Hump Day Giveaway: Two TriggerPoint Cold Rollers

Pretty much sums up how I'm currently approaching my four weekly dates with the road.
Pretty much sums up how I'm currently approaching my four weekly dates with the road.

Right now, I'm not training for anything other than life. My next race--ZOOMA Napa Valley Half-Marathon--is nearly three months away, and my next go-big-or-go-home event (Victoria Marathon) is more than half a year in the future. Doesn't mean I'm sleeping in or kicking back: I still run four days a week and strength train Tuesdays and Thursdays. While these workouts are laying the groundwork for my on-the-distant-horizon races, times like these remind me sweat sessions aren't always about miles.

It's the act of running, of clearing your head, of stretching your legs, of enjoying the quiet (or the conversation). It's the ritual that keeps us sane and smiling.

And it's crucial to maintain that ritual, those workouts, those runs in your life; they need protecting. That's why prehab and rehab are so vital. "Prehab" is taking care of your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints before injury sets in. It means your commitment to running doesn't stop when you step off the treadmill or walk back into your house. You need to carve out a few minutes--either right after your workout or maybe while watching (aptly titled) "Survivor"--to roll and release your hard-working bod.

Yes, it's a *man* demo'ing the TriggerPoint Cold Roller, but this shot is a whole lot easier on the eyes than a close-up of me using it. Trust me.
Yes, it's a *man* demo'ing the TriggerPoint Cold Roller, but this shot is a whole lot easier on the eyes than a close-up of me using it. Trust me.

Not going to lie: I talk the talk (or, more acurately, type the type), but I don't always walk the walk. Oft-injury-prone Dimity is much better at this self-care prehab than I am. Dear Dim has been sidelined enough times to acutely know an injury doesn't just hurt your running--it hurts all aspects of your life. But I'm vowing here and now to start prehab'ing.

I was motivated while filming this video with mother runner Cyndie--her quest to overcome plantar fasciitis using TriggerPoint Performance Therapy's Ultimate 6 Kit reminded me of the one time I've had to watch from the sidelines instead of being in the running game. I shudder to remember the pain in the heel--and in my heart--when I couldn't get my run on. And when I'm being honest with myself, I admit that my calves are often tender to the touch.

Who doesn't love a nice cold one--a TriggerPoint Cold Roller, that is--after a run?
Who doesn't love a nice cold one--a TriggerPoint Cold Roller, that is--after a run?

I need to make a daily date with a TriggerPoint Cold Roller. This relatively new tool is, pardon the pun, incredibly cool. After storing the stainless steel Cold Roller in the freezer, you place it under trouble spots--for me, my calves, but it might be your quads, feet, or IT band--then you move back and forth across it, allowing the motion + the cold to release muscles. Best of all, IMHO: Thanks to cold provided by the gel core, releasing muscles with the Cold Roller takes less time than other roller-type devices. To me, this chill approach to prehab'ing is the perfect introduction to self-care.

Today's Hump Day Giveaway is for two TriggerPoint Cold Rollers. To enter, tell us in the Comments section below this post on our website: Which body part do you most need to prehab? Is your IT Band your "it" location? Or maybe your hips are whining, or are your glutes grabbing your attention? Just tell us what part of your physique needs some special attention to sidestep injury, and you could be one of two gals to win a cool Cold Roller.

Sleek, simple, effective: TriggerPoint Performance Therapy Cold Roller
Sleek, simple, effective: TriggerPoint Performance Therapy Cold Roller

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. It begins on 4/2/14 and ends on 4/8/14; the winner will be announced on 4/12/14. One entry per person. The value of each prize is roughly $79.99. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. 

602 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Two TriggerPoint Cold Rollers

  1. My right hip is especially whiny. Bought sage roundtree’s yoga DVD and have a roller but cross training is definitely where I slack off.

  2. My left butt. HAHA, I just said butt! Ok, I have a 7 year old boy and any sentence with butt in it is hilarious. But really, my left butt and hamstring currently give the most trouble and if I don’t roll daily, I pay on the run the next day.

  3. My hamstrings need the most attention. I had an injury in the past and that always seems to be super sore when I push myself.

  4. Definitely, both my hamstrings….other parts of me may feel tired and sore here and there, but those pesky hamstrings are ALWAYS talking to me!!!

  5. Hips – if I don’t pay at least a little prehab attention to them, my IT Band or Right Hamstring flares up.

  6. My hips! But I have many other body parts that cry out on a not so regular basis that could definitely benefit too!

  7. My hips. Definitely. Bursitis + training primarily on a treadmill with only incline (no decline) means that when I finally get to run outside (Saturdays) and subsequently DOWNhill, my hips scream.

  8. PF, PF, PF…to infinity and now just to make life really interesting my body decided to throw in the curve of my left quad going ‘dead’. Hmmph! Maybe they make something for mental trigger points? I could use those too.

  9. Ah…..I would love to have this! I have seen you guys showcase many amazing things, and I’ve entered to win for quite a few….but this, this would be wonderful! I have problems with my IT band from a few years ago, it sidelined me for almost 6 months! Now I have a tight arch, an achy calf, and a whiny hamstring, all in the same leg that suffered from the IT issues! My right leg just can’t catch a break! Please, please pick me!

  10. First I would use them on my glutes they are both super tight. Then I will use them on my feet for my mild planar fasciitis.

  11. I would definitely use this on my butt! Sometimes after a run just sitting on the cold curb feels wonderful. And my feet would welcome it, too, as they always need some TLC .

  12. My both my ankles demand attention like a cranky two-year-old. If I don’t warm them up properly, they scream at me.

  13. The whole left side of my body! no really, the pirformis is a real pain in the butt (pun intended) and I swear it causes my Achilles pain and shin issues too!!

  14. My “it” Band is the beast that keeps me down. I’ve never used a roller before but that might be why at 34 years old I look like a 84 year old hobbling down the halls at work after a long run. I need your help Cold Roller.

  15. As my miles increase, so do the issues with my IT band. I’m trying really hard to stay on top of it by rolling every day, preferably twice a day. I know – easier said than done!

  16. Right now my ABS and CORE hands down! I’m pregnant with #3 and found out after #2 my core was pretty much non-existent. So I need to start working on building it back up the day I deliver this little guy so I can be back ready to run at my 6-8 week check up!

  17. My hip flexors and my piraformis (to help with sciatic pain) need a lot of extra love especially now that I am six months pregnant!

  18. My calves and my glutes are my trigger culprits. I bet this would feel absolutely amazing in the bottom of the feet though!

  19. My right PF….which is really my calf…..which is really my tight hammy….which is really~ you get the idea 🙁

  20. I have two…my IT band gets rolled nearly every day and I often roll my feet as well for PF pain. I would love to try these rollers out!

  21. My hips – in the front just at the top of the quad. I have a wad of muscle (can you call it that?) that bunches up Then I have to lie on foam rollers and tennis balls screaming obscenities to release it. Or I skip doing so and pay the price the next time.

  22. My Butt! Even when I get massages Im too embarrased to say- Um could you please massage my butt. I guess its up to me.

  23. I’m so very grateful for your website, all the practical information and the hump day give-aways!! My CALVES would benefit most from this treasured trigger point treat!!!

  24. My IT band and left calf give me trouble. I’d be willing (maybe) to share with my hubby, who has an achy hip right now.

  25. Oh! There is a very special spot in my right glute area that massage therapists NEVER get adequately. What part of “jam your elbow into my butt” do you NOT GET?

  26. My foot and calves. I am fighting plantar fasciitis at the moment. I am getting active release therapy once a week and taking it slow. But, it’s a long road between 12 hour work shifts as a critical care nurse and triathlon training. This would be awesome!

  27. being 50+ i feel blessed I can run! My knee sometimes puts me out and I had a bout with hip/glutes. I don’t like being down….

  28. I don’t even know what it’s called! That rock-hard muscle right next to the shins. Can’t ever seems to get it loosened up.

  29. I am rolling my foot out as I surf this website and type this so clearly that might be it. After coming back from a broken heel I am especially careful with managing any possible issues in my feet. But I have been spending more time on my glutes lately as preventative care too!

  30. My sciatica/butt muscles/hip…. Yoga helps, but I really have to do some crazy stuff to properly stretch out my posterior. 🙂

  31. I wish I only needed it for one location. In current order of priority, I would say ITB, gluts, calves, and hip flexors. Remind me again why I run. Oh yeah, because I love it.

  32. IT band and calfs! I don’t give either enough attention but a multitasker would definitely help fix that when there’s a time crunch.

  33. Definitely my IT band! Even before having a baby, my left hip always gave me fits – postpartum IT is even more irritable – but I refuse to give up on running, which equates to lots of foam rolling before and after.

  34. Bursitis in my hip has me sidelined right before race season begins. Bad timing! Would love to use this for some good rolling therapy!

  35. What a great idea! I would have loved this when I was in PT for plantar fascitis. I bet it would be great for prevention of re-injuries.

  36. Ugh – I need to prehab everything! Right now, I am paying special attention to my feet b/c I am having minor issues with neuroma and my left foot is acting like plantar fascitis … 🙁

  37. I have this nagging pain that extends from my left backside cheek to my knee. It doesnt hurt while running but aches later. Cold might do it some good!

  38. My lower back recently has been giving me a lot of trouble…think the culprit is a ill-fitting chair at work. 🙁 Typically my sore running spot/injury is managing PF in both feet. Need to pay attention to keeping the feet rolled out and calves loose.

  39. Honestly? It’s the area right under my butt on the right side, like at the very top of my hamstring. It’s always tight and always needs TLC.

  40. I think my one area would be my calves…prone to shin splits I usually take extra care of this area and these rollers would be a welcome addition!

  41. My calves!! I dislocated my ankle and broke my tibia and fibula four years ago and if I’m not careful with a warm up and running form it starts bothering me.

  42. Both IT Bands need attention. Both arches need rolled. I try to roll them all everyday. It really helps reduce problems.

  43. I’ll join the crowd and chime in with my left hip and really both my hamstrings, though the left side more than the right. It begs the question — what am I doing wrong with my left side…hmmmm.

  44. My left hip and glute, which flares up more than my right side because of my minor scoliosis. I wish I could rewind time and learn how to correct imbalances earlier in life!

  45. My hips and gluetus maximus, especially after those long runs where you have to chase children up and down stairs!

  46. I’m always working my feet. Right now I use a wooden dowel to work out tightness in plantar. Stretching and rolling out IT band is a must as well!

  47. Oh, dear, sweet calves and hamstrings. NOTHING like a calf cramping for no apparent reason, and hamstrings that sing e v e r y time I drop something. EVERY time! And don’t get me started on IT bands. Please please please?????

  48. AFter 2 c-sections, I have to say my lower abs! The lingering weakness there contributes to that ache in my lower back on my longer runs. Now if only I would listen to my own advise and do a plank every day (I am a PT lol!)

  49. Always my right hip, followed after the next run by my right hamstring and then really my right everything.

  50. I always thought that those muscular–looking calves like the ones that you see on bikers were a good thing…until I started running. Not so. You want soft pliable calves. That’s where the roller comes in…or a good massage therapist.

  51. Ok, this is brilliant! While recovering from a calf injury last year I found usual recovery tools I had weren’t doing the trick. I finally started using the wooden rolling pin I had in my kitchen. Definitely an improvement. I started to think I needed to buy a marble rolling pin and keep it in the freezer. Now I come across this and see someone else had a similar thought. As I continue to battle tight calves I can see this would be a great tool!!

  52. For me it is my hips. Right side is worse so I pay special attention to to stretching out and not overdoing it

  53. Oh my! It is as if you read my mind ! I need one of these… Calves and the whole back of my leg!!!! Ouch! Totally need to start rolling and see how my running improves! <3

  54. Definitely my butt……specifically my periformis. Although sometimes my calves win out. But than again, my quads love the attention. Opps what about my back. Ahhhhhh…… rolling out my spine. Lets just say I am happy to just be on my foam roller…….my new best friend every night.

  55. The entire left side of my body! It started with my back from long hours slouched to the side on conference calls. It’s progressed into my glute, quad and hip. Time to release and work on fixing my posture!

  56. Sing with me….”The knee bone’s connected to the, hip bone. The hip bone’s connected to the, back bone…”
    Or this one…”All of me. Why not take all of me? Can’t you see, I’m a mess, without you?”
    In other words, my hamstring, my glutes, my quads. : )

  57. My right knee seems to be starting to whine just a bit – the doctor in me has diagnosed and early patellar tendonitis. Hoping I can calm it down quickly and easily!!

  58. Definitely my IT bands. They tend to get super tight and bunched up. That in turn causes me knee pain because of the added strain from the IT band pulling. I try to use my foam roller regularly, but struggle the most with using it on my IT bands.

  59. I have had an ongoing battle with plantar fascitis and patella femoral pain syndrome. I am currently using a tennis ball or frozen water ball bottle for the PF and researching foam rollers for the IT band. This would be very much appreciated!

  60. My left hip and right heel are in need of some tlc (training for my first half in May, and my body is rebelling!). 🙁

  61. Oh how I wish I had prehabbed. Maybe now I wouldn’t be sidelined. I haven’t run for 8 weeks…I haven’t hurt anyone yet. I had a hip Xray yesterday that didn’t show anything. Next week I head to the sports medicine doc for a potential MRI and cortisone injection. I PROMISE to take better care of my IT band/hip flexors/glutes/hamstrings.

  62. I seem to grapple on and off with a systemic right side weakness (odd, since I’m right handed). Sometimes it’s the sciatic/piriformis area, sometimes the IT band/peroneus longus (same area but below the knee joint), and then there’s my right foot, whose lovely features include a Morton’s neuroma on my middle toe and a predisposition to fallen arches and metatarsal pain. All my sport-related aches/pains/injuries throughout my life have always impacted my right side first and worst, so I can use any and all prehab help to stay in balance and injury free!

  63. i was lucky- one of those few people who went relatively ache and injury free for years while running…and now…that’s all down the drain! i’m preggars, and since adding a bun to the oven EVERYTHING needs extra attention after a run. it’s a little nutty to go from just doing minimal amounts after a run to having to set aside a CHUNK of time to nurture my hips, quads, hammies- you name it, they need lovin’ post run. i’d blame the baby, but that seems a bit harsh! instead, i’ll just hope that it’s my turn to win one of the hump day giveaways, and that i’ll soon be putting the cold roller to GOOD use!

  64. My ‘hammies’ get so tight! They’re especially tight after Sundays first race of the season. Looking to a ‘fun’-filled season of rolling out all of the ailments associated with triathlon training!

  65. How does Shakira put it? The hips don’t lie….
    IT band issues are causing me to have a constant hip ache.
    My very own Triggerpoint Cold Roller would be sweet!

  66. My hip flexors and hamstrings have to be stretched regularly. If I keep up with it, I stay injury free. But if not, I start to feel that nagging ache in my feet…

  67. My left hip has been whining at me for the past few weeks. This is such a clever idea! Way more high tech than a frozen water bottle 🙂

  68. I’m 8 weeks into a 12 week strength training, cardio program that culminates in a photo shoot, and hopefully finally breaking the 2:00 hour half marathon barrier, but my right leg – calf, IT, and hammie are not cooperating. They need special attention, attention the Trigger Point Cold Roller might be able to provide. What a great invention!

  69. My tight calves could definitely use the help of a TriggerPoint cold roller! The tightness there seems to be related to the other little issues that pop up for me… Tight/sore arches, tendon issues in my feet, pain in the knee… It’s all connected and I’m FEELING it as I up my mileage!

  70. iT band! I had serious issues last year and did PT for 2 months! Now I form roll before and after running, and usually also do it on odd days! My IT band would live this!

  71. My heels! I actually managed to fracture a heel spur a couple of years ago. Ironically it’s now my other heel that is giving me the most trouble

  72. training for my first half and my calves are so tight my feet hurts and I think I’m getting pf. but this Saturday I will be running 11 whole miles the longest I’ve ever ran. April 26 here I come.

  73. My calves. I’m sure they were the culprits behind the plantar fasciitis that is finally settling. Gotta keep it away.

  74. As I am reading this post I just finished rolling my plantar fasciitis inflicted foot on a golf ball followed by a frozen water bottle. I just can’t seem to get rid of this PF – this would be perfect to treat current injury and hopefully prevent in the future!

  75. What a genius idea! For me, it is usually my right IT band, but lately my left calf and plantar has been acting up too. Trying to get everything back under control after just finishing marathon training.

  76. Unfortunately, I need this baby to cover a lot of territory. It began with the it band but the past month or so, I could use it for my plantar facititis. Then my knee locked up the last couple days. No lie! In the words of my massage therapist and chiropractor, they both said “what happened to you, Sharon? I would be most grateful for this delightful , cool roller.

  77. While training for my first marathon this past year I was introduced to my IT band. We have never had the pleasure of a proper introduction until after my marathon. I spent the next month rolling on a foam roller 2-3 times a day until I could run again(practically in tears!) This year I am taking prehabing much more seriously. I have lofty goals for another tri this summer & a marathon or longer trail run this fall. Im doing my best to keep the conversation between my knees and my IT band kind, and not nippicky… like my kids!

  78. defiantly IT band…. all the way to the hip! That thing about killed my training for my first marathon last October!

  79. My right glute and left calf seem to be permanently attached to my foam roller- a cold roll might be just what I need!

  80. Calves, feet and cranky IT band are begging for this! Please, I am desperate. My 11 year old daughter (runner/martial artist) has stolen my foam roller and my Stick. My husband hogs the ice packs. This looks amazing!

  81. My right IT band is my trigger point. 🙁 On increased mileage days… I find myself dreaming of having my IT bands surgically replaced. (doubt they do that but a girl can dream).

  82. My IT Band is screaming out for this. I’ve been on the disabled list for the last three months since I ran my first half. I finally had an MRI today. Hoping that this could help get me over the hump. I can’t seem to get over two miles without pain.

  83. I have been having issues with two main areas. I am having crippling sciatic pain along with nagging Plantar Faciitis in my left foot. I could really benefit from this tool!! I must try!!

  84. My pain starts at the top of my hip on the right side and goes down my leg, to the inside of my calf. It’s not my IT band, but some other nerve. I think I spend more time rolling than I do actually running. Would love to try this roller instead.

  85. Always on my right side, my hip, my glute, quad, hamstring. I’d love to figure out what I’m doing to make the pain so one sided! I’d love to feel that ice cold roller on my right hammy right now!

  86. My trigger point is the area at the top of my hamstrings and just below my glutes. Some days I feel the pain each step of my run. Hint hint I know.

  87. WOW! I’ve never seen these before and they look awesome. I’d love to use these on my feet. Plantar fascia is my nemesis. I worry that it is just waiting to flare up and force me off my game. Icing and rolling at the same time??? Brilliant!

  88. 3 months postpartum and my hips are still out of whack! My whole left side needs help. My hamstring is causing the most trouble this week!

  89. Right it band, which decided to act up less than two weeks before my local half marathon. I’m stretching and massaging, but this thing is cranky!!

  90. My IT Band right above the knee on the left (of course – gutter side of the road). Always aches after a long run. I don’t always remember (but should) to roll it out!

  91. hips and glutes! this cold roller makes me shudder – it would NOT be my favorite part of the day, i’m sure – but I know I could sure use it!!

  92. Since the birth of my twins 3 years ago I’ve been dealing with sore hips. Seems to be connected to pelvis issues. Self care including effective “prehab” is key to my goal of life balance and my first half marathon in June!

  93. Achilles has had me sidelined since September! In 16 years of running I have never been off more than 3 weeks (not even after having babies!) Recouping from surgery since 2/3 and could sure use this as I slowly return to running in the next few weeks/months!

  94. I have IT problems which cause very sore knees. I roll often and ice as well. To do both at once would be so wonderful. I am doing the Triple Crown with the Pikes Peak Ascent as the last race this Summer. A cold roller after the many uphill training runs would so beneficial.

  95. My calves! They are sooooo tight, and I am fighting a mild case of plantar fasciitis in both feet. This would be PERFECT!!

  96. My right glute/hip/hip flexor is totally in need of REHAB!! Those cold rollers would be a god send! I just ran my first 5k 3 weeks ago, I was just going to start the Train like a Mother “Finish It 10k training plan”, and now I’m icing and stretching and trying to get back to where I want to be….pushing my 4yr old in the jogging stroller, huffing, puffing and loving it! Running!!!!

  97. Definitely my IT bands!! Problems with it in past and always very tight. I am not the best at rolling them out but know that they would like me better if I did!! Never heard of the term prehab but I love it!!

  98. I have ongoing IT band issues and also whatever is on the side of the calf. Also battling a bit of plantar on the right foot. Blah! I sound like I’m falling apart.

  99. My newest issue is plantar fasciitis. Before that was my IT Band. I’m learning to pay more attention to my calves and tight hamstrings.

  100. Oh my, I have so many cranky body parts, but I would have to say my calves are most in need of attention at the moment. These cold rollers would feel fabulous on achy muscles!

  101. I’m constantly battling tendinitis in both my foot and my knee, so I usually work on my calves, and sometimes add in my quads and hamstrings, too!

  102. My calves could use some care. I’ve never used a roller and since I will be training for my first marathon this summer, I really need to get with the program!

  103. My calves are getting the most attention from me currently. After running my first 29 km last weekend my trigger point was my feet my burning toes would love this cool roller

  104. I’ve been increasing my mileage to get ready for a half marathon in June – this cold roller could be my new best friend!

  105. My tight calves always need extra love. Foam rolling doesn’t quite deep enough so I use a lacrosse ball, but a cold roller would be even better!

  106. Definitely my glutes, hips and hammies! Just recently released from physical therapy for help with pereformis syndrome so I definitely need to take care of it so I don’t end up back there!

  107. My glutes, but (pardon the pun!) I’ve definitely been giving them more attention lately thanks to a stepped-up weight-training regimen.

  108. Definitely my IT band. I’ve taken a couple months off long runs because of it and I feel like I can barely run a 5 k now .(sigh)

  109. After three foot surgeries two years ago from which my feet never fully recovered, my feet are in particular need of these cool tools!

  110. This may or may not have anything to do with my running, but my neck/shoulder area is so tender. I think I tweaked something while attempting pilates.

  111. Currently nursing a sore lower glute. Trying to “run easy” is not easy. Learning the hard way the absolute importance of stretching and rolling post workout. My running family could put this cold roller to immediate use!

  112. This may be odd from a runner but my shoulder. I know it’s a few volleyball serves away from tearing that rotator cuff. 14+ years of softball, 10 years+ of volleyball. Ouch. It mildly hurts daily.

  113. Been babying a bum knee since last July, plantar fascitis since last fall, and really sore calves since running the miles for AMR 1/2 marathon challenge!

  114. I like to give my shins extra attention. I had shin splits when I started running (overtraining) and I noticed them “talking” a little when it was time for a new pair of shoes. So as my distances are increasing, I like to baby them a little. 🙂

  115. I doubt it is meant for necks and shoulders, but that is the part of me prone to injury and the most achy. After that, glutes for sure.

  116. My glutes need love and prehap. Well, particularly my left glute. I am convinced I have scar tissue in there from an injury years ago and it just needs constant love and devotion.

  117. I’ve been sidelined with a patella malt reaction for 5 weeks now..I could use this on my hips, IT band and tight bottom..and that’s not the good type of tight!

  118. Definitely my IT band. And possibly my Achilles if there is a way to roll that out. I was supposed to run my first 10K this past weekend, and had to sit it out thanks to injuries. I was seriously bummed, but I’m trying to stay focused on longer-term running goals, and I know it was the right decision.

  119. My poor IT bands! I neglected them when running in high school and which eventually led me to a meniscus injury. I’d go gaga for this!

  120. Oooh, this looks amazing! I could definitely use this cold roller on my left ankle and calf to help with inflammation and tendinitis. I also love to roll out my neck and shoulder, which are consistently tight – run or not!

  121. I’ve been on the sidelines with Achilles tendinitis since about 2 weeks after my first marathon. So frustrating to go from high mileage to no mileage!

  122. My IT bands for sure! My training takes the stick to me, and if I don’t keep up with it at home, it’s TORTURE when he does it! Please help me!

  123. I am reading this while rolling my foot with a frozen water bottle. Been having pain in my rt heal!! If I don’t win this I will be buying one for sure.

  124. Definitely my hips – recurring issues with stress reactions on both sides (and I’m not exactly running a whole lot!). This roller would be perfect!


  126. Right now my Achilles needs some tender loving care. I have a marathon is two weeks and feel like I have only been able to rest it.

  127. I seriously need to roll out my calves. I think I am on the road to PF after watching that video last week. Must prevent!

  128. This couldn’t come at a better time! I’m currently dealing with a left calf strain/tear/achilles issue and it’s very discouraging. I’m rolling, I’m stick-ing, I’m stretching, but alas, the results are slow. I’m usually injury-free, but this latest setback, a mere days before my 10-mile race, has opened this 40+ mother runner’s eyes to the importance of pre-hab! (and probably strength training, too, as soon as the race is over)

  129. This is perfect timing. I am training for a Half and with the Strava group. I was running with my BRF on Sunday and at mile 6 my IT band flared! Nooooo!!! We were almost to her house, so I stopped and did some foam rollin’. I have taken some running days off. I have NEVER had this problem. 🙁 So my husband is off to buy a foam roller, as I don’t own one. This seems so awesome and I would definitely use it as I do NOT want an IT band problem.

  130. Would LOVE to use this on my right IT and glute – still struggling with a right-side lower back injury that began with a glute that just won’t roll out. 🙂

  131. It all starts with my knees and IT bands, but since I dont take care of them like I should, the issues cascade down my legs. I’ve recently gotten tired of rehabbing the cascading issues and am trying to do better with “prehabbing.” I’m ready for running to get back to being more enjoyable than painful! 🙂

  132. My butt! I didn’t know that the piriformis muscle even existed, but now I get a reminder every time I run. I’ve been alternatively ignoring it and stretching it, but I bet adding the cold roller to my routine would help!

  133. I would use that on my left IT band and my left hip flexor… right now I am trying with all my might to rehab by rolling out at least one time a day…but it hurts so bad…or good- I feel like it’s like a labor contraction- makes me sweat and i have to take deep, cleansing breaths… ahhhh. the joys of running with an “older” body.

  134. My spots are lower back, hips, and adductors. I am healing from an adductor injury and once it is healed I am committing to prehab!

  135. I too have a pesky right calf. Im getting much, much better in the rolling department and have seen a big difference. Would love to try the ice roller, especially after a hot, steamy, summer run in Florida!

  136. IT band has been an issue, but after years of sitting at a computer, I can use prehab and rehab just about *everywhere*!

  137. My IT band is definitely my “it” location. Seems like when my IT band flares up, the rest of my leg is off as well. It’s probably time to replace the wooden rolling pin that I’ve been using for the past 4 years of my running ‘career’

  138. I’ve been dealing with sciatic nerve pain and very tight glutes. I would love this roller to roll out my pain!

  139. This is a cool looking tool. I use frozen vegetable medley with a roller to attempt to alleviate lower back/hip/piriformis issues as well as a tennis ball, though a few people have told me I should try a lax ball to really get a spot I cannot quite seem to hit. This is much more high tech and probably much more effective than frozen veggies. After a few close calls with injuries in the last few months I am recommitted to prehab. I notice a big difference when I am consistent about it.

  140. For me it’s that dreaded plantar fasciitis. I was out for months but with new orthotics I can at least do some running, not the distance I was doing before it sidelined me. I have a foam roller I use but it is a little big and cumbersome to use on my calves. This looks like it might be the perfect thing for me to use to kick this thing to the curb!

  141. Hamstring – been out of the running game for almost a month now trying to rehab 🙁 Also, the ongoing, albeit off and on, PF.

  142. My hips/glutes. I’m 31 weeks pregnant and still trying to get some barre classes and dog/stroller walks in with my 3-year old, but my hips have been complaining with the little Pecan growing inside! I’m determined to stay active again on this second go-around of baby gestating, but it’s harder this time with some sciatic pain and the fact that I wasn’t a runner the first time (not running right now is killing me! I was able to run up until a few months ago).

  143. Wow. It’s like this post had a big sign on it that said “Misty Read This”. I quit my job in September and decided that running in the morning after drop off was going to be what I did. I was doing great for two months until a nagging case of plantar fasciitis hit in early November. I’ve been going to physical therapy since late February. After some improvement I had finally gotten the OK to run outside (OMG yes yes yes!!!) so I went for a run on Monday from my house. I ran 2.22 miles in 39 minutes so when you do the math you can see that I was seriously slow and I took walk breaks. The PF came screaming back. I had PT this morning and when they asked how I was doing I burst into tears. I feel bad for the poor guys that were working with me. So I’ve got 2 more weeks of PT visits scheduled until they are going to “see about sending you somewhere else”. My fear is that the “somewhere else” is the operating room. 🙁 This looks like the kind of tool I could use to impact my injury. Please consider me.

  144. My butt-thigh needs attention! The spot where my butt turns into my thigh (unfortunatly it’s not obvous to the naked eye that it is actually two seperate body parts!) is REALLY hard to get with a foam roller! And I try to use a tennis ball but there is just enough flesh in that area that the ball just disappears and doesn’t really dig in. Every now and then I hit the spot JUST RIGHT and it HURTS SOOOO GOOOOOD!! I would LOVE to try this cold roller!!

  145. Just came off an upper achilles strain for which some very painful trigger point rolling was done to help me recover. That should be my clue that some maintenance on the ‘ol bod would be a good thing. I used a Bath and Body Works massager that looks like a hand. Not exactly the prescribed roller! This roller would do the trick there and other places!

  146. My left calf was squawking when I was picking up mileage for an Oct 2013 half marathon. Now that I am easing back into running after a completely UN-running related foot fracture, I want to play close attention and fix the calf issues before they have a chance to chatter again.

  147. I have PF issues, so I watched Cyndie’s video like a football player at a Monday morning playback! My haphazard prehab routine needs to get serious with the races — and goals! — I have looming in the future.

    Last year, as I trained for NWM SF, I had some minor peroneal tendon issues in one leg/foot that then triggered major tibial tendonitis in the other due to overcompensating. Being injured and watching [what seems like] every other human run around town while you’re stuck in the car or on the couch is the WORST!

    PS: This would be a great addition to my own TriggerPoint arsenal! I have only the leg/foot combo, which made me weep with envy at Cyndie’s larger roller.

  148. My pain is on the outside of my hip/pelvis (the TFL muscle) and the only thing that works to release that pain is rolling the glutes (which makes me think the base problem lies in the glute region). I roll with a tennis ball and foam roller, but it’s not a perfect solution. I wonder if this would help!

  149. There isn’t enough space to list all the 70 year old body parts that need help after my sixth half-marathon two weeks ago. This “cool” device would be a wonderful belated birthday present.

  150. Normally, my IT band requires extra attention. Currently, in my third pregnancy, my feet have been sore and so I have been rolling those with one of my kids large hard rubber bouncy balls.

  151. I have all the typical “runner’s knee” issues. So all parts of my legs need work. But I feel the most benefit from foam rolling my hamstrings. I would love to try this cold roller. Too bad there isn’t a tool to help with my 32 week pregnant belly ligament stretching pains. Running is getting so hard!!

  152. This is something that I unfortunately know too much about!! I have been sidelined and into PT twice for piriformis syndrome, which is a fancy name for a pain in the ass! My hammy also suffers and both injuries are only to one side of my body–weird! The foam roller is no match for my tight muscles, so I use a giant massage wand from Brookstone and get way to frequent massages to prevent going to more PT. Sucks to be 46 and training for my first half and signed up for the MCM!

  153. My right hip is really bugging me right now as are my shin splints, particularly in my right leg. As I’m running a marathon on Sunday, I’m really hoping these issues can ease up, at least for one day. I’d really appreciate winning this so that I can try to prevent these issues in the future. Thanks!!

  154. My glutes and calves are in desperate need of some attention after running my second half this weekend. Race day was very windy and the first few miles were downhill which had my running posture a little off. I’m just now feeling somewhat back to normal after a light jog and walk yesterday. I’ve been looking at foam rollers or other devices to help me because my glutes, calves and hips do cry out for some prehab love. I would love to give this a try!

  155. I have to pay special attention to cross-training and strengthening quads, hamstrings, glutes and core to ensure that I run strong and avoid overtaxing my tender foot . . . . I have a tendency to roll my ankle and I have endured a stress-fracture that sidelined me for well over 6 months 🙁 so, having been benched for that long from all activity, I now know the importance of balance and pay special attention to cross-training and strengthening to ensure that I’m not sidelined again!!

  156. De feet! Working through on again off again plantar fasciitis- I am doing more strength training to try and address muscle imbalances- so, really I am rolling right along on all parts of my legs and watching videos to see if I am doing it correctly.

  157. Tight hamstrings are my biggest problem … but they end up affecting my calves, and ultimately, my feet. My whole lower body benefits from rolling, but I’m not very consistent unless I’m marathon-training.

  158. Plantar fasciitis took me out at mile 15 of the Santa Barbara marathon in November and I’m still struggling with it. My tight calves are certainly not helping anything. I have a half marathon in July (fueled by fine wine) and would love to have a new approach to tp massage!

  159. These days, where the quad connects to the knees. I have an inflamed quad tendon from doing too many isolations in spin class. And also, I’m just getting old.

  160. I’m currently in week two of half marathon training and my old marathon injury from 3 years ago is back. It’s not IT band, it’s not hips, but I have a bruise starting on my outer thigh. It worries me that it’s already an issue… so I need to figure out what it is and why it’s happening, PRONTO, so I can have the race of my dreams. 🙂

  161. Since getting a pelvic stress fracture last Dec while training & running a marathon, it’s definitely my right hip/groin area that needs some TLC!

  162. Without a doubt it’s my lower back. I have degenerative disc disease and it’s constant pain if I don’t give it the proper attention.

  163. I am plagued by chronic shin splints and plantar fasciitis due to some uncorrectable gait issues. It’s a constant, but necessary, struggle to make sure that I adequately stretch/roll my calves and posterior and anterior tibial areas.

  164. My hamstring sing to my on a regular basis. Just a reminder to take the time and roll it out or I will regret it later. With that and my high arches I have learned the importance of rolling .

  165. IT band, all the way! Thankfully, SBS’s friend Ali Novak (certified athletic training in PDX) has helped tremendously!

  166. My calves are rock hard and always screaming to be rolled. My favorite part of a pedicure is the calf massage!

  167. My right hip seems to say HELLO when I start my run and then the knees kick in and I forget about my hip! Cold Roller might look better in the freezer than the frozen water bottle!

  168. I’ve learned the hard way that I have to roll my IT band and hips in order to stay injury-free, but my head is the body part that needs the most prehab. Mentally forcing myself to get out the door (“Just go!” to quote my favorite Runner Mothers) is the hardest part for me.

  169. After dealing with plantar fasciitis several years ago, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t stop and do calf stretches that were prescribed to me by my orthopedist several times a day. It’s usually the first thing I do in the morning, and the last before I go to bed.

  170. Oh my SOLEOUS! {sing it, and it’s not so bad:P}
    That muscle up the inner side of my shin. It’s hard to stretch, but it screams louder than anything else. Would love to get my roll on with a cold roller!

  171. Hamstrings for sure! I have to constantly listen to their whining!! Would love some new ideas for rehab!

  172. Hammies and glutes are my areas “speaking” to me as of late. Looks like it would make a mighty fine cooler chiller as well!

  173. Two spots for the last year……my right foot has 2nd metatarsal synovitis (pain at base of toe) and my hips have always been the first joints to require care after a run.

  174. Right now it is my heel as I am side-lined in a boot with plantar fasciitis. I am a bit injury prone having already dealt with IT issue which was followed by hip problems (including a stress fracture) and ultimately hip surgery. That does not include the injuries from bike crashes (there have been a few). I go through a lot of ice.

  175. Anything related to my foot. I’m just getting back to running after nearly 3 months off due to tendinitis in my foot…I don’t want that again!

  176. plantar fasciitis is the WORST…..water bottle, foam roller, and toe crunches are de rigeur for me…..

  177. My calves are always tight which leads to so many other aches and pains. I am so bad about finishing my run and going right into the house and taking over with the kiddo so my hubby can have a break. Will the mommy guilt ever end?

  178. I have a love/hate relationship with my foam ball. I find it works better at getting my piriformis and IT band worked out than a foam roll. But this might be a nice change especially with the cold.

  179. Both of the arches in my feet are sore and tired after runs, and my right hip gives me trouble after longer runs. An ice roller would be heaven!

  180. I have to pick just one?? I have several tight spots, but the worst offenders are my calves and right hip! I roll, stretch and soak, but they still persist in staying tight!

  181. This cold roller looks amazing! I’ve never seen this before. I sorely need something like this for my post tib tendon. I get tightness on my right post tib after really hard runs. I’ve been working with a PT who has helped me come a long way to improve my running form and strengthen other muscles to prevent this. I love the foam roller for other bigger muscles but this type of roller is a great way to work on those “harder to get to” muscles and tendons….

  182. My left heel has been a sore spot for some time, on again off again. Right now, it’s off again–and
    I’d like to keep it that way with some pre-hag, so that it doesn’t develop into full blown plantar fasciitis.
    Would love one of these!

  183. My glutes, for sure. They are always knotted up; I think it’s all the squatting in CrossFit – and the biking and running, too, perhaps. The cold roller looks super cool! Thanks!!

  184. Unfortunately I have dealt with plantar fasciitis on and off for about 16 years since a hiking trip through Costa Rica. My freezer is never without a frozen water bottle for my feet!

  185. My calves could use one of these. They are often so tender to the touch. Literally bout sends me through the roof. I have never used anything like this. Thanks for the info. 🙂

  186. Well…I over did it at the gym this week…twice…so pretty much every part of me could use this today. But my husband REALLY needs it because although I’m a “runner” he’s a RUNNER and could really use some pre-hab. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  187. My hamstrings could really use a cold one! I agree that prehabbing is a much better way to stave off the hurt, though these hammies struggle with being tight more often than not.

  188. My IT band has caused me problems over my running career. I can never seem to find the right combination of foam rolling, ice and heat to release it when it’s acting up.

  189. My calves and shins!! I have suffered from PF (gone now thankfully, hopefully never to return) and am coming back from tibial tendonitis. I frequently have several very tender spots alongside my shins and in my calves. When I can’t get to my sports medicine guy for some Graston and ART, I bust out my Stick and my foam roller – OI call them my “boyfriends”. 😉

  190. I’m training for the Bolder/Boulder 10K & have troubles with plantar faciatis & my IT band. I’m walking,running(hobbling)&icing ! This roller sounds like an answer to a sore runner’s prayers!I’m looking to never have to wear the BOOT again-so taking it slow in training-I think I can! I think I can! Choo! Choo!

  191. My calves are definitely my tightest area. I have a foam roller, but it’s so big and cumbersome, maybe I don’t know how to use it very well but it’s just a big ole hassle.

  192. The top most needy spot this cold roller would be great for is my achy knee. It’s not necessarily an IT band, but something there is wonky. The second most needy spot would be the foot that I’ve had surgery on. It likes to cramp up while just sitting still!

  193. I am laughing that so many of us have been compelled to list more than one place we need to roll. Same here. 1st is the feet– I am still trying to get rid of the dreaded PF after over 1.5 years. 2nd is the IT band, since knee pain has sprouted out of nowhere like a spring flower. I am training for my 2nd Ironman Coeur d’Alene and need all the pre- and rehab I can get.

  194. Presently it’s my peroneal tendon. My IT band is doing great because of yoga, daily stretches, and foam rolling! Pre-hab at its best

  195. Currently it is a pesky area that runs from the upper part of my calf to just above the backside of my knee. Not really a hindering pain, more like a cranky annoyance.

  196. My calves are really tight, and they cause achilles tendon pain. I’m pretty good at stretching, and it helps, but the thought of rolling it out sound so good!

  197. I have those lingering PF and achilles tendonitis issues, but what hurts the most I cannot even pinpoint. The closest I can get to explaining is there is a sharp pain around the insertion point of muscle/tendons/ligaments with gluts/innerthigh. It hurts each step when I run and gets progressively worse the longer the run. I’ve been doing every stretch I can think of, daily, as well as foam rolling and begging my husband for a deep tissue type massage to attempt to locate the issue.

    One day I want to go for a run and have nothing painful 🙂

  198. My left glute and I have never really gotten along since I took up running at 40. It is always barking at me and I would love to try silencing it by giving it the “cold roller!”

  199. My piriformis is my worst enemy with a close second being my IT band. Currently I’m running with Team in Training for the Bayshore half here in Traverse City! Great organization, great race!

    I would love a cold one, I mean roller! It would beat the wear worn frozen water bottle waiting for me in the freezer!


  200. It’s my pesky psoas muscle that gives me issues, and since I can’t foam-roll that, I have to do the entire leg — front/back/side.

  201. My calves and thighs. I’m training for my first marathon and my legs never fully recover between runs. Anytime my kids jump on my lap, I yelp out in pain.
    They might be a little tight.

  202. I would love to try one of these, especially in the summer! My problem area seems to move. First I had a twinge in my right hip, then a tight IT band, achy knees from 24.5 miles on Saturday, and finally tight-tight calves.

  203. Lately it’s been 3 things- calves, shins and my IT band. Since I usually roll followed by icing, this would be a great improvement- getting them both done at once!

  204. My worst area(s) are my hamstrings; from there comes a multitude of problems. My tight hamstrings make my hips tight, my calves tight, and yes, even bring on the dreaded PF. The worst of it? I once had a PT tell me that he’d never seen a runner with such tight hammies…ever. “Thanks?” Foam rolling helps I know, but like SBS, I am not diligent enough with it to make a difference. Maybe a cutting-edge cold-roller is just what I need.

  205. Just when I have one ache on the mend I get another. I have gone from Hamstring » IT band (1 1/2 years) » achilles » quads » tower outside calf (as of yesterday!). MERCY ME!

  206. I finally signed up for my first half and almost immediately my right glute started yelling at me! Achy knees, I’m used to, but this glute thing is new. I’d love to give this cold roller a try!

  207. Plantar Fasciitis had me drop out of a race for the very first time.I have bought every gadget on the market that claims to help and I am very slowly recovering- I would love to try this nifty cold roller!

  208. For me, it’s my ride side hip down. I have an extra Bon on the side of my foot (accessory navicular bone) that flares up without special attention to my entire leg. Ugh.

  209. Can I pick “everything below the waist” :)? As a over-40 runner, the pain site changes almost daily. Currently, it is my hips that are grumbling the most.

  210. I have heard about foam rollers and the like, and have always wanted to get one. I haven’t yet. I would love to win these. I’ve been nagged with tendinitis in both knees and a nagging pain in my IT bands. I think the roller will help tremendously!

  211. It is always the IT Band! But, in defense of my IT Band, it doesn’t scream until I start ignoring my foam roller.

  212. My left hamstring is always tight – old injury. And super sore after hills yesterday while volunteer coaching the junior high track team .

  213. My heels! Dealing with plantar fasciitis and this would be amazing. I’m still able to run moderately, and I’m getting fitted for new orthotics which I hope will do the trick… but my heel definitely starts to nag.

  214. Lately it has been the upper portion of my right glute that has been bothering me. It is an area that I find difficult to stretch. So, I usually have to attempt to roll it out with either a roller or tennis ball. I definitely haven’t been rolling out as frequently as I should.

  215. My calves, my IT band, my hips, I could go on and on, I am definately more injury prone than my BRF’s so I spend a lot of time with my foam roller. The trigger point roller would be a life saver for me:-)

  216. My calves and hamstrings! I think my hamstrings might be too short for my legs, that’s how difficult it is to straighten them out! Definitely need to do more stretching and rolling.

  217. My IT band…which connects to my hips…which ache and creak when they don’t get rolled. The cold sounds soooooo lovely. My hips just giggled in hopes they win.

  218. I’ve had Piriformis syndrome for over a year now on my left side. I literally have a constant ache in my left butt cheek that I can’t sit for much more than hour before I start squirming in my seat!

  219. My IT band has been whispering to me these past few weeks. I’d love to try this trigger Point cold roller.

  220. I have had surgeries on my right shoulder three times and my left knee once. I have worked through sprained ankles and sore muscles numerous time. However, it was the plantar fascitiis that has caused me the most pain and was the hardest to rehab.

  221. I am getting back into running after a shin stress fracture and rolling out my calves is the best thing! Currently I am using a hand weight as it is the only item I have found in my house that is the right size and shape 🙂 Never thought of putting it in the freezer!

  222. After having IT band issues a few years ago I need to/should roll thise out more often than I do. And my hips are tight. And my back….

  223. Lately it’s my butt (hip), keeping up my strength training, and foam rolling it a couple times a week has kept it fairly happy though. That icy roller looks awesome!

  224. My IT Band is very tight and my calves would benefit as well. Ice cold roller sounds like it would hurt so good.

  225. My IT bands are tight, tight, tight! I have to be gentle in the foam rolling because they are so tender. I also do the side stretches.

  226. The bottom of my feet need some TLC at times. I had tendinitis on the bottom of my right foot at one time so I try to do everything in my power to prevent it from coming back.

  227. I with you Sarah, I always feel better when I take the time to do my hip stretches, but don’t always follow through. It’s do as I say not as I do, right?! Every mother’s mantra!

  228. I have to admit to the “tender to the touch” calves and ankles, as well as glutes! The idea of an ice-cold roller is both wonderful and a little scary 😉

  229. My plantars is the worst. Started a few months ago and is on and off. It’s been hurting since my first half last week.

  230. My IT band/ hamstrings. Also, I live in Phoenix so I’m thinking I can use it anywhere and everywhere after a summer run.

  231. My neck and shoulders, it kept me sidelined with vertigo most of the winter, so as I start to easy back into running I know I need to listen to my body and take care not to stress my neck too much.

  232. My back is always top on the list of needing constant prehab and attention or I am sidelined. Secondarily are my hamstrings, IT, calves and PF to keep from screaming at me. This looks way better than rolling on a frozen water bottle!

  233. It is typically my IT band, but right now I’m a pregnant mother runner so, um, everything! Shins, calves, ankels, knees- I’m aching all over. This mama needs some help! ; )

  234. I’ve been dealing with plantar fasciitis off and on for awhile now- I cannot give up my runs! I admit I could do more in the “prehab” department. Guess it’s rehab now.

  235. My IT band and hip on the left have been screaming at me since my long run on Sunday. I’ve been icing and foam rolling like crazy. This tool would make my life way easier!

  236. Love their grid rollers (have it in all 3 sizes) and I’ve wanted to try this. Am always rolling two areas: the bottom of my foot after I had a bout of PF 2 years ago, and my IT band.

  237. I would use it for the arch and heel of my foot. I am currently going through a bout of plantar fasciitis.

  238. Oh, my calves have been yelling at me. The yucky winter kept me off the trails for a LOooong time this year. Blah! So I hit the streets for my runs. So.many.hills. & and in pushing a 5 yr old up those hills- wow! Yep, they are yelling at me to give them some exta love. I need to get better at doing that.

  239. It’s all about my IT Band, sore spot is about 2 inches above my knee, I have been doing a series of strengthening exercises and foam rolling. The Trigger Point roller looks awesome!

  240. My husband and I use the regular triggerpoint therapy rollers and think they are fantastic! They helped my husband rehab a particularly tough injury that kept him from running for over a year. We’d love to try out the cold therapy rollers. For me, my calves are always in need of a little extra TLC!!

  241. my PSOAS mostly (Oh how I have cursed it) but my muscles that make up the “groin” area are my worst enemy.

  242. My right calf. My right calf has incited a rebellion. So far it has recruited my plantar fascia and my posterior tibialis. I think my anterior tibialis is considering joining forces too. Every time I think I’ve soothed them into a cease fire they act up again. Bad timing too…between work and kids and this long long winter I really need piles of miles!!

  243. My hips give me the most trouble. Sometimes the running is a relief from the sitting, but I pay later. Haven’t rolled, but would love to see how it could help.

  244. I was sidelined with a calf injury last year and have had to be very careful with it ever since. This would feel great on it!

  245. Oh, where to begin. I have transitioned from the marathon to trail ultras (and I think you guys need to get that on your calendar-very fun). My feet are what give me the biggest problem, but to be honest this originates from tight calves and tight everything else. I have the original trigger point roller and love it, but have been eyeing the cold roller since it was released. I can read your blog while rolling my feet at my desk:)

  246. Usually, I’d say my IT Band but, as my training runs for my 1st marathon have gotten longer, my calf/shin are starting to talk to me more and more.

  247. I have bulging discs at L4 & L5 that sidelined me a few years ago. I try to roll out my glutes, hips, hamstrings, & calves to offset future issues.

  248. I’m sidelined right now due to a torn labrum and hip impingement. I’m awaiting surgery and this would be awesome to help after surgery during rehab!

  249. Although I would love it, my running partner, friend, and super mom, Lindsay needs it fior a nagging IT band issue. And I need her!!!

  250. My glutes are one of my biggest problem areas (i even drive with a memory foam cushion), this would be great for me but to be honest I would give it to my triathlete daughter right now as she is suffering from IT band problems horribly and this would be perfect for her, she is so sad right she can’t run and even though she is 25 now she is still my baby.

  251. My left leg, general statement. I’m healing from Achilles repair/os trigonum removal last summer. Gait’s a little off, I’ve had to relearn a lot, and well, I find I have to be VERY careful with it, with a lot of stretching, a lot of careful massage, and a lot of ice/heat. And since its my left ankle, and the leg bone’s connected to the ankle bone, and the knee bone’s connected to the leg bone, and the thigh bone is connected to the knee bone, and the hip bone’s connected to the thigh bone…that’s where I’m at!

  252. Definitely my IT band….for starters! I’m 3 years post L5/S1 fusion and am aiming to really seriously run again…especially for my sanity! However after 2 surgeries and a period of time before and in between surgeries, my right side is just off. Though I love my massages to help loosen my IT and SI joint up, time and money really dictates that. This will give me the opportunity to relieve this area more thus being able to hit the trails/pavement more!

  253. My knee needs some cold lovin! Of course it connects to the hip bone, so that means my quads and IT will benefit the most!

  254. My trouble spots are the hamstrings. I presently use a foam roller but this handy instrument looks so much “cooler”! And it also appears easier to use. I’d love to try one! I’m faithful to pre- and post-run stretching and rehab after suffering an IT band injury last fall that sidelined me. Pick me, pick me

  255. Calves! I have been dealing with calf issues for about 6 months. Finally getting some relief with a new physical therapist.

  256. My internal clock and my attitude needs rehab! I can’t get moving in the mornings and am exhausted at night. When I have been running lately, my attitude has been poor….one mile is good enough, I’m tired. Maybe I can roll my head and things will get better?!

  257. My hips are my problem area. I have to stretch them like crazy or else I pay for it. I saw the trigger point cold roller in the past and thought..”wow..that’s what I need!” I had a knee injury in the past and my hip got out of whack as well. I learned the importance of using a foam roller and stretching.

  258. My IT band is for sure my wants-to-be-trouble spot, though my left hip has been doing its share of making itself known lately.

  259. My ankles and feet love to fight me over my love for running. I’ve learned that prehabbing my calves and insteps helps a lot, and I do strengthening exercises for them as well. We’re learning to get along.

  260. My IT bands. Used to be just the left side but my right side was lonely and decided to join the party. I travel everywhere with my foam roller- would love to try the cold roller.

  261. I am on week 9 of a stress fracture in my tibia. If I am still sane by the time this heals I know exactly what will be iced! But I am also an avid TPT believer!!!

  262. For a while it was my IT band, and I am still sure to carefully care for that. Currently, though, my main issue seems to be my Achilles…tendinitis, perhaps?

  263. My left hamstring is always nagging me to stretch after a run, if I don’t it lets me know on my next run for sure!

  264. Definitely my FEET and CALVES~ I have a form of Muscular Dystrophy and sure could use the rollers! It is getting harder and harder to run 🙁

  265. My right glute and hamstring. After spraining my ankle (and letting it heal), I guess I just haven’t been running with exactly the same injury-free form. These muscles keep flaring up.

  266. These would be so lovely on my ‘old’ running legs – left foot suffers from PF since being pregnant with my older than a decade first born son, and my right IT band is constantly tight despite consistently foam rolling, stretching, yoga and using a lacrosse ball to help. Massages help a bit, but can’t afford them on a regular basis. The cold rollers sound FAB!

  267. Oh my! My poor little, annoying plantar fascia could use some tender loving cold, I mean care. I have been battling it for about a month now and have too many races on the agenda to give it a break. I may be hobbling across a few finish lines this spring if it doesn’t heal up quick like!

  268. The back of my left knee at the point where my leg bends !! Is there even a name for this area of ur leg??! Lol

  269. Ugh, basically name tendon or muscle that I didn’t even know existed before I started running, and it starts to get annoyed with me… piriformis, extensor tendons, psoas, peroneal tendons…
    My calves, hips and glutes need the attention, as it all stems from those two spots…

  270. My IT band has always been my problem area. A running clinic I attended helped me with my form, and that, along with well fitting shoes has helped to (mostly) keep it happy. I HATE to foam roll though, and I usually forget until I have a flare-up. Recently before my first marathon, I got a series of 4 massages 4 weeks prior to the race where the therapist “stripped” (her words) my IT bands. Incredibly painful, but I haven’t had problems since!

  271. Hmmm, I don’t want to jinx myself but right now with only one more hill workout and one long run left before we enter the wonderful world of tapper week, no body part is hating me or nagging at me! I’m getting better at being nice to myself and taking the time to fit in those prehab activities.
    Why can’t sleeping in, eating junk food and drinking beer have the same results as prehabs and working out? It’s so irritating when doing what’s good for you really works! Ugh and 🙂

  272. My HIPS! Had to go to PT for the first time ever and apparently every ache in my knees and achilles starts with my hips! Taking better care now, and using a rolling pin to do it!

  273. My calves and my Achielles tendons. I foam roll them like crazy and get my Minons (a/k/a, children) to roll them with The Stick after long runs.

  274. Oh man, where to begin…when I pick up the training my arches tend to be the most bothersome and my calves. Honestly, I’m so on again off again that both my whole legs could really benefit from this nifty device!

  275. What area doesn’t need attention? If I had to pick one, I’d say the bottom of my feet. Apparently I have crunchy fascia, so says the PT. To me that sounds like it should be a delicious snack, like something you’d find at Whole Foods. Instead it means spending time with a golf ball and doing toe yoga.

  276. Well, wish I was in the “pre-hab” phase…sadly, in the rehab stage with an angry Achilles. Hip flexors, hamstrings, and calves are all unhappy too.

  277. My left Achilles-through the years I’ve spent a lot of time and money on it with PT and the chiro. Something like this might be the trick!

  278. My calf & arches need attention, still, after I was sidelined for 7 wks (starting 2.5 wks before the marathon I trained so hard for). Glutes are ongoing.

  279. The combo of running and hauling a very loving, clingy 30lb tot on my hip has my ITBand and every other place on my left leg screaming constantly! I’ve changed up my shoes, my running direction and strength train. Maybe this is the answer.

  280. My right leg. From IT band to calves to heel. I’m heading toward a 15K this weekend and a half next and both are going to be a mess if I don’t do something about it. And we won’t mention my sanity.

  281. Would love to try this on my calves. They are super tight from cross training and doing a race on mostly cobblestone this past weekend.

  282. My IT band is constantly letting me know it exists. I’m really intrigued by the cold roller and didn’t know it existed. Thanks!

  283. My calves and hips need the most attention on a daily basis, but if I’m honest at this moment, everything from the neck down could use a “cold roll”.

  284. Priformis issues have reared their ugly head as I train for this half marathon. Brutal and frustrating! The foam rollover wouldn’t hold a candle to these!

  285. I have traveling trouble spots. My calves use to be the primary spot. But it has now moved to my hips. But lately it’s my ankles and shins that are causing the most grief.

  286. I had a bad run in with my it band last fall. I’m hoping regular visits to my friendly chiro and strengthening in my hips and glutes will make a difference next training cycle.

  287. thanks to what we call the “not lupus” or the “not quite lupus” my trouble spots shift somewhat mysteriously from day to day – today it is my right hip, tomorrow who knows?

  288. I would definitely use this for my PF! I keep a bottle of water in the freezer to roll, but this would be nice for other parts of the body that will need it as I get older 🙁

  289. Although my hips are what hurts, my chiropractor swears that it’s my calves and feet that need more attention.

  290. I have to watch my IT band and my calves, which are always super tight from wearing heels that are not sensible but very pretty!

  291. Been nursing my first IT band injury. I had no idea what a pain it could be. This former couch potato decided to wear it like a badge–my first overuse injury!

  292. This would be soooooooo good for my PF! I usually (when I’m good) roll a frozen tennis ball under the arch, but this is amazing! Training for my first Ragnar (Cape Cod!) and would love to bring this along for the other BAMRs in my van!!!

  293. My calves, hands down, are the area in need of the most tlc. I foam roll, use the double pro stretch, tennis balls, even tennis and golf balls in the freezer but a frozen trigger point would be awesome!

  294. I roll out my calves at least twice a week. Shin splints and a stress fracture haunt my past. (And maybe my present :-()

  295. My right hamstring, sciatica and piriformis have been the bane of my current 1/2 marathon training. 4 weeks out and post each run regardless of stretching, I am hobbled :(. Been debating a roller…maybe this will be the key :).

  296. It band…..was so sad when my physical therapist said the hard points on my leg were not muscle but was tight fascia!

  297. I was actually looking these rollers up online last week when I still couldn’t find pool noodles in the store to use as a foam roller. Sigh….but the price tag is so high. I need one for my hip. I’ve had 3 babies in the last 4 years and was unable to run through my pregnancies. Now that I’m done having babies I’m so eager to run that I signed up for my first full marathon! I’m so excited, but am so bummed about my hip hurting. I had to stop running last week and am trying my best to stretch all the time and hoope it gets better. Cross your fingers for me!

  298. I’m not actively injured (although I *am* a hundred years pregnant…does that count?), but my IT band is the first thing to start acting up when I neglect stretching (which is, um, yeah, often).

  299. My right hip. I hit the roller as soon as I get done with my run. I also roll a few times during the day. It has helped so much.

  300. Like SBS, I had plantar fasciitis a few years ago and I never want to go there again. I am increasing my mileage in preparation for a half marathon in May and I will do what it takes to pre hab and prevent PF. I need to pay attention to my feet and calves and the TriggerPoint cold roller would be perfect.

  301. Everything! I roll my calves for plantar fasciitis and Achilles, my ITB, my hip and bottom for piriformis, etc. I love any new gadget promising relief from my running affliction/addiction.

  302. Reading that it can help cure plantar fasciitis made me nearly jump out of bed. Until I remembered I can’t jump out of bed when I have plantar fasciitis. So I hobbled and am hoping! Thank you!

  303. My hip I actually roll but not as much as I should:(. While we’re all being honest, I should roll my calves. They often are screaming during and after a run. Perhaps if I lrehab, I won’t end up with shin splints…again!

  304. Definitely my hips and gluteus. My hips started hurting last November. I didn’t take care of them and I was sidelined from January-March. Two months of PT taught me the importance of regular maintenance on those pesky hip flexors. Since the regular foam rollers can’t easily get to the hip flexors, this “cool” roller would be a great tool in the regular preventive care of my pesky hips!

  305. I’ve been sidelined with shin splints for almost 2 months now 🙁 I’ve used my friends trigger point kit and loved it!

  306. I definitely need to prehab BOTH IT bands. They are my nemesis and it just depends on the day as to which one flstes ip more

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