26Strong: Looking for Two Wannabe Marathoners

Insert yourself here—and pretend this is mile 25 of a marathon and you're still laughing.
Insert yourself here—and pretend this is mile 25 of a marathon and you're still laughing.

Fire drill of a post here: We are in Charleston, had internet issues last night, so our Hump Day Giveaway is postponed until tomorrow. Whew!

The tech problems were a blessing in disguise, though, because we learned this morning that we have exactly one week to recruit to mother runners to run a marathon with us as part of Saucony's 26Strong Program.

Yes, you read that correctly: We're looking for two wannabe marathoners to run beside either Sarah or myself.  (And we'll run your pace, your race, stop when you need a drink, gel, or a port-a-potty. We'll be your not-so-little cheerleaders through the whole course.)

I have to make this brief because we have to hit the road to get to our Charlotte event, so here are the details of the 26Strong if you're interested:

—You need to be a first-time marathoner. (Read: you've never run a 26.2-mile race before.)
—You need to be female—and, ideally, a mother runner.
—Because of our travel schedule, we need to run the Philadelphia Marathon, Sunday, November 23 (which is the Sunday before Thanksgiving, in case that matters). If you're going to be next to us, you need to be available that weekend, too.
—Ideally, you're mostly injury-free right now, and you've either crossed a half-marathon finish line or are planning to in the next few months. (We're huge believers in stepping up in distance incrementally so both your body and mind are ready for 26.2.)
—You do not need to be in Portland or Denver. Although we love all our international runners, you have to be in the Lower 48 to be considered.
—You need to be cool with having your training documented regularly on this site and on a 26Strong website.

What else? The majority of your expenses (entry fee(s), travel, gear from Saucony) will be covered. Sarah and I will help you with your training—the TLAM 20-week Marathon: Finish It program would start July 7—and cheer you on virtually and in person if/when when our paths cross in training. Then we'll be with you physically every step of the way on November 23 as you conquer 26.2—and find a strong you didn't know you have.

Want in? In the Comments below—not via email, please—let us know why you're an ideal candidate for the 26Strong program. Keep your entries to less than 200 words, please, and tell us why you'd like to run 26.2 with us. (Please include where you live and a bit about your race history.)

We will announce the winners here next Wednesday, April 16. If you have any questions, please put them in the comments below and we'll do our best to answer them asap. Thanks!


433 responses to “26Strong: Looking for Two Wannabe Marathoners

  1. I am 42 years old and training for my second half marathon in May. I began running a year and a half ago to train for my first half marathon and got hooked. I love that my 5 year old daughter sees me run and train and also wants to be a runner (we did a family race together last summer and she wants to know when we are doing the next one!). She asks about my training and stretches with me after my runs.

    I entered the NYC Marathon lottery hoping to run with my sister (who turned me on to running in the first place) but I did not win a spot. I would love to run the Philadelphia Marathon as part of this program – using a formal training program is really helping my current training and I love working toward the ultimate goal.

    Jennifer, Brooklyn NY

  2. I ran my first mile in my entire life last October at the age of 32. Previously, I avoided running at any cost. In school I faked illness, menstrual cycles, and injuries, and ruined my GPA with D’s in PE. I was “the fat girl” and I just knew I wasn’t built to run. At fourteen I weighed 238lbs and wore a size 20. I would never have believed I’d be entering this giveaway twenty years later.

    Though I eventually lost the weight that plagued my youth, I never found a love for fitness, and always thought running was impossible for me. After having my second baby, however, I knew that I needed to change for everyone’s sanity, and part of that meant getting my body back. Inspired by a mother runner friend who found balance and peace through running, I started the C25k program, and to my great surprise I fell in love. I have since run a 5k and an 8k, and I’m signed up to run my first half marathon in August.

    This unlikely mother runner is doing it! My daughter proudly tells everyone that mommy is “a runner” and I couldn’t be more honored.

  3. Well, I’m actually a pretty decent runner. Or at least, I try damn hard to be. I’m a mother of two little nuggets, ages 2 and 5.

    I started getting serious about running in Arizona, after my kids were born. While I wanted to “get my body back,” I didn’t really factor how all-night nursing, followed by coyote-accompanied runs in scorching, pre-dawn heat would affect my mind (because of our work schedules, we have to be done by 6:30 am, weather be damned.) While 11 miles is my longest, my sleep-deprived, overheated brain frequently hallucinated cheering crowds as I crossed the finish line of an ultramarathon.

    I figured after that I could handle most anything, but we’ve since moved to Colorado and traded 90-degrees at 5 am for hills, altitude and single-digit temps and me bundling up so that I look like a creature they would search for on a reality show. Did I mention I’m always freezing?

    Through it all, I still run because I love it. My husband signed me up for a half this summer because he knows I won’t do it myself. But, ultimately that 26.2 sticker is what I need for self-validation after all this.

  4. After serving 13 years in the Army, I was lucky enough to leave and become a stay-at-home mom. My whole life changed, for the positive, but I under estimated how busy and challenging my new role would be. I found it hard to find me time, ignored my fitness and focused on everyday life. I heard some moms at my sons preschool talking about doing a local 5k to help raise money for the school. I decided to run it. I was hooked. I began to run in the mornings before the kids had to be up. Then I decided to go big, do a half marathon. My motivation began to become those who said I didn’t have the time or that at age 34 I couldn’t just start running and finish a half marathon. But I wanted it. My kids began doing local fun runs while I did 5k’s and 10k’s. My 5 year old ran a 5k and my 1 year old did a mile fun run. My 13 year old now runs track and Mothers Day has become a rematch with my husband in a local 5k. Running has brought my family closer together while giving a mom like me something to focus on, help relieve stress and to set new goals. I finished my half marathon, the Columbus (Ohio) Nationwide Children’s Marathon. I did it. I was so happy and my kids and husband were proud if me. That feeling of accomplishment, even at my age, was like being a kid and riding my bike without training wheels. Big smiles!

    ~ Miranda Terry, mom of 3, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

  5. I’m a mom of 3 boys ages 9-14 & I hated running up until I realized I could do it. The summer of 2012, I started walking every evening. By the fall, I was walking 4 miles almost every day and I had lost significant weight. A pregnant friend asked me to start running 2:1 intervals with her, suggesting that surely I could keep up. And surely I did! After she had her baby, she jumped back in & with a few other mother runners, I started learning how to run, fuel, and get a little faster. The first mile I ever ran without stopping IN MY LIFE was in January 2013. My first race was a 10K in May 2013. I finished; that was all. I trained through FL’s hot summer and ran my first 1/2 in October. Then, I decided to run one in another state: Albany, GA this past March. I had a blast! I don’t know much about running other than I enjoy it, I’m very successful running with intervals (3:1’s & 4:1’s are my faves), and although I’m pretty terrified of the idea, I’d love to find out how it feels to run 26.2!

  6. Running a marathon is on my bucket list. 5 years ago I couldn’t have run 1 mile straight; now I am running my second half in a few weeks. Running has made me a better person both on the inside and out. I feel empowered. I am confident I can do anything.

  7. I am a 6th grade teacher (2-hour commute), a wife, a mother of 2 daughters, a dance mom 2-4 days a week, my daughter’s softball coach, a field hockey mom, and a gymnastics mom, too. I do all this and still find time to RUN.
    I have run a 10K and 2013‘s Broad Street Run. After my race my daughters were so proud of me. They wore my medal and told everyone that I won the race. I’m currently training for my 2nd BSR and signed up for the Rock-n-Roll half marathon in September. My favorite part of running is what it does for my daughters. They see their Mom as a runner and athlete, they ask to run with me, they love helping me cool-down, and are proud of me.
    A marathon is my ultimate goal. I WILL run a marathon one day. It is just a matter of when I get the guts to sign-up. I live right outside of Philly and have been debating doing this marathon the past 2 years. Either of you would give me the final push to do it. I would be honored.

  8. Last year on my birthday I decided that for my 40th birthday, I’d run the Philadelphia Marathon. I am a Philly girl born and raised and nothing gives me more satisfaction to accomplish so many of my goals right here in front of the people and city I love. For the past two years I have spent so much of my time running the streets of Philadelphia, fighting my way out of diabetes and becoming a healthier me. With your support and the support of my two wonderful children this could be the best birthday ever. EPIC!

  9. Can not think of a better prize than this! I am a 37 year old mother of 2 and 4 year old sons, and a 2 year old foster daughter. I read your first book while nursing my oldest son, and was inspired that I could be a runner after having kids. I have followed your books and blogs and was hoping hoping hoping I’d get to run with you ladies when you were in town, and would love the chance while running in Philadelphia. I have run a handful of halfs, and have been following the training plans getting stronger and mildly faster. 2014 is my year to try my first ever marathon, and I am terrified and excited.

  10. I would love to be your 26.2 strong full marathon mother runner. I am a mother to 5, 19 years old down to 3 years! Married for 20 years this coming Monday the 21st! I started running three years ago and I have ran 23 half marathons! I am ready to be guided to 26.2 miles with you running by my side! I am a perfect candidate because I am a mother & I help mothers; I run a home daycare, I run a baby boot camp for mothers to get in shape & I run a running group to help those achieve their running goals ( up to 13.1 miles ) I would love to be trained and have my first full marathon documented with another mother runner! Thank you & see you at the races!!!

  11. No Canadians?? So sad, so very sad. I spent my 2 hour long run on Sunday contemplating if I could do the 26.2 miles. When I decided I could, it was an emotional moment! I spent the remainder of my run deciding what to say in my entry. I was so sad to find out that the contest did not include Crazy Canadian Canucks!! Good luck to the winners!!

  12. If you asked me 6 years ago that I would complete a half marathon, I would have said…”you got the wrong girl.” The running bug has hit me hard and I have now completed 5 with my 6th at the end of April. Three of those races completed this year! Running with other Mommas has been the best therapy money can buy (running shoes, headbands and cool shirts). I joined Lancaster Moms Run this Town and have met many mom friends through running. We have shared our joys and sadness on long runs. As a mom to three daughters (20yo, 15 yo and 12 yo), I hope to show them the value in caring for yourself physically, spiritually and emotionally. Running has brought those to me. Two of my daughters have been involved in Girls on the Run and I have supported the program. The next step for me is to complete a marathon. Physically I am capable of the training (three halfs this year), mentally I am there as well. I would love to run the Philadelphia Marathon as a sole mate for Girls on the Run and use it also as an opportunity to share the love of GOTR.

  13. Did I mention I live in Vermont, but travel to Pennsylvania several times a year to visit family?
    Or that since March of 2013, I have dropped over 30 pounds, run 2 5Ks and a 10K, trained for a half marathon injury-free, while dancing hours away in Zumba and sweating my worries away in yoga?
    Did i mention i would be a most amazing selection?
    SAY YES!!!

  14. Saucony + me + witty repartee = one rockin’ marathon!

    I want to run with you because we would be laughing so hard the entire time. (I’ll probably pee my pants but will then spill water on myself so no one will be able to tell and then Sarah’s laugh will make me laugh some more.) I giggle (actually snort) when I think about the talk of Sarah’s frozen fingers going into Dimity’s sweaty armpits!

    I am a fun-loving, sometimes silly, tutu runner who loves witty banter and really loves to listen! I especially enjoy the after race celebration! Like Dimity, I have also yelled out goofy stuff during races. I have been a BAMR 2+ years; I love your mother runners and a proud to be part of this tribe. I recall the feeling of accomplishment when I ran my first mile. I look forward to that same feeling with my first marathon. I’ve accomplished 7 half marathons with 3 more planned in 2014. I am a heat loving Floridian! I got started running because of my BRFs! Pick me! A BAMR who works hard at running and really tries to enjoy it! Let’s rock my first marathon!

  15. I started training for Philadelphia (where we lived) 9 years ago with my husband, but had to dial it back when I got pregnant with our first kiddo. Two more followed, and there has never seemed to be enough time to train for more than 13.1. We have since moved back to Boston (where marathons are on the minds of everyone this week) and I am again ready to commit to becoming a marathoner. I am excited to commit to becoming a marathoner. And bringing it back to Philadelphia with a support team for the training, and loved ones from near and far at the finish line, would make it all that much sweeter. I want to bring it!

  16. I was too scared to enter the Ragnar contest, and regretted it! I’m a Mom to 3 little girls, 9, 6 & 3 with a husband who travels quite a bit. For my 1st 13.1 99.9% of my training was on the treadmill after bedtime, my 2nd and 3rd halfs I was able to get outside more for runs and it really put that gleam of 26.2 in my eye. I think I can, I know I can, I want to try! Philadelphia is only 2.5 hours from me, a quick drive up 95 and my 41st birthday will be Nov. 25, what better way to celebrate!

  17. I will run 26.2 for MOTHERS. All mothers everywhere.

    For the mom who wipes away tears and blows noses.
    For the mom who sets her alarm clocks for a 4:52 a.m. run to be home before the kids wake.
    For the mom that needs encouragement to continue to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle when the easy way out is just that, easy.
    For the mom stopping to change the diaper blowout on her way out the door that requires a new outfit.
    For the tired and weary mom who uses her run to somehow refuel and reenergize.
    For the stay-at-home mom, the working mom, the formula mom, the breast feeding mom.
    For the mom who summons up courage to run half a block.
    For the mom that has run 3 half marathons and knows there is more to conquer (that’s me!).

    For the moms, each of us, who loves each of our children with our whole heart and soul, and wants more than anything to show them that 26.2 is possible.

    This mom of 2 is ready!

  18. I could not have a dreamed of a more perfect setup for my first marathon! I am a mom of 2 girls (ages 2 years & 6 months). A few reasons I would just love to be a part of this:

    1. I am a breastfeeding, stay at home mom with a daughter who does not take a bottle & feeds on demand making it nearly impossible to plan to meet up with other runners. Your virtual encouragement would be perfect!

    2. I have a goal to complete a marathon by the time I turn 30 in January 2015. I completed my first half in October 2012.

    3. Many of my shorter training runs will be completed with my double or single running stroller adding an interesting element to my training.

    4. I have a heart to encourage and show other mama’s with young children that they can too can follow their fitness goals & dreams!

    I would absolutely love to make the trip from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to conquer 26.2 for the first time with you. I would be so honored & grateful to run by your side. Thank you!

  19. I was all set after a fabulous Spring running season to conquer my first 26.2 last November. After too many years of ITBS, I finally found the magic to kick butt in my first two half marathons and a 10 miler, and had a major PR in a local 10k (Richmond, VA) that started off my love for running. Then a rainy 20 miler derailed my plans (this was my second of the training cycle), so I was so close. I tried to get the knee back in run ready form, but a family illness forced my priorities in another direction. I’m ready to make a comeback in honor of my Dad who has kicked cancer to the curb. Your podcasts, blogposts, tweets and all inspire this mother runner to want to move mountains. Let’s do this.

  20. I am from NYC and have wanted to complete a marathon since I began running, but it is something that I haven’t been able to achieve by myself. While I have done many other races, including half marathons, and pushed myself in other athletic areas, completing a full marathon would be something that I will be able to hold onto forever. I want to be able to say that I’ve done it. I want to prove that I can achieve the goals that I set. I want to do this with your support and guidance!

    I am very comfortable with having my training out in the open – I actually have my own blog that documents my training!

  21. I am an excellent candidate because this journey has been awesome and continues. I started out just wanting to walk and loose weight. Once I began walking at 4:30am 5 days a week something in me pushed me and clicked to want to run. It was like another person had been stuck in me and was waiting to get out. Finally I ran my first full lap on the track in 2011. I then learned of Black Girls Run and in October of 2011. I joined and began the journey of learning to run (within a year I became one of the ambassadors for the Philadelphia chapter). I have since lost 146 lbs, changed my lifestyle (with balance around my husband and two children), ran my first 5k in February of 2012 and in 2013 ran the same race placing first in my age category. I have since completed several races including seven half marathons it is time for me to complete another desire of my heart that I have only imagined a full marathon. All of this in His strength for such a time as this! I am EXCITED!!!

  22. Running has been transformative for me. I was an avid, “I hate running, I will never do it” type of person who avoided it. Both of my parents are runners, having completed several half and full marathons throughout their lifetime. I decided that as a new Marriage and Family Therapist, I needed to do the soul-searching and growing I was encouraging my clients to do so I began running. In the whirlwind of a year, I have grown into a stronger Sarah than I ever thought I could become, crossing two half marathon finish lines and planning my first marathon. Although I am not a mother runner, I have a mother runner who inspires me every day to lace up my shoes and get out the door. She has hugged me before every race, seen me cross every finish line, and plans to be there to share in my successes (running and non-running) in the future. I want to be a mother runner myself and model for my future children how to overcome the mental barriers we place on ourselves, supporting them through the slow and steady race of their lives, just as my own runner mother has for me.

  23. Been running with my heart for the last 4 years. It keeps me healthy physically and menatlly. Gets me through alll the ups and downs that life throws my way. It connects to me to the earth, my body and my friends.
    I am 42, mother of 2 ,ages 6 and 10, I work full time and I am going through a divorce. I have been married for 18 years and the last 6 months of been unbearably painful but knowing that I can run it off has kept me grounded.
    I have run 3 halfs and have 2 more on my in 3 weeks and one in Mid July. I signed up for my next half knowing that I needed the goal to get me through days and weeks.
    Running a full has been something that has been calling to me for the last 2 years but life, finances and a case of PF 2 years ago have kept me from achieving that goal.
    Knowing that you 2 BAMR would be along for the ride, cheerleading me is an AMAZING thought! It would be an incredable gift to have my first full be on the heels of the next chapter of me life..a chapter that is terrifying..beeing on my own for the first time since age 19. One of the reasons I love running so much is that it has this way of getting you in touch with your strength when you think you are weak. Working toward my firtst full with you two supporting me would be an invaluable gift right now!

  24. I am scared.
    Isn’t that enough?
    When I was younger I ran on a regular basis…now almost twenty years later I am running again. I had never done a race before but got roped in to one this past March. I am hooked.
    I have made it my goal to run a marathon, although I really planned on doing it next year, not this fall.
    I will be running my first half marathon at the end of August. I am scared for that too!
    My cousin started me back on this running adventure and now we are race addicts. She and I will run the half together, which is fitting because we have been pregnant together (both times!) and it is always better to have someone to run with you.
    Even if I am not picked, this is an amazing opportunity that you are presenting to help a mother over that hurdle.

  25. I am a mother of twenty-two years and a runner of not quite one. I am a woman on the brink of a new stage in life who is finding out who she is and what she is made of. With two in college over a thousand miles away, and one busy in high school, I am in the process of redefining myself—of asking myself once again why I am here and what I want to do with my life.

    With time on my hands and questions whirling through my mind, about a year ago I started walking—one mile, then two, then four. I liked the way it made me feel. Before long, I took it further and started running. One step led to another, and soon I was running several miles, registered for a 5K and a 10K and training for a half marathon. Running gave me clarity of mind and peace of spirit, and crossing the finish line after 13.1 miles gave me a sense of accomplishment that was, for the first time in many years, my very own.

    I don’t know what the future is going to bring, but I know I am ready. I am ready to do things that once seemed impossible. I am ready for challenges and for whatever life brings my way. I am ready to run 26.2 miles, to cross that finish line and to better understand who this mother really is and what she can achieve.

    Thank you from a mom from Texas who would love to train for and run a marathon with the assistance and support of you wonderful ladies and the 26strong program.

  26. I would love to run 26.2 with you! I started running almost two years ago with my son’s (now 11) encouragement. I have lost 50 lbs and completed 2 half marathons! Your books,posts and pod casts have kept me going when I did not think I could do it. I live in Upstate NY and I am currently training for a half. I am so very grateful for all the mother runners out there! It is something so special to be a part of! I will turn 45 this July and have decided to turn my birthday into a half way to 90 party and running 26.2 is on the bucket list! Running has not only changed my life, it has saved my life! I would truly be honored to run with you in Philly! Many thanks….

  27. In Oct. 2012, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I had a new baby and a kindergartener. I was so angry that I ran a 10k with little prep. It was not pretty. I had surgery to remove my thyroid and am now cancer-free.
    I was a very casual runner (hating every moment) and a triathlete. After surgery, I joined Tri It For Life as a mentor, hoping to inspire others to reach goals– if I, with kids/jiggly parts/job, could succeed, so could they. This mentor role is pivotal in my life. I train because when I see our athletes working hard, I have no excuse to slack.
    What I know now is that I love to run. I am still angry that I had cancer but running keeps me sane. I am a better mom, employee, and mentor because I run.
    I am moving to a new town with little to offer in organized exercise. I will have the time and energy to engage in a training plan. Having completed 4 half-marathons in 6 months, I never thought a full would interest me but I am inspired by this opportunity. I will make you proud if I am chosen!

  28. I am a wannabe motherthoner! 🙂
    I am a mom of 3. My children are 12, 8, and 1. I have competed in triathlons, 5k and 10k road races. In just 13 short days my husband I are celebrating our 15 year anniversary by running a half marathon together. We also decided to sign up for our second half marathon which will take place just two weeks later. I have been faithful to my training program, even through one of the harshest winters ever in Michigan! I aim to inspire other mothers to reach their goals as I reach my own. My motto is I can do it, You can too!

  29. Well, here I am registered for my first full marathon. A mother of three (8, 6, and 4) who has been running for 4 years. With 3 half marathons under my belt a friend convinced me I was ready. “Why wait?” was the line that really stuck with me. I’m going to be 33 years old. My bucket list includes a full marathon before 50. So, what am I waiting for?? NOTHING! I registered that next week and started my 6 month training plan last week. I’m not fast, but I’m determined…. And that is almost the same thing. I’m registered for the Twin Cities In Motion Full Marathon on October 5, 2014 ( I’d love to be picked for this marathon also, but understand if I can’t be picked because of the October marathon. Living in Wisconsin I’ve had my share of negative temperature running and hot humid runs. I’m an organized documenter and LOVE to post about my runs…. Just ask my fb family lol!!
    Pray for me, I’m going to need it!!

  30. I think I’m the perfect candidate for 26Strong for a variety of reasons: 1)I already had my sights set on running my first full the weekend before the Philly Marathon, so the time table is perfect. 2) I’ve been a dedicated to Saucony sneakers since before it was cool 3) I’ve been lamenting the fact that I wish I had a running partner (or 2) to train with for my first full marathon 4) I’m about to run my 4th half marathon, so I’m an experienced long distance racer 5) I’m 11 months away from turning 40 6) I started running as a way to help me quit smoking 4 years ago (just had my 4 yr quit anniversary) 7) I’m in Massachusetts, so no air fare needed 8) I’m currently injury free 9) I’m slow (11/min mile) so running with me will be like a rest break!!

  31. 26.2 is my next milestone, not just because I already have a 5K, 15K and 13.1 (Phoenix Half 3-1-14) sticker on my rear window but because I am a 51 year old mother runner. It’s hard to find a lot of distance runners out there who are in my age bracket. Let me give your younger mother runners a peek into their futures. Even as the days of speed and PR’s taper off and you join the age groupers, you can still enjoy the benefits of running. I have two teen sons. One likes to run 5K’s with me, the other is learning to drive. I hope that they see me as an active, healthy role model and I would like to be an inspiration for your readers also. I live in Phoenix, work as an optometrist and run like a mother!

  32. 26Strong would be an amazing opportunity! To experience my first marathon in a new city and with a cheerleader by my side would complete my year. I believe this is perfect for me because I have completed dozens of 5k, 10k, 10 miler races and triathlons. I am participating in my first half marathon in Washington D.C. at the end of this month and have loved training for this new challenge. A marathon would be a wonderful next step in 2014! My longer race goals have been to complete them between 8-8:30 minute miles. Would it be crazy to shoot for the stars at your first marathon, dig deep and do sub 8:22 minute miles to qualify for Boston? With your training and motivation, I ask, why not try!? I am a mama runner of a one and four year old who has survived winter running in Minneapolis this past season. Wow, was it brutal! I recently left my part-time job to concentrate more on myself, my family and my own business. Life was whizzing by and I wanted to find the joy in it again and open up space for new opportunities. I am calling this time in my life the “white space” and allowing myself to breathe, take care of myself more, which in turn will benefit my family and all the others in my life. Training, completing and shooting for Boston on my first marathon try is just what my “white space” needs. I am ready for this challenge!

  33. I’ve been dreaming of an opportunity like this! My name is Wanda and I’m a mother of four wonderful kids, who are my biggest supporters. I live in Gotha, Florida. My friend (a veteran marathon runner) inspired me to first lace up my running shoes. After training myself and tackling a handful of 5K’s, I was ready for a bigger challenge. I began training for my first half marathon and completed it in November 2012 at the Diva Half Marathon in Puerto Rico. My family is from Puerto Rico, so I felt that my first Half
    couldn’t have been in a more perfect place! I was so proud of myself
    for setting a goal and reaching it-sweaty, sunburned, and ecstatic.
    After accomplishing something that I didn’t think I could do at 44 years old.I am ready to challenge myself again. Crossing that finish line with you ladies would be a personal victory for me. Balancing all that life throws at me can be tough, but I find my peace hitting the pavement. My feet might ache, my legs might tremble, and I might lose one or two toenails, but it will be my smile that I remember.

  34. Hi!
    I am a avid runner and mother of 2 boys ages 7 and 4. I have finished two 1/2 marathons and I would love the challenge of a full marathon but am very intimidated by it! My 7 year old has recently started to take to running and he calls me his running hero! Lol! He has asked me many questions about my races and he understands that a marathon is longer than a half and he asks why I have not done one. He says “mom you tell me not to give up so why do you?” I would love this oppurtunity to show my son how with positive peer involvement and hard work we can accomplish anything!!! Let me truly be a hero and someone for him to look up to! I am ready lets do this!
    Asheley Ryan from Grosse Pointe Woods, mI

  35. I never was a runner. I tried cross country in high school sice my friends were doing it, lasted 3 days or so and finished with a sprained ankle. Fast forward to about age 41 and a wellness program through my chiropractor with a requirement to see how quickly you could do a mile – walking or running. Later that year, I decided to try a 5k Turkey Trot on a whim…could I do it though I hadn’t trained for it. I figured the worst thing that could happen was that I had to walk it vs. running it. I finished and with a decent time. That led to another 5k and then a 10k and then a half marathon a year after my first 5k. I’ve now done 3 more halfs and 2 more on the books and am thinking about the full. Getting this support would be my sign that now is the time to execute on this bucket list item. I even have a partner in crime who is also trying to do this philly race as her first time as well. It would be great for both if us to do this together.

  36. I have toyed with the idea of running a full marathon and feel like this would be a great opportunity for me. I am a mom to 3 kiddos ages 9, 7, and 5 and seek to be a model of health and persistence to them. I am also a high school special education teacher and I feel like my running has been a bit inspirational to them in terms of struggle, goal setting, and perseverance. I have completed 2 half marathons and will be running the Ottawa half in May. I live in Syracuse NY. Thanks for considering me!

  37. The big 4-0 is looming – I join the “masters division” on November 1, 2014. I can think of no better way to celebrate this milestone birthday (pun intended) than by celebrating being “over the hill” by RUNNING over it…a total of 26.2 miles!

    The half is my favorite distance. Training fits easily into my life as a wife, mom to 6 and 4 y-o boys, and middle school Am. History teacher in San Antonio. The nerd in me would LOVE to run through Philadelphia (so much history to drink in) as I make my own personal history – completing my first marathon.

    My spring race calendar is full. The Lone Star Half is next weekend, then I’m venturing way out of my comfort zone to tackle my first sprint tri as my Mother’s Day gift. Assuming I don’t drown in the swim portion, running the Red River Half with 5 girlfriends in NM awaits me the following weekend. Summer races in S TX? No bueno. My fall calendar? The Philadelphia Marathon would be damn good. I have secretly dreamed of trying 26.2, so what better time to take a radical leap and follow my dream than when I celebrate my 40th?

  38. While the marathon of new motherhood may be challenging enough for most women, for me it has inspired an intense drive for self-improvement, both mental and physical. My motto – “why stop pushing after baby?!” If you can labor and deliver, you can run across any finish line and should!
    I’ll document my training with a twist – half of my training miles will be accomplished while pushing a jogging stroller. Yes, baby in tow, I’ll train for this marathon.
    NYC is a hop, skip, and jump to Philly – maybe I’ll get a head start and run there 😉

  39. I have always loved the idea of long distnce running, was fascinated by the marathon, and longed to run one, but never thought I could because I wasn’t athletic. Well, this 45 year old non athletic mother of 5, ages 15,14,13,10,and 7 bought herself a pair of running shoes for her 40th birthday and started to run. My husband signed me up for my first 1/2 marathon a year and a half later. Standing at the start I swore I’d never do it again. Three hours later (yes, I’m that slow) I crossed the finish line to my waiting husband with tears streaming down my face because I had just done something I never thought was possible, and thanked him for making me do it. I have gone on to run 3 more 1/2 marathons and improved with each one. Running is my time and something I do for me. It’s time to make my dream of running a marathon come true and Philly is the perfect place to do it. I am originally from PA, started running when we lived in Ohio, and now live in Michigan. I’d love to fulfill my dream in my home state.

  40. I am the mother of three children, 53 years old, working to be a better version of myself each day. And I must be a bit crazy even asking you to consider me for this opportunity. I will be running my very first half marathon in April…YIPES! Captaining a relay team in the Burlington City Marathon will be my May challenge. So, what is my next challenge? Is it training for a marathon with you lovely ladies? SAY YES!!!
    Having virtual support from you two would be amazing, as I have trained for my half pretty much on my own, with email and text support from a terrific sister-in-law and her daughter.
    Pennsylvania means going back home for me, so the Philadelphia Marathon is definately a desirable destination race.
    SAY YES!!!

  41. I am a 43 ur old mother to a 12 year old daughter. Can we say running is a huge stress reliever for the 1st year middle school drama we are dealing with!!!! I am one of the crazies that LOVES running….not the fastest or the best, but I am totally addicted. It’s one of my “bucket list” items to run a marathon, and to do it with one of you amazing ladies by my side….that would be an over the top experience!!!!

  42. I would love to do 26Strong! I am a 41 year old AOR (adult onset runner), mom of two boys 11 & 13, wife, and part time RN who lives in North Idaho. (Just north of Coeur d’Alene, Dimity!) I have run 2 local half marathons over the last 2 years, and I try to use area 5&10k’s for training runs as often as possible. I have dabbled in trail running as well.
    I am an ideal candidate for this because I am ready to do a full (Portland in October is the plan at this point), but what I really want (and need) is a TRIBE and a PLAN and some GUIDANCE! I don’t have a BRF, so I would jump at the chance for a training partner- virtual or otherwise.
    Also, the City of Brotherly Love holds a special place in my heart, as I was born near there. I still have family and friends in the area that I know would come to cheer us at the finish line!
    So, please PICK ME for the 26Strong program- I would be over the moon to run the Philadelphia Marathon with you two!

  43. I started running one year ago this month, just days before my son’s first birthday. I joined my local Moms RUN This Town chapter and was amazed at how much those women inspired and believed in me. Most of my runs included my son in our B.O.B. stroller, and for several months this worked out well. That is, until I ran my first 5k without stopping! After that I was hooked. My husband bought me your books and I trained for (and completed) my first half marathon! Since then my son only gets to join me on runs 4 or less miles. Most recently I completed (and rocked) the Glass Slipper Challenge! I saw you ladies from a distance there and immediately wondered how awesome it would be to just run with you some day. Who knew there would actually be a chance to! I have never run a full marathon but if given the chance to run side by side with you ladies I know it would be the experience of a lifetime!

  44. Four years ago I started a couch to 5k program and tried a 5k. 3 years ago I walked a half marathon. Two years ago I ran a half marathon. 6 months ago I had a baby. Today I ran my 10 miler, and then joined my best friend for her first 5k. We did a easy walk/jog, and it was super fun. Which means that today…today I randomly ended up doing a half marathon. Without actually planning it. Just because…well, I guess because I could. Which is shocking. And amazing. As I was running I just kept thinking of how much I love my body. My body that jiggles and chafes and is slower then I wish, is strong and powerful and takes me further and faster then I dared even dream about four years ago. Perhaps even 26.2…

  45. *Disclaimer–I am not entering*
    I have always said “I will NEVER run a marathon!” Then while I was training fro my first 10K I started thinking about a half. Didn’t know when I would do it, until the Virtual opportunity came along. I have loved finding out that I can do hard things. It is the most satisfying and self-loving thing that I have ever done. I still don’t know that I will run a marathon, but I think I might try it once, just to see if I can. Running it with you—either one of you—would be So. MUCH. FUN! You excel at making us all–as a tribe–feel like you know us personally. It would be an opportunity of a lifetime, and as an “average” person, for me to show others just how possible the impossible is. So, why am I not entering? I have a very strict “No running on Sunday” rule. I won’t brake it for anything…even though I thought about it for about a second. So, if you ever feel like doing this again, I hope you might pick a non-Sunday race. Good-luck to everyone. Especially to the eventual winners. Enjoy the journey. And the destination!

  46. I laced up my shoes after a group of friends began updating their Facebook walls with running stats and PRs. There was something in their post-race photos showing their happiness, relief and amazing self-confidence that I needed to be a part of. I ran my first 5K in 10/2013 and completed my second half in 3/2014. I hoped that my post-race photo would mirror my friends’ finish line snapshots. And it did, with one thing missing – self-confidence.
    I want to run a marathon because I don’t think I can. I’ve convinced myself that finishing a half-marathon is no big deal (after all I did it), but a marathon is different. I can’t imagine crossing the finish line and it’s this self-doubt and the fear that pushes me forward. I’ve decided if I manage to to complete a marathon, then all my doubts and short-comings would become surmountable. My failures and false-starts in all facets of my life would fade away and finally as a 45 year old mother runner I would embody my favorite quote by George Elliot, “It is never too late to become what I might have been.”

  47. I would love to be a part of the 26Strong program! I am a wife, and mother of 2 crazy boys, 8 years old and almost 3 years old. I started running in college, but didn’t really take it seriously until after I had my first son. I enjoyed 5Ks and a couple 10Ks, nothing too challenging. My pregnancy with my second son was really rough on my body and I struggled to get back to running until last summer when I knew my brain needed it as much as my body (if not more). We moved from Dallas to Denver late last summer and the altitude has been… interesting for lack of a better word… and I’m still adjusting when I exercise, but slowly building my miles back up. I have planned on running the Half on the 4th in Colorado Springs on July 4th and would love to cross the finish line of my fist marathon with your help. It’s always been on my to do list and what a better time then now!

  48. Before kids I was content, no, thrilled to run 5ks. The adrenaline, the short distance for a beginner, the vast selection of charities to select from. It was perfect. When I had children things changed. I soon found myself crying with pride when I gained distance, something out of a hallmark commercial or something. Tomorrow morning I run my first half marathon supported by women in the gazelle girl. But the true pride comes from the moment when my 3 yr old son asked to run next to me on my runs not in the stroller. Seeing him with a huge smile and chatting all the way while completing his first MILE run melted my heart. What I thought all along I was doing for myself, I was also doing for my kids, teaching them physical fitness and dedication. So I here I am with aching legs and a cold contemplating running a marathon with you ladies. never would have this crossed my mind. But I do need some help, and not from any running coach, but from someone who ‘gets’ it. A mother. Amy

  49. This is exactly what I need to get my mother running booty back at it. I’m a first time mom to a now 16 month old. I’ve got 5 half marathons under my belt from my pre-mom days. I would love the opportunity to have a structured plan and support to move up to the full marathon. The best part is I just re-located to Philadelphia and cannot think of a better place to run my first marathon! I am more than fine with having training documented publicly (hello accountability! I could use some of that…). Even if I don’t luck out to become part of 26Strong, I will be cheering the other mother runners on in Philadelphia on Nov. 23!

  50. I figure I have nothing to lose my throwing my name in the hat. I am a ftwm of two. Social media, specifically a facebook post from a friend whose oldest is the same age as my oldest inspired me to return to running after a 13 year hiatus. Reading that post changed my life. Over the last three years I have run 4 halfs and several other smaller races. I even ran while pregnant with my second. Running provides a release and a sense of accomplishment in my very chaotic world. I am scheduled to run NYC in November as my first but can’t pass up the chance of sharing my journey through social media in the hope of maybe inspiring or at least encouraging “anothermotherrunner.” I am also already running in Saucony sneakers so wearing the gear from head to toe won’t be problem. I am truly grateful for any consideration!!

  51. This might just be the time for me to graduate from my Halfs and step up to a Full! Couldn’t imagine how great it would be to gab and run with the two of you AND I lived in Philadelphia for 15 years so I know where the good food, wine , beer and shopping are AND how to avoid some of the traffic so I wouldn’t just be dead weight! The Philadelphia Marathon is also two weeks after my 50th birthday and this would be a great way to usher in my next half-century!

    (P.S. Thanks for coming to Raleigh. Meeting you both was great and it was so inspiring to be in the same place with so many mother runners!!!)

  52. I have been agonizing over whether to throw my hat in (or is it running shoe?) for this amazing opportunity since you announced it. Why? Quite simply fear. I’ve wanted to run a marathon since I started running 4 yrs ago at age 43. I’ve 10 halfs among other races but I haven’t stepped for the big one yet. I want to run a marathon before I turn 50, and it feels like the planets are aligning on this – I love Saucony! I was originally planning to run the Philly Half (weekend’s already blocked on the calendar)! And having already experienced having Dimity offering encouragement at ZOOMA Cape Cod (I PR’d!), I know having one of you to cheer me on would be the icing on the cake! I always tell my sons to not let fear keep them from something they truly want. Time for me to walk the talk!

  53. I AM A RUNNER! Sarah and Dimity have both taught me that and drilled it into my head – no excuses! But what it really boils down to is getting a break from my kids, and if that means running a marathon to do it, then count me in! (I am only joking, really…)

    I just ran my first half in February and will be running my 2nd half as part of the AMR Strava half challenge, so this is the perfect timing for the next step – and what an amazing opportunity! If Dimity is willing to run another marathon to help someone, I totally want to be a part of that. Plus I absolutely love Saucony! I live in San Diego and have 3 kids. I started running a couple of years ago to get some sanity back, but have only been consistent with it for the past year. I am so ready for this!
    If I don’t get picked, I hope there will be a virtual option – that would also be amazing.

  54. Reading about this great oppertunity gave me goose bumps. 1. I love all things Saucony! Enough said. 2. My first full marathon! I am 38 and completing a full is on the bucket list to do before 40. 3. A destination run(travel required outside of WI)also on bucket list. 4. STRONG! Will be finishing my 2nd half via the StravaProveItChallenge. I have persivered all kinds of weather as I only have the great outdoors to run in. And embrace the added challenge with every run. 5. Sarah or Dimity! My own cheering section right along side me. Priceless! Would definitly beat the current passing of a cow, horse, dog, cat, turkey, skunk that currently cheer me on out on country roads. Oh and the singing birds and blowing wind. Heres to having luck on my side, thanks! 🙂

  55. I would love to run a marathon with your help. I am 47 year old mother of three and just started running at the age of 43 when my older sister passed away suddenly. I was devastated and took up running as a form of therapy and to improve my health. That year I ran a quarter marathon and watched half of the crowd run a half and thought they were crazy. Then I kept running and that very September I ran my first half and cried like a baby. It changed everything! This year I was committed to signing up for the Chicago Marathon (where I live), but the chances of me making the cut are slim to none with their new lottery system and I’m afraid if I don’t do it this year, I won’t run one. The only thing that keeps me on track is having something to look forward to and train for. I was bummed about the lottery and then I saw your post. I took it as a sign. I love being told what to do and that’s when I’m at my best. So please pick me to boss around for a few months! I would love it.

  56. Dear Sarah and Dimity,
    You mother runners have no idea how you have motivated me to believe I could be a real runner! Never did I think I would ever call myself a runner, until I read your books. You have given me an appreciation for being a mother and a runner, who knew a mom could have it all? It’s a constant struggle for me to keep up with pressures of a career, raise 2 healthy and somewhat socially adjusted children, give attention to my neglected but devoted husband, and save enough time for luxuries like shaving my legs so I don’t embarrass myself again at spin class. The first race I ever ran a race was a half marathon with my husband 10 years ago, no training and completely clueless. We paid dearly for such foolishness! Since having my second child I have ran several 5ks, triathlons, 10ks, trail runs, and even a hometown Wisconsin snowshoe race, but I have yet to run another half marathon, let alone a full marathon. I finally believe I can do it, I’m ready for this knowing you would be by my side!

  57. I am a mother runner to two beautiful girls (18 months and 3.5 years) outside of Jacksonville, Florida. I started running more regularly (since last delivery, anyway) last summer and decided to train for my first half marathon, the Disney Princess Half, this past February. I did another half marathon on Thanksgiving day last year as a training run for The Princess. I am a super busy mom…I know, everyone says that. I work full time as an Ob/Gyn, delivering babies, surgery, the works. My hubby also works full time and is training for his first marathon. I have also wanted to train for a marathon but just haven’t felt it was the right time or that I could definitely commit to the time needed. I think this might be just right for me. In general I am a solo runner for training and run with my BRF for races. I would love an accountability partner too:)

  58. Wife. Mother. Executive. Runner. That about sums it up for me but it’s the Mother and Runner combination that keeps me grounded and sane!

  59. I am a mother of two and live in Bay Area. I have been running for just two years and have fallen in love with it.
    I never was encouraged to do anything athletic as a child and have always struggled with my weight. In my twenties I was diagnosed with arthritis and I gradually developed hammer toes. In 2001 I had corrective surgery but things went terribly wrong. I had to have 2 toes amputated.
    Fast forward 13 years, lots of life changes and a road to recovery. I have ran 3 half marathons. More importantly, I just ran a 5k with my two kids. I want to be a strong role model for them and I think tackling this marathon would be awesome!

  60. It has taken me this long to think about how I could be a candidate for 26 Strong, and here it is… For the past 5 years or so I have been strong as many women having children have to be. Shortly after my first babe, my husband lost his license for 2 years… when he got his license back, I found out that I was pregnant with my second babe! Both of my kids and my husband are the loves of my life, my heart and soul. I have been STRONG as we say for them… for holding down the family, being a chauffeur, and a coach/teacher for my job. Shortly after my second, my husband had a great opportunity to open his own business. Thus, STRONG again for all of my family. This year I decided to run a Marathon before this came out… my reasons are to see how I can be STRONG for myself, not for my kids, not for my husband, not for my students/players, but for me and only me!

  61. I am a great candidate for 26strong program because I am just another mother runner looking to stand strong. I also love Saucony! I was training for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon last year but it was canceled due to ice. Total bummer. So, I have almost been a marathoner but not quite yet max mileage 18 miles. I’m in Memphis, TN, and had the pleasure of meeting you ladies at the event here. (Our crazy “Stader” pose you joined us in for a picture. I am a mother of two boys. I currently want more than anything to finish what I started last year but not just for me but for my sister who has recently broken both her legs and has been told will likely never be able to run again. Thank you for consideration and an awesome opportunity.

  62. Hi there, I am a mother-runner of 3 daughters, 3 dogs, 3 chicken & 2 bunnies. We moved to WI from the UK 2 yrs ago and since then I have become part of wonderful triathlon & running community here in Madison. This year I have 3 half marathons on the docket as well as a couple of half Ironman triathlons and Ironman Wisconsin. The marathon still remains elusive to me however. I was entered to my first one last year but PF brought that dream crashing down. This would be an awesome opportunity to race with some amazing people for my first 26.2!

  63. I am a soon to be 46 year old mother of twin 14 year old girls and married to a two-time marathoner. I was reunited with my love for running in 2010 after a nearly twenty-five year hiatus. Since rekindling the love of running, I have completed a number of 5K’s, 10K’s and seven half marathons. I usually run three days a week and ride my road bike one day each week for cross training. I have been thinking about stepping up to a marathon but have not had the courage to sign up yet. My husband has encouraged me and assured me that I can do it. With support at home and from other mother runners, I know I will succeed.

  64. Completing 26.2 is on my bucket list! I will be turning 40 next year and would love to do it before then. I have run 2 half marathons, my last one was last year… Memorial Day weekend. I am a mother runner of 2 kids….4 and 2 months old. I started my running journey 2 years ago after giving birth as a surrogate for my sister who is a breast cancer survivor. I have been hooked ever since! I would love the opportunity to actual run with you in real life…since I feel like already run with you by listening to your podcasts. I’m a northern Michigan transplant originally from NJ and lived in AZ for bit too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. Live like Ox. That is why I want to run this marathon with you, my first marathon. 4 years ago I couldn’t, wouldn’t run but I wanted to have a hobby to share with my husband. So I trained for and ran the Dana Point Turkey Trot (one of the largest in the country). The day before that race my husband made a comment about a 10 minute mile pace being so slow that I might as well walk. It was that moment that I decided that I wanted something for myself. I wanted to prove that a 10 minute mile was worth it. The next year my husband was on a dirt bike adventure ride (Rip to Cabo) with a guy named Ox. Ox lived life to the fullest and he died on that ride doing what he loved full out. I decided that I was going to live like Ox. I trained for my first half marathon that year. Being a mom of 3 athletes got in the way though and being a mom I let me needs come 5th (you know, behind the 3 kids and the husband). I have trained for 6 more half marathons (but only made it to the starting line 3 times – for the same sad reason).

    Yesterday my husband came home from his annual dirt bike trip wearing a shirt that reads, “live like ox” and today I found out about this contest. I want to live life full out doing something I love. I love running and I want to run the Philadelphia Marathon with the mother runners. Your podcast gets me through most of my runs, I want you to get me through my first half marathon.

    P.S. My hubby doesn’t run anymore and has only once run a half marathon. Some part of me wants to show him up to get back at him for that 10 minute mile comment 🙂

  66. I would love this opportunity! I have never done a marathon, though am about to do half marathon #6. I am planning to do Chicago in October, but Philadelphia is also on my race list!

    I turn 40 this year and it’s been a dream of mine to a marathon this year. Having the support and wisdom to draw from on this journey would be priceless!!

    I am a mother of two…. a 3 year old and a 20 year old.

  67. What a wonderful opportunity!! I’d be honored! I’m a 34 yr old full time working mother runner of 2 sets of twin boys (5 yrs & 2 yrs), living in Tewksbury, MA. I’ve been running most of my life participating in 5 & 10K’s here and there. About a year ago I joined a local women’s running club and began training with these strong, beautiful and amazing ladies. Completed my first half in Boston this past October in under 2 hrs. I’m registered for my 2nd half in Boston this June and seriously considering my first ever full in the fall. Running a full marathon has been on my bucket list and something I’ve always wanted to do since I was kid. I actually had the courage to apply to Boston this year, but unfortunately did not get accepted…
    I’m injury free and currently train 4-6 days a week. People often ask me how I have the time to do this with a full time job and 4 little boys. My answer is simple, I don’t have time, I make time. Even if that means doing all this at 5am before the day actually starts! Running makes me a better and happier mom/wife. It’s my “me” time and helps keep me sane in this crazy thing called life! Would love to run my first marathon with the both of you!!!!

  68. Just reading about this giveaway made me giddy! I would love the chance to run with you ladies (okay, it would be more like a run/walk/stumble/crawl). I am doing my first half in June, and it has been on my bucket list to run a marathon since I started running 5 years ago. I am a 38 year old mom of 3, ranging in age from 2 to 9, living here in Kentucky. My husband is in school, and I spend most of my days at home with at least one kid, and work part-time, and blog occasionally.
    I have found running to be my outlet, but if I don’t have a race to train for, I am L.A.Z.Y. I need a reason to push myself, and races are the only thing I’ve found that motivates me. (And being able to eat ice cream without guilt, too.) It is crazy how I love how I feel after a run, but man, I really don’t like the run itself. And please shoot me if I have to do it on a dreadmill! That is it’s own circle of hell! I have only run intermittently over the past 5 years, having a baby in there, moving to another state, and acclimating to life as a stay at home mom. Since last fall, I have been really focused more on it, and just ran my longest distance race a few weeks ago (7 miles). Originally, I began running to lose weight, but now, I do it more because of the euphoria after the run. I still need to lose weight, but I have less anxiety about my body, just because I am so proud and amazed at what it is able to do.
    All this to say…”Pick me! Pick me!!”

  69. Hello! I am a 34-year-old mom of two kids, ages almost 10 and almost 6, and work as an accounting professor in Manhattan, Kansas. I ran cross country all through high school and I enjoyed the experience, but unfortunately, was never very fast. So after high school, I decided that I was Breaking Up with Running Forever. I was surprisingly good at keeping this promise until I was 30 years old, when I have discovered that I not only tolerate but actually love running, and have made peace with the fact that I am slow.

    Since getting back together with running in 2010, I have raced 4 half marathons (as of tomorrow!), speed walked in 3 half marathon races, as well as racing a plethora of 10ks and 5ks. Since January 2013, I have been running a road race every month since I absolutely love races. My favorite distance so far has been the half marathon, which I have enjoyed so much that I decided that for 2014, I would like to run my first full marathon…in Philadelphia, which hosts a wonderful race for a first-time marathoner! This would truly be my dream city to race in. 🙂

  70. Hello! I think I would be a good candidate for the 26Strong program. I am a 39 year old, Vermont based mother of two (daughter age 10 and son age 5), and I’ve never run a marathon before. My first half marathon (with the AMR Prove It challenge) is coming up on May 10, so I would be ready to start marathon training within weeks of the half. I’ve already run 10+ mile runs in training, so I’m well on my way to building the proper base.

    This past year has been a challenging one for me. I took control of my own health and fitness, and I’ve lost over 50 pounds. Recently, my weight has been fairly static, but I’ve still got 30 pounds or so to go. I would love to toe the line at the marathon in November with even better fitness than I have now. I’m injury free (with creaky almost 40 year old joints, but nothing in the way of actual injury).

    Philadelphia is one of my favorite cities! I walked in the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk there (60 miles in 3 days), and the people were amazing. I would love to have my first marathon experience there. 🙂

  71. This is my year to run a marathon! I ran the NYC half and as I ran through Times Square I said to myself, I am in it this year. I waited (not so) patiently for the lottery results when I saw a NYRR charge on my credit card. I was sure I had gotten in, but my husband had also applied. Guess who got in? Yup, the hubby and not me. I am still determined to run a marathon this year after having run 3 halfs and numerous smaller races it is time to step up! I would love to run with you ladies and Philly isn’t too far from home in Connecticut. I am a mom to a 5 and 6 year old and running is my sanity! When I ran NY and came home my 5 year old daughter was so excited because I had a PR, I was more excited because she knew what a PR was. Plus I teach Kindergarten…what a wonderful life lesson for my class! I normally run alone so it would be motivating to have my own personal cheerleaders to help me get across and share some great laughs (and maybe tears)!

  72. I’m from the Seattle area, and I did my first half marathon with my son almost 4 years ago on his 21st birthday. It was not my idea but rather his, and since he was going through a rough period in his life, I did what a mom does, and laced up some running shoes and joined him. On day 1, we could barely run a mile but by the end of the training, I was hooked! A year later my daughter wanted to run a half with me, and a year after that my youngest decided it was her turn. While my husband hasn’t joined us, he’s our biggest supporter.

    To date I’ve run 6 half marathons all with my kids, and Ragnar with friends. I’m currently in week 3 of training for Rock’n’Roll Seattle half using TLAM Own it plan and although all my kids are running the half, I’ve let them know I’m ready to OWN this race and will be cheering for them but not running beside them this time. Saucony’s 26Strong Program couldn’t have come at a better time, as my plan is to ramp up after this half (and Ragnar in July) and do a full marathon – MY FIRST☺ in November.

  73. I’m a 38 yr old mom of 2 boys (ages 2 & 3), wife, full time employee at a tech company that requires more travel than I care to admit, and an owner of 6 pets (yes 6 – don’t ask). We live in Littleton, CO. Life for us is, uh, busy. I’ve been a runner off and on since high school – I’ve done countless 5ks, 10ks, about a half dozen half marathons. I’ve started training for a marathon a couple of times and each time something kicked my butt – pregnancy, illness, injury, life in general. I’m training for a half this summer -G’town to Idaho Springs Half – redemption from a miserable race 10 years ago. What better way to put that bad race behind me than not only kicking its read end, but completing a marathon later in the year. That marathon goal is like a pesky rodent I’m trying to trap but has thus far been elusive. PS: I’m wicked funny and honest and will be as entertaining as humanly possible.

  74. Hello! I am a 34 year old mom of 3 beautiful babies (ages 5, 4 and 1). I have been running off and on since I was 12 years old, but took a break in my early 20’s. I fell back in love with running when I was 25 and continued running until I took a break for my first child. It seemed that every time I fell back in love with running, I became pregnant once again (lol). My second and third pregnancies were more difficult, which prevented me from completing any physical activities while I was carrying my babes. I knew that I was finished carrying babies after #3 so I was excited to rekindle my love affair with my running shoes. After feeling motivated from my successful transition back into a regular running routine, I found out that I had colon cancer. My world stopped and I had to take another break from running.
    My surgery and treatment came fast. All I could think about was recovering for my family. I had three beautiful babes that needed their mom. While I was recovering and confined to my bed, I began reading your book. It really spoke to me, and made me reflect on the importance of living a healthy, balanced life. After several weeks (6 weeks to be exact) I began to plan for my first date with my shoes, it would be a 2 mile run that I had ran so many time before. While out on my first post-surgery run, I had a lot of pain. I had a healing scar from a drainage tube that I could feel with every stride. I was overcome with emotions that I was alive and physically able to run, again.
    I met Dimity at the Disney Princess half marathon. I was, again, over come with emotions when I met her (I was the mother runner who immediately began crying and thanking you for your powerful messages). You have no idea how far your words have gone and how deep they have impacted others. I would be incredibly honored to train and run a marathon with the AMR tribe. I promise to limit the tears, as much as I can. ☺

  75. 26.2 is on my bucket list for the year! I turned 40 in January and my goal is it complete one by Dec 31. I run with another mother runner Monica who is my source of accountability but would love to have the two of you directing my training for my first full. I will have completed three halfs prior to the November date along with The 25K River Bank Run in Grand Rapids MI. Running and traning this past winter in Mears, MI has been lets say challenging so getting to train during the warm months with two wonderful mentors is just what a gal needs after a long, Long , LONG cold winter! bring on the 26.2!

  76. Well, I already feel like I run with you both especially on my long runs because I just found all of your podcasts on itunes but having you in person would be amazing. I’m the mother of 2 young kids (2 and 3). I live in Bedford, Virginia and just started running again last summer after realizing that I was never going to be able to go to the gym 3 days a week and I could run after everyone went to bed (I am not a morning person). I just finished my first 10 miler in Charlottesville and loved it although I realized when I got there that I had picked out the wrong running skirt because I got dressed in the dark in the hotel room (trying not to wake my sleeping crew). I grabbed the skirt with a nice icing stain from the kids cupcake the night before and I forgot to wash off the marker stains on my legs from coloring. I also had to keep my GU in my sports bra during the race because aforementioned skirt did not have pockets. I’m signed up for the Richmond marathon but Philly would be fabulous!

  77. Oh you have just had one or two people show interest in this so far ;).
    My name is Thea, I am 37 (will have JUST turned 38 at the time of the marathon), I have two kiddos (4 and 10 months). I have been running for over a decade, but just got into (read obsessed) with distance after my first child. I have run three half marathons, with another in the books for May. I am intending to run a marathon in the fall (regardless of you choosing me or not).

    I live in Rhode Island, and I hate the treadmill, so I have braved this past winters weather with eyelashcicles and haircicles as well (this morning I ran without gloves, it was a BIG DEAL).

    Why you should choose me:
    1. I’m fun, and I love to run.
    2. I’m from Rhode Island, the smallest states, it is like I would be beating all the odds.
    3. I REALLY want to run/FINISH a marathon. I was signed up for the Disney Marathon in January of 2013, but became pregnant with my second while training. Since it would have been my first marathon, I didn’t really feel up to that kind of training while preggo and I dropped to the half. Aside from wanting to cross it off my bucket list, I would really like to see which is harder, a marathon or labor.

    Thank you for considering me!

  78. Wow! What a great opportunity! I hate talking about myself in writing (reminds me of resumes and college admission essays) but here goes. I live in Chapel Hill, NC (talked with y’all for the second time at Capital Run Walk last night) and I am mom to an 11 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. I work full time. I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life but after getting pregnant (by suprise) with my son at 39, surviving a very difficult pregnancy, holding down a ful time job and part time graduate school, his premature birth, time on the NICU and a baby who did not sleep through the night, I put on more weight than ever before. I gave myself a free pass until my son was 20 months and then I committed to lose weight. I starred Weight Watchers and walking. Then, I wanted to run.

    I went to my local bookstore and saw Run Like a Mother so I bought it. Life changing! Your books made me feel like I could do this thing called running even though I was not built kike a traditional runner, that I could take time for me, that I could love something althletic and that there was a tribe! Fast forward to now. I’ve lost 70 pounds, joined a local running group and will toe up to the start of my second half marathon in Raleigh on Sunday!

    On a recent long run, one where I felt like I could fly and run forever, the idea of running a full marathon has crept in. Now, it has become a goal but I need a little help (OK, a lot of help) to get me there. I love running down the miles on a long run with a friend (the short runs are all me time). Y’all make me laugh in your books and podcasts, your books inspired me, your t-shirts clothe me! I can’t think of two people I’d rather train and run with!

  79. Am I going crazy?? Ever since I heard this offer at the Charlotte book reading you gave (great time, thank you!); I have had the little people in my head going back and forth about entering this contest. So I am sitting here on my 4 year old daughters pink bean bag in my living room at 5 in the morning throwing my shoe into the ring. The thought of running a marathon terrifies me, completely. It also excites me – the thought of just being able to do something that big.
    Terriexcite… is that a word? …. I never would have even considered it until now. Something about seeing people’s lofty ambitions stickered to their shirts made me think about mine. Ha or lack there of! My sticker said “continue to run long miles” (insert music wah wah wahhhhhhh).

    So What the hell! Why Not?! I can do this, I’m in!

    I’m 38, although I seriously just almost colored in the dot for the ‘30-34’ age group on my recent half marathon registration. Bahahahahahah. I have to admit it is not the first time I have done this… DENILE is what I am in. I have three amazing and incredible daughters an 11 year old (stepdaughter), 4 & 2 (biological) and a pretty incredible husband (most of the time). I do some freelance writing in between wrestling the daily life in Charlotte. I will be completing my second half marathon, and first race since the birth of my babies tomorrow – – which is why I am writing this today ;). I have done a couple triathlons (sprint), I was training for an Olympic but found out I was pregnant a month before the race…. Can you believe that?! So pick me! And my friend Stephanie Elliot too (then we can train together)!!

  80. I am a Munich, Army brat – got-stuck-in-Germany-full-time-working Mom. I’m married to a German with three amazing kids, Giulia 16, Henry almost 15 and Emily who is 8. I ran my first half-marathon in Munich last June and was thrilled. I was so excited that I wanted to sign up for a full marathon in Berlin, just to find out that – how silly of me to think that would be easy – they were fully booked within one day.
    The first time I started running was when I was 12 or 13. I competed in a Munich event and remember thinking ‘this will be easy’. Little did I know that the girl in front of me had been the German Champion that year. I tried keeping her pace, reaching second but not ever wanting to run again thereafter in my life. I was exhausted!! I was always very athletic so my teachers believed me when I made up tiny excuses for not being ‘able to’ participate in any longer runs at school anymore. Only after I had my first child and my husband supported me in getting in shape again by running on a regular basis did I start running again. Ever since it’s been something I enjoy. I wanted to run my first half marathon before I turned 40 but my youngest was hit by a car just a week before the run. Thank God she made it and is all fine again. When I finally managed the half marathon last year it was a special highlight and meant so much to me. It was like putting away all those ‘negative connections’ to the accident.
    This would be yet another step in my running life and an amazing opportunity just the same.

    I’d be delighted if you were to consider me and more than happy to make the trip to the States for this!

    Barbara from Munich, Germany

  81. PICK ME!!!! PICK MEEEEE!!!!

    I am a single mom of 6 yr old twin girls and an 11 yr old son, who trained for the Portland Marathon in 2010 until July and quit when it sold out. I am NOT a runner, but I believe in goals and bucket lists and doing things that push my boundaries, and I REALLY wanted to put that damn sticker on my car! Not to mention every time I tell my son to finish what he starts he reminds me that in fact I did not finish the Marsthon though I trained and even made it up to the 18 mile fun with Portland Fit. I know he wanted to watch me cross the finish line. My goal was to run a marathon before I’m 40, I’ll be 39 in June. So I sighed up with Portland fit this year and have begun the training process. I need all the help, support and encouragement I can get! I’m 25 lbs hevier now and 3 years older it will be a struggle, but this time nothing will stop me! I’m a life coach and motivational
    Speaker and blogger, it’s time I practice what I preach!!

    PICK ME!!!!

  82. I am a Portland stay-at-home mom to two awesome kids: a daughter who is 10 months and a son who is 4 years old. I have run 3 half-marathons, one of which has been since having kids. I’m currently training for a quarter marathon Mother’s Day weekend, and hoping to run a half this summer. It has always been my dream to run a marathon, but just haven’t gotten that far yet. I think this would be the perfect opportunity! I’m not necessarily what you would call a natural runner–I’m short and not really athletic. I began running as an adult, and it changed how I saw myself. It made me realize I could accomplish more than I ever thought I could. If I can run 13 miles–what else can I do that I told myself I couldn’t!? It’s definitely not always easy to find the time, or energy!, to go out for a run, but it is something I do to take care of myself (since the rest of my day is focused on taking care of everyone else!). Thank you so much for considering me for this amazing opportunity!

  83. Ok, here goes (that’s kind of what I thought when I started running). I’m a 41 year old mother of a teen son. Running for me is a very new and very unexpected joy that I discovered in 2013. I’m a pianist and music teacher so exercise has never been my thing and about a year and a half ago I found my self very overweight, a twenty year smoker and in general, perfectly miserable. I felt horrible. In December of that same year my marriage of 18 years abruptly came to an end and I found myself a fat, single, jobless mother of an awesome teen son. I had just begun to walk and had quit smoking before the split and was determined not to let the new circumstances ruin everything. One night in the midst of an anger and adrenaline rush I realized I could run around the shortest block in my neighborhood. I downloaded C25K app and began running shortly after. I completed the womens walk/run program in Memphis. Since my first run, I’ve lost 70 lbs, I still haven’t smoked and my son is seeing how much better I feel and is just as delighted as me. I have a boyfriend now and last fall I talked him into running too. Through diet and exercise we have lost a combined 160 lbs. My longest run to date has been just shy of 6 miles.

    I’m still in the process of this new self discovery and would be delighted at the opportunity to train for and run a Marathon. I don’t know if I have enough time to do well but would be willing to work my rear off to make it happen. I met both of you at the Another Mother Runner party in Memphis and was inspired. I love the gentle and fun spirit that you ladies project and running with you would be the perfect way to run my first marathon.

  84. I’m selfish! There I said it now let me explain. I started running 2 years ago as a means to lose weight. You know look better, feel better. At that time my kids were 6 and 4, my husband traveled 40% and we homeschooled our children. I fell in love with running (sort of). Kind of like a dysfunctional love/hate relationship. Just as I was beginning to get into a groove, I found out that I was pregnant. Determined to stay fit and healthy I continued to run during my pregnancy with a vow to stay healthy. Now at 4 months post pardom I’m preparing to run my 3rd half marathon with a goal to run a full marathon this year. So homeschooling kids, husband now travels 60% of the time, nursing a newborn and finding time to run isnt easy, but motherhood never is! Training for the marathon will take dedication and support from family and friends. I have a wonderful support system and know that I’m up for the challenge. Running allows me to focus on me, freely giving me the opportunity to be “selfish”.

  85. Yoo-hoo there! I turn 16 November 23, and cannot think of a better way to start the next year of my life! I am an avid reader and soccer player, and I decided to read through “100 Books to Read before you die”(a little prematurely, I hope-haha). Book 6 I read is “Born to Run” by Chris McDougall. Even though my dad has been an active runner his whole life(he’s still running 20+ miles a week in his 50s), I never really tried it. Now, after a month and a half, running shoes are the way I relax. I have never had a serious injury, and soccer keeps the hips strong, which keeps the knees strong(but you know that). I plan to run a half marathon in july, right before I go back to school. I’ve run a few 5ks just with my family, but never any set races after I fell in love with running. My mom is one of my biggest inspirations in my life, and I want to do this to make her proud. I want to accomplish something that I need to work harder than anything else for, just like she has done throughout her entire life, building herself up from nothing. I live in CA. Thanks for the consideration! Keep running!

  86. I am a 33 year old mother of two young childre living in Suburban Chicago. When I first started running 2.5 years ago I began by reading “Train like a mother”. That was for the Chicago half-marathon in September. Six days before the race I had been training 12 weeks for my father passed away. Needless to say the race was emotional. Last year being my second year running I ran 2 half-marathons both in Chicago. I crossed the finish line of one race with my sister in law. Something about crossing the finish line holding someone’s hand makes the experience so much more rememberable. This year is my third year running and am running a half marathon in May with my very best friend, another mother runner, in Wisconsin where I completed my undergraduate degree. While training for this half I listen to Another Mother Runner podcasts and have learned so much, I have been so inspired and would love the opportunity to push myself harder with your help and expertise.

  87. I am a mother runner of 3- twin 8 year old boys and a 5 year old girl- living in Billings, MT. I’ve been running for 10 years and have completed four 1/2 marathons and many 5K’s and 10K’s. I PR’d with the TLAM 1/2 “Own It Plan” in July and have enjoyed the 10K Strava challenge since January.

    I have a magnet that says “Peace…it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” ( Author unknown). Running gives me peace. In 2009 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I try to operate with a sense that every run is a gift. Fortunately, I haven’t relapsed in a few years and having MS really forces me to run smart. Strength training and stretching have kept me injury free for years. I’d love to do this challenge, but my greater goal is to run as long as I can and to enjoy all the people I get to meet and the places running takes me.

  88. Hello, I am Laura. I live in Denver, right in the city limits. I am a working mom of 1 little guy who is 3. My running history…I am a relative newbie to it. I started running just about a year ago. In August, 2013, I did my first 5K and fell in love. Since then I have done numerous 5Ks, a 10K and 2 half marathons. I have 1 more half marathon scheduled as well as the Warrior Dash. My journey is a little different. I was never athletic. I hated running and gym class growing up. Then I decided to give it a shot. I began with the Couch to 5K program and never stopped. In the process, I have lost 120 pounds from my highest pregnancy weight. It took me 2.5 years, but I did it. Running has taught me so much. It has given me confidence and strength which has influenced other areas of my life. I am a better person, employee, woman and mom because of it. I have also found a family in Moms Run This Town. In the words of one of my favorite fitness websites, Nerd Fitness…it is time to level up!

  89. I’m turning 40 in July, and to run my first marathon in this new age group would be pretty epic! I was also hoping to have a chance to run with you guys at Ragnar Northwest Passage, but y’all went with Napa Valley – so I’ll give this route a shot 🙂 I’ve done five half marathons over the last two and a half years (#6 scheduled for next month) and did start training for my first 26.2 just over a year ago. However, I became injured with a wonky hamstring/TFL and switched down to the Eugene half. I was bummed, but I’ve taken a lot of steps over the last year to improve the causes of my hamstring woes and am feeling good with 8-10 mile long runs right now. The idea of the marathon, and trying again, is always buzzing in my head. I know it will happen one day. To be able to cross the 26.2 finish line with your support would be the most amazing opportunity, I just had to throw my hat in the ring.

  90. I am a 34 year old mother runner of two. I also work full-time. Two and half years ago I never in a million years would have thought I could run 13.1 miles. I am proud to say that I just finished my eleventh half marathon last month. And with that experience, I know that I can run 26.2 miles and I would love to do it with you inspiring ladies! I live in Central New York so the cold weather in Philly in November will not bother me. I trained for my first race – the Chip and Dale Relay at Walt Disney World in January 2012 – through the cold winter months outside. My plan was to do my first marathon at WDW in January 2015 – coming full circle. But now I think that my first marathon in Philadelphia pushing myself to finish 26Strong is an even better idea! To me, the courage to sign up and start training for a marathon means almost as much as finishing. I will be looking forward to starting that journey with Another Mother Runner if you choose me.

  91. Whew. Well first of all, I’m scared and excited to leave this blog post comment. I’ve always told people who ask, “I’m going to need a good reason to run a marathon,” and well, you ladies are it! I’ve run 5 half marathons and love that distance. I have two halfs lined up before this November date, so training would fit perfectly! I’m a mother runner to two boys: 25 months and 4 months old – and I’ll need a little swift kick of motivation in my rear to get myself on a regular running routine again (between all the nursing, pumping, sleep deprived days! – You know how it goes!)

    I’m moving to Virginia this weekend, so Philly is super close! Plus my family is in PA and I’m sure they wouldn’t miss my first marathon! Anyway, being selected for this would further help my motivation to get out there and meet all the awesome ladies in my local MRTT group! (In fact, this is how I heard of your contest!) Anyway, thanks for reading and I appreciate your consideration!

    Ohhh and PS. Last April I ran the Nike Women’s Half in Saucony shoes… setting a new PR… while pregnant. TA DA!

  92. I would absolutely LOVE to run this marathon with you two – just the mere thought gives me butterflies (in a good way)! I live in Kansas with my husband and 2 children (10 and 7). I have done a bunch of 5Ks, a 10K, a Double Road Race, and two half-marathons. My husband’s schedule has gotten crazy lately and without any family nearby, my racing has taken a backseat. I love to run, and I miss the thrill and downright exhilarating feeling that racing gives me!

    I typically run 3-5 miles a day (along with alternating weights and stability ball exercises) unless I’m training for a race. I told myself last year that I was finally going to run a full marathon in April of 2014 – the Garmin Marathon. Flat, fast, and the perfect course for my first. Here we are and guess what? No marathon – never even signed up. Sinuses and a bad weather winter played a big part in this – my training just wasn’t where it needed to be. I’m not one of those people who can train for a marathon on a treadmill. I admire people who can, but that’s just not me.

    I’ve said a million times “you can DO this” and “you’ve GOT this,” yet I’ve always stopped short of hitting that “enter” button. I WANT to run a marathon SO BAD, and this would definitely give me the motivation I need. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  93. I would love to have Another Mother Runner along for the Philly Full ride with me. I am planning it as my first full. Having done 19 half marathons I want to go to the next level.

    Because I will be traveling for the race, my husband and sons won’t be there to see my cross that first marathon finish line.

    As one of the Moms RUN This Town mamas that you met in Orlando, I know training for the distance at the same time as you or whomever you pick will make it fun along the way.

  94. I would LOVE to run my 1st marathon with you ladies!! This year I had already planned on running my 1st marathon with my good friend and Running mommy Nicole. We are Running our 3rd Half Marathon Together this Sunday, then we decided to challenge ourselves with a 25 K in May. Hoping that everything goes smooth we would run our 1st marathon together in Akron OH in September. We have not signed up yet (not sure why as we are committed) So Plans can be changed and Ive never been to Philadelphia!!!

  95. mom of 2sets of twins.. chapel hill NC (thanks for the event tonight!). I have run 4 half marathons (disney, durham, wrightsville, savannah) – and wanted to do a full last year (Marine Corp in DC) – but, broke my heal falling downstairs in October. I am running to running post PT and eager to get a 26.2!

  96. During my late 20s and early 30s, I ran a different type of race. I was the youngest woman elected to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in northern Virginia. I had two children during my 8 years in office. That was like a marathon. I was exhausted! But I was not healthy. My life was not balanced. Who had time to cook or exercise? Skittles counted for Vitamin C. My exercise was during campaign season knocking on doors.

    I retired from elective office and moved to the Orlando, FL area. My brother-in-law encouraged me to sign up for the Disney 5k in Nov. 2012. I was hooked. I completed a 12k the following spring. Then, I conquered my first half marathon in 2013 at the Disney Wine and Dine race. Since then, I have completed several more races ranging from 5ks to half marathons. I love training with my moms group and running buddy. My 8 year old daughter has started running with me, too, including 5k races. But I have never run more than the half marathon distance.

    I am a 5th grade teacher, and my running medals hang in my classroom to help inspire students to set goals, train hard, and achieve. Therefore, it’s time to tackle the mother distance of 26.2 – a stretch goal! I believe that I am your ideal candidate. 2014 is my Year of Healthy Living. Eating healthy, running or cross training, and quality sleep are part of my daily to do list. I am ready for this. Will you be my mother runner?

  97. Just finished my first 1/2 Marathon at Myrtle Beach in February. I am the mother of an Army Ranger and my son and his commitment to the military and our country inspires me every day. In 2010, my sister and I made plans to run in a sprint triathlon together. We finished the race in July, side by side and 2 months later, I crashed an ATV and broke several ribs, my ankle and several bones in my foot. While rehabing, I bought a brand new pair of shoes and placed them on the table so I’d have to look at them every day. This February, I ran my first 1/2 marathon! I’m always looking forward to the next challenge!

  98. Wow! What an opportunity, I think I’m (one of) your girl(s). I am a 37 year old Mother Runner in Florida. I have run off and on my whole life but didn’t really get into distance until 7 years ago. Since then I have run 7 halfs. Recently, I have begun a new chapter, working mom who is also finishing a college degree. Running has taken a backseat and honestly I am devastated. I don’t feel like I can even call myself a runner anymore. My self-esteem has taken a hit. This. This opportunity sounds like a chance. A chance to get back in the game. A chance to regain my health. A chance to finish a goal (26.2) with the support of all of you. Take a chance on me, I am ready.

  99. It’s been my goal to finish my first full marathon this year, so it seems fated to run it with y’all–I ran my first half back in Nov 2012 and discovered “Run Like A Mother” while training. You two got me through that first, amazing race! It would be even more amazing to race beside you in person. I am a mother of three kids, ages 6, 4, and 2. November is my birth month so I save it for my “big” races to celebrate. I live just outside Savannah, Georgia and love running with my brfs from Moms Run This Town.

  100. I think I’d be PERFECT for this challenge. I am Mom to two boys who are 4 and 2, and they are both my inspiration and largest obstacle towards consistent running. I am a full-time fourth grade teacher. My two year old still does not sleep through the night, so a 5 am wake up call often comes in the form of a screaming child, and not an alarm clock sending me to get in my miles. So, while I know that all moms face time challenges, I think I would be the epitome of “If she can do it, anyone can.”

    I live in Denver, North Carolina(yes, such a place exists! :)), North of Charlotte. I have some pounds to lose, but am injury free and would commit 100%.

    Oh, and I’d be fun to run with, if you’re into a) sarcastic observations b)dry wit, c)alternating moments of despair and elation d) all of the above.

  101. I’m a 35 year old mother runner of 4 kids ages 3-11. I started running about 7 years ago but have been interrupted with my last 2 pregnancies (and life!). The first 6 years of my running life, I struggled to finish 3 miles. Within the last year, I’ve made running a priority and started a running club for mom’s in my community (we call ourselves “Runaway Mom’s”). In that time, I’ve finished a a couple 5k’s, a horrific 7mile trail run through a vineyard, a 10K and a half marathon! I’ve already signed up for my 2nd half in May and have lost over 20#’s in the process!!

    In the past, I have said I would never run a full marathon. When I saw your post about this opportunity I thought “THAT’s how to do it! Having someone to count on to check in on your progress AND run beside you the whole time at your pace!!!!???? Sounds Perfect!”

    I live in a small town in Northern Michigan and have a great group of woman to run with but right now no one else is up to the challenge of 26.2….

    Thanks for the opportunity…I’m looking forward to following the progress of the 2 winners!!!

  102. In December 2012, I registered for my first half-marathon the following May. My kids were one and three, and I needed the boost of a personal physical challenge. Two mornings later I woke with a severe case of Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis) on my right side. My smile was gone; my eye couldn’t close. My first inclination was to retreat. But when training started, in March, I made myself show up, assuming that by May my face would be healed and I would cross the finish line with a full smile. My recovery was slower than expected. On race day, though, I felt strong and proud, and proud to feel strong. I may have shown only half a smile at the finish, but the smile in my heart was tremendous. Now, sixteen months post-onset of the Bell’s Palsy, I know that my face will never offer a full smile again. But running has made me grateful, daily, for all that I do have. In June I will run my third half-marathon, and a full marathon is next. Instead of holding me back, my condition inspires me to keep showing up. My face may by “broken”; my body and spirit are far from it. Completing a marathon with you, Dimity and Sarah, would be an honor. (I live in Arlington, Ma.)

  103. Last year, 2 other mother runners and I started a girls’ running club at our local elementary school, where I teach. We have fundraised, paid for shoes and clothes and provide transportation for many members of the team. Our school is Title 1 and about half of the team can not afford lunch, let alone running shoes. Our first season, we had to BEG girls to come out! We are now in our third season, and have over 40 girls (and other moms) who joined our club! These running club practices are the best part of my week! I look forward to teaching the girls about running, positive self image, nutrition and goal setting. I have had a goal of running a marathon since I ran Division 3 track and cross country in college. I have yet to run a full marathon. I talk to the girls about pursuing their goals (even if they are small goals). I think it would be AWESOME for the girls on “Girls Run Herndon (Virginia) Elementary” team to see one of their coaches and teachers reach a goal! Pick me!

  104. Whoa. I suddenly remember how I felt 10 years ago, starting to write the essay portion of the GRE–like I might just write the words that will change my life. The short answer is that I meet all the criteria up there, and I would simply love to train and run with you mothers. The long answer, with all the details about my legitimate injury keeping me from the starting line of my 1st first marathon, and my legitimate mental weakness keeping me from the starting line of my 2nd first marathon, can be found on my blog ( The not-exactly-an-answer-but-I-still-feel-I-should-mention-it is that I will run a full marathon. I know I’ll eventually get to the starting line, and I know I’ll reach the finish line. And I’m sure those 26.2 miles will change my life in a way that no essay or <200 word comment ever could.

  105. 8 months ago my husband and I were blessed with twins, helping our family grow to 3 kids under 3 quite quickly. The first few months of our new lives were incredibly challenging for me and I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. As a result, I turned to running to help with the anxiety. Running gave me so much more though. It has given me a sense of self especially on those days where I feel like the management of 3 kids is more like a job than motherhood. Training for a marathon would give me a goal to work toward and to help me continue to cultivate “me” even when I’m being mom full-time.

  106. I really want to do this. I turned 40 this year and started running. I love it! I am up to 7 miles and doing lots of small races this spring. I really want to run a marathon and cross it off my bucket list– I know I can do it if I just have the right support and training. I’m mom to 2 boys and want to teach them you can do anything you put your mind to Also November 23 is the day before my 41st birthday so the marathon would culminate my 1st year of running!

  107. I’m pretty sure the stars are aligned for me..nov 23 is my daughter’s birthday and she’s the reason I started running 3 years ago! A couple of moms got me into a C25K program with our local running club and I was hooked! My first half marathon was the Disney Princess half in 2013 and my fifth half was the same race this year. I just wanted to finish my first and I’ve been progressively getting faster, but I enjoy running long more than anything.. I like to complain in my head for at 3 miles before I settle in to the joy…I’ve been wrestling with doing a full before I turn 45 in 18 months. I’m training my husband for his first half in October and a full to celebrate my beautiful daughter’s birthday might be just the thrill I’m looking for in my first 26.2.

  108. My goal has always been to cross that 26.2 finish line! With three kids, husband, a crazy/busy 50 hour work week… I just haven’t had the courage. I trained and ran my first half marathon a year ago but have slipped into a slump with the demands of life (including this horrific winter weather). It would mean a lot to me to be able to be strong in this journey and CELEBRATE this accomplishment with many other busy BAMR to know that IT is possible!

  109. I am training for my 4th half marathon that will be on May 18. I am planning on continuing my training to run my first full in the fall. I doubt myself every other day about my ability to complete 26.2.

  110. Whew! Well I have been taking part in your Strava Prove Half Marathon challenge and will be completing my 5th half marathon the weekend of Mother’s day. I have had NO injuries in the past year and few before that (but lets not linger on this topic as I am afraid of talking about being pretty injury free!). I live in Northwesten PA so being my home state-I am really pulling for me here!!! I am free the weekend before Thanksgiving (at least if you pick my I will be!!!). In taking part of your Prove it Challenge, I have found that I have a GREAT desire to complete a marathon (although if you don’t offer another challenge I am not sure I would do it on my own-see I have found a wonderful thing in this tribe of BADASS MOTHER RUNNERS!!! Motivation, inspiration, accountability, understanding, and love…lots of love!)
    So not wanting to take up anymore words…it would be an honor and a blessing to be picked to do this!

  111. Puff the Magic Dragon! The meaning of the song has changed for me from the days of rolling around in the back of my mom’s hatchback. Now my kids love it just as much as I did even though they use seat belts these days!

  112. What a scary/awesome challenge! I’ve run 2 half marathons and a handful of 5ks in the last 2 years. I started running with a less than 0 base; I was the kid who avoided the timed mile in gym, but a friend and I decided to try the C25k plan and wouldn’t you know it, I enjoyed it. The sweat enduced endorphins and weight loss were total icing on the cake. After having my son in fall of 2013 and being a wuss about the midwest winter, I feel like I’m toeing the proverbial start line all over again. I enjoy a challenge (and what a challenge this would be!) and thrive on a training plan, plus I think you guys are amazing.

    Kansas City

  113. I started running several years ago as a means to lose weight. I lost 55 pounds in that first 9 months of running and have kept it off since! Somewhere along the way, I grew to love running! I have run many 5Ks and 10Ks and I completed my first half in the spring of 2013. I’m getting ready to run another 13.1 next month. I LOVE the training process! Even when I’m not training for a specific race, I like to have a schedule! I live in a large suburb of Kansas City, and have 2 boys and an amazingly supportive (non-runner) husband. I keep saying I want to run a full marathon, but I’m nervous to take the plunge, especially without someone to train with or cross the finish line with! This would be the perfect opportunity for me to run my first full 26.2!!! And you ladies are a HUGE inspiration to me! Thank YOU!

  114. I am following the TLAM Own it Plan for a May 17th half marathon. That will be my 4th race of that distance. My goal is to come off the half very strong and ready to roll into training for a full marathon in the fall. I live in Wisconsin and run outside year round. This winter has been especially challenging but I’ve hung in there and am feeling very confident in my training. I would love the chance to run in a historic city like Philadelphia. I’m injury free and looking forward to a full marathon challenge.

  115. I picked up your book a few years ago and it changed my life. I had started running because of a autisim walk I did to support a friends son who had it and died at the age of 5. That day we started walkng in his name and a few of us said “why don’t we run?” Well I did and I never looked back. I fell in love with running and started signing up for 5k’s all over the place. I said” I love it but I wont run any longer.” Well then I ran a 10 miler in Disney and thought at that point why not a half? I have used and read your books so much they are dog eared. I tell EVERYONE about your books, website, podcasts etc… I have always wished I could run with you. Now to have the opportunity is beyond any words I can think of. I have never run a full. I live in Florida. I am injury free right now and hope to stay that way. I will do my best to follow the plan and post my results. I am a SAHM with a supportive husband, 2 children, a dog and a grumpy cat.

  116. Five years ago, I decided I needed to run a marathon. I hopped on the treadmill for my first ‘real run’ ever. One, horrible mile later, I hopped right off saying I NEVER needed to run 26.2 of those. But, the thought still nagged me. Several months later, I was downloading a Couch to 5k app and hopping back on the treadmill. It still sucked…but now I had a plan to follow. Long story short, I have run 3 Halfs without the success I was hoping for. Runner’s knee got me every time. Then I discovered a gym here in Northern California that has been a game changer. In the last year I have lost 30 pounds and become stronger than ever. My knee doesn’t bug me at all. So what does a Mother Runner do? Sign up for another! Training is going great; I am strong, confident and thrilled. My fourth attempt at a strong finish is June 8th. Today, with your post, I felt butterflies in my stomach. What better way to go for a Full? I would have the AMR crew, a new place to run and a weekend without my three kids? Sign me up!

  117. Hi ladies! This post couldn’t have come at a better time. Earlier this week I posted on my running group forum that I was ready to run my first marathon. I have done 6 half-marathons and countless other 10ks, 5ks and sprint triathlons. Several things were holding me back from attempting ‘the big one,’ though.

    I’m not a mother runner, though for the better part of the last two years, my husband and I have been trying to conceive. I’m not going to let that stop me anymore from going for it. I need to be a healthy WHOLE me again, and running definitely helps me do that. Oh, and I also got my second tattoo (unfortunately it has not made me faster).

    A month ago, we had to put our sweet, 13.5 year old lab mix down. That has helped me remember that life is too short to have regrets, so I want to run a marathon before I’m 40, and I’d LOVE to have your company!

    I’m about an hour from DC and Baltimore in Central Maryland and have a pretty awesome iPod running mix (everything from Brantley Gilbert to Beyonce, The Killers to Clint Dempsey). Pick me!

  118. I just had my third daughter, Maggie, 9 days ago (you met her in Charlotte!) and I am ready to tackle my fitness and running goals! I have not yet run a half but I have a ridiculously huge support group in my local Moms Run This Town chapter (Lake Norman shout out!) and they have already said they will commit to helping me train toward a half and the Philly full this year!
    My oldest (4 years old) gets so excited when I go out for runs and I’ll often pick her up for the last quarter of a mile. I love being a role model for a healthy lifestyle for my daughters. Please pick me because I’m ready to continue this fitness/lifestyle journey!

  119. I NEED to run the Philadelphia Marathon! I am the mother of a one year old daughter and the wife of a serious marathoner, and we all live in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. I have finished three half marathons, the last in 2012 when I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter. After my daughter was born, I decided to seriously improve my pace and do speedwork for the 5k distance. This winter I ran three 5k’s and took 3 MINUTES off my 5k time!!! I am so much of a stronger runner now than I was before I became a mother and I AM SO READY to tackle the marathon distance! Can’t you just feel my enthusiasm? eeeee!

  120. I ran my first Half in the fall of 2012 (in under 2 hrs!). Once I finished, I knew a Full was in my future. What I didn’t know was that soon, the army would be moving our family across the country two times in less than a year. The moves took a toll on everything, including my ability to train for any race, but especially a Full. I tried two times, but only made it about half way through before the hotels and cardboard boxes and goodbyes were just more than I could handle. As of this past month, we are finally settled in our new home in Augusta, Georgia. I can’t think of a better way to spend the rest of the year than training for a marathon. The long hours of running will be a chance to recover from the stress of the past year and to get to know my new home.
    And of course, I’d love all the Mother Runner encouragement!

  121. I remember when I was in labor with my daughter 3 years ago- an all natural labor that is, I said to myself, “you could run a marathon if you can do This!” Mind you, I was not a runner at all at that point. Last May I started running after my husband began running- right after Boston. I had went through 2 miscarriages and running seemed to help me get out energy and emotions I had been holding onto. Philladelphia was my first half in 2013. I learned so much about myself through training and that race. A marathon is on my bucket list and thought it was a ways off. To run next to you ladies would be inspiring. To go back to Philly would be awesome. For my daughter to see my cross the finish line, priceless!

  122. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!

    I would be thrilled to run my first marathon in Philadelphia. Though I currently reside in San Diego, the Philadelphia area is where I lived through high school graduation. Does one really need more motivation than the lure of a Philly cheesesteak at the finish line?

    I’m running my 5th half-marathon in two weeks. It will be my second time running with my father as he works toward completing a marathon in all 50 states. He is an inspiration. I likewise desire to inspire my children. My 10 and 13 year old think I’m nuts for running longer distances but there’s still hope for my 3 year old! I didn’t embrace running until my 20’s. All I can say now is, “I get it.”

    After setting a PR during my 4th half in January, I began entertaining first time thoughts about running a full marathon. My husband has confidently declared that I can do anything I set my mind to. After 17 years he would know! I’m not the most athletic, or fastest runner on the course. But I am pretty darn stubborn and will do what it takes to cross the finish line.

  123. Up til this moment, I never thought of myself as a 26.2 girl. I pounded out 13.1 last year when I was 7 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and had hopes of visiting 13.1 land again this fall. I’ve been out running since about 4 weeks post partum and am doing my first post baby race on my birthday in a few weeks – a 5k.

    But why not me? The more I think about it, the more excited I get. How awesome would it be to do a full marathon less than a year after having a baby?! I want to be that girl. For myself and for my kids. And to show other moms that anyone can do 26.2. Even a person who never thought of herself as athletic and now craves runs the way I used to think about Reese’s cups (alright, I still crave Reese’s cups, I can actually eat them guilt free now).

    Running makes a me a stronger person. It makes me able to realize if I can get out and run, then I can handle my crazy life. But I want to more than just 5kstrong or 13.1strong. I want to be 32.2strong!

    ~Pattie, Nebraska City, NE~

  124. Wow! I have just signed up for my first half-marathon for September 21. I’d like to do all the increments this year. I’m 2 weeks away from my first 10K. I have been following the TLAM Own It plan even though we had one of the most brutal Winters ever. I did it without treadmill or health club. That feels like a huge accomplishment all by itself. Now I am being rewarded with beautiful weather and dry roads.

    DH and son would probably call me crazy for trying a marathon, but eventually they’ll see the great changes in me and follow along.

    I’m the ideal candidate because I am a BAMR and I want to have a few hours talking to Dimity and SBS. I already feel like we are BRFs.

  125. Whoops, I forgot to include why I am 26Strong in my previous post. I am a stay-at-home mother to my almost 5-year old daughter who has Cystic Fibrosis. I left my job in 2010 to take care of my daughter who got sick very frequently and had to be hospitalized a few times during her first year of life. I learned to be strong for my daughter and husband, and also for myself. I learned to take care of myself first through fitness in order to become a more patient and more organized mother and wife. And through fitness, my daughter sees me taking care of myself which has taught her the value of exercise and how important it will be for her to strengthen her lungs and body (as Cystic Fibrosis primarily affects the lungs). Completing a marathon for my daughter would show her that there are no limits in life!

  126. OMG! I would love to run a marathon with you strong ladies!! I have been contemplating running an end-of-the-season marathon to end my EPIC year of racing, and this opportunity would be perfect! The timing of the race is perfect for me, and now that I am living in Ohio with my family, Philadelphia is not too far away! I have been running and racing for close to 4 years; my first race being in August 2010–Skirt Sports SkirtChaser5K, where I first met Dimity when we both participated in the KickStart program in different capacities; she was a mentor and I was a newbie! I have done numerous 5Ks, 10ks, half marathons, sprint and Oly tris, and will do my 1st 70.3 Tri on Sept. 7th!! Have yet to do a marathon!!

  127. I had weight loss surgery last September 30, and have lost 78 pounds thus far. I am running the Chicago RNR half marathon on July 20, and want to do a marathon. That is the next thing on my list of “want to’s” that I need to cross off. I am a mom of 3 amazing kids, and they have inspired me to keep pushing through these difficult times, work hard, and reach my goal of losing another 57 pounds. I’d love to do this with you.

  128. I can’t believe I’m doing this…

    I’m a mama of three boys {7, 5, and 2} in Nebraska who has been running for two years and I’m about to run my fourth half marathon. I may have attached the words “I will never” to the words “run a marathon” in the past, but I also never thought I’d be a runner! Running 14 miles a few weekends ago as part of your Own It Half plan may have given me a little boost in the 26.2 direction – at least enough to enter here! I think my biggest hurdle has been thinking I’m just not capable of that distance, but with my latest training, I’ve been doing all sorts of distances and speed I didn’t think I was capable of! I’ve also thought I didn’t have the time to train for a full as a homeschooling mom, but when I casually mentioned this to The Hubby, he said, “We will make this work!” I would love to experience the feeling he had when he finished his first marathon last year! Thank you for this opportunity to tackle something I never thought I would do!

  129. I’m every mother runner. I work two jobs, take care of two kids, volunteer in my community, seek ways to maintain my identity, and fail at almost all housekeeping responsibilities. I also run. I ran my first-ever half-marathons last year – on back-to-back weekends – soon after turning 40. My first one was idyllic, perfect from weather, to scenery, to the weekend away all alone. The second was the exact opposite with 40 degree temperatures, rain, a cold sea breeze, a nasty spill at mile one (?!) that left me bloodied and banged up, and a fight with my husband at the beer tent. Yet, I shaved five minutes off of my time. You know why? Because I ran with another mother runner who got me through it. That experience made me truly understand why we need the support of other mother runners. I will run a full marathon this year. And I will be that supportive mother runner for someone else. I will pay it forward, giving support through their training, their self-realizations achieved only through pushing past limits, and to success of the finish line. I would love to learn from the support and guidance given by you ladies.

  130. I stumbled upon this post on FB as I was eating my lunch at my desk and found myself fighting back the tears. Where to begin? I have been a middle of the pack runner for a few years. I’ve always felt running did as much for me emotionally and spiritually as it did physically. I trained for and ran my first half in December 2013. About 6 weeks out, I started battling tendonitis in my right foot and scaled back the training. Somewhere along the way, I also ended up with a stress fracture, but did not know it. For whatever reason, I ran the half anyway. I live in Baton Rouge, LA and typically the heat and humidity is what kills us, but on this particular morning in December, it was about 35 degrees and pouring down rain. I have never been so cold and so miserable in my life. My foot started to bother me at about mile 2. At mile 8, I was in severe pain. At mile 9, I was pretty much limping along and dragging my right let. My phone/ipod died and at times, I thought I would too. I crossed the finish line at 3 hrs and 19 minutes. It has been a slow process healing and starting to run again. I have often found myself very down and just wanting to give up. Then I hear a little voice that just says “go. run.”. In the midst of all of this, my oldest son who is almost 18 decided to leave home and drop out of high school. Their are truly no words to describe the heart break and disappointment. He is headed down a road that can be dark and dangerous and of which there may be no return. He is “set” to enter the National Guard Youth Challenge Program on Sunday if he shows up. I know it is going to be hard and I am so scared he will quit. He really does not have any other options and this may be his best opportunity to get back on track before he destroys his future or even his life. He has quit so many things and I am terrified he will quit this too. Yesterday, I felt compelled to go run a bit. Just a couple of miles. I took some walk breaks. Foot felt good. Felt good to be back in my shoes. It dawned on me that I did not have to “quit”. That I could make my way back. That I could be an example to my son, that we don’t quit. Ever. To myself and I guess now for the first time publicly, I committed to run everyday for the entire 5 months that he is in boot camp. Even if that meant on some days, I walked or rode a bike or went to a yoga class or something, that everyday, I would move to become a better runner and a better person. That I would commit to myself and my son, that I would be with him in spirit and I too was willing to do the physical work that he will be expected to do. That I was willing to not quit in the hope that he won’t quit either. I don’t know if you will chose me or not, but I thank you for giving me a forum to put this out there. I hope you do chose me. I won’t quit. Not now. I have too much at stake. Thank you.

  131. I so want to do this! But, alas, I am only up to a 10k and have my first 1/2 scheduled for late October. I am concentrating on sprint tri and my 1/2 this year. Please tell me you will do this again next year so I can do it! Or better yet a half ironman with Dimity?!?

  132. I don’t have a compelling story, I am just your average mother, struggling with the same things many of us struggle with – family, house, work, pets, weight, self-care (huh, see how I did that, I put myself last, in typical mother style). Running is my escape, my center. It was reading Run like a Mother that lit a fire under my ass to get out there and run, I was out of excuses. And it was by far once of the best things I have ever done for myself. And my family. Three years and two kids later and I am running my first half in 2 days. Plain and simple, I think it would be the absolute coolest thing ever to have you be a part of my marathon training and to be by my side as I tackle 26.2.

  133. Wow – what a fantastic opportunity! I can’t imagine a better way to run my first marathon than with one of my (oft-imagined) best friends, Dimity and Sarah. I just finished my first big race, Cherry Blossom 10-miler and have my first half marathon in 2 and ½ weeks (Nike Women’s Half). A marathon the weekend before Thanksgiving would be a great and logical progression for me. I am a mother runner (see another blogger’s mom spotlight on me: I documented my training for Cherry Blossom on, so I am very comfortable with the idea of sharing my journey publicly. My hubby ran his first marathon last year (Marine Corps), so I know how much time is involved to train and prepare. My brother ran the Philly Marathon, and can give me the course scoop. And my mom lives in the Philly suburbs and would come cheer for me! Others who have run with me say I am inspiring and positive and FUN to run with so you would have fun with me!!

  134. I started running on a track near my house in Western Massachusetts, always running in semi-darkness to hide from high schoolers and “real runners.” I negotiated my C25K days wearing cotton everything (ouch), but graduated to a SparkleSkirt at the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in May of 2012. I’ll never forget the first day I ran more than two miles without stopping. I came home that evening just…exuberant…and watched my son run around the backyard. “A runner like Mommy!” he said. I never doubted it again. I do not have a runner’s body. I’m no slight thing, and have had more than one nurse comment on the discrepancy between my weight and my resting heart rate. (The first is higher than it should be, the second reveals that I am a FREAKING CHEETAH BEAST.) I love the 5k and 10k distances, and need a race to keep me moving. My first half is scheduled: May 18. I am scared out of my motherunningmind contemplating a full marathon, but I have a history of stomping my fears into the dust. I run to remind myself and others that I deserve to take up some space on this earth.

  135. One of my favorite shirts to wear is my Another Mother Runner shirt that says “are my kids still chasing me?”. Running is a chance for me to get out and clear my head and get out the door without my 9 KIDS chasing me! Yes, you read that right. I have 9 children. And yes, they are all mine (and my husband’s). We get asked that question a lot! The oldest just turned 18 and the youngest is 4. I home school my children and so getting out the door to run is important to me, it truly is my “me” time. In addition to home schooling them, I also went back to college last year and so I am a student myself. Through it all, I have stayed committed to my running. Since October I have run 3 half-marathons. I truly enjoy that distance and I have often thought of signing up for a full marathon, I just haven’t had the guts to do it yet. I would love this opportunity because it would give me the chance to push myself even more. I like following training plans because they hold me accountable. I would just love the chance to train and run this race with you guys. I often run while listening to your podcast and it would be so neat to have you right there alongside of me. It would be awesome to “train like a mother” and “run like a mother” in my first ever marathon!

  136. I’ve been toying with the idea of my first full marathon (which I *always* – including just now – accidentally type as “marathong”! Why do I do that??) for a couple of years now. My first real race, a 5K, was in July of 2011. By that fall I had a good routine going with a running partner, and on Christmas Eve, my first run of 5 miles concluded with a friend commenting “If you can run 5 miles, you can run a half marathon.” Seed planted. I have run five half marathons since spring of 2012, including two this past fall – Philly R&R and Hershey Half. And then, for some reason, since late October I have pretty much just. stopped. running. I could blame my lack of motivation on any number of things – horrid winter weather (even though running in winter is usually my favorite), taking on massive volunteer responsibilities at church, my attempt to maintain a nearly full-time legal editing job from home while simultaneously trying to be stay-home mom extraordinaire to my four children (ages 4, 7, 10, and 12) and keep up with the numerous school volunteer responsibilities I also insanely think I can accomplish. In order to get back in the running saddle (possibly a poor metaphor) I need MOTIVATION. A goal. A plan. And this would be it. The beautiful terrain here in Lancaster County, PA, is awesome motivation once I’ve drug myself physically out of the house. It’s the dragging-myself-out-of-the-house part that seems to currently be the issue. So I have now come full circle. I’m planning to re-train for a 5K race (the same one as my first race) on July 5, and beginning marathon training at that point would be excellent timing. P.S. – My sister – the crazy one who actually ran cross country with glee when she was younger – might be gently (read: with force) persuaded to join me, if having two wannabe marathoners who are sisters sounds at all attractive to you. She is a 30-something mother of two and lives in the Bridgewater, Virginia. Whomever you choose, thank you, from all mother runners, for the amazing opportunity and the inspiration you provide. I’d better go lace up those shoes …

  137. “find a strong you didn’t know you have” were the last lines of your giveaway and the ones that tugged at my heart. I’ve been running for 5 years, I started right after my youngest daughter turned 1. I trained for a 5k and once I crossed my first finish line, I was hooked! Running empowers me in ways that nothing else does. In 2012 I ran my first half-marathon and set my mind on a full. This October I ran as part of a marathon relay team in Maine (where I live) and had the last 7 miles of the race. In those final miles I saw people crying, limping, smiling and laughing, and yes, even throwing up. I wanted desperately to be one of those runners (the smiling ones, not the throwing up ones!) A little part of me is doubting that I can be a marathoner. But a bigger part of me knows that I absolutely can! I would love to be chosen as one of the lucky mother runners to have the chance to run with you gals. I want to “find my strong” so desperately, and this may be the push in the right direction.

  138. I am the mother of a 15 year old girl who struggles with her body image & an eating disorder. One year ago, I too struggled with my own body image. Finally I decided I had to put myself first (at least sometimes) in order to be a good wife & a good mom who can model good health for my beautiful girl. I joined weight watchers in March 2013, & started running 3 weeks later. I have lost 63 lbs, & a lot of other baggage this past year. With every run & every mile…I feel myself letting go of the “old” me and the “new” me walks through my door at the end of the run. Running has transformed how I feel, how I act, how I think, and it has transformed how I interact with the world and how it interacts with me. ALL POSITVE! I ran my first 10k in September, first 1/2 in November, & the Disney Princess 1/2 with my Princess in February 2014, We walked a lot of it because she wasn’t strong enough to run the whole way, BUT we finished together and I was so proud of her/us. Next is a 1/2 in April. My goal race this year is the Marathon. My target race is the Kiahwah Marathon in December..but I would so love to do this race with you,Sarah and Dimiity. To have your support, humor, friendship, and badass mother runner attitudes would be amazing and I know that I would succeed with you and cross that line..smiling from ear to ear. PICK ME!

  139. I just realized I didn’t post my last name and you probably need that info! I’m the Kate that posted at 2:43 pm yesterday (looks like comment id #892655).

  140. In reading the comments already posted, there are so many mother runners with such great and moving stories ready to take on 26.2! I honestly don’t have a great or moving story. I’m just a mom of two young boys (6 and 4) who works full time and runs to stay sane. Exercise has always been a part of my life. I started running with my mom when I was 13 to stay in shape for basketball and softball. I went on to play softball in college and continued to run all the way up until I had my oldest son, always thinking that someday I would run a marathon. I started running and really enjoying it after both boys were born because it became literally my only me time where I could do something for myself without feeling guilty. But I never thought I would be able to run and train for a marathon until both kids were out of the house, i.e. sometime in my 50s. I ran my first two half marathons in 2012 and am running another in three weeks. This round of training has been much easier (schedule wise) and made me believe I can actually figure out how to train for a marathon before I’m 50. My husband and I watched the Spirit of the Marathon last week and both decided I could definitely figure out how to train for 26.2 without throwing the family into a tailspin. The timing would be perfect and I could use the extra push and support. Otherwise I might put it off for 15 years or more!

  141. WOW! Talk about the chance of a lifetime!? Let’s do this! I’m a 36 year old badass mother runner (have the shirt to prove it!) and wannabe marathoner who lives in Maryland. I started running in 2011 and have completed countless 5ks, 8ks, 10ks and 11 half marathons. Last year I was forced to stop running due to a complicated pregnancy. I spent months on bed rest and at 30 weeks pregnant, in July 2013, I gave birth to my second son. He passed away two short hours later. Running has always been my outlet, my love, and after the passing of my son it means even more to me. Now more than ever I have the drive and determination needed to get me across the finish line of a MARATHON! Whoa, just saying marathon gives me chills! And what could make it all the more magical? To have one of the original Mother Runners by my side, of course! I hope to be one of the lucky 2 chosen and work to make my marathon dream come true.

  142. Honestly to prove to myself I can do it. I’ve toyed with running a Marathon and it scares the bejeezus out of me. I’ve run countless 5K’s, 8K’s, 10K’s and two half marathon’s with two more on my race schedule for this year. I’ve been running for about 2 years now and I love it. I’ve been inspired by other mother runners and have even been an inspiration to others and I love that. My husband and my kids are my biggest supporters and they say I can run a marathon (with training), now why don’t I believe it? Training with the tribe would be such an awesome experience! Please pick me!!

  143. Hello! I am a mother runner (3 girls) and I coach a girls running club at our elementary school in Herndon, VA with my friends. This season we have 38 girls on the team! I started a boot camp class about 6 or 7 years ago becausee I could not jog next to my eldest daughter while she learned to ride her bike. I deemed that, NOT GOOD. Over the next few years I got better at running, but never understood why anyone would want to run 10 miles, yet alone 26.2! With the encouragement of my friends I completed my 1st 5K, then 10K and then in 2012 I ran my 1st 10 miler! Somewhere in there I found relay running – running 3 legs, approx. 15 miles total, at random times of the day/night over the course of 36 hours in a van full of stinky team mates – I fell in love! Who knew running could be so much fun?!? Bolstered by this “I can do anything” mentality I completed my first 1/2 in 2013. I’ll be doing my 2nd 1/2 at the end of May. I’m ready to ramp it up and go for 26.2!

    – Mother of two (age 7 and 6), age 38, Minneapolis
    – Practicing attorney with amazingly supportive husband
    – Relatively recent runner (this came about approximately 4 years ago, when second child was walking and talking but I still couldn’t fit into my jeans and got winded from stairs…)
    – I find peace in life’s chaos with a slow and steady long run.
    – I have completed around ten half-marathons, a whole lot of races shorter distance. In summer 2012, I did a 25K (17 miles) and I was so proud of myself it brought me to tears.
    – At age 38, I have thought long and hard about doing a marathon. I do want to do a marathon. Bucket list. Honestly, though, it scares the cr*p out of me. Rationally, I know I could do it, slow and steady. But I will never muster the guts to attempt one without some extra serendipitous ‘push.’
    – I would be all-at-once excited, scared, and thrilled to have AMR, Dmity, Sarah and Saucony provide that extra ‘push’ for me to reach this life goal!

  145. I have never run a marathon. I have done everything else! I am a faithful follower of the two of you and training for this would be awesome! I live an hour outside Philly! Training would also help me get my two daughters out the door with me. I am a GOTR coach for my 10 year old so she loves to run and I have a 14 year old home bound with RSd who loves to get out and do things physically to work through her pain. I never thought I could run 26 miles and really would love to prove myself wrong. Pick me please!!!!!

  146. I would love to be chosen! I’m 34 and a mother of 2 young girls. I live near Cleveland, work full time as a research librarian and have been running for a few years. I’ve completed 2 half marathons and will finish another in May. I already intend to train for my first marathon, and am scoping out training plans and fall races. I love to write and have considered blogging my marathon training, so I’m very enthusiastic about documenting my training and especially about having an audience for my writing. I have a high level of commitment and follow-through and I finish what I start. How incredible it would be to have one of my running gurus help me get to the starting line and to the finish line!

  147. When I was young I’d watch the Olympics and think, marathons, “That’s the sport for me!” No feats of staggering brawn, no leaping great heights, no hurling objects for great distances or incredible accuracy. I’d just run really, really far, and I could finish dead last but people would still clap for me because anybody can get a lucky shot in archery- but a non-marathoner probably doesn’t even like to DRIVE 26.2 miles, much less RUN that distance, so they cheer for everybody who crosses the finish line.

    As I got older, the feeling that I could run forever with just a brand new pair of shoes faded to “I wonder if I can get away with not wearing heels today,” and training for anything got difficult with young children. Now with 40 on my horizon, my children older (15, 9, 9, 8) and a challenge from a friend, I embarked on my first half marathon which was, apropos, “Go Big” (Big Cottonwood) right in my hometown Salt Lake City, Utah. As a result the running bug has bit, and my half marathon tally is up to 3, but like most runners I ask “what next?” … 26.2.

  148. Exactly one year ago I started having dreams about running. Totally weird for a gal who always said she hated it. A former field hockey and lacrosse player, I definitely put everything about myself on the back burner once my kidlets were born (Wyatt – 5 years and Amelia – 2 years). Cut to April 2013 when I started with the running dreams. I decided someone was trying to send me a message so I started by following the Couch-to-5k running app. Since then, I have completed a 5k, 8k, two 10ks and this Saturday, April 12 I will complete my first half-marathon. My children and husband have been there every step of the way and at every finish line and even as I type this I tear up when I think about crossing that finish line on Saturday, exactly one year after I began this journey. My fitness goal for 2014 was to complete a half-marathon. Since that will be checked off my list not even 6 months into the calendar year, why not go epic and throw a full in there just before 2015. I think that truly would make me a badass mother runner.

  149. I attended your Charlotte event last night and had a great time! I also won a Nuun water bottle in the raffle! I started running back in 2009, my first race ever was a 5K adventure race in July 2009. After that I was hooked. My favorite races have always been trail runs, but I’ve done road races as well. My finishing goal has always been to finish enough in the top that I could win a mug (why is it always a mug?)and I proudly pour myself a cup of coffee in my the Claw Trail Run 5M mug every morning. My longest race was a 15K road race, but I did train for a half marathon. I ran regularly up until my 4th month of pregnancy, March of 2012, and swam regularly through the end of my pregnancy. My daughter is now 19 months old and I’ve started running again, it took me a while to get geared back up because my husband did a lot of traveling and I started a new job in a new state (we’re located in Charlotte, NC, hence the attendance at your Charlotte event). I really missed my old familiar runs in Florida and was having trouble getting motivated with a little one and unfamiliar routes. Up until a December I’ve just been doing yoga. But I signed up for a 5k in early March to get me back out there and to create a training goal. I am excited to start building up mileage again. I’ve found myself dreaming about running and swimming. I work well by setting goals, so a marathon would be excellent motivation! I want to set a healthy example for my daughter, and instill a love of physical activity in her, showing her that activity is an every day part of life.

  150. I would love to be chosen to run this marathon! I am 37, wife, and mom of two boys, 6 & 9 from a wonderful town north of Dallas, TX. I started running last year. I had done several 5k’s before without any thought to ever doing more than that. I never thought of myself as a runner, never gave myself permission to call myself that. I met a wonderful friend who is a runner and she inspired and challenged me to dream bigger. I completed a 10k, 15k, 20k, and finally my first Half! Knock on wood, no injuries! I am trying to balance my progression with cross-training and thoughtful step ups. Now I am at the crossroads of dreaming bigger and daring to try harder. I love that my running has inspired my family and friends. My boys look forward to running as a family and picking out races they want to do. I never thought I could run a 10k much less a Full Marathon. I tell everyone that if I can do it I know they can too. I want other moms to see that the fear is all in your head. I know I could do this and your guidance would help me do it better. If chosen I would be a very proud and grateful mother runner 🙂 Thank you for your consideration!

  151. My dear friend and neighbor got me involved in running and back to working out after my 6th child went to pre-school and oldest went to college. I was feeling out of shape and down. We would have our workouts planned, trips to the Y for group exercise and running around the neighborhood. She had completed a marathon and I had done 3 halfs and 2 Broad Street 10 milers since she got me involved. We shared a lot on our runs- one mother to another!! Tragically, this past fall she collapsed during our neighborhood run on a beautiful autumn day and passed away of a sudden cardiac event. I miss her everyday and this has shaken me to my core. I continue to run and this has helped a lot but it is not the same. I’ve always had a dream to do a marathon and this seems like an opportune time to fulfill that dream in her memory and honor the beautiful friend, mother and wife she is. I live outside of Philly. I would love encouragement just like she would give me as we pushed each other and encouraged each other when life with kids got crazy.

  152. I’ve been running on and off since 2010, and got more serious about running in the last year, finishing about half a dozen races between 5k and 10k. I’m running the GW Classic Ten Miler and the Nike Women’s Half this month here in my current hometown of DC. My husband has believed I can run a marathon for far longer than I have, and at the Gaithersburg AMR house party last month, both Sarah and Dimity signed my copy of TLAM and encouraged me to go for 26.2 in 2014. I keep the book on my nightstand to remind myself I can do it.

    It took me a long time to decide to run because I wanted to, not because I had to, and to have the courage to do something that doesn’t come naturally to me. I want to run a marathon to show my daughter and son and the Girls on the Run I coach and fundraise for how to build their confidence by setting and achieving a tough goal.

  153. I would love to run a marathon! I attempted to do one last year, but injured my IT band a month before the race. Then the race was canceled due to icy weather. I started running at 48 because my younest children stated running 5ks. I felt like a bad role model watching my 9 year old run while I couldn’t run a 5k if my life depended on it! That’s when I started running on my treadmill to try to keep up with them. Since that time, we’ve recruited all 6 of my children into the running lifestyle. Three of my children are running the Country Music Half marathon with me in 3 weeks! I really wanted to complete a marathon while I was 50, but that didn’t happen do here comes a marathon when I’m 51!! Pick me pick me! I live in Nashville, TN.

  154. I am already registered for the Philly Marathon, and yes, it will be my first! I have been running since Feb 2010. I have run 8 half marathons thus far, with another on in May (Pittsburgh). I live in Pittsburgh, but am originally from the Philly suburbs.

    The training/running doesn’t so much scare me, as finding places to train that aren’t the same 3 mile loop over, and over, and over ad nauseum. I would totally love running support too!

  155. I grew up in every sport except track/cross country. I would joke in college that I was the founder of the “Why Run Unlless Chased” Club. As I neared my 30s, I found myself bored of all the cardio equipment and looking for the events that could revive my competitive spirit. When I started running, I couldn’t make it from one high-line pole to the next, but gradually with lots of walk/run intervals, made my way to conquer 5Ks, then 10Ks and I am currently set to run my 13th half marathon. I have trained through a pregnancy, a cancer diagnoses, radiation treatment, twice through chemotherapy and am still running. I have always said I wouldn’t run a full marathon … and was serious until 2014. Over the last few months I have been loving being back to 100% health and loving training again … making me ponder signing up for a full. Oh, please pick me! This is just what I need and will completely shock my cheering section! I am excited just thinking about it!!

    I currently live in East Grand Forks, MN (just an hour South of the Canadian Border).

  156. I should first say that my screen name isn’t necessarily for my abs 🙂 Rather, it’s reflective of my family – we are a family of 6!! If my husband and I tag-team a race, we always race for our family under Team Six Pack 🙂 I’m not sure what an “ideal” candidate is, but I definitely meet the criteria. I’ve been running for 14 years + after the birth of my second child. My friend asked if I wanted to run the Race for the Cure 5K and that started my love for running. I’ve done several races over the years, maxing out at 13.1! Now that my kids are a bit older (16,14,12,9) and I’m a bit older too (!!), I’d love to try something different and push myself further than I have. 2 of my kids are girls and I want to continue to model a healthy lifestyle especially for them in this whacked-out world of airbrushing. I think strong women are beautiful and come in all shapes and sizes. I love that running gives me a strong body, but also a strong mind. Running has become a wonderful outlet to decompress as a busy woman. I always look forward to lacing up my running shoes each morning often by 5:30am. There’s nothing more important than making time for myself and the silence and tranquility of an early morning is beautiful. I’d love to be Another Mother Runner Marathoner! Thanks for this opportunity and I know whoever you pick will have an amazing experience!

  157. Despite 27 years of running (i started at 13 in exchange for a pair of running shoes), I’ve never run a marathon. And as I approach 40, it has been on my radar.
    I’ve completed 4 13.1’s, my first after the birth of my daughter… what is it about motherhood that just makes you want to bring it?
    I believe in focusing on core strength, and I’ve found that strength and balance work when running helps keep injuries – if not compltely away – at least minor. And I’m trying to be more faithful with rolling and stretching.
    I haven’t ramped up to 26.2 because I’ve battled fear of running for 5 hours; but as I approach 40, I’m kicking fear in the butt.
    What can I bring: the love of a challenge (I’m completing a Tough Mudder in 2 weeks), a great attitude while running, a dedication to a training plan, and a sense of humor.
    I also love to share my journey and would be thrilled to share my training with others.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  158. I was so excited about this I forgot to add my location! I currently live in Tipp City, OH (a little north of Dayton).

  159. Stuck…I was meticulously and ridiculously stuck in my lovely, predictable world that I had tirelessly built with my four children and hubby in our northern Colorado town. I needed to get out, escape, and the most uncharacteristic, crazy thing I could think to do was to run a 5K. So late one summer day, I threw down some money and ran…well, kind of. It was ugly and painful and slow, and most of all, exhilarating! Life flowed back into my days like the sweat flowing down my cleavage. The next spring I ran a 10K followed by a half that fall. Before season 3, I experienced two major car accidents in 19 days…but I still ran. Now in my 4th season, I am scheduled for halfs number 5 and 6. My heart now hungers for the challenge of the marathon. My muscles are ready, my soul is ready, and, most importantly, my family is ready for one crazy mama. I have been a lone warrior for the last 4 years; however, for this quest, I long for a sole sister to share this experience with…to laugh with…to cry with…to be my lookout when I have to pee. Pick me!

  160. When I first read this post I got so psyched. ‘Oh Me Me!’ I am available that weekend; my MiL lives in NJ and can watch the baby! Perfect! Then butterflies in the stomach ‘Oh man what if I do get picked…’ think: Pre-Karaoke performance, Pre-public speaking gig. All the more reason to try, right?! I am a 34-year-old Mother/Artist/ Wife/Runner. I have a goal of running my first marathon this Fall but have been procrastinating signing up. I grew up not totally athletic with severe Asthma but took up running in my 20’s, but in a not so serious at the gym treadmill jog kind-of way. In my 30’s I got more serious and starting solely running outdoors (I moved from NYC to the woods of Maine, there are no gyms here). I started racing 5Ks to keep me motivated, ran my first 10K in 2011. It was around then that I got married and starting to think about having a baby. I made a goal for myself to run a half marathon before my first child. And I did! I was 5 weeks pregnant and ran 2:18:54 woo hoo! Now my beautiful daughter is 22 months old and I want to run a marathon! Eek! Let’s do this.

  161. Transcript of conversation with husband of ten years about whether I can throw my hat in this ring, 4/9/14, Arlington, Massachusetts

    (Sons, 3 and 5, argue in background, ignored, throughout scene.)
    Me: Are you worried I’ll get injured or that it will take over our lives?
    Him: Both. I don’t understand why you want to do this. You’ve already done two half-marathons [and are training for another, 6/1].
    Me: I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone else. It’s to test my mettle.
    Him: But because of who you are and what you’ve already done, I know if you decide to train for a marathon you’ll follow through. Doing one is redundant.
    Me: Are you saying I have grit?
    Him: (rolling eyes) To me the huge positive thing about your taking up running [in July 2012] is the habit you’ve formed. You wake up in the dark to run, even if it’s 10 degrees. That’s amazing.
    Me: Aw, thanks. I didn’t know you felt that way.
    Him: If you do a marathon, I won’t be any more proud of you than I already am.
    Me: (wiping away tears) You’re the nicest.
    Him: $#%! You’re doing this, aren’t you?
    Me: Yes.

  162. This contest comes at a perfect time for me. I have been running half marathons (and shorter races) since 2003. As much as I have enjoyed conquering 13.1 once or twice a year, before babies, between babies, after babies, I have always had my eye on 26.2. In 2003 I signed up for the Chicago Marathon, but halfway through training, got pregnant with our first child. Last fall our third and youngest daughter turned four and I decided it was time to sign up for Chicago again. After two hours of trying to register on the overloaded site, I got through! Unfortunately my training was once again sidelined, this time by a stress fracture in my pelvis. One set of custom orthotics, five months of PT, and ten months later, I am about to run the Nike Women’s Half in DC, the city where my love of running began. I have hemmed and hawed over whether or not to try to run a full marathon next Fall. When I saw the post for this contest, the answer became clear. As a Philadelphian, I have been a spectator of this marathon, and I have come to love running these streets. Having just returned from my first major running injury, Sarah and Dimnity’s support would be invaluable as I once again attempt to join the 26.2 club!

  163. I am in the cutest town in the world Wamego Kansas and I have been throwing around the idea of a fall full. I am running my second, third, fourth and fifth half marathon this spring as I tackle the heartland series here in Kansas and then Hospital Hill in June. I am also tackling a 15 mile trial run this september. I have been wanting to step up my distance and I thought a 15 miler would satisfy me but I think I am ready to tackle a greater distance. I am a mom to an almost 2 year old red headed kid that makes my heart sing (and sometimes makes me run out the door screaming for a long run:))) I also show dogs in dog agility so I have been balancing training me, my dog, family time and working full time but i have finally found that zen balance and am loving it. I am pretty short 5 foot even so it would be so much fun to run with someone way taller than me! I run for my sanity, for my exercise and health, and to set a good example to not only my kiddo and hubby but also my students I work with at KSU.

  164. Recently rejected from the NYC marathon lottery, I have been debating attempting Philly instead, or taking it as a sign to wait and keep building mileage. My legs are itchy for more miles and more challenges. I run up every hill I can find. I’ve crossed two half finish lines, embarking on my second Ragnar in a month, and seem to specialize in 15ks in cities that need some love. I am extremely lucky to have an amazingly supportive group of running mamas who meet me at 5:15 for predawn runs, pushing me further than I ever knew I could. TLAM plans have served me well, and your Q&As have helped with my mid training quandaries (including last year’s bigger mama chafing question!). I’m a twin mom, working full time out of the home (in Albany, NY) and I love a challenge. Pick me, and I promise to work hard, follow the plan, and be fun, and honestly share the process.

  165. I NEED to win this!!! No pressure of course to pick me! I’m a mother runner and have been running for just over a year and completed my first half, the marine corps half last year on my 32 birthday. I had the opportunity to meet you ladies at the princess half this year, and made my 26.2 commitment seem more real when I told you about my plans to conquer the distance this fall. My husband is an active duty marine who is deployed and this full training will see me through the last few months of our long separation, and hopefully keep me sane enough to enjoy this summer with my three kids! I’m currently living in north Carolina, but am a jersey native. Philly would make it possible for me to have everyone who has supported this new found passion of mine to be at the finish line, and hopefully my husband will be home in time as well! So please, pick me!

  166. Last year, I learned my life is limitless. With the help of running, I reached the 100-lb. mark in my weight loss journey, I crossed the finish line of my first 5k AND my first half marathon, and I unlocked an amazing new outlook on life. My newfound confidence helped me take the leap into a new (amazing) career, and it’s helped me change my family’s lifestyle to one that’s active and healthy.

    Recently, I started flirting with the idea of running 26.2 – then promptly chickened out. “Be happy with your progress,” I told myself. “Just maintain what you’ve achieved.” But darn it all, the marathon just keeps calling to me. After all, the idea of “limitless” is what got me this far, so why stop now?

    I’m the mother of a wonderful (and stubborn), almost 3-year-old girl, and I’ve got a husband who believes in me (even when he thinks I’m a little bit crazy). We live in the one-stoplight village of Edon, Ohio (hey, no traffic to fight with!), and I commute an hour every day to Fort Wayne, Ind., whose excellent trails I love to explore. I’m ready to be 26Strong – so let’s do this, TOGETHER!

  167. Oh my gosh! This is perfect! I am planning my first 26.2 in College Station, Tx on December 14th! This race would be perfect timing for me. It would literally be a dream come true to be cheered on by you two!! I could really use the help training and I would be so excited to win! I’ve never been to Philly and would love to experience this! I’m in Dallas/Ft Worth so a new venue would rock!! Pick me please!! Help me achieve this goal in true BAMR style!!!

  168. So this is scary to even write this 🙂 I am a 36 year old mom with 3 little girls. I started more consistently running 1 year ago when some friends started a local chapter of Moms RUN This Town in Catonsville, Maryland. I recently, thanks in no small part to those mamas, completed my first 1/2 marathon in February! I run for my health and my sanity. But I mostly run for my little girls. I want them to see what it looks like to set a goal and then work towards accomplishing it. I want them to see a community of women that support, encourage, and build each other up. I want them to see that it is beautiful to be strong and courageous. At 36 I’m still learning these things…maybe my girls will learn them a little sooner! A marathon still seems out of my reach but I could take my own advice and be courageous! (Plus my awesome dad ran this marathon when I was a little girl. Now we could switch places and he could cheer me on!)

  169. My name is Deb and I am from Detroit, MI. Every snowy January I say “this is my marathon year” and then life takes over and it never happens. This year I turn 39 and would love to get my first marathon under my belt by 40. I am a bad ass mother of four children (12,10, 6 and 2). Three active girls and a wild little guy. Running became part of life about 5 years ago as a weight loss solution and mind cleanser. I run pushing my little guy in the stroller on trails during the week and sneaking out alone on the weekends. Since embarking on my athletic lifestyle I have completed about 6 halfs, numerous 5ks/10ks and a bunch of sprint triathlons. On this year’s calendar is a half marathon in May and half ironman early September. I so badly want to run a marathon but have no real life runner friends to take the plunge or even encourage me. I can imagine myself in the picture with you two above darting over the bridge with my hair flying in the breeze, water bottle in hand, huge smile on my face. Ha- well maybe I may be dreaming a little… 26.2 does scare me but after reading your books I know I CAN do it.

  170. This opportunity is so exciting! I’ve been contemplating a marathon and my BRF gave me the nudge to enter this contest. I’ve run one half marathon and have continued to stay in half marathon ready shape. I’ll run my second half this July and maybe a another sooner. Every time I think about running a marathon I talk myself out of it with excuses. What it really comes down to is that I’m afraid of putting myself out there an failing. I really want that 26.2 so badly though!! November 23 is my son’s 10th birthday and so it would be really cool to celebrate two big milestones on that day!

    I’m a mother runner in the Triad area of North Carolina so getting to Philly won’t be too difficult. Injury free and running for almost two years. I’m so ready for this challenge and this is the push I need to conquer 26.2!

  171. Wow!!! A friend who is an avid runner passed this on to me. I feel this is a blessing in disguise for me as I’ve been contemplating doing the Philadelphia Marathon to check off an item on my bucket list!! I’m running the Frederick Half Marathon on May 4th, which will be my first half. I’m a 45 year old mother of three children, 25, 22, and a 5 year old. Yes, you read that correctly, a five year old!! I’ve been a casual runner throughout my previous Navy days where I would log six mile runs during my lunch hour. After having my daughter, I started running again just over a year ago to get back in shape. I drag myself out of bed at 0500 on run mornings to log my miles on our home treadmill in order to get our day rolling for school, etc. I’ve competed in a few 5K’s this past year. Surprising, I took 2nd place in my age group in a 5K that I ran November 2013. Talk about an awesome feeling to hear your name called when you didn’t think you did all that great! It certainly get’s you hooked on running races!! The sense of accomplishment now as I train for the Half Marathon is such an amazing feeling. I ran 9 miles last weekend which put me at the most I’ve ever run. I’m scheduled for 10 miles this Saturday. I feel like I can do ANYTHING!!! If I can run 13.1 miles, surely I can run 26.2!!! Pick me, please!!! I’ll be your wanna be marathoner!!!!!

  172. I am fairly new to running. I started last year when I told two friends of mine that I would like to try to do a 5k. They both wanted to do a half marathon. I went from running for two whole minutes on my first “run” to completing multiple 5ks, a 10k, and two half marathons. My PR’s aren’t great in comparison to others that are posted but they are ALL mine and I’m proud of every step. When I first started my training last year, I swore that I would never, EVER run a full marathon. Now I secretly want to, even though the thought terrifies me and I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it! I do have two children, both grown and in paramedic school, but I still rock my mother runner status!

  173. Hi. I am a mother runner with a 4 and almost 6 year old at home. I started running after college as a way to stay fit. Over the years, I have enjoyed 5Ks, 10Ks and have more recently fallen in love with the half marathon (I will complete my 4th this weekend in my hometown, Columbia, SC).
    Here’s where I admit that I never expect to run a full marathon, even as I complete this comment. I simply can’t imagine getting up earlier than 4:45 as I currently do to fit in training runs before getting the kids to school and me to work. However, the lure of having expert motivators and all fees covered makes me very tempted.
    If you are willing to take a chance on me, I am willing to share and complete the 26.2.

  174. I live in Minnesota and have a menagerie of pets (3 cats, 2 dogs and 2 horses) in lieu of human children at the moment. I started running about a year ago; 2012 was a terrible year and I had to do something to deal with the aftermath. I’d never enjoyed running before but discovered the wonderful therapeutic effect it can have. I ran my first race, a 10K last October. I’m currently training for a half marathon on May 31st and have 2 5Ks scheduled before then. A marathon has seemed like a pipe dream to me but if I am chosen, I think it’s a sign that it is meant to be!

  175. I’m a mother runner of two (4 year old and nearly 2 year old) and have been running for 11 years now. When I started running, I focused on 5 and 10Ks, but after having kids, found that 13.2 is the ideal distance—just enough time out of the house for some stress relief! As the kids are getting older and my husband is totally supportive, I’m ready to try 26.2. I had some thoughts of doing my first one last fall to celebrate my 10-year runniversary, but a stress fracture diagnosed at the end of last summer put an end to those thoughts! But, the stress fracture was a blessing in disguise, making me realize that yes, I really do need to do the strength training, stretching, and foam rolling! Now that I’m back on track, I’m ready for the challenge of 26.2!

  176. I started running races about 3-years ago because of a co-worker. I’ve ran about 1-mile here and there before but never any great distance. A co-worker asked me to start running 5k races with her and that got me hooked. I ran my first 1/2 September 29, 2012 in Akron, OH and I’ve ran 4 more since with 2 more coming up this year. So, why not step it up and run a marathon!? I’m a mother of two, a 9-year old son and a 5-year old daughter. My husband is very supportive of my running and sometimes joins me but doesn’t run as far. I’ve been following “another mother runner” for sometime now and even saw you guys at Disney this past February at the Princes 1/2. I really look up to what you two have accomplished as mothers and would love to run with you guys.

  177. I live in Myrtle Beach, SC, and I am a mother runner – I have 4 young kids (5, 3, and 16 month old twins), and my family is very supportive of my recent aspiration to run a full marathon! I started running in January of 2013 and I will complete my 4th half-marathon at the end of this month. I have also raced in a handful of other races as well. I would love to have this amazing opportunity to fulfill my dream of completing a full marathon!

  178. I started running 2 years ago. I was inspired when my sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha partnered with Girls on the arum. I thought if those girls could run a 5K so could I and I started training to be a running buddy. I’m the girl who walked the mile in high school, so running a 5K was a big deal for me. Every distance is a big deal for me. My husband at the time wasn’t very supportive so it wasn’t until we were divorced last year that I started running more. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and helps with some of the emotional struggles I have been put through (body image, etc). I am running my first half marathon in 2.5 weeks – April 26 in Ocean City, Maryland. I am excited and nervous. My dream is to run a marathon someday!

  179. I began running a little over a year ago to lose weight and started training for my first half marathon. After completing it last Oct and several more races I have been hooked on running. I have run two half marathons and have three more on my schedule for this year. I really wanted to put a full on my race calendar but I am scared and wondered if I could finish the distance. I really want to run my first marathon before I turn 30 so this will be my last year to get it done! As of right now my running partner is my dog so it would be wonderful to have you ladies there during the marathon encouraging me to finish. Also, this opportunity would be amazing and training with you (virtually) would be a dream come true. I live outside of Baltimore, MD currently so Phildelphia is not to far from me. I would love to run that city and have heard the race is awesome. Thanks for all you do for the sport of running!

  180. I started casually running when my youngest daughter was born, she is now 5. I never even thought about running more than a 5k though. A few years ago I got more serious about it after doing a 10k race and decided to sign up for a half marathon. I trained for about 6 weeks and hurt my knee. Drat! Last year I met my dear running partner who was training for her first full marathon. I would run 8-10 miles with her each Sunday and finally accomplished my goal of that elusive half last October. I will run my 2nd half marathon at the end of April. I just turned 43, my youngest will be in Kindergarten this fall (actually giving me time to train), my husband is totally supportive of me training for this goal so I am ready! Thank you for the chance 🙂

  181. I am the mother of two: boy 9, girl 6. I have run on and off since college, but really got serious about it in 2009. I ran my first half in 2011 (2:05) and have run three more since then. Last year, my husband and I divorced, which took a toll on my confidence and my running. However, this year I made the commitment to myself to find the joy of running again. Slowly, I am finding that joy even though most of my runs are pre-sunrise when the kids are still very much asleep. Completing a marathon has been on my bucket list for quite some time and I would love to cross it off before my 40th birthday next year. My only concern about running beside you two beautiful ladies is that I will look like even more of a runt than I already am (5’1″ in my Saucony Guides), but I can get over that 🙂

  182. 1. Suddenly my heart is beating faster and my hands are a little clammy – nervous energy just thinking about running 26.2!
    2. This coming Sunday I’m about to run my fifth half marathon (previous PR 2:08:32). Although I’m happy to run another half, I’m mentally ready for a fresh challenge.
    3. My husband is 100% supportive of my running.
    4. Our daughters (6 and 8) are old enough now that I can leave them at home with dad for longer stretches without feeling “mommy guilt”.
    5. After SIX AND A HALF LONG MONTHS of snow…I’m ready to spend as much time outside as possible!
    6. I’m more than willing to document my 26.2 journey! (Our family blog is six years old – I’m used to having my life open for public viewing.)
    7. Ok…not nervous anymore. Bring it on!!!

  183. I am a 38 year old mom to an almost 16 year old daughter. I ran alot when I was much younger. I am looking for a kick in the butt! I totally strive for motivation and persistence from ANYONE that can give it to me. I have never run a marathon but at this point in my life accomplishing a REAL goal for myself is just what I need. I have never had much support in anything and I realize this is something I need! I joined a running group in Wilmington, MA and to be honest the intimidation of actually going out is Killing me. I got married in 2010 and although things may have gotten a little easier, since I was a single mom, my husband asks me daily What are my goals and what am I passionate about? I am constantly drawing a blank and often feel foolish. I can’t say I have ever actually “finished” anything….I am hoping to have that chance with you! With 40 being only 18 months away, perhaps this may be my answer to start next decade of my life positively and goal orientated! Please help me make that possible!

  184. I have two halfs (at 2:15 and 2:22 pace) completed and bunches of 5Ks. I also love the 10K distance but would love to mark another item off my bucket list by doing the full marathon. Stress at home and stress at work keep me running outside (pavement and trails) and going to the gym to reclaim my sanity. I love the idea of following your training plan and helping others to start running/training along the way.

    This breast cancer survivor would love to cross that finish line that show’s I’m a strong mother runner.

  185. I’m a mother of 2. My son, Zach, is 11. My daughter, Kendall, is 7. My husband is a stay-at-home-dad, which is a life saver as I travel for my job.

    Running is my stress reliever, me-time, time with my friends. And sometimes it’s a source of mommy guilt as I balance running, work, and family.

    I started running in 2011, completing my first half marathon that November. And with that I was hooked. Since then I’ve completed 6 more half marathons. Last summer I dipped my toe into triathalons, competing in 3 sprints. In March I ran my longest race to date, a 30k.

    Since January 1, I’ve run a 5k, a 10 miler, 3 half marathons, and a 30k. I’ve not followed a training plan for these races. I’d love the accountability of traing to run with you. Pretty hard to skip a training run when my progress will be discussed publicly!

    Training with the help of fellow mother runners who understand the juggling act we perform to make it work, and running my first marathon with your support throughout the 26.2 miles would be an amazing introduction into the ranks of marathoners.

  186. Hi I began running 2 years ago after my Father’s sudden passing. I realized I needed to start taking care of myself and doing something I truly love. I had been going to the gym for quite some time already so was somewhat fit but found running to be a great outlet for me I was able to decompress while out on runs and if I needed to I could cry. I started training for my first race the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Philadelphia in June of 2012 and I ran for the American Cancer Society. I had no idea what I was doing or that I actually needed to be fitted for the proper shoes. After crossing that finish line of course very soar I went home and read up on the best way to get started running and have since ran many 5ks, 10ks and 3 half marathons. For me running is therapy and a way to connect with other people who have the same passion as me :). I have always thought of participating in a Marathon but the distance scared me for so long. But after running this past weekending in the Half being out there with all the other folks I realized running makes me happy and whole. If I finished a Marathon I would feel so accomplished and I would be able to say that I to am a Marathoner.

  187. I am a mother runner. I started running two years ago when I was 20 pounds heavier and at my lowest health point ever. Mentally I was beat up and had zero self esteem. Running has changed my life in so many ways. It has taught me more in the past two years than my 35 here on earth. (You do a lot of thinking durning a
    Hours of solo runs!) I am a mom of two boys and just want to inspire them to do great things and never doubt themselves. That’s where the marathon comes in. I’ve never entered one because I doubt myself and am afraid I can’t do it. I’m tired of feeling that way! I am ready to train and show my children that ANYTHING is possible. I’ve trained and completed two halfs and done any 5ks 10ks and 15ks. I would LOVE to prove to myself as well that I CAN do it. (Even I I’m a little scared 😉 )

  188. I’m from St Petersburg, Florida and would love a chance to run my first marathon with anothermotherrunner! I am a busy working mother with 2 sons (age 11 and 8). I honestly can’t say I love running, but I do love the benefits so it makes it worth it for me. I am an early 5AM runner because if I don’t get up, it won’t get done. My evenings are reserved for my family so I have been sacrificing sleep for 4years. I’ve done many half marathons (2:14 PR) and Ragnar FLK 2014, but did not think I had the discipline to take the marathon leap. Crazy, considering I get up at the crack of dawn 4 days a week!! Lastly, I don’t “look” like a runner (more on that upon request :-)), but my actions have inspired many to take the next step toward a healthy lifestyle. Despite my appearance, medical history (my supportive medical team ROCKS), demanding job, and duties as a mother, I am proof you can accomplish goals with a plan, support, and discipline. Thank you for the consideration.

  189. I have spent the last four years not finishing a marathon, but at the same time crossing a different monumental finish line. In 2010 I ended a two year journey to reclaim my health and fitness. I had spent most of my teens and twenties at an unhealthy weight and battling an unhealthy desire to simply eat my feelings. In celebration of achieving that goal (one I didn’t know I was striving for and didn’t believe was possible) I began in January of 2011 was to train and run the TarHeel 10 Miler. I decided to wait on the race. I started having significant hip pain and discovered I was pregnant. In January of 2013 I set out with the same goal, and once again discovered I was pregnant. This time I ran the 4 mile race 16 weeks pregnant. My second daughter was an emergency delivery six weeks early less than two weeks after I moved to Alexandria, VA. We spent a week in the NICU and I have had a significantly more complicated recovery from my second C-section. As I lay in my hospital bed, alone unable to sleep, near panic, having not met my daughter, I ordered Run Like a Mother for my kindle and read the entire book from 3am until they finally let me meet her around 3pm the next day. You both saved my soul – through the pain and confusion all I wanted was to meet my girl. Reading RLAM gave me strength and community when all I felt was alone and powerless. Here I am nearly 8 months postpartum and once more not running this year’s TarHeel 10 Miler. My youngest is happy and healthy. She is a fierce little fighter – she is not content to simply be, instead she tries to do ALL OF THE THINGS at the same time. 2015 will be my year to conquer the TarHeel 10 Miler – 2014 is my year to finish my first marathon.

    In the meanwhile I have found a BAMR community here at AMR and in my MRTT chapter. I am struggling to balance a two year old and a baby in a new city – running is my sanity. I laid in my hospital bed and had a dream – to run Chicago this year as my first marathon. I am a Ronald McDonald House volunteer and I wanted to run as a member of Team Ronald McDonald House Charities. Due to the realities of NICU bills and career moves we are simply working to find the funds for a double jogging stroller…so a trip to Chicago is beyond my reach. 2015 – I have my eye on you.

    I guess what I am saying is I would be privileged if one of you chose me to run beside you in Philadelphia. My first marathon will be this Fall – how amazing to get to train alongside either one of you (but I will be in Colorado during July)! (I listen to your podcasts now as I run, so I kind of pretend we run together already…)

    Congratulations to whomever you both pick. What a tremendous treat. (My apologies. I have been on the mommy merry go round this morning – and am not so eloquent when sleep deprived. I wanted to get my comment in because – I want this so badly I could cry. I need this. I truly do.)

  190. I would LOVE to run a marathon!! It has always been a dream of mine that was a little too scary to pursue! I’ve been running for about 11 years and my favorite distance is the half marathon! I like running half marathons in different states because it is a great way to see a new area! Of course, my favorite half marathon is the One America 500 Festival Mini Marathon in my home, Indianapolis!! I believe that I could run a marathon, though, with the awesome support of the Another Mother Runner community and Sarah and Dimity and would be an amazing journey of strength, dedication, determination, and courage!

  191. I began running after my daughter was born, 9 years ago. I have finished Ironman, but haven’t had the nerve to sign up for a marathon on its own. I’m a transplant form Argentina, having met my husband on the internet, moved to the US almost 12 years ago. I’m am avid triathlete and plan on competing in multiple tri events this season.
    I think running a marathon and having the training documented is a wonderful opportunity to showcase how you can enjoy more than one sport and still be successful at them, if you do the work/follow the plan.
    BTW, thanks for a great event in Charlotte.

  192. I am a wannabe marathoner! I’ve been kicking around the idea of running a marathon and I am so excited about the possibility of being a part of this!

    I ran my first 5k last April and was hooked (thanks to a Wellness program at work that also helped me lose 50 pounds). I ran a few more 5k’s and then started thinking about doing a half.

    A friend suggested the Hershey Half and I realized the timing would be perfect – the training would take my mind off my daughter leaving for her freshman year of college halfway across the country.

    I loved training for the half and I loved running the half. And then I started thinking what else can I do? Was I capable of doing more?

    My high school self that tried every excuse to get out of running the mile would be amused that 25+ years later I am considering running 26.2 of them at one time!

    But I am and would love the opportunity to have your support and to hopefully encourage others throughout the process.

    I live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – not too far from the city of brotherly love!

  193. I’m a mom of three boys (age 6, 2.5 & 1) and my days are full of all sorts of chasing, but I’ve never chased the big 26.2. I just ran a half marathon a month ago, one month shy of my youngest’s first birthday, and I was amazed at what the female body could do – grow a baby, push out a baby, feed a baby and then train to run 13.1 all in one year. It was such a thrilling experience, and though I’ve been a runner for years, it was the first time I ever conceived (love how I’m keeping the birth lingo going here?) of doing a marathon. I’d love to train it with you! I live in the small town of Oxford, Ohio, and am currently injury free (until I step on a wayward lego and scream “Mother!” of a different sort). Pick me, please!

  194. I’m not only a mother runner, I’m a Nana runner! I’m a late bloomer – started running at 50 after following my Soldier husband around the world and raising our four sons, often on my own. In 2005, my husband and oldest son were deployed to Iraq. Menopause had kicked my butt – weight gain, no energy, metabolism in the toilet, dozens of hot flashes a day, sleepless night-sweat-filled nights, migraines, etc…but I NEEDED to do SOMETHING! I started walking. Two miles grew to four then six then eight. My pace picked up and my weight dropped and dropped and dropped. I started running to “the next light pole” then to “the next block” then “let’s see if I can run a whole mile.” When my husband redeployed (came home), he was surprised but also impressed. He encouraged me to enter a race. In May 2009, I ran a 5k – and won my age group! I’ve been running ever since. I decided to be an example for my grandchildren by running a half marathon for each of them. I ran the Daytona Beach Half in 2013 for my oldest grandson and the Disney Princess Half in FEB for my granddaughter. Now have to find another half for our princess’ baby brother.

    I know it’s a huge commitment to train for and run a marathon (my husband ran 3) and one I never thought I’d do but this Nana runner is up for the challenge.

  195. I am married with two small toddlers ages 2 and 3. I ran my first 5k three months after having my son and it was the hardest 3.1 miles of my life. Since then I continued to run and started enjoying it again. I ran my second half marathon this yr at Fort Worth Cowtown and would really like to run a full this year! I live in Ft Worth TX and try to get out and run as often as possible. Even if it’s just a quick run to get out and clear my head. I turned 30 this yr so I’m trying to prove to myself that my 30s won’t be all that bad and I can still get out and run 🙂

  196. I began running 4 years ago….I have run 5 half-marathons and my goal is to run my first Full this year!! I am the mom of 7 children, my oldest is now 30 (with 2 kids) my youngest are 10 year old twins. Once I started running I was able to motivate my husband and 3 of my older girls to run their first half marathons. Two of my daughters and my husband want to run their first full this year with me. My twins are regularly running 5K’s with us! I love that we have all found a way as a family to bond and work at being healthy! I would love the opportunity to make this my FIRST marathon at 50!!

  197. I started running around my youngest daughter’s first birthday. That was 4 years ago and I have never looked back. I love running. It is my special me time and my therapy. I love how I am silently leading my two daughters by example. Showing them how to be fit, have fun and have strong bodies.I have run many short distance races and 5 half marathons, but the full marathon is still my Everest.
    In Nov. 2012 I was attacked by a pack of 5 dogs while out running. I have suffered greatly because of the attack but have fought through it. While it has not been easy I have kept running, refusing to let the attack steal something from me that brings me so much joy.
    Now that my youngest will be starting kindergarten in the fall I feel like I will have more time to dedicate to training. I am hopeful that 2014/2015 will be the season of my first full marathon. I am fully aware arriving intact and healthy to the starting line of any race is already a victory in itself. I always put everything into training, I think that is why I don’t take signing up for a full marathon lightly. I live in sunny San Diego, CA and would be honored to be picked to run my first full with you ladies.

  198. Hi! Do you like Piñacoladas (virgin for me) and running in the rain? Are you in love with the Ragnars? Me too! That is my game. I am a Colorado native and have 3 wonderful minions! I have always dreamed of doing the 26.2 after giving Birth to my children but struggle with time management and love of sleep! The Lucky 13 has always been my distance of choice as a Mother runner until you two came along. Sarah and Dimity get my rump over that hump! Take me to the city of “MOTHERLY LOVE”. My husband is graduating this May with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have been raising the kids solo while he has worked full time and attended school! This would be a great present and accomplishment for myself after sacrificing so much for the past 6 years for his goal!

  199. I have run most of my life since grade school but have been a serious adult who joined a running club this past year. I met up with a friend who had the same thoughts as I about running BUT made the Ritter team for the NY marathon. I vowed to support her. She was a runner who didn’t follow a plan closely which worked for her but brought me to my first injury in 38 yrs of running because I didn’t recover correctly. I always thought marathons were for runners who needed to prove something to themselves or others and I totally didn’t think that was for me. I have always loved my running and had nothing to prove. Now I wonder if I did things my way could I do a marathon? In 2013 I ran 13 halves before my injury. I am easing my way back in and in Saucony’s since 1981. Love the brand and love the idea of running my own marathon.

  200. This would be an amazing opportunity. I am running my first half marathon in three weeks and since I started training I have been thinking more about doing a full. But I still have doubts in my head about it. I have been running since I have had my second child. I went from a 12 min mile to now running a sub 9 min mile. I am so proud of my accomplishments with my runnig. Now that I have three children it’s not easy but I still push myself to run and train. It makes me feel awesome that me children always “play” running and “workout”. I feel like such a great mom for passing on such great ideas to my kids. They think working out is so much fun. I love my husband for supporting me and my kids for making me realize how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle.

  201. I’m hoping old college friends/crew teammates are eligible….hi Dimity!! If nothing else, this is my chance to tell you that reading and listening to you both over the past few years via “Run Like a Mother” and the podcasts — and especially hearing about Dimity’s Ironman journey — inspired me to get back into a running routine and recognize that it’s OK that running doesn’t come easily or naturally to me. I came off a few post-baby years of exercise slackerdom last year and began running again (I had completed a half-marathon in 2006 pre-babies, then exercised very erratically after kiddos arrived in 2007 and 2010). Last summer, I eased back into it and made slow progress. Last fall, bought a house here in the Bay Area, CA and packed/moved/unpacked/did house projects and the whole exercise thing fell apart. This winter/spring, I’ve been getting back into a solid routine and have contemplated doing another half marathon in late June. Love the idea of running the Philadelphia marathon since I grew up in the Philly suburbs — Dimity, we could stay with my parents and carbo-load on food from the Italian Market just like before Dad Vails. 🙂

  202. Sunday, March 2nd…the day that I was to run my first marathon. My friend and I had chosen Little Rock, AR for my big day (she had ran her first a few years back before we were BRF’s). The medal was huge and so was our excitement. The day before the race we met fellow BAMRs Sarah and Dimity after a talk they gave, and I could not have been more pumped. The forcast was calling for rain, but I honestly prefer that over heat so it wasn’t going to dampen my spirits (pun intended). I kept telling myself that in (hopefully) less than 5 hours I would be a marathoner! Just after the 13.1 mile turn off…and during my moment of “I’ve never gone past this point in a race before” glee…the course was re-routed to to finish line due to a severe thunderstorm. I was crushed. I picked up the pieces of my broken soul as my friend and husband yelled “Let’s at least finish strong!”. My plan is to run St. Jude in Memphis in December, but running this Philadelphia race would be a dream!
    -BAMR of one (Lucy, 3) from Arkansas

  203. I am a 26 year old mom of 4 children,ages 2.5-7. I have been distance running for a year and a half and was able to meet my goal of running a half marathon at almost my 1 year running anniversary (it was a week later) Now my next step is a full marathon. This would be a fun event, near family that i have in PA and Id get some awesome cheerleaders to run with which is not something that happens often since I usually run alone in my town as im a military wife in a new town, no fellow running friends yet.

  204. Oh Mother! I am excited to throw my shoes into the ring! I am an Ohio Mother Runner of three boys (4,5 &6) and two years ago I completed my first Flying Pig Half! Loved it. But I did it gimping with an IT band issue. Since then I have paired up with a great strength training coach, but let the running slow down. I just registered for the inaugural Queen Bee women’s half in Cincinnati in October. I am plotting races through the summer to get me rolling. This would be such a great opportunity to grow and stretch myself. I lack the confidence to truly call myself a runner and completing 26.2 would stamp me a Mother Runner forever!

  205. I have a secret I have told no one until this moment: I’m thinking about running a marathon! So far, the rest of the world has only heard, “I love 13.1 and don’t feel the need to go any further yet.” After a painful stint in elementary XC then a 20+ year hiatus, I became a runner and a BAMR (of two awesome girls) at the same time in my 30s. As someone who has never been physically gifted, running has meant the world to me, proving that I can make myself stronger with every step. Philly 26.2 would be the perfect 37th birthday gift. When I can’t meet up with my BRFs, it’s most often you—Sarah & Dimity—that accompany me on my runs (pausing only to laugh). I live in AZ where I’m blessed with year-round running weather, a wonderful husband and two daughters who I see for the first time in the morning when I return from my run, an amazing career, and many friends and hobbies to fill the “free” time. I’m grateful for every day, and grateful for the possibility of this opportunity. Pick me! Pick me!

  206. I joined the military and did 13 years without ever running more than 4 miles. I got out and didn’t even consider running again until I decided to take charge of my ridiculous weight gain by exercising and eating healthy. I adopted a baby in 2009 and it suddenly occurred to me this year, that if I didn’t do something soon, I’d miss out on much of his childhood activities and playtime. I am also concerned that I won’t live long enough to see him grow up. I chose running as my lifestyle choice. I’ve lost 30 pounds and am running a half marathon in three weeks. I still have about 60 pounds to lose and would love to have the success of a marathon for the first time at age 47! I live in Woodbridge, VA and I would be forever indebted to you guys if you would run beside me and cheer me on. It’s been a lonely road so far and some additional motivation would be awesome.

  207. I need a challenge. I have completed 2 half marathons with the last one 2 years ago. Since then, I have been run/walking off & on. If I have a goal & some help, I can complete a task. I did Zooma Texas in 2012 with an awesome mentor who kept me on track. I’m turning 42 later this year & would love to have another motivation/challenge. I have 2 boys (7 & 4) & a hubby with a crazy work schedule. I have done runs up to 9 miles pushing my boys. I know that I need to work on speed, but I have time to do that, if I am chosen for this. I have never run/walked a marathon & would love this opportunity. I would love this opportunity to be able to tell friends & family that I’m going to run a marathon….this would solidify the fact that I’m a little bonkers in my later years…lol!! I’m in Texas & have a gym in my neighborhood where I can dreadmill/elliptical/lift weights to help the training. I have some great running ladies in the area that I can reach out to for some help….PLEASE CHOOSE ME!!!

  208. Taking a deep breath, I posted this as my Facebook status earlier today: “Rhetorical question to self, “Why is it that my mother and father are able to cause so much emotional pain like no other?” It is difficult to not let their lack of support throughout my entire life steal my joy.”

    I struggle with anger, presently working on defining and maintaining healthy boundaries. Growing up in a situation with divorced parents that indulged in their own sorrows and needs, they ignored my need for stability – both physical and emotional. Mom moved us countless times and I frequently changed schools, which made it impossible to be consistent in any school activity or sport…or friendships for that matter. I have struggled with anorexia, substance abuse, and the aftermath of physically and sexually abusive relationships. I have enjoyed journaling, playing instruments, and creating art as positive alternatives to substance abuse that “numbed” the pain away, but NOTHING else has satisfied me like RUNNING. I run to accomplish what I could not and did not…I run to inspire my two young children…I run to take care of this body God gave me. When I race, I consider myself a true athlete in that I want to beat my own records and beat my odds. I envision pushing past all the negativity and painful things that have not only involved myself, but also empathize with other runners yearning to cope with and overcome their struggles, as well.

    My name is Amy. I am 32 years old and I am from Kentucky. I have completed several 5K’s, two half marathons (3rd is on April 19th), and I run 5-6 days a week along with strength/core training. By this fall, I believe I will be more than ready to take on a full marathon. Running as a parallel to life, it is more pleasant when having encouraging friends along the way.

  209. After beating cancer 4 years ago, I thought nothing would hurt more than that battle. 18 months ago, my fiance decided he was done with our relationship, and I was left homeless, miles from family and friends, with nothing but my children and my car. Since the day I left, I’ve found a steady job, lost 65 pounds, paid off a LOT of debt, taken my kids to Disneyland without using a single credit card, and I am buying a house in the next few months.

    In the past four months, running has been my escape. My “me time”. The way I quiet those voices in my head that keep telling me I can’t do it and I should stop trying. I will be running my first half in about 4 months.

    The Philadelphia Marathon (and training with either of you ladies!) would just be the crowning glory in my journey to prove to myself that if I put my mind to it, I can accomplish absolutely anything I want to. And I want to do this more than anything.

  210. I have done things this past year I never thought possible! I started running right at a year ago, six weeks post-partum c-section. My first goal was to complete a mile any way I could. I then worked my way up and on July 25, 2013, I ran 6 miles without stopping for the first time ever! I knew nothing about running – at the time I thought I shouldn’t go less miles than what I had previously accomplished. So when my hip acted up, I knew I needed some running advice. After trying to read two extremely scientific (boring) running books, I was ready for a better read – and your books were just that! You guys put a fire under me and I jumped on the opportunity to join your AMR Prove-It Half Challenge! My half is scheduled May 10, 2014 and I am so ready to prove it to myself!! I have run four 5Ks and one 10K. I have three amazing children and an awesome husband! I currently live in Manhattan, KS, but will be moving next month to Tiffin, OH. I would love the opportunity to run my first full marathon with one of you in Philadelphia!

  211. Mother runner here of 2 kids, who just completed my first half in March. Never thought I could/would. But due to the strength of my fellow mother running friends, I did it! And it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought and I had fun! Now when asked, I say I couldn’t run a marathon. I don’t think I have the mental capacity to double it. I would like to prove myself wrong and winning an entry would give me the drive. As they saying goes “if you don’t sign up, you won’t do it” It’s so true!!!

  212. I am the ideal candidate for the Saucony 26 Strong Program because I am a 47 year-old Mother Runner living in Northern California with 2 teenage boys.
    If that alone doesn’t make you pick me (because you know I need the quiet serenity of going out for a long run AND a weekend away) here are a few more reasons:

    I am scared of the marathon like a toddler of the darkness at bedtime.
    I have never run a marathon before. I have completed 9 halfs since I started running…….11 months ago.
    I am scared of the marathon like a little kid of the high dive at the pool.
    I have lost over 60 pounds and love all my new energy.
    I am scared of the marathon like a boy of asking a girl to a school dance.
    I love sharing the benefits of regular exercise and my joy of running.
    I am scared of the marathon but know with the proper guidance and incentive that I WILL do it!

    And what better way to show my boys that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE than to complete my first marathon in the City of Brotherly Love? (and bring them home TastyKakes)

  213. Wow. A full marathon. How terrifying. But you know what? I said that about 13.1 miles, also, and am now training for my 5th one! If I can conquer a half-marathon, fight with insurance companies to get continued services for our son with special needs while raising him and our other two amazing kids, work part-time and go to school part-time, then I can conquer a full marathon, too! I may still be terrified, but when has that ever stopped me before?

  214. I’m a female runner from Mobile, AL who’s turning 30 next month! That means I’m entering a new racing age bracket! I’ve been running for the last 12 years, entering local races for 8, and have just recently (last 2 years) stepped into the half marathon distance. In Oct. 2012 I suffered a debilitating torn labrum in my left hip and had to undergo surgery to correct it. That following February I was up and running the New Orleans Rock and Roll Half marathon and haven’t stopped since. Running is the thing that keeps me sane during the crazy times in life but I’m terrified to bite off the full marathon distance on my own. It’s always been a dream of mine to complete a marathon but I don’t really have the funds to travel to a race as great as the Philadelphia Marathon and there are, unfortunately, not a lot of local opportunities for the marathon distance. Together we could reach that goal and I would be so appreciative at the opportunity to complete this challenge with you. Your blog and facebook posts keep me motivated and inspired to continue challenging myself everyday. Thank you for all that you do and have done for the female running community.

  215. I attempted to accomplish a 26.2 but was made to stop at 13.1 for being too slow. I feel like I could do a full with the right encouragement. I am a turtle but I work very, very hard. I have finished 5 half marathons, a 10k, lots of 5ks. I am a private school middle school teacher, mom of three, and a military spouse. The training and expenses paid would be a blessing and an encouragement to my heart. I feel with the right encouragement, coaching and training, I can and will conquer 26.2!

  216. Darn! I wish I qualified for this great offer. 🙁

    I’ll be running my 5th Philly Marathon (my 14th marathon since 1995). It’ll be my 4th attempt to BQ and I hope I make it this time.

    See you there! 🙂

  217. 4 days until my first half, R&R Raleigh, I’m soooo ready and know I will be able to take it all in and enjoy the experience! I’ve only done one 5k and 1 10k so this half then the full will prove to me that I can do anything, even if it took 50 years 🙂
    I travel a lot for work so running with my mother runner friends is how I stay connected to them.
    Tonight I went to your event in Charlotte, so much fun though i shed a couple of tears during the last reading about the running trail – must have been the 1/2 glass of wine!

  218. Let me start by saying I would LOVE this!! How fun to run with an old friend who, incidentally, I have never met, but has accompanied me on many training runs on my iPod. I am a stay-at-home mom to 3 kids and live in a beauty of a college town Oxford, Ohio. I have run 6 half marathons and am training (using the finish it plan whoop whoop:) for the Indy Mini in 4ish weeks. I have played with the idea of running a marathon this fall since my twin “babies” will be starting kindergarden and I will have extra time on my hands. The training would also coincide with my hubs who is running NYC marathon in Nov. Pick me, Pick me!!!

  219. I saw Phoenix and got excited. Then realized you moved back. I am one of those chics that pick up running partners

  220. While I’ve always known running was important to me, I’ve recently realized just HOW important my running is after not being able to get out there as much as I wanted/needed this frigid, snowy, icy, Ohio winter. I’m a runner and I know it…Countless 5ks, 10ks, 10 milers, and half marathons, yet somehow in my crazy head I feel like I need to run a marathon to actually call myself a runner. It’s been a bucket list item for me and this would be just the push I needed to commit.

  221. While I am not a mother, I am a high school teacher in Florida. I think running a full marathon would show my students (especially the girls, who already struggle so much with self image and worth) that they can do anything they set their minds to. I started running about a year and a half ago, 85lbs heavier than I am now. In that time, I’ve run 4 half marathons, a 10 miler, a 15k, and numerous local 10ks and 5ks, along with starting Crossfit and additional strength training. I still have about 70lbs to lose, and I’m definitely not the fastest runner out there, but I refuse to let that stop me. I have always run in intervals, and I have decided that this is my year to get rid of the intervals. Having the motivation of training and running with one of you would be exactly what I need. My ultimate running goal is running the Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge (5k,10k,half,full over 4 days) next January!

  222. I am a Mother Runner from NC!! I belong to 3 children. Ages 11, 9 and 7. 4 1/2 years ago I weight 245lbs. I made a decision to change my life so that I could be a great roll model for my children. 4 years ago I started the C25K and ran my first 5K. I found a new passion that I never thought I could do. 2 years ago I ran my first half marathon and loved it. I have lost 125lbs and gained so much energy. I never thought I would even consider a full marathon, but after all that I have achieved so far, why couldn’t I do this!!! This would be an amazing opportunity.

  223. I am a 38 year old mother of two girls (ages 3 and 7). My husband and I both work full time and live outside of Houston.

    I never considered myself an athlete and never thought I could run more than a mile or so…..I was such a clutz in gym class growing up! I enjoyed walking and after each child did the two day Avon Breast Cancer walk. After training for my second walk, I started running. Since then, I have run several half marathons. I have found running to be such a great stress relief and such a great time to catch up with friends. My next half marathon is next weekend and I have been following the mother runner “own it plan.” I am thinking about taking the leap to a marathon, but have some reservations….training time, pain, how to juggle it all. This would be the perfect motivation to take the leap!

  224. Oh my goodness – this is awesome! I have 3 halves on my running docket this year and have done 3 halves in years past. At the beginning of this year, I was determined to sign up for the Nationwide Columbus Marathon (in OH) and run as part of Team Breakthrough – a fundraiser for the Brain Tumor Association. I found out I had a brain tumor in 2007 and have since had 3 (beautiful) children. I have been wanting to do a marathon race with Team Breakthrough for a while but ultimately decided to sign up for the half marathon instead of the full. I would love to have the opportunity to finish my first full and since I am already training for a half a month before the PA race, this would be perfect!! I would love to have this opportunity!

  225. I would so love to run with you guys that, if selected, I will train in the miserable south Texas summer heat to prepare! I have done several hallfs, but I’ve always been scared to tackle a full–even though it was on my bucket list before I even started running. I began running 3 years ago, inspired by a mommy friend who, like me, had never run more than what was required in 8th grade P.E. I am your everymom– never an athlete (prior to now!), lover of chocolate, committed to bettering my health and my PR. I am a wife and stay-at-home mom of two beautlful girls aged 10 & 5, and I’d love to show them how much their mom rocks! Thanks for the opportunity!

  226. This has my name written all over it! I’ve been running a little over a year, but it has become my passion. As a mom of 5, it’s a piece of the day set aside for me. I come home refreshed and ready to begin the day with my brood. Running is my drug.

    I started with a 2-mile race last winter and progressed to several 5Ks last year. Each 5K was faster than the one before it. When I run, I prove to myself how strong I can be. I used to say that my running mantra was “You can do it,” but I’ve changed it to say, “No, you ARE doing it!” I’m running my first half-marathon in less than 3 weeks and I am pumped! My husband asked me a few weeks ago if I thought I would ever run a marathon. (I think he was scared to hear my answer.) I told him that, yes, running a full marathon is now on my running bucket list. What better race to make my inaugural race than one only a few hours from my home in Maryland.

    And what better running partners than Dimity and SBS! I sort of feel like I run with them anyway since I wind down my rural back roads early morning with the Another Mother Runner podcast in my ears. Puts a smile on my face, even as my legs are screaming at the end of an epic training run.

  227. I’ve been running 3-4 years now: 3 half marathons and various 5ks and 10ks. After my first couple of races, I caught the bug and determined to run a full by my 50th birthday – I’m 48!! My BRF is moving soon, so I’m going to need extra motivation now for sure if I’m ever going to cross the finish line of a 26.2! One of you would be perfect as a training partner and what great accountability this would be. I’ve read both your books, listened to all the podcasts, and read the blog every day! I live in west Texas and am a working mom of an 8 year old son and 6 year old daughter. November 23rd is my husband’s 50th birthday, so what a celebration we could have in Philadelphia!!

  228. I am a 28 year old mother of 3 girls. I started running in fall of 2012, ran my first race on Dec 9, 2012. I’ve been hooked ever since. In 2013, I ran 13 races, 5Ks, 5Mile Races, 10Ks, 12K, Mud Run, and Zombie Run. On April 12, 2014, I will be running my first half marathon. Next step… a marathon. I would be honored to have you as a coach and running companion for my first marathon!

  229. I ran next to Dimity for a few minutes at mile nine of my first half marathon – just after Angels Stadium in the 2012 Disneyland Half. When I told her I was feeling great, she encouraged me to keep running strong and off I went. It would be such a kick to run with Sarah or Dimity for my first full marathon! Just the push I need to commit to the Train Like a Mother marathon Finish-It plan.
    I live on a small island in coastal Downeast Maine, so you’d be guaranteed beautiful photos from my training runs. I’m a 45-year old working mother of three (ages 16, 14, and 7) who started running when I was 41. Currently training for my 3rd half this May and hoping for a 2:10 finish. Knock on wood, I have not had any running injuries. My favorite race mantra is from Another Mother Runner, “I am stronger than I thought.”

  230. Opps…I replied earlier from my phone and coudn’t see the details..
    Let see. I completed my 1st 1/2 in May of 2010 after finding RLAM on Amazon and downloading. I hated running at the time, but that dang kool-aid was strong, so I decided that I could run a 1/2. So much for starting small!! The following year I read TLAM and shaved several minutes of the same 1/2. I’ve completed a couple other 1/2, some 5Ks, and Spartan Trifecta 🙂
    Running hasn’t gotten any easier, but I keep at it, and am getting stronger.
    I’ve been thinking about a full, and this would be the push I need to get me to the start/finish line.

  231. I’ve been thinking about running a marathon for the last few months. Twice, in the not too distance past (2009 and 2012), I ran a half. While I’m definitely not up to running a marathon (or even a half) tomorrow, I’m currently training for a 10k in the Strava challenge. I am also planning to work toward a half in August. I’d absolutely love the Philly marathon to be my first. Philly is my hometown and I live about 1/2 mile from the starting line. Talk about convenient!

  232. I would LOVE this opportunity. Over the years I tried numerous times to become a runner but I always quit after two or three weeks because I ran too fast and it felt like torture. Then finally, a year and a half ago, I got past the hump. I allowed myself to run slower, to walk if I needed to, to build up endurance gradually. It’s been an amazing journey since then, milestone by milestone, and I’m proud to say I love being a runner. But a little voice keeps asking me if I’m a real runner if I haven’t done a marathon. I’ve done several 5Ks and 4-milers, and a few 10Ks. Last May I did my first half, which was exhilarating. I did another last August, which went less well. I’m now training with the AMR Strava group for my third, and I love the support system. I constantly think about whether I’m ready to do a full marathon, and the answer is that I’m scared. But if I had you two coaching me through it, I know I could do it! You truly inspire me, and it would be a dream to undertake this next milestone with you. My husband and 10-year-old son would also be supportive. I live in Brooklyn, NY, so Philadelphia is a short trip away. Plus, I’m a devoted Saucony fan!

  233. Wannabe marathoner? Pshhh, I got that covered! I’ve attempted to train for a marathon twice, both times life has gotten in the way. So here I am, thinking Philly would be an amazing 1st (and most likely) only marathon I’ll run! If I’m picked I will train to “Eye of the tiger” I promise 😉

  234. I am the perfect candidate for this program because I am on the fence about running a marathon. I live outside of Boston (right along the marathon route) and have truly embraced running this year with the help of a neighbor who has become my brf. I am training for my first half in a month using the tlam finish it plan. We made it through this winter and ran outside a minimum of 3 days a week at 5am, and wore out 2 pairs of yaks traks. In addition to running, I swim, bike, play with my 2 young boys, and teach 6th grade. I would love this opportunity to add and check an item off my 40th year to do list with you.

  235. It’s me!! I’m right here!! Your ideal candidate for a virgin 26.2! I am a married mom of 2 living in Tewksbury, MA. I have run 4 half marathons and doing my 5th this May in Boston. I have thought about a full ‘thon for quite a while, even almost committed with some friends, but then chickened out!! I am pretty slow when I run, especially longer distances. I am working hard to speed up my pace, but that has been a long road. By trade, I am a counselor in private practice. I work with adolescents and adults to help get them emotionally healthy…and also talk about physical health, because I believe in the balance. Even thinking about the possibility of winning this makes me tingle with excitement! I will be keeping my fingers crossed!!

  236. Hi. I have always been turned off by marathons because of the training commitment. But, if I win this contest, and my training involves working closely with one or both of you, the training is what will sell me, instead of block me. What a great contest! I’ve run 6 half marathons, a 10k and a 10-miler. I started running as a way to combat gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my 4th…5 yrs ago. I’ve lost motivation and am not running as much anymore, and this would be a phenomenal goal to get me back on track. Pick me!

  237. I completed my first half with my non-running husband on my first child’s 1st birthday-literally. It was a milestone in that we never thought we could make it given the 1st year of in and out of doctor offices with our baby. He trained every mile with us in the BOB. Running literally saved my husband and I that year because of the stressors that came with our premie son. Here I am 2 years later, another baby, and my brain is telling me that there is not enough time and energy to complete this feat. However, my drive is telling me otherwise. I just need a reason. I just need to get back to me. I just need the “perfect race.”

  238. I am a 28 year old mother runner of two- Liam, 3 next month, and Maya, 1. I teach 1st grade, am working on my Masters degree, and am training for the Portland Rock n Roll Half next month. Crazy? Yes! This will be my second 13.1, my first was the 2012 Eugene Half, a year after I had my son.I have been toying with the idea of a full 26.2, but with an injured running partner, wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it solo. This would be fantastic motivation, an awesome opportunity, and an honor to run with you BAMRs! 🙂

  239. I am mother of two boys, Drew and Calvin and wife to the most supportive husband ever. I have run 3 half marathons and many 5 and 10Ks. Running keeps me centered and confident. I have had 26.2 on my radar since I completed my first half almost a year ago. I would love to have the guidance and support of this awesome mother-runner tribe behind me for my first marathon. I live in central Nebraska and have always been a healthy runner (knock on wood) since I started running three years ago. I would love the opportunity!

  240. I am a 28 year old mother runner from Middle Tennessee. I began running for fitness doing 5k’s about 5 years ago and always dreamed of marathoning but knew that goal was too lofty. I wasn’t strong enough. After the birth of my baby I grabbed hold of running as my passion. I wanted to be an inspiration to her by showing there is strength in following a dream even if you never thought it truly possible. It was then that I found you guys. Your podcasts helped me so much! My girl had just turned 1 when I did it! I ran my first 1/2 last Oct. My toddler now comes to races and cheers Mommy on. At a recent 5k, she spotted me, ran to me, & crossed the finish line in my arms. Two weeks later I grabbed her from the side to cross a 15k finish! I have always wanted to run a full marathon and actually told my husband that I wanted to do that THIS year! I have no running partner so this opportunity is the perfect opportunity for me to have some support from… another mother runner!

  241. I am 32 years old and the proud madre of two fun loving kids (5 yr old boy Andrew and 3 yr old girl Elizabeth). I am a full time high school spanish teacher and live in CT. I also coach hs track! I started running in the spring of 2012 using the couch to 5k program and since then I have lost 65 pounds. I NEVER thought I could do this and now I can say that I have completed one half marathon ( the Hartford 1/2) in the fall of 2013. I am signed up for 2 more half marathons this spring and am so excited! My goal is to beat my original time of 2:09. I have also done 3 5k’s, a 5 miler and a 10k. I have been toying with the idea of a full marathon for the past couple of months but am super nervous to do it alone. Once I think I am ready, I get second thoughts and psych myself out. Thanks for the consideration for this amazing opportunity!

  242. My dad was a marathon runner, he ran 19 before retiring. I tried track in highschool but had to quite with illness. I live in a northern suburb of Chicago. I started running last year. My goal was to run a race a month starting in April. I completed about 6 5ks and 1 10k. I became a mom to a 5 year old girl in Nov and put running on hold. I have started my training up again for my first half marathon in June this year. I would love to try a marathon and make that dream come true! I think this would be a great, supportive way to make that goal happen.

  243. I have walked a 1/2 marathon back in 2005 and 2006 and have had in the back of my mind for several years now that I’d like to give a full marathon a try but have let the nerves get the best of me. I’ve also struggled when looking for training schedules and knowing which one would be there better one to use. I would love the chance to have the virtual training and the support during the entire run. I live in North Carolina, just finishing up with tax season and ready to get outside!

  244. I never ran until about a year ago when I became envious of my single friends who traveled the US to run marathons. I told myself, if they can do it, so can I. I ran my first half in Disney this January. It wasn’t easy pulling it off since I work full time teaching Baking, I have two young sons and I’ve been taking classes at night. I deserve to run this Marathon because I have spent the last few years focusing on my sons and my work and I’m finally ready to focus on me. Also I live 1 ½ hours north of Philly in Reading, Pennsylvania. My students live in a city that is number two in poverty just behind Flint, Michigan. Most things in my life have come pretty easily to me, but running doesn’t. I want to prove to my students, my sons and to myself that if you set your sights on a goal and you stay focused, your hard work can pay off. I would love to run with you. I need all the support I can get and I promise to make some mean baked goodies for the post-race recovery 😉

  245. Although I’ve run at least one race per month for more than four years, including a dozen or so half marathons, I always swore I would never run a full marathon. I could not imagine committing the time or mental energy, even though my sons and husband are self-sufficient.

    But I realized recently that now is the time to do my first marathon so that my dad will be able to see it. Dad ran for more than four decades, including several marathons, but has had to stop recently due to health concerns. I was fortunate enough to run a 7-miler with him in our nearby Great Smoky Mountains on his 77th birthday two years ago, and as it turned out, that was the last time we were able to run together.

    Running the Philadelphia Marathon would be a great tribute to a man who started running long before it was cool or fashionable to do so and who has inspired many people—including me—to take up the sport. Regardless of the outcome of this contest, I will run my first marathon this year. However, I hope it will be in Philly, with Dimity and Sarah!

  246. This time last year I was 5 1/2 months pregnant with my 2nd baby and, crazy as it sounds, I felt like I had really hit my stride with running. Historically I was injury prone, several stress fractures had sidelined me. But I had a great running buddy, the pregnancy really made me listen to my body, and I was cruising. So after 7 years of living blocks from the finish line I finally signed up for the Philly 1/2 marathon. 4 1/2 months later my little guy was born and we were headed to Richmond, VA as part of a relocation for my husband’s job. I was faced with leaving my family and friends, leaving a job at which I excelled, a newborn, and, oh yeah, we would settle 3 weeks before the half. I felt like it was a sign when I learned that the Richmond half was the same wknd. So 3 weeks after the big move and 1 day shy of my baby turning 4 mo old I ran the Richmond half! I’ve toyed with running a marathon but I am always afraid that once I sign up something will happen to prevent me from being able to run. I do plan to run the Philly half this year but coming home for the holidays and running the marathon with you ladies would bring my year full circle. (Your podcasts entertain my treadmill runs, I’d love the live version) Thanks for your consideration!

  247. I started running in January of 2012 in order to drop the baby weight of two pregnancies in two years. I was soon hooked and really loved competing with myself in a series of distances. But nothing compared to running my first half marathon in October of 2012. It was truly life changing for me, I had never been so proud (childbirth, maybe ;). Natural progression leads most to a marathon, but not me!! I need a boost! I can’t for some reason commit, even though my mind and (I think?!?!?) my body are ready! Living in the Chicago area, I watch the big marathon every year with tears in my eyes, I am so dang inspired!!! But I just can’t sign up and I think fear of the unknown is holding me back! Maybe some seasoned pros can carry me mentally and possibly physically across that finish line? We would make a great team of six legs!!

  248. I’m SO thrilled that you are giving away such a great experience! Fingers crossed!!
    I’m a 30yr old mother runner of 2 kiddos (ages 6 and 2). I started running Nov 2012, right after relocating from Green Bay WI to Charlotte NC-just 6 months after my son was born. I NEVER ran prior to this…avoided it like the plague! But after baby #2, I came it at my heaviest EVER…221 pounds! I woke up one day and realized I needed to do something. So I started running. Started SOO slow…I could barely run to the end of my block. Now, 1.5 years later, I’m an avid runner and love going to the gym. I’ve lost 56 lbs since starting my journey and still counting. I’ve completed several 5Ks, two 10Ks, a 10 mile race, and 4 half marathons…with my PR set last month at 1:58:20!! I’m so glad I woke up one day and decided I was better than the route I was taking…my kids deserved more, my husband deserved more, and ultimately I DESERVED MORE!! Running a full is my next goal!!

  249. I am your gal! My name is Anne O’Connor. The hubby and I recently relocated our family to Madison, WI from Chicago. I am a cardiologist and mom to two boys, Brendan (8) and Rory (4). I started running two years ago and ran the 2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon with my two best running pals. As we were training, I gave them both copies of your awesome books to keep us motivated and on track. My brief running career has been pretty injury prone (IT band and stress fractures), but I am healthy now and with the help of the Mom’s Running Clinic at the UW ( , I am on track to stay injury free. I had hoped to make the Chicago 2013 Marathon my first marathon, but had to face the reality of another injury about half way through the training plan. I am probably a one and done Marathoner. After that, I would hope to stay healthy and fit and do 3-4 half marathons a year. A fall 2014 Marathon has been part of my game plan, but I have been procrastinating a bit so I guess Philly it is….Hopefully!

  250. I’m a fairly new mother runner. I started a year an a half ago and so far I’ve got 4 Half Marathons under my belt. The last one I ran was the NYC Half on March 16th. I’m really scared of the big one but I love the challenge of balancing a crazy training schedule with a life with a 6 year old boy, a 4 yearly old girl and a husband who is a runner himself. I live in Peekskill, NY around 30 miles north from NYC. Bring it on!

  251. I have had running a marathon on my life lists to do for a very, very long time. At 30, I was going to complete my first marathon – life got in the way and I figured I could always do it another time. Then 40 rolled around and I decided to train for a marathon. However, I ended up with a surprise baby who is one of the lights in my life. (Conceived in SF while we were in town for the Nike Women’s Marathon!) I continue to desire finishing a marathon but I seem to get bored when no one pushes me to run. My husband tries to but a lot of time, there is too much family stuff to do.
    I live in NE Portland, am training for the Eugene 1/2 (where I really want to break my PR which shouldn’t be too hard b/c I am so slow). I want to finally complete a goal I have set – can you help me?!? I would be honored!!

  252. First, this is an awesome contest and I am excited to be considered with my fellow mom runners! Here’s my story: I am a wife, mom of 3 (6, 4, & almost 2), and work full time. I started running in June 2013. We were at moms night out and my friends were talking about running a half marathon. I told them they were crazy, but I would go for a short run that weekend with them. Started with 6 miles. Did ok! I kept running with one of the moms who has turned out to be my “running other half”! We meet at 5am twice a week while our families sleep and then we do a longer run on the weekends. Those runs are my therapy sessions, girl time, and calorie burner wrapped into one! It turns out those girls weren’t so crazy to run that half. I,in fact, ran that one and have finished 8 half marathons in the past 8 months. My PR is 2:03. Really want to break 2 hours! I have set my sights on a full and would love to run with you both!! Thank you for considering me to run!!

  253. I would love to be a winner mother runner/marathoner! I ran a little back in my twenties and thirties but not consistently and then at 34 when I found myself pregnant with twins, I stopped completely. Fast forward until two years ago at age 45 when I started running again. Since that time I have run several 5Ks, three 10Ks, and two half marathons, one in Oct. 2012 and one in Oct. 21013. I am amazed that at this age running has come easier to me, not easy still, but very rewarding. I am a high school teacher and mother of two and running helps me manage my stress and helps me feel more confident. Because I am off in the summer I will have a bunch of time to train. I’ve read (and own) both of your books, enjoy your podcasts, and love my “It’s All Good- I Ran Today” t-shirt! I’m 47 now and I would love to run a full marathon before I turn 50! It’s on my bucket list. I live in OH so that is kind of close to Pennsylvania so your travel costs would be minimal! 🙂

  254. At the time of the November Marathon I will live in Germantown, MD. Currently I live in St. Petersburg, FL. I am a mother runner…I run for me & so my children see someone achieve their goals (even if that means not winning). I have been running for 4 1/2 years. I’ve run 5 half Marathons & 1 FL Ragnar Relay (so AWESOME). About a month ago I came across an article about the 10 best marathons to run & I got the itch to run a full marathon – before this day I had no desire what so ever to run a full…now, I’d like to give it a try. My husband currently is the Captain of a ship & my training MUST be done while the children are at school (no family in FL)…when we move to MD in June my husband will be home again! And, I will have time to train that is not limited to the children’s school schedule. I love you ladies & own your books – it would be an awesome experience to run my first marathon with one of you!!!

  255. This is my year. I will run my first marathon. I’ve never really considered myself a runner, but yet I ran in high school and then again found my love for it about 10 years later, and have been running consistently since. I’ve recently made the decision to see what I’m capable of doing, and upping my game. I’ve completed two half-marathons in the last year and am scheduled to run my third in May. I turn 40 this year – I am ready to take on this challenge and run strong. I currently live just outside NYC with my husband and twin daughters. I am inspired by you, and running my first marathon with you two would be an amazing opportunity.

  256. Last October I completed my first half marathon, and in the next two months will complete two more. My first half marathon capped off a frustrating year for me in which I was struck by a car while running (luckily sustaining only minor injuries) and two weeks later had unrelated, but major surgery. Training for and running a half helped me get my confidence back and put things in perspective. I told a friend that if a “one on the happiness scale was finding a twenty dollar bill, and if a ten was the day you got married” then finishing my half was about a seven. I’d like to experience eight or nine!

  257. OH WOW!!!! MY HEART IS BEATING SUPER FAST RIGHT NOW!!! I WANT IN! SHOES SOCKS!! I’m throwing it all in the ring!! I’m in Parker Co, I’ve never run a full marathon but it’s on my bucket list. Noone will train with me!! Lol! I’ve offered up entry fees & cash prizes.. no takers. I think I was just waiting for this amazing opportunity. So here it is. I just completed my half for the strava challenge. I wasn’t quite happy with it but I finished & that alone is why I’m smiling. The ladies of the strava challenge have carried me with the amazing stories of laughter, kids, sickness, CRAZY COLD TEMPS!! Etc..I’ve run about 10 half marathons. I just want ONE opportunity to run a full. ♥ I have some creaks in my knees & ankles but nothing that proper training won’t fix! Lol!! Thank you!!

  258. Oh my goodness, that would be a dream! All I can say is that when I just read about this on Facebook, I made the same sound my kids do when they run down the stairs and see the presents on Christmas morning. I have run three half- marathons, but running a marathon is something I have only daydreamed about. I have just had that feeling that I didn’t know where to start. Being chosen to do this with you would sure be a way to start with a bang! I live in a Boulder, Colorado and spend every Thanksgiving at my Mom’s in New Jersey. Philadelphia at that time of year would be perfect, my family from back home could even come to chear! 🙂

  259. My journey as a mother runner started two years ago when my baby turned one. At the time I didn’t want to be a runner, (mainly because I didn’t know what I was missing out on) but being a new mom I needed something to do to shed the baby weight and I had sneakers and a phone with music so I started with C25K. I ran my first 5k, 10k, and half marathon during my first year as a runner. Two weeks after finishing my first half I found out I was going to be a mom again! I kept running throughout my pregnancy, easier said then done that last trimester! Since my son was born on 11/1 I have done 3 half marathons with one more scheduled before the Florida summer sets in. Running has given me the confidence I always wanted but could never find within myself. I keep telling anyone that will listen that I want to run a marathon this year but I keep doubting myself. I know with the support of my fellow mother runners, I can accomplish my goal. I know my husband would love to stop hearing how much I want a 26.2 sticker every time we pass a car with one! Please please please pick me!!

  260. I started running after our family moved to Phoenix 3 years ago when my husband took a job transfer…I was lonely and depressed(my husband worked 80 hours and we knew no one) so I packed my tiny human into a running stroller and started C25K in the middle of the Phoenix summer. My tiny human was my BRF for 2 years and accompanied me on almost every run and race! I finally had to stop pushing him when his feet were almost hanging on the ground! I have run several races, trail and road, at various lengths, a sprint tri, and a 2:03 half. I have been longing for a marathon but have not found a training partner (my friends think I’m nuts) now that we are back in Ohio and am dealing with some serious seasonal effective disorder in this crumby mid-west weather…but now the sun is shinning and I’m ready for a new challenge!

  261. I ran my first post-baby, post-20’s half this past November. And after adopting your training advice, I’ve gritted my way through mile-repeats, pickups, tempo runs, and long runs with AMR podcasts on my iPod. I have a plan to KILL IT in the upcoming Marine Corps Historic Half! I hope for a sub-2 hours, but really just want to leave it all on the course and know all those tough training runs helped me run my best race. I’d love to kill it in my first 26.2 with you!

  262. I would love this opportunity to become a marathoner. Marathon has always been a goal of mine, but one that I never had the guts to even say out loud until recently. After almost 9 years since my last race, the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in 2005, and having 3 kids in the past 5 years, I finally got back into running seriously in February through an amazing chapter of Moms Run This Town (South Riding/Stone Ridge, Virginia). I started in January with a commitment to run .5 miles twice a week and up it to 1 mile twice a week after 3 months. Once I joined the group, I was so motivated by the other ladies that I beat my 13 mile Q1 goal by 73 miles. I’m on my 8th week of running 4-5 days/wk and I’ve never felt better about myself. I am mentally strong, and I know I am 26Strong. Pick me and I will be a great motivational story to other mother runners!

  263. I have been running for a little over a year now. It all started last year with a wonderful friend suggesting we run a Valentines day 5K together. After that race I vowed to run a 5K a month for a year. During that time I signed up for a half marathon in October, cause if I can run 3 miles what is 10 more?? I have now ran 3 half marathons, a 10 mile race, and numerous 5K’s (including a virtual 5K on a cruise ship!). We are a military family and we are moving this summer and I have to leave my wonderful friend – doing this race would show that I am so grateful to her for introducing me to running and being such a positive and wonderful friend.

  264. 26.2 is it possible? Is it possible for me? I have never been athletic and have struggled with my weight for a majority of my life. My name is Michelle and I am from the frozen tundra of Minnesota. I am approaching my 2nd year runiversary having run many 5k’s and one 10k. With the approaching milestone I started to contemplate if I could really go the distance. Could me a mother of three really find a marathon on her race calendar? I am planning to begin half marathon training the first of May for a late summer race and would love to build on to a marathon. When I think of what running has given me, proof to believe in myself, I now Believe 26.2 is possible and it is possible for me!

  265. I would love this!! I started running 3 years ago. Decided to do the C25K program in January and continued training for a half that April. I had never run before that! I ran a half the following year in the fall and took 9 minutes off my time! I find it difficult to keep running unless I have an event to train for. I need the structure and a tangible plan in order to keep the motivation. I am signed up for a half in October. I am almost 39 years old, and I have two kids: an 8 year old daughter and an 11 year old son. It’s wonderful that they are old enough to stay home by themselves for a bit of time to allow me to get a run in. I would love to be able to say that I ran a marathon before my 40th birthday. I am a teacher, so training in the summer months is the best for me!! I live near Allentown, PA, so Philadelphia is perfect! Pick me!!

  266. I would love this opportunity! I am planning to run the Dopey Challenge in Walt Disney World in January to celebrate my 40th Birthday and would love to have a chance to train for and run a marathon with you to help prepare for it. I started running in 2011 because my friends were training for the 2012 Princess Half Marathon and I really wanted to go with them. I have completed 10 half marathons since then (give or take) includeing the Inagural Glass Slipper Challenge two months ago. I may need a RunDisney intervention… I am the mom of two amazing kids and live just outside Denver. For cross training I do Taekwondo. I am currently a brown belt and am hoping to test for my red belt in the next month or two. I am so excited about this opportunity and really hope you pick me. 🙂

  267. Where I started: I began running to lose baby weight from my first child, Julia, who is now 3 1/2. I kept going after the weight came off and have been hooked ever since. I read “Run Like A Mother” about 8 months into my running journey and it has been by my bedside ever since then! It convinced me that I could “be” a runner and a mother and a wife and a sister and a daughter….I consistently doubt my authenticity but I’m getting better.

    Where I am now: I added a son, John, to our family a little over a year ago. I am a stay-at-home mom so I run whenever I can. Sometimes it is with the kids in the stroller, most times my husband gives me time to run on my own. I ran the Albany Half-Marathon on March 1. Training was long but I felt prepared for the race. My longest run prior to the race was 15 mikes so I knew I could cover the distance. However I ran the race alone so there was something lacking. I had trouble restarting after the race, but I’ve finally found my groove and am working on my ability to sustain an even pace. I am injury free. On November 26 I will turn 40. Thus my desire to take on the marathon holds a lot of significance for me. I live in Atlanta, Georgia so I’ll be training in the heat. Hopefully by July I will have acclimated and will have a good routine down. I will be running the Peachtree Road Race on July 4 to get me started. It is the largest 10K in the nation. I would be honored to have either of you by my side as I ran that 26.2. I would really love to have you in my corner for the training as I anticipate grappling with the idea of running a marathon as being daunting. Of course I’ve got “Train lLike A Mother” next to my bed now too!

  268. I’m Heather – 30 years old, mother of two from Chicagoland. In 2012, I was nearly 200lbs, obese and unhealthy, convinced my body just wasn’t “built” to run. The way I was going, I wasn’t going to be around when my daughter grew up, and I owed her better. Determined to do better, I began paying attention to what I ate, and I did something I swore I couldn’t do – I started running. I started the Couch to 5K.

    And I HATED it. What was I thinking? I was the girl who /couldn’t/ run – and running, red faced, fat, and sweaty – sucked. Bad. I kept at it, determined to prove I was stronger than I knew.

    Somewhere in there, I found myself.

    I ran my first half marathon in January 2013. Loved it. My second and third half were while pregnant, my fourth at 6 months post partum last week. This fall, I intend to run a marathon, because I know now – I can. I would love for my first to be with you – I’m injury free, a marathon virgin, available the week before Thanksgiving, and would love your help proving just how strong I am. Sounds like fun!!

  269. I am a mom and a runner, discovered running about 14 months ago, walking my first 5k. I have my first half this month a d I am both freaked out AND excited!

  270. I started running in 2011 at age 30 after I had my first child. I wanted to lose the last few pounds and thought maybe it would help my post partum anxiety. I was a new stay at home mom who had stopped working, knew nothing about a baby, and was a bit lost. Running gave me a goal, a focus, energy, and sanity. Fast forward a year later and I ran my first half marathon. I was hooked. Within a month of that race, I was pregnant again and moving to a city 500 miles away where we knew no one. My pregnancy was physically relatively easy but emotionally challenging. My marriage was (and is) rocky on a good day. I had baby number 2 in July 2013. Although I didn’t run while pregnant, I laced up my shoes and took the baby on a walk/run three weeks after my c-section. I felt more like me than I had in months–between the relocation, our marital issues and raising a toddler full-time, I’d had the hardest year of my life. Now baby 1 is almost 3, baby 2 is almost 9 months, and I’m running my second half on Sunday. I’d love to run my first full with your support and the support of the awesome mother runners in this community. Plus my best friend lives in Philly. Great excuse to visit!

  271. This is a fantastic giveaway and I would love to be a part of it! Running has come to be so important in my life. It was instrumental in my weightloss journey (I hit 242lbs eight years ago at age 20, and have lost over 90 of those pounds) and has helped me become mentally tough – a trait that I have relied on often in the last few years. I have run three half marathons and have another one coming up at the end of this month (hopefully a PR! Fingers crossed!) I’ve been toying with the idea of a marathon and I know I could carve out the time to train, but the cost of entry fees and accommodation is discouraging. I work full time, am pursuing an MBA, and have a 20-month-old daughter who is the light of my life! My husband only moved to this country 5 years ago and is still trying to get established with his career, so money is very tight and there is little left over for indulgences. This would truly be the experience of a lifetime for me. Thanks so much for your consideration! You can read more about me on my blog:

  272. I’m a mother of two from Ohio, raising my children as a single parent for the past fifteen years. Running has helped me through the journey, keeping me strong and sane.

    In 2009 I trained for the Marine Corps Full Marathon and got the swine flu and pneumonia just three days before the race, leaving me unable to participate.

    I have completed six half marathons since 2009 and will run two this May and hopefully two more in the fall. I plan to run my first full marathon this year, completing both the training and the race. It would be a great honor to train with your personal motivation helping me along the way, knowing I will run my first full with you at my side sharing a lifetime of laughter and inspiration.

    I’ve read your books and had the fortune of meeting you at a book signing in Ohio last year. It would be a pleasure to run my first 26.2 with you.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  273. WOW, this would be an honor! My name is Lisa Charest and I am from Salem, MA. I am 31, have been married almost 9 years to an extremely supportive husband, have a 6 year old silly (and obnoxious) lab, and have an almost 5 year old boy and 1.5 year old little girl. I was always someone who worked out and ran sometimes, but totally found my love for running when my baby girl was 4 months old. I found running to be “my” time, the only time in my day that was for me – I could plan and do whatever I wanted, which is a rarity as a stay at home Mommy. A friend told me about Run Like A Mother on Facebook and I got intrigued to become a BAMR. My first time on the site, I signed up for the Virtual 5K in May 2013 and ran my first 5K on May 11, 2013. I caught the running bug with that first 5K and I am now part of the Half Marathon Challenge. I love the challenge and I feel like I can conquer any distance with Sarah and Dimity! Without Sarah and Dimity, I may not have continued to be as motivated and as excited about running. I run to be a role model for my children. I want them to see me set goals and achieve them so they know they can do the exact same. When a run gets difficult, my mantra is this quote, “I run because I can. When I get tired, I remember those who can’t run, what they would give to have this simple gift I take for granted and I run harder for them. I know they would do the same for me.”

    I want to run with you because you’re cool, you’re motivating , you make me laugh (and cry) during podcasts and the two of you have helped me to become a better wife, friend and mother by helping me find a fire inside of me that I never knew existed. I would be so incredibly honored to run next to and be seen with either of you, Sarah and Dimity.

  274. Never say never! When I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon in 2011, after seriously considering dropping off the course at mile 12, I told my husband that it was the last time I would ever do that. Fast forward to today, 3 days following my 4th half marathon, many 5Ks/10ks/triathlons, and in the midst of training for a half ironman in June. The marathon is out there as a race I know I must conquer someday but is very intimidating all the same. I typically race by myself, I have one running friend who lives in another state and the races I have done with her have proven how wonderful it can be to have a smiling friend by your side. Having encouragement along the way from fellow mother runners makes it feel less overwhelming and documenting the first time taking it on offers a way to reflect on what will be a unique experience. I have two bright and funny girls, 5 and 2, a full-time job, a very supportive husband, and a willingness to try my best at anything I commit to.

  275. Oh wow! What an opportunity for my first full marathon! I AM ANOTHER MOTHER RUNNER and an advocate of all you ladies do. I’ve done three half marathons and am currently training for my forth, although I almost thought I wouldn’t be able to run it.

    This past Feb. I went in for my annual mammo. I’ve been getting them for the past 12 years, since I was 32, when my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily, they’ve all been normal. So I went for this year’s mammo late Mon. afternoon, and on Tuesday, as I’m at the airport waiting for a flight for a work trip, I get a call. “Hi Christy, we found some calcifications in your left breast that weren’t in prior mammos and we need you to come in for additional films.” What? Now I’m in the middle of the airport, surrounded by strangers, with a heart that just sank. I called my husband, he kept me calm, and I boarded my plane. Fast forward to Friday of that week. My husband has the day off, so he’s able to go with me. They tell me that “one of three things could happen. They’ll do the films and have you come back next year. They’ll do the films and want to do an ultrasound today. OR, worst case scenario, they do the films, an ultrasound, and they may want to do a biopsy.” And it ended up being option #3. So the following Monday, Shane brought me in to have an ultrasound-guided vacuum biopsy. The mass and calcifications they were going for were deep in my left breast by my chest wall. The ultrasound was supposed to help guide them in, and they planned on leaving a titanium marker behind to use as a point of reference and to see if they got tissue from the correct area. So yeah, you could say I have a titanium tit. Immediately following the biopsy, they do another mammo, looking at the marker and comparing it to the location of the mass. WORST CASE SCENARIO. They didn’t get deep enough, so now I have to meet with a breast surgeon to discuss a surgical biopsy. That whole process wasn’t fun… I had to have a needle localization-I was awake-they gave me a local then did mammos as they inserted a hollow needle into my breast to the mass, leaving a wire behind to guide the surgeon. I passed out. The surgery was a piece of cake in comparison! I had to wait an entire week for results, which was scary for me, my husband & daughters. Thankfully, this time it wasn’t the worst case scenario. No cancer!! But… they diagnosed me with LCIS after finding cells that are basically precancerous markers. I’ll now have to go on tamoxifen for 5 years, which I’m not thrilled about, but I’ll also do what I need to do to prevent breast cancer. I wasn’t able to run for over a month, but I’m running again. And Dimity & Sarah, I’m finally ready to take on my first full marathon with one of you.

  276. I started running about 4 1/2 years ago after I had gone to an ‘event’ to cheer my daughter and friend on as they ran a half marathon. I kept thinking…’maybe I can do that’! After that race, I joined a gym and started walking on a treadmill, then walking/running, then running. I am 60 years old and when there was a ‘Mother Runner’ Party here in San Antonio last year, I wrote on my name tag that my goal was to run a marathon. I have run numerous 5k’s, 10k’s, all distances in between and two halfs. I still want to do a marathon! Although I won’t be fast, and I am a bit terrified, it is still on my bucket list for some reason. This would be an ideal opportunity for me to ‘scratch this one off my list’!!

  277. I was so excited when I read about this opportunity! I will be doing my first half this weekend and would love to do a full marathon. It has been a goal of mine since I started running. I have been running on and off for about five years, but this on period is lasting because of motivation! I started doing races this year and I feel alive again! Through running and dragon boat racing I am a better wife, mom, and person. I want to inspire other mothers to take the time to take care of yourself! I live on the Oregon coast and if you didn’t know we get over 90 inches of rain a year! Through running I have been able to beat back those gray skies and enjoy my own sun rays. I know I want to take on this challenge, but I will need a cheerleader to help me get through it. That’s where mother runners step in! I would love to achieve this goal in 2014!

  278. Pick me! This month marks 2 years of running for me. I started when my 2nd child was 6 months old and not sleeping. Our relatives lived out of state. I was already heartbroken from losing my mother-in-law to an 11 year battle with cancer just two days after my son was born. She was a best friend to me. She went into a coma just two days before his birth, and she never woke up to meet him. My husband suggested I take our son to the park for walks to get some fresh air and take my mind off things. So I began taking him to the park every morning, 5 days a week, after we’d drop my oldest child off at school. We started with one really slow mile. I worked up to running 5-6 miles while pushing him, and then eventually, he went to preschool this past fall so I run completely alone now. I just ran my 3rd half marathon race last month. I would love to run a race with someone by side, helping me work through the challenges and celebrating the achievement of such a feat! Running has taught me that I am stronger than I ever gave myself credit for, and it’s given me a much appreciated perspective on embracing the moment. Running has been very therapeutic for me. It has helped to heal my heart in so many ways, and now running is simply a part of who I am.

  279. I would LOVE to do this. I’m a mom of 2 (age 7 & 4), who works full time. I never considered myself a runner, but in a quest to find something that was really mine, started – very slowly – last spring. I wanted to run a Disney half (I’m doing wine and dine in Nov) with my sisters as a 40th present to myself. I registered for the race. But what I’ve learned about myself through running has been so much more valuable than any one race. I’ve found an escape that helps me connect deeply at the same time. And I’ve pushed myself to do more than I thought I could. Would love to be considered for this opportunity. Thanks for all you do for the mother runner community!

  280. I am so excited about this contest! My name is Amy and I am a Mother Runner from Colorado. I listen to your podcasts on my long runs each week. You make me laugh and the miles fly by! I have run 6 half marathons so far and have two more scheduled for this year. This year I am turning 40 (in a few days!) and I wanted to run a marathon to celebrate, but haven’t picked one yet. I think running with you ladies would be a perfect celebration and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

  281. You remember those pictures in high school yearbooks… “most likely to succeed”, “best smile”, etc? If there had been one for “least likely to become a runner” I would have won hands down. “I only run when chased” was my standard response. One year ago this week I started a couch to 5K plan; I had never run a mile. It was hard, but when I finished the 5K run, I read both your books. I ran a few more races, including my first 1/2 in February. But I still had trouble calling myself a runner. Now I have a hamstring injury (almost healed) and I finally feel like a runner! Ironic it took being sidelined, but now I’m sure I am a runner! I’m miserable and can’t wait to get back out there running the hills of my lovely San Francisco. As a just-turned-40 mother of 2 young girls with a full time academic career, running has been the most consistent fix for managing my stress and my bouts of “funk”. I’m ready. I can do it. But I could use a little help.

  282. My name is Colleen Donahue and I am from Bel Air MD. You should pick me because I am the cheapest mother runner that you will ever meet! Ask my training partner Mary! I have been wearing the same pair of sneakers for 3 years now. I can feel my socks through my sole but I tell myself that I am really into the minimalist running and that I am getting as close to barefoot as possible. I have 4 kids, 3 daughters 8,6 and 3 and and my lil prince that just turned 1! I am a stay at homer and just started running with my friend who is WAY faster than me a few years ago. I have done 3 half marathons and am signed up for another in may. I began training for a full 2 years ago but my times began to stink and my friend suggested that I take a pregnancy test….SURPRISE!!!!!! So marathon running went on the back burner. I am ready this year! My whole family is in the suburbs right outside of Philly and even in Philly. You would have many cheerleaders! If you pick me I will even take you out for a cheese steak “wit wiz!” No pressure but…you need to experience that. Please pick me, I’m not above begging!

  283. PLEASE sign me up!! I have 4 children under the age of 9 and work full time. I have wanted (or needed) to run a marathon for years, and have set this November as my goal (Indianapolis was the plan.) This summer I will be moving to central Indiana and plan to swim, run, and bike the state! My life is insanely crazy and running keeps me driven. I have 4 half marathons under my belt but I need a cheerleader to finish 26.2! How cool would I be to finish my first one with you gals?!!!

  284. I I am a wife and mother of a toddler. I went back to work full time after a 2 year hiatus. I also began running again
    After severe hip and groin pain as a leftover labor pain. I am running my first 1/2 marathon here in Maine in October. I never thought I could run more than a 10k. I am excited and nervous. I would love to run a marathons but lack confidence and coaching and support. I would love an opportunity to run and train with either of you:) I am still a rookie runner so in order for me to run a marathon and commit this would be the dream of a lifetime!

  285. I have never run a marathon. They intimidate me, but this January something snapped and I decided a half would be good. Actually a wonderful group that matches sick and/or handicapped people with runners has inspired me. My 8 year old Down syndrome buddy inspires me everyday to be happy and try my best because I am healthy and able. I am up to 12.5 miles tomorrow. And now that I have made it this far, a marathon sounds less scary, but I don’t have a BRF. No one to run with me except my bestie who volunteered to ride a bike and chase me with an electric cattle prod! That being said, having you guys support me along the way sounds fantabulous! What better way to run a marathon!

  286. This could be just the challenge I need. I’m fairly new to running-started with the couch to 5k program about 3 years ago, never believing that I would actually finish it. Not only did I finish, but I decided to keep going. Since then, I’ve completed 4 half marathons, and have a 10 miler on the docket for later this year. Even though I’ve run all those miles (312 miles over all of 2012, which astounded me), I still don’t fell like a “real” runner. I’m not thin. I jiggle and wobble and chafe and wheeze. I’m slow. But I finish. Once I start something, I do not give up. And being given this chance would help me fight through some inner struggles and give me a way to prove my strength to myself, and to prove to all the other overweight women out there that even though we don’t have the thigh gap, we can run with the best of them. I live in beautiful, snowy Rochester NY which has a great running community, and am the proud mom of twin 4 year old boys. Thanks for this chance!

  287. This would be incredible! My sister and I have both been considering our first marathon. This would be great timing as well. We are both mother runners and if one of us got this the other would pay to run with us. We live in Memphis and I ran my first half in February after having my December race cancel due to weather. My sister has run several. We are normally on the injury free list 🙂 We saw you at the Memphis show and her name tag said she wanted to run a full this year. Would love to do it with you!

  288. I’m a great candidate to run the Philadelphia Marathon with you because I’m a dedicated runner, already running 30+ miles per week in addition to swimming and biking for triathlon training. My first half marathon will be Hippie Chicks Half in 5 weeks, and I’ve completed a dozen or so 10Ks, a couple of 15Ks, and a 10-mile trail race within the last 6 months. I already have a goal to complete my first marathon this Fall, so this timing would be perfect! I’m a running mom and also the co-leader of my local chapter of Moms Run This Town. I live in Portland, OR so I could meet SBS for training runs. Finally, I’ve ready both of your books so I already know how to Train Like a Mother! Please, please pick me!

  289. I am a mother runner with four children (2,5,7,9) who returned to the sport after a period of family crisis. My youngest was born with several severe birth defects that required 8 surgeries and a two-month, out-of-state hospital stay for us away from my other children. Although the birth defects have unknown cause, I blamed myself and my body for bringing my daughter so much suffering. When I started running again a year ago, it became my time for healing and forgiveness. The more miles I ran, the more I recognized my body as a giver of life, a refuge for my children, and a house for the spirit and courage that supported my family during our time of difficulty. The memories of my baby daughter’s courage propelled me to keep running when doubt has crept in. In the past year, I have finished a handful of 5ks, 10ks, and two half-marathons. I would gladly welcome the challenge to see what else this mind and body can accomplish, and the further healing it will bring.

  290. Four years ago, I “wasn’t a runner.” Three years ago, I couldn’t “run double digits.” Two years ago I ran my first 10 miler (the Philly Broad Street Run). Last year, I ran my first half, and this year, using your Own It plan, I owned my half (in Philly) by 13 minutes, hitting my goal of sub 2 hours. My next CAN is the marathon, and where better to do it than in the city that turned me from “not a runner” to a BAMR! Thanks for considering me!

  291. My name is Amy Decker and I am a 32 year old proud wife and stay-at-home mommy to Bella (3 years) and Axton (5 months). I would love the honor of running with you for the 26Strong program! My running adventure began with the birth of my daughter, when I weighed well over 300 pounds and vowed to become the strong and healthy role model of a mommy who she deserved. She was with me every step of every training mile, and during my first 5k she was cheering me on from her front row seat in the jogging stroller. Then I did what I always said I could “never do”. I ran my first half marathon and lost over 150 pounds! Now, 10 half marathons later, and now that I have a little prince to add to my jogging stroller, it is time to turn another “I could never do” into another “I can and I did”. It is time for me to train for and finish my first marathon… strong! Proving to myself, once again, that anything is possible. I am a mommy. I am strong. I am a runner. All things I always wanted to say, but never thought I could… Until now!

  292. I want to run with you! I have done a couple of half marathons but have always been scared to step up to a full. I am thinking more about it after meeting you last night in Charleston. But need the Mother Runner Cheerleaders by my side. Pick me!!!

  293. I immediately thought of a short conversation I another runner prior to a 10k race last fall. I called her crazy (in a good way) because she was in the middle of training for her first marathon. I told her it wasn’t on my bucket list and she said “It wasn’t on mine either, Laura!” Those words have been ringing in my ears ever since then. And I’ve put it on my bucket list before I turn 50. I’ll be 47 in May, have two grown children and live in Nebraska. Although I’ve only done one official half am currently following a program where I’ll have to log 26 miles in one week so another virtual half is in the books for May. I done many local races and was the Champion finisher for our area fitness series in my age group last year. I’m ready for a new challenge!
    Thank you for giving the opportunity to a couple lucky mother runners to check a marathon off their bucket list!

  294. 0ops… I first tried to submit this on my phone, thought I lost all the text when I hit post… So retyped on my computer!! Didn’t mean to put two replies!!!

  295. PS, I live in Northern California, have 4 kiddos, 7 through 26, work full time as a midwife, and my half PR is 1:56……:-)

  296. Hello my name is Sarah and I’ve caught the bug. Not the flu but the fitness bug! As a mom of 4 (5 counting my hubby), life gets pretty stressful. My kid’s ages are 10, twin 7 year olds and a 1 year old. Life is busy. I found my stress release, and that is running. I started running because it was my own “therapy” and escape from everyday life. I didn’t have any running friends so my podcasts (another mother runner) became my running buddies. In December, I decided to take the next step and run in my first half marathon. I looked up training for moms and printed out a training plan. At first it was intimidating having more workouts on the list than completed, But soon I got such satisfaction crossing off my completed miles. On March 1st, I completed my first Half Marathon, and to my surprise completing it in 2hours 6 minutes. A whole 24 minutes faster than my goal, (thanks Sarah and Dimity for being my running buddies!). My next goal is a full marathon and I would love to be the person run with you guys in person!

  297. I would LOVE to be chosen for this! I actually trained for my first marathon last fall/winter. I was set to run the RNR New Orleans marathon (I even got as far as 23.15 miles in training with the Galloway Program) but the week of my last long run, my husband got transferred back to Atlanta and I was a DNS on race day. It’s hard to run a marathon when hubby has been transferred out of state and there is no one to watch our two boys (family is all in Seattle).

    I will always have the “what if” hanging over my head. I know I could have run 26.2, I got so close, but I can’t call myself a marathoner…yet…Dreaming of putting that 26.2 magnet on my car!

  298. I would love to run a full, I’ve completed several halves to date. I’m just to put it nicely chicken little, I’m afraid I would finish last or not be able to finish. None of my friends really run and that’s also holding me back, 26.2 boy I would need a cheerleader with me every step of he way

  299. because… I AM AFRAID! I have run 6 half marathons and I always toy with idea of a full, but for the first time ever I admit that I haven’t tried it because I am afraid. Afraid I’ll fail, afraid I might do it *wrong*, afraid to train wrong… BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Strangely enough I just happened upon this post today continued scrolling and then for whatever reason went back. Now I found myself – mother runner – of three beautiful daughters – age 15 and twins age 12 – that need a BAMR as a role model! Dad is a triathlete and they always see him make time for his workouts. Now it’s MY turn. I can’t believe I’m filling this out, but here it goes – let’s put one foot in front of the other TOGETHER!

  300. Running my first marathon with Dimity or SBS would be an amazing experience. I have been a runner forever but stopped for about five years due to overuse injuries and frustration. When my mother passed away and I was dealing with this hole in my heart and simultaneously learning how to be a working single parent, I found my love for distance running again. The feeling of peace, strength and self worth is addictive! I am going through a personal health challenge right now and had surgery today but will be ready to run within a month and love training this time of year!

    I have run 7-8 half marathons in the last 5 years and would love to tackle my first full with you!

  301. Me, me, me!!! I would love this! I am a new(er) runner… NEVER thought I’d be a runner. I used to secretly curse my friends as they would run by my house!! I finally converted (thank you, Teresa Rineer!!!), and have now been running for almost three years! I am an ex smoker and half marathon finisher!!! Typically, I run three miles, three or four days a week. I am the mom of three boys and will be 43 this November. I can’t get a full marathon out of my head, but I am super afraid of failure. Some days, three miles still feels hard! Hills kick my butt, but I am ready for the challenge. My pace is slow… 11(ish) min miles. I would absolutely love the motivation, and to have a running coach on marathon day would be amazing! I live in Lancaster, PA. Running has changed my life in so many ways…. Thanks so much for considering!! (;

  302. Mother runner of 2 teenage boys from Maine here! I’ve been looking for the right marathon to be my first. It’s a distance that scares me a little (I’ve done 3 1/2’s) but stepping out of my comfort zone is something I began pushing myself to do 5 years ago by competing in a Triathlon. I’ve been a runner for about 10 years now so I think its time to take on the 26.2! As Eleanor Roosevelt said “Do one thing every day that scares you.” With the Mother Runners by my side I know I can achieve this goal!

  303. I would love an opportunity to run with you. I am running my first half Marathon in ONE Month and already thinking of how to keep myself motivated after crossing the finish line. Training for my first half in the ND winter has been tough while juggling my daughters busy schedule but I am ready for it and ready to takle the next step in running journey. In 2010, I ran my first mile and trained for a 5k…now here I am 75 pounds lighter and so happy to have found a supportive community of runners. Running changed my life in so many ways.

  304. My sister and I would LOVE to win this opportunity! She lives in Montana and I live in Minnesota and we love to run together any chance we get (generally twice a year – we visit our snowbird parents in Arizona in March for a week and then spend 3 weeks together at our parent’s lake home in Minnesota in the summer, so we do get quite a few runs in). Running has become our sanity as moms and we love it. We have both run a couple of half marathons and lots of 10-milers and 5K’s, and have been wanting to do our first marathon this year! We’ve been stuck on getting schedules to mesh and more importantly finances to come together – so this opportunity would be awesome.

  305. Pick me!!! I’m a mother-runner and have somehow lost my way since running my last half-marathon. Lack of motivation? Burn out? To help me over the hump, I signed up to coach a Girls on the Run team and we are having a GREAT season! I’m also scheduled to run an 82 mile relay at the end of May. Sooooo……this marathon would be a great way to keep me going! With my 4 kids (finally) being old enough that I’m not needed every single minute of the day, I am ready for “me” time and a kick-ass training schedule 🙂 I live in St. Louis, but love to travel!

  306. oops, forgot to mention I live in near Lake Tahoe, Nevada in Carson City…I was so excited at the thought of running with y’all that I forgot to follow instructions. lol

  307. Ladies, this might just be the “thing” to push me into training for the full mary! My 3 kids would love it if I did it!!

  308. I want this & I want this bad. Yes, as I’ve gotten older, I have become more direct – I figure time is a precious commodity -so why waste it? Over the last two years I quit my job (got a new one), finally admitted to my family I had a drinking problem & broke my 5k record while wearing a tutu. Seems really weird admitting this to people I don’t know (only my family knows I’ve been sober for 2 years)– but I’m really pretty proud of myself. I ran a ½ marathon last September with 5 wks to train (just to see if I could) & I’ve signed up for 2 more before the end of this year. My daughter is turning 13 this year and I will be welcoming 40 next – while we are at very different stages of life –I look forward to many, many more “firsts” for the both of us. I live in the occasionally sunny, always full of adventure to be had city of Bellingham, WA.

  309. Wow! In the last week my heart told me, as I ran a 15k in Philly, that I am ready to tackle a full this fall or next spring. I live in central PA with my husband and two children and I also work full time outside the home. I found running three years ago first simply wanting to prove to myself that my asthmatic lungs (and my stubborn mind) could run and complete a 5k… And I haven’t turned back. And I’ve learned that when it comes to challenging myself to physical endeavors, I will no longer say ‘I will never want to do (fill in the blank)’. Until a few months ago… A full was in that category. I would absolutely love to train for and run my first full as part of the tribe with you, and what a wonderful bonus that my family could attend since it is within a short drive.

  310. Not only a mother runner, but a 3rd grade teacher and a coach to twenty amazing GIRLS ON THE RUN….I would LOVE to complete my first marathon beside women who know what it means to FIND TIME to make it happen! I live in Greenville, South Carolina and have run two half marathons before, although my last was in the fall. When I am training and running, I feel that there is nothing I can’t do. When I get off track, the world around me closes in. Nothing could be finer than to be BACK RUNNING in Carolina! Hope to have the chance to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  311. I’ve been running half marathons for 11 years now and every time I cross a finish line I ask myself, “Could I run another 3 miles? Another 1?” And my answer has always been, “No way. I’m just super excited I’ve finished and I can stop running now! Ummm, where’s my medal???” ☺ That is until the last few half’s I’ve run, after which I’ve been tempted with the idea of running a marathon.

    Running has really allowed me a place to discover myself. Nowhere else in my life is there a place where I am so focused on what I am doing, how I am feeling, can I push myself?, where are my limits? Running has been an outlet that has helped to bring me through the excitement of getting married and having babies, and the struggles of losing a brother and moving across the country (to Wichita, KS) and fighting for my marriage and figuring out who I am now. Running has shown me that impossible things are possible.

    I’m a believer that you need to sign yourself up for something that feels impossible and then step by step work towards making it happen. This marathon could be my “impossible” to make possible!

  312. Me, me, me!!! I’m a new(er) runner. Never thought I’d be a runner!! I would secretly curse my running friends as they’d run by my house! I’m a mom of three boys and have been running for almost three years now!! I’m an ex smoker and half marathon finisher! Typically, I run three and four miles three times a week. Last July, I logged 100 miles to raise money for GOTR. I can’t get a full out of my head, but I’m so super afraid of failure! I have been looking at marathons for fall. I live in Lancaster, PA. My pace is slow… and some days, three miles still seems hard. Hills kill me, but something keeps telling me, I must try this once!!! I would be so grateful to have help with training and a personal coach to run with! Thanks so much! (;

  313. I’m a mother runner from California with three kids and a very supportive husband. I’ve completed several half marathons, including two this year but up until recently have always been slightly intimidated by the idea of a full. Lately I’ve been itching for a big challenge and have started eyeing the marathon. I love the AMR movement and am inspired by you ladies on a weekly basis. It would be the opportunity of a lifetime to run my first marathon with you! I’m injury free and ready to start training!

  314. ME! Me! Me! Pick me! I’ll be running a half this May where I convinced a few friends to join me. They’ve trained at a great pace and are awesome runners, but I’ve felt I could always go harder, and in past races I have. Sometimes, you just have to be there for another BAMR though. I was already thinking of working towards my first full next Fall (was considering one in Oct.) so I could certainly postpone a month to have an awesome partner work me through my first full! Honestly though, congrats to which ever BAMR it is and such a great idea! Thanks for the chance!

  315. I would love to run with you ladies. I’m already registered for Philly. This will be my first marathon. I started running two years ago when I wanted to lose that final baby weight. I fell in love with the road. I ran several 5Ks. I signed up for a 10K and wanted more. I’ve since completed 4 halfs. Sarah- I met you at the princess expo!! I’m a single mom to my almost 5 year old. She has found the love of running and does the kids fun runs before I do my race. It’s something we love to do together. I am running broad street in May and then training will begin for Philly. I hope to be able to finish with a good time and would be honored and grateful to run with you ladies!

  316. I think I might be crazy for responding to this, but I figure if I get picked I figure it was meant to be and I’ll have to push through my fear. I am definitely a mother – have three girls aged 5, 3, and 10 months – and am kind of a runner. Before babies I ran a half marathon, after babies I’ve done a 10 miler and a few 5ks and really just use running to clear my head. Since my last babe, I’ve gotten myself up to running 3 miles again but no further. I’m hoping with the weather finally warming up here in Chicago to finally get more miles in.

    My husband runs marathons – he’s one of those guys who wants to do one in all 50 states – and I marvel at the mental toughness I imagine it must take, to say nothing of the physical. I’d like to be able to run my first marathon to prove to myself that I’m strong enough to do it too. He’s been running these for 10 years and so far I’ve yet to overcome the fear and sign up to do one with him. And wouldn’t you know – kids are a great excuse for why BOTH parents can’t sign up for the same marathon!

  317. Oh I would LOVE to do this! If all goes as planned, I’ll be running my first half this August, and I have several other races under my belt already (5ks, 4-miler, quarter-marathon, another quarter coming up in May). I live in Columbus, Ohio, and am mama to one beautiful 2 1/2-year-old boy. I ran track in high school, and then began running again five years ago after my divorce. I needed some way to relieve my anxiety, and running fit the bill. I discovered how alive it made me feel, but never thought I was “good enough” to race…until I stumbled on TLAM at the library just over a year ago. And here I am, several races later and continuing on this wonderful journey! I’ve found an entire community of women just like me, and I feel at home. It would be an honor to experience my first marathon with the best cheerleaders I could imagine! (p.s. I love that picture up there)

  318. forgot to post this… was too excited. I have ran 4 1/2s, multiple 10s&5s, live in Georgia. For Mother’s Day 4 years ago my kids got me your “Run like a Mother” I’ve been hooked on your books, blogs & podcast ever since.

  319. I started running in the fall of 2011 to raise money for charity. I couldn’t run but 30 seconds at a time when I started. I’ve seen run 8 half marathons. I’ve registered for two full marathons but after having knee surgery two months prior to one and an Achilles injury that took me out a month before the other, I’ve still got that 26.2 itch. I’m also a mother of three who works full time and it’s always a balancing act, trying to fit in my running while taking care of the other things in life. I have been following Another Mother Runner for a couple years now and was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet both of you at the Disneyland Expo in 2012 (which I ran 3 days before my knee surgery!). I would love the opportunity to run alongside both of you! To complete 26.2 would be a miracle, given my history with running (nonexistent and hated for years), post knee surgery and the fact I’ve attempted twice before for 26.2 but had to DNS both times. I’m determined that three times is a charm!!!!

  320. I am a mom who has run several half marathons and am starting to tri train (super excited for some tris…let’s be realistic, I’m starting small here) but I have never run a marathon! I keep telling myself when my youngest is in school (in other year and a half) I will do it! It may be time to just cut the crap and do it! I’m running the Cape Cod Ragnar as an Ultra team in about a month, I clearly should be able to handle a marathon! I’m in Superior, CO and love hitting the trails here and meeting up with the ladies in the Boulder/Denver Moms Run This Town. As of now I only plan on running one marathon…ever (seriously) because I just really enjoy being half ready and a marathon seems like a HUGE deal = why I haven’t done one yet! If I am only going to do one marathon, why not try for this amazing opportunity to do it with some phenomenal women?! 🙂

  321. Hi! I’m Susan and I would love to be able to achieve running a marathon-especially with such fabulous cheerleaders by my side 🙂 I am a mother of 2 lovely girls who have already gotten bit by the running bug and run circles around me sometimes. I ran my first half marathon this past fall and it was awful-rainy and cold and I swore I would never run another. And now here I am wanting to run farther and thinking, eh it’s not that bad and I know that I can do it! So, I know that I can do 26.2! I have a great friend Joan who is so encouraging and I know that she would help me train here in Richmond-she was the one who gave me your books in the first place. It would be an honor and a privilege to run a marathon-plus a fantastic goal to shoot for (especially because I only recently considered myself “a runner” 🙂

  322. Would love to run my first ever marathon with you… my goal is to run my first before I turn 50, that happens October 18, 2015… so this November race would help with that!

  323. I’ve run on and off since I was a teenager but early in my 30’s my running became a “side effect” of an eating disorder. Eventually I was so sick from “ED” I couldn’t run anymore. It took a while, but I realized that running was more important to me than restricting and began to modify my eating. In March of 2012 I was able to start running again and with a few “speed bumps” I haven’t looked back. I ran my first ½ marathon in March 2013 as part of a “three races in 24 hours” series. A handful of 5K’s later on Thanksgiving Day I PR’d in the half with a time of 1:51. So far, my 2014 racing has been sidelined by a shin injury and an unexpected hysterectomy. Ironically, with the awful start of the year I decided that 2014 would be my year of 26.2. I have a lot of races to make up! I’ve picked up my training again and look forward to returning to the sport that saved my life.
    I reside in Jacksonville, Florida with my husband and three kids (two who race with me!).

  324. Hi Ladies! I want to first say I do live up in Alaska, but would like to express why I would love this opportunity anyways:
    I wasn’t raised in fitness and I was always taught to finish up leftovers, even if I was full. I had a typical tall and lanky teenage body, and entered the Air Force after graduation. I served 6.5 years and fitness was least of importance. Towards the end I had married and had two children, it was time to change G.I. Jane into Betty Crocker. I had 2 more children after that and suffered from post-partum hypothyroidism. My 4th was a struggle even more so that she had medical problems herself. I was a stressful eater and became a weight that I hadn’t even reached pregnant, 219! My transformation since last May when I met my coach was incredible. I am now on a right track to eating healthy and exercising like a crazy woman. I have lost just shy of 60 pounds. I am in my 10th week of C210K and have found a love/passion for running. I am signed up for 5K/10K/12K/possible half-marathon in August this summer and if given this opportunity I would love to blow the socks off and inspire those around me with a Full-Marathon! What a blessing to others by your giving of this opportunity. Thank you!

  325. I am 35, live in Arizona but was born and raised in Kenya (yup Kenyan!). In high school I ran cross country which was not optional. For that reason I lost my passion in running after high school. I have since had 2 children, gained a lot of weight and just last year, lost almost 40 pounds from running and cross training (completed insanity and currently doing P90X3). I have completed 5Ks and 10Ks but in 2014, I challenged myself to run PF Chang’s half and enjoyed crossing that finish line. I have been consistently running a long run on the weekend and running without purpose during the week. I think this opportunity will keep me focused and also commit me to a marathon. I cannot imagine running my first 26.2 alone. Lastly, I have my own fitness group that I coach in addition to volunteering for Achilles (running guide for the visually impaired) and this opportunity will not only fuel my passion but also make an impact to those that I push every day to reach their goals. I eat, breathe, and follow AMR and would be honored to run with you ladies

  326. I literally gasped out loud when I saw this post! I have been a ‘non practicing runner’ for many years. After 2 kids and a few VERY stressful years I decided just this winter to recommit to my first love, my cheapest therapy, and my old friend – running. With 40 on my horizon a marathon is my ultimate, and as of yet unspoken, goal. I am doing a 5k this weekend and have planned for a 10k in June and a half marathon in August. I spent many early mornings of my twenties running the quiet, predawn streets in The City of Brotherly Love. Running my first marathon there, with your support and guidance, would surely be a huge personal victory!!! So exciting.

  327. My name is Beth, I live in Lancaster, PA, I’m 45 years old, and a mom of two boys. I started running about two and a half years ago, starting with the C2K program. I wanted to prove to myself that I could achieve my goals and show my kids that even adults need to stay physically active. I’m a member of Lancaster Mom’s Run This Town, who have provided tremendous support! I’ve run many 5K’s, some 5-miler’s, and I ran my first Half last fall finishing 2:21! I’m running the Garden Spot Half this Saturday! I’d like to complete a marathon to come full circle. We have family in Philadelphia, so I’d have lots of family support at the race! Please consider choosing me! My 46th birthday is this Monday, so getting the call on Tuesday would be “icing on the cake!” Thank you!

  328. I am currently training with you in the Strava half marathon challenge. You can see that I didn’t let our Vt weather stop me from training. I have previously run 2 half marathons and a few lesser distances. After the half in May I will be training for a few Spartan races, the hardest being the VT Beast in September. All this might have something to do with the fact I turn 50 next year.
    I admire my brother for running marathons, and always wondered if I could do it. Your help would make it possible.
    I have not been blessed with children, but have 2 grandkids that I adore, so I think I qualify.

  329. Oh how I’d love to run my 1st 26.2 with 1 of you! I am a mother of 3 who has been running for about 20 years but still have not conquered a full! It’s on my bucket list and I’ve honestly always been a little afraid. I feel like the encouragement of you two awesome mother runners and the company of 1 of you for the race is just what I need to get me to the finish line of a 26.2!! Wow! This is exciting! Please consider me! Help a sistah cross this off her bucket list! Oh and I live just outside Philadelphia in south jersey! (20 mins)

  330. Here’s a few things about myself:
    1. Two kids: Paige, 11 and Adam, 9 (my running partner in 5Ks).
    2. Only just started running three years ago. Never ran as a kid, unless forced to by my basketball coach!
    3. Started running for mental, emotional and health reasons. I am a seven year breast cancer survivor.
    4. When I started to run I thought a 5K was far. Always said I will never do a half-marathon, but then the bug bit me. Did a half marathon and afterwards thought, “There is no way I will do that again!” But after many more 5Ks and 10Ks, I gave the half another chance. After the second half I thought, “That wasn’t that bad. I cannot believe that I have done two half marathons…..maybe just maybe I can do a full marathon.”
    5. I strive to be a model for my kids. Try something you never thought you could do and you just might surprise yourself!

  331. Is there such a thing as a perfect contest?? Where do I start?? I love running. I have run at least 10 half marathons and have signed up for two fulls, only to change to the half marathon prior to race day. I have the will and desire to tackle a full marathon but up until this point have run into life and time issues. However, as many mother runners can relate I am joyously looking forward to this year when all 4 of my kids will FINALLY BE IN SCHOOL!! (Don’t judge, I love my kids but have been waiting for this for 10 years). I am ready to tackle this challenge and am inspired by you ladies!! I have followed you guys for years and would be honored to have you as trainers and mentors. 🙂

  332. Why would I make a good candidate for this challenge? Because I love running, love being a Mom, and am terrified of doing a marathon by myself! Thus far, I have done every single training race, every hill, every cross-training workout, alone. (I’ve never even had anyone waiting at a finish line!). I have run countless 5 & 10k, trail runs of various lengths, and 4 half-marathons. I would relish the support (cyber or otherwise), to put 26.2 in my “done” bucket! What an amazing opportunity!! BAMRs rock, and you two are the queen Mother runners. 🙂

  333. My name is Anne Brown. I am 33 years old and the mother of 3 daughters – my eldest is 10, middle is 7.5, and youngest is 3. I live in Sunriver, Oregon. This year is my 4th year as a Mother Runner and ‘my 1st year as a ‘Full’-fledgling ‘Momathoner’!

    On January 1st, 2014 I put ‘Fall Marathon’ on my training calendar… proceeded to have ‘the talk’ with Big Guy (my husband) – you know, the “I’m going to need to log my long runs on Saturdays, which means I’m going to be MIA on Saturdays, which means you’ll be On Duty on Saturdays”… and then rallied (aka: bribed with salted caramel lattes) my Sole Sisters to join me on the road to 26.2.

    Since then, however, all 3 of my Sole Sisters have ended up on the DL list. As such, my dream of entering the Nike Women’s San Francisco lottery have gone up in ‘I have no group’ smoke. Yes, I’ve got the Victoria Marathon and the Portland Marathon on my not-such-a-consolation list, but nothing has felt ‘trigger-worthy’… until now! This is IT! I’m IN!

    My run journey: I borrowed, re-borrowed, bought your Run Like A Mother book (signed by Sarah at last year’s Happy Girls Run), and in the Spring of 2011 proceeded to begin my Run-Journey – on the treadmill, with my 12 week old baby happily sleeping in her Moses basket in front of me. In 2011 I crossed my first ever 5k and then 10K finish lines. In 2012 I ran my first ever 13.1 on road AND my first 13.1 on trail. In 2013, I ran 3x 13.1’s – two on road, one on trail. This year, 2014, my goal is to run a spring 13.1 and fall 26.2.

    I *am* Another Mother Runner. It *is* who I have become. And it has led me to my current life’s work – I am a ‘Mom’ to 3 beautiful little girls and a Girl Scout leader to 12 impressionable lives; I have the privilege of being a representative for the running lifestyle brand “Run Pretty Far” – sharing RUN love and inspiration with other runners in-and-around Oregon; have found the joy of being a Sole Sister, which led to the formation of a local MOMS on the RUN and a GIRLS with SOLE group – running alongside someone who’s first training miles become a first finish line, seeing the smile spread through willing heart and empowered soul; and have the pleasure of instructing SPIN and “INSANITY” group fitness classes in my small community – I teach that “one day at a time, one step at a time, one run/one class at a time, *over time*, leads to life as you never knew it could be.” I hold to the AMR motto: “Finishing = Winning”. And this year, I have determined to “Wander Off and Believe in My Unknown”.

    Pick me!

  334. I would love to do this with you!! I have been running on and off for three years. I am a mother of two girls, ages four and seven. Running has helped me cope with postpartum depression and fibromyalgia. It has been my saving grace. I listen to your podcasts while running with my dog. I live near Fort Drum, NY and we are just now able to get outside and run. It’s been a snowy cold winter here! Anyways, have run numerous 10k races and am gearing up to train for our local 18.12 race that happens over Labor Day weekend. Running a first marathon with you would be such an amazing opportunity!!

  335. My first attempt at marathon training ended abruptly on Oct 1, 2013 when my Dad was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor. I was training for the Nike Women Marathon (SF) which took place 3 days after his surgery and I knew my mental race would not be there. It was the right decision for me at that time. For 5 months I could not even look at my running shoes. Looking back now, I think it’s because running gave me peace of mind, and I felt that was being crushed knowing there was only a few months left with my Dad. He has since passed, and I have laced up my shoes. My first run included many stops to wipe my tears, and yes, I did feel that peace and joy once again! I have fun a few 1/2’s in recent years, and the marathon is still a huge goal for 2014. I live in Northern CA and would love to run with you both!

  336. I would love to be considered for this! I am a new runner….been running for about 15 months now and have done a 10k. I have also run in a could of 5ks. I am about do my first half marathon this coming May, which I am super nervous….okay terrified (!) about! I am momma to three boys, ages 7 1/2, almost 5, and 3 1/2. I live outside of Boulder, Co. I just turned 30 last Oct and really want to complete a marathon by the year’s end….bucket list! I have thought about signing up for one but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet! I run so much better with a plan or goal.

  337. I guess I should have included the following..I live in Broomfield Colorado. I have been running since I was 14 but only started running again a few years ago when we made the decision to stay at home full time with our daughter. Running was a way to really find myself again and prove that I could do anything.

  338. I would love a chance to be part of this! I was supposed to run my first Marathon but put that on hold due to a femoral stress facture. Coming back from that was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I want to prove to myself and everyone else that even thoughclife may throw some curveballs you can overcome and do anything. (even a marathon)

  339. I would love to run a full marathon!! I have ran multiple Half Marathons (the next one is in 2 weeks!), 4 of which were last fall. I have seriously contemplated a full and I WANT TO DO IT! I am committed to showing my kids what being happy and healthy is all about. I am a California Mother Runner with 4 awesome kids ages 2-16. I love running and how it clears my mind and makes me a better mom and all around person.

  340. I am mom to a 3 year old daughter, living in Westminster, CO. Despite struggles with an autoimmune disease, I have become a stronger runner since she was born. I never thought I would be able to complete a 5k, but I just finished my first half marathon last weekend and it was amazing. I could hardly believe it! The thought of running a marathon has crossed my mind several times, but I have told myself that I wouldn’t be able to find time to do all that training. This would be an awesome opportunity to crush that excuse!!

  341. OMGosh! I think this might be the only way I would run a marathon. I’ve done a couple halfs, and I’m actually signed up for the Diva half in Atlanta in Sept, so timing wise, this works. I’ll be 39 on Sunday, and I’ve been running for a couple of years. When I started I didn’t think I’d ever run a 5k, now 10ks are my happy place. I’ve run the Atlanta Peachtree Road Race (10k) for the past 3 yrs (This year will be my 4th)

    Never run a marathon – CHECK
    Female – CHECK
    Mother Runner – CHECK
    I’ve never been to Philly, so I’d love to go, and this race is the day before my daughter’s 18th birthday, and this has been a trying year with her. Maybe this would give us something to bond over and let her see that her mom isn’t the loser she things I am. At the very least, training would give me an escape from the chaos at home

  342. Hi! I am a wannabe marathoner from St. Louis, mo. I am a happily married mother runner to 6 kids, 4 boys and 2 girls ages 2-12 and including twins! I have been running consistently for about a year and a half now. When I started, I was only able to run 1 minute intervals, but now I am about to run my 2nd half marathon at the end of April and have lost 120lbs! I am turning 40 this summer and would love to run my first full marathon to celebrate, but just can’t seem to make the commitment. Your support is exactly what I need to push forward and take the leap!! Thank you for offering this life changing opportunity to two lucky mother runners!

  343. Wow, what an incredible opportunity. I started running when I was 22 after never doing ANYTHING athletic in my school days (I took dance for PE credits because I hated physical activity!) it was so scary. My husband literally tied my shoes and pushed me out the door. I “ran” a half a mile and thought I was dying. I trained and trained and ran my first 10k. Then life happened and running fell to the wayside. Flash forward to 2 years ago when my son arrived. I wanted to get back into running but was so embarrassed with my new post-baby body. I found a local moms running group and went from running 0 miles to my first half marathon! I’ve suffered from depression my entire life and it got a lot worse after my son was born, which has been terrifying. But running and proving to myself that I am amazing has been pulling me through. I completed my second half about a month ago and have 2 more on the race schedule. A FULL feels impossible, but I know better than to doubt myself. Having the opportunity to run this race with Sarah and Dimity, 2 of my Heroes would be a dream come true!

  344. March 30th was my first half marathon!!! Before that my last race was as a high school senior 18 years ago sprinting the 100 yard dash! Running is now my peace, my security, my focus on how wonderful it is to be alive! Running makes me a better wife, teacher, mother, and person. Bring on that marathon….I will not wait another 18 years for that awesome achievement!

  345. I would love love love to do this with you two!! I am a mother of 3 from Montana! I have been a faithful runner for 3 years now. I have done 8 half marathons but have yet to concur the full! I have been thinking about tackling one, so what better way than with you two amazing mother runners! This would be so amazing and I would love to be a part of it! So pick me pick me!!!

  346. A short list why you should pick me…
    1) I have run 6 half marathons but the idea of a full marathon scares me. It is on my bucket list!
    2) I have 6 kids Luciano (10), Marin (9), Evelyn (7), Charleigh (5), Keaton (3), and Augustus (2) running is my sanity
    3) I am from Cleveland a chance to run a race in philadelphia sounds amazing.
    4) I would love to run it in honor of my father who has been diagnosed with Wernicke Korsakoff with severe dementia and is living in a nursing home at age 64. It would give our family, my mom, sister and brother a way to get out the word of how so many people are living with Alzheimers or Wernicke Korsakoff syndrome.
    5) Running has always been there for me throughout my life… when I was a child I ran with my best friend on neighborhood runs, when I got cut from volleyball in high school I picked up cross country, after I had kids running motivated me, calmed me, and pushed me to be the best me I could be. If you could get me to the finish line it would be one of my proudest accomplishments.
    Thank you!

  347. This is my “Epic” race and now if would be even more “EpicER” (if that is even a word, if not it is now) if I was able to run with one of you Mother Runners! I began running last year after being inspired by my husband who had recently taken up running and my daughter and I watched so very proud him cross several race finish lines. So I set a goal to finish a half marathon before my 35th birthday which I accomplished the TexasHalf last February with 12 weeks of training. Since then I completed with my husband our first half together and went on to increasing the distance to a 27K just 2 weeks later. My run inspiration is my 3 year old daughter Piper who I always joke when people ask why I run and I say “because she has so much energy and I want to be able to keep up with her” but in reality I want to be fit and healthy to live to see all her milestones in her life and set a good example for her to set goals and have determination to complete them. Running and training makes me make better eating choices and I absolutely love the way it makes my mind and body feel like I am super mamma. I am constantly reading and educating my self about the sport and how to run faster and stronger and was so inspired by your article in Runner’s World about your Iron Man journey and after reading it last week is when I decided to go epic and set my goal to run a full marathon by the end of this year. Please choose me, I am so a wanna be marathoner! It would be an honor to conquer 26.2 with you and to have my little Piper Pie and my husband see this tough mamma cross the finish line and cross this goal off my list with this amazing opportunity! Jennifer Neumann

  348. I would love to be considered for this program! I originally was scheduled to run my first marathon in my hometown of Virginia Beach, Va with Livestrong in memory of my father who passed last year. My husband unexpectedly lost his mother and my training came to a stop. I just turned 30 and would love for this to be my year I run 26.2. I would be honored to share my story of how I went from a non runner to someone who has run several 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons.

  349. I’m a 31 yr old mother runner- two kiddos ages 8 and 4- from KY. I have tons of support from my husband and family. After battling Stage 3 Melanoma, multiple surgeries, enduring a year of chemo and two recurrences, I decided to show cancer who’s Boss by starting to run. I thought I was dying after running a mile without stopping. I ran my first ever 5K in June 2012, Tough Mudder Ky Oct 2012, Marshall Half Marathon Nov 2013 (2:08) and the Xenia Half Marathon this past weekend (April 6, 2014( (2:03:47) and several 5K and 10K in the mix. I love running and have been wanting to run a full marathon, but it definitely is intimidating…when I run, I usually have nothing left at the finish line. I would love to have the advice and support from you experienced marathoners to help me tackle this challenge and Shove 26.2 miles in cancer’s face! Thanks so much for offering this amazing opportunity to two of us mother runners!

  350. I love your contests and giveaways, but generally leave the luck up to others. I’ve had my share of luck. This time is different. I *AM* THE WANNABE MARATHONER. I am a lymphoma survivor. I was declared cancer free and in remission late last summer. In September, still suffering mental overload from the summer of Scan-xiety and determined to live as healthy as humanly possible, I began running. November of 2013 was my first 5k. I celebrated my 9 month remission date with my very first half marathon at the Berry College Half in Rome, Georgia on March 29 (using TLAM’s Finish It plan!) I said I would NEVER want to run a marathon. Note to self: Never say never. On March 30, the day after completing my half (and while still wearing my medal, of course), I began looking for the perfect FULL to run. Preferably in November, preferably a destination race somewhere historic and East of the Mississippi. AND, I began the search for the perfect partner to run the race with me. ***Seems the universe has led me here.*** For more (than 200 words) on WHY I run:

  351. Natalie from NJ. Mom to 16 month old Christian. Ran cross country in high school and college and never stopped. Ran up until 32 weeks of my pregnancy until my legs and bladder wouldn’t allow me to run anymore…felt like a Bowling bowl between my legs! Started slowly back after a rough delivery at about 6 weeks PP. Never thought I would run the way I did pre-pregnancy but I got my groove back. Ran my first half this past Sunday hoping to break two hours and ran 1:44. Convinced labor was way harder I am now ready to tackle my first marathon!

  352. I live in Michigan and have 3 kids ages 7, 4, and 2. I began running about 4 years ago, just after baby #2 was born. Since then I have grown to love running as something I do for me-not because I am a mommy or a wife but because I am bada**. I love the quiet during my runs as it is something I don’t get much of any other time of the day. Running has showed me just how strong and tough I am. I have done 3 half marathons including my PR sub 2 hour half last fall. For a couple years I have considered doing a full but fear has held me back. I have had rough points in each of my half marathons, my mind is the weakest part of me, and question how I would be able to run a full if I have been almost beat in a half. I love listening to you ladies and having company on my first full would be so amazing! I know I can do it and know it would feel so fantastic to conquer 26.2.

  353. The ever present in my mind challenge of doing a marathon! I have run 5 halfs, one of which I was 26 weeks pregnant! I have 4 kiddos, so am definitely a mother runner. Running was something I took on as part of my self care, but has quickly become something that defines me. Each time I consider the full I always talk myself out of it. This would be the perfect kick I need to take the plunge! I live in St. Louis, MO where I recently attended one of your BAMR events. I’d love the chance to run with you two!

  354. I’m a mother runner! I started running 2 years ago with a C25K program. At the completion I ran 2 different 5K races. I loved it and wanted to challenge myself. I set a goal of running my first ever Half-Marathon for my 40th Birthday. It just to happened the Tinkerbell Half-Marathon was 3 days before my birthday so I registered!
    It was a crazy ride training, getting hurt, recovering and finally racing! I loved it. It was even better because I brought all four of my kids with me to the race. My 9 year old daughter said to me “Mom, since you ran a Half-Marathon for your 40th Birthday, will you run a Marathon for your 50th?”. I thought she was crazy, but now I’m secretly planning my journey to a marathon in the next year.
    I’m in Sonoma County, California and a mom to 4 ages 14, 9, 6 and 3.

  355. I am writing as a mother runner who is supporting another mother runner, Bethany L Thomas. I have yet to run a marathon as a mother but I have ran one in 2001 so I am disqualified, but my friend, really really wants to win this! She just started running and she is one heck of a mother. I would help her prepare for her marathon with you and it would really give her the impetus to complete her first ever marathon.

  356. I am so excited to read this!!!! My first half I ran was Philly and I have decided that my first full will be in Philly as well this fall! I started my journey about two years ago when I decided to sign up for my first half. I was very overweight and sat on the couch and just was a mess mentally and physically. It was a great experience and i caught the bug in my favorite city! I have since lost 50 lbs and have run 5 half marathons and several other distance runs too. I just PR’ed at the LOVE RUN with my first sub 2 hour half! (45+ mins faster than my 1st) My health is so much better and I feel happier than ever. Running has saved my life. My kids got me started as they are runners and the ripple as spread through my family and even some friends I think. I would be so honored to have you gals help me through the biggest undertaking of my life other than childbirth! I definitely need help and could use someone to encourage me every step of the way! I admire you ladies so much and have been inspired, entertained and helped by all of your and your followers’ posts. This would be the world to me. I’m so ready for this!

  357. Running is my peace. It is as simple as that. I have found that with my busy schedule between being a mom to a busy 3-year old princess, a step-mom to a very intelligent 12-year old a wife to an amazing husband, and a full-time laboratory technologist, running keeps me stress-free and grounded to handle all that is thrown my way. I recently (like less than 2 weeks ago) completed my first half marathon . I challenged myself to complete this task before my 31st birthday (in October 2014) and I did it way early. I’ve been training with the awesome ladies of Black Girls RUN! and through their support and group runs, I felt prepared to run my first half earlier than planned. I finished that race and now I have my eyes set on bigger plans. Maybe a full? Am I fully crazy, or will I remain only half-crazy? Hmmmmm the possibilities. I have flirted with the idea many times. Will 2014 be my year?

  358. I have five kids, four of them daughters. I started running after my last baby was born, mostly just to stretch my legs and have some time to myself! I never really thought I’d become an actual runner, but then I did. I love the results. My kids see me doing healthy things for myself, my daughters see what women — even moms — can do, and running helps me overcome so many obstacles, internal and external.

    I have run a few 5Ks and a half marathon, and am planning on a couple of half marathons this summer. I’ve been wanting to begin training for a full marathon, but have thus far let those pesky internal obstacles exist. This would be an amazingly fun incentive. As a Broomfield, CO resident, I’d be able to see a new place and running so close to Thanksgiving would really highlight all the things I have to be grateful for, like my legs and where they take me.

  359. Last fall I ran my first half marathon in my hometown of Kansas City, MO. I felt like I had conquered the whole world by crossing that finish line. People have asked me if I would ever run a full 26.2 and I’ve always been too scared to say yes! This would be the best way for me to reach that goal and not be “scared” to get out there and do it! Being a wife of a Police officer and a mother of 3 boys hasn’t slowed me down yet! Let’s do this!

  360. I am 47, live in the Atlanta area, and have been thinking that if I ever want to do 26.2, I had better not put it off much longer! Making the leap from 13.1 to 26.2 intimidates me. Friends are always surprised to find I haven’t done a full marathon, because they know running is such a high priority for me! I have done 3 halfs and countless 10K and 5K’s…my runs these days average 8-10 miles, 4x/week. I’m recovering from tibial tendonitis, but am nearly 100% thanks to my sports doc, cross-training, and lots of home exercises. I’m also the mom of two busy sons – one fifteen, one eleven – so I get my miles in very early in the morning. I’d love to have a new challenge and goal!!

  361. I’m a mother runner of two boys (okay, one is 19 and in college at this point…) and hit the half-century birthday last month. I’ve been thinking about what to do now that I’m 50 – I’ve done a few half marathons over the last few years but I’ve never had the confidence to go for the full distance. This would be a great challenge and reinforce my belief that some things might just get better once you hit 50! I run on my own since given my travel and work obligations I appreciate the flexibility that running solo gives me, and I also enjoy the only quiet time it affords me for the day, but I would much appreciate the virtual support through this program and would absolutely LOVE your company on the day of! This would be a fabulous way of reaching new boundaries that I never thought I could, even at 50.

  362. I have raced countless 5ks & 10ks & I have done 12 half marathons. I’ve been toying with the idea of a full marathon but just can’t bring myself to commit… This would make me do it though! My best running friend wants to drag me into a full & she thinks I’m ready since I finally tackled my mental block & broke 2 hours in my last half marathon!

  363. This is so perfect for me! My fingers are crossed.

    I’m part of your STRAVA challenge and have run one half marathon and will be soon running my second.

    The challenge and the support of the STRAVA has improved my training and has made me push myself harder than I’ve ever thought possible. I’ve been running for years, yet haven’t ever thought of myself as a runner. That’s changing. I’ve realized I can do this! I want to do this!

    I always thought that a full marathon was only what crazy people did. Why would anyone want to go that far? A half was “good enough”. Lately, I found that I have started to wonder if I could do a full. I’m over being “good enough” I want to be a BAMR!

    I live in the midwest and am injury free 🙂

    Thanks for consideration.

  364. I am a mother runner. Quite a defining statement. 🙂 I have been doing mostly treadmill running due to our weather (lots of slippery conditions) in central Idaho. Now that it’s spring, my son (1.5 years) goes with me on outdoor runs (in his Chariot). Running has helped me overcome anxiety and made me the happiest version of myself. Another Mother Runner podcasts have carried me through many runs. I am running my first ever race in Stanley, ID (Redfish), a half marathon, Memorial Day weekend. I have never run a marathon. When I read “How to be epic” I felt like Dimity was talking to me. I can’t imagine running a marathon with Sarah & Dimity. I think I would cry the whole time and the thrill would put wings on my heels. Whoever wins this amazing opportunity, I hope it is epic; I hope it is your “Go Big”. It would be mine and the thought of it is enough to fuel me in training for my half marathon.

  365. Here’s my short list of why you should choose me!!
    1. I’ve never been to Philly.
    2. I’ve never done a marathon, I’m female & injury free.
    3. The idea of running next to my favorite podcast hosts for hours sounds like a dream.
    4. I could use a solo vacation with another BAMR (leaving the husband and 3 kiddos at home for sure:))
    5. The accountability will be priceless.

  366. I would love to run my first marathon with you! I’m running my first 10k in a few weeks. My first half is in September in Vermont ( a week before my 40th birthday 🙂 ) I started running seriously last August. I hit a milestone on Monday. I ran 9 miles! A year ago, running one mile seemed impossible. Now, running 6.2, 13.1 or 26.2 is exciting!

  367. Honestly throwing my name in the hat here terrifies me! I am a mother runner, 45, 4 daughters, 3 grands and seven half marathons under my belt. I WANT to complete a full, but do not have the encouragement from friends and family here. My husband runs the halfs with me but refuses to go further. I am slow, so it would take me a while and he doesn’t want to commit to the training. Running has completely changed my life. I have lost 45 pounds and after having knee issues since childhood, they are better than ever! I would love to run in a new state with motivating women like you! It may be just what I need to get over this fear. Thank you for the opportunity and for your books!!

  368. Hi Ladies!
    I am a mother runner who began running when my daughter was born. I ran my first 5k in October of 2010 to celebrate her first birthday (which is in November). It would be amazing to celebrate her 5th birthday with a full marathon. I recently completed my first half during the princess half marathon weekend in Disney- in fact I did the Glass Slipper Challenge. I’ve also done a sprint tri before and this summer will be doing the swim and run of a sprint relay tri.
    Running has been my saving grace. When Gab (my daughter) was born it was a chance for me to do something for me… It became life saving when I had to leave my marriage for safety reasons. Now it’s what helps me deal with the pressures of being a single mom and reading teacher. I’ve introduced my daughter to running, she is an excellent cheerleader and has begun running kids fun runs herself. What an accomplishment it would be for me (and my family) to finish a full marathon. I am free that weekend in November and would welcome the opportunity to run with you ladies who support me in my running journey… Even if you’re not aware of the support you give.

  369. I did run a marathon but it was so, so, soooo horrible and it was actually Philadelphia! I am terrified of trying again since the whole experience was ghastly! I would, however, be “badass motherrunner” excited to try it again if I could do it with you guys!!!!

  370. WOW, you ladies must have been reading my mind. After 7 half marathons I have decided that I have 26.2 miles in me and am looking at the Carlsbad, CA. full in January 2015. I am a slow but determined mother runner of two boys, JD (8) and Tyler (4). My hubby started this crazy running journey with me and has crossed the majority of the finished lines by my side. I would love the opportunity of running with either of you amazing woman and as part of this supportive tribe. Plus, a mother runner weekend away would be AMAZING. I live in San Diego, CA and love running around a local lake or down by the beach. I am a back of the pack runner who may be slow but always finish what I start with a determined heart and strong legs. 262Strong sounds like an amazing way to take on my first marathon.

  371. I have been planning my first half marathon for the fall of 2014 for over a year now and what a phenomenal thing it would be to train for it surrounded by the kind of support this opportunity would provide! I have been a runner since the days of middle school cross country, but really came back to it and found my passion for racing in the last two years after the birth of my second son. Finding the AMR community has changed my life in many ways, as I don’t have any local friends or family who run and as such, need another outlet to get my inner run nerd on 😉 Furthermore, the amazing stories and achievements of all the ladies in this tribe are so inspiring and provide a veritable wellspring of motivation and perspective!
    I have run a number of shorter distance races, several half marathons, and most recently a 30k race, so a full marathon is my next logical step and one I am very excited to take! Additionally, I live in Canada, and the chance to travel for a race south of the border would be awesome! 🙂
    Thanks so much for offering such an amazing opportunity, Sarah & Dimity!

  372. This is just the incentive I need to take me from a half marathoner to a full marathoner. I have always been a runner (since high school track), but finally stepped up to half marathons after the birth of my third child in 2011. I am about to complete my 7th half in a few weeks and think the challenge of a full marathon with one of my running heros is just the change I need to re-engergize my running self! I think my fear of running a full marathon is the time expectations I would place on myself…..which I would get over if I had a running partner/cheerleader! I am using the TLAM Own It half marathon plan for the second time and love it! I really can’t think of a more fun or memorable way to finish my first full!

  373. This would be such a fun way to finally run 26.2 miles!
    I am a “newbie” runner of just under 2 years. Before I started running I was a 221 pound mom of 3, I started to lose weight then I started to run and lost more. While I started to run for weight loss, I keep running because I love it so much! 2 of my 3 kiddos are girls and I am trying to set a strong example of being fit, healthy and happy! I started with 5K’s and have built up to half marathons (2 so far and 2 more on the schedule between March and October). I’ve recently just starting thinking about maybe trying for a full marathon! What better way to do it than to run with some awesome BAMR’s! Living in the Washington, DC metro area, finding races isn’t hard but the idea of running in each state is something that really appeals to me and that is a goal that I hope to make happen someday!

  374. I am a suburban Boston Mother Runner and did my first half marathon last fall and got the bug! After living a processed sedentary stay at home life for three years the birth of my baby (1 yr ago tomorrow) completely changed me. I started the couch to 5k in June of last year and haven’t stopped running since. I’ve gone from heavy doses of antidepressant medication to a life full of energy, laughter and loved ones. Everything is much brighter and better now that I am running. I would love an opportunity to inspire others and be coached by two excellent and inspiring mother runners like yourselves! Thank you for the opportunity for us to put our shoes, soles and souls to the test!

  375. The thought of running a marathon is scary! It’s not the actual running of the 26.2 miles. It the countless hours of training alone. The fear of messing it up, doing it wrong, hurting myself etc, etc, etc. Honestly I’m not sure I can do it alone. I’ve ran many 5K’s and 1 10K. I am a new runner. Having experienced runner, and an trusted running products would keep me on the right path. (No pun intended)

  376. I can vividly remember my 25th birthday. I felt fat and tired and, well, old. Little did I know, I was entering several years of infertility and other challenges that made me feel even older. This Sunday I am turning 37 and I do not feel old anymore. In fact, I am fitter, faster, stronger and younger-feeling than I was 12 years ago. Of course, lots of things have happened in those 12 years but running gets a big part of the credit for the about face in the way I feel about myself and my life.

    To be honest, I’m scared of running a marathon and I keep telling myself I’ll do it when…my kids are older, I have more time, I get faster, etc. Truth is, there’s no time like the present. I have run several 5ks and other shorter races, one half marathon and am ready to run my second half in about a month. I’m ready to build up to a marathon and there’s nothing holding me back. Except my fear, I guess. And I’m too badass to be afraid.

  377. I have run 3 half-marathons last year and will be running 2 this year. I also will be turning 52 this year. I only started running about 3 years ago and have accomplished a lot in that amount of time. Oh yeah, I also suffer from arthritis and refuse to stop. My children have called me their inspiration and my youngest knows what I can do but does not think I could run a full marathon. Pick me; I would love to show her it can be done and I am the person to do it. I live in Holland, MI – yes I have to train in the snow and cold but no worries, I do. I am runner strong.

  378. Oh, I am so excited for this opportunity. Pick me, pick me! I am a mother to 5 (16, 14, 12, 9, 7) and live in Denver. Close to Dim! I’d love to run my first marathon with Dimity or Sarah! You guys rock! I just recently started listening to all the podcasts. I am up to May 2012 and frequently laugh out loud to you hilarious ladies. I started Couch to 5K way back in 2000, but stayed a treadmill/30min runner for over a decade of off again on again, always starting back up with C25K, great program! Then my treadmill broke and I started running outdoors. And what a difference, bye bye treadmill! In 2011, I ran my first official race, Bolder Boulder 10K. And from then, I knew I wanted to be a “real runner”. I’ve run 5Ks, 10Ks, and I got sidelined a week before my first half last year – foot injury. So sad, I was trained up and READY! All healed now! I WILL get that first half this summer, and my goal is to do a full before I turn 40, next year! I’d love to train, run, and laugh with you.

  379. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I’ve been running since I was 18, but have only really stepped it up since my kids have grown and gone. I’m 50 this year and would LOVE to run my first marathon to mark the year.

    Please pick me 🙂

    Btw, I am injury free, have run 2 half marathons, and would like to be included to encourage the other older mother runners out there.


  380. Oooooo – pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I am a 43 yr old mom of 3 (11,9,5) out to prove that accountants can have a life outside of the office! I started running about 1 year ago and had a blast completing the Tink 1/2 marathon in January and I am currently on the BAMR 1/2 training team. I run for my sanity, well being (of the entire family – happy mom/happy family) and so I can keep my love of Cadbury mini eggs from getting the best of me! I’m up in Seattle & would love to run around PA!!

  381. I am very interested in doing this!! I am new to distance running. I made a goal that before my son turned 2 I would run my first ever half marathon! He turns 2 in July! I just completed my very first half marathon April 6th. I never ever thought I would be able to run 13.1 miles and not die. But I did and I am so happy I did it! After my race this past week I asked myself how I would feel about running a full marathon. I think I would love to do it!!! And what better way then to train for and run 26.2 miles with another awesome Mother Runner!!! I am native to Denver, Colorado and a young (23) single mama! I hope that in the near future I can help other young single (or not single) mamas turn into Mother Runners!!!

  382. Oh how wonderful!!

    I’d LOVE to win this great opportunity. I just “celebrated” my one year runniversary in March. Since starting running last year,and being certain week one of C25k was going to kill me, I’ve completed several 5ks, a 10k, a 10 miler and a 1/2 marathon. I’ve been debating the idea of a full marathon (I AM FULLY CRAZY!) and this is the perfect impetus. Running with a buddy? Perfect. I’m a mom of 3 (14, 12, and 9) and I want to prove to *myself* I AM a strong mother runner. I live near Pittsburgh, so it wouldn’t be too far for travel costs. I’d be so honored to be picked.

  383. I’m a wannabe marathoner!

    I’m a 39 year old mother of two boys (ages 4 and 6) in Portland, OR, and will be running my second half marathon this weekend. Although there have been a few extended breaks, running has been an important part of my life since high school – from building confidence as a shy awkward teen to making new friends in new cities to getting through struggles with infertility and adoption. My big running accomplishments last year included my first half marathon, Hood to Coast, and beating my high school 5k and 10k PRs. I would love to fit in a first marathon this year, but have been hesitant since between working full time outside the home and my husband’s extensive work travel, finding the time and motivation for the training is tough. The support of the AMR community and Saucony’s 26strong Program would be a wonderful way to keep me on track to finish 26.2 miles!

    p.s. Also, if totally shameless self promotion is okay, see my Instagram for evidence of me being both an AMR and Saucony fan.

  384. What an amazing opportunity! I turn 40 this year (hello midlife crisis) and just passed my one-year runnerversary in March. I have already decided that the Philadelphia marathon will be my first marathon experience. Over the last year, I went from struggling to complete a 5k to completing six half marathons. I continue to try to push myself to meet new challenges and am just now completing your Half Marathon Own it plan for an end of April half marathon in NJ.

    I would be proud to be picked and hopefully can serve as an example and inspiration to our tribe of mother runners.

  385. I live in Petersburg IL and have only been running for about a year. I started with a 12 week program put on by our local running club that ends with a 10k during the state fair. Since then I’ve done a handful of other 10ks and 5ks and am gearing up for my first 10 miler in Chicago Easter weekend. I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have been suffering through all those various symptoms while they get my levels in check but the biggest one that’s throwing me is the anxiety and depression I seem to have acquired overnight. I’m a SAHM to a three year old and we just moved to IL from AL about a year and a half ago. I’ve tried to use this running thing to meet friends but so far have been fruitless in that arena. But I noticed last weekend before embarking on my longest run to date (8 miles in training for Chicago) that overcoming the fear of a long run is the hardest part. I just got out there and did it and it felt great. I listen to your podcasts almost exclusively when I run, I laugh along with your silly stories in the beginning and feel a kinship to Dimity’s need for an early bed time. Running this marathon would be a milestone in my life in so many ways and returning to Philly after having lived here as a child and later as an adult would be wonderful. So many friends to cheer me on!

  386. I just completed my second half-marathon (first post-partum) with a 26 minute PR! Having had twins a mere 13 months ago, I never would have believed running would again be this much a part of my life. Completion of my first marathon would encourage me to continue pursuing my sense of self – which has gotten a bit lost in the past year. While I wouldn’t change a thing, it can often be difficult to manage being a working mom and finding (guiltless) time to devote to my favorite hobby. This opportunity sounds like just the push I need to challenge myself in the best way possible and keep running as a priority for my sanity and to set an example for my son and daughter!

  387. How exciting! I am a mother runner in Charlotte with a 7 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. I have been running for several years and have completed 7 half marathons. I’ve been thinking about tackling a full for about a year. I even entered the lottery for NYC this year but didn’t get in. The main thing holding me back from committing has been being able to stay motivated enough to stick with a training plan. Being accountable to ya’ll and everyone at 26Strong will be just the push I need. Thanks for the opportunity! I’ll see you tonight in Charlotte and Saturday in Raleigh!!

  388. If you decide to open the contest to a mother runner who has never run a marathon with anyone, meaning I’ve run 3 but always solo , please let me know!

  389. I am shaking with excitement at the idea of this opportunity! I live in New Hampshire and am a mother runner to 3 daughters and wife to one supportive husband, currently “proving it” to myself and to them that I can run 13.1 for the first time on May 4th!! I have only been running for 5 years, with consistent running only in the last two years. As I get closer to 13.1 I wonder…do I have 26.2 in me? I sure do want to find out and that desire and drive makes me ideal for this challenge! I have run a handful of 5K races before starting this half training, my favorite being a huge Thanksgiving day run known for a killer hill at the start. I am all about finishing strong and healthy, focusing less on time and more on personal growth and development gained through the training experience. For me, being introduced to the “Run Like a Mother” FB page was the beginning of a new chapter in my running…the community, interaction, and inclusion of all mother runners motivated me to step it up and take on my biggest personal challenge to date–13.1. It would be an incredible blessing and full circle moment to actually run with you while meeting a lifelong dream goal and huge personal challenge–26.2. Bring it on! 🙂

  390. My daughter is a year and a half and I’m only beginning to run consistently. This is a PERFECT challenge for me! It’s not like I’m going to let myself fail in front of an international readership—talk about accountability. I’m currently following a ½ marathon training plan with a race in early summer. I’ve run a number of half marathons, 10Ks, and been on relay teams that have completed marathons before becoming a mother and really want to reclaim this part of my life. It’s been a long, cold, snowy winter in Plymouth, Massachusetts and the running stroller needs to get out of the garage more. I’m finishing up a master’s program in May and am looking for a new goal to focus on. I’d love to see what it takes to train for and run a marathon… especially with other mother runners! I’m in good condition and will stay that way as long as I don’t cheat on my warm-ups, cool-downs, and yoga. My biggest challenge will be to make sure that I’m getting enough sleep and eating well.

  391. I’d love to be a part of this! I have never done a stand alone marathon. Have done a few half marathons, but never got the gumption to sign up for a stand alone marathon! I have finished Ironman twice, but I had to walk most of that marathon. I live in Charlotte, NC.
    I am currently training for my Triathlon season and I think this would be a great end of my year!

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