Special Giveaway: Garmin 10 + Mother Runner Love

Friday was one of those days where things just aligned. (Love those gems, btw.) At the San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll expo, we meet Vanessa, who won the first Garmin Forerunner 10 we gave out. We shot a few pics, and commented how cool it was to meet an AMR winner. (I mean, you're all winners, but we rarely meet somebody face to face who actually wins on our page.) She had just received her Garmin 10, a GPS that gives the important stats--pace, mileage, time, calories burned--a few days prior.

Isn't she pretty in pink? (At least one of us is...)

A few hours later, an email appeared in our inbox. Would we be up for being part of another, and special, Garmin 10 giveaway? Let's think for a nano-second. Um. Yes.

And so, here we are today with our first ever Twitter-centric giveaway. We're not usually up for contests that make you sprint all over the Internet to enter, but this one is special for two reasons:

Three color options--winner gets her pick--carry you through miles upon miles.

1. It's Β a Garmin 10. Simplicity, accuracy, accountability all in one petite, affordable package. Makes me just #lovemygarmin.

(That # is a hashtag, if you're not a Twitter-er. Rules: one sentiment, no spaces, preceded by a #. And the @ on Twitter is like a "hey: I want you to know that I'm talking about you": a tweet that says @dimityontherun what are you up to? means Hey Dimity, how are you procrastinating today? Or one that says @sbsontherun loves that @danielcraig looks so hot in #Skyfall means Please, please Danny boy, write Sarah back! She doesn't care if it's only 140 characters!)

2. It requires the hashtag mother runner, which looks like this: #motherrunner. When I get punchy, I tweet that we're aiming for #motherrunner world domination. (Not such a bad thing, right? We run things, after all.) And btw, you can be a mother to a four-legged or to 20 1st-graders or a few plants...we don't discriminate around here.

So how does this contest work? If you have a Twitter account already, you simply have to answer this: What is one race you're hoping to do in 2013? And then you have to follow your race with two hashtags: #motherrunner #lovemygarmin.

So your tweet might look like this:
In 2013, I am going to rip upβ€”or surviveβ€”@IMTriathlon CDA. #motherrunner #lovemygarmin


I can't wait for @runDisney princess because my BRFs and I love to sparkle. #motherrunner #lovemygarmin


2013 will be my first marathon. Not sure where yet, but @Garmin will lead the way. #motherrunner #lovemygarmin

If you've been curious about Twitter, this a great opportunity to jump in--and help us gain #motherrunner domination. (If you're not sure about Twitter etiquette, just pretend it's a cocktail party where you don't know many people: Start a few conversations with people you might not normally talk to. But if you search for the #motherrunner hashtag, it'll be like a cocktail party where you know everybody.)

In order to be entered, you need to tweet with the #motherrunner #lovemyGarmin hashtags at least once before Thanksgiving, November 22. We'll announce the winner, picked by a special panel at Garmin, on Saturday, Nov. 24.

Questions? Hit us up in the comments below, #motherrunners or tweet to us at @dimityontherun and @sbsontherun or @Garmin with any q's.


73 responses to “Special Giveaway: Garmin 10 + Mother Runner Love

  1. Ok. I joined Twitter and tweeted. Not too hard or too long. Thanks for the contest. I got a response from @Avlmarathon, so I guess I did it right. I’m @StephHHolland.

    1. Put the wrong @ mention on my tweet…it should have been @RunRocknRoll…whoops. Looking forward to the DC half in March!

  2. Thanks for another opportunity at a Garmin!! I just did my first tweet, I hope I did it right! My handle is @painthorse84 if anyone can let me know… Thanks ladies!! πŸ™‚

  3. Sure hope Canadians can enter – I need that Garmin 10 in pink – my current Garmin is awesome, but falling apart thx to Hubby having replaced my battery and not having locked it into waterproof status properly-right before I took it for a nice swim πŸ™‚

    1. Is he not to die for, or what?? Heck, I even thought he was hot in “Munich.” Hubby and I are seeing Skyfall next week on IMAX. I will convert popcorn bucket to drool bucket!!

    1. Hi ya, Kelin, how’s the foot? Dare I type that I thought of you when I spotted a banana peel on the side of road on Sunday’s long run!??! (Sorry….)

      The important thing for contest is to use hashtags #motherrunner and #lovemygarmin in tweet. As in,
      I want to return to Chicago Marathon to conquer it in 2013. #motherrunner #lovemygarmin

    1. What’s your “handle” (your @-name) on Twitter, Dorothy? I’m not seeing tweet from someone named Dorothy from about 2 hours back with hashtags #motherrunner & #lovemygarmin….

    1. Thank you, Kailin, for affirming my reassurance that it’s easier than it sounds. I know that before I joined Twitter, it was just a wall of confusion for me.

  4. So I just made my first tweet to enter this one!! Yeah, I know, I am a little late making to Twitter! Lol! I am nchalfcrazyrunr over there & I hope I did it right!!

    1. Anna, I actually can’t find your account on Twitter…or your tweet. I want to make sure you’re set up right. If you know how to take screenshot, want to take one and email it to us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com? No rush.

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