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Allie, looking strong at a recent half-marathon in Hartford, Conn.
Allie, looking strong (and so happy!) at a recent half-marathon in Hartford, Conn.

Mother runner Allie Burdick, 38, doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing her running journey and helping others uncover their inner strength—sometimes in between playtime with her twin sons Miles and Vaughn, 4 ½ (see: her latest video on her blog, on scoring amazing abs, which she filmed while her boys enjoyed the season's first snowfall). Allie and husband Mike are raising their boys in Ellington, Conn., and she proudly declares on her site that she "comes from a long line of smart mouthed women and I try to use my powers for good!"

Best recent run: Just the other day I did a favorite 10-mile loop. It was great on so many levels: first, it's getting colder where I live and that is the best running weather for me! The sun was out but the temp was around 40, which is perfection. I'm coming off of two big races and this was the first day my legs felt as though they were back to normal after some nice rest and recovery.

Treadmill or outside all winter long? The dreadmill and I are not friends. I will do anything to avoid it.

Capris or tights? In the winter I wear tights. I need my ankles covered because it gets COLD here! My breaking point for capris is about 30 degrees.

Foam roll or stretch? I just bought a new foam roll and I love it!

Snot rockets (“farmer’s blow”) or wipe on sleeve? I like to believe I've mastered the snot rocket! I love to run when I'm congested or have a cold because, although absolutely disgusting, a run helps get everything out.

Placing at the Ironhorse 10K in Farmington, Conn.
Placing at the Ironhorse 10K in Farmington, Conn.

5K or 10K?: This is tough. My non-running friends think because of the distance of these races that they're "easy" for me. They say things like "Oh, a 5K? That's a warm-up for you." It's actually the opposite of that! A 5K is an all-out sprint for three miles and so grueling! A 10K is slightly better because I have to rein it in just a bit for the first half, but it's equally torturous in the second half.

What I thought about on today's run: I just came back from an amazing weekend wedding in which my boys were the ring bearers and they did so well. It was in Boston and my whole family was there, so I was just replaying all the good times we had and thinking ahead to Thanksgiving and all the traditions I have to look forward too!

My lowest running moment: While running the Boston Marathon in 2007. My family was there to cheer, but I was running alone and the weather was awful: a Nor'easter and in the 111 years of running the marathon they almost canceled it. I laid awake in bed all night at the hotel listening to the flag bang against the flag pole because of the wind and rain. The next morning I got on one of the many buses and was driven 26.2 miles out of the city to the start line. It was cold, rainy, and windy and all the racers were huddled under a tent, most of them wearing garbage bags. I felt like a refugee! I just remember feeling very lonely when I was supposed to be so excited. Once the race started I gained some momentum and found my happy place since, despite the weather, the crowd had tuned out in droves. When I saw my family on Heartbreak Hill and my dad actually ran on the sidewalk next to me, it was thrilling! I'll never forget it.

My running, in three words:  Comforting, grueling, amazing.

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40 responses to “Follow This Mother!

  1. Soe xcted to see you here, Allie! I would love to get to a place where a 5K is an all-out sprint, but I don’t think it’ll ever happen for me! You’re amazing.

  2. Just checked out her new ab video; looks great. She makes things look so effortless – cool. I know I don’t look that graceful when I’m working out.

  3. Allie, I’d follow you anywhere – if I could actually keep up with you! Ha! Like you, I’d do anything to avoid the dreadmill! And I’d take a longer race over a 5K any day. You will always be the woman who inspired me to go “faster.” You’re amazing and so happy to see you featured here. xo

  4. So fun to read this, Allie! I already think you are awesome, but now that I know you’ve mastered the snot rocket there’s just one more reason to admire you! 🙂

  5. I’ve run both those races! I too live in CT and love fall running. I feel the same way regarding “shorter” races. 5k’s are a lot of work, where a full marathon is more like an experience.

  6. Way to go Allie! I recently started found Allie’s blog and love it! She keeps it real and works so freakin’ hard. I absolutely adore that first pic. So happy and joyous. A big high five and an ass slap to you, fellow mother runner and twin mama! 🙂

  7. Wow. I would have never guessed that the 5K would be a tough race, but how you describe it totally makes sense. As a wogger 🙂 I guess I almost never go ALL out, so I can’t You look amazing in that first running pic…running on air…

  8. She looks strong, amazing, and happy. I want to be her when I grow up! (Though we are the same age)
    I’m turning 39 next week and I’m starting “Project 40,” to be the best mother runner I can by next November. She’s now my inspiration!

  9. I had no idea that a 10K could actually be easier than a 5K. That makes total sense though what you are saying! This was so cool that you were featured. I learned a bit about running just by reading this! xo

  10. This is awesome! I am so glad I am not alone in the snot rockets! Once you do it you will never go back to holding it in! Great insights in to who you are! Thank you for sharing!

  11. The dreadmill!
    Snot rockets! Totally agree there. I would love to perfect that art of shooting snot out of my nose and onto the pavement. Flawlessly.
    Loved reading more about your running, Allie!

  12. One of my favorite mama runners!!! I want to be just like Allie when I grow up (even though I have 6ish years on her!) – she is a true inspiration to all runners, moms or not!!!

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