Passing the Ragnar Relay Baton: DC to Napa Valley

Don't say you weren't warned.
Don't say you weren't warned.

On Friday morning, 12 badass mother runners will take off on the adventure of a lifetime as we take on Ragnar Relay Napa Valley; together, we'll cover 205 miles, sleep probably 24 hours combined, as we laugh, run, laugh, run, laugh, run. Hoping Sarah doesn't get recognized in the shower again, and I—Dimity—am relieved to report that my three legs total 14 miles, total. Should be...easier than last year, when my first leg was pretty much straight up on a dusty gravel road for 7 or so miles.

Ragnar is the kind of race where experience definitely helps, which is where the teams that rocked Ragnar DC last year come in. Janelle, on Dimity's team, generously volunteered to solicit advice from the two teams and put it into video form, accompanied by a song that Aimee Hoyt, also Team Dimity, wrote for her submission. Thanks so much, Janelle--and we'll see 10 of you in San Francisco shortly!

If you've done a team relay, what advice would you give?

13 responses to “Passing the Ragnar Relay Baton: DC to Napa Valley

  1. 1) Have fun!
    2) Have grace – for your teammates, for the Ragnar staff, and for the volunteers-some of them have NO idea what Ragnar or a relay is about;
    3) Carry your cell phone with teammate phone numbers in it.
    4) Carry a copy of your leg maps or directions with you when you run. Or take a pic of maps/directions with your phone.
    5) if you hate carrying a phone, write those phone numbers on the back of your bib.
    6) Have lots and lots of fun!

  2. The timing of this video could not have been more perfect! In the midst of pre-trip planning and a bit of anxiety, this sweet video reminded me of the excitement and adventure in store. Thank you SO much to the wonderful 2013 BAMRR’s for your words of advice and encouragement (Joan, your advice had me laughing out loud)! I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing group of women. I think we need to have a BAMRR reunion at some point with the teams from each year!

  3. This was awesome! Thanks so much BAMRR13 team. I loved all the advice and pics! I am so excited to get to San Francisco and have an amazing time with some amazing mother runners! This is going to rock!

  4. I just did Ragnar DC this past weekend with the most amazing group of women! Such an incredible experience – full of highs (and a couple lows) and laughs and fun.

  5. Holy cow! Such a thoughtful send-off from our predecessors. Just what we needed as we are soooooo close now, we’re all in that packing panic mode- Thanks for the smart advice and we promise to wear the BAMRR slap bracelet proudly! xoxoxoxo

  6. Thank you, BAMRR Class of 2013! So honored (and excited…and scared…and and and!) to be part of the 2014 team. Perfect timing of this video as I am surrounded by To Do Lists before I get on my way! A great reminder that the epic training, epic packing and epic organization will all be worth it for a badass epic adventure!

  7. Holy cow! That was awesome! Thank you thank you thank you DC team for the inspiration as we are all in excitement/slight fear mode. Final preparations going on, trying not to trip over the cat and hurt something important. We will make you proud!

  8. Ladies! This is the sweetest thing ever! Thank you so much for thinking of us. I am so honored to be taking te baton from you all. Ragnar- here we come! Adventure awaits!

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