Special Contest: The Search for Clever New Running Phrase

A bunch of gorgeous gals (and me, on left) at fun T-shirt photo shoot this summer.

Hard to believe now, but us selling T-shirts started out simply as a way to get people to visit our booth at race expos. Dimity wisely realized that no one would approach a table staffed by two Amazons decked out in running skirts with a lonely stack of bright yellow books in front of them. I half-joke our tees are catnip to lure mother runners to our table so they'll buy our book. (Tee-hee: It works!) Just as our yellow book spawned an orange tome, a few tees have blossomed into an entire collection, all with witty, clever  phrases on them. (My, aren't I modest?!) As we often spout at expos: The words on the shirts reflect the attitude and sentiment in our books.

One of two variations of our "I run things." tee

Our two most recent additions to our line--"I run things." and "It's all good. I ran today."--have been super-popular. But already we're looking for the next big thing: We hope to debut a new shirt (or two) in time for the Disney Princess half-marathon in February. That's where you come into this picture: We want T-shirt slogan suggestions from you ladies. One of our perennial favorites that reads, "Are my kids still chasing me?" was dreamed up by Amanda, a mother runner of two in Denver.

So put on your clever-creative hat, and come up with a pithy, witty, sassy words or phrase that gets the tribe-vibe across, that  speaks to the sanity-saving side of running, that fires you up to head out the door, that makes people cheer for you in races, that gives a good laugh. (For example, our signature phrase is, "badass mother runner.") Then write your suggestion(s) in the comments section (click on orange ribbon below post on our site). The three women who come up with the best, most original slogans will each win a T-shirt of their choice from our online storeIf we end up making tees or tanks with one (or two) of those phrases on it, the slogan-writer will get two of the tops once they are produced. (One for the wordsmith, and one for her running buddy.)

Sweet Audrey showing her badass side in our BAMR tank.

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And we hope to be inundated with sassy slogans. Feel free to submit as many original, clever phrases as you come up with. We'll announce the top three on Saturday, December 8. Get crackin'!

We love the double entendre on this bright tee.


380 responses to “Special Contest: The Search for Clever New Running Phrase

  1. fairygod runner
    training pants (if you ever decided to print on shorts)
    life is a run, run it
    run by my kids
    happily running after
    sleep tomorrow, run today
    when one door closes, run!
    barely awake!
    fairy trail
    never put off until tomorrow what you could run today
    choose running

  2. time out
    run it out
    run while the baby is sleeping
    sweat, a mom’s best friend
    mom’s glass slippers (image of running shoes)

  3. 1) Front: strong to the core Back: another strong mother runner
    – help spread the message to moms the running is great but strong cores are important to prevent injury post baby!

    2) Running balances me – graphic of seesaw/ teeter totter with kid on one end, running shoes on the other
    or something with the balance see saw theme

    3) Front: Gluteylicious Back: Strong mother runner

  4. Run like no one is watching
    Sweat like no one is watching
    Miles like no one is counting

    Run, mom, run
    No run, no fun
    I run, do you?
    Run me over!

  5. Run done.
    Only 5,487,521 other things to do today.

    Leave Mommy alone. She’s in her happy place.

    (or, for us ahem, more substantial runners)
    Not skinny.
    Not fast.
    Doing it anyway.

  6. 1) Pace car
    2) My dog gave up miles ago.
    3) Do Not Disturb: Therapy in Session
    4) The wall?? Pfft… Climbed up, over and moved on.

  7. “Running for our lives” with an image (stick figures?) of a mom with children. I know I run for my sanity and it makes me a better mother…

  8. A few idea:

    Mother in training
    Mother runner in training
    Another mother runner in training
    I do it every day: lace up
    Mother runners finish everything strong
    Mother runners finish strong
    Finish strong
    Mother runners always cross the line

  9. For t shirts:

    Run happy. (So many ways to read/live/run this way! )

    Also – Run Forrest! (Love that movie, would but that shirt anyday)

  10. Run, like a cheap pair of hose

    Run, like a toddler’s nose

    Run, like a toddler after their third juice box


    will run for change

  11. I’m having too much fun with this. It’s keeping my brain busy during my runs!

    “Run day is my fun day.” (spin off of the Bangles)

  12. I Trained Like A Mother!

    Front of shirt: Run run as fast as you can…
    Back of shirt: you can’t catch me, I trained like a mother!

  13. Running my ass off
    Getting a run on things
    Running mom; Happy mom
    Super Mom – no cape required
    Running makes me a better mom

  14. RUN-tastic
    MAMA (mom’s against mommy attire)
    Catch me if you can
    Running…a rather effective mode of transportation
    TAG (on front) You’re IT (on back)

  15. What about a shirt with print on the back that says something to the effect “If you can read this you just got schooled by ANOTHER MOTHER RUNNER”

  16. Love your shoe logo. How about a way for us mom’s to custom order the tee depending on how many kiddo’s we have. Would love that. I would love for a way to have a custom car sticker with family running shoes.

    * spreading my wings
    * killing the doubt
    * Mom’s vacation
    * Coffee + banana + running buggy = happy
    * Living my dream
    * Kid’s pushed me out the door
    * Running buggy + trail = trail school
    * screw preschool…..trail school baby
    * Planning dinner
    * Planning___________. ( leave it blank & let mom’s write it in )
    * Running to inspire my kids
    *No longer dreaming….living
    * Finding my smile
    * Found my smile at mile 2.
    * That’s right….I potty train while running in the woods. ( with a picture of a running buggy
    * Bad Ass stroller pushing momma
    * No longer dreaming

  17. Suck it up, princess.

    This princess doesn’t wear glass slippers.

    “The perfect shoes can change your life.” – Cinderella

  18. Sweat sister

    I run therefore I do

    Running keeps me sane

    Eat, sleep, run….repeat

    Join the tribe

    Running….my therapy

    Run for the fun of it

    Will run for cupcakes (or any other food item)

  19. I’ve smelled worse
    I think she farted (arrow)
    Happy Hour
    Run Amuck
    Run like you’re breaking wind
    Put some sweat on it
    Run Away!
    Not a Sasquach, just smell like one
    Run like you’re hearing banjos
    Block buster
    Yes, I could run slower
    Still waiting for my uterus to fall out
    Mom’s at recess
    My husband thinks I’m fast
    Act your shoe size
    I do run run run, I do run run
    Run wild, run free, then run home

  20. My BRF and I used to determine our daily mileage by determining what issues we needed to cover/discuss that day. “Daycare issue. Inlaws. Work crap. That’s gonna be the 7 mile loop today…” On that note, I’d like to have a shirt with something regarding trails, running as therapy, etc….

    What Happens on the Trail Stays on the Trail

    Certified Trail Therapist

    Leave It All On The Trail

    The Trail is Calling

    All Terrain Mother Runner

  21. Run Strong, Live Long 😉
    Will run for sex…y legs!
    Life is short… for it!
    Type A get outta my way
    I am a runner!
    Run like a tortouise….wish I were the hare!
    Up at 4:30, ran 5 miles….whats your excuse 🙂
    Over 50…..but run so swiftly!
    I may be slow but still love the glow

  22. I ran my first half marathon in a tutu and plan to do this for every race. So my slogans are either:

    Tutu Trotter!


    Tutu Trotter Tribe Member

  23. Running shoes are my superhero costume.

    My *other* workout is being a mom.

    Leading by example.

    My kids cheer louder than your kids!

  24. Fearless.

    This is MY time-out

    Mothers…We run the world. (or in place of mothers, Women or BAMR)

    Be fearless, be focused, be free

    This one is a picture, not a slogan.
    Stick figure runner + Smiley face = Heart

  25. Building some serious lactate tolerance. OR I tolerate a lot. Lactate included. OR My lactate tolerance will crush you. 😉

  26. Endorphins – Mommy’s Little Helper

    If the treadmill is rocking – don’t come knocking

    Mommy miles = Mommy smiles

    Yes….right after my run

    Love my kids…need my run

    Laundering Shirts to Running Skirts

    Ranting? Raving? Run!!

    Chase my Cheerios

  27. Actually read this on daily mile from one of my friends, Jenny. She said:

    “I might not be a great housewife, but check out these pins!”

    Made me laugh out loud and always thought it would be a great t-shirt slogan.

  28. If Mama ain’t running, ain’t nobody happy!

    Behind evey mother runner is a dirty basket if laundry.

    Being a mother runner isn’t always easy. If it were, dads would do it.

    A man has to do what a man has to do. And women must do what they can’t.

    Master Of Miles

    BAMR-we do it longer.

  29. okie dokie…

    1) Mamathoner

    2) Road Scholar

    3) Sole Sistah

    4) Heart & Sole

    5) Does this shirt make me look fast?

    6) Pace be with you

    7) Weeeee!!

    8) Is my cape still attached?

    9) Yo mama is so fast…

    10) Sorry fellas

  30. So many good ones up there!

    1. Mother Runs Best
    2. This is Me (or Mommy) Time
    3. Go Tell Your Mother (if you can catch her)

  31. Running is quiet. Kids are not.

    Running for my kids, my self, and my sanity!

    See mom run. Run, mom, run!

    Can’t stop. Kids may be behind me.

  32. Here are my favorites:

    *fast moms have good times!

    *If you think running is hard, try giving birth!

    *I want to run until I can’t.

    * I like to run it makes me smile, I think I’ll run another mile.

    * we don’t have time…we MAKE time!

  33. In training -get comfortable being uncomfortable.

    I run because I can.

    I am strong!

    This is my happy pace. (Not a typo I really mean pace not place)

    I agree with someone above, the ribbon saying buy our books gets in the way when I read.

  34. For a mom who runs with a jogger: “Don’t make me pull over.” Or “Kids, don’t make me pull over!” Or, what about a mother runner version of one of those old-fashioned friendship necklaces…shirts that say “BRF” and both have one shoe from a pair?

  35. Front of tee-Mother in training… Back of tee: After sleep training… Potty training… Puppy training…husband training THIS is easy…

  36. 1. Running is my happy pill
    2. Mama Needs to Run
    3. Running away from the kids, but I’ll run back
    4. Moms run the world
    5. Running for my patience or Looking for my patience
    6. If you don’t have anything nice to say, RUN

  37. This isn’t sweat, it’s pixie dust!

    Oh the places you’ll go…

    While on my run today, having to jump onto the grass to avoid speeding cars, I thought I could use a Shirt that says “Slow Down” in big letters! Or “Share the road with a runner!”

  38. I don’t know if anyone has said these but they came to me on my 10-miler today:

    I’m one tough mother runner – this may already be a t-shirt but I can’t recall.

    I trained like a mother – wear on race day

    Training like a mother

  39. I took my 3 yr on a two mile trail run today (yes, he ran the whole thing!) and repeatedly he kept laughing and saying, “run with me mommy!” I want to be that inspiration to my children, that they want to run too.
    So, my ideas are from him:

    Run with Me
    Run with Me, Mommy

  40. here’s my list: sorry, I run MANY miles so I have plenty of time to think!!

    Run Aimlessly
    Discipline the MInd
    Run Heartily
    Run to Obtain It
    Run to Own It
    Rather be Running
    Trail or Road, that IS the question
    Trail love affair
    Run Satisfied
    This is my gift
    I Choose Running
    Suck it Up
    Mentally Tough
    Own Your Run
    Leavin’ It All Behind (or leavin’ it on the trail/road?)
    Be in This Moment
    It’s My Stride
    This is my Reward
    Endure The Run

  41. I know this has been said already, but “don’t think, just go” would be great, I know it’ll make me smile if someone else was wearing it.
    When I was wearing my bamr shirt, a grandma asked if they came in baGr versions.

    How about a shirt with the one of the book logos (shoes or the running mom) on the front and “follow this mother” on the back.

  42. Love these!

    Here’s mine:

    Front: This mom has been around the block…

    Back: … up the trail, down the road, and conquering hills.

  43. “Run , mother, rinse, repeat!!”

    “I run, we run, they run”

    “runneress on the prowl”

    “Labor check, next item marathon”
    “train like a mother, fly like me”
    “I run with my mind”
    ” mommy’s running nirvana”

  44. “Baby, I was born to run” (with a cool little graphic of a mom pushin’ a jogger stroller….) LOVE the Runderwoman idea.

  45. Geez — the time it took to scroll down these suggestions — I’m sure there are some phenomenal ones!

    Mine to throw in the pot …

    Lace ’em up! (with your awesome outline of shoes/laces)

  46. 1. Running for sanity.

    For the breastfeeding mothers
    2. My milkshake brings the babies to the yard.
    3. My baby takes his milk shaken, not stirred.

  47. 1. “Sweatin’ it every day / another mother runner”

    2. “I got legs that don’t quit”

    3. “Motherhood in fast forward”

    4. “Thanks, you look great too.”

    For the Disney run:

    1. “Bibbidi-bobbidi-badass mother runner”

    2. “Someday my PR will come”

    3. “Mirror, mirror on the wall / Who’s the fastest of them all?”

    4. “Outta my way! The evil queen’s after me!”

    5. “Worst coronation parade ever”

    6. “My tiara is moisture-wicking”

  48. From all of the suggestions for “I run therefore I am”, it looks like you need to resurrect the “I run therefore I RLAM” shirts! Please. 🙂

    I also love the suggestion of “See Mom Run”. I would wear that one for sure!

  49. 1. Run by example

    2. Running = Happy Mama

    3. Running is my alone time

    4. I’ll get back to you after my run

    5. I may be slow but I’m on the go!

  50. Run Free

    Who knew I’d Run for Fun?!?!

    This Mother Runner is ready for any challenge!
    or This Mother Runner is looking for a good challenge!

    Running; It’s About Me.

    Running; Good for this Mother’s Solo

    Don’t Mess with This Mother Runner (I carry wipes)

  51. Keep Calm and Marathon-MOM

    Hey, Sexy Lady!!!! Running Gang-MOM style

    Legitimate Pace

    2012 – Run like a MYAN MOM

    I just passed you, this is crazy, here’s my bib number, call me MOMMA, baby!

    1. Alas, we don’t own the trademark to that phrase. (TMs don’t apply to book titles, so we’re in the clear with our yellow book.)

  52. I have Dimity’s “Don’t Think Just Go” Mantra as the title to my super-early alarm clock. I would get out of bed more readily if that were on a shirt. A pink one.

  53. How about something that you’re trying to catch the kids? My daughter (5) outdid our walkers, the fastest walker was 1 minute, 10 seconds behind her (in a 5k). (Did I mention my daughter disobeyed a “slow down/come back”? Disappointed with that, but she was safe, and we’re proud of her for doing well.)

    Keeping up with the kids

    I always win at tag (back says “you’re it!”)

    Running with my pacesetter(s) (one or more kids and a mother shadow figures (solid colors))

    I train to surpass my kids (I train to beat my kids just didn’t sound right, maybe there’s a better word still)

    Have you seen my kids?

    BMR (beautiful mother runner) –make sure it comes in ALL sizes.

    Humm…still haven’t found “the one”, but the tag one comes close…maybe the pacesetters.

  54. Life is short, make it count.
    Role model on the run
    Miles for Me
    Running is my Happy Pill
    Yes, this is fun for Me!
    Does my Ass Look Fast in this shirt? (or skirt)
    Mothers Do it Faster

  55. My running ladies and I always run to the slogan
    “Suck it up Buttercup”.
    We have it printed on a few of our running shirts that we wear when we run races together 🙂

  56. “This is my great escape”

    “Recharging my mother batteries”

    “I run with the same HEART I mother with” (my fav)

    “All fired up”

    “Bring it”

    “I make this look easy”

  57. As my friend Katy and I (who happen to be neighbors) were running off our crazy morning (5 kids under 4 between the 2 of us, two 4 year old girls and three 2 year old boys), we ran past a crosswalk monitor near the local school who called us “brave.” Ummm… it’s just rain, and we would be brave if we stayed home. Once we were safely across the street we joked that we saved the cops a trip to our houses by running and regaining sanity. The husbands come up, we lace up and go (ok, really, we are ready and just run out the door when they come in), so my slogan would have to be,

    “No Cops Needed, Kids are OK, I ran today.” 🙂

  58. “RUN LIKE A GRANDMA” I recently purchased a shirt with this saying and got so many comments. I even had women asked me where I purchased it while running in a 15K race. It was on the back where eveyone could see it. I am a mom of 4 girls and grandma of 2 girls.
    My friend was wearing one that said “RUN LIKE A MOTHER”.

  59. My feet take me, but my head makes me.

    I love all the ones that say something like “Does this shirt make me look fast!?”

  60. I love the smell of asphalt in the morning!

    Asphalt + Me = Peace

    Role Model

    Sole Model

    Enjoying the journey…

    This isn’t sweat, it’s liquid awesome!

    Bet you wish you were on a run right now…

    Inside this shirt beats the heart of a runner…

    1. Enjoying the journey,

      Side note–the “get the books” thing that pops up on an iPad directly infront of my typing area–I don’t like it, please get your techies to fix it.

  61. You need to include GRANDmother Runners!!

    For past 5 years I have put a relay team of all women over the age of 50 (oldest is now 68)and most of us are now grandmothers (and we can zip past a lot of the youngsters!)

    So how about “One Bad GRANDmother Runner”

  62. I haven’t read through the comments so I apologize if this is a duplicate. My idea is a “See Mom Run” shirt playing off the style of Dick and Jane books.

  63. Not sure if any of these have already been said….

    Your pace or mine?

    I put the fun in Fun Run

    Mother On (the) Move

    Lace up and move it.

    The hardest part of this run was opening the door

    You have a choice – run now or regret later

  64. Running On Endorphines

    Someday I won’t be able to do this, Today is NOT that day!

    Training is the hard part- the race is the reward!

    Mom On The Move

  65. I love fun t-shirts, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!
    My ideas

    1. run like a girl
    2. running to get my sanity, be back soon
    3. 5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2
    Mother Runner

  66. How about:

    1) Gotta run…I’ve got the kids!
    2) Sanity-saver!
    3) I made a person, so I CAN make it up this hill!
    4) Have kids, will run

  67. Running from my kids….I’ll go back eventually!

    I run for me!

    Any pace is better than sitting on the couch!

    You just got passed by a mother runner (on the back of the shirt)

    Movin’ it so I don’t lose it!

    This is my me time!

  68. If the shoe fits…. lace it and RUN!

    Runners do it for hours, at all hours.

    Insects eat their young. I run.

    There is no “MOMMY!!!!” in Run.

    1. BAMR (for those of us with preschoolers who can read and ask embarassing questions)
      Bright, Amazing, Mother, Runner
      Brilliantly, Aglow,Magnificient Mother, Runner
      Best at-it-all mother runner

      Faster than a diaper change, Sexier than SpitUp, I am a mother runner

      For Disney

      Anything your heart desires… a BAMR minute…..
      Eat my Fairy Dust

  69. “My stroller is faster than yours.”
    (For us stroller pushing Mama’s out there!)

    “My kids make me run.”

    “13.1 miles of peace & quiet.”
    (Insert whatever distance, I just like the half marathon!)

  70. Every time I’m wearing one of my Another Mother Runner shirts I always wish it said something on the back too, so when I pass someone they know they just got passed by a mother runner! I especially used to think this when I was running with my double jogging stroller. This could apply to any of your shirts. For example, the cute suggestion above, “This is how I roll,” could say on the back, “you just got passed by a jogging stroller.” Maybe that’s too obnoxious, I don’t know! Really like the suggestion above, “Cheaper than therapy,” and the suggestions for the shirts the whole family could wear.

  71. Awww, I love your t-shirts! You should start making baby onsies and kids shirts too! They could say things like Go MOMMY Go! or Run Faster Mommy 😉

    The few phrases I could think of are 1) Body of a Mother Runner 2) Marathon Mommy 3) Running from the Kids

  72. “Didn’t think, Just went” at risk of copyright infringing you all, of course…

    or “Thank God I’m a Runner Mom”

    1. Like this. Also this variation, “survived twin labor. This is nothing.”

      Or, “mother of twins. This is nothing.”

  73. After the recent great photo album of BAMR bodies, I suggest: “REAL runners come in ALL shapes and sizes” or for a shorter version “Runners come in ALL shapes and sizes”. I also suggest “To finish is to win.” It’s going to be my mantra for my first full this spring:)

  74. Happy Hour! Make mine an endorphin cocktail (image of the word “endorphins” in the shape of a wine glass/martini glass/beer bottle).

  75. “running out the crazies”
    “Hi,runners high!”
    take on Ellen—“Laugh, Dance, Run”
    “running ugly feeling beautiful”

  76. Marathoners (or runners) do it longer
    I eat miles for breakfast
    Endurance is a (or my) state of mind
    Kill the hill
    Another vote for “Easier than childbirth,” which has been one of my mantras for a while now

  77. “Miles to go before I pee”
    I have to be honest, my BRF and I were talking slogans when she suggested “Miles to go before I peak.” I misheard her. I like my version better.

  78. I’m an English teacher, so I’m totally aware how bad this is…but, I like it anyway 🙂

    Everything’s funner with another mother runner

    The last time we did this, I had “Run, Rinse, Repeat” with the idea that it would be cute in those little recylcling triangle things.

    I’m sure I’ll have more later…when the coffee kicks in. Oh, there’s one…Fueled by Coffee.

  79. It never gets easier. You just get better.

    Just run

    Eat, drink, run

    Don’t follow your dreams, chase them

    Running is cheaper than therapy

  80. Mother Funner Runner
    Thought for run
    Running back to my kids
    Run DMC (da mother course)
    Mothers run this course
    Mother in training

  81. I run, therefore I am. (Because running has saved my existance!)


    I think, therefore I run. (Because nothing clears the head like a good run!)

  82. I run because I can!
    I run because some day I may not be able to walk!

    (due to a neuromuscular nerve disorder~ if I end up like my father, he has spent the last 15 years in a wheel chair with no use of his legs)

  83. Lace ’em up buttercup.
    Out the door is halfway
    Momma’s running: good day for all
    This is strength training ( with picture of running stroller/ double)

    1. I love “this is strength training” with a jogging stroller. I’d buy anything that had to do with a jogging stroller. I’m so proud of how much time I put in pushing my double jogger on runs.

  84. Here is my idea:

    On front of shirt:
    On front or back:
    A picture of a grandmother runner(5’6 135 lbs short grey hair from Sycamore IL) or caricature there of, in running gear holding a flaming sheet of cookies!!


  85. Running is a family thing..
    Since I’ve been running with dd I would love to have matching shirts. You could offer in adult and children sizes.
    It would be great to wear matching shirts on race day with “team family name ” silkscreened on the back.

  86. One of my favorites just happens to be oh so fitting for the Disney debut
    … Forget the glass slippers this Princess wears running shoes

  87. 1) Run the world (Mamas)
    2) No, we are NOT there yet
    3) I run, therefore I am (sane)
    4) I run, therefore my kids are still alive

  88. Run for your Life!
    running = sanity
    Run while you can!
    Runner moms kick ass!
    I run for beer
    Tough Motha Runna
    Eat, Drink, Run
    BAMR (Beautiful, Amazing, Mother Runner)
    Love me some Run

  89. How about:

    “Does this speed make my butt look big?” [This would be even funnier on the back of running shorts or pants.]

    “I run faster in pink.” (or blue/yellow/orange) [Or to make it funny, say “pink” on a blue shirt, etc.]

    “Risking knees to save my heart.”

        1. Love it! I like the idea of adding mileage. I have not run my first marathon, yet, but you could also do “13.1: Easier than childbirth”

          I want one 🙂

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