Hump Day Giveaway: Relax Reflect Reflective Apparel

Assume that drivers can't see you, no matter how many carrots they eat. (And we don't really belief that myth we tell our kids!)
Assume that drivers can't see you, no matter how many carrots they eat. (And we don't really belief that myth we tell our kids!)

The other day on Facebook, mother runner Cyndie reminded her active pals about the importance of making themselves visible when exercising outdoors in the dark. She told a tale that had happened that evening to her, an avid runner training for a marathon. Behind the wheel of her car, Cyndie was at a stop sign, and she carefully looked both ways--twice, I recall she wrote. Things looked all clear. Yet as she started to drive forward, two runners clothed entirely in black ran in front of her car. They weren't carrying any lights or wearing any reflective gear, and she nearly plowed into them. Thanks to her quick reflexes, she stopped in time, but it left her shaken. Cyndie just shook her head, thinking if she--a runner--had missed seeing the stealth runners, then they didn't stand a chance against inactive or inattentive drivers.

Star light, star bright, first runner I see tonight.
Star light, star bright, first runner I see tonight.

The moral of Cyndie's story is as clear as a cloudless sky: When you are running outdoors in the dark or low light (which, in Oregon where Cyndie and I both live, might mean noon on an overcast winter day!), you need to assume drivers won't see you. You need to take extra steps to be seen and stay safe.

Like wearing RelaxReflect apparel. RelaxReflect was founded a few years ago by a professional triathlete, Espen Kateraas, and his wife, Jean, who decided reflective apparel doesn't need to make the wearer look like a 1970s crossing guard. Jean designs the garments' bold graphics, including interlocking circles and tribal designs, which the company dubs, "edgy visibility." Perhaps our faves: leggings that scream, "BADASS," down each leg in vivid, see-me reflective letters.

This shrug is so gorgeous, we know the winner will wear it in broad daylight!
This shrug is so gorgeous, we know the winner will wear it in broad daylight!

For today's giveaway, RelaxReflect has generously given us an outfit to ensure one of you ladies won't be an invisible runner this winter. Starting from the bottom up: Winner's choice of either the Giant Star Leggings or Giant Star Skort, paired with either a 13.1 Half-Marathon Tee or 26.2 Marathon Tee (we love the idea of your goal distance being broadcast to passing cars!). Finally, to make the outfit complete--and so insanely cute--a Giant Star Shrug. This unique topper is perfect on mornings (or evenings) when there's a nip in the air. Once you get warmed up and want to tie the  top around your waist, though, you don't have excess fabric flapping around your waist. (I have a running shrug from another company, and it's by far the chic-est item in my running repertoire.) All these pieces are made from sweat-wicking materials, ensuring you stay dry while staying safe. They're all available in black, white, hot pink, or grey, and in sizes XS-XL: RelaxReflect is definitely looking out for all runners.

To enter to win, go to the Comments section on of this post (on our website) and tell us: What do you do to stay safe during the dark running days (and nights) of winter? It can be wearing reflective gear, a headlamp, flashing lights, or staying indoors on the treadmill. Tell us what you do to be seen.  

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States AND Canada (!). It begins on 1/9/13 and ends on 1/15/13; the winner will be announced on 1/19/12. One entry per person. The value of the prize is $192-$198. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

1,050 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Relax Reflect Reflective Apparel

  1. From the top: a baseball hat that has a little light on the brim, I look down or away so on coming cars won’t be blinded. I also clip a red light to the back so I’m visible coming and going. I wear a reflective jacket, running pants that have a reflective stripe down the sides, and of course my running shoes (with my Road-Id). It sounds a little over the top, but I would rather come home each morning in one piece. :o)P.S. I just bought a running shrug this weekend but it’s not a cool as this one. I wish I saw this first! I love them!

  2. Mostly in the winter I stick to the treadmill. I’m in MN and it’s hard for me to breathe in the cold. If it’s a particularly warm day, like in the upper 20s maybe I’ll go outside. But I prefer to do it during the day and not at night.

  3. Lovely orange over-lay reflector vest. Sometimes I attach a small “flasher” strobe on my back. It’s nice to run when there’s snow on the ground because it actually brightens up the dark morning.

  4. I usually assume people don’t see me even in the daylight, just to be safe. Most of the time I avoid running in the dark, but in winter that’s difficult. I have a headlight that clips onto my hat and a flashing red light I can clip somewhere else. I’m thinking maybe I need knuckle lights, but this gear would be great too!

  5. I almost always run in the dark of, in my case, early morning. I very rarely am out in daylight so staying visible is critical. My main item that I always wear is an Amphipod “Xinglet” which is kind of like a reflective jacket without the jacket…straps that cross in front and back and are highly reflective. I also make sure everything I wear from head to toe also has reflective striping of some kind. Finally, but not least important, is I absolutely ALWAYS run in well-lit neighborhoods. No, or poor, lighting? Find a different route.

    But as careful as I am, I would still LOVE to win this prize!! I had no idea anyone was creating stylish AND safe gear like this!

  6. First of all Cyndie’s story was an eye opener. Runners running in black at night and people driving at night are not a good match.

    I would like to win the Relax Reflect Reflective leggings so that the people driving would say “Hey did you see that Shooting Star cross the road?”

  7. First of all Cyndie’s story was an eye opener. Runners running in black at night an people driving are not a good match.
    I would like to win the Relax Reflect Reflective leggings so that the people driving would say “Hey did you see that Shooting Star cross the road?”

  8. I used a headlamp and wear an Amphipod reflective straps. I also try to pick well light neighborhoods even if it means looping the same neighborhoods gazillions times to get my miles in :). When I cross the streets, I made sure to point my headlamp at the cars so that they see me!

  9. 1st great reminder to stay safe. I don’t run much on the roads. If I do I stay on the sidewalk. Most of my runs are done on the trail . Ok, so I don’t really wear anything to light me up. Bad. Mom! I think my shoes have some & I know my fuel belt does too. Soooo…. I guess it’s time to save for a little safety for mom .

  10. Living in a non-runner friendly area, I DON’T run in the dark unless I am ONLY going for a quick 1-2 mi through town and I can run over the same lighted streets over and over. That isn’t really very interesting for me, so I make peace with the tread when I need to do early morning or late eve. runs.

  11. I’ve got my headlamp and reflective straps, plus I try to wear light colors, at least a long sleeve white tee. For Xmas my family got me a Road Noise vest, which is a reflective vest with built in speakers and a jack for my phone, so you can hear what’s going on around you (instead of headphones plugged in). So far do good, but these reflective duds are snazzy!!

  12. Last year a couple of the race shirts I got were neon yellow, so I wear those with a neon yellow jacket that has reflective strips. My running pants have some reflective on them as well. I recently received a neon reflective leg band as a gift too! It’s hard to miss me…

  13. I wear a little clip-on light on my baseball cap. I also have pants with reflective decals and a jacket with reflective strips. Not sure it’s enough, but it’s a start!

  14. I typically don’t run in the dark hours. Instead, I go to the gym. Do a Zumba Class and then hit the treadmill after the class 2x per week. But I would much rather run outside. Hurry up summer! Right now I am doing my outside runs by running a local race every second weekend. I would love to have some of this RelaxReflect apparel. It’s stylin’ and smart.

  15. If I am running in the dark it is in the wee early hours of the morning, so i wear a reflective vest over my running stuff. I also take full responsibility for keeping an eye out for traffic.

  16. I dress like a giant reflector…reflective jacket, reflective vest, head lamp, bliking tail light, and I carry a flashlight. Definitely better to be safe than sorry. :0) Won’t win any fashion awards, but at least I’ll survive my run.

  17. I carry a tiny maglight flashlight, but have also been known to wear a flashing bike light on my vest, and headlamp as well.

  18. I wear white or reflective clothing but also don’t always expect drivers to see me. So keeping on my toes and staying alert. I recently just bought some finger lights also to give a try, to add something to me to help me stand out.

    I too had a runner run in front of my car and I almost hit him.

  19. Running at night, in the dark, is my biggest fear. I live in town but with no sidewalks and very little street lights so I either will skip my run or make sure to go before it gets dark. I have some reflective gear as well as very bright dayglo shirts but I still have to jump out of the way as well as dodge drivers, who then scream at you or otherwise act like it was my fault. I recently bought two lights that both blink (strobe really) so I can run at night. I have a treadmill but love running outside so much better.

  20. I wear my booger green, dayglo Brooks nightlife shirt plus one of those blinky armbands. Gets the job done! Those reflective clothes are awesome! The pants remind me of something Michael Hutchence, from INXS, would have worn… very rock ‘n’ roll!

  21. I wear a headlamp and a bright yellow reflective vest. Not very cute! I may look like part of the road crew, but at least I won’t become roadkill!

  22. I wear bright clothes, reflective bands and white cap. Plus I stay to routes that are low traffic and familiar.
    But boy do I love my weekend daylight runs:) Come on summer!

  23. Last summer, a long run unexpectedly kept me out after dark. I was doing an out and back and found myself still on a country road after dark. I got out my cell phone and turned on my flashlight app and each time a car approached I made sure my light was visible from whatever direction the car was approaching. Made me realize the importance of reflective clothing and other safety equipment!

  24. I headed outside for an afternoon this week clad in black pants and a white fleece…to run on black asphalt with snow on the grass. As I took stock of my idiocy, I decided to come back and enter this contest. I do NOT do enough to stay safe out there! So I NEED clothes like these in my running wardrobe. 🙂

  25. I run at night and I only run outside. I run into the problem once the time changes. My running clothes aren’t reflective. However, I do run with a headlamp, reflective bands around my ankles, and a reflective vest, which I wish was not in my way. Thanks AMR for the article!

  26. To be seen I wear a headlamp. I also have leggings with reflective strips on that. running with others who are also using headlamps helps too!

  27. I don’t do anything except try to wear white or bright colors. I know I should do something else, though. I try to avoid the dark if possible, and choose treadmill instead.

  28. To stay visible I wear a bright coloured top and my leggings have reflectors. I also wear reflective bands on my arms and wear a white hat.

  29. When it’s dark I stay indoor & run on the treadmill. During dreary overcast days light colored clothing is the norm & run in parks away from traffic. My kids need me & I intend to stay safe as possible.

  30. I generally stay inside on the treadmill on dark runs. I live in a rural area and besides cars worry about safety in general.

  31. Usually something I’m wearing has at least one reflective strip. However, I do run at o’dark-thirty and should probably be more proactive about it. We run on a path, but we do have to cross traffic quite a bit.

  32. I do everything you suggested in the prompt depending on the day: wear reflective gear, a headlamp, flashing lights, stay indoors on the treadmill. Gotta be safe!

  33. My new Newtons are bright enough to be spotted from space, I believe. The neon orange clashes nicely with my neon pink running jacket! When running in the pre-dawn hours, I always wear something light and reflective. Even during the daytime, I have started wearing my neon jacket b/c too many drivers don’t pay attention!

  34. I run at 4:30 am so it is always full dark. I use Knuckle Lights, wear a bright pink Brooks Nightlife shell, wear a white fleece vest when needed, and use a reflective belt when my shell is not my solo top layer. I also have neon yellow gloves 🙂 I had DH take a picture the other morning. I should post it on the FB page. I look like a dork but an ALIVE dork!

  35. I’ve finally stopped denying that the best time for me to run is at 5am, and so got a flashy red armband to wear on runs in my neighborhood in the wee hours. I also just finally branched out from black running clothes and got some bright pink and purple reflective gear- it’s much more fun than my Target clearance gear.

  36. I wear a bright yellow Waste Management over sized tshirt with reflective stripes over my running jacket. Its not dryfit material or by all means a cute outfit, but it works because of the reflective on it. I also carry a mini flashlight to see the country road when needed. This outfit is super cute and would be a huge improvement on my current running wardrobe.

  37. I run on trails when possible. When not, I try to stay on sidewalks and under streetlights, and I wear as much reflective gear and lighting (headlamp, LED straps, etc.) as I can.

  38. I spend msot of the winter inside. When I do go out I have my amphipod xinglet- love its adjustability and lack of bulk. Runnign tights with hot pink iserts and reflective strips, a matchign top and/or a jacket wiht reflective stips in it and my headlamp.

  39. I run at night frequently and have found some cool products:
    1) A reflective vest that is comfortable and equipped with speakers and an iPod hook-up. Super reflective and it lets you run with music yet still hear what’s going on around you. Double safety! I love it.
    2) Small bike lights that can go around a ponytail or hat loop. You don’t even feel them there, but they are bright!

  40. Nothing like making kit work for multi sports I say. For running in the dark I ware reflective bands on my ankles and a cycling reflective torso band, handy to have my commuting bike kit keep me safe while running.

  41. I’ve been wearing a NEON YELLOW tech-hoodie I bought for my running group to use during a Trail 1/2 this past fall. It may only be 18-degrees, a blizzard, and white-out conditions, but I glow like a radioactive reindeer!

  42. I wear my neon pink running toque I bought at a trail marathon I ran in the Lake District of England this summer! I look like a pink highlighter in it!

  43. I love running at night, but honestly the dark is a bit of a deterrent. When I do go out in the dark I run with my phone on my arm band with the display lit and I also hold a small bike LED light in my hand so that I can see curbs and other possible obstructions better.

  44. Honestly? I use the treadmill in the basement if it’s dark. There are no sidewalks anywhere around here in my small New England rural town. If I had sidewalks with street lights, I’d pile on the reflective stuff and head out. But it’s hazardous enough to run on the narrow streets in broad daylight.

    I will wear reflective stuff (and have been known to use a headlamp) when I go out in the just-barely-light dawn hour, knowing it’ll soon be light enough to truly be safe.

  45. I usually only wear wrist and ankle bands but I just knuckle lights and I’m excited to give them a try. But I so want those cool pants:)

  46. My son just got a headlamp for Christmas that I am totally going to snag when I get brave enough to run in the dark. Otherwise, it’s treadmill city for this girl.

  47. I wear CEP compression socks that are the new neo green ones with reflective sides, my kids light up/flashing ring, and I always wear the most obnoxious & loud outfits and shoes! My fall race shoes was multi colored & they glowed n the dark! N raining days I hit the treadmill BC can’t afford getting sick w 2 kiddos , FT job & classes..but I always lace up & log those miles. I actually was mentioned in this months issue of Runners Works magazine for my comment on a Runners body.. 114pds dropped & still training for my life 😉

  48. I’m a morning runner, so I get up when it’s dark out, but by the time I eat, wake up, get all my gear together (I’m a slow-mover in the mornings), it’s usually light out. I did buy a reflective armband that also has a light (made my Runner’s World, bought at REI), but despite putting it on for a few of my runs, I’ve never had to use the light on it. I also tend to stay on sidewalks, the track, or a trail (paved like Fanno Creek or dirt like Wildwood or Leif Ericson here in Portland). As I’m following the Finish It plan for the marathon and my long runs are getting longer (15 miles next week), I’ll probably have to go out early and in the dark at some point!

  49. I almost never run at night because I am a big chicken! And more of the “someone might jump out of the bushes and get me” type of chicken than afraid someone will hit me. I adore this reflective gear and would love to win some!

  50. I have already been hit by a car once, so I go overboard. I wear a screaming yellow jacket and a relective hat, I carry a small flashlight, I have a slap reflective bracelet and a flashing light that clips to the back of my hat. I also always carry my cell phone with me also, just in case.

  51. I am so freaked about running so early that it is still dark out! And here in Oregon, that means any time before 8am practically! Ideally I would love to just tough it out and run outside. I don’t mind the cold or the elements, and I am not really intimidated by general safety(cars, etc). I am so freaked about weirdos I cannot see though, so I stay indoors. My plan has included using the treadmill when it is dark out and becoming much more flexible with times throughout the day when I exercise. This morning runner has had to get creative!

  52. I would LOVE to see how hot I can make those capris look with my purple stobe glow stick/ flashlight combo and head lamp!!

  53. Brooks Nightlife vest or jacket for runs on the roads. Wen it is completely dark, I either stay close to home with blinky lights or use the treadmill. Would love some great reflective apprel!

  54. There town I live in does not have streetlights. Seriously, they have a “no streetlamp” ordinance! Apparently there were a lot of astronomers in the area when the town incorporated. Since it is sooo dark in the mornings, I have the brightest headlamp I could possibly find. Not only does it allow the cars to see me, it helps me see coyotes and javelins out ahead before I run up on them (the light makes their eyeballs shine!).

  55. I generally exercise during daylight hours, but in the winter, that makes it tough to fit in before night falls!!! I’m more into trail running, which is nearly impossible in the dark, and I haven’t gone the headlamp route. So, bootcamp (in a lighted park!), and day runs are it for me!! Would LOOOOOOVE to try out these duds!

  56. I wear a Brooks reflective cap with a light on the front. I also wear clothing that has reflective logos. My shoes also have reflective strips. The neighborhood I run in doesn’t have a lot of traffic early in the morning. I still try to be seen. These clothes are soooo cute!! I would love to win!!

  57. I don’t get to run after dusk because I don’t have any awesome reflective clothing! I hope I win this contest – I would really like to try the shrug!

  58. I wear a fluorescent yellow shirt over my regular running gear that has reflective tape criss-crossing it. It’s actually a shirt that the garbage collectors wear during their early morning pick-ups, but it works for me!

  59. I usually wear some reflective gear and stay off the roads. We live by a park, so (when it isn’t under construction) I can run on the paths. Most of them are pretty well lit. This year with construction, both hubby and I have turned to the gym to get some laps in.

  60. I wear a reflective vest, a red blinker on my back and a bright headlamp. I do wear black tights, but I try to always wear one of my white or brightly-colored tops so at least my arms are visible. I also have reflective patches on my gloves. I try to stick to the sidewalks so drivers don’t have any excuses.

  61. I try to avoid running in the dark at all, but when it’s necessary, I wear my neon green shirt and attach my knuckle lights to my hand. You can never be too cautious – in the dark or daylight!

  62. I never run in the dark. So these would be great! I used to have access to treadmill but don’t any longer, so it’s daytime only for me. I want to get a headlamp though!

  63. I have neon clothes and reflective gloves. I usually avoid night runs but I think if I felt safe I would do it. I love the idea of glow bracelets!

  64. I love running in the mornings really early and i take my dogs with me as my guides when ever possible or run on trails that are out of harms way.

  65. I have Nike Running Club reflective stickers from the late 90s on an Adidas windbreaker from the mid 80s. The windbreaker got me through training in a Boston winter, so I feel like it is still a pretty solid jacket. In my mish-mosh outfit I do stand out in rainy Portland where everyone’s gear is matchy matchy (read Nike or Adidas), but I don’t much mind.

  66. I wear a headlamp with a flasher on the back as well as a reflective vest. I also try to wear clothing with some reflectors on them. I run in the dark 3 or 4 days a week because I go early (5 am to 6 am). My neighborhood does not have sidewalks or street lights, so I need to be highly visable! The worst part are people backing out of their driveways…they are just not expecting a pedestrian at that hour of the day!

  67. I wear a reflective vest plus a flashing LED with running tights that have a reflective design. My dog also wears a light. Would love, love these reflective clothes. No sidewalks in my neighborhood, but really wish that was an option.

  68. I use knuckle lights and during the colder weather months I have a bright green jacket with some reflective detail. I also run on a path versus the road when it’s not to icy.

  69. I try to schedule my outdoor runs during daylight (and often have to hit the treadmill in the winter), but when I’m outside in the dark or dusk I wear a reflective vest over bright clothing. I also have lately seen runners wearing dark clothes and nothing reflective running on roads with no shoulder – scary!

    These clothes are really cute!

  70. I have a blinking light, relective tape on my hat and always wear my neon pink shirt when it’s dark. I stay off the streets though, sidewalks only. Stay safe out there!

  71. To stay safe I try to avoid running in the dark but if I must I wear light colored clothing and a headlamp or run on the treadmill.

  72. Reflective gear and a headlamp are a must! However, I don’t use “blinky” or “flashing” anything, and will always continue to use and only purchase lights that offer a constant on feature. My daughter has epilepsy(seizure disorder)and for some individuals there can be a photo-sensitivity where flashing lights can trigger a seizure. I think about not only my daughter, but all those individuals out there with this medical condition. I just like to advocate that a person’s light doesn’t need to blink to be seen. *stepping off of my soap box now*

  73. I try not to run past dusk, but when Must, I wear a hat with a red flashing light on the back of it. I also carry a mini flashlight and wear the brightest neon orange, pink, or green shirt.

  74. I wear a reflective vest, red flashing lights, and on occasion a hat with led lights in the brim. Not very fashionable but safe.

  75. I mostly run in neighborhoods with a little flashing red light on my back, however, to get home I have to run on a road with 45 mph speed limits for one mile. I turn my iphone flashlight to strobe for that mile and aim it towards oncoming traffic while moving it around. Cars see it from a ways back and visibly slow down. It can be stressful, but there are days I have to use this route.

  76. I have the neon slap bracelets for my arms or ankles and one little clip light. I tried to get my hands on some knuckle lights but our local running store was out of stock. Would LOVE to rock this reflective gear!!!!

  77. My pup and I – as mentioned in an earlier comment – go out all lit up! We both wear RoadIDs and I put a bit of reflective stripping and a small light on her StuntPuppy leash, which helps draw your eye down to where she is. She’s almost all black, so she wears her pink GlowDoggie collar. It’s more attractive than my reflective vest, headlamp and tail lights, but we both stay safe! If I can’t find my reflective tights or if they’re dirty, I grab my favorite pink Nathan slap bracelet reflectives for my ankles.

  78. I wear an Amphipod Xinglet for reflection in town at night. If I’m out on country roads, I add a headlamp and flashing red light.

  79. I run in the daylight and seldom have to run on busy roads. Even so, my friends are telling me I need to wear brighter clothes so I can be seen better.

  80. I wish I could show you a picture of how “shiny” I was this morning, and STILL almost got hit by a car! Vest, gloves, shiny bits on the tights, headlamp, shiny bits on the beanie… You can’t fix inattentive drivers!

  81. Reflective vest and LED lights…either hand held or LED lights in a hat that I wear. When foggy, I also wear a blinking red light.

  82. For the last few weeks, I have procrastinated my runs so that they happen during the day. I can tell this is not a long-term solution now that school and work are ramping back up, so I’m joining the leagues of the be-headlamped.

  83. I wear bright colors and reflective wrist bands to ensure drivers see me in the dark. I also stay on the side walks to prevent being close to any traffic passing by.

  84. ALL OF THE ABOVE! If I run in the dark, I make sure I am wearing bright clothing with reflective properties, I have a headlamp to light the way forward, and a flashing blinker for behind. I also try to stay off main roads as much as possible when visibility is low. (Sidewalks, paths, etc.)

  85. Quite honestly, I don’t run outside after dark. I’ve been afraid to! I do have a RoadID bracelet, but I don’t own much in terms of “running gear,” as I have been enjoying the sport for only a year now.

    I need to get some Relax Reflective apparel!!! Cute stuff!

  86. I am all about neon and running on the trails when it is dark – headlamp is necessary – but at least I don’t have to dodge the cars!

  87. These are awesome! I have a black vest with reflective piping (also to avoid the cross guard look) and also have the strappy reflective harness-like thing. Both work well but this would make me look so much more BA. :). Thx for the giveaway!

  88. I wear a big, bold (ugly) reflective light on my running hat, and blinking lights on my back side. I also try to wear running clothes that have reflectors somewhere on them.

  89. I load myself up with anything that reflects and/or flashes plus I wear the lightest color clothes so they’ll show up more too. I look like a dork, but at least people can see me to make that judgement 🙂

  90. FOr Christmas my husband got me flashing lights that wrap around my upper arms. I run at 5 in the morning and there are not many streetlights where I live. So after many close calls, he insists that I wear them every morning!

  91. I also go around 4am, my neighborhood doesn’t have any street lamps, so, I use knuckle lights and my husband got me a Saucony jacket that actually has lights built into it.

  92. When I realized running at dark o’thirty was a necessity, I bought a headlamp. I have reflective bands to wear on my wrists and ankles, two blinking lights, and that crossing guard reflective vest. I just got a pair of neon pink running tights I am excited to take out for a run! And since none of the surrounding streets have street lights, I have a few different routes that go between my neighborhood and the local high school that is only a few blocks away.

  93. I’ve been sticking to local high school tracks w/ lighting for my late afternoon workouts for safety’s sake. Once I get to the point that I’m tired of counting laps to keep up with miles, I’m hoping DST will be here again — but I do have neon/bright colored running gear + headlamp + a clip on light that blinks for when I start running the unlit county roads near home.

  94. I wear a reflective vest and carry a mini flashlight. I also have a small flashing light that clips to my belt. I do all of my runs at 445a except on Saturdays…so I am always in the dark!!! =)

  95. I wear a reflective strap around my arm and a bright green windbreaker.Funny thing is that it’s usually morning when I run in the dark, so by the time I get home, it’s sunny out and I look a wee but ridiculous. 🙂

  96. I wear bright colors and pick a route that stays on the sidewalks. Plus I always try to stay very aware of what’s going on around me!

  97. I have one jacket that I wrote “Hi!” on the whole back in reflective tape. I wear that if I am out in the early morning or at dusk. I do also have the “crossing guard” reflective vest, that I sometimes wear in the warmer months when I don’t need a jacket. I also wear a headlamp. I do try to wear clothes that already have reflectiveness built in. Plus, I know my shoes are ultra-reflective, because I had a driver stop me to tell me!

  98. Unfortunately I stay inside on the treadmill because I don’t have any night gear. It gets monotonous and I start dreading my runs. I am definitely looking forward to longer days!

  99. Neon yellow jacket with reflectors everywhere and two headlamps–one pointed forward and one back with blinking red lights!

  100. I wear an ugly bright orange and reflective striped safety vest! Not pretty, but it seems to get the job done. I’ll also alter my route when I can to run the less-travelled roads. As an aside, anyone have any tips for dealing with drivers that purposely swerve AT you?

  101. Agree with Holly. It gets dark so early in Germany, that in the winter we’re running in the dark all the time. I wear a reflective belt, and got a slap bracelet (eighties-style) hat has a flashing light on it. So retro!

  102. I am paranoid of running in the dark. So much so that I usually will only run in the dark if I am with a group. I Dont have much reflective gear, but I will bring a flashlight at least try and wear bring colors! I also like to tie something in my hair that is flashing and bright. You want to be seen from behind too!

  103. I try to wear light colors with reflective material on them plus have a two flashing lights on each of my arms. I live in Stockholm where it is very very dark at this time of year so I get alot of use out of this gear.

  104. When I was running at night in warmer temps. I had a reflective vest (think crossing guard) and a flashing light on my fuel belt. Now that it is much colder (Canadian winter) we bought a treadmill so we can run indoors dark or light out.

  105. I just purchased a North Face reflective jacket. Fantastic. I also have a headlamp. I wear the reflective straps around my calves so that I know I’m visible from head to toe. When it’s warmer out, I wear a very light reflective vest.

  106. I took the plunge and bought knuckle lights for both myself and my run buddy for Christmas. I also have a head lamp. As I walk out the door on a cloud winter day or dark morning/evening I think, “light it up.”
    I also try to wear bright clothes (some glow) and I only wear one ear phone when alone. If I couldn’t hear a car or snow plow, I would be in trouble.

  107. I use a headlamp that attaches to my light colored baseball hat. I also have red blinking reflectors that I can snap with magnets on the front and back of whatever shirt I am wearing. I also will carry a small flashlight.

    I try to keep runs in the dark in areas that are well known to me. I know the terrain, the normal blind spots, etc.

    I love the clothing and all the great ideas shared here.

  108. I have reflective wrist lets and flashing reflectors that I snagged at an expo. I love tovrun early am!! Its my favorite time of day to run!!

  109. I wear a high visibility vest – nothing fancy, but it works great. I also started using a headlamp this year. What a great gadget! It makes me feel so much safer knowing what is up ahead. I bring my pepper spay along when I am alone in the morning in the dark and only run on familiar routes. I try hard to stay on roads that are at least partially lit. Some mornings, if I have that “funny feeling” I just run the one mile loop around my neighborhood over and over again.

  110. No music for me when running in the dark. I want to be totally aware of what or who is around me. I dress up like a traffic cone with my bright yellow reflective vest. My headlamp leads the way. Always packing pepper spray and my Black Belt. Really!

  111. Head lamp, light colored clothing, my work issued “I don’t wanna die” high visibility vest (I work in construction so I have several of them), and if its really dark, I stay in the subdivision where there’s at least some light!

  112. I love to run at all times of day or night. I have a couple tricks that I use. I took the tail light from my bicycle (it has both a velcro closure and an elastic loop) and use it as a ponytail holder – I usually use the flashing option as opposed to the steady red light option. Headlamp (I love my Petzl), a white reflective hat, reflective stripes on my pants/jacket/gloves, and recently, found laces that LIGHT UP at our local dollar store and replaced them in my favourite runners. Now my head, feet and body are clearly visible!
    Of course, I never run alone at night, leave the headphones at home, carry a whistle, phone, and ID – AND I always let someone know my route and expected time of return.
    At intersections, I make eye contact with the DRIVER of the vehicle before crossing.
    SAFETY FIRST – I have a beautiful 3 yr old girl who wants her mommy to come home.

  113. I’m all about being lit up like a Christmas tree: head lamp, reflective armband with flashing light, and day-glo colored running jacket. I’ll hit the treadmill if it is dark AND freezing.

  114. Usually treadmill, but if I do go out, I always have my phone with me and tell ppl where I’m going. I also wear bright clothing

  115. This is my first year of continuing to run through the winter. I asked for a headlamp and knuckle lights for Christmas but didn’t get them. So I’m saving up my “fun” money to buy some and for now I run on the treadmill. That outfit is super cute!

  116. Bright colored clothes with reflective material and my trusty Air Force issued reflective belt. I only run on familiar routes in the dark and I never ever trust that cars can see me, I always know my best escape route if needed to avoid an accident. I’ve learned to give up the headphone and listen to everything around me.

  117. I use two head lamps on my shoes. I don’t always like wearing hats and thought that shoes are the next best place!

  118. I have a Nike Vapor Flash running jacket. It was pricy but after too many close calls, it’s like a life insurance policy.

  119. I wear a reflective vest and flashlight to stay safe. I also run with others, cause well, yeah I am 32, and yes, I am afraid of running in the dark alone. Lame? Yes. But I am okay with it!
    When I bike in the dark, –for some reason I feel okay doing this alone- perhaps because I am faster and the boggy man/ bears/ snakes can’t get me?
    Anyhow when biking I have a bunch of reflective tape that i have wrapped my bike in. Not sure how much it helps… but I sure am trying to be seen! It might look silly- but atleast I (hopefully) won’t get hit!

  120. I probably should do more than I do! I run on well-lighted sidewalks and make sure my jackets and tights have some reflective markings.

  121. I employ a combination strategy. I will rarely buy clothing without a reflective element or an obscene neon color (hopefully both). I use a lighted reflective vest and clip on blinking bike light on the back. Recently I added a headlamp to the mix. Without sidewalks in my neighborhood I am forced to share the road. Even with this amount of light, distracted drivers still skip stop signs, drift while changing the radio, etc.
    Safety is serious business. Stay alert!

  122. I do not run outside at night! it’s dangerous enough running my route during the day! there are no sidewalks or breakdown lanes that are safe to run on and i swear people aim for me as it is!! The only time i run at night is if i go to a trail.

  123. I don’t run as much in the dark anymore — but this time of year it’s hard not too every now and then. I used to run very early with a group of women. One always carried a flashlight. One morning when we wasn’t with us (and we run in road) a woman actually turned around and came up to tell us that we should wear light clothing that she didn’t see us until she was right on top of us. These tops look amazing. What a great idea.

  124. I run in the light! I am a nurse so the days I get to run there is no messing around with the scary dark for me! Espscially in the winter! Or if i am über lame or it’s too cold, I treadmill it up;)

  125. I usually try to make sure I’ve got more than one reflective item on. If by myself I’ll have a headlamp, a reflective ankle band , etc. Also, for when I want to take Little Man with me I’ve out the reflective squares all over the frame of the BoBand I finally found a light for the front of it. I still make sure there’s something reflective in me as we’ll though, since you never know what direction a car may be coming from.
    What would be great would be those light up shoes that kids have that flash when you move. How fun would that be :0)

  126. To stay safe when I’m running at night I make sure I am wearing an item of clothing with reflective strips on it (though the clothing is old.. does the reflective element wear off?). I also will run with a front bike light in my hand and a rear light attached to my hat. My property manager called my husband the first time I did this to make sure we were okay because of the “funny lights” in the driveway.

  127. Recently during a training group run with my Tuesday night Run Club, I discovered the New Balance Women’s Tri-Viz LED hat! After seeing how well it lights up the entire road ahead and how light and uncumbersome (as compared to bulky headlamps) it is, I RAN right out and got one at my local Sports Authority. Since, I’ve run with it numerous times and LOVE it! It’s also washable, very cool! And I’ve recommended it to other runners who love it just as much! An additional bonus feature is that it is REFLECTIVE – yay! It’s a MUST have for these short days of daylight and for all Running Moms who have to get up before daylight to get their long runs in before their kids’ activiites!! check it out:

  128. When I run in the dark early in the mornings, I make sure to stick to safe neighborhoods that are well lighted. I could use this reflective gear. Thanks for a great website.

  129. Still trying to push myself to run at night and in the rain (I am a transplant from California who now lives/runs in Washington state). For my night runs, I wear a headlamp and a clip-on blinking light that came with my running jacket.

  130. I run at 6 am and try to wear light colors, a headlight and a reflective jacket. Try to run on lit or low traffic roads to stay safe. I have never seen these clothes and I love them!! Great idea!

  131. super duper neon pink jacket, reflective “Y” style vest, gloves with reflective stuff, reflective strips on everything (I won’t buy black anything unless it has little reflective strips sewn in). Also carry knuckle lights from dark to anything near twilight and back. Since DH’s coworker who ran to and from work a mile away every day for 17 years was mowed down and killed in November at an intersection I cross on every run, I’m a reflective gear Nazi! Make yourselves visible, folks!

  132. I often run at 5:30 a.m. with a friend, so I wear a pink reflective vest and carry a flashlight. These items look so cool!

  133. during the later afternoon runs ( because i DO NOT DO MORNINGS!!!) I make sure that i have on a bright color on top with my bright blue Brooks shoes and always make sure that i have some type of reflective on the bottoms that i am wearing. I have recently been told that i really really really need to have a head lamp too since i am not always the most greaceful person and have a tendency to find each and every buckeled sidewalk in town so i can practice flying like SuperGirl!! So i believe that i may be getting some nice knuckle lights for my birthday:)

  134. I stay safe by running at the gym. I also will run in neon colors at night with a flashlight and someone on a bike with their lights.

  135. I’m ashamed to admit I don’t do anything special. I do usually stick to the sidewalks and try to watch cars closely, but I don’t dress specifically for the dark.

  136. I’m always decked out in gear that’s reflective head to toe like my Brooks 3/4 zip tops and North Face and Mountain Hardwear capris (they’re super reflective). Then I add a reflective belt that was required when my husband was in the military.

  137. A blinky reflective vest that makes me feel like a relative of Big bird. Thanks to running in a Ragnar Relay (like the BAMR I am) I realized its a necessary piece of gear!

  138. Don’t like cold weather running, but I have a few of those flashing red lights I clip in various places ( have lost a few) but I just started running, will figure something else out soon 🙂

  139. I wear those cheapie bracelets that you crack and they glow. You can get a package of 20 at the dollar store here. I also wear a flashy light both on front and back. I try to wear lighter color tops/jackets but most of my running pants are black! Our sidewalks are scary to run on. I’ve fallen too many times so I always run on the street. Am checking with my local high school to see if the public can use their track for some speed work. Hope they say yes!

  140. I finally splurged for a 7.99 reflective vest. U-G-L-Y…not near as AWESOME as what you are showing above!!! HOLY COW!! ME WANT!

  141. I wear my Brooks night time jacket. A neighbor recently stopped her car & thanked me for being visible in the dark. She said it was really easy to see. If it’s really dark I carry a flashlight too.

  142. I run at 5:30. My shoes are reflective and I also wear a bright neon shirt. My second layer of security is my running partner. 🙂

  143. I usually wear my white coat or something totally loud and obnoxious. Plus the knuckle lights that I got from my sister-in-law for Christmas. Those bad boys are bright! 🙂 I always run outside with my BRF Courtney. We always stay on the sidewalk. When the weather is bad we don’t venture out of the subdivision.

  144. I have reflective gear everywhere–hat, gloves, jacket, socks and shoes. Sometimes if it’s really dark, I’ll use and reuse a little reflective tape. I don’t want to be missed!

  145. I wear a reflective vest, head lamp and blinking LED Red light on my back. I look like an awesome miner/crossing guard, but people can see me!

  146. I run in the morning, so I am almost always running in the dark this time of year. I actually find it really peaceful (except when scary racoon eyes scare the bajesus out of me). To stay safe, I run in a reflective vest and I carry mace!

  147. You can’t be too safe: high vis apparel, headlamp, blinking Nathan light, any gear with reflective points…I wear it all! LOVE Relax and Reflect, too!

  148. I just re-habbed my stroller with new upholstery (cause that’s how I roll) and while doing so, added reflective tape to the sides. I am looking at glow-in-the-dark spray paint, but haven’t committed to it yet. Best part? My new embroidery machine allowed me to add “another mother runner” to the side in place of the brand name! SCORE!!! My next add will be some tap-light headlights for the front so I can see potential obstacles. Pimping my ride!!! After! Before… 🙁

  149. I have a fantastic Saucony Vizipro top in bright orange that came with a little USB light that attaches to the cuff. I wear that, and shorts or tights with reflective stripes or just wait until lunchtime.

  150. i have lights clipped to my shoes and my arm. I also have a jacket (I think it’s Brooks, but I’m not sure) that is neon pink and lights up.

  151. I didn’t use anything for some tome but I received a free flashing light from a group run that I participated in so now I use that.

  152. My sweet husband who was also worried about me being seen at night tucked flashing light armbands in my stocking. Our neighborhood doesn’t have street lights so it is very dark at night.

  153. I have a blinking LED light collar and leash for my running buddy boxer, Loki; for myself, I have a little blinking clip on light that I got from my son’s school (when I remember to clip it on!)…hmmm, that seems a little off balance now that I am saying that out loud–err,typing it out. Well, at least Loki is safe when we run! Perhaps I could use that super cute outfit and shrug more than I realized 🙂

  154. Nowadays with low temps, I’ve been on the treadmill. Otherwise, I just recently bought what looks like reflective suspenders and wear a headlamp. RelaxReflect clothing has been on my wish list ever since I heard about it here a year ago – cool stuff!

  155. Aside from the reflective accents on my normal running clothes, I wear a reflective vest and headlamp. I also have a reflective pepper spray wristband ( – love it!).

  156. I wear reflective gear, stick to well lit areas, and run against traffic so that I’m aware of approaching vehicles.

  157. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do! I wear a flashing light, but right now all my visible clothing is black. It doesn’t matter that I have a neon pink shirt under it, lol. When it’s warm outside I have bright colors and the flashing lights. Reflective gear would be amazing! I’ve never seen this stuff before!

  158. I wear a reflective vest and get way off the road whenever a car comes by – I live in a rural area so it is not that often usually!

  159. Most of my dark runs lately have been on the treadmill. Else I tend to wear white and stick the sidewalks and a park.

  160. I work full time and have about a 2.5 hour commute by the time work is done. In the winter, I just can’t get out during daylight hours. I run with a reflective vest and a blinking strobe light, but was almost hit twice in two nights at the same cross street, possibly by the same person! I’m thinking I might have to be completely reflective to feel safe at night, but anything I can add to my wardrobe would be appreciated by me and my family!

  161. I frequently run in the dark in the morning. I like borrowing my husbands reflective belt that he uses for Army PT or I’ll use a flashlight. I also always assume the car can’t see me and move out of the street and onto the grass.

  162. Glowstix,flashers and reflective clothing…I even wear neon reflective items for daytime runs…especially since a local teen was struck and killed by a hit and run driver just one street over from me.

  163. I always have a buddy when it’s dark out and at least one of us is wearing neon color and/or lots of reflective gear. If I’m on my own, I stay inside on the treadmill of death or run over my lunch break.

  164. I either borrow my 8 yr old’s headlamp or my constuction worker husband’s vest so i look like a “1970s crossing guard”.

  165. Reflective belt, neon yellow jacket and knuckle lights. And I always take my dog bc there are too many weirdos preying on women runners!

  166. I just purchased a Saucony hot pink vest that has two thin red lights that either stay a steady red or press a button in your pocket and the lights blink. Somedays, I prefer the treadmill for those dark am runs!

  167. Once it starts getting dark early (the sun starts to set around 4:30), I stick with the treadmill. My favorite running path has NO lights and is pretty desolate. Better safe than sorry. It’ll still be there in the Spring. 🙂

  168. I wear a reflective vest that also has a place for a battery to operate a flashing light. As soon as I step outside I hit the on switch. Thanks for the giveaway.

  169. I have a headlamp I can use if I need it and a small LED clip-on. I’ve mainly been running in the morning or on the treadmill or indoor track at night right now though. But I need to get out there more!!

  170. So far, I’ve always stayed indoors when the sun is down. When I cycle, I have a blinking light for the back of my bike & a reflector on the front. With the short days of winter, I’m bound to need reflective gear & would probably wear bright (neon) colored clothing and use my husband’s reflective belt.

  171. Chiming in to say: this was my business idea yesterday! All my running xlothes are black, so i have a light and a reflective vest. I wanted to buy some reflective paint to decorate some gear, but they beat me to it. Nice work!

  172. I have a ridiculous reflective mesh vest – completely unattractive, but totally safe. 🙂 I wear it on all my dark runs!

  173. I run at 4 am, not much traffic out at that time. I run on the sidewalk and I always wear my reflective vest.

  174. At 0-dark-thirty, if I don’t just trudge along on my ancient treadmill, I try to wear as much neon reflective running clothing I have. I actually try to seek it out when I go to TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. I also wear an ugly reflective belt that is the most unflattering piece of equipment the military has given me in a while.

  175. I mostly run mid-day while my oldest is in school and my youngest is in preschool – ah, those precious few hours! If I can’t fit a run in then, I will either go at twilight with reflective belt, wrist, and ankle straps, OR xtrain OR treadmill. I can’t wait until the long bright days of summer return!

  176. I love buying running apparel from Athleta. Their clothes all have reflective details on them. Also, my husband got me a super bright Brooks nightlife running jacket for my birthday. You can see me coming from a mile away. I have been in a similar situation while driving, where I couldn’t see a pedestrian, so I know how important it is to be seen. I have four children, work full time and am training for the Eugene Marathon in April. Sometimes the only times I can fit a run in is in the dark! 🙂

  177. Going on five months of not being able to run with my 5:30 am group due to hamstring tendonitis. No need for reflective gear in spin class! :o) BUT … before injury and upon my return, I don a headlamp and fairly reflective Road Runner Sports jacket. Have considered those freaky-looking light beam fingertip things!

  178. I tend to stay in during the dark winter mornings and hit the dreadmill (something about the whole dark night allowing things to hang out till dark mornings freaks me out) But in the evening I wear a super 80s neon color jacket and reflector headband!

  179. I just got knuckle lights, and I love ’em! Also have a jacket with reflective piping, and one of those flashing doggie-lights. But I would be so much sassier on my run with knuckle lights and a starry shrug!!

  180. To get my run in durring the week I wake up around 4 and hit the street. I have little ones and it’s just too cold to put them in the stroller this time of year. I just bought some LED shoelaces that I will start wearing. I wear a head lapm on my thigh to light the way and I have been wearing a red blinking light in my chest. I also only run on my street, it is very well lit up and I know the neighbors and their schedules. I live on a cul de sac of 16 homes and I just run quarter mile repeats for 5-8 miles. It is boring but I need to run!!!!

  181. Until this year I always wore my headlamp on early runs, but I got a wicked smaht phone and it acts as my flashlight and iPod and GPS…. So it’s no more headlamp for me!! Suuuure would love those schmancy bright duds, though

  182. I wear a reflective jacket, head lamp and blinky light on my back… Can never be too safe (also carry pepper spray. I have also been known to sing very loud while on dark woods backroads!

  183. Hot pink jacket with reflective roping sewn in plus reflective shoes. Head lamp and many loops in my neighborhood… Dodging the 4wheelers…. I live in a rural area. ATV’s everywhere… Crazy neighbors!! Lol

  184. Mostly I run indoors on the treadmill, because our neighborhood has zilch for lights. But when I do run outside and its evening or dark, I have a headlight, tail light and a safety reflector vest. When I walk the dog in the dark I switch out the lighter running reflector vest to one I found on amazon with built in blinkly lights on the front and back. Unfortunately its to heavy and unwieldy to wear for running.

  185. I have a neon green brooks top and reflective strips on my tights. I also wear arm bands and my road id, while trying to stick to sidewalks and well lit neighborhood streets. But, I also know that’s not enough all the time. I too have been in Cyndie’s shoes. Please be safe running in the dark!

  186. To ensure absolute visibility, I wear a great pair of sporty reflective Brooks, and a matching hat, along with a fabulous matching vest! I always do my best to run with a partner on my evening runs.
    I love the night!
    Moonlight… There’s nothing like it. Awe inspiring!
    Makes me truly feel like I’m apart of the galaxy! Run on!

  187. I’m not a big fan of running in the dark due to being easily creeped out. But when I do venture out in the dark, I wear my knuckle lights. It’s a great way to see and be seen.

  188. I wear a head lamp and reflective clothing. I also wear a reflective vest. I have a treadmill, but find that it is more of a challenge to run outside.

  189. First of all I try my best to avoid dark hour running. But when I am scheduled to run and I have to work, I hurry home, change into my white running shirt and a pair of pants/ running skirt that has reflective trim. Put on my reflective visor and head out. I need to invest in more reflective gear and dig out the headlight from my husbands workbench. I am training for my first marathon and am anticipating some low light running as my runs lengthen.
    This is an awesome outfit. Thank you for bringing our attention to this company.

  190. I wear a fluorescent yellow vest and a headlamp when I run in the dark. Plus, I avoid wearing headphones so that I can pay better attention to my surroundings.

  191. I’ve turned into a wimp in the cold and dark…it’s been the treadmill for me! I would love this for when the MN winter is over!

  192. I am a fairly new runner and usually am only able to run early mornings, when it is dark! I have a reflective vest that I wear, a white ball cap with a flashing light on the brim, plus the various reflective stripes on my jacket sleeves and shoes.

  193. I live in the country where after dark is really dark, so it’s the treadmill for me! However, I’ve been buying reflective clothing for twilight time and cloudy days.

  194. Knuckle lights and light/bright colored clothing. No music + heightened attention to my surroundings, and I use an app called Glympse on my phone that lets me send my exact location in real time to my husband.

  195. I wear a headlamp and if a car is coming toward me, I try to position it to make sure they’ll see it. I also like to shine the headlamp on my running buddy if she is running closer to the car lane than I am. 🙂

  196. I have a neon yellow hat with reflective trimming that my husband bought for me so he could spot me easier in my races 🙂 Also works great in the dark.

  197. I live at 7000 feet elevation in the mountains of Flagstaff Arizona. I wake up at 5am on weekdays (2.5 hours before sunrise), in below freezing temperatures, and get in my mileage. I’m training for the Sedona half marathon. Not only do I need reflective clothing so vehicles see me, but I also need to see where I’m going because we have no street lights where I live (Flagstaff is the First International Dark Sky City). I wear a headlamp to light my way and have reflective patches on my clothing. Running in this starry reflective gear would be so cool! I love it!

  198. I wear reflective gear. Just bought a pair of Illuminite running pants. They are awesome — but — the shrug on this giveaway looks AMAZING!!!!

  199. I always wear lights when I run in the dark. I have a small headlamp (turtle light and headband clip from MEC) or I wear my lighted cap, I wear a flashing armband on each upper arm, and I’ve started carrying a turtle light for really dark spots.

  200. I only run in the dark in the morning when there is less traffic. I use flashing lights in the front and the back. Would love some cute reflective clothing!

  201. I mostly only run at night and once it gets dark out, I use a 40 lumens headlamp, wear reflective ankle bracelet straps, and a jacket or shirt with reflectivity. Sometimes I wear a ‘pretty’ white and pink reflective vest (breast cancer awareness) in case it is too warm for a jacket or if I am wearing black clothes. I also make sure that my shoes have reflectivity on them (many shoes look like they are but sometimes the silver sparkly parts are not really reflective.)

  202. I run mostly in the morning dusk conditions, during rain, fog and even some snow. My hat is neon yellow with relfective accents. Most other gear only has little bits of reflection on them. I have a set of Brooks cold weather pants and coat which has good reflection, but nothing for mild temps. I try to stick to the sidewalk and out of town roads that have less traffic.

  203. I just returned to running this past year. I haven’t made a purchase of reflective gear yet so during the early nights I run a treadmill. In the summertime I wear a white shirt and carry a flashlight with me. Which really isn’t the best because it’s constantly moving and mot focused on the road ahead of me but it does let people know I am on the road. If I win, I will be so excited to be able to run outside again at night.

  204. I wear a reflective vest with built in red flashing lights in the back and a headlamp. Thank you for introducing me to this company! Cute gear! Hope I win!

  205. It’s dark early morning runs for me – reflective vest and routes that are not on busy streets (try to stay on sidewalks as much as possible). I think the main thing is to know that between you and the car, the car will always win.

  206. Early morning runs on the sidewalk and under street lights, wearing reflective vest and mittens with flashing led light

  207. OMG the runners and walkers dressed in black. I want to SHAKE them and say “Are you frigging kidding me?” I am always on alert because I run and have to deal with less than ideal drivers and tourists I am terrified when I don’t see someone till they are right up on me. PLEASE bright and reflective colors if the sun is not shining (that goes for cloudy days too). People are too busy being in a hurry and paying attention to everything but driving, better to be seen! I don’t care if black makes you look thinner, wouldn’t you rather be alive???

  208. Lots of neon. I have reflective neon green compression sleeves. Reflective tights. And I run the perimeter of the local high school which is well lit but populated by lots of bus drivers at 5am. Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in the game Frogger only it would be called Jogger and I am dodging buses.

  209. I have a flashlight that is tied with 350 cord my husband made dangling around my neck. Probably not enough of a light, but better then nothing. I love the skort – super cute!

  210. Everything but a headlamp! I have an LED light strapped to my garmin, reflective strips on all my pants and capris and a reflective jacket! And I usually run with one of my BRF’s massive dogs (they’re pretty tough to miss) 🙂

  211. I run outside at night while my daughter is inside at swim practice. I wear a brooks reflective bright, bright yellow running shirt and I just got knuckle lights from my husband as a Christmas present which helps for uneven surfaces. Before the knuckle lights I would hold my droid phone flashlight which was not that helpful!

  212. I have a “glow in the dark” neon pink shirt I wear in the winter and a bright orange short sleeve for the summer. I love running when it’s dark out, but I definitely worry about how visible I am.

  213. I only run in our subdivision, mostly because my husband is in the military and works long hours, but also because the streets are relatively quiet. I also have zero trust in drivers so I always hop into the grass when a car is approaching. The combination of no sidewalk and poorly lit streets keeps me very cautious.

  214. Mostly I run on my tmill. But I just bought Knuckle Lights and I already have: reflective jacket (illuminite and a north face w/ reflective trim), an R U Seen hat, gloves w/ reflective markings, reflective shoelaces, a Brooks safety yellow vest w/ reflective trim, tights w/ trim.

    I do notice when I’m driving how some runners just aren’t easy to see (wearing all dark at 5pm in winter, for example), and it always reminds me – unless you’re lit up like a Christmas tree with reflective, lights, etc – you’re not visible enough!

  215. Love running in the dark, wear my illuminite jacket even though the zipper is broken, the only problem I’ve had is almost being run over by a deer that ran out in front of me, close enough to touch.

  216. My husband brought home an extra safety vest he had from work. It’s about 3 sizes too big! But, you gotta do what ya gotta do.

  217. I am a wimp and usually stick to our basement treadmill if it is dark; however I have some long runs coming up for my training schedule that might have to happen during the darker hours so I will have to figure something out [training for an April marathon during the Portland winter has motivated me on several fronts – getting up early, drinking less and sucking it up for 40 degree windy rainy runs down by the waterfront].

  218. I run with a head lamp or a flashlight, I run at least 4 days a week in the dark either before the sun comes up or after it has gone down. I need some reflective clothing!!! I cant stand the thought of running indoors so the clothes would keep me outside! Bring on spring!

  219. I always run with my girlfriends, we each wear a headlamp and we try to run on trails and then we don’t have to worry about traffic!

  220. woohoo! It’s open to Canada! I do almost all of my running at night, so pretty much everything I wear is reflective. A friend drove by me one night while I was out for a run and she laughed and said she thought it was me because she but all she could see was a reflective outline of a person running down the road! I tried a headlamp once, but found it bounced around too much, although I do carry it in my pocket just in case.

  221. Mostly try to run before dark, but when I do a friend hooked me up with reflective arm band and flashing light and light, bright clothes.

  222. I run mostly in the dark. I usually wear a white top to appear more available. I also have a lightguide armband that has a light bar that I can choose to leave solid or strobe. It also has a reflective tape around the armband. I also have a reflective band on my shoe. I keep these all on my right side as to be seen as I run facing traffic. I would love to have more reflective wear so I am even easier to see!

  223. I wear reflective bracelets, but since I run on trails, I have to come home by dusk. I’ve been using the treadmill, but can’t wait for longer days and longer runs.

  224. I wear a reflective belt! We are currently living on an Air Force Base. It’s mandatory for the airmen to wear them-If you can’t see them, you can’t see me. So I decided to wear one even though as a spouse I’m not required to.

  225. If running in the dark, I am usually with my friend who jokingly calls me Safety Sam. I wear Knuckle lights, a bright orange and yellow glow-in the dark Nathan vest, and a blinking light at the back of my hat or attached to my pony-tail. I always assume cars cannot see me and make exaggerated movements to get their attention when attempting to cross. I always run with my Road ID. If nobody is available to run with me in the dark, I head inside. I am looking forward to more daylight hours!

  226. I wear the most obnoxious bright yellow shirt, a headlamp, reflective shoes, AND I run against traffic. I’ve almost been hit in broad daylight when I’ve had the okay to cross with the crosswalk ~ it’s scary!

  227. For safety at night, I usually make my husband ride his bike right along with me. He doesn’t like it but he wants me safe too. Of course the bike is all lit up with flashing lights and he wears his headlamp light. I use the old school hunter orange velcro wrap arounds around my ankles and wrists. So far, so good.

  228. Being a child of the 70’s/80’s, the neon or bright clothing is my go to outer layer when in the dark. Luckily the main routes I run have sidewalks and wide roads which help. My husband hates me running in the dark but it is sometimes a training necessity!

  229. I try not to do too many runs in the dark, but when I have to get it in during dark hours, I make sure to put on my headlamp!

  230. I honestly suck in this department!! I have some reflective running gloves that I wear, and a stripe of reflective material on my running hat. I better get some more safety gear! Thanks for the reminder!

  231. Normally i do not run when it is dark because i do not have any reflective gear. If i do run in the dark, my dad has a flashing light that I can borrow… i clip it to my lower back, but I feel like it is a wide load signal LOL!!!

  232. If I have to run in the dark, I bring a headlamp w/me. I also try and wear light colored clothing and stick to the sidewalk and am VERY cautious at crossings.

  233. I stay indoors at night unless I have a reflective vest on. I have never been out when it is so dark that I need a light, but my DH has during Ragnar relays so we ahve a few around the house.

  234. If I have to run in dark or dusk, I wear as much reflectivity as possible, especially on the front so oncoming cars can see me. I’ve also used a headlamp…

  235. I either run inside or run with a buddy when it’s dark, getting dark, or early. I also run with a reflective vest (but liking the flashlight/headlamp idea too).

  236. I try running at lunch when I can and when does not fit into my schedule I run with a head light and reflective clothing.

  237. My BRF and I wear blinding bright headlamps with little red lights attached to the back, too. Still, we are always amazed by drivers that do not scoot over to give us more room.

  238. Try to get done before dark, but if not, I have reflective tape on my jacket and started wearing a flashing knight in my zipper.

  239. I just recently started running and have yet to have the proper clothing. I just try real hard to stay out of the way of on coming traffic. Someday I will have a running budget!

  240. As simple as it sounds, I wear my commercial truck driver’s safety vest. Not a big deal, except he is 6′ tall and weighs about 250 pounds, and I am 5”5″ and weight about 125..I am swimming in it, but it keeps me safe!! (And sexy too!)

  241. I have gear that is reflective (my shoes, jacket, and hat). I try to wear as much non-black as I can. I have a headlamp, and Knuckle Lights, and multiple LED flashers (front and back), and an Amphipod Xinglet. I also carry a charged cell phone and I have a shoe tag with my information and emergency number on it, and I run in areas with a lot of sidewalks and very few places where I have to cross traffic.

  242. I stick to the treadmill when it’s dark out- I do have a cute reflective pink jacket that I mostly just rock for the cuteness factor during the daytime 🙂

  243. I put a glow stick on the back of my hat. I just got a neon jacket for Christmas. Hubby used to drive behind me since we live in the middle of nowhere with ditches instead of sidewalks. Lol love my man!

  244. I try not to go out in the dark if I can help it, especially because I’ve had close calls with cars in broad daylight. I do have a bright white half-zip that I wear if it’s near dusk. And, most of my running tops are in very bold colors. I’m not taking any chances that a car won’t see me!!

  245. Flashing lights and headlamps hurt my head and somehow make it hard to see where i’m going. There’s not many cars wherevI run, so I just turn down my headphones and stay on the sidewalk, but should probably wear more reflective gear, too! 🙂

  246. I don’t run outside in the winter (treadmill), but the rest of the year I absolutely LOVE to run in the dark. If the moon is fairly bright, I just wear a neon yellow shirt (not actually reflective), probably not the safest. If the night is very dark, I use a headlamp. My 17YO likes to run with me. The first time he saw me in the headlamp, he burst out laughing and said I had to run a few steps behind him!

  247. I wear white or neon yellow and recently got a flashing light to wear. In the winter I try to stick to daytime running or the treadmill. I do run early morning spring, summer, & fall and try to stick to sidewalks.

  248. I wear reflective bands on my wrist and flashing lights. I could really use this gear. I have been doing a lot of early morning and night time running.

  249. I don’t run in the dark. I either run on the treadmill or go while kids are at school. But if I had this way cool outfit, maybe I’d go. I would like to get some knuckle lights too.

  250. I have an ankle band that is reflective that is from RoadID. I also wear those glo stick bracelets. I get them at the dollar store. Plus, if it’s cold my gloves have reflective strips on them.

  251. I wear a white running jacket, a amphipod vest that is SUPER dorky, a reflective velcro strap that wraps around my ankle and to top off this beautiful outfit, I have a blinking dog collars that I hold in my hand. (sometimes it’s around the dog’s neck, if I take her out but since a black lab is near invisible at night EVEN with a blinking collar, usually I wear it)

  252. I haven’t been out running due to the dark. I’m a newbie and am in need of LIGHT! I did go out mid-December and all the holiday lights in our neighborhood lit the way. 🙂

  253. I’ll do cold, or I’ll do dark, but I’m not so good at cold AND dark. Mostly indoor track for me. I do love my knuckle lights when I am brave enough to venture out in the dark.

  254. I am “that lady” in the neighborhood who proudly runs down the street in a bright, white, mesh, reflective vest. All of my non-runner friends think it’s lame but I’d rather be lame and alive than fashionable and well not alive 🙂

  255. I actually don’t run in the dark at all in any season. However, there are so many other terrible things in winter like patches of ice (I live in Michigan) and packed down snow. I just try to run around it and even will take to running in the street if I have to. I think the most dangerous thing of all when I run in my city is crossing over the driveways of fast food restaurants. People are going in and out of those things so quickly and they pay no attention!!

  256. I stay inside or plan to run in the daylight in the middle of the day. This also means things have warmed up a bit as well!

    X cross my fingers I win! I love stars!! X

  257. Lots of good ideas here! I’m definitely suggesting the glow lights to all of the newbie motherrunners who started with my BGR group this month.
    I wear my orange Saucony running jacket with the built- in flashing lightset & all of my running tights have reflective piping. Never all black at night

  258. I usually stick to the treadmill in the dark, but I have gone out a few times and realized I was outrunning the sun. I need to stock up on some reflective gear!

  259. I wear a head lamp, I bring my brf and I usually run on the bike path as opposed to the road. The scariest thing we come across is the reflective eyes of a deer or fox. Spooky fun.

  260. I almost hit a woman this morning walking in a dark green rain jacket, dark umbrella and completely invisible along the side of our rural road. I bought reflective armbands however I am thinking of getting reflective clothing tape & putting cool designs on my running gear.

  261. I wear knuckle lights and a reflective vest and I try to stay on sidewalks in areas that don’t have much cross traffic. When I hit the suburban streets without sidewalks I add a headlamp as well.

  262. Bright colors, reflective strips on my clothes and neon pink Vedante reflective pop bands. This outfit would look a lot more snazzier though!

  263. I try to run at work during lunch hour and soak in a little bit of daylight. Or get reflect-kitted out for evening runs.

  264. I only run at night in the gym. but 2 or 3 times a week I run at 5 a.m. I try to wear lots of white and neon yellow, but when I have been too lazy to wash, I use reflective duct tape. Definitely not fashion forward, yet strangely effective.

  265. I try to wear one thing that’s light in color….and run in well lit areas. I’m not the best & don’t always remember to find something reflective or to light up. I’m lucky to get out the door.

    I really need to get a headlamp or something to help when I’m out super early.

  266. My winter running clothes all have reflective stuff on them. I also wear so reflective vest and keep my iPhone (which is strapped to my arm) from going into “sleep” mode, so it’s always lit up.

  267. I admit to being a wimp when it comes to running outside in the cold and dark of winter. I live in the frozen and snowy northeast where sidewalks are rarely plowed thoroughly – YakTrax can only do so much traction-wise! I hit the treadmill (“lovingly” nicknamed the Shredder), mix it up with a little ArcTrainer, or my husband will put my bike in the trainer so I can watch a movie and sweat!

  268. My husband has a oh-so-stylish reflective vest. When I am out after dark/before sunup, I sport it. Woot! I also have a white hat with reflective stuff and wear it.

  269. I wear bright colors (neons and white), a reflective vest and use a headlamp if it’s dark. I also do my best to stick to areas with sidewalks or no car access. I try to run midday for what little sun light the PNW offers.

  270. I buy all the reflective stickers, bands, and flashing lights I can for super-cheap on After-Halloween clearance. Sure, all my leds are jackolanterns and my reflective bands are bats and witches hats, but I’m seen!

  271. I almost always run early
    And it is dark at least a third of the year.
    I wear bright/reflective colors and carry flashlights.
    I like the glow stick idea!
    I’m training for my first half, so I’ll be logging even more early hours and woukd love to win thus.

  272. RAGNAR reflective vest with a flashing red lamp on the back for me, reflective vest for the pooch, headlamp, and I wear my pants with the reflective striping down the back.

  273. I don’t often run outside when its dark because being a single mom of a 4 yr old 24/7 doesn’t afford me the time. On the occasions I have I use a blinking light with an adjustable strap on my arm or on back of my fuel belt if I’m wearing one! Also the brightest colors I have, my Newton running shoes have lots of reflective material on them and I also have “knuckle lights” like mini flashlights that strap to your hands to shine on the road and let cars see you!

  274. Being an ex-rave girl from my younger years all that I can say is that attire is AWESOME!!! I want it!! As for running in the dark, I have a headlamp and wear light colored clothing on top.

  275. I wear one of those ugly reflective vests like the highway workers wear and I carry Knuckle Lights. When it’s not so cold out I also have a bright orange hat with lights built into the brim from LLBean. Hey, at 6am it’s not about fashion. It’s about coming home safely. I also try to run on our awesome 12 mile bike path when it’s not covered in snow and ice.

  276. I try not to run after dark but when i do i wear a headlamp. I would love, love, love to win this giveaway 🙂

  277. I LOVE RelaxReflect! So fun and functional! What I do now to stay safe when it is dark is to stay home and not run when it is dar. But, those times I do venture out, I make sure my clothes have reflective spots, add reflective slap bands, and have a flashing LED light attached to my fuel belt.

  278. I do a lot of things to be seen. I give the little guy a couple flashlights in the stroller, I wear a headlight pointingforward and one pointing backwards (when I am pushing the jogger) and I wear reflective gear. but the most important thing I do is remember that it’s my job to be alert and never trust that drivers see me.

  279. I always try to wear reflective clothing, especially this time of year. Although I run in the city in neighborhoods that are fairly well lit…it’s also 5:00 am so I’m never sure how awake people are!

  280. These are so insanely cute, it’s crazy – love the shrug! Usually I run during the day, when my littles are in school, but lots of times where I live in VA can be cloudy and dreary. My Mister has reflective marking tape he uses for his job – to mark trees and what not. I’ve been known to wrap it around my ankles and wrists, but it does sometimes fall off or, if I wrap it too tight, cut off my blood flow!

  281. I’ve spent enough $$ on gear and race entries as a newish runner that I’m tapped out for reflective gear/lights. I adjust my running time in the winter to sunlight only hours, but miss my evening runs!

  282. I go in ‘costume’ as a miner with my headlamp. 🙂 I also like to carry something that lights in my hand too, sometimes even my ipod or phone, so that if someone is coming I can move it around. I’ve done my share of diving into the ditch due to fools on the road. Yikes!

  283. I wear neon hot pink shoes with flashing lights shoe laces, a headlamp, neon shorts ,neon top and hot pink compression socks, flashing led light one one arm. IF you don’t believe me ask my many neighbors who have seen me running like this!

  284. During the week I run at 4 am before work. One morning while running, a neighbor was driving down the street in the pitch dark…..with no lights on!!! Luckily I saw HIM and got out of the way!!! I usually have a blinking head lamp that I wear around my thigh and reflective shoes!

  285. Thinking about it. I run dressed in black and sometimes it gets dark when running back home. I need to start wearing reflective clothing I’m training for my first half marathon in december (las vegas rock n roll). My goal is to keep running halfs until I reach 40 (im 36), so i can run my first 26.2 !

  286. Unfortunately I don’t run during the dark unless it’s during the Reno Tahoe Odyssey Relay. I’m honestly too freaked out about my safety, so I try to run once a week during lunch and I put in two weekend runs. The rest of week I do intense boot camp style workouts to cross-train and stay motivated. I will say though – this clothing would be super fabulous for the Odyssey, especially since our team name this year is Eclectic Company and is a play on the old show Electric Company 🙂

  287. I run at 5am and wear an arm band that lights up. As it gets closer to summer and lighter earlier, I don’t wear anything.

  288. I wear a reflective vest and a headlamp. There is reflective material on my gear (logos) as well. This morning was super foggy so I stayed with the gravel roads and stayed off of the highway without shoulders.

  289. I wear a headlamp, reflective gear, and a red flashing light. I run in the dark regularly so it’s important to be visible!

  290. Most of my training runs are before the crack of dawn and I wear a Petzl headlamp, and an Amphipod Xinglet on top. I could definitely use more light, bright gear!

  291. I usually wear a headlamp and reflective belt and then put a light on my dog and he has a reflective collar, sometimes a snazzy jacket. Also have an arm band but find that it can get really tight and the batteries dont last that long.

  292. My husband and I just bought a head lamp ad we love it!!! I have tights that have reflective spots, but not good enough for me 🙂 This gear looks awesome!!

  293. In the winter I wear bright clothing even during daytime hours. Saucony’s bright orange jacket is perfect in the PacNW drizzle. I don’t like running in the dark at all, so stick to the elliptical after hours.

  294. Hubby got me a neon pink running jacket for Christmas with reflective strips on it and my Athleta tights also have reflective pieces on them. I don’t run after dark much, but I want to be prepared in case the mood strikes!

  295. I have a headlamp and attach a blinking light to the back of it. It makes for an interesting print on my forehead when I’m done – but better to be safe! I also have a great running group, so we look out for each other.

  296. I was just thinking about this. I have a long run to do Sun and need to get it done early(6am start)The weather is to be unseasonably warm in MA and I would love to do it outside. Sadly, I do not have the appropriate gear and will have to hit the dreadmill which breaks my heart. This stuff is fantastic! Wish I had it now!

  297. I don’t run often at night, but make sure I wear lighter clors or reflective clothing. I also run with my road ID just in case of an emergency.

  298. Right now I run with a plastic little kid flashlight in my pocket that I turn on if I hear a car coming. Our small town tends to roll up the streets around 5:00 and I find running after that very peaceful. I think my mitts and shoes both have a little bit of reflective stuff on them but clearly I could use some more!

  299. When I run at night I wear a reflective vest that is not too attractive and I always use my headlamp. I always have a running partner if I go out at night to run (it is usually my son that I have to drag along, I just feel safer with someone else).

  300. I actually have never ran after the sun goes down. I try to wrap up my runs before dark. I would love to start running early in the mornings.

  301. I used to use glow stick bracelets. I bought several containers of them in the $1 aisle at Target right before 4th of July. Now I have a set of Knuckle Lights, which not only make me visible to others, but do a stunning job of illuminating the road or trail that I’m running on. But let’s face it, they’re just not as cute as reflective stars!

  302. Wow, I had to scroll a long way down! I wear neon/reflective everything and carry the knuckle lights I learned about from you guys! They’re awesome. I finally dropped the pinchy headlamp.

  303. I have a traffic cone orange long sleeve shirt I bought specially for these dark morning runs. I look ridiculous. But alive. So there’s that.

  304. I wear a zinglet for my early morning runs; my husband wears it at night. Being visible is so important during this time of year…many sidewalks aren’t plowed so more kids are walking on the roads to catch the buses (I made my husband shovel the sidewalk to the bus stop since some of our neighbors didn’t)…I wish more backpacks had this type of reflective material on them.

  305. I tend to run at the gym during the darker mornings, but if I am out hitting the pavement before sunlight I try to dress in bright colors and always run facing traffic so I can be more aware. I always just assume no one sees me!

  306. I just don’t run at night. although, more and more, I feel like I need to figure something out because I can’t find the time!

  307. IF I run in the dark (I try to avoid it — luckily I can run during my lunch break!), I make sure each item of clothing on me is reflective (shoes; capris; jacket). I don’t have a headlamp, but I try to stick to major streets with lights — running on a sidewalk with cars driving by is a small price to pay for the safety of well-lit streets!

  308. I run on the treadmill during the week and do my long runs on the weekend on area trails/parks so I don’t need to worry about vehicles.

  309. I wear a headlamp, blinking taillight and most of my clothes have reflective strips sewn in. I also run on the left side of the road.
    Who am I kidding? I run in the middle of the road. At 5am, I don’t have many drivers challenging my territory. But should a car come, I move to the left.

  310. My running buddy and I have a flashing red light that clips on our belt, as well as a pretty bright light that we clip on our belt or the pocket of our jacket that helps us see as well as others to see us.

  311. I can’t feel safe wearing reflective gear. I am only comforted to run in the dark with a safety light clipped on to my belt on the front and back. As an alert driver, I am well aware of how a runner can be easily missed so I would not rely my safety on other cars out there.

  312. I went to a training kickoff party at my local running store and won a running hat that not only has big fat reflective stripes but also two sets of led lights built into the bill with three different light settings. It’s awesome and way easier to manage than a headlamp! 🙂

  313. I live in the country. No streetlights anywhere at all, plus winding roads to boot. I have a fluorescent yellow Nike shirt, but still feel invisible. That leaves me with either day runs, or treadmill only at night. Would love some cool reflective clothes.

  314. I run with a headlight and reflective vest. It’s adjustable and fairly comfortable but it’s not as great as these clothes!

  315. My running buddy and I run early morning here in Ohio, through rain, sleet, snow, and wind in the early early morning, so very dark. We wear headlamps and reflective gear.

  316. I use knuckle lights to keep me from tripping, and then flashing LED lights (just got some from xmas that you can put on your zippers), plus some reflective strips around my ankles and wrists. .

  317. I rarely run in the wee morning hours if I can help it. Lately, I’ve been driving in the dark to meet friends for a run and realized how beautiful Colorado can be with the sun rising and creating “purple mountains majesty” By the time we start though, the light has already hit.
    Evening runs don’t happen because it means the kids are home and need attention so I can’t slip out but if I do, I’d be psyched to wear something like this giveaway!

  318. Embrace your treadmill ladies. I stay safe by staying at the gym. What’s not to love about drinks, towels, tv, and music all at your fingertips? And best of all, and a potty that is oh-so-convenient. My best running buddy did buy me a headlamp for Christmas!

  319. Spraining my ankle while skiing is how I am staying safe for winter running–because I am currently couched. 🙂 I don’t like early morning running, so once the ankle has healed, I’ll be hitting my newish home treadmill until warmer temps prevail.

  320. I wear a pink reflective hat and a light attached to my jacket. I really run at dawn, so it is light by the time I am done. And I never assume that a car sees me. If I see a car, I go up onto the sidewalk (carefully).

  321. I run trails almost exclusively, so at nighttime/dark I use a good headlamp. However, I do ride once a week after dark, and for that my buddy and I look like a total goobers, but you can see us! We have many different reflective articles, along with blinking lights front and back, and ride on a non-busy road loop that is fairly well-lit. I love the reflective graphics – an awesome idea!

  322. I often resort to the treadmill rather than run in the dark. I did it all the time in my college days, but now even in “safe” places I still don’t feel comfortable running by myself. In Florida, we have a lot of scary drivers (nobody seems to know how to look right to check for people on sidewalks before turning right), but I’m used to taking extra precautions there. With the night, I am more concerned about creepy people and critters.

  323. This stuff is so awesome. To be seen whether it is day or night, I always try to pick the funkiest/colorful shoes I can. I was running in the Asics Noosa’s for a bit they have some glow in the dark features to them. I also stopped wearing all black. I decided it was better to allow myself to be seen in maybe not the most slimming color in order to be seen for safety. I try to pick neon colors and I have a blicking light I wear some too.

  324. If at all possible, I prefer to run with my running group when its dark. I’m more afraid of crazy dogs and people than I am of cars!
    But I wear a couple of strategically placed reflectors and light/bright clothing and make sure I am running AGAINST the traffic too so I can dive into the the ditch if I need to. Several years ago I was running on the wrong side of the road for some reason and my neighbor ALMOST took me out!!!

  325. Try to wait until the sun comes up or take a flashlight with me, hoping that the little strips of reflective stuff on my running gear is semi-visible. But this stuff looks like it’s perfect for those of us living out in “the boonie” and we have no street lights.

  326. I wear bright clothes and reflective vest, employ hypervigilant-car-monitoring, and tell my husband what route I plan to take.

  327. I wear reflective clothing and usually carry a flashlight. Although I am contemplating using the headlamps my kids got for Christmas. Even our dog has a reflective vest, for when my husband takes her on his early morning runs.

  328. I almost always run in the dark, either in the am before the kids are OUT of bed or in the pm after the kids are IN bed. Have a few strap on reflectors for my arms and love getting gear with reflective designs built in (hats, shirts, vests, pants, etc).

  329. Well, although I have done many night runs during the summer months with little to no reflective strips on my clothes (figuring the light from streetlights and headlights would bounce off my white skin and make me visible), I have started running more in the dark of winter months. Now I make sure to have reflective strips on my running tights, a white or light colored top, and carry a flashlight that I aim right at the cars when approaching intersections. They might not like the light in their eyes, but I’m sure it’s less than I would like to be creamed by their car!

  330. I run at the gym or at home on the treadmill until it starts to get light out earlier. Then reflective shirts and laces along with my Road ID band!

  331. I wear reflective clothing. If I am running with the baby in the stroller, I get a little hesitant to run in too trafficked areas, so I usually resort to running all the sidewalks inside my gated community. It’s boring, but safer!

  332. Prior to joining the gym, I would run at night in bright, bright colors and only on the roads that we’re need with street lamps. I made sure I could see and I could be seen. I also ran on the sidewalk and always had room to maneuver if I needed it.

  333. I usually try to stay on sidewalks in well lit areas. However, I have resorted to mostly running over my lunch most of the time.

  334. To be seen on my early morning (dark) runs, I often wear white running tights (yes, my kids make fun) under my shorts and try to make sure everything I have on has reflective strips.

  335. I wear a headlamp with either a reflective jacket or vest. I get so irritated at running ninjas (runners who wear all black). I have an urge to stop them and say “do you realize that the only person who can see you is you?”

  336. I love running first thing in the morning so that I finish just as the sun is coming up! But we do have to be careful, a lot of DUIs are given in the morning! So always be aware of your surroundings. I don’t listen to music, my heartbeat is good enough for that. And always wear bright/reflective clothing. Sometimes I’ll wear a headlamp and a little red tail light too.

  337. I have an armband that lights up, and I wear another little flashing light on my fanny pack. I have no trust in cars paying an attention to me whatsoever, and it does make me a bit nervous. I run early in the morning before the sun is up. I do like that better than running at night, because at least there are far fewer cars to worry about!

  338. I am really embarassed to confess this, but the best thing I have is a red jacket that I run in. Its reversible and the gray side is more nylon-y and wind resistant, but I make a point to always put the red side out. Because of this serious lack of reflect-ivity in my running wardrobe, I usually avoid running at night in winter. This post has reminded me that I need to fix that lack ASAP. THANKS!

  339. I wear a hat with lights installed in it on my pre dawn runs. There are no street lights where I live, so I find it quite disorienting to run in the dark. I avoid it as much as possible.

  340. I go all out when I run at night. I wear a bright shirt, a reflective vest and a headlamp. I also try to stick to the streets in the neighborhood that have street lights. I’ve also been known to use the flashlight on my phone. Safety first!

  341. This is quite possibly one of the coolest outfits ever! In low light conditions, I vary. While getting ready for NYC, I stopped running in the dark only because I was too close to my goal to risk tripping! Otherwise, I wear gear with reflectiveness and a headlamp which these two older gents walking their dogs routinely make fun of. I also try to stay extra alert and choose routes accordingly.

  342. I usually run in the morning or go for the treadmill in the evening. I do have a bright green jacket that I love because on the back roads I use the few drivers that pass me don’t ever expect someone running. I figure better safe than squished!

  343. I usually stick with the treadmill unless I have a running partner. And in that case I wear a sort of suspender/harness gizmo that is screaming bright yellow with lots of reflective strips. It crosses over my chest, back and waist. I also wear a headlamp. My husband adds a small flashlight in his hand that he waves at oncoming cars.

  344. After many years of doing Hood to Coast, I have an abundance of night safety gear. So I typically wear a reflective vest, as much reflective clothing as I can, a flashing light on front and back and a headlamp too.

  345. in the winter i run on the treadmill because with all the snow here in minnesota the shoulder disappears. the rest of the year if i run when it’s dark i wear reflective clothes and carry a flashlight and try to find routes with sidewalks.

  346. My clothes have boring old reflective strips in them but I need to up the ante and take some of these suggestions! That’s my plan:)

  347. I haven’t had to run outside in the dark yet this winter. I am lucky enough to have options. I don’t work until noon on tuesday, run just as the sun gets up on Saturday, use the treadmill on one day and our local college was kind enough to open up their indoor track to the public early in the morning during the winter. I am glad for the variety because the treadmill all week long would drive me crazy.

  348. I changed my run time to during lunch, so I avoid the darkness. Really, its not the darkenss that bothers me, its the cold and potentially slipping on ice that I can’t see. I do have a reflective flashing arm band for those times where I am out during dark.

  349. I have reflective tape on my shoes and a white visor, but I was hoping to receive those knuckle lights I’ve seen at running expos for Christmas. No such luck, but I can always get them for myself, right?

    Anyway, reflective tape is cheap and you could stick it on your backside or wherever!

  350. I will usually just run on the treadmill if it is too dark out. If I do go out, I wear bright green/pink/yellow shirts. I have a head lamp too but I don’t have anything really reflective so I am banned to indoors. These look awesome!

  351. I’m a big chicken and have never ran at night yet. This is just what I need to get out and go in the evening time!

  352. I have specific nighttime running gear – bright flourescent yellow shirt or white jacket with reflective material in it.

  353. I try to wear bright or reflective clothes. I also try to make sure I am running against traffic and stay to the side of the road or use sidewalks when possible.

  354. I hit the treadmill these days when it is dark outside. I love these clothes! They look so cool and I could get back outside!

  355. I make sure that I’m wearing brighter colors and I always wear my armband lights. I’m usually running in the dark early morning and I do think about what I need to wear to be safe.

  356. Knuckle lights and lots of neon. I also try to stay off really busy roads when it’s dusky. I think dusk is the worst visibility time for drivers.

  357. All of my running clothes and shoes have reflective strips and/or bright colors. I’m too chicken to run in the dark dark.

  358. I wear a reflective vest, a headlamp (so I can see where I’m going), and a flashing light around my arm. Safety is so important!!

  359. Funny that this should be the topic of the day, I run early every morning at 5:30 and usually use a headlamp. However, today not only was my headlamp’s battery dead, but just into my run the lamp I was borrowing from sister died as well. I ended up running on the sidewalk instead of the road which as runners we know is bad for your knees, but better than being hit by a car:)

  360. I have a headlamp and a reflective vest that I wear when running at night. I also have a few vibrant colored running tees that I’ll wear to make myself stand out. I’ve almost been hit by careless/inattentive drivers during the day, so I am extra cautious after dusk.

  361. I typically carry a flashlight (to light the path in front of me) and then wear some reflective tags that also have blinking led lights. But I love these pants and would much rather wear them!!!

  362. I wear my Brook’s Nightlight jacket with is an extremely bright green with reflective strips. Plus, I’m more conscious about crossing with the light at the 2 intersections on my route.

  363. I wear a reflective jacket and pants and try to stick to the main roads as much as possible, not only to remain visible, but because these sidewalks are often the best plowed ones.

  364. It’s really icey in MN right now so I’ve been staying indoors. If I do venture out, – it’s lots of reflective gear, a headlamp, and two flashing lights–one on my arm and one on my waist. People just don’t expect to see runners in the dark dark of winter. You have to assume they can’t see you – even with a billion blinking lights. Stay safe!

  365. My running club meets at night at a lighted paved walking trail, so we don’t have to worry about crossing much traffic and most of us have flashlights for the darker areas of the course. I’ve recently decided to design our club tshirts in Safety yellow, so we can always be seen :).

  366. Reflective suspender like things. Not too styling but they are bright in headlights. Thinking of clamping a bike light on my rear too. And, more gym time in the dark months, more running as it gets lighter in the morning.

  367. I wear flashing lights on my arm and my shoe. I also reserve my bright orange/yellow running gear for my dark runs and always run with that assumption that drivers can’t see me. Love this reflective gear – cute & functional!

  368. I am not afraid to look like a fool when I run – as long as people can see me doing it! I wear a zinglet (love it – gift from one of my BRFs), reflective hat, a blinking light, and knuckle lights. I would LOVE to get some of this reflective gear, as most of my runs are post-8pm and on roads with plenty of traffic. Unfortunately, my only option – no gym, no treadmill!

  369. I run at 5:30 am, so I use my reflective gear year-round! I wear a vest, a headlamp, and have reflective dots on my shoes and gear. The dog also has a reflective collar.

    I take the reflective gear very seriously; before I used the headlamp I was run off the road and twisted my ankle, busted up my knee. I am sure the driver did not see me. He could have killed me–or the dog–or BOTH.

    Great giveaway gear!

  370. A few years ago, a running friend told me she wore a headlamp. I thought that was silly. I didn’t need one, I was safe.
    Two years later my mother bought me one for Christmas and I LOVE it! She also bought me a reflective vest (I feel like a turnpike worker wearing it, but that’s OK) and I have a bright yellow shell. I don’t leave for an AM or PM run without them. Even when decorated brightly, I assume drivers do not see me, which makes me wonder what else they are doing besides driving, but I get it.

  371. I have amassed a bucket of refelctive straps and blinky slip lights….I have yet to wear my 4 year old’s headlamp.

    These are awesome!

  372. I run with a friend at 0-dark-am and I carry a flashlight (cumbersome!) and wear a blinking light that clips to the back of my jacket.

  373. I am more of a morning runner so darkness usually isn’t a concern. If it is too dark, I hit the gym and jump on the treadmill.

  374. I typically run in a very large park (has a nice 3 mi loop around it) that is right next door to my house. So cars weren’t an issue – but the path was poorly lit. I used a flashlight app on my phone (which I carried with me anyway) that I used to see. One morning I was just particularly spooked. I attempted to keep my music super low so I could hear easily…but another runner who passed me from behind scared the crap out of me (I screamed I’m ashamed to admit). Since he snuck up on me I stuck to the treadmill ever since. I have a strong hatred for the treadmill, but I’m sure getting mugged is worse!!!!

  375. I rarely run after dark, but if I have to, I wear a reflective vest. These are so cute, though! I’d run in the dark more often with this stylish running wear!

  376. I’ve had the exact thing happen to me too! Very scary as a driver to almost plow someone over.

    When my running buddies and I run in the wee hours of the morning we sport head lamps and gear with reflective properties. One running buddy uses reflective wrist and leg bands to make herself even more visible.

  377. I have a reflective vest I wear and use Knuckle Lights. I also have an illuminated collar on my dog with a flashing clip light on her collar so people see her too.

  378. When I run in the mornings before work, I do laps around my block. It’s boring and repetitive, but it’s super safe. I live at the back of a quiet subdivision that is not a thoroughfare, so aside from the occasional neighbor leaving for work, I never see a single soul. And I’m always within a stone’s throw of my house.

  379. Typically I don’t run in the dark, especially in winter, but when I end later when it is starting to get a little darker, I dress in light colors and run faster so I can get home before it is dark. 🙂 Otherwise, treadmill it is!

  380. I have to admit I am not the best at this, but I do use a headlamp and also take my phone and use the flashlight app as I run. I try to find my clothes that have reflective strips, but I don’t have many- which is why this would be so great!

  381. In the past, I’ve tried to get runs in during the day light but considering I live in the Great White North (Canada) there is not that much some days… My toque has reflective material on it and make sure that my coat does too. The dog leash & collar also have reflective stuff (for when he comes with me, the dog that is)… Some days though, it is the treadmill in the basement just to get those runs in.

  382. I feel like I might go a bit overboard at times. Reflective vest, blinky light on my back, blinking LED arm band, head lamp, and either a bright flashlight or Knuckle Lights.
    I saw Cyndie’s post too, and it brought back the runner we passed on Hwy 101 just two evenings before; dressed in all black (including his knit cap) and was carrying one barely there Knuckle Light. BF and I had an extensive conversation on how I stay safe when I run at night.

  383. Always make a point of wearing a light colored top when it’s dark… although I tend to be a treadmill runner when it’s dark for the most part!

  384. I run early in the morning before the sun is up; I have light-up velcro arm-bands that I wear when its warmer; currently i am wearing a flourescent pink jacket that has a built-in light-up strip on the right shoulder. I am not sure that’s enough so I may also start wearing one of the velcro bands on my opposite ankle. Would love to win this give-away!

  385. Usually say in with the treadmill, but I have been know to run with a light (makes me look like Iron man, since I hook it to my zipper), a reflective hat, and a reflective halloween patch pinned on.

  386. I’m a cold wimp, and if it is dark, it’s usually so cold here in Montana that I stay on the treadmill. Much less interesting of a workout.

  387. I run at 5am so I wear a white hat — ball cap in warmer months and a knit cap in winter. Most of my warm weather clothes are light colored and have some sort of white on them. My favorite is a bright yellow wind breaker, but its usefulness is limited to early spring. Winter is more difficult as my tights are black and my jacket is blue. I have a reflective crossing-guard-type vest that I sometimes wear (talk about posing as the school crossing guard!) but it shifts to one side as I run so I’m constantly pulling it straight again. Which is why I hardly ever wear it (bad, I know!).

  388. I prefer to run early in the morning. Generally this is great from March-November. December, January and February it doesn’t get light out early enough for me. So what I do is get to the treadmill at the healthclub. I hate the treadmill! However, I am unwilling to run in the dark for two reasons…one, people just aren’t looking for you when it is 6am and they are trying to wakeup and drive to work. Even with protective gear, I don’t trust the drivers. Two, I am fearful of hitting a patch of ice or pothole in the dark and hurting myself. So I bite the bullet and hit the treadmill. The positives include a much warmer run and lots more speedwork to pass the time on the treadmill:-)!

  389. If I have to run outside in the dark, I go to the track down the street at the middle school. Mostly, I try to avoid running in the dark because I get creeped out easily. But if I have to, I have one of those blinking LED bracelets, in red, a jacket with reflective lines on it, and some reflectors on my shoes. We also have a head lamp, but I have never used it so far.

  390. When I run at night I have a bright orange running jacket that I love!! It’s so bright you can’t help but see me!

  391. I use to be those black dressed runner listed above. My brother in-law had my name for xmas and bought me fluorescent hat, fluorescent visor (which if I want to be real annoying has battery pack and flashes lights), leg bands that are fluorescent and Nathan clip you can put on the back of your pants/shorts which has 9 different flashing options- WOW- I know you really think I look sexy now-don’t you :).

  392. I wrap Christmas lights around myself before I go on nighttime runs. Blinking ones are the best. 😉 J/K. If I can’t get a run in during the daylight hours, I just don’t get one in at all. Elliptical instead.

  393. I don’t run in the dark because I am afraid of tripping, but sunrise in Portland, Oregon is still a bit darkish… I borrow my dog’s blinky tags and wear reflective clothing, not nearly as cute as these things! Triple crossing my fingers to win this one!

  394. I have an LED arm band that flashes and running clothes with reflective designs. My kids have shoes with flashing lights on them, why can’t they make them for adult runners?

  395. I would imagine that the satellites that circle the earth can see me as I run my night time routes through my part of Omaha! Headlamp? Check. Blinking red light on the back of my headlamp strap? Check. Reflective vest? Check. You get the picture… Add reflective material on gloves, shoes, dog leash, and blinking light on the dog, and I’m covered. Literally and figuratively! Would totally love to rock the reflective gear you are giving away today!

  396. Whenever I run in the dark (5am) I wear a reflective vest and a headlamp. Although lately I’ve been relying heavily on the old treadmill, I am so over the dark and the cold.

  397. I live in the country, very rural but wide open roads. When I run in the dark, I will be able to spot a vehicle approaching before they see me. This gives me a chance to step down into the ditch and out of their path.

  398. The Trauma RN in me dies everytime I see a runner with little to no reflective gear in the dark. I wear a headlamp, a vest, flashing lights, clothing with reflective details and Nike Shield shoes. I glow.

  399. I wear a reflective vest (and look like a school crossing guard). There are 6 of us that run together in the dark, dark mornings. I wear the vest, another wears a flashing arm band, one carries a flashlight…we are a pretty visible group. I have thought about dying my dog (who often joins us on our runs) a fluorescent yellow-a new breed: neon lab?!

  400. fortuitous post given that we were almost run over during last nights run! I try and remember to where bright/light colors when I go out for evening runs. When it gets dark, I add in a headlamp for each runner (I carry 2 spares in the car) and reflective belts. Still, when we hit the trail sometimes cars just don’t pay attention at the bright blinking headlamp on the curb standing under a lit streetlight. SMH. Some people.

  401. I just ran the Ragnar Florida Keys relay, they made sure that nightime runners wore a reflective vest, flashing butt light and a headlamp. I also added reflective anklets. It was reassuring while running in the night to know that I could see people ahead of me. and I knew that the cars couldn’t miss us.

  402. I like to run with neighborhood friends for those pre-dawn runs – safety in numbers! Additinally I sport reflective gear and a headlamp.

  403. I don’t usually run at night, but I always were something reflective every time I run. A headband, shirt, shoes, and/or skirt.

  404. Oh Friends-
    I wear this ridiculous construction worker vest from a garage sale, no joke. I only wear it when it is dark AND I am running on a road, which is not too often this winter, as I am doing my dark-time runs on a multi-use trail… but I am sure I will be back in the 1982 contraction worker vest again soon…
    Also, while I like the ideas of previous posters – using the glow bracelets – I teach about creating less garbage and plastic in the ocean, and I can’t bear the thought of single use plast items when there are durable items that do the same job. Me ‘n my eco-guilt…

  405. I run on the treadmill during the winter, but in the summer we have some pretty nice lit running trails in our town so I don’t wear reflective gear, but maybe I should be.

  406. Here is some honesty for you- When it is completely dark (you know, after 5:30, or before 7:30) I stay inside. When it is a little warmer, and a little lighter, I try to just stay on sidewalks til I get to the path and keep my white dog with me. I know, not the safest, but it luckily it has worked so far!

  407. I have a blinkie light that I wear on my arm as well as a reflective vest that I put on over my running clothes, but given the cold temps and ice, I have been putting my new/used treadmill to good use.

  408. I wear a neon vest a headlamp and I always make sure I make eye contact with a driver and motion with my hand that I’m going to cross in front of them.

  409. Reflective running belt that I “borrowed” from the supply closet of the high school track team I help to coach. 🙂 I also try not to wear all black. I would LOVE this reflective gear!!

  410. My husband is in the Navy and still has his “reflective belt” from when he’d have to PT in the wee hours. It is really bright and reflective, so now i use it. It’s hideous, but safety first! I also often run with a mini flashlightin each hand. Once it gets light, I stash them on the side of the road and pick them back up on my way home.

  411. I don’t run in the dark, but being from the Pacific NW, I definitely have low light days. I try to wear bright shirts and hats. If I’m wearing a dark jacket, I make sure it has reflectors.

  412. As my old newbie gear runs out I am replacing it only with gear that has reflective trim. I carry knuckle lights, but the most important thing I do is psychological. I carry myself as though the cars cannot see me, because drivers don’t necessarily expect us to be there and aren’t looking for us. I run defensively and assume the driver won’t see me or stop, rather than plunging ahead because I have right of way.

  413. I run at the track at the high school near my house … no chance of getting hit by a car there! Yes, it’s a lil bit boring, but a good playlist takes care of that! =D

  414. My sister is my best friend, and she’s an exceptionally dedicated runner. She lives on Cape Cod and is a pre-school teacher. JoAnn gets up at the crack of dawn and hits the roads at 4:30am. Yes, you read that correctly. She wears an assortment of running clothes passed down from her oldest and middle sons, with good running shoes of course. I would love it if she could win this highly reflective gear as I worry about her slogging through the side streets dodging cars in the dark, morning after morning. She is such a wonderful person and always encourages me on my on and off again running (I’m frequently derailed by injuries). Thanks for considering her to win the gear!

  415. I wear a bright colored shirt, with built in reflectors on the shirt and leggings, then a blinking red light attached to my belt in the back and headlamp for the front.

  416. I run on the sidewalk and wear reflective clothes, including reflective gloves. When I ride my bike,I have reflective outerwear, blinking lights, and other reflective things on my bags.

  417. I am a huge knuckle lights fan. I have been using them for over a year now, and I get lots of great comments from other early morning runners and walkers!

  418. I have a reflective vest that’s about 20 years old, crossing guard style. The velcro is falling off and it definately needs to be replaced. I run outside at 5:30 am – I love the stars and the fresh air, but once the roads get icy, go inside. I’d love a ‘starry’ outfit to complement the beautiful skies at that hour!

  419. Most of the stuff I wear has the reflective lines or dashes on them… I also have fluorescent shoes as well as tops… Don’t necessarily have the bright colors on the lower half…. It can be scary out there… Stay Safe!!

  420. 1. Wear white, best seen color in the dark
    2. Anything reflective, though I need to improve here (love this company, the little one inch stripes on most activewear is kinda pathetic).
    3. Lights front and back, because reflective only works if someone shines a light directly on you 🙂

  421. Headlamp! It has three different options where it blinks, changes to red, or gets brighter/dimmer. If I see a car up ahead, I usually make it blink so the car knows I’m not a light post or something 🙂

  422. Most of my outfits have little bits of reflective pieces on them. Certainly not big and amazing like this outfit. 😉

  423. I haven’t purchased reflective gear, I know I should. I guess I try to run with others who are wearing reflective gear and I try to run on Main Street in our town which has a lot of streetlights. This reflective gear would be very helpful to me!!

  424. I run in the early morning, usually @ 5:30 am, so it’s usually dark. I use a construction worker’s vest, which is fully reflective, over my running clothes. It’s uglier than sin, so I’m glad it’s dark out (!) but I know people can see me, and the vest is lightweight and will fit over whatever I’m wearing. If I’m not running near streetlights, I also carry a flashlight.

  425. I recently got a Nike Vapor Flash jacket. It is AWESOME and is incredibly visible. I also use a head lamp. I have blinky lights on both of my dogs collars, too.

  426. I wear LOTS of reflective clothing, always have my iPhone with me, and honestly, end up doing a lot more running inside (boo).

  427. I wear a headlamp and a velcro reflective band on my outside arm… I look like a dork, but I’m not invisible to traffic.

  428. I use the treadmill during the super-early pre-work mornings and then run later, after sunrise on the weekends. I confess, I’m a scaredy-cat!

  429. I wear a reflective vest that my husband affectionately refers to as my crossing guard vest:/ I also make sure my pants have something reflective on them, and I take my dog. He is more alert while we’re running than I am, so if anything is coming up, he alerts me!

  430. I used to run under the bright lights of the city, but now a headlamp and reflective gear is a must. I also use the dreadmill on occasion when the weather is stormy and cold.

  431. Those glowlight bracelets are a GREAT idea!!! Right now I wear a reflective vest over whatever jacket or top I am running in. My running pants and jacket each have pretty small amounts of relfective material on them. I am going out for glowlights today!!!!

  432. Headlight, relective vest, shirt/jacket with reflective tape, and “butt” light that blinks. This way I’m seen coming and going.