Hump Day Running Giveaway: Two Entries to ZOOMA Women’s Half-Marathon

woman running half-marathon
Pretty and giddy: It's nearly impossible to not smile (at least once) during a ZOOMA race.

While Dimity and I are speaking, selling, and racing amidst the pixie dust at Tinker Bell this weekend on the West Coast, the running party on the opposite side of the country is happening in Amelia Island, Florida: ZOOMA kicks off its 2014 women's half-marathon series at the Ritz-Carlton. (Fancy-schmancy!)

Dimity and I know first-hand what amazing race weekends ZOOMA hosts: In March 2010, we launched Run Like a Mother at ZOOMA's Austin race, and we've taken part in the majority of ZOOMA events since then--Annapolis; Cape Cod; and Chicago. We're excited to head to the new ZOOMA half this June--Napa Valley. (As Dimity noted in a recent post, we're duking it out, uh, I mean, debating which one of us gets to run the half-marathon and who will work our booth during the race.)

Stretch and roll your race-weary muscles on the lawn of the posh Austin-area resort that hosts ZOOMA Texas.
Stretch and roll your race-weary muscles on the lawn of the posh Austin-area resort that hosts ZOOMA Texas.

As you can guess from the locations alone, these events are ideal destination races. ZOOMA races are held at lovely resorts, and the race courses wind past beaches, lakefronts, wildflower-filled fields, and other vistas that provide mental distraction on par with a P!nk-filled playlist. Post-race parties--complete with wine (yes, wine!), shopping, live music, and yoga--keep the buzz going. ZOOMA events always have a half-marathon, as well as a 5K and/or 10K, making them a great girlfriends-getaway: You can set your sights on 13.1, then talk your college besties or former neighbors into going a shorter distance. It's a win-win (or at least finish-finish!) for everyone. (One more reason to do a ZOOMA race: There will be an AMR booth with our merchandise at every 2014 race except this weekend's Florida race. Dim and I will only be in Napa Valley, but we're staffing our merch-table at each race with a great mother runner or two.)

women running
Insert you and your favorite running pal here.

Now that you're fired up to zoom-zoom-ZOOMA, here's your chance to grab a gal-pal and run one with her: One lucky lady will win two free entries to the ZOOMA race of her choice. To enter, tell us who you would take with you to a ZOOMA race. Could be who you'd really take--your sister, BRF, or matron-of-honor--or some "dream" running partner. (Gotta be a woman, though.) We won't judge--we just want to know who you'd love to have running by your side or waiting for you at the post-race party. 

Can't wait to see if you win and want to register for ZOOMA race now? Get 10% off entry fee by using code: AMR14. This special-for-AMR-tribe discount code is good for any ZOOMA race you enter in 2014. 

women runners
Cheers: Barefoot Wine & Bubbly is served up post-race.

[Some fine print for this mighty fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of anywhere as long as you can get yourself to ZOOMA race of your choice. It begins on 1/15/14 and ends on 1/21/14; the winner will be announced on 1/25/14. One entry per person. The value of the prize is $150-$210, depending on which race distance winner chooses. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. 


602 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: Two Entries to ZOOMA Women’s Half-Marathon

  1. I started running when I was in college for fun. After I had my son I struggled with depression and forgot how much I loved to run.
    About two years after he was born I got the call that I needed to return to my hometown in Idaho. I always thought I would be stronger and not so emotional. You see my mom has had cancer for the last eight years. She had the breast that metastasized into her bones and then eventually traveled to her liver. From May to June she slowly died and it was a heartbreaking summer. She was so strong and wanted to live. We went through doctor after doctor and in the end she finally just went home. I remember her begging her oncologist for more time so she could finish her quilting projects (everyone in the room knew she just wanted more time to spend with her family). Even knowing all along that her diagnosis was what it was I never thought about what happens after she dies. I knew it was possible I just thought I guess I don’t know what I thought….. Fast forward to the fall and I was devastated and pretty angry (the anger was a shock to me). I am normally a pretty happy-go-lucky person. My friend Amy saw that and introduced me to spin and then to Moms run this town. Its funny how life changes and you forget what makes you happy. How did I forget about running and the gym??
    Moms run this town has been so helpful and encouraging. Its neat to have a bunch of women just want to help and support you. I have made some really great friends.
    Amy has really helped me and I would like to post for both of us and surprise her if you picked us. She has done a half before and I am running a Ragnar in August. She has had some money issues lately and was going to sign up for a full but was not able to. Amy is an amazing mom balancing 3 kids under six. I am always shocked at how she makes everything look easy when I struggle with one kid. Anyways that’s my story sorry its long but I kept trying to shorten it and it just didn’t work.

  2. I would take my BFF, who I’ve known since the eighth grade. She and I are both having a difficult year parenting (or step-parenting) teenagers with special needs, and we could really use a girlfriends getaway.

  3. I would bring my daughter so she can experience the love and strength found in a group of women runners. It would show her that no matter what she wants to achieve in life it is possible; she is strong enough.

  4. I would bring my friend Liz! We may be across the country from each other now but we still meet up for races and have a girls only weekend. This sounds like Heaven!

  5. I would have my younger sister Kathryn running by my side. We trained for and ran our first marathon together last year and it has been so wonderful to have her by my side on this running adventure! We would love to make a girls weekend out of it!

  6. I would take my bestie Kirstie who lives in another state. She started running a few years ago and has become a bamr. I just had a baby and would love to run a zooma as my first run as a bamr!

  7. I would take my mom. She started running with me last year and is my BRF without a doubt. We used to spend hours walking and talking. Now we run and talk!

  8. I would bring my sister. She is a newer runner and I don’t get to see her nearly enough. Running with her would be a blast!

  9. I would take my good friend Joanne. She’s had a tough year due to the loss of her husband to pancreatic cancer. We both love running & the Cape so I would love to run Cape Cod!

  10. I would love to take my friend Joan! Even though I moved away she is a constant source of support for me! She even got me the AMR challenge for Xmas and she texts me everyday to keep me accountable!

  11. I would take my best friend, Alicia. She lives in Colorado and I live in Georgia so it would be the perfect thing, a girl’s weekend away and running a women’s race. Love it.

  12. I would definitely take my BRF Kim Thorsen. She totally pulls me through our training runs, and puts up with my dogs nonsense during runs, but never believes in herself for the races. I wish I could give her a gift race to make her know how strong she is!!! She can do it, I just need her to know it!

  13. My sister would get first dibs at the entry. After that I’d have to put it out to all my running friends and make it a first-come free-for-all type thing! 😉

  14. I would bring my running partner, Nancy. Lately life has kept us from seeing as much of each other/running together and this would a great time together!

  15. I would take one of my college friends! We don’t see each other often, but love to sign up for races together (especially ones that involve wine at the end!). A girls’ weekend would be a perfect excuse to get together!

  16. Debi, w/o a doubt. We’ve run two previous Zooma Annapolis half marathons together; both of them among the most miserable races in either of our memories. Hot steamy rainy hilly slogs we thought would never end, complete with pre-race traffic snarls the first year (which race organizers made up for with discount the following year…) We’d love an opportunity to redeem what is an otherwise delightful race series – post race wine, treats, and massage is tops!

  17. I have so many awesome running girlfriends I’m not sure how is choose but I’m voting for my college roommate – relatively new runner and one who can use a break from her life as a Mom and can come be my goofy college friend for a few days instead.

  18. I would bring my best friend from high school. We are doing a marathon together in May. We live 10 hours apart now so this would be a great excuse for us to visit each other again 🙂

  19. I would take my sister-in-law with me as is the most upbeat, positive person in the world and my life became better when she married my brother!

  20. I’d take my lifelong friend Tina! We run very different paces but both love a good race. I have only been to one away race, I’d love to share going with my pal.

  21. No question about it, I’d take Miranda, my best friend/BRF/bride to be who wants a race for a bachelorette party! We’re the biggest supporters of each others running, but are secretly motivated by competing with one another;)

  22. I would love to have my best friend at the finish line. She is not a runner, but she is so supportive and very willing to celebrate with me afterwards!

  23. I would have to choose my run buddy of course! She is always up for new adventures. So much so that she is sure to make me go through with my crazy plans. Another fun race would be awesome to add to the list this year!

  24. I would love to take my brf. Her dh is not very supportive of her running (both from a time/training factor and the expense factor), so a free ZOOMA entry would be an amazing gift to be able to give her.

  25. My best friend – an amazing runner who inspired me to start running last April. Then flew 500 miles to run my first half marathon with me!

  26. I would take my BRB, Alison. We have covered countless miles together, solved the problems of the world, and learned that with true running buddies you form a bond that cannot be broken.

  27. OH MY WORD! I just read about ZOOMA Cape Cod yesterday and was drooling over it as I told The Hubby, “I AM going to do this one someday!” I would take my best friend who is also a runner! We are both busy moms of three, but we don’t live in the same city any more and I miss running with her! I can’t think of a better way to get away than to do a half together in one of my favorite parts of the country {haven’t been since 9th grade}! Thank you for this opportunity!

  28. Oh my goodness, so hard to choose just one! I would bring my BRF Jonalee! Once during a cold and rainy full marathon that I was running, a week after she had run a full, she met me at mile 20 with dry socks, a banana, and water, then ran with me to the finish! That is a truly amazing running friend!

  29. My dream partner at a race would be Dorothy Beal over at Mile Posts! Although she’s lightening fast and would be waiting for me at the finish line for a while! My real life choice is my BRF, Holly… She would also be waiting for me at the finish. 🙂

  30. There are so many awesome women that I’d love to take with me! If I had to pick one it would probably be my co-lead for our running group, Kristin – awesome runner, awesome leader, awesome all-around chick :). She makes the miles fly by!

  31. I am on the long road back from injury and I have my 50th birthday looming. I am in need of serious motivation! The Zooma half marathon looks like a great run into my “second half”!

  32. I would bring my sister, Melanie, who turns 40 about two weeks after Zooma Cape Cod. She is currently training to run her first half scheduled for early May 2014 and running her second with me in MA would be a great way to celebrate 40!

  33. This year will be my 3rd year to do Zooma Texas. Last year was one of the most important races I’ve run because I did it with my sister in law and we had my deceased mom on our minds the whole way. We stopped several times to cry and hug while we talked about my mom and how she inspired us to be where we are today! If I could have anyone running the 13.1 with me this year, it would be my mom. She passed away in 2011 but not before we had the chance to do a 5k together (the single most important race I’ve run) a couple of months before she passed. She was an inspiration to me in her life, and her memory continues to inspire me each day.

  34. I would bring friend & co-group leader Marcia. While I lead our running group this past Saturday, she was working the Zooma Expo promoting RunDonna 26.2 & wanted to run but was unable too.

  35. i would take my daughter Jennifer with me. She is also my brf and the reason I run now. She got me started running last year with the AMR mothers day 5K, my first ever running event. We are doing the half marathon challenge now!

  36. I have a running buddy, Sarah, that I can always talk into joining me for some crazy run. We’ve done several races together and even did our first marathon together. Even if the weather is terrible, she never backs out on me. I can count on her to keep me company on all my crazy run ideas. She would be my gal pal that I would invite to join me for a girls fun weekend.

  37. I am taking my great friend Jen. I introduced her to running back in 2001 and she did her first half marathon about 12 weeks after we went on our first run. Over the years we’ve done a few more but haven’t connected for a race since 2008. She’s out in CA and I am in IL so we need to decide who has to travel!

  38. I’d love to take my friend, BRB, & neighbor Atha. When I first started running, she was my motivator. She was with me for my 1st half. We ran our 1st marathon together. She was recently certified as a running coach and she is prepping me for a big marathon PR in a few weeks. I’d like to return the favor. <3

  39. On the first day of high school orientation, there was a girl who was MISERABLE. I tried my best to make her not so miserable, and through the years we became best friends. We used to run away to Annapolis every chance we got – it was our happy place. We have met up for a few races, and because we live 500 miles away from each other, those are the PERFECT opportunity to catch up as we trot along. After our last 1/2 in dc, mt husband sent us on a surprise (for me) getaway to our happy place. How perfect would it be for us to meet to do zooma Annapolis?!??

  40. I would take my Aunt Leigh. She just started running again after beating ovarian cancer! She’s a remarkable woman and inspiration.

  41. I would bring my friend Aimee. We have been both struggling with the same illness for the past two years and have both been a great support for each other. Aimee is actually moving out of her comfort zone and allowing me to train her for her first 5k which we will run together. I am very excited to share my love of running with my beautiful, awesome friend and would love to be able to go to a destination race with her for a girls weekend. One which we both could use.

  42. I would have to take my best friend Kristin! I haven’t seen her in over 2 years, but we chat all the time. 13.1 miles would be an awesome time to get caught up!! If she couldn’t go, I’d ask one of my cousins – several of them are runners!

  43. I would ask my friend at church, she is a runner and we have daughters the same age. It would be a fun weekend for the girls.

  44. I would take my best running friend. After having twins this fall, she would join me on walks and runs to help me adjust to my new life with there kids under three! Now she’s expecting again and I can’t wait to get back out there with her. Running a race together would be such a great reminder of how our friendship started and how much if has grown throughout this past year!

  45. I’ve had to move 2 times in the last 3 years and each time left behind a great group of early morning runners. We’d train together for many half as well as full marathons but most importantly been there for lots of soul searching and just “girl talk”. I don’t have that running and social outlet in my new home yet so I would take one of my running buddies, and try to persuade others to come along, for a girls’ get away at one of the ZOOMA halfs. What a perfect way to catch up!

  46. I am a person who became a runner at the age of 30. This will be my first half marathon and I would definitely want my sister there. Alma is such a huge motivation to me and such great support. She won’t be able to run it because she will be 7 months pregnant, but I know she will be there cheering me on as I fulfill one of my greatest running accomplishments.

  47. I would take my mom! She’s been running half marathons for a few years and ran the first half of my first full last year for support and rocked second place in her age division! I’d love to have a girls weekend and race with her!

  48. I’d love to run zooma Annapolis with my first running friend. We ran together twice a week when we started out but between our kids’ schedules and life taking over we haven’t been able to get together in over a year. I’d jump at the chance to run and chat again.

  49. It would definitely have to be my good friend who talked me into doing an ultra Ragnar team (6 GIRLS!) in 2010 and since then, we haven’t been able to race together at the same time due to injuries/resulting surgeries and pregnancies! Hoping 2014 will be our triumphant return together as BRF!

  50. My husband!!!! He helps me juggle life, 5 kids, homeschooling and job changes so I can run and de-stress. He is my best friend!

  51. My mom and I have taken a trip together every year for the last six years (with the exception of last year when my son was born). Sometimes the destinations are grand (Rome, Italy); sometimes they are places we’ve never been to before (Chicago, IL); and sometimes the trip revolves around an event (Vermont Cheesemakers Festival). Our trips give us some much needed mother-daughter time, allow us to reconnect, and to just be goofs together. I’ve been thinking of working a destination race into one of our trips and would love to have it be a ZOOMA race. My mom has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders and it would be great to have her at the finish line!

  52. I’d bring my new running friend, Jen. We only met and started to run together 2 months ago, but have ran practically every Sunday since for our long runs, and have started running Wednesdays as well. Jen’s convinced me to register for my first full. I love our runs… we talk the entire time! Running a Zooma half with her would rock.

  53. I would take my BRF, who is also one of my BFFs. We met when she lived here in Wisconsin, but she moved to New York a couple of years ago and now lives in California, so we rarely get to see each other. She was the person who inspired me to run my first half marathon, but we’ve never run one together — yet.

  54. I would take my mom. She is always selfless and this would be the ultimate getaway for her and I. Ever since my dad was diagnosed with cancer a little over two years ago, she has been by his side, taking him to treatments, doctors appointments, and being his support. It’s hard for me, being I live in Houston and she lives in Chicago, for me to be there and give her a break. She is loving the fact that I am now a “runner” and when she comes to visit, going on walks or runs together is some of my favorite time with her!

  55. I’d bring my BRF, Andrea. Truly the Best BRF…trains for marathons with me to keep me company. She runs because she loves to.

  56. I would take my buddy Shari a Mom of 4 grown boys and who was by my side during my Melanoma battle running all the way with motivation to keep going every mile even after my CANCER! The June race would be us celebrating one year Cancer FREE!

  57. I would bring either of my two friends– depending on who would actually come! One is having a baby in May (!) and the other is getting married in October. Both are reasons to celebrate with a hm, right?

  58. It would be tough to pick just one of my BRFs but I’d say my gal pal Laura H who is in the same boat as me – busy working mom with young kids at home. We truly value our escapes (runs) together!

  59. I would take my friend Kim R. We have committed to running 201.4 miles this year. Currently we are signed up for 5 half marathons! We are hoping to reach our goal of ’50 by the time we are 50!’ (only 4 years left) YIKES!!! 🙂


  60. I would take my friend/running pal and Ironwoman Ashleigh. She recently had the cutest little baby and needs some serious girl time…racing, yoga and wine?! What could be better?!

  61. Would love to meet my sis Lesli in Napa. She’s a road biker who wants to transition to running. And wine/running/CA all rolled into a women’s half marathon sound fantastic. Plus a chance to meet you!

  62. Last year, my three sisters and I had an amazing weekend revolving around the Kansas City half-marathon and 5k. I would love to have another running get-away with them. We’re spread between Arkansas, Iowa, and Maine…too far apart!

  63. I would take my BRF Paula of course!!!! And if she can’t make it, then my little sister, we have not done a race together in a long time. I would pick the half, because right now in my mother running that is all I have time to train for. Thanks for the opportunity.

  64. If I’m lucky enough to win, I’ll invite my friend Kate. She’s a gifted runner. Way faster than me, but my goal will be to chase Kate & finish strong. I’m ready for a PR.
    Kate & I developed a fast friendship because we both endured unfortunate circumstances. Her ex-husband had multiple affairs, I had a relationship w/ a duplicitous sociopath. Commiserating on runs helped us both to heal & grow.


  65. Definitely my BRF Reen. (Actually my best cycling friend too!). We haven’t raced together for a while so this would be perfect.

  66. I would definitely bring my BRF, Melissa. 2013 was a rough year for her but through it all, she kept on smiling during our runs together. Napa would be a great ZOOMA race for us to run together, enjoy the down time and go wine tasting!

  67. No question, I would bring my BRF Sarah. We train together year-round, and prop each other up through aches, pains, heat, frigid cold, hills and Yassos, Nobody brings out the best runner in you like your BRF does!

  68. I’d take my friend Sarah. We became friends in a stroller class when our kids were newborns and have been close ever since. Two years ago she moved back to the midwest to be closer to her family and while we have kept in touch, we don’t see each other but once a year (when I visit my family, which is close to where she lives now!). I’d love to run a race with her because she has had a hard time finding running friends in her new hometown and adjusting to new surroundings. She really deserves a fun girls weekend!

  69. I’d take one of my sole sisters, Katherine. We met through our MRTT chapter and found out we both have type 1 diabetes. She was supposed to run her first half this month, but was sidelined by a car accident. I would love to run a ZOOMA race with her.

  70. Without a doubt, I would take my sister Carol to ZOOMA Chicago. I got a ZOOMA flyer in with my BAMR shirt, I immediately sent a picture of it to my sister & fellow BAMR and told her to save the date.

  71. I would take my BFF, Lindsay. We trained and ran our first half marathon together while our husbands were deployed. We have since moved to separate locations! We really need a race together again!!!!

  72. Without a doubt, I would invite my friend Diane. We’ve been friends for about 8 years, only living in close proximity those first 3. We have since virtually shared our love of running, salty carbs, and the “occasional” gripe about our husbands’ busy schedules. Diane and I trained for our first marathon this fall separated by a few hundred miles, but ran those precious 26.2 together, every step. I could not have finished it without her. She is my forever BRF and I would LOVE to take her to a ZOOMA.

  73. I have actually been wanting just exactly this! I moved away from Texas a bit more than a year ago and I really miss my best friend from there, who is fit but isn’t (YET) a runner. I visited her over the holidays and got her to run with me – she did a run/walk for 2.5 miles (with me circling back to pick her up each time she started running again), while I went on for 5 miles by myself. I mentioned the Austin Zooma to her as a potential girls’ weekend, where I’d do the 13.1 and she’d do a shorter race, then we’d drink wine and eat food and have a great time talking about our kids but not having to deal with them for a few days!!

  74. I would take my friend, Polly, who I met at our local running club’s early morning speed workouts. We have so much fun together. A weekend in Austin with her would be a party from start to finish.

  75. I would take my girlfriend Susan! She is new-ish to running and has been such a source of inspiration! Not to mention how much I miss her!!!!!!!

  76. I would bring my girlfriend Susan! She is new-ish to running and has been such a source of inspiration! Not to mention that I miss her!!!!!!!!

  77. Does Rachel McAdams run? I think she would be a great running partner! She’s funny and smart and would probably keep the conversation going through the whole race!

  78. I’d take my running buddy, Lenita Krall. She keeps me motivated and makes me run even on days when I don’t really feel it!

  79. I would def take one of my BRFs Jenny…we at Boston Marathon 2013 and have become great friends since then. I currently live in Virginia due to being a military family and she lives in California, but we would love to meet up again and enjoy a run together ;)!

  80. A friend of mine just had ankle surgery at the beginning of this week. Her goal is to sign up for a fall half so that she can use it as motivation in her recovery. So, I would definitely take her!

  81. I could definitely talk my housemate Sarah into this one. A resort on Cape Cod? Wine? Shopping? I got her to do a 5k, and she loved the good vibes she got from all of our fellow runners, what’s 3.1 more miles?

  82. I would take the friend who has motivated me to get off my butt and move! Extra motivation to lose the weight and be fit again!

  83. My running friend A was diagnosed with cancer this year, has finally finished chemo and is running again! I think she would be ready for a half marathon by June!

  84. I would take Heidi. She made a decision 2 years ago to get healthy and since then we have logged many miles together. It would make another great memory!

  85. I would love to take my B Long-Distance FF/RF, Amanda. The only time we’ve ever been able to run together was at Zooma Great Lakes 2 years ago, and it was a blast! She and I are doing the Strava Prove it Half challenge “together” from across the country, so it would be amazing to meet at a Zooma run and “Prove it” again in person!

  86. I would take my friend, Kristen. She got me into running and we are about to leave for our first girls only running trip…Tink!!! She is probably the only person who understands my obsession.

  87. I would bring my BRF/ BFF Lisa Hanks. We started out as workout friends (BWF) over 4 years ago. That led to running which led to BRF. Then we ventured to Triathlons. Now we are BRF, BTF, and BWF. Work schedules have conflicted lately but we try to keep each other accountable. Which is what a BRF,BTF,BWF,or a BFF would do. We could use some ZOOMA time!!

  88. Real life? I’d take my BRF, Diane, who consistently cheers me on, keeps me inspired, runs the good, the bad, and the ugly with me week after week.
    Dream parter? Mirinda Carfrae, because I am mildly obsessed with the Ironman, and feel pretty sure that she could get me through the 13.1 by recounting her Kona 2013 win in great detail.

  89. i would take my baby sister who had her last child 2 years ago and need extra motivation , thenall four will run together and be the beginning of new tradition.

  90. I’d bring my sister; she’s working at getting into running and has never run in an organized race. What better way to get her into running than an experience like this?

  91. I would take my sister. We don’t get to run together often, but she is my partner in crime for all my big races! We would love to celebrate the sisterhood of running with other ladies at Zooma!

  92. I would bring my co-worker and friend, Joyelle. We started running and training together after the birth of her third baby and my fourth. It was a great time getting to know each other outside of work and working off stress together. We’ve both been sidelined with injuries over the past few months (broken ankle and bulging disks) and are finally ready to hit the pavement again. Racing together would be a great way to get ourselves back out there and to find some girl time again!

  93. I would love to invite my sister-in-law. She ran her first 5K last year and expressed interest in a half marathon. It would be so fun to introduce her to this distance and give her a break from my brother and her two daughters.

  94. I would take my Long Distance Running Buddy – she and I have raced together from Vancouver BC to Vegas but never east of Vegas and I’d love to add some miles to our friendship. Plus – she is my lucky charm, I always seem to PR when I toe the starting line with her!

  95. I would take my good running buddy Kellie! We ran together through our husband’s deployment and she is all the support a girl could ask for and so much more. I’ve never been to a Zooma event and after this deployment I think we’re ready for another race and a treat 🙂

  96. I think I would take my mom. It would be her first half marathon and I`d just like to be there to see her face when she realized that she actually CAN do it! If I could fast forward 20 years I`d take my daughter (shes almost 3 now). I can`t wait to have mommy daughter running dates with her!

  97. I would invite my Sister to run with me. She has been talking about running a race for a few years now and it would be so fun to do a destination run with her. I would also invite the rest of my family….my Mom, Dad, Husband, Son and Daughter to come join in the weekend fun. It is always so inspiriting when they are cheering for me at a race. And we would enjoy the wine country too 🙂

    thanks for all you do….enjoying your podcasts!!

  98. I would bring my two teenage daughters. My oldest would enjoy the getaway and be our cheerleader, and my youngest would run with me as she loves to run.

  99. I would take my sister-in-law, Kristin. A half-marathon is on her bucket list and I would love to be part of making that dream happen!

  100. I would invite my mom as a cheerleader and my sister-in-law to run it with me. I still remember my mom cheering for me at high school cross country meets. Due to time and distance she has been unable to see a race I have done since high school even though I race 10-15 races a year. I miss that support! Especially since now I attend most races solo as my husband is supportive by staying home with young kiddos.

  101. This is a tough choice: I’d either bring my aunt, who inspired me to start running in the first place and has always been so incredibly supportive of me, or my sister who proved on our recent trip to Chicago for the marathon that she is one of the best cheerleaders you could ask for out on the marathon course (then after the race, she takes you on a marathon shopping adventure!)

  102. I would bring my sister. When we were little kids, we fought all the time. It must have driven my parents crazy (in fact, I’m sure it did!). When I moved out at age 18 to go to college, she became a good friend. Later in life when we both grew up and had kids, we became very close. She is really funny, witty and has a huge heart. She’s a great mom, and a wonderful friend. She’s working on getting back into shape right now, and I would love to share the training for a half marathon with her and would love to be able to do one together. It would be awesome to be able to cross the finish line as friends and sisters.

  103. I would bring my sister. We have run Zooma every year together since the race series started. She isn’t bad company either.

  104. I’d take my bff (aka, other side of the country training partner and motivator) Kimberly. She got me into running, mostly as a if she can do it, so can I type friendly competition. Due to finances (she’s a lowly journalist and I’m a paralegal) we haven’t seen one another since 2012 (insert sad face). Please help us reunite!

  105. I would take my tri buddy and best running friend Shelley. She’s an amazing swimmer and runner – we did our first sprint triathlon together last year. I went on to do more tris – she took on a half mary. Now she’s coming back from injury and I’m training for a half – she’s keeping me company on part of my long runs instead of the other way around! Any way we run, I’d love to have her by my side. Or realistically… in front of me… waiting for me at the finish line 🙂

  106. I would take my friend Melissa, when my BRF got injured months out before my first half marathon, she said she would start running with me to help me train. She was already a seasoned runner unlike my newbie self. She ran almost every training run early mornings, did I mention she utterly despises running early mornings? Yep it’s like a vampire that saw the sun rise. But always there ready to help me train. My first half marathon upon me the inaugural Tinkerbell, she never left my side. Even though I died out at mile 10 and had to walk a couple miles, she refused to leave me. Last year at Tink, we were running together and I was really hot, unusually hot. Yep I had the flu but didn’t know it, again around mile 11.5 I was done, told her I’m walking so go finish up, she had. Plenty of gas in her tank to go, told her I’ll be pissed if she didn’t. She continues her run, I walk suffering a bit as I hit mile 12.5 I see a figure running back towards me, not to the finish line but literally running away from the finish… Who the hell does that? Yep Melissa does, as she runs up to me, ” I ask WTF are you doing?? She says” were to close now, I’m not leaving you, we finish together”.

  107. My BRF is my sister and I would take her. We try to do one endurance event together each year since we live about 2500 miles from each other. It is a great way to get some solid sister time together.

  108. I would take my friend Rachel. I began running seriously when keeping her company as she trained for a half marathon 5 years ago. In the process I caught the running bug (it stuck this time), I lost 60 pounds and have run a few halfs of my own. She inspires me daily even though we live far from one another. I get to officiate at her wedding later this year and running Zooma together would be a great wedding gift!

  109. I would take my running friend, Melanie. Even though we live miles apart, i, in Washington, DC and she, in Bradenton,Fl, she motivates me by text and phone messages to get out and run, even when the local temperature is 28 degrees! We would of course, pick a warm place to run!

  110. I happen to know an amazing group of women runners whom I would be happy to run with any day. If I had to narrow it down to one, I would choose my friend Jenn. She’s my age and our girls are similar in ages as well. It makes for a never ending list of things to chat about on our runs

  111. I would take one of my three running friends. I’d let them work if out amongst themselves.
    We are so busy with kids and jobs and houses. And why does everyone need to eat EVERYDAY?!?! We all agree that running and eating are fun and cooking and cleaning are not. We would be thrilled to have an excuse to let everyone “fend for yourselves, Mama is running a race!”

  112. All my Best Running Friends are educators too, and the free entry would go to the lady that has to go back to her school on Monday, June 30 because that hard-working lady deserves some fun on the last weekend before summer vacation!

  113. I would take my BFF, Mya! She has been such a great supporter in my running endeavors (and quite the athlete herself)… it would be awesome to run a Zooma race together!

  114. My favorite running partner, Bethany. She is the kindest, most genuine person and she’s been dealing with a rough stretch. She deserves a break! And some wine! With me!

  115. I would take my friend Jenny who helped me recover my post parting body last year by inviting me to join her easy runs. And pushing the stroller until I could build up my endurance.

  116. I would choose to bring along Katherine Switzer, 2+ hours of hearing story first hand and being inspired. She is the women we owe so much to and continues to be an advocate today!

  117. Oh! My identical twin forever BFF!! We’ve always attempted crazy athletic things together…. We even did a marathon-length rollerblade race back in the 90’s!

  118. I would take my fantastic sister-in-law, Jess–to Chicago! We both used to live there, and now we live almost 1000 miles apart. I miss us living in the same city, and I’d be thrilled for a chance to run in Chicago again.

  119. I would take my BRF Melissa. She and I met and began running together during a deployment in Iraq. I have since gotten out of the Army, had a baby, and moved away… she is currently deployed but will be back at the end of March, JUST IN TIME for a reunion visit and run at Zooma Texas!!!!

  120. I’d take my BRF Karin. She’s the one that got me running in the first place. And I know she already has us both signed up for Napa (in her heart anyway). So I’m just going to sign up. There you have it! Karin, are u listening?
    (Dim and Sarah, when i win you’ll be able to work your magic to get our reg fees back, right?)

  121. I would take my best friend Ashley! She moved a few states away 3yrs ago, I’ve only seen her a couple of times since then. I would LOVE to not only see her again but to run with her again!

  122. If I won two race enteries, I would take my sister 🙂 she lives in California and I live in Michigan, she has never done a half before and would love to do her 1st one with her!!

  123. I would bring my sister with me. I’ve been running for a couple of years, and she has declared her desire to begin running and to run a race with me in 2014. I have been searching and searching for the perfect race for our first together – what an amazing one this would be!!

  124. I would take my running pal, Danna. She is ready to run rain or shine. Danna plans all of our group’s weekly runs. (She evens makes our travel plans when racing out of town.) She encouraging and will stick with you when you are in the back of the pack. Danna is always doing something nice for all the people in our running group.

  125. This is a no-brainer for me: I’d take my running buddy Tracy! We’d love to run through Chicago together, just like we love to run together at home!

  126. My BRF is sidelined right now with a stress fracture. She has been my inspiration and mentor as I learned how to run. It has been really difficult for me to get motivated to run on my own and attend races. I would love the oppportunity to attend a zooma race and be a mentor to another runner. I would choose to take with me a friend of mine, Susan, who is a beginning runner and just ran her very first 5k in November.

  127. One of my BRFs hasn’t traveled far due to funds to destination races. I would love love love to take her to one of these races. Being a teacher, a summer ZOOMA in Napa would be perfection and what a reward for a hard-working friend!

  128. I would take my daughter. She is a new runner and it would be great to train with her for this run before she moves away in the fall!

  129. My BRF Jana and I would appreciate a BAMR weekend in Napa. After many trials and bumps in the road in 2013, we could enjoy running, sipping and sunning in California. I see it as a fun road trip from rainy Oregon.

  130. I’d take one of the ladies from the BAMRR Ragnar team this past October. Trying to make the choice out of 23 fantastic women would be hard, but I’d manage :).

  131. I would LOVE to run with my best friend Jules! 6 years ago, we set out to do a 6 mile run (in Jamaica) because that’s what her schedule said to do. I think I turned around after a mile or so and swam up to the bar for a drink and then hung out on the beach until she got back. We’ve run one 10 miler together since then. We live 400 miles apart and scheduling a race/weekend is hard!

  132. I would take my sister-in-law! She NEEDS a weekend getaway. She is so stressed from work and running is her excuse for alone time. Plus I can guarantee a babysitter for the weekend from our awesome mother-in-law.

  133. I would take my mom. She’s always been active but after heart surgery two years ago she started working out more. She recently started running and has completed a 15K. I’m not sure she’d run the half with me, but she’d certainly do the 5K or 10K and cheer me on!

  134. I would take my “person” (think Grey’s Anatomy) and BFR, Kimberly, with me. She is my pal, my confidant, my mentor, my motivator, my cheerleader. She means the world to me and I can’t wait to become a princess with her next month. She was my date for your house party in Montclaire, NJ. No doubt she’d be my Zooma partner!

  135. I would take my running buddy Jennifer. We’ve trained for 3 marathons together and would love to train for a Zooma half and spend a weekend with just girls.

  136. I would take my best BAMR, not sure I would know how to run a race without her anymore! As Navy wives it would be great to run the Annapolis race! We would for sure be able to convince other wives to join us for a great time!

  137. I would take my sister, who Lao happens to be my BRF and last month became an official bamr. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer while pregnant, and is cnscer free right now. She cannot wait to start running!

  138. I would probably take my girl Angie who is a mother runner of 3 girls like me. We got married around the same time, had kids around the same time and even have similar paces. Who else could I take?

  139. My mom and I ran the Zooma Cape Cod 10K last fall, and we’re thinking about Annapolis, so that’s a no-brainer. She ran her first half marathon last spring at 70, and we’re planning to run the NYC marathon this fall. She’ll be 71.

    We loved the grrlz weekend vibe of Zooma Cape Cod, and we’re thinking about how to get back there!

    My 11-year-old daughter might even join us, for a 3-generation BAMR Zooma confab! She will be running her first 10K in February.

  140. I would love to bring my BRF to a ZOOMA race- I will be getting back into half shape by the fall- post baby #2. She and I will be training for fall races together at that point – So I would love to be able to do a ladies weekend together to celebrate our past, present, and future training together!

  141. I’d bring my college hockey teammate. She lives in PA and I am in VA. We haven’t seen each other since life got busy with work, husbands, kids, etc. Would be so great to run with her again.

  142. I would absolutely bring my running friend Joan Sturdevant. She has been my mentor and cheerleader from the beginning of my running experience. She even bought your books for me! She’s amazing and I would love to run a half with her!

  143. I would take my dear friend Shelley. I live in Texas & she’s in Georgia. She has had a rough year & I’d love to be able to treat her to this experience!

  144. I would take my sole sista Stefanie. My husband got orders and we PCSed (miitary moved) this summer and now we are super far apart! We were planning on doing a race this year and this would be wonderful!

  145. tough decision… My Naval Officer Hubby is currently deployed to the Middle East and will be back just in time for the Annapolis ZOOMA. I would love to invite my (FINALLY!) future Sister-in-Law. It would be a blast to run a race together in and around the Naval Academy- so steeped in military history and very important to us!

  146. I will bring my awesome niece Allison who ran her first 5k with me last year and deserves a weekend away after she graduates in May and becomes a nurse! My daughter, sister and niece Anna will be joining us. Zooma Cape Cod 2014 here we come!

  147. I’d take my friend Gillian. She’s my running idol and motivates me to keep moving! We don’t get to see each other very often since she lives in Nova Scotia and I’m in Maine so it would so great to get away for the weekend and enjoy the run!

  148. I would take by best running buddy (Micky) who also happens to live clear across the country from us and we only get to see once a year or so! She supports me on my running and encourages me everyday to get out the door by a quick phone call, text message, or email!

  149. I have so many special BRF’s it would be hard to choose! Ultimately I would want to take my sister as she is the person who deserves it the most.

  150. I would LOVE to win entries for my best friend and I. She’s a newbie runner and I’v been trying to keep her motivated, plus Annapolis is a very special place for us, we’re both navy wives, her husband graduated from the academy and they were married there. It’d be a perfect weekend to get to run the race together.

  151. Can I bring my husband if he wears a tutu? Just kidding! I would love to run it with my sis-in-law. She was my main inspiration to start running. And we are both named Heather. So maybe we could dress up like characters from that really bad 80’s movie. I wonder if she would want to be Winona Ryder or Shannon Doherty???

  152. I’d definitely bring along my older sister who is a certified running coach. She’s been coaching me on all sorts of matters my entire life, and in recent years since I’ve become an avid runner, she has been my running coach and biggest cheerleader. I owe my achievements in running to her. Each year I become speedier and happier in my running and it’s all due to her wide breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport. I’d love to repay her by running together in our favorite part of the country.

  153. Oh pick me! I’d drive two hours from my house, kidnap my high school best friend, and run with her. She’s the reason I run and ran my first race me! What a gift she gave me!

  154. Not 100% sure- I’m still searching for a true BRF- but, I think I would take one of the wonderful ladies in my Moms Run This Town group!

  155. I would take my mom if I could. She passed away 8 1/2 years ago…only 9 months after becoming a mom myself. Long before I ever gave a single thought about running. I would do anything to have her see me cross a half marathon finish line…to see the badass mother runner I have become.

  156. I would take my partners in crime–my mom Marty and my running sister Sharon. They both inspire and support me.

  157. I would take my BFF/BRF who moved away from me about two years ago. We stil do virtual long runs but I miss the opportunity to chat with her while running. This race would give us a reason to cross the country to see each other.

  158. I would take my BRF Staci, so that us two Mother Runners can have a child free running weekend 🙂 Though if I could pick a dream person also to run with it would be Joan Benoit Samuelson… she is just an inspiration to me!!!

  159. I would take my college friend Erin who is the one that convinced me I could run a half. I fun race out of town would be great!

  160. I’d take my friend from high school – a bad ass iron (wo)man who I haven’t seen in a few years, but who I would live to share a run with – so long as she’ll slow down to run at my pace

  161. I would have to take my BRF! She and I have shared so much on our runs, and i know she could use a weekend away from her 4 boys!

  162. I’d take my long distance BRF. We’re 6 hours apart and meet up for one race a year. She’s the one who got me into running in the first place. After my first race (13.1, thankyouverymuch!) It’s only fitting that I treat her to a race, right?

  163. I’d take my BRF Jenny and make it an epic girls weekend! We’ve got 7 kids between the 2 of us, so it would be so fun to get away together 🙂

  164. I would definitely take my BRF, Amy, who is the woman who inspired me to start running half’s. I was in a slump after having twins and she was never a runner. But somehow, someway, she started running, slowly and short distances at first. Now she is on her 3rd half-marathon this year. I’m not sure I would have ever started to run half-marathons without her. She’s even got the rest of our friends to join us this a May for the Pgh Half. She’s such an inspiration to me, especially when it’s so hard to get up on these cold, dark mornings to run!

  165. I would take my BFFs, Sondra, Shonna, and Alyssa. While we don’t train together because we all run so differently, we have run almost all of our races together. It’s like having a little running posse! I’m signed up for a race in about four week and it’s only going to be me…and I’m sure gonna miss having them at the start and finish line.

  166. I would take my older sister (by 2 yrs.) She is a stay-at-home mom w/ 4 kids and limited income. Or my little sister (by 15 yrs) as she is a full-time nursing student who works very part-time. Even though we are all runners, I’ve
    only run one 5k w/ each if them and not one yet w/ both of them! I would absolutely love to be able to share an entry to a ZOOMA race w/ one of them!

  167. I would take my new BRF Meg. We met last summer at an all women’s running retreat at Zap Fitness. Meg and I were put together as roommates. I think it was fate. We hit it off immediately! And even better we run at he same pace. Sadly Meg livers in another state so we don’t get to train together. We keep in touch through texts and emails. I would love to surprise her with an entry to a ZOOMA race!

  168. I would take my sister. She has Huntington’s disease. It is a horrible degenerative genetic nerve disorder that affects your muscles/reflexes/coordination. She still manages to run daily and keep positive. She has been my inspiration to run again many years after becoming an accidental hurdler in high school. She has run several marathons and continues to run for her mental and physical well being. I would love to have a special event like this to have time like when we were little girls and had sleepovers in her room. She is my BRF, even though we live far apart and hardly ever get to run together. We run in spirit!

  169. My sister. We were supposed to run Annapolis together, but she had to drop out due to injury. I’d love another try at it!

  170. I would love to take my 16-year-old daughter, Adeline to a Zooma race! I’ve done 2 Zoomas and just know she would love the party-like girl power atmosphere and all the fun finisher’s gifts. It would be great for us to get away for some mommy and me time, which seems scarce nowadays.

  171. My big sister, Amber, and I live 3 states away from each other, and only get to see each other once a year (if we’re lucky!) But 2 years ago, I began my running habit when she suggested that we run a half-marathon together. Every training mile I ran, I envisioned her running beside me. I thought about what kind of gear we’d wear (matching sweaty bands maybe?) and we actually had lots of wonderful conversations in my mind during those runs! I’d get to the end of every run imagining her there, crossing the finish line with me. Life circumstances got in the way, and 2 years (and 3 half-marathons for me) later, I still haven’t had the chance to begin or end a finish line with my sister. But we’re hoping that 2014 is our year! It would be AMAZING to have the chance to share a weekend, an awesome ZOOMBA race (maybe Napa-she’s a wine lover), and memories for a lifetime with the best sister ever!

  172. My dream running partner would have to be Drew Barrymore. I know, a weird choice, but she is so positive that I think she would be incredibly motivating to run with!

  173. My BRF Sarah! We started running together 3 years ago and could barely go a mile. We’ve run through her diagnosis with MS, relationship woes, at all hours of the day, and shielded each other while peeing on the side of the road. We even broke 2 hours in our 8th half together in October, almost 20 mins faster than our first!

  174. Lisa, from my town’s running group has been a real inspiration to me. She was nice to me at my first long distance race (15 miles). Chatted with me before the race and offered encouraging words near the turnaround, she was ahead 1/4 mile. Just a really cool person! She was going to run my first marathon with me in November but the crowds were too big and we missed starting out together. 🙁 She PR’d and I was less than stellar. I would like an opportunity to run with her and say thanks for the encouragement!

  175. I would run with my sister-in-law and BRF, Jen. She used to race a lot pre-3 kids. Has always kept running, but is just starting to think about getting back to races. She could use a getaway too. Has recently picked up more hours at work since her husband (my brother) left the closing independent bookstore he’s owned for 10 years. This lady needs a good race and some wine!

  176. Wow, tough because I hang out with so many inspiring runners. BUT, I would take my friend Karen who has been totally supportive of my family and me during recently challenging times. Paying it Forward if you will…

  177. I would take my BRF Sarah. She is crazy enough to run with me at obnoxiously early hours, in all sorts of weather, and all sorts of distances. After our runs, we love to spend time together doing nonrunning related things!

  178. I’m pretty sure I’d bring my BRF Kris, we ran most of this past weekend’s disney marathon together. and had a blast. I’m also pretty sure that we’d go to Austin. keep it weird!

  179. I would bring my BRF Kristi! We went to Zooma Chicago in 2013 and got to meet Dimity and Sarah and it was awesome!!! We sooo want to go back!

  180. My dream BRF would be Kristin Armstrong. Her books and blogs always inspire me and I love my BRFs like she loves hers. But in real life, it would be my buddy Debbie. She’s sidelined from runs these days, but she’s sticking to our intense gym workouts like a champ. We both love wine…so Napa would be the natural choice for us!

  181. I would take my neighbor and running mentor Shelly. She is a lifelong runner and I didn’t start until age 35. She continues to inspire me with her work ethic and time management skills to fit in runs while working full time.

  182. I would take my daughter Chelsea to the Zooma Women’s Race in Austin. We haven’t had the chance to run a race together in over a year. This would be the perfect opportunity for us to get away, enjoy a mother/daughter weekend together, and catch up on things.

  183. I would take my best friend, Kelli! We met while we and our husbands were all active duty Air Force. Since then our careers have taken us to opposite ends of the country. We manage to meet up about once every two years and this amazing friend of mine has come to see me during the last two visits because my two kids are a few years younger than her youngest. I love running and cycling with!

  184. I would bring my friend Rachel! The only BRF I have that is the same pace as me! When we get to run together we chat the whole way!

  185. I would totally take my BRF Miranda Robbins! She and I have had a long winding road to running over the course of our friendship which includes Hot and very cold yoga (unheated studio in the winter), the birth of four children (two a piece) and more than 10+ half marathons between us. She helps me through the difficult spots in my life both on and off the trails.

  186. I would take my BRF Megan, she has been there to support and always push me to a higher level. My most favorite runs have had her by my side.

  187. If I could have anyone running with me, I’d choose my former running-buddy, Maritza. She got me through training for my first triathlon last summer. She just has the best attitude, her enthusiasm is always contagious, and she always seems to know what to say to help me keep going – whether supportive or sassy. She moved away to Texas in December, and I miss her laugh and her wild hair.

  188. Hmmm…tough one…but I’d take a friend of mine who has given me much advice and motivation since I began running. She’s a big fan of this race series and a fellow BAMR she is even quoted in your 2nd book! Laura B.☺️

  189. I would run with my bf, Cherie, and prove to her that she could run in bigger races and have a blast. She is a beautiful soul who never thinks herself worthy of the fancier races–she always cheers me on. As the mother of 9, she could use a great time in sneakers!

  190. I would want my BRF Lara there—to run with and to keep me going, AND to hang at the after-party. We tend to dance whenever we’re together, no matter what we’re doing, so there’d be a lot of THAT going on!

  191. I’d take my BRF (& cousin!) Amanda! I got her into running but she’s kept me going! I love running with her and she’s amazing. Can’t imagine my life without her!!!

  192. I’d love to cross the finish line with my daughter, my love and inspiration for running. I run so that someday she knows that she can do anything she sets her mind to!

  193. I unfortunately don’t have a lady running friend (unless you count my dog.) But I’d love to take my mom! I live in MN she lives in ID, I miss her so much, she was at every single one of my XC running races in High School, I’m sure she’d love to see me finish a race again!

  194. I would take my running partner in crime, Heather Johnson. We grew up together, and now as women in our 40’s we run races together. We have more fun than is legal!

  195. I’d take my BRF, Heather. The last race we ran together was over a year ago. & we were both 5 months pregnant. Both of our boys will be 1 by the Napa race & we have daydreamed together about a weekend away, a full night’s sleep & a beautiful course to run! The Napa race is on my bday & would be a really fun way to celebrate with one of my favorite people!!

  196. I would take my oldest daughter, who is actually running her first half-marathon with me at the August’s Zooma in Chicago. For my 50th birthday I wanted to run the Princess Half with her this February, but seeing as Mickey is a bit more expensive than going 45 minutes south to Chi-town, we decided on the Zooma race. It would be awesome to be able to have our first half together be a mini-getaway.

  197. I would bring my sister. We live roughly 15 hours away from each other (MI and NH) and decided we would do a race together this year. It will be her FIRST–and as her best friend I want to support her every step of the way. She has had 4 kids and is ready to do something for herself. We have NEVER had a girls weekend away, and I can’t think of a better way to do it!

  198. I would like to take someone who I was recently introduced to on Facebook ( i know it sounds sketchy, but I have actually heard good things about her through mutual friends and colleagues). Her name is Michelle and it turns out she works an archaeologist, just like me. She is also a runner and lives fairly close to me. The thing is that I have no running friends mainly because I work from home and no one in my neighborhood runs. I feel isolated and would love to reach out to this mother runner (she has a daughter that is 4) and run a race together. This probably seems weird to run a race with someone you don’t really know and have never met, but I think it would be a great way to start what could become a wonderful running friendship. I think she would love to run the Zooma in Napa, since we live so close. Thanks for the consideration!

  199. I would take my BRF Carissa. We have been talking about Napa, as it’s on her birthday, but neither of us have the funds to sign up. We both have baby boys who don’t want to sleep and our bodies, minds, and souls need time away. Thanks for the opportunity, ladies!

  200. I would take my bestie, Holly Marie. We try our darndest to meet up each week for “running church,” but the time never seems to be long enough.

  201. I’d bring my friend Rebecca – she’s recovering from Plantar and I’m trying to recover from multiple bouts of bronchitis and asthma flare-ups. It’d be great to have a target race to get healthy. Napa baby!

  202. I would bring my friend Francine. She been there for my in 5K’s, 10k’s, Half’s and now for my 1st Full Marathon coming up in just two weeks. She has been asking for a girls racecation and Zooma sounds perfect!

  203. I would love to take my running friend Jill. As the head of our local Girls on The Run chapter and mother to a daughter with special needs, Jill is constantly giving of herself. She deserves a great Zooma location race!

  204. My BRF Robin! She is like a mom, therapist, babysitter, and best friend to me! It would mean so much for us to do a fun race together! I am dealing with the terrible twos with my kiddo right now and she is dealing with her triplets (yes three) going off for their first semester in college. We need a runcation!

  205. My best friend, Nataleigh, and I ran our first half marathon at Zooma Annapolis 2012. We met that same year when she moved into the house across the street from me…from Australia! After becoming fast friends, we started training together and ran our first half. Sadly, she’s moving back to Australia this week. I wish she could be here to run another Zooma race with me! Our friend, Nancy, was inspired by me and Nataleigh running in Annapolis and has agreed to run this year! We’re getting ready to register. If I win today’s Giveaway, I would pick Nancy and we would run and think of our great friend Nataleigh!!

  206. I would bring my sister as she is the only reason I started running in the first place. She is the one who trained with me and stuck with me for my very first half marathon last year! She is such an inspiration to me and I am proud to call her my sister and one of my best friends!

  207. If given the opportunity I would HAVE to bring my Mom. She lives in another city and had only ever been at one of my races. She would love the environment and I can’t imagine anyone else who deserves a little holiday break!!! And Napa would be a perfect getaway. 🙂

  208. I want to run a Zooma race with my older sister! We both started running as adults, but she now lives in Connecticut and I am in northern California, so we have yet to run together. While I’ve run multiple half marathons, she has not, and I want her to realize how strong and capable she is. She can do it! I would LOVE to run the Zooma Cape Cod race with her this September as it’s the week after my 45th birthday – what a great celebration that would be!

  209. I’d take my sister … she had to back out of running Chicago Marathon with me because she got married … it would be nice to run with her again 🙂

  210. I would take my friend, Tracey, who is currently recovering from a stress fracture. We would use the race to celebrate recovery from the break and our overall good health!

  211. I have to take my BRF Mindy. She is my cheerleader and running addict enabler. Since she has started nursing school, money and time for races have been tight. Races have to be close, cheap, and long enough to make it worth the missed study time! We are not the same exact pace, but it always seem to work. See you all on the road!

  212. I would take my BRF Heidi. We ran the Zooma race in Lake Geneva in 2012 and she really needs a do-over. She had injured her hip shortly before the half-marathon and thought she could power through it. At mile 2, she needed to walk and pleaded with me to go on ahead. I kept looking back to see if she was OK but eventually lost sight of her, so I was completely stressed and full of worry for her through the entire race. She did finish, but was in a huge amount of pain through the entire 13.1 miles and mentally defeated by the time she was done. What was supposed to be an uplifting girls’ weekend turned out to be a major bummer. Heidi has recovered from that injury and is running strong again. I am now trying to get back on track myself after foot surgery last month. Re-visiting Zooma would be a great opportunity for us to share a new, more positive half-marathon experience.

  213. I can’t imagine taking anyone other than my BRF, Holly, to a ZOOMA run! We just returned from completing the Walt Disney World Marathon together (Ok, she finished MUCH faster than me), and I look forward to another destination race with her.

  214. I cannot win this because I have to save every penny to get my family to Disneyland for the first time ever next October. But if I COULD I would most definatly take my friend Kerianne!! We trained for our first halfs and fulls together!! But then I got injured and then she got injured and we both got busy and now we haven’t had a good long run in about a year or more!!! I miss that lady more than she knows!!

  215. I would take my BRF Debbie. She introduced me to Ragnar and invited me to run in her early morning group when I moved in almost 2 years ago and we haven’t stopped running together since! I’d love to treat her to a fun running weekend since she made me feel so welcome when I really needed a friend!

  216. I would take my long-time friend, Laura. She has been a runner for much longer than me (in fact, I told her she was crazy when she did a few marathons long ago) and because we live far apart, don’t see each other nearly enough and she had a baby less than a year ago, we’ve never had the chance to run together since I started running. She lives in Annapolis and is an expert on all things Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay and would be amazing tour guide/running partner for Zooma Annapolis.

  217. I would take my cousin Liz, whose birthday is today btw. She told me at Christmas that she wanted to run a half marathon this year and well, I couldn’t think of a better way to get her started than with a Zooma race! We live 800 miles apart and she is a decade younger, so this would be a very special trip for us both.

  218. My sister! We have 7 kids between us, she is a 3rd grade teacher and I am a nurse, so we have plenty to talk about as we run. Sometimes we run out of race before we run out of stuff to “discuss”.

  219. Well, because of Dimity’s post, my Fab 15 (the Grads – online running buddies all over the country, we had our first meetup last October) and I decided that Meetup, Part Deux, would be at Zooma Napa! So far there are 7 of us committed to come. So clearly, we are all entering. If one of us wins, we’ll spread the wealth across whoever can make it to lower the cost for all. Because that’s how the C25K Grads roll! Thanks for a great Hump Day Giveaway!

  220. My sister in law Amy could meet me in Texas for this one. Talk about a good experience for her girls to see her run and her auntie. Raising second generation mother runners. And it would be so cool to run for my mom who has brain cancer.

  221. I’d take my BFF Mo. She lives in Europe right now, and we haven’t seen each other in ages. But, I’m hoping that she’ll make a trip stateside this year and maybe a free race would help her pick a date 🙂

  222. I would take my co-worker and physics professor Peggy with me. She and I have co-taught a class for elementary education majors at least 20 times over the last 7 years. I started running 4 years ago and she ran my first 5k with me, beating my by a landslide. She has been with me for about the past year on some of my longer runs as I trained for the marathon that I wanted to run before I turned 40. The real kicker is that she is 20 years older than me! I have talked her into her first half marathon next month and sadly I won’t be able to go with her because of a knee injury. I’d love for us to be able to run a race together.

  223. My long-time friend Carrie who first got me back into running after babies (and tipped me off to your book and blog!). We live thousands of miles away now and how fun to have a girlfriends destination race together!

  224. I would LOVE the chance to run with my cousin Natasha! She has inspired me and cheered me on from Ottawa,Canada since I began this running journey 3 years ago! She is also a dedicated runner and this fall completed her first full marathon – the Chicago Marathon! I cheered loud and clear from Maryland as she crossed the finish line. She is the first person I send pictures to after I finish – and with her help and long distance encouragement, I crossed two half marathon finish lines last year. So ideally, we would someday be able to run a race together and hold hands crossing that finish line together! It would be a dream come true to run the Zooma Annapolis half with her in 2014!

  225. I’d bring one of my girlfriends from grade school or college who runs– my more serious running developed well after school, so it would be neat to have running as an added friendship facet.

  226. I am fortunate to have many running friends because I belong to a running club, but I would pick my friend Melanie. Why? She is a mother runner just like me. She has three kids, and I have two. We often find ourselves running at strange times or on the treadmill to get our runs in. . . doing a race like this would be awesome.

  227. I would most def take my Bestie, my run Buddy Karen Kellier. Although, we haven’t run together in almost a year. I,ve been too intimidated w my slow pace but I’ve been training & think maybe we might be on par now!! Would love a weekend away to bond & achieve such a feat w a great friend.

  228. My dear friend mindy. She has run one half marathon with absolutely no training. She’s been saying she wants me to write her a plan and that she wants to train for a race. A race that she races, not runs.This would be the absolute perfect one. She and I together having an epic experience. She is my sister in spirit and I’d love to be able to do this for her.

  229. That’s so hard to say! I would have to have a contest or something because I run with a group of 5 ladies every Sunday morning. Plus I have some dear friends who are far away that I run with (in spirit). There’s no way I could choose on my own.

  230. I would take my sister, Amy, who has recently taken up running. A race in Napa sounds like the perfect way to spend time together running!

  231. I would take my BRF and fellow BAMR Patty with me to Napa!! It would be so much fun, and with the money we saved on the race entry we could do some wine tasting. 😉

  232. Would definitely run with my BRB Valarie Amis; we live hundreds of miles apart now, so any chance to ru and play together, we grab it!!

  233. My BRF and distance training partner (I live in MN, she lives in Mi), Deb! She is always there for me and helped me learn that I can do anything for a mile… And sometimes that means I’m doing it 13.2 times 🙂

  234. I would take Ellen! I don’t know if she runs, but I totally picture her riding a Segway, talking through a bull horn, making us all laugh, and dancing her way to the finish line! I seriously want to ask her to run with us now. 🙂

  235. I would take my running partner Sarah. We’ve logged a ton of miles together. Last fall, she ran a trail marathon one weekend, then a half the next, just so we could be at the starting line together (I was running my first full). When I struggled in the beginning of the race, she finished her half, then bought snacks, and jumped in to check on me at mile 16! Running Goddess, I tell ya.

  236. I would take any one of my best running buddies. We all met on-line and did our first F2F meet-up and race in Utah this past fall (we come from across the US and Canada: Maine, Massachusetts, DC, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, Michigan and Utah) and feel an even deeper bond now that we’ve raced and had in-person time together. We’re planning on doing a Zooma race together this summer and this sure would help to defray the costs.

  237. I would take my sister-in-law Paige with me. We are both busy moms who are putting ourselves first on our “to-do” list for 2014. We motivate each other via text and Facebook messages with tasty new recipes, recounting awesome workouts and making each other laugh. We are both signed up for a 10k in early April (Bridge To Brews in Portland.)This is my year of accomplishing my goal of a half marathon. I would love to do it with my Sister-in-law as we live four hours away from each other. We would have so much fun spending a weekend focusing only on us and our awesome goal of “Bashing the muffin top and running faster and further than EVER!”

  238. I would bring my sister. She is just getting started in exercise and picking one for the fall would give her a great motivation to continue!

  239. I’d love to go with my bestie, Natalie! She walked by me every step of the way through my first event ever – a marathon – 4 years ago! Since then she’s helped me evolve into a run/walk-er. It was my pleasure to watch her kick @$$ at the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in 2012. We’d have such a great time together at any ZOOMA race; although Chicago is closest to us.

  240. The Zooma in Napa made my “dream” list of runs for 2014. My run-buddy, Wendy, dragged me through my first 1/2 marathon last year, and encouraged me to do the third one, although I was coming back from an injury and wasn’t confident I could complete it. This mother runner has moved about 30 minutes away to finish her kinesiology degree AND is recovering from knee surgery. I want to run this 1/2 marathon with Wendy to give her a mini vacation after her first year at college and to give us both an opportuntiy to run together!

  241. My bring-along gal-pal would be one of my best friends and my daughter’s godmother, Jill. She has been a previous athlete, doing 5-ks and a few tri’s. She had her first child three months ago, and wants to get back into the race. I think this would be a wonderful gift to give to a woman, since she has just become a AMR herself!

  242. I am a new runner with a lot of 5ks under my belt. My new years resolution for 2014 is to do a 1/2. There are many established running groups in my area and I have found it somewhat difficult to be included. I have recently found a new friend who has the same resolution as I and would love to make this 1/2 both our first.

  243. I would take my younger sister. She is becoming a BAMR and will probably outpace me someday. We’ve been meaning to do a half marathon together for years, but between her pregnancies and my crazy work travel, it just hasn’t happened.

  244. Oh!! This is perfect! My friend and I have been eyeing Zooma Chicago! I’d love to take my best running buddy Stacey. She’s a super dooper running buddy and a super star of a friend — we’ve run through the good and bad – from new born babes (the third kiddo for both of us, may remember I brought my 5 week old to the mother runner party in Chicago) to family drama. Oh pick us! We’ve have a fantastic time in Chicago for sure! We’d be sure to write a stellar race report for you too! Fingers crossed!!

  245. I ran my FIRST half marathon at a Zooma race. Great memories! I’d love to take my BRF Diane who inspired me and believed that I could do a half in the first place. She joined me for that run and we made it a fun girls weekend. I’d love to do it again!

  246. I would love to go to the Zooma Texas race with my sister, Sarah. I started running last year, and after my twin nieces were born in July I talked her into starting the Couch to 5k program . We ran our first 5k together on January 4 and I think this trip would be the perfect girls getaway, with my mom and nieces there to cheer us on!

  247. Zoom(a), Zoom(a), Zoom(a)! Reminds me of that show I watched as a kid! Couldn’t get enough of ZOOM! Anyway, I digress. What fun it would be to go with my virtual running buddy and old classmate, Linda, that lives 900 miles away in CT and whom I only get to see when dropping off or visiting my daughter at college. She’s an inspiration for sure having done her first marathon this past year in Hartford and always challenging herself to improve with each race.

  248. I’d take my running bestie Kimmy. Kimmy has inspired me and shared my love for, wait for it, DISNEY, and is not learning to love running with me as well. Kimmy keeps me smiling, helps me stay motivated, and holds my hand (or hair) when I need her. She’s my running bestie!

  249. I would take my friend Kris. She was my hall manager in college, and we are still friends 20+ years later. We actually just ran a half marathon together last weekend for her 46th birthday. It’s amazing that after all these years we are still friends, and are now runners!

  250. I would take my coworker, running buddy, and close friend who first got me started running back in 2011, Ani T. Would love to go to the one in Napa!

  251. I would love to run Zooma with one of my friends and since there are 5 others in our group, we’d have to do a little rock, paper, scissors to see who goes! But if I could pick one woman to be at the finish waiting for me, it’d be my mom, who died right as I was getting started running. She’d think running a half or a full would be crazy, she’d worry I’d get injured (oops, that did happen) but she would be super proud of me and she would love how happy running has made me.

  252. I would take my good friend Carrie- my favorite race partner and person who would need a good boost to carry the stress away that she has.

  253. I would take my best running friend, Jodi. She and I were training for our first Marathon last summer and she ended up with an injury. She had to drop our of our marathon and took some time off running. She has now found her running ‘mojo’ and is working her way back. I think this would be a great weekend and a way to celebrate my friend!

  254. I would love to take my sister, Kerri, but 1-she hates to run, and 2-she hates to run with me (example dialogue from the last 5k we ran together, 2 years ago- me: “oh, look, a puppy! oh look, a squirrel! oh look at her cute skirt” Kerri: “SHUT UP!”) so instead I would take my friend Kim, who runs halves all the time. Except she’s much faster than me. Hmm, maybe if I stopped looking at puppies & squirrels & cute skirts…

  255. I would want to run with my running partner in crime, Elisa, whom I am always talking into races, and she is always cussing me during training and loving me at the finish line. LOL

  256. I would take my friend Shannon who talked me into my first and only half marathon. Both of us are homeschooling parents to three kids each, and have to do an awful lot of juggling to get these training runs done (and rarely get to run together) so it would be so fun to do a big race with her again.

  257. I would take my BFF Beth to run. She is a self start runner who has 5 kids and chose to run to feel better. It tools running course to get me motivated but she started on a bad running track and kept going. I don’t think she’s ever been able to get away and do a half and I would love to give that to her. Plus she lives in Texas and I could come visit her this way. A win win. Race+ BFF = happy

  258. Last year, I ran the Zooma Florida and brought my BRF and sister. They both switched to the 5K. I would like to bring them both again and all run the Half next time!

  259. I would take my BRF Michele who has been my “coach” and motivator as I’ve started running. We have such a great time running and chatting together.

  260. I am getting back to running after having a baby in July. I would love to win this to take my friend, Heather, who is also starting running. It would be great to have her by my side as we make this journey together!

  261. And yes, as a Army Major and Team RWB proud member, I would love to partner with Kate to run and relax at a special ZOOMA event! Woozer these look AMAZING!

  262. I would like to nominate and join an amazing woman to receive this honor and “reward”! Kate Nemec Bielak is an Army Captain and the LEADER of Team Red, White, & Blue Western Pennsylvania, in addition to being a wife, mother of 4 (yes, 4!) kiddos, and a fitness instructor! I feel that our country needs to recognize these “unsung heroes”, especially the mother-soldier-leader we follow and who motivate us! Please check out our Facebook page at Team RWB Western PA for just some of the work Kate dedicates to this organization! Thank you for this opportunity!

  263. I would take my running partner and friend. She’s had to take some time off for medical issues. She can start running again in March and I know this would give her something to look forward to while she’s recovering. I know ZOOMA is a race she’s talked about doing. I’d love to surprise her with an entry.

  264. My dream would be to run with my friend Geigy at the Napa Valley Zooma race! She has lived in Japan for 10 years now and it would be amazing to have her all to myself as my running partner for 13.1 miles! It would also have the amazing bonus of meeting Sarah and Dimity! Geigy is the one who introduced me to AMR when I first started running… I would love to hug them and thank them for their part in making me a Runner Girl. 🙂

  265. I would take my training partner and race buddy Shannon. She recently completed Ironman AZ and crashed in the bike portion. She’s making her comeback this year, and I’d really like to be a part of that and run a Zooma with her.

  266. My dream running partner is also my BRF Cynthia- but aside from living 2,000+ miles apart, we share one healthy running body. Only one of us is ever fit to run at a time.

  267. I would take my best friend Barb. She is a former runner, but due to an alcoholic husband she had to stop. She divorced him and raised two kids by herself. This poor woman needs a reason to get running again! She works two jobs, is president of her local union, and is on the bargaining team. She continues to give herself and her time to everyone else. She just recently broke her ankle while at work so she may not be able to race, however the motivation of seeing strong women running may convince her that once she is healed she needs to get back at it. She is an inspiration to me and is always encouraging me. I would like to reward her for her amazing strength. I her to know she is a BAMR!

  268. My sister, my BRF, she is a mother runner with a two and three year old and NEEDS a break away from the family. As a woman that does everything at home and works two part-time jobs, a trip like this would be a once in a lifetime experience for both of us!

  269. My husband’s cousin got me running a little over 2 years ago. She talked me into 2 Ragnars and a half marathon. This past year, I talked her into running our first marathon. I would love to be able to do a Zooma race with her.

  270. Hard choice. I would either take my BRF Sarah, who has been my motivation for getting out on many cold dark mornings. Or I would take my college friend Sally, who has paralleled my journey into mother-runnerhood on the opposite coast.

  271. I would take my BRF, Laurie, because she needs to get a race on her 2014 calendar and she calls me her running “woobie” (I think I’m more of a nag, but she puts up with me!) 🙂

  272. I would take one of my dearest friends in the world and fitness partner, Nicole, who at that time will be a brand new mother runner 🙂

  273. well, she isn’t my BRF because she lives on the opposite side of the country…..but if I won, I would take my friend Jennifer. we have “known” each other virtually for over 10 years and have met in person once for a scrapbook weekend. she is like a little sister to me and has been so supportive of my journey to becoming a runner. this might be the only way the two of us would get to run together since we could put our race fees towards airfare to fly one of us to meet up for the race!


  274. Easy choice – I would take my BRF (also my BFF), Amy. We have run together most weekends for the past three years, and we’re not sick of each other yet. 😉

  275. It would be a hard choice since I run with two other girls regularly. I’d likely give them the free entries and pay for my own so we can all go.

  276. I call her my security blanket. This amazing girl trained with me for 8 months for our first Ironman Triathlon. We swam, biked and ran in every kind of weather you could imagine. Sideways rain, hail, snow, ice, you name it-we did it. Many days we got lost during our 80 mile rides and even ended up in a parade once. No matter how miserable we were she was there for me, supporting me. I could not have become an Ironman without her.

  277. My BRF, Jeannie. We have known each other for years, but only started running together about 3 years ago. We quickly went from acquaintances to the very best of friends, as only running buddies can. We have been through injuries, illness, and all of life’s little things together and I would LOVE to be able to do something like this for her.

  278. Definitely my BRB, Kelly. We have trained for so much together. We are more compatible in pace and conversational preferences than anyone else I know. We lean on each other through ups and downs in our running, our moods, our jobs, our lives. We ran our first marathon together on her 40th birthday, and it was something I will never forget. We often share our dream of a “Running, Reading, and Resting Retreat,” so a Zooma get-away would help make that wish come true!

  279. I’d love to bring my best friend Lisa. She’s taken her health into her hands in the past year and has lost 15 pounds. Next month she is starting couch to 5K. I think she could run a half marathon by the end of the year if she put her mind to it! She said that I’ve been a big motivation for her since I trained for and ran a marathon last fall and I think having a big race and fun weekend on the calendar would do the same!

  280. I would LOVE to take my 82 year old mother with me. She is my inspiration. She did not start running until she was in her 40’s and has accomplished many goals along the way. She is still running, even at 82! While she might not run right next to me, she would certainly go for a 5K. I would LOVE to treat her to a trip together to thank her for being such an inspiration and for being such a wonderful mother.

  281. My sister. When I told her that I wanted to run 1000 miles this year, she vowed to run 500 (she’s not a runner). Time and time again she does this — supports me and loves me in ways no one else can.

  282. No doubt, I would take my BRF of 2 years! After all, she is the ONLY one who heads out at 5 a.m. with me, and doesn’t care at all that I show up in mis-matched clothes, looking like “who-done-it”!
    Note to Angela: If we win, I promise to make sure my clothes match!

  283. I’d bring my BRF Sheila – we motivate each other on training runs and in short races, but we haven’t done a half together yet. She deserves some girl time!!

  284. I would love to do this with my friend, Amy. She trained for and rocked her first half marathon last spring and we’re gearing up to rock another half marathon together in 2014.

  285. I would take my mom. She recently started running and since she has always been such an encouragement to me I would love to cheer her on at her first major race!

  286. I would take my virtual running girl pal Jeanette! She has inspired me to go the distance and travel while accomplishing my goals! I got to run with her in DC and we are both training for our first full marathons together! This would be a great weekend to reflect on what we have accomplished and what we will achieve!

  287. I would take my manager / friend Amy! She is the reason I signed up for my first 5K and then my first half-marathon. She has always believed in me and stuck with me while I got into the running thing. In the past year or so she’s felt down about her own running and I’d love to be able to encourage her for a change!!

  288. I would take which ever one of my mother runner friends was currently most in need of a little girls’ time. We all have those moments where you NEED that time with a friend to vent, sweat, and work out your troubles over a few miles.

  289. I would take my sister. It was because of her I did my first half marathon in 2009 with her and it sparked a fire in me to try and run in every state. I would love another chance to meet up with her in a fun place, spend some quality sister time, and run a great race too!

  290. Without a doubt I would take my sister (and BRF!!) with me! We started running together in 2009 with Couch to 5k – we started that program both of us believing that there was NO WAY POSSIBLE for it to actually “work”…but we finished it and celebrated together by running the Disneyland 5k that same year. And we haven’t stopped since. We have different goals and different speeds, but we have always been there to cheer each other on through all the ups, downs and in-betweens of running. It has truly brought us so much closer than I would have every thought possible.

    So to NOT take my sister to a Zooma’s race? Well, that just isn’t possible at all. 🙂

  291. I would take my very besets running friend Jeannie! We tare for and ran our first full marathon together in 1999 when we had 7 kids between us! We juggled and struggled our childcare but we got those three hour runs done and our kids actually became better friends thanks to some of child care arrangements we cobbled together. I have since added two more children to the mix but we also moved away and now I only get to see Jeannie (and/or her kids) n special occasions. Both generations are still best friends and this would be an awesome excuse to get everyone together!

  292. I would take my dear running friend, Kristi. She wanted to do a half before she turned 30 but instead became the caregiver for her very sick little girl. Having just lost her little girl recently, I think that training for a ZOOMA half would give her something new to focus on and be proud of for herself. If she couldn’t do it before 30, at least she could do one in her 30th year!

  293. I would take my BRF – she has kept me going when I didn’t want to, convinced me to do a full marathon, and is such an inspiration. I don’t get to run with her very much anymore, but it’s always awesome when our schedules do connect up. We both could use a little trip away from our daily reality.

  294. I would take my BRB Tia. We were running Boston together last year and were stopped at 25.5 when the bombings happened, with our families waiting at the finish line for us. Luckily everyone was safe. We both had a rough 2013 and could use a little getaway, so a destination race would be a much needed break for us both.

  295. I would love to take my Sister in Law to the Zooma series. We both live on opposite sides of Texas and we would be able to meet up for this great event and show our families just how tough we are!

  296. I would take my BRF who has kept me motivated for over two years now since we met at a race (my first half) and is currently training with me for my first marathon in March.

  297. I would take my sister! She is an inspiration to me as an athlete, mother and more. It’s been a rough year for me personally and even though she lives in a different city, she’s been a wonderful support. It would be really fun to be able to get away and run together!

  298. I would bring my best friend of 25 years. She started running about two years ago with the goal to eventually run a 5K and develop healthier habits. Last year, 6 months after having her first child she ran her first half marathon, in the pouring rain and freezing cold but finishing super strong in just over 2 hours! Amazing! I’d love to run along side her and cheer her on, hopefully in much better conditions 🙂

  299. I would take my daughter with me. In our house full of guys it would be awesome to pack our shoes and do a destination run together.

  300. I would take my running buddy Adrienne(Age). Age always gets me motivated to do the long runs. Running with her makes the time fly by, and my feet feel like they’re gliding over the pavement. Age has 2 young boys, and it would be wonderful to get away for a race!

  301. My long distance BRF, Carly, of course! She ran my first 1/2 marathon with me (coincidently, a Zooma race) and it would be great fun to repeat it!

  302. I would take my matron of honor and fellow BAMR. She and I used to work together and would escape to the gym together every lunch hour for our running workouts. We did speed work, cross training, and runs up to 4 miles squeezed into our hour lunch. Now that we don’t work together I really miss all that quality mommy/friend bonding time. Between jobs, her two kids, my three kids (including a newborn) we have a tough time running together. This would be great to share with her.

  303. I would run with my awesome fello BAMR Karri! Even though we live in different states, we encourage eachother and motivate eachother. I have never gotten to run an actual race with her due to the distance between us, but it would be a dream come true to run a Zooma race with her!

  304. This would be an incredible to win to take my 13 year daughter on. How fun would that be to travel with her and run a half marathon.

  305. You know those kind of friends that even if you haven’t spoken in a LONG time, you just end up picking up where you left off??

    I would invite my friend, Mackenzie. I spoke to her yesterday, after a long hiatus, and it happened yet again! Left me feeling restored and connected. 🙂

    We live hours apart and have talked about doing a “destination” race together in the past, but have never mobilized to do so!

    Would be great motivation and incentive to train for a fun weekend with my buddy!

  306. I would definitely take fellow BAMR, BRF and training partner extraordinaire, Jennifer!! I have heard so many good things about Zooma, but there has never been one close enough until Napa! That is still a plane ride away for us, but I know we would have so much fun!

  307. I would take my classmate and fellow BAMR Kathy. I might even make her slow down and run next to me! We would head to the Napa race since we are not too far from there and I have been debating about adding it to my list of 2014 races…

  308. I would love to do a ZOOMA race with my BFR, Nikki! I have learned so much from Nikki (including following this blog & registering for awesome Hump Day Giveaways) over the miles we have covered. I can honestly say I am a healthier & happier mother runner with her by my side!

  309. I would ask my best friend from high school to join me. We both started our running journey together, and a Zooma race would be a great celebration of our accomplishments!

  310. My BRF Suzanne! Not only do we run the local greenway together; we try to motivate each other, inspire each other, laugh together, work together, and offer support through hard times. Suzanne and I both have young children and NEED this vacation!

  311. I’d take my friend who just started running. She’s up to 2 miles, with a goal of a 5K in March and the Prove It 10K on Mother’s day.

  312. I would ask my husband and my best girl friend to run with me. My husband is just starting out on his running journey (and I love every moment we can be together, especially hoofing through 13.1 miles) and my best girl friend got me into running in the first place (and continually helps feel like, and see I am, a runner).

  313. I would take my friend and fellow BAMR, Deb, with whom I recently ran the Rockaway Beach Half. Any one of those ZOOMA races would be amazing getaway!

  314. I would want to take my sister. I got her running a few years ago and we’ve only done one 5k together. As working moms that live in different cities, we rarely run together. This would be such a great trip to take to do something just for us.

  315. I would take my BRF – she just started her half marathon journey with two halfs last year. I want her to keep up the streak 🙂

  316. I would invite my BRF, Megan. Not only is she an ideal running partner (similar paces, close proximity, constant motivator), she is my best friend. She is a great listener; she is an inspirational mother, runner and businesswoman. I have run a few races without Megan, but none have been as enjoyable as the races that I have run with her.

  317. I would bring my virtual BRF Angela. We met online 11 years ago, starte running about the same time, but have never met in real life. The ZOOMA Napa is about half way between us.

  318. Easy – my sister! She lives a state away so our running opportunities are few and far between but we have a goal of running a race or two together this year. Zooma Napa would be perfect for us! !

  319. I would take my BRF who conquered breast cancer last year and has officially been cancer free for 6 mos, and needs a good goal to move on.

  320. I’d take a girlfriend who is starting out on a one-a-month race goal for 2014. Obviously, she’s roping me into running HER races, so she can trot alongside me in a 1/2!

  321. I would definitely run with my amazing mother who inspires me every single day to be a better mother, athlete and overall person.

  322. I would take my sister! We come from a long line of non-athletic woman, and we made the decision that we want to set a better example for our daughters. We are not fast, and we don’t look pretty crossing the finish line. Nonetheless, we cross the finish line – with our daughters there to cheer us on!

  323. I would invite my best running pal. She has been a great motivator to me over the last few years and during most of 2013 I couldn’t train with her much because of my pregnancy- she was training for a BQ so I couldn’t keep up. She got her BQ so it would be fun to treat her to a ZOOMA race to celebrate and to get back into training together!

  324. I’d register with my Mother-runner BFF, Susie! We help to push each other, and to do our bests. We are each others support in running, motherhood, work, and at home!

  325. I would take my friend Angela. She’s had a rough year (unemployment for her and her hubby) but keeps running. It would be a great getaway for us both!

  326. I would take my BRF Kelly. She moved away last year and we have been talking about doing a destination race for the last year. This would be perfect.

  327. I would invite my sister. After her two bad marriages, I realize that running through pain is much easier than living in pain. I would love for her to know that anything is possible at a new starting line.

  328. I’d run with my namesake, Maria. We used to live down the street from each other. We ran our first half four years ago and trained while our husbands watched our little people. Now that we live four hours apart, we haven’t had the opportunity to run together or catch up. A destination half would be amazing!

  329. I would take my BRF Margie. Her husband just came back last week from a 6 month deployment. She could definitely use a weekend away, throw a race in there and it would be PERFECT!

  330. I’d either invite my sister-in-law Goofy Challenge finisher and running inspiration or my sister who would rather yoga than run. She would run the 5K if I invited her, though! Either way, it would be my first destination race!

  331. I would love to run ZOOMA with my sister! She is an amazing person who is just getting back into running and strength training after having her two children. It would be amazing to share a great run and a girls weekend with her.

  332. I would take either my sister, who isn’t a runner but who I’ve been trying to convert for years…maybe a Zooma 5k would do the trick? Or I would take my BRF, Rachelle, who is the hardest working single mom I know and who totally deserves a pampering weekend like this. Zooma should come to Walla Walla, Wa…I could totally see a women’s wine tasting/racing weekend here.

  333. I’d take my running pal laurel! She and I started running around the same time and met at the home of a mutual friend after a 5k that we had both run. A year later we had both done our first half and stayed in touch online and occasionally ran into each other at parties … We didn’t know each other well but decided to take a “girl’ strip” that fall for a half marathon. We hit it off completely and we’ve had an annual road trip ever since. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together but our trip is something I look forward to every year. It is amazing how the common bond of running can build and support amazing friendships!

  334. I really don’t know if I would run a half marathon again, but I would be excited to run a 10K with my aunt (my first half marathon running partner). She has been my inspiration–after finishing Boston at age 52, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was healthy for a number of years, and then, after accompanying me on my first half marathon, she learned that the cancer spread to her lungs. She lived with that, continuing to participate in running. She then broke her shoulder in a cross-country ski accident, which led to the diagnosis of the cancer spreading to her brain. She has been basically housebound for a year, first recovering from the broken shoulder and then brain surgery. She’s gone through a few rounds of low-dose chemo. She can’t run, but imagines running again. She turned 60 this year, and I gave her a new running outfit to celebrate. One of these days/years, I hope she wears that new running outfit as we cross the finish line together!

  335. I had a baby in 2012 and my BFF is due next month. We’d love to run a race together to celebrate having healthy pregnancies and babies!

  336. I’d bring very best friend in the world! She ran her very first half marathon this past weekend, I’m running my 10th this weekend! What better way to keep both of us motivated to keep running!!

  337. I would bring one of my two very good friends: one is getting married (finally) after dating her fiancé for ten years in October and the other is having her second child in May. After my second child was born in feb 2013, amr helped me to get back at it. 2014 is going to be my year, and I would love to look forward to the zooma half in cape cod!!

  338. I would take my daughter!! We would invite all our running BRFs, take the train to Chicago and enjoy the girls get-away. But maybe Napa?? Who knows, but whatever race I would take my daughter. She is the best.

  339. I would take my daughter. She’s 12 and we ran her first 1/2 together on Thanksgiving last year. Incidentally, we live in Jacksonville, just 45 minutes south of Amelia Island but we are training for the upcoming Donna Marathon to run in honor of a friend.

  340. I would LOVE to have a destination race to run with my BRF who moved to Georgia (from Michigan) three years ago. We miss running together SO MUCH!

  341. I have two BRFs, who live over 1000 miles away from me. The first is my college friend, Leslie, who lives in MD and this year we both PR’d at the Cleveland half (thank to Train Like a Mother), my other BRF is my best friend that I grew up with, Kristin, and we just got back from running the Disney Marathon (my first – woot). I think if I won the three of us would work it out to find a Zooma and run all together.

  342. I would take my sister (who happens to be my best friend). She started running about six years ago and we’ve done three marathons together.

  343. I would take my best friend Kathy. We have been friends since kindergarten. Ran our first half together at 50. She is in Colorado and I am in California. What a treat that would be to run another half marathon together at 52. Her father recently passed and she has been having a tough go of it. Would love to put a smile on her beautiful face 🙂

  344. I would take my sister, She has been running half marathons for several years, while I finally took the plunge last year. But she was preggo most of the year, so we haven’t had a chance to run one together…having it be at a destination race wouldn’t be so bad either!

  345. My running friends and I are contemplating signing up for the Zooma half in Annapolis so this post couldn’t come at a better time– one big “con” is paying another registration fee! I would love to run with my best friend Kara, my new running buddy Angela, or some day my daughter who hasn’t (at 7 years old) quite made it to her first 5K but I have high hopes for her future!

  346. This is so hard to choose, but I think I’d take my sister since she’s just started running again and it would be a good weekend away for us!

  347. I would take my good friend Rachel. We live in different states now, and she didn’t start running until after we moved away, so I’ve never had the chance to run with her yet!

  348. No doubt, my BFF Brenda. Over the last couple of years she has worked her a$& off (literally) to get healthy and loose over 100 pounds! What a way to celebrate her accomplishments this would be!!!

  349. I would take my BRF Rebecca. I ran for a long time by myself until she moved to town 2 year ago with her new husband. Now we get together and run and bicycle. She helped me train for a better half marathon this fall. We sure could use a break from Midwest America for some running fun.

  350. My BRF from 2005-2008, Jill. We were stationed together in Japan. The magic of the military has recently brought us to a base just 35 min. from their house!! She’s pregnant w twins, so I don’t know if she’d be up for a 1/2, but I could definitely get her to do the 5k!

  351. I would take my sister. We live far from each other and have a somewhat rocky relationship, but we both run. Perhaps the race. (And the miles) would help our relationship.

  352. I have been wanting to run this, but its not in my “race budget” for a 1/2, so a free entry would be unbelievable!! It’s a hard decision since lots of my friends are great runners but I’d take my friend Jill, she is always pushing me to get out and run!!!

  353. I would take my BRF! Actually she is a BRCF (Best Running and Cycling Friend). She has convinced me to try a century this year and I want to convince her to try a half marathon.

  354. I would absolutely love to run a ZOOMA race with my sister, Jenni. She is a leukemia survivor, but has struggled with body image issues since treatment accelerated menopause for her. She is a very dedicated single mom to her to two daughters. I’d love for her to get to work toward her own goal and enjoy a girls’ weekend away.

  355. I would take my friend Dana. When I first started at work, she was the only friendly person to a “new girl.” Over these past 2 years, she has become someone that I no longer call a co-worker and has become a real friend. She’s shared her own stories and listened and supported me in mine. And then a year ago, after listening to me talk about my latest training run or race she went for one herself. She’s been running ever since. She’s a speed queen. Shortly after she began I discovered 3 stress fractures. She waited to run her first official race with me when I could finally actually run more than 20 minutes. She slowed her own pace down to stay with me at my slow pace in my comeback race. Now, after a challenging move, I’ve injured my spine and am once again sidelined and am slowly working my way back into recovery. She’s supported my stress, my tears, and my pain. I won’t be able to run for several more months, but I would be amazing to toe another starting line with her in Chicago at my new comeback race.

  356. Well in a dream world, I’d take Kara Goucher, and also be able to keep up with her! Buuut since we know that’s not happening, in real life, I’d for sure take my BRF and RP Lori, she is the best RP a girl could ask for and I’d LOVE to do a girls running weekend away with her!

  357. I would definitely take my sister (who is my continued inspiration). We would make it a fabulous girl’s weekend and escape the everyday routine of our 8 kids (we each have 4). Ahhhh….I can picture it now!!!

  358. how fun! I would take my best friend, Julie. I moved 3000 miles away with the intent to meet at least once a year in the middle. Then these crazy kids showed up in our lives!? So now we just encourage each other over the phone in our fitness endeavors…or lack of, at times. Would love a weekend to catch up and RUN!

  359. I would take my dearest childhood friend, Melissa F. Our friendship has survived through high school, Girls Scouts patrol encampment, college, moving, our Weddings, our jobs, our children, and we have a new love to share…our running. We ran our first 1/2 together last year, and I would love to share this with her. To women, friends, sisters forever!

  360. I would take my sister, who is also the best running partner I’ve ever had. Even though we don’t necessarily think or act alike, our stride, pace, and racing attitude couldn’t be more in tune!

  361. I would take my friend Stephanie. She is an avid runner who inspired me to run after I watched her run the ING Hartford followed by the NYC Marathon. Her miles are also helping her raise money for MS. She deserves a free race entry and a girl’s weekend!

  362. I would take one of my favorite running partners, Laurel with me! This would be an awesome fun trip for us! Laurel is in inspiration to me as she has a goal to run as many days that her mother lived. She lost her mom when she was a young girl. I may inspire Laurel but she inspires me more than she knows! Let’ s ZOOMA!

  363. Ooh, I have been wanting to do run a Zooma race for a while now. If I won I would take my BFF because we always have fun and she is also very encouraging.

  364. I would love to have Kara Goucher running by my side (even though I could never keep up with her!) She is so inspirational to me. If I can’t have Kara I’d love to have my BRF Kim by my side – 13.1 will feel like another one of our long conversations with her by my side. 🙂

  365. I would take my ultimate BRF Birgit! We started our journey running 2 years ago with me and a wild idea to run a Half Marathon. We have now each completed 2 Half Marathons and she is tackling her first full marathon this coming Sunday! I will be cheering her on from many different points along her race.

  366. In my dream world is get to run the race with my momma. I think completing something like this as a mother-daughter duo would be amazing. My mom and I love in different states, so to have 13.1 miles of uninterrupted time together would be lovely!

  367. I would love Biggest Losers, Ali Vincent OR Tara Costa, as my running buddies. They are such an inspiration. My goal this year is to complete my first half. I see how they have battled many challenges and they make me want to be a healthier me.

  368. I would bring my running inspiration, Sarah Migliazzo! She is not only the one who got me running, she designed my first training plan, and ran 11 of the 13 half marathons I ran in 2013 (charity running for Project Purple). We would choose Napa…..cause there is nothing like a good wine (whine) after a half!

  369. I’d love to run with my BFF Marisa. She has always been a runner and is one of my biggest supporters in running. We ran our first race together where she helped me meet my goal with a 5 minute PR. We’d love to run Zooma Napa together!

  370. This is really hard….I have 2 BRFs and we no longer live close to each other. One lives in Okinawa, Japan and the other in northern Germany. I would bring both of them if that meant they could fly here to see me!!!! I miss them terribly but such is military life and we talk daily and share lots of running pictures. So, since I can only bring one person I pick Swim Bike Mom Meredith Atwood. She is my new Triathlon coach for my 70.3 in October and I would love to spend 13.1 miles chatting and picking her brain.

  371. Ooh, this is a tough one… My sister or one of my local BRFs or my college roommate, a new found BAMR. Dream running date would be Jillian Michaels or Sarah or Dimity;)

  372. I would have to bring my BRF. We did a half last year (second for each of us, first together) and she pushed me so hard during it that I had an awesome PR! I had fun training and have completely gotten the running bug!
    We are both stay at home moms and would love to do a destination race!

  373. I would take my BRF—and coworker Tannah who keeps me motivated by showing up to work out and dragging me when necessary. We have been talking about doing a ZOOMA race since last year.

  374. I’d love to run with my sister-in-law. She lives across the country, so we don’t get to run together much, but when we do, it’s a great time!

  375. My sister! She’s gotten a taste of the runners high recently, so an all women event would be a great atmosphere for her first event!

  376. Oh, I want to win this So. Hard. But then I’d have to pick ONE person to go… That would be so hard. I have FOUR BRFs who are the primary candidates, but I guess I would first have to invite my friend Letty, as she is the person who turned me on to Run Like a Mother – which I credit for turning me into a “real” runner. And we’ve talked about ZOOMA races, so I know she’d be up for it!

  377. My sister would probably strangle me if I said her…because I don’t think she is that into running!

    But, SHE – THE Kelly Johnson of Indianapolis, IN – is the one who turned me into a running junkie!

    We live cities apart and when she challenged me to a 5K (which was really a 4 mi race, trickster!) after me not having conditioned myself since my military days (12 plus moons ago)… it was ON!

    Not only did 1 finish that 1st challenge but I signed up for over 21 more before the year was over! I then moved on to a 10K and now half’s and Triathlons!

    To the sister who made a running Monster – If I win this, you will come!
    (yeah, I commit to finding a way to pay for the travel and room).

    I promise to cross the line WITH you (not ahead, not behind … together).

  378. I would take my momma. She has been the biggest support since I had kids and watched them while I ran my last race. I would love to have her come enjoy it with me! Maybe we’d even make the trip to somewhere we’ve never been and enjoy a weekend getaway together! 🙂

  379. No contest– I’d take my sister, and BRF, Kim. She has been there for me during my first 5K, my first half, and ( big breath!)my first full marathon this October. She is my mentor, coach, and go-to for just about everything! Heard Zooma races are a blast–thanks for the discount code, AMR!

  380. I would take my BF Joana who is 9 months pregnant and will give birth any day now…she owes me since she got pregnant a month into our marathon training…so she left me to run the 26.2 all by myself 🙂

  381. I would take my BAMR friend Angela! She is the one who started me on my running journey! I have her to thank for all the miles I have logged since. We have not run a race together since the Chicago marathin in 2008,because her husbands job moved her away. With busy families we don’t often see each other, but when we do we always lace up the running shoes! I Would love to plan a girls running weekend get away with my BAMR friend Angela!

  382. I would take my friend Monica. She is one tough lady who once said she would NEVER do a half marathon! Now she has 3 under her belt and is looking for fun and different races to add to her race “resume.”

  383. I would take my BFF Lisa! We’ve run a few local 5ks together and would love a weekend of girl time, running, and wine!!

  384. I’d take my friend Kim who inspires me everyday with her awesome attitude and also paced me to a new PR this fall with the most enthusiasm I’ve ever seen on the hilliest course I’ve ever run 🙂

  385. I would take my BRF Jamie with me!! We have running bucket lists a mile long and have never done any of them! We always talk about doing a destination/ girls getaway event but we are too afraid to book it and leave our families behind. What an amazing time we would have, just the two of us being able to eat, sleep and talk about running the entire time!!!

  386. I’d take my sister. After a 400+ day running streak, she’s injured. This would give her something to work towards and we’d have an awesome girls weekend together! Thanks for the chance!

  387. I would LOVE to take my oldest daughter Nicole. She is a wonderful daughter, grandaughter, sister, friend, and young woman. She inspires me to run even though we live far away from each other. She is always encouraging me and supporting my crazy running habit. We have not been able to run a race together since she lives in Boston and I live in Florida. Her challenge this year is to build up to a half marathon and this would be the perfect opportunity. Pretty please!

  388. I’d choose my sister Linda. In 2006 at the sweet young age of 44 she had spinal cord surgery that was unsuccessful and hasn’t been able to take a step since. To say we were devestrated is an understatement. I started running shortly after that. When I felt that I couldn’t take another step I’d start my mantra, “If Linda could, she would.” This carried me through the rough times and served as my motivation to keep on running.

  389. I would take my best friend and running buddy aparna. She lost her mom recently and now her grandmother is battling cancer and a girls weekend would be an awesome retreat and pick me up for her.

  390. I would absolutely take my sister who is my BRF and the better half of team “Sistah, Please!” We have both been training for months for this weekend’s Houston Half. Unfortunately, she is not going to be able to run. After suffering from shin splints earlier in her training, she very recently started having neck and shoulder problems. We met up a few weekends ago to run and the morning after our run I had to take her to the ER because she was in so much pain from a pinched nerve. As an additional heaping of salt to her wounds, she was unexpectedly laid off from work two days later. She is a real sport and is going to volunteer at the race this weekend, but I woke up to a text from her that she wrote at 4am this morning telling me how sad she is that she cannot run. I totally get it. She worked so hard to train for this race. I told her that as soon as she is released from her doctor to run we could select a fun destination race to train for. I would LOVE to tell her that we won entries to Zooma and then shoot for Nappa Valley in June. That would be so FUN.

  391. I would take my sister!!! She is the reason I started running, my biggest supporter and fan. She stayed by my side as we ran the Nike Women’s 1/2 as I was 30 weeks pregnant and also always gets awesome pics of me as I cross a finish line!

  392. I would take my friend Erica who has always been so generous to me and others. She also is a terrific encouraging person to run with.

  393. I would take my friend, Shala. We both have dreams of running a half this year (my first half & her return to running half) and of becoming BRFs. Pretty sure a ZOOMA race would be the best way to secure our BRF status! 😉

  394. I would love to take my running buddy Elke! Our paths to running are so similar! We both started after turning 40, and have encouraged each other through races, injuries, and life! We have been trying to schedule 2014’s races, and a destination race would be awesome!!

  395. I would take my sister Jamie. We live in different parts of Texas but out parents live close to the Zooma Austin location. It would be an ideal place to spend some much-needed time together (while having grandma and grandpa watch the kids, of course!)

  396. Such a hard decision to choose just one running buddy! Ok, here we go. I would pick my friend Barb. She travel from Ohio to Rhode Island to run my first race with me, three years ago. In 2013, she drove to Philadelphia to run with my in my first marathon. She has a big heart and does so much for every one, usually putting herself last. I would love to share this weekend with her and doing what we love best. Running and hanging out with each other. The distance between us is many miles, but that has not stopped us from being BRB’s!

  397. I’d want to run it with my old co-worker, Jen. We haven’t worked together in what seems like eons, but we turned out a lot alike: Football moms and mother runners. We’re great at motivating each other, and ZOOMA would be a great time for us to bond and push each other!

  398. I would take my sister, Caitie, who is working really hard to improve her fitness right now. She is loads of fun to be around! I only see her once a year, so meeting at a destination race would give us an opportunity to see each other outside of the holiday season.

  399. I would take my sister-in-law. She ran her first half last year, and it would be fun to run a race together (plus encourage her to keep running.)

  400. I would take my sister Carol. she inspired be to start running in the first place, and is the hardest working person I know. she deserves the R/R, and we’d have a blast together.

  401. I would bring my friend and coworker Maria…we don’t run the same pace but we’ve planned some races together. She’s in a running slump and this would be just the motivation she needs!

  402. I would take my sister Gailyn. She is retired from the Air Force after 22 years of service. She has 4 kids, ranging in age from 24 to 13. In May 2013, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy in June. She completed chemotherapy and radiation in November 2013, while never missing a day of work. She will be turning 50 in February and this would be a great opportunity for us to get away together, celebrate her birthday and take steps forward in this next stage of her life.

  403. Wendy! She “carried” me through the last 5 miles of my fall half marathon. Now, she has a seriously ill child. I wish I could take some of the weight off her shoulders…which I can’t. But, a destination race for the 2 of us would sure boost her spirits!

  404. I would take my friend Laina, we planned to run our first half togehter a few years ago and she ended up injured and has yet to run a half. I have done 3 since and would love to pace her for her first!

  405. I would take my sister in law Amy!!! She lives about 10 hours away, so we don’t get to run together very often, but when we do, it’s spectacular!!!! She is the reason I started running, the one who gave me your book, and an all around inspiration to all she meets!

  406. I would take my sister! She’s lives very far away and I only get to see her once every year or two. It would be wonderful to spend some time together doing what we both love – running!

  407. I would ABSOLUTELY without a doubt take my BFF/BRF Jennifer Fabrizio. This year we both turn the big 40 and I would love to surprise her with an amazing running destination experience together. She was by my side during training for my first marathon and was the one that pushed me to even consider tackling the distance which seemed so daunting. We ran our first half marathon together – running has been something that has brought us even closer together as friends ion those wee morning hours. In the summer we are out there at 4:30 am just to get a run in before work or that hot Carolina sun comes up. We went to the same college, live two doors down from each other and have kids the exact same age. Through nearly 18 years, we have been there running side by side through thick and thin. Her sister was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I know this has been a hard year for her. I’d love to whisk her away to a Zooma race so she can leave it all behind if only for a weekend so we can focus on how fabulous it is to turn 40, our friendship and all the miles we still have to go together!

  408. I would take my husband. He is my best friend and the only one I run with if I’m not running alone. Several years ago we ran the ZOOMA race in Texas and he did not bat an eye when he saw he was one of only a handful of men running. He graciously accepted the cute necklace at the end of half marathon and wore it to dinner 🙂

  409. I would take anyone who wanted to run with me. I’m slow, so I always run by myself. But, I’d love to run a race with a buddy.

  410. I’d definitely take my friend Ashley! We have been friends for years. Despite all of life’s ups and downs and changes one thing has kept us bonded over the years- RUNNING! We would have a great time and enjoy kicking butt at the race!

  411. I would take my running buddy, Susan. She is an inspiration at 50 years old to keep running like she does, and she’s way fun to hangout with!!

  412. I would take my BAWRF—I just made that up, my Best Army Wife Running Friend. Erin and I had known each other since we were both stationed in Germany, but it was being stationed together in DC and taking up running together that brought us closer and made us the friends that we are today. Our running journey lasted nearly a year before Erin’s family was moved to Cali while we are still in DC. Though we would no longer be stationed together, we vowed to meet up once a year to race together. That was two years ago, and we’ve yet to make it happen. Kids (her with 4 and myself with 1) and money tend to not let that happen so easily. I would love to be reunited and do the thing that made us such great friends. Plus, we both did the Zooma 10K in Annapolis during that running year and one of us accidentally didn’t notice the turn around point and ended up doing something between a 10k and a half. Ooops! Redemption time! We’d most likely go with Austin, right smack dab in the middle of the two of us!

  413. I would take my BRF from CT. We moved from there to TX 2.5 yes ago and I miss. Running with her. A Zooma race in would be a nice weekend to share and we would get to run together again.

  414. I would take my best friend from college, Kjeldy. After more than 20 years of friendship, most of it long distance, we finally planned a half marathon/girls weekend last September at the Diva’s DC half marathon. Two days prior to the race I was diagnosed with a stress fracture and couldn’t run. We still went and had a great weekend. But Kjeldy is not a racer and was only doing it to run with me. I would LOVE to make this up to her at a Zooma race!

  415. My mom – we don’t live very close to each other and when we do visit she is always focused on the grand kids, our next meals and we never spend idle time together.

  416. I would bring my running friend Martie, she is overflowing with positive energy,! She also pushes me to go a little farther and dig a little deeper! She’s also super fun to chill with! 🙂

  417. Turning 40 this year! Along with me, my friend Trina is hitting this milestone as well. She recently started running, and her energy keeps me going! I would love to have a ladies weekend – running and enjoying the entry to our next decade together.

  418. I’d go with my so inspiring sister-in-law . She is an athlete helping others get into running to empower themselves as well as a mother of three including a disabled child with heavy needs. I’ d love to see her enjoy such a fun event for her only self!

  419. I would definitely take my sister. I was 26 weeks pregnant during my second and her first half-marathon. She is an OB/Gyn and stayed by my side the whole way even though she could have gone faster.

  420. I would take my sister from another mother! I met this awesome lady, another mother runner almost 6 years ago. We were at the park together with our young children and I was still in my running clothes. She came up to me and asked if I was a runner and that is when a truly amazing friendship started. The crazy thing is that both of us were very new to the area and didn’t know a soul. We moved there from Texas and her family from Canada. A unique friendship was logged over many miles during the early mornings training for numerous half and full marathons. We would talk and run for hours only to go home and remember that I forgot to tell her something, not sure how that can happen after a 3 hr run. Well this past summer, my family moved back to Texas. I don’t have that special friend to log miles and unload my weekly worries, issues, etc to. I dearly miss her and our runs. I would bring my best friend, sister from another mother and fellow mother runner, holly, so I know that I would have her for at least a 2 hour run to talk, laugh and cry with like old times!

  421. I would have to take my dear friend Jane who inspires me to be a better runner, mother, daughter and friend. She is super woman in every sense of the word. She inspires me to battle through my illness. Running on mornings with her is like both happy hour and therapy in the early morning hours (minus the “couch” or alcohol).

  422. If chosen, I would bring my sister-in-law and closest friend, Elizabeth. She re-introduced me to running and has always been my encouragement through it all. We live 8 hours apart and don’t get to run together, so we have been very interested in doing a destination race together! This is a great prize and thank you for the opportunity!!!

  423. My college roommate April! I got into running because of her and a group of college friends. We were supposed to run a half together but I had a baby and we had to postpone our race together.

  424. I would take my running buddy Sarah. I talked into running our first marathon together in 2012 and we’ve run several races since. We talk about everything, but most importantly she kept me sane when I went back to work after 18 months as a stay at home mom.

  425. I would take my mom and we’d head up to Cape Cod where her sister lives and make it an ultimate girls’ weekend. 🙂 I’d love it if this were the race where my mom works up the courage to go from a fitness walker to a runner!

  426. I would take my friend Katie. She just had a baby a few months ago and it would give her a chance to start running again!

  427. I honestly don’t know who I would take. It’s sad to say it don’t have anyone that is my friend that likes to run like me 🙁

  428. My dream running partner would be Swim Bike Mom Meredith. We’re about the same size and speed, and she’s hilarious. I think running with her would be a blast.
    In reality, if I won this prize, I would want to run with my friend Vicki. She’s like a big sister to me and she’s been a great influence and mentor for me.

  429. I would bring my BRF Di. We have been friends for over 20 years, yet just began running 3 years ago. We ran our first 5k together, our first 10k, and our first half marathon together. We can’t wait to do it again!

  430. I would take my friend Kathryn. I helped deliver her daughter and she paced me at my first 100k race this fall. We are the definition of bada$$ mother runners.

  431. No doubt about it: I would take my BRF Liz. A race isn’t fun without her! Of course, we would dress alike in matching sparkle-skirt themed outfits 🙂

  432. I would take my BRF/BFF Susie Bunton. We have trained and ran together for over 4 years 4-5 days/wk and this past year with both of our new work schedules it been really tough to even get one day a week in together . This race would definately help us stay on track and motivated to keep on our goals and evertying we have trained so hard for!

  433. I’d take my BRF Sarah! We’ve been friends for about 4 years now, but now since we started to lace up together, we are totally best friends and I truly look at her as being my “sole sister”! Our Saturday runs help me get through my crazy weeks as being a stay at home mom and I love our chat sessions when we are out – no topic is ever off the table! There is no real competition between us so running together, whether it be Saturday/Sunday runs or races are always enjoyable and nonjudgmental.

  434. My mom for sure! She is the only other person I know of who would think the only thing better than being at a fancy resort is getting to run a half marathon while there too 🙂

  435. I would love to do a ZOOMA race with my BRF, Janeen. We have been running and training together since October 2010. Right now we are having tons of fun mapping out our races for the year. As I am knocking on the door of 45 and a new age group, she is 100% supporting my goal of my own full 26.2 this fall. Our combined 5 kids range from kindergarten to a senior in high school so we have much to talk about. Cape Cod and Chicago are both within driving distance but Napa, ohhhh, Napa!

  436. I would love to take my BRB Jennie!! She got me into running and which has changed my life in a way words cannot express. I adore her so!!!!

  437. My friend Kelly, injuries and schedules have worked to keep us from running together – but this is the year we overcome them (as soon as I am done with this round of PT – sigh)

  438. I would take my running buddy, Sara, with me! She has been such a huge encouraging force behind my running. I just met her a year ago but I feel like she and I have known each other forever!

  439. I would definitely take my brf, my MOMMY!! She is the reason I run and I would HAVE to take her to Chicago since it is right before her 50th birthday!!

  440. Ooo! I’d choose cape cod and take my sister in law with me–she loves on Martha’s Vineyard so it would be a fabulous trip for us! Thank you!

  441. I would love to take a dear friend who is out of the counttry with her family and who runs waaayyy faster than I do and I’d like to pluck her in my pocket so we could just talk the entire length of the race, uniterrupted by distance, kids, life….

  442. What a great giveaway! I would bring my BRF, Nikki, who is always up for a fun, gossipy run of any distance and on any terrain.

  443. Ooooh – I would take my sister Stacie and my two best running friends Christy and Nicole! You were probably looking for one person, but if I’m going to dream I might as well dream big, right? I can just imagine the fantastic time we’d have!

  444. I would take my sole sister, Ginger, who has been by my side throughout my running journey. We started this lifestyle change about 3 years ago and haven’t stop running since. She doesn’t go far from home for a run so this would be a great opportunity for her to “see the world”.