Best Running Friends (BRFs)

Hot, sweaty friendship: Sarah (center) with BRF Molly (left), and Molly's oldest daughter after recent run.
Hot, sweaty friendship: Sarah (center) with BRF Molly (left), and Molly's oldest daughter after recent run.

Dimity and Sarah firmly believe the best running “accessory” is a friend to cover the miles with, so this podcast celebrates bonds forged by running. Dimity reads the friendship chapter from Run Like a Mother (Sarah’s fave chapter of the book), which contains perhaps the best line in the entire book. “When you keep your eyes on the road, you can speak from your heart.” Then the mother runners serve up a reading from Train Like a Mother with tips on how to successfully run a race with a friend. (It’s not as easy as you might think.) And find out why, some mornings, Sarah and her BRF, Molly, fancy they are auditioning for a 1970s shampoo commercial.

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10 responses to “Best Running Friends (BRFs)

  1. This is the reply I got regarding this issue. I hope it help!:

    Thanks for the support, Allison. Here are instructors, from our producer:

    Here is what you need to tell people to do if they are still having trouble:

    — EVEN if they are already subscribed to the podcast:
    — Go to the LInk that you gave in the FB Post.
    — Click View in iTunes.
    — Once in iTunes hit SUBSCRIBE
    — Then they can go back to their Podcasts under Library. They may have 2 podcasts that say Another Mother Runner. One will have episodes on it, one will be blank.

  2. I thought I was the only one having trouble downloading this episode. Not being able to take you on a run with me makes me sad! I can run with an iPod, an iPhone, a water bottle and my garmin but not with my laptop! I hope this is fixed soon. I miss you this week.

  3. I LOVE running to your podcasts. You are a major part of my BRF network. I have my I-Tunes account set up to automatically download your podcasts as they appear. This newest podcast won’t download to my devices. When I check I-Tunes, it doesn’t show up as your newest podcast (or at all). When I click on the direct link (above), I can hear it on my computer just fine. I wondered if you had any advice for me on this subject. I’m so excited to listen to your podcast through my earbuds on my next run! 🙂 Also, thank you so much for taking time to make these regular podcasts. I’m so grateful for them–and you!! 🙂

  4. I coordinate about 38 women runners to join together for weekly long runs and often send pictures from our recent runs and comments in those weekly emails. I laughed when I read this today because one such recent email included the best line of the RLAM book, “When keep your eyes on the road, you can speak from your heart”. Don’t worry-it was properly given credit and your welcome for helping to sell oodles of RLAM and TLAM:) I was reflecting on the fact that in beginning of our long run, the sixteen ladies running mostly stuck to groups of people they knew but that within 4 miles, I was in the back of the group and realized that everyone had broken out of their ‘safe’ zone of their usual BRFs and were running with people they never had run with before. It blew me away! Running breaks down walls and barriers so quickly and I love how that happens. My BRFs are the main reason I keep going mile after mile. Can’t wait to listen to the podcast!

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