Corrected and Free (!) Half-Marathon: Finish It Plan

We can even help you finish a half marathon in just a sports bra with an avalanche chasing you. We're that good.

Sarah and I read proofs of Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line - and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity about 8,000 times. Or at least it felt like that. After about the third time of taking a magnifying glass to the text, which we'd already read, edited, read, edited, read, edited many times, I think our eyes just glazed over. Either that, or she trusted I was eagle-eyeing the training plans--and I was doing the same.

The result? A few typos. (Yeah, I know: like that's a huge surprise. And guess what? Sometimes we raise our voices at our kids, too.) The most notable ones were in the Half-Marathon: Finish It plan, so we wanted to make amends as soon as possible. We apologize if we threw any of you off; the mistakes weren't huge, but were a little confusing.

Which is why we're giving it to all of you, whether or not you bought Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line - and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity, right here as a .pdf, which will open in a new window when you click on the link to you can download.

We figure one of two things:
1. If you own the book, you can print it out, staple it, fold it, and shove it in the back for when you're ready to finish a half-marathon.

2. If you haven't gone orange on us yet, maybe seeing this innovative plan for busy people and designed by coach extraordinaire Christine Hinton will tip you over the edge. (Look at the coffee cups! So cute! And look at how smart and doable this plan is! And there are fun workouts? What are those? I guess I'll have to buy TLAM and find out!)

So consider this a random surprise for June 12th. Enjoy and happy Tuesday!

We've heard from some of you that have followed the plans, but are always open to feedback, improvements, and, of course, a compliment. If you have any stories or corrections or ideas, please feel free to pipe up in the comments below. Thanks!

84 responses to “Corrected and Free (!) Half-Marathon: Finish It Plan

  1. please please put all of your books on audible!!! the whole point is that we barely have time to run! your book gets me through my run. keep up the great work.

  2. Hi Ladies,
    I love the books and your emails and podcasts! Now that my BRF and I have finished a 10K together, and recovered from shin splints, we’re building up to use this plan. I have a few questions on how to structure our plan though, would you mind giving me a few pointers?
    * our current weekly running is about 8miles, and we are increasing slowly to avoid more pain (10% and hold for three weeks). I think we need a base of about 16 miles per week before we launch into the training plan here. Does that seem right?
    * the plan is structured for longish runs on tuesdays and LR on Saturday – with kiddos schedules we can do our longish ones on Wed nights together, but i’m not sure how to rework the week and keep LR on sat. suggestions?


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  4. Hi!
    I just wanted to say thank you for you gift of the training plan! I’ve not been running that long but quickly found it to be addictive.
    I’m week 3 into the training plan and finding it a lot easier to manage than I first thought. I even brought the book to use for the big 26.2 miles in April 2016.
    I just wanted you to know that you plan has actually given me some proper and needed structure. my husband and children are eternally grateful! 🙂

  5. Dimity-
    I bought the book just finished the book Train like a Mother, but wanted to know if you or Coach Christine could post HR Zone’s for training for the HM Finish it plan. I’ve run 9 HM with my 9th being my WORST and I’m taking the time to retrain and structure my running.

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  16. Gave my “training book” copy to a friend in hopes that she gets motivated. Have since relocated and realize that I need my plans to stay motivated and goal oriented! So here I am to order another copy! Used the Half Marathon and Marathon-Finish it plans and loved them! So manageable! I have got to get back on the horse!

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  19. I’m in week 6 of this plan. I felt like a superstar running 8 miles on Saturday so comfortably. Stretching and Yoga are key for me to not feel achey. I am really enjoying this plan…thank you ladies!

  20. Thank you for this! I am putting on my calendar the Seattle Half on December 1st which is 19 weeks out so that gives me a few weeks to get re-read my TLAM highlights and get my running base up before officially starting the plan. Very excited 🙂 Happy training!

  21. I highly recommend this plan! I used it this spring to train for my first half. I was able to stay sane throughout this whole plan (my family too!), and finished my first half marathon with a time of 01:48:00. Whoop!! Go BAMR!!

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  23. i tried to get the 1/2 marathon plan-doing my first 1/2 in philadelphia sept 15-rock and roll marathon. when I clicked on the link it took me to all prior posts. thx!

  24. I am a 51 year old mom…of two grown-up, graduated-from-college, working-and-living-on-their-own daughters…Can I still Train Like A Mother? Feeling kind of lost, right now, with the mothering role having been slipped away from me, all sneaky-like…

    1. Of course you can! I’m at 58 y.o. mom of two grown kids, one married, 2 grandkids (who live in Africa! *boo hoo*) and I began to run in July 2012 – you can indeed do this. Its brought me closer to friends I had but hadn’t been around lately, I’m making new friends, have energy, interest, etc. It may open your life up to many good things: healthier you, more zest for life, interest in running, cute running clothes, it goes on an on. Do it!

  25. Hello…. I have both of your books and I want to start the “own it” half-marathon training plan but I was wondering if you coul de-mail it to me? I am the type who likes to X out each workout when I complete it and I thought it might be easier to make one if it was a pdf rather than a photocopy from my book? Thanks and thanks for the fabulous books!

  26. Ooooh!!! Thanks!! Gonna attempt to begin my training. August is not too far off – maybe – just maybe the half by then? It’s feasible. Quitting is not an option. ; )

  27. I just downloaded the half marathon training plan, and am not clear what the h:6 x 45 sec on z4-5 means (I’m starting at week six..?) can you clarify? Thanks

    1. H stands for Hill, in the Half Marathon Own It Plan it means for that work out warm up (WU) for 10min, ending at the bottom of a hill. Run up for 45sec at zone 4-5 effort then walk back down, repeat 6x. Cool Down (CD) for 10min. Can also be done on the treadmill.

  28. Thanks for this…I’m preparing to train for my first 1/2 and have been comparing many plans out there and this seems most in tune with where I’m starting and where I need to get, along with the possible bumps in the road along the way.

  29. Awesome! I have the book, digitally, and was going to spend a fun hour making an excel spreadsheet for my training schedule. NOW… I get to just print it out 🙂 I also love the book because this is my first half marathon and the explanations and stories in the book are both educational and entertaining! So, thanks ladies.

  30. I just found this link. Thank you! I bought the book and am following a shortened version of this plan to train for a 10-miler. I had wondered why there was a 12-mile run in week 7. Thanks again. I’m on Week 3 and am already running farther and faster than I have before.

  31. I compared this version to my book and only found one change: week 7 long run should be 8mi not 12 as written in the book. Did I miss anything else that should be changed? Thanks.

  32. I am loving the plan for Half Marathon: Finish It. I think I would have happily (if not painfully) completed whatever was there. I am finding this one way easier to stick to and seeing results from the speed workouts and hill repeats. Thanks for fixing the mistake!

  33. Just one more reason to really love you two!!
    You made a mistake, owned it and made it right.
    Training plan being attached to my orange book today.

  34. Is it me or should #10 read: “at the end of your EIGHT mile run? It says 12?! Is it the sleep depravation or just a typo? I ask not to be critical, but because I’m confused!!

    THANK YOU for posting this. LOVE your stuff. Finished two halfs this spring. First ones, ever. Ran my first mile in Oct 2011 for that matter. Now looking for motivation to get my butt back off the couch after the last half. Doesn’t help that I have lots o’ mommy and non-mommy demands that are keeping me from registering for another half. Time to get moving regardless!

    1. I was wondering that very same thing, Birgitta! My real confusion was if the plan called for running “the last 4 miles of the 12 mile run” in 10 mins, in which case this is WAY out of my league!

      so, on week 10, it says, “LR: 8 miles, 10 min strong finish” and in the What it says/what you do section that translates to, “LR: 8 miles, 10 min. strong finish At the end of your 12-mile fun, pretend your kids are chasing you for 10 mins”

      4 miles in 10 minutes is a little better than ‘strong’ finish, no?

  35. Since I haven’t “gone orange” YET… is there a train to be faster 1/2 plan? I’m past just finishing, wondering if there’s something for those looking to speed things up a bit? I’ll totally buy in (something I’m planning on doing anyway) if that’s the case. Oh, and is it available on Kindle?

    1. Yep, Meghan, for every distance we have a “Finish It” and “Own It” plan; sounds like you’re ready to Own a race. And yep, you can buy it on Kindle. Thanks. 🙂

    1. Since there have been no other complaints, Kelly-Anne (which is rare for us and technology), I’m thinking maybe you could try a different computer or have a friend/husband/mom try to print it for you on their computer? Just a thought. Sorry about that.

  36. Just in time! I start this plan at the end of the month. More and more you two prove to me how awesome you are! I can’t wait to give you my race report after the Zooma Cape Cod! Yeah baby, see ya then!

    1. Ha, I just realized it’s the Finish It plan, I’m following the Own It! I am going to definitely pass this one on to my sister though!

  37. The happiest day of my running life was the day I got the Own It plan in printable form! It was nice having instant, easy access via Kindle, but the plans are a pain to read in that format. That being said, I think you guys already know this, but in case other people need to see it, my BRF and I are living testimonials to the awesomeness of the half Own It plan. Can’t give it (or you two) enough love!!!!

    1. How did you get it in printable form? I’ve got the book but I’d love to print out the plan that I’m trying to make dates and notes by the weeks and workouts.

    1. Hi Crystal, I’m starting training for my first half on July 1st too. When and where will you be doing your race? Best of luck to us both!

  38. Thank you! I was having trouble reading the plan on my Kindle and spent an afternoon squinting at it and typing it into an Excel document. I thought maybe I was just getting old and missing typos.

    I’m not following the plan exactly but it’s a nice guideline to help me along.

    1. I spent my quiet mom minutes doing the same thing!! I didn’t even notice that error, but I think by week seven I would start to question the validity of the plan :+) I start the half marathon plan on 6/24…my first one!

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