole, I’m riding _____ today could get very awkward. Very.

  12. My longtime fave hybrid bike happens to be a Cannondale Bad Boy, and I often and adoringly refer to it as “the bad boy.” I’m thinking you should call your new wonderful road buddy the “Bad Girl”!

  13. I like Trixie. I also like Melissa’s suggestion of “Bammer” (BAMR)
    A few others that came to mind…
    Stella -(STELLLLAAAA!!)
    Betty – for a girl that rides like the wind (kind of like in the surfing world, Betty = a girl that surfs).
    Bechkam – That would certainly get me out for a ride. πŸ˜‰

  14. I don’t have any name suggestions, but WOW!! Beautiful bike!!! I’m still getting into the triathlon groove, not a strong swimmer but have enjoyed the challenge and the variety of the event. Still plugging along on my mtn bike, but added road tires to it last year. πŸ™‚

    Happy Training! I look forward to hearing more about your training and events!

  15. I’m for Sam. Short and sweet. Easy to say when breathing hard – though I’m sure Depp is, too πŸ™‚
    When needed you could invoke Samuel, Sammy, Sam I Am.
    And how could you not be worthy of a sleek ride like that? You totally are.

  16. I have christened my new Trek “Badass Betsy”. But I wouldn’t mind if you used that πŸ™‚ It makes me think of the old war posters with women on it. They were very Badass.

      1. Rumor has it, a marathon at the end of an Ironman isn’t as tough–a relative term–as a straight marathon is. I would do it just to finish, which means plenty of walking. But thanks for paying attention. πŸ™‚

  17. First of all, congrats on this exciting venture. I want to do a full Ironman in 2013. Can’t wait to hear what race you choose.

    I think bike names are personal. You need to ride it, get comfortable and let the bike speak to you. Sorry to be of no help at all.

    1. I”m with Tonia on this one… I think you need to hold off on the naming for a few more rides. She or he will speak to you and you’ll know when you hear it. πŸ™‚

      1. Liking your suggestion, ladies. I’ll put a couple more miles on _____________, then come back to the post and figure out what name works best…so many good suggestions!

  18. I say Sam for a couple reasons. One, it is short, good for hard hills. Two, it is unisex, your bike could be like Pat, a mystery of genders. Three, it is the name that came to you while on it. Just like when you see a baby for the first time and pick a name not originally planned because it fits him or her, Sam did that for you.

  19. Come ON, Sam!! Seems easy to say. I’m just ultra impressed with anyone who takes on training for a half-iron, WAY TO GO!! Nice bike, whatever you name him or her.

  20. ironman!!!!

    after a year of constant running injuries my friends finally twisted my arm and i am now triathlete! and i love it. and i know you will too dimity. i was able to watch my friends finish (hooray!) the lake placid ironman and we are going up to support my friend in month tremblant in august. it’s a long road, training for a full. i did two half’s last year and loved them

  21. I would name mine ‘Vern’ for the silliness factor or ‘George’ short for George Strait. But George would rather ride horses than bikes. There’s nothing sexier than a REAL cowboy! From your choices above I would pick ‘Trixie’–it sounds spunky and sharp. I hope to have a tri-bike as well. Enjoy Dimity!

  22. I like Alamimo for the uniqueness (goes with Dimity that way!) and for the meaning. Plus, when really pushing hard and out of breath you can say “Come on Al, take me home!”

  23. I call my Quintana Roo CD01, PINK CAMO πŸ™‚ Alice sometimes. Alice can be slow and easy, when a recovery ride is on the calendar or I say, “Alice, Alice who the f— is Alice” when she goes badass on some hills. Don’t know why, just seems to stick.

    BTW, that’s a bad ass bike! Perhaps it should have a seriously bad ass name, although I am tapped out of suggestions!

  24. Strong and sleek makes me think “girl name.” But Trixie could get tiring, sounds too much like a “trickster” or “tricky.” Not something you want in a racer!

    If you go with a man’s name, go with the “seductive” factor Samantha suggested. Armando, Alejandro – whatever makes you want to get out there and ride him! πŸ˜‰

    Nice wheels, whatever her/his name is!

    1. Shelley: too funny. When I was in Mexico for spring break, I was about 14 and this man named Armando kept telling me he wanted to “love make” to me. Freaked me out. So probably not going to name it Armando, but good for a smile. πŸ™‚

  25. I like the meaning of Alamimo, but Sam is easier to say. However, I think Depp is my favorite. It’s the kind of name that makes you think of getting on and riding forever. πŸ™‚

  26. I like Sam…easy to coo and easy to swear at too. And do you really want to have to say Alamimo when you’re out of breath. Beautiful bike, enjoy it.
    My bikes name is Lucille, because I love her the way BB King loved his guitar.

  27. “My new lover”, “Armando”, “Nikko”, “Alejandro” – some seductive name that will help motivate you to get out there for a nice long ride!

  28. Dwight=dufus from The Office
    Sam – I get it, but it’s Sam. Ho Hum. But the drawn out factor, totally get it.
    Trixie sounds likes she came from a trailer park – no offense to any Trixie’s out there.
    Alamino would constantly get confused with Palamino, which I guess wouldn’t be too bad. Horses are fast, right?
    I have NO IDEA why Riddick came to mind – you know, Riddick the Racer. I promise I don’t have a thing for Vin Diesel, though he does fit the bill for being pretty bad ass.
    Or maybe something neutral like BAM or BAMR – Bad Ass Mother RACER πŸ™‚
    Congrat’s, whatever you end up naming her. Jealously sending best wishes for the next couple years of your woman parts making friends with your new ride. πŸ™‚

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