The Boston Marathon Tragedy through the Eyes of Two Mother Runners

We think all the runners in the 2013 Boston Marathon are superheroes, but these two Wonder Women are Katherine (left) and Becky.
We think all the runners in the 2013 Boston Marathon are superheroes, but these two Wonder Women are Katherine (left) and Becky.

Dimity and Sarah each talk to a mother runner who ran the 2013 Boston Marathon to hear the story in their own words. Melissa Fryback of Portland dug deep and set a PR (3:43:46) but had barely 20 minutes to celebrate before the blasts, while Katherine Sullivan and her friend Becky Stouder finished just ahead of the terrifying explosions. We cried while talking with these strong women, and we suspect more tears will be had while listening to them. Let them mix with your sweat on your next life-affirming run.

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9 responses to “The Boston Marathon Tragedy through the Eyes of Two Mother Runners

  1. Sarah & Dimity,
    Thanks so much for this. My husband ran in Boston on Monday and I was there with him, cheering from the corner of Hereford and Boylston. His finishing time was 3:37, so thankfully he had picked up his bag and I had found him just before we heard the explosions. I shared so many feelings and thoughts with the gals you interviewed. I keep thinking about all of the many runners we met in the days leading up to the race – Vince from VA and the two gals from Colorado who we sat with at the pre-race dinner, the girl from Canada whose sister was running (she and I stood together and cheered on the runners together for nearly an hour.) I just keep thinking about them all and hoping they and the people they love are all ok. And hoping they got to finish their race. It’s all just so difficult to process, even as someone who wasn’t close enough to see the smoke or witness the horror.

    In trying to process everything, this was the post on my FB page on Thursday:
    I feel a terrible sense of disappointment for my husband that after years of anticipation, months and months of brutal training, successfully running in one of the most prestigious races in the world, finishing with an amazing time (although not quite what he’d hoped for), his HUGE accomplishment is not what we will remember about that day. The elation of the accomplishment for every person who took a step toward the finish line that day was stolen in an instant. Today my heart is still broken for those who experienced or witnessed the horror on Monday. ♥

    My husband’s first day back to work was Thursday and when he got ready to leave I asked him if he was going to wear his jacket from Boston and he said no, that he wasn’t ready. I was so angry in that instant for what had been stolen from him and all of the other runners. Although I didn’t run on Monday, I too bought a jacket (they’ll sell them to anyone! *wink*) and my response to my husband was, “Dammit! I’m wearing my jacket and I’m wearing it every day until they catch the bastards and every day after that!” We stand with you, Boston. And we salute everyone who was brave enough to make it to the start. Our hearts are with you.

    We are grieving with Boston and with the running community.
    With love from Idaho.

  2. Thank you for sharing!! This helps my motivation to qualitfy!! My favorite quote I have seen is a picture of a road full (side to side, thick)of runners coming down a long road says “You have just pissed off a lot of people, who run run faster than you and never give up.” Boston Strong!! You all have given me inspiration!! Be free, not fearful!!

  3. Love you ladies so, so much. What a beautiful podcast episode. I bawled all through it. Thank you to both Melissa and Katherine for sharing your stories. I can’t wait for my AMR Run Boston shirt to arrive. Boston Strong!

  4. Wow, what a great PODcast. I’m a cry-ier especially over this kind of stuff and my husband and kids are always like ‘oh look Mom’s crying’, so I was so happy to listen to this podcast while cleaning my house because my family does not like to engage me while I’m cleaning, mostly because I’m griping about what a bunch of freaking slobs I live with. However, today I hardly even remember cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the hardwood floors, or picking up my families left behind stuff. I was riveted to these stories and I felt like you were telling me the story from my own living room (sorry for the mess-I’m getting to it). When Melissa was talking about not wanting to celebrate, I was literally saying out loud, just before she did, “no, don’t let them take that from you”. Of course when Dimity started crying that was it, full on tears for me. I don’t know how you keep it together to do the interview or how these great ladies managed to tell their stories with such detail and composure. Kudos and thank you.

    1. Thank you for your praise and gratitude, Christine. You’re “what a bunch of freaking slobs…” comment made me laugh! xo

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