Hump Day Running Giveaway: PRO Compression Socks (3 Winners!)

Can't promise PRO Compression socks will transport you to this lovely setting, but they will speed recovery after a hard workout.  (Photo courtesy of Moms Run This Town)
Can't promise PRO Compression socks will transport you to this lovely setting, but they will speed recovery after a hard workout. (Photo courtesy of Moms Run This Town)

Cue the Peter Paul and Mary: "I'm leaving on a jet plane; don't know when I'll be back again."

Today I'm jetting to Little Rock, Arkansas, to speak at Capital Hotel Detour Speaker Series (Sarah Bowen Shea and Runner's World Bart Yasso, two names always said in the same breath, right!?) and to represent AMR and sell Another Mother Runner merch at the Little Rock Marathon expo. It's at these two events I'll be, drum roll please, debuting Tales from Another Mother Runner! I hope to see a lot of you BAMRs in Little Rock.

But back to the 1970s tune: While I do know when I'll be returning home, I am going to be leaving on a jet plane a lot in the next few months to promote Tales. A week after returning from Little Rock, I head back East to Andover for the first of four book parties with Dimity. Interspersed with all those flights, I'll be doing my best to stick to the marathon training plan my running partner, Molly, is following. (E.g. If weather permits, I'll be hoofing 12 miles on Thursday to Little Rock's Big Dam Bridge, scouting the long run offering at AMR Run + Refresh Retreat in mid-April.)

I'm crazy-excited to run across Little Rock's Big Dam Bridge. (Fun fact: It's the longest pedestrian/bicycle bridge in N. America that has never been used by trains or motor vehicles!)
I'm crazy-excited to run across Little Rock's Big Dam Bridge. (Fun fact: It's the longest pedestrian/bicycle bridge in N. America that has never been used by trains or motor vehicles!)

Long flights + long runs = lower legs in need of serious relief. Enter PRO Compression, our new favorite compression gear. PRO Compression socks and calf sleeves are graduated compression, fancy speak for greater compression on the lower part of socks or sleeves and a gradual decrease of pressure as the garment goes up your gams. This design promotes healthy circulation by gently squeezing fluids away from your feet and lower legs and toward your core. In practical terms, this means even if I'm stuck in seat 37A next to a sleeping giant en route to Little Rock, my blood won't be pooling around my feet and ankles.

Hold on tight: The graduated compression in PRO Compression products enhances circulation.
Hold on tight: The graduated compression in PRO Compression products enhances circulation.

After the Big Dam run, I'll slip back on the PRO Compression socks to reduce post-run soreness and swelling. All the little micro-tears in my calf muscles caused by 12 miles of pavement-pounding will appreciate the squeeze. If I had one of the many patterned or brightly colored PRO Compression socks ($50) or calf sleeves ($45), I'd also wear them at the expo, because gradient compression is the best friend of someone on her feet for hours on end.

Today we're offering two ways to try a pair of PRO Compression for yourself: Three gals will win their choice of either compression socks or calf sleeves. To enter, tell us if you've ever worn compression gear. Swear by socks post-sweat-sessions? Rock sleeves in races? Wear them every time you step on a plane? Never worn 'em but are compression-curious? Click on the Comments banner below this post, and tell us when, if ever, you wear compression gear. 

Option #2 for trying PRO Compression: Don't want to wait to see if you're 1 of the 3 winners? Head over to PRO Compression site and use discount code AMR15 to get a sweet 40% off any merchandise. 

PRO Compression rainbow: All these colors and WAY more to choose from!
PRO Compression rainbow: All these colors and WAY more to choose from!
[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 2/25/15 and ends on 3/03/15. We will announce the three winners on our Facebook page on 3/05/15, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of each prize package is $45-$50. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.  

583 responses to “Hump Day Running Giveaway: PRO Compression Socks (3 Winners!)

  1. Compression stockings are comfortable to use for running.But I am unsure how to use them to look nice.
    I am a follower of fashion and I want to use compression stockings with perfect efficiency.

  2. I have never worn compression socks, but I wear knee-high hose stockings to work every day to help with compression and circulation. I would love these when I run!

  3. I LOVE my ProCompression marathon socks. Been waiting for the St. Patty’s day socks to be released. My birthday is this Friday so I think they will be my bday gift to myself!

  4. Love pro compression and I wear them on any run over 10 miles and for recovery on any run over 13! Hope I’m not too late to enter. Thank you for the giveaway

  5. I have a pair of compression socks and wear them after long runs. I’ve also worn them to work a few times when I knew I’d be on my feet all day. Love them! Thanks for the chance!

  6. I always wear compression socks for immediately after a run for recovery and go to bed with them on. It feels even better to do an ice bath in the socks! I like to wear compression sleeves sometimes to work (I’m a nurse) 🙂
    During my training, I like to wear compression socks or sleeves during a run if my legs feel tired that day or if I’m doing consecutive running days.
    Now come to think of it…it’s very rare that I don’t have compression on my legs! hahaha

  7. I have never used them, but as a 63 y/o AMR who only restarted running three years ago for my 60th birthday present to myself, I need some post run/recovery help! Would love to try them.

  8. I have one pair of compression socks that I bought to run the Ragnar relay (Florida Keys). I ended up not wearing them for the race, but really liked the way they made my legs recover I would love another pair or some sleeves to try! I have three half marathons, a 10 miler, and a few other races that I would give them a great workout! I have two sweet little boys and it would be an incredible Mother’s Day gift! Thank you!! I’d love a bright green pair for my upcoming shamrock 5k!

  9. I’ve worn compression socks during injury recovery. I’ve worn them to bed after a long run. I have even worn them to my job as a teacher…standing on concrete floors while walking about 11,000 feet can make your legs a little sore! Love the bright colors!

  10. I like to wear compression sleeves to run in. If I’ve had a really long run, I’ll sleep in a pair to help my tired legs.

  11. No, I have not worn compression socks, but I am very curious. I was just telling my husband on Saturday that compression socks might help my long run leg recovery. With two young children, I need a fast recovery!

  12. If I had a cool pair, I would wear them more… and I should cuz they make my injury prone shins feel good! Pick me, pick me!

  13. I have a pair of compression socks which I gratefully wear every long run. Or whenever I’m in a slump and need a little boost. They work physiologically, but most importantly physiologically I feel zippy and hard core wearing them. Lost one in dryer once and let out a long, sad “Nooooooo” from the laundry room. They’re reunited now and I keep an extra eye on them when they head to the wash.

  14. I wore compression sleeves during my first half marathon. I got horrible shin splints and they seemed to help, or at least make me feel more secure. I am still curious on wearing them on plane rides. We are traveling to Europe this summer and wonder if it would be a wise choice.

  15. I love wearing compression socks after my runs! I also wear them when I travel, helps with my restless legs.

  16. Never ever, from irrational embarrassment (I do not look like a greyhound). But as I age, I think they may be a good idea for me.

  17. I wear the sleeves after long runs or after any run if my calves feel tight or my shins bother me (kinda a frequent occurrence for me).

  18. I will usually use compression socks to run and compression sleeves for recovery! I have also found myself using the compression sleeves everyday at work, I’m an RN, because I am on my feet for 10 hours.

  19. I wear compression socks after long runs & on planes. They’re your best friend if you run Ragnar relay races.

  20. I am dying to try your compression socks. I’ve been battling with plantar fasciitis for months. Now that I’ve started training for the spring race season these would really come in handy. Although, I’m taking a lot of steps to heal , I’m not 100%. Please pick me !

  21. I have a cheap pair of compression socks I wear after long runs. They have holes in the bottoms but still feel nice and squeezy in the legs. I’d LOVE to try a nice pair! I bet the squeeze feels heavenly!

  22. I have never tried compression gear (unless you count that old pair of too small capris I tried to squeeze into last year!) but would love to try out the sleeves.

  23. I have been eyeing a pair of compression socks at my local running store, but not made the leap yet. Would love to try them! (*fingers crossed*)

  24. I have not worn compression socks but I promise I will be purchasing some in the future. I drove home 8 hours after running my first half marathon. My legs were a mess the next day. I plan on running my first marathon and doing the same drive home… I will need some help if I am ever going to walk normal again!

  25. I haven’t tried compression socks but after 8 miles today i am thinking it would be worth a try – these legs are sore!

  26. I love compression socks. I wear them every day in the winter. I would wear them in the summer too if they wouldn’t give me a goofy tan. 🙂

  27. I try compression socks after hard workouts, and while sitting all day behind a desk. Always looking for new brands to try.

  28. I have never worn compression gear, but I travel by air a lot, and its something I have been thinking about but hesitate to spend the money!

  29. I wore compression undies after having babies, compression tops while nursing, and all the while I’ve worn compression socks while running…. Especially in 2 degree winter cold!

  30. I use neither but I am very curious. I really love my socks so I would be more likely to try the calf sleeves.

  31. Never worn compression gear. I’m one of those runners who is still stuck on the old cotton race t-shirts. Need to update my wardrobe!

  32. I have never tried compression socks, but know people who swear by them. As age begins to creep up on me, maybe this is what I need to keep the spring in my step after a long run or tough workout.

  33. I absolutely love my compression socks & sleeves. I use them while running and afterwards. The calf sleeves are especially useful in the summer – I can wear them to work under a pair of pants & still wear ballet flats. Awesome for recovery, without sacrificing on my work attire.

  34. I wear them post-run and sometimes during long runs and they make a world of difference in recovery time (and how my legs feel. I wore them for the first time at my last marathon in Oct 2014 (Wineglass, NY). My legs felt awesome and I ran my second fast time without trying.

  35. I have a pair of compression sleeves that I like wearing after long runs. It’s the best way to active recovery without actually doing anything.

  36. I have never tried compression socks before but have been very curious about them and wanting to try them after my runs for recovery. Hope I win!!!

  37. I have compression tights, but not sleeves or socks. That is fine for cooler weather, but what do I do when it warms up? Would love to try these out to see if they are the answer.

  38. Just recently bought my first pair of compression socks for recovery and LOVE them! I would love another pair to wear home on the plane from Boston! I figure they will be very helpful on the plane and use them after every long run as I admit I am not the best at recovery with 2 young kids waiting for me at home:)

  39. I have never worn compression anything, but I’ve always wanted to try it out. The high price has held me back from purchasing something I may not like.

  40. They are a lifesaver after long training runs or a half marathon. I usually put them on right after my runs and have even been know to sleep in them after a race.

  41. I used to use them all the time (every single long run) because I had shin splints when I first started running. I have gotten away from my compression gear lately though. I’m planning to train for my first marathon soon so I think I’m gonna need to pull them out…or get some new ones:)

  42. I do not have experience with compression socks but would like to try them. I’m hoping they could help these 40+ year old legs not feel so tired after long runs but that is asking ALOT from a pair of socks.

  43. I loooove my compression sleeves but have been wanting to try socks for recovery. I get a little swelling in the top of my foot after wearing sleeve and think socks might help alleviate that issue. Plus, rocking a colorful pair of socks with a cute skirt is a race look I’ve always admired!

  44. I’ve only worn compression gear when pregnant to help with swelling. It was a losing battle! Hopefully I’ll have better luck with running compression gear!

  45. I actually don’t wear them while I’m running — I’m too wedded to my Smartwool socks — but I do wear them for recovery, and also for long-haul international flights for business travel. I think they make a huge difference.

  46. I’ve worn compression calf sleeves or knee highs after especially hard or long workouts and sometimes overnight if I’m running a late-night run followed by an early-morning workout. Also, full length compression tights are a must after a marathon or any run over 20 miles. Makes it easier to keep moving and is way more pleasant than an ice bath!

  47. I have been very curious about compression. Curious as to if they would help with my on again off again nagging shin splints. Also these come in some bada!! colors.

  48. I am pretty new at running. I am more comfortable wearing long socks, so I have been looking into compression socks/sleeves and am so confused by all of the options.

  49. I wear compression socks weekly but not after running ….I stand on my feet all day in an operating room and these things save my legs! I should be smart and start trying them with running!

  50. I have some 110% knickers recommended by you guys that I wear after really long runs. And some long compression socks that I wore a lot last year after my first half-marathon at Disneyland.

  51. I have never worn compression but I really want to start! I am training for a half marathon and could I think this could be really helpful.

  52. i wear them after long runs (15 miles or more)… i haven’t tried sleeves, only full length socks. i find the arch cradles in the socks help with any peroneal tendonitis i have.

  53. Compression curious… See others wearing at races and out on my runs….but have never mustered up the courage to spend $50 on socks. Would require a lot of spin to sell my other half on the merits. Help me out ladies!!!

  54. Love wearing my compression socks, especially with shorts. I’m waiting for shorts weather, just like everyone else. Wintertime is bumming me out because I wear sleeves under tights and no one gets to see that!

  55. Love compression socks. I just bought my first pair last week and now need to start a collection so I’m not washing it all the time! I wear my one pair during a run and a few after later. They really do help during and after! I have not tried compression sleeves yet- that’s on the list.

  56. I bought a pair of compression sleeves last year while delusional, insomnia- induced shopping on Amazon at 3am. I never wore them until I joined the AMR challenge this year. Now I wear them on my long runs and even sleep in them. I’m in love. I’m ridiculously injury-prone and these really seem to help with swelling and muscle aches.

  57. I am intrigued by compression socks. I have never tried them but have gazed longingly at them in the store and online. I think I never take the plunge because well for one, they are expensive and two, when do I wear them? On my run, after my run…I just don’t know.

  58. my big splurge when training for my last marathon was a pair of cwx compression tights! LOVE them, but don’t wear them too often, only for super long runs. I would love a pair of compression socks to wear on a more regular basis!

  59. Love my compression socks! My family laughs at how “stylish” I am in them, but they are my go to after long runs. I even plan my travel outfits around them so that can wear them on any plane trips.

  60. I love my compression socks! I wear them as recovery post-run and on long flights and/or car rides. I’ve also started wearing them on days I know I’ll be on my feet all day. I volunteer to teach science labs in my daughters’ elementary and am ON all day. Turns out, I’m not as zonked by the end of the day when I wear my compression socks!

  61. I like compression socks overnight after a long hard race or training run. They also help keep the legs warm when I’m trying to break in to shorts early in the season.

  62. I currently wear 2xu compression socks on my long runs. Less stress on my muscles bouncing and banging around over the extended time. I also believe they help prevent Achilles soreness and keep pressure on shins. Love them.

  63. I have a couple pairs of compression socks that I wear on/ after long runs and I love them! Looking to get into the calf sleeves for summer, so I can wear them inconspicuously to work.

  64. I’ve worn compression socks before. I usually put them on in the evenings after long or tiring runs. I’ve always been super curious about the sleeves!!

  65. I wear calf sleeves on most long runs…if I can pry them off of my 4 year old. She likes wearing them for ‘princess gloves (they’re hot pink) 🙂

  66. I always wear calf sleeves on runs longer than 6 miles & I swear by my full leg sleeves post run! They work better than an ice bath!

  67. I’be never tried compression sock or sleeves. It’s on my list of things to try, maybe I’ll get to check these out for free!! 🙂

  68. I haven’t worn compression socks, but have been looking to buy some and give them a shot as I train for my first half marathon!

  69. I wear compressions socks and also have compression sleeves and love them! They have helped a lot with my shin splints.

  70. Yes! I wore compression socks through my training for and race day of the NYC Marathon in 2011. But I confess I use them more these days for alleviating calf cramps caused by pregnancy. Life of a mother runner for you!

  71. I wear compression socks after longer races and long runs. I also wore them quite a bit when pregnant and I always wear them on long flights or road trips to keep swelling down. They make a huge difference in my comfort!

  72. I wear the sleeves on long runs for quicker post-run recovery especially but found them to be my ‘go to’ when I want warmth running outdoors in the artic blast temps of northern MN. I only have 1 well-used black pair though, so a brightly colored pair would be awesome!

  73. I started wearing sleeves a year ago for long runs over an hour but love them for long shifts at work on my feet over 12 hours!

  74. I have worn both socks and arm sleeves. The sleeves were more for warmth. The socks are a must after long runs the same day and event he next!

  75. I’ve never worn compression socks or sleeves, but would love to try them! I still haven’t convinced myself that I’m a “runner” and that it’s ok to spend more money on gear than I already do…

  76. I’ve never worn them for running but did wear a different version when I was 9 months pregnant! I’d love to try them after a long run.

  77. I love my compression socks! I wear them during long runs and then a fresh pair for recovery! I’ll even wear them to bed. They really do aid with recovery. : )

  78. Love the sock of the month! These socks are great! Run with them on long runs – they help with recovery too! And I can so tell if I don’t wear them!!

  79. I have never worn the runner’s compression socks or sleeves. I briefly wore some compression socks when I was having some blood flow issues and if they hadn’t been so ugly I would have kept wearing them. They looked like thick, opaque, nude pantyhose, aka old lady socks. I’m looking forward to trying some of these stylish socks, it feels so nice to have the support.

  80. I am a compression newbie. I bought a pair at an expo last year, but my dog ate one of them after I had only worn them twice… My friends swear by them so I’ve been meaning to pick up another pair! I would love to win some from AMR!

  81. I wear them whenever I’m flying more than a few hours. And when I nearly froze on my flight from Tokyo to Bangkok- because everybody knows Bangkok is hot so why would I wear a sweater and long underwear on the plane?- those compression socks saved me from frostbite.

  82. I’ve never worn them but am always curious how much they help. I definitely have tired legs all the time as I work full time, chase after 2 tiny boys and insist on still training for various races!

  83. Compression socks are a staple for me after long runs. I don’t like to run in them, though. I find them too warm and restricting. These look great! Thanks!

  84. I haven’t worn compression sleeves before, but I do wear compression socks. Someone told me once they help with arch pain and they totally do!

  85. I wear PRO compression socks after every long run or race! I leave them on allll day and wear them to bed … until my feet get too hot during the night. They are awesome! I’m thinking I’ll need some sleeves soon – so I can squeeze my calves while wearing sandals and also so I can wear them all night.

  86. I have a pair of compression pants from Roadrunner Sports, and just bought a pair of the marathon compression socks from PRO Compression. Wore them once so far, and either it was a huge coincidence, or those socks made a big difference in my running. Won’t know for sure until I run a few more times with and without them, but I’m already thinking I wouldn’t mind having more. 🙂

  87. Just recently started wearing calf sleeves during my runs and I absolutely love them ! They have a hard time making it to the laundry with all the wear I put them through. Can’t wait to pick up another pair

  88. I’ve never tried but my husband swears by them. And the doc just recommended them for my dancer-daughter who is suffering with achilles tendinitis.

  89. I rock compression socks after long training runs. I wear compression sleeves for long runs & races. I can’t seem to run long in the full sock.

  90. I have a few pairs of calf sleeves. I wear them after long runs and races. And especially on the plane after the Little Rock Marathon last year!

  91. I love compression socks.. and especially Pro compression! I wear them after long runs and really anytime I feel the need for comfort!

  92. You mean normal people don’t sit around wearing compression sleeves all day? I work from home and wearing running capris + sleeves is a normal look for me – I have left the house wearing them and barely caught myself getting out of the car for school pickup looking awesome in my neon blue sleeves. I love them for hard workouts, I love them for recovery days, I love them all the time! My one pair gets a lot of use, would love to have another pair to rotate.

  93. I swear by compression. I knew nothing about them until I started training for my first marathon two years ago. Once I got into higher milage I could hardly walk, let alone, run. I spoke with a friend who is also a seasoned marathoner and she suggested I try compression socks. I’ve never looked back. I wear them for any run that will be ten or more miles. Recently, I developed a shin splint/injury to my left calf/leg and have been doubling up, i.e. I wear a compression calf sleeve under my compression socks. Winning this giveaway would be a great blessing to me and my legs. Thanks!

  94. I love compression socks after a long run! I prefer sleeves during long runs so I can wear my regular socks… But swear that they help with recovery!

  95. I am compression-curious. I would try some if I had them! I’m currently running 5Ks, but hope to run an entire local race series this year, including a 5-miler, 10-miler and my first half marathon.

  96. I have compression tights I sleep in after any run over 10 miles. They always help with recovery! I’ve always wanted socks but they cost a lot!

  97. I have never tried them (mostly because I’m cheap) but, every time my legs ache after a long run, I think I should try them out.

  98. I wear compression socks after long runs, races, anytime I’m standing in the kitchen all day, after flying, and after long training days for work. My one pair is feeling the love but getting tired!

  99. I LOVE compression sleeves. I generally wear them 8+ mile runs and will then slide into a pair of the full socks afterward.

  100. I strained a calf muscle on a run last fall and one of my good running friends brought me a pair of compression socks to help me recover. I loved them so much they ended up on my holiday list. I like to wear them for cold weather running (extra layer) as well as for recovery. They are awesome.

  101. As my runs get longer, so do my socks. They really work for me and I love the look of long socks and shorts. Would love to rock these in the Flying Pig. 😉 Thanks. AMR.

  102. I have not tried any compression wear yet, but have been contemplating a purchase due to an upcoming cross-country flight the day after an 18 miler.

  103. Wear them after runs longer than 8 miles and have worn them during long runs that are cold here in AZ. Love them. Even if it doesn’t get very cold here very often.

  104. I swear by them post run. I get to warm during but compressions socks feel amazing after. The only thing better would be two little massage therapists rigorously working out all the kinks.

  105. I would go with the calf sleeves. I wear compression socks for work. I am a nurse and am on my feet all day. I haver worn compression socks after runniing.

  106. I have never tried them but have always wanted to. I’m 18+ weeks preggers with my third and can use all the support (both literally and figuratively) I can get! Hoping to run or at least workout until the end.

  107. i wear compression sleeves for recovery and sometimes when I’m running. Helps with tight calves…but mine are not as cute as these.

  108. in preparation for my next two races I picked up some sleeves. They have been great for my long run so far but would like to try out some for recovery, especially as the miles increase

  109. Definitely compression-curious! Never tried them but I’ve recently become a runner and I’d like to give them a shot.

  110. I haven’t tried compression yet but would love to. My feet always need recovery time after a long run, and maybe some fancy socks would help!

  111. Never tried compression gear, but definitely curious! I’ve picked up my mileage and am feeling the extra effort even as I type this.

  112. I’ve never worm compression socks but I think they would help me with runs longer than ten miles to recover. I have my second half in April so it would be great to win a pair

  113. I have run in compression socks only once and found them too tight for me. However, I love the idea of wearing them post long runs and on long airplane rides!

  114. I wear compression sleeves on every run that is longer than 8 miles. It was suggested to my by my hematologist because I have a clotting disorder. I’ve actually never worn them on a plane…I should probably do that too!

  115. So I’ve been seeing and hearing about all the hype over compression sleeves/socks. I haven’t tried them yet. I have too many questions. What brand do I choose? Do I get full socks or just sleeves? What color do I buy? What size should I get to fit my short, thick calves? Ugh. It’s exhausting.

  116. I have never worn compression socks but would LOVE to the opportunity to try them out! I’ve always wanted a pair for my aching legs post long run but have never taken the plunge.

  117. I wear them after a long run when I’ve bumped up the mileage or if my legs are feeling particularly sore. I’ll be starting marathon training this summer so I’ll probably need them a lot more often!

  118. I swear by shorter compression socks during a run and calf sleeves after long run – as someone prone to swelling they are great! (I was so swollen when pregnant with twins that I lost over 70lbs- mainly water- within 5 days of giving birth!)

  119. I recently tried them for some long runs and my recent half marathon to help with calf cramping and really think they helped. I also have a clotting disorder and should realy think to wear them for long flights too!!

  120. I wore medical compression socks when I had an overuse injury that compromised my circulation leading to edema. I use them intermittently and always when I fly. It’s time for some cool looking compression gear I can sport after running!

  121. Wear compression socks after long runs and in planes! Swear by them. Wouldn’t have survived last years training without them.

  122. Wore compression socks for the first time after my first marathon. Felt so good. I wear them a lot now after long runs or just on tired leg days! Did 14 miles on the treadmill this am and now waiting to board flight to Vegas for a review course for boards…. Have my compression on now so I can walk when the plane lands!

  123. I have yet to wear them but am very compression curious – I have tight calves regardless of frequent stretching, I think they could benefit from some!

  124. I have worn compression sleeves and socks after many runs. I really think they help my calves recover and the graduated pressure feels so good. I have only run in them once. I found them to be too hot.

  125. I rock my compression socks on 24 hr shifts catching babies as a nurse midwife and after all my long runs after a session with my foam roller. It’s kept the injuries to a minimum and the cankles away after a night on my feet.

  126. After my first half I had to hop in the car right after for 3 hours–I wore some recovery ones then. I have never tried them during a run.

  127. I do wear one compression sleeve when I fly on a plane thanks to breast cancer surgery. My physical therapist says I can wear the compression stops but I don’t own a pair. Would love to try them

  128. I wear them on my frequent trans-Atlantic flights or flights from coast to coast in the U.S. but have never worn them for or after running. Should really give it a try, I guess, but the ones I have are NOT made of comfortable material that I would want to wear for running.

  129. I bought my first pair of sleeves last November. After running for five years without them, I didn’t see what the fuss was about; but once I put them on = pure bliss! I started wearing them after distance runs at first in work out clothes. Then, to work the next day under my leggings because who knew they were there! I knew they were now a must when husband thought they looked hot! Who knew sleeves could be a bedroom turn on

  130. I haven’t tried compression socks, however, having a 10.5 hour drive home the day after my first Boston marathon this year is not the best recovery day 😉 A pair of these socks may help me out!

  131. i have never worn them but have been reading about them and how they help after a long run. Would love to win a pair!

  132. I wear the calve sleeves. My calves are too small to get my foot size correct for a sock and still have the right amount of compression.

  133. I LOVE compression gear! Calf sleeves are usually my go-to after a long run, but lately I’ve been enjoying the socks a bit more. Pro-Compression is a wonderful brand!!

  134. After a really tough half marathon on trails, I tried a compression machine a company was showcasing at the finish, and I could not believe how much it helped my legs feel better. Those machines cost a few thousand dollars, so compression sock might be a better place for me to start!

  135. I have never worn compression socks before, my father has gotten me into running and so far since Oct I have done 2 5ks I now have a 4 mile run next week and my first 1/2 marathon coming up March 22ND

  136. I love, love, love compression gear! Tried some compression socks for the first time last summer and it was love at first feel. While it is a bit comical getting into them most days, I love wearing my socks post-run!

  137. I have some compression sleeves that were a gift and they really help with the shin splints. Been wanting to try Pro compression just haven’t taken the plunge yet!

  138. I wear pro compression socks and now my 14 year daughter and 12 year old son taken over mine. We all wear them on long runs and even sleep in them, clean ones of course after long runs.

  139. I wear compression socks when running, after running and on rest days! They really do make my legs feel better. I also started wearing compression socks to fight against PF.

  140. I’ve never worn compression socks or sleeves. Mostly because I am concerned that my calves are too big and they would be super uncomfortable. However, I could be totally wrong and end up loving them. I am curious.

  141. My injury prone feet swear by compression socks for long runs (anything over 3 miles) and races. I could, however, really use a new, not pink, pair!

  142. I haven’t raced in compression socks, but I’ve used them for training. I will even wear them when my legs are just tired and need a boost.

  143. If spanx counted as compression, then yep my entire upper body has been compressed at one point… so why should my legs be left out. Would love to try them!

  144. Compression socks are the best! I wear them post long-runs to help with recovery. I was blessed with horrible veins in my legs. I wear my compression socks anytime I fly or am going to be on my feet for long periods at a time.

  145. I’ve never worn an actual pair of compression socks. However, I do put on my ski socks that are tight and go up to my knee after long runs to help with recovery.

  146. I feel like I live in them in the winter. I love the sleeves so I can still wear my flipflops in the summer. But my kids won’t let me wear them out of the house because I look weird with compression sleeves and flipflops. (And I don’t really care how they look!)

  147. I have worn compression socks for recovery and during travel. They are great for long flights, even better if the flight is after a long race!

  148. I have tried sleeves and they helped with long runs. I have always wanted to try full socks but have been scared to try them.

  149. I’m compression curious for sure! And you’re offering such a sweet discount I may have to just break down and buy my own…since I never win anything!! 🙂

  150. I have worn plenty of compression sock. Well, they were the sexy, thin, white medical ones. And I wore them while pregnant and after c-sections. So obviously I’m not an expert on compression socks for running. I would LOVE to try compression socks for running though. They helped me a lot while I was pregnant so I am hopeful they would be just as delightful for running.

  151. Just found them and absolutely love them! I’d been sick and off for 3 weeks and had a training walk/run on Saturday. My MapMyWalk app didn’t work properly so I ended up walking 6 miles instead of 4…Yep, shin splints. But I iced numerous times on Sunday and bought compression socks…Oh my! They’re amazing to wear after the race because my legs didn’t feel as achy as they would have. Wore the socks for 2 more days…Snuggy warm too. 🙂

  152. I’ve worn them both after long runs and during long runs. And under jeans/with boots when I know I’ll be standing for long periods of time at a social event. Haven’t tried them on airplanes (more so because I never go anywhere!)

  153. I bought a pair of calf sleeves last year more for “leg decor” than anything else, but ironically wore them just last night to bed after having run 12 miles in the morning. Not sure if the foam rolling or sleeves helped more, but today my legs feel GREAT! I’d love to try a pair of compression socks, just haven’t wanted to spend the $$ on them!

  154. Been reading tons on compression socks lately and would love the chance to try some. My legs seems to be more tired after runs of all lengths these days and I would be so happy if they aided in recovery. Thanks!

  155. SO curious about these socks. See runners wearing them all the time and never understood before. Have worn with long flights but not these cool funky ones (more like grandma’s stockings..). Will keep an eye out to buy some locally or perhaps win one 🙂

  156. After long runs always felt like I needed to hug my calves with something. Compression sleeves do the trick and help my muscles recover.

  157. I do wear compression gear but not normally during a run. Typically after a hard effort. But I’ve always been interested in trying them out during a run. Especially if I nabbed a bright, jazzy color!

  158. I have a lot of issues with trigger points in my calves so when they are particularly troublesome I wear calf sleeves. I love the way they feel! I’d love to try the socks, too.

  159. I am fairly new to the running scene and have never used compression stockings. I have heard that they make a huge difference. And would LOVE to try them and see if they might help the calf pain I get after my longer runs!!! Show me the stockings!!!

  160. I LOVE Pro Compression!! I wear the low-trainer socks everyday and I wear the compression socks/sleeves on all my long and hill/speed workout runs. I also wear them if I am stuck in a car/van/plane for a long period of time.

  161. YES! I love compression socks for recovery after long runs. Try them once and you will see that they really do make a big difference in how your legs feel afterward.

  162. During marathon training last summer/fall, I would wear compression sleeves and CWX compression shorts after every long run. I definitely think they helped with recovery!

  163. My mom uses compression socks all the time for leg pain. I have not used them often, but I would love to have a chance. I realize my body is getting older, and I can tell that it could use the help :).

  164. I use socks every long run and race, and will use compression/ice sleeves on my knees hips, and calves after races !! LOVE the compression 🙂

  165. I used to live in my compression socks. I’d wear them after nearly every run. Sadly I wore through them and have not replaced them yet. Here’s hoping this is my chance to replace them now!

  166. I have the sleeves which I like using for recovery after long runs and I also have socks and those have really come in handy for swollen ankles at the end of my current pregnancy!

  167. Swear by them. And actually my preferred brand is ProCompression. I wear either the full marathon socks or shin sleeves on every run. And reserve a pair for recovery too.

  168. LOVE PRO COMPRESSION!! I wear for recovery, for long days at work, and for running (mostly for racing or long runs). I’ve worn on planes too with awesome results, grat company!

  169. I’m wearing some right now under my work slacks! I usually wear them after longer runs, or any time my legs could use a little extra love. I’ve worn them on a plane ride too to Georgia to do a 5k before a convention. They do wonders on your recovery time!

  170. I’ve never tried compression gear, but I’ve been wondering if it might help the calf issue I’ve been dealing with for almost a year.

  171. Love my compression sox and calf slee bcuz es.I wear them on long runs, when my legs are achy and since I’m on my feet all day, I sometimes wear them at work too. Keeps my legs feeling fresh and eases the soreness for me. I love the bright colours and fun patterns too!

  172. I actually have never tried compression socks before. I don’t have great circulation in my legs, so you’d think I would be wearing them religiously.

  173. I was just diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder so I tried a pair of Pro Compression and they are fabulous! I need to wear them 3-4 days a week so another pair would be great!

  174. I swear by my compression socks! I started wearing them over a year ago, after long runs and races. I had often had calf issues, and have had no calf issues since using them. I am currently training for my first marathon, and my longest run so far is 17 miles. Those socks went on right after my shower, and were on all day. I even slept in them. My calfs felt great the next day!

  175. I wear calf sleeves for recovery after long runs. I’m afraid to wear them too long so I’m really hoping to buy a pair of compression socks.

  176. I use compression socks or calf sleevs after every Long run (7 miles or more) They have definitely saved my legs from shin splints. After my first half marathon and not being able to walk for a month due to shin splints, I bought a pair of compression socks and have not had that problem since!

  177. I LURVE compression socks! I wear then during long runs and I also rock them out for recovery. I have a pair of thigh-high MEDICAL grade ones I got when I was pregnant that I bust out for extreme cases.

  178. I’ve never worn them. Kind of felt like it was one of those “fads” and didn’t want to waste my money, but many people swear by them. I’d love to see for myself!

  179. I love to wear compression socks for post-run recovery but have never tried to wear them while running (the fashionista in me is chomping to try some of those vibrant colored socks). I also swear by my UA HeatGear compression capris. I wear them on every run. Love, love, love them!

  180. I wear compression socks and sleeves for recovery. Makes a huge difference! I haven’t tried them while running. I have been thinking on getting some fun ones from Pro Compression to run my first marathon in. Thanks for the coupon!

  181. I started wearing compression socks during my last pregnancy and WOW, they were amazing. Now I wear them after long runs. They make such a difference in my recovery.

  182. All of my capris and tights for running are compression, and I love it. Now that my long runs are getting longer and longer during the AMR No Limits Half Marathon plan, I’m thinking I need to get the socks for after my runs to help me recover faster.

  183. I wore compression socks and undershorts when I ran while pregnant and normally for any run over 10 miles. Love, love, love it!

  184. Love my compression socks and can’t run long or recover without them. Compared to a few years ago, there are so many new colors and styles that I actually get compliments about my rainbow or polka dot compressions socks!

  185. Definitely compression curious. Since my family’s move last month my runs have been rough. It’s probably due to missing my BRF, but I’d like to see if compression helps!

  186. I have been curious about compression socks and sleeves. AMR told me they feel like little hugs for her legs. As I ramp up the mileage for my next race, I think my calves could use some hugs!

  187. Compression gear is amazing! My calves are pretty much perpetually sore with all the running and other types of workouts that I do on a constant basis. I would love to win some more compression socks!!! 🙂

  188. I don’t normally. I do have a pair of my husband’s dress socks that are REALLY tight so when I’ve felt the need for compression, I use those. I would wear them right now to combat the swelling that pregnancy has brought along.

  189. Do leggings count? I have not worn any compression gear. I am contemplating on getting some since I am currently training for a marathon, hoping to BQ!

  190. I recieved a pair of compression calf sleeves for Christmas. I am going to try them out when the long runs in No Limits plan get to 8 or more miles. I hope they help with sore legs!!!

  191. I wore compression socks a lot while recovering from shin splints in my left leg last summer. I feel that issue coming back and I was considering buying more pairs (I only have one pair now). Winning this would help keep me shin splint-free while I train for my half-marathon this spring.

  192. I have never used compression socks, but I would love to try them! I’m a newer distance runner and I think they would help with recovery

  193. I love compression pants for recovery and usually use compression socks for long runs (10 miles or longer.) Not sure if the socks help performance, but I’m not as sore afterwards, especially after running on the roads.

  194. I wear them after long runs or after running on two consecutive days of runs. They really do make a difference and my legs seem to recover much faster. I don’t usually wear them out in public with shorts, but did so after Madison mini marathon which my two daughters (at the time ages 8 & 10) found embarrasing because they said I looked like a goof!! Would love to try PRO brand.

  195. I purchased my first pair of compression socks when training for my most recent marathon. I was recovering from a calf strain and found the compression provided comfort after long runs. I still pull them out when my calves feel tight but would love to have a fun, colorful pair to race in!

  196. I mix it up between wearing compression socks, capris, or full tights, depending on weather etc., for long runs. And I love compression wear for recovery– after a long brick workout, they absolutely make my legs feel better than they would have otherwise.

  197. Compression-curious is an excellent way to describe my feelings! 😉 After reading some of the comments, it looks like I’m in the minority, having never used compression gear.

  198. I swear by compression full socks! I have to wear them in all of my 5k’s-marathons or else I end up pulling or tweaking something…every time!

  199. I wear compression sleeves after long runs. I also have a pair if Adidas soccer socks that have nice compression. They work well too.

  200. I used the pair I have the first time after the Chicago marathon and loved them. I was wondering why I had never don’t that before that date – after all – it wasn’t like I hadn’t had plenty of long run opportunities! Anyway – I’d love another pair!

  201. I have never tried compression socks or sleeves them but have recently been struggling with shin and calf issues (always sore regardless of speed and legnth of run. I would love to try them out prior to spending the $$$ on a pair.

  202. I wear them after long runs or if my legs are feeling particularly stiff after short runs. I have tried to run in them, (socks) but I don’t care for them while running.

  203. I’ve never worn any compression gear, probably for a couple of reasons. I am self conscious about wearing it while running, embarrassed that I feel like a slow person posing as a real runner. Also, I’m a skeptic, how well can it really work? I’ll check the posts and maybe learn a thing or two!

  204. I wear ProCompression Socks after long runs (10 + miles). I love them. They feel so good on my calfs! I would recommend them to anyone. I do not wear them during the run – something I am seriously considering doing though.

  205. Got my first pair of compression socks to wear after the runDisney Star Wars weekend and I love them! I wore them all day after the Half Marathon and am hooked!

  206. I have worn compression socks. I am not a fan of the squooshed toes so would love to try some sleeves! thanks for the opportunity!

  207. I have never worn them; however, I am super interested. They would be great to have while flying and for recovery after hard workouts. Those sore legs kill me!

  208. I’ve worn compression calf sleeves after a run-I tried them during a run once before, but they got too tight. I now wear them for recovery. I do wear an underarmour compression turtleneck and compression tights in the winter. They make a huge difference!

  209. I like to wear the socks or sleeves after long runs. They definitely help take the soreness away. Would love to have another pair

  210. I have compression socks, tights and shorts. I wear them for longer runs. Also have worn the tights while recovering from a knee injury.

  211. I have never worn them, but now that I’m upping my mileage (running my first half this weekend!), I should look into getting some. Plan on taking advantage of the 40% off. Thank 🙂

  212. I have one pair of compression socks and I wear them after a long run and to work when I have to be on the cement floor for hours on end.. I would love to add another pair..

  213. I LOVE my compression socks. I wear them before/during/after runs when my legs feel achy and just tired. I convinced hubby to buy a pair and he swears by them on flights! He’s worn them on 3 different ‘deployment’ flights to/from the US and Middle East. He’s also loaned his to a buddy going to Africa on a mission trip-just to help with the leg discomfort/long flights. We’re big fans. =)

  214. first, that bridge looks super fun to run! I have the black polk-a-dot socks pictured, I love the bright and fun prints pro compression offers 🙂 I generally do not wear compression socks on runs, but slip them on after I shower and wear them for several hours or the rest of the day depending on my mood.

  215. I’ve never worn compression socks, but I know I need to start. Since I’ve started logging more miles, long varicose veins are running up my shins periodically. I’ve been told compression socks will work wonders. Plus I want to try them at home – my legs start to hurt when doing dishes for a long period of time. I wonder if they have a pair to match my apron and my running shoes!

  216. I use compression for recovery after long runs, and pulling on those socks always feels amazing. I also like using compression socks as ski socks. I have some cross country flights coming up next month and I think I might have to give compression a try on those!

  217. I am a ProCompression hoarder! My chiropractor prescribed them for some lower leg issues stemming from my back problems, and now I wear socks or sleeves for every single run. They’re like hugs for my legs.

  218. I used them when I was pregnant. They saved my legs the last few weeks of pregnancy. I use them now for my long runs and races. Love them!

  219. Ever since a bad (is there any other kind) case of shin splints, I have worm compression socks or sleeves or tights on all my runs and races. No more shin splints!

  220. I’ve never worn compression socks, but I’ve always been curious! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to try these out.

  221. I started wearing compression sleeves soon after I started running 2.5 years ago. I’m getting ready to train for my first marathon so compression socks would be a great addition to my training gear!

  222. I bought a pair of compression socks at the beginning of this marathon training cycle. I wear them after every long run and I think it has made a difference. It’s hard to know if that’s because I was expecting them to make a difference or what but I think my legs are less tired when I wear them. Anyway, it would be great to have a second pair!

  223. I’m a pharmacist and stand on my feet 10-12 hours a day, so I wear compression socks almost daily. I normally find them to constricting for long runs, but they feel great to slip on post-run.

  224. I have a pair of compression calf sleeves which I try to remember to wear after a long run. I can’t tell if they make a difference. One of these days, I’m going to wear them on a run. If I can remember.

  225. I’ve never worn compression socks or sleeves, but with my first 1/2 marathon coming up I’m very curious to try compression socks and see how they help with my recovery. Also, said first half marathon is in Scotland, so that’s a 10 hour plane ride PLUS the race. Those socks will get worn!

  226. I love compression socks! I wear them after long runs, during runs of a distance for which I’m not properly prepared, and during long flights. It seems they help with recovery so well!

  227. Love compression gear! I started wearing compression tights and socks during cold Midwest winters and swear by wearing them following long runs and races, too. I definitely think the increased blood flow speeds recovery!

  228. oh yes! I love compression ssoks I have wore them for 30 – some hours for ragnar, for a weekened over a long trail race…and after a marathon for recovery! they really are awesome! I love the bright colours too.

  229. I’ve accumulated several pairs of compression sleeves and socks over the past few years, and sometimes I can even find a matching pair to wear. I also have some compression capris that are almost a little too snug (so, effective!) but are nice for longer runs during high-volume weeks.

  230. I wear compression gear a lot, and also LOVE my Pro Compression socks, infact I just wore them yesterday on a flight 🙂 I also wear them post hard workouts or if my calves are feeling tight and in need of some extra TLC.

  231. I have worn compression gear but mostly as a recovery tool. I have some calf sleeves that I wore once running and I felt like they limited my range of motion. So I wear them after my long runs or hard workouts. I also have a few pairs of cheap compression socks meant for diabetics – but hey they work!

  232. I have never done the compression thing….but would have loved to have some socks on the way home from Star Wars Half Marathon last month. The flight the day after the half from CA to Chicago was not so good on the legs.

  233. I love Pro Compression socks!! I wear them all day after a long run, at work during my 12 hour nursing shift, on planes when I travel, and sometimes I wear them all night when I sleep if my legs have been sore or tired. They help speed up recovery, prevent aching and soreness, and make my legs feel refreshed! I Love them!!!

  234. Love, Love, Love compression Anything! Wear calf sleeves every time I do speed work or long runs. Wear them after long runs for sure! I’m convinced they reduce fatigue and give support for the legs.

  235. V.I.P.= Very Important Purpose! I use compression socks during a long run and have medical grade thigh-high stockings post run. I’ve had two vein surgeries in my legs and NEED the compression to help the circulation and lymphatic system. Compression isn’t a fashion statement but my key to faster recovery.

  236. I’ve worn them on long flights. Especially long flights post race. But then my husband hurt is calf and his since commandeered my compression socks so I’d love to win another pair!

  237. I have been wanting to buy compression socks for awhile, but just don’t know which brand/type to buy! I would love to win a pair- I am training for a half marathon in 5 weeks and also am an RN – so I spend a ton of time on my feet and would love to try them out!

  238. Big fan of compression. I wear my compression tights for long runs and love to put on my socks or sleeves after. It feels like a mini massage for sure!!!

  239. I love my compression socks! Since I’m training for the Big Sur Marathon at the moment they are a life saver. Because lets be honest I don’t get to run my long miles then come home and rest. With 2 little boys I’m pretty much always on the go. And compression socks save my legs.

  240. I’ve been wanting to try Compression socks for awhile now. I’ve heard only positive things about them. I suppose the cost is what’s been holding me back from purchasing a pair.

  241. I swear by them for post-long-runs and during hockey games!!! When worn for recovery, I feel as if my legs get “back to normal” more quickly than without. When worn for activity, I feel as if my legs have more “hop” to them (my teammates may agree with me there, we’ve been running a bit of an experiment as far as this topic goes). I’d love a chance to get a few more pairs!

  242. I wear compression sleeves during runs over 10 miles and if I know I will be running hills. I absolutely love the squeeze post-run too!

  243. When my calves get cranky as my mileage goes up. I have enormous calves, to the point I was called Popeye in high school. Fashion boots are out of the question unless they have the elastic expander my grandmother used to have in hers. And, alas, I am that person with her capris stuck on her lower legs after standing up. My calves get tight very easily, and compression is part of the stretch/roll/compress combo that helps.

  244. I LOVE my compression socks & calf sleeves!!! I wear them for almost every run and my legs feel great. I just wish I had compression gear for the rest of me.

  245. I am a ProCompression super-fan! I love their stuff and use it all the time!! After an especially challenging workout, I will put on the PC marathon socks on for work, but then put my boring black or brown work socks on over them, so only I know that I am wearing my PC socks underneath, haha!

  246. I completely believe in compression gear! I wear my socks after every long run (10+ miles) and have little to no tightness or pain. Love them!

  247. Never have worn compression socks, but interested. Next year when I turn 60(UGH) I will cross off my bucket list a half marathon. These socks may come in handy.

  248. Never worn ’em and have honestly always been a little skeptical. But as their popularity has grown, I’ve gotten more curious – this would be a lovely way to check them out!

  249. I’m dying to try these as I train for my first half! I’ve heard great things and would love to aid recovery in my tired legs.

  250. I love some compression gear. There is nothing like chilling out after a long run in some compression socks. I sometimes wear compression socks or sleeves on a longer run.

  251. I have a pair that I wear when I remember to! I have worn them after my marathons, but I don’t always remember to put them on after a long run. I resolve to be better about that.

  252. I’ve never tried compression gear, but I’m curious about it. I tend to have IT band issues and wondered if compression socks would help. Plus the colors are fun 🙂

  253. Whenever I read about Bart Yasso my legs begin to quiver and I immediately pull on my compression socks… I’m not sure if it’s because he’s so hunky or the thought of running his 800 intervals!!

  254. I absolutely love my compression socks! As both a runner and someone with POTS, they are a lifesaver. I have even gotten my XC running boys wearing them because they help so much.

  255. I have two pairs of calf sleeves (neon green and neon pink) and they’re awesome for long run recovery, though I do look pretty silly wearing them with shorts in the summer. They also help keep my calves warm in this arctic winter we’re currently enjoying…

  256. I wear them on any long flights! I travel a lot for work to Asia and they have made a huge difference – especially when I was pregnant. Also wear them on runs longer than 6 miles. And for recovery. I love them!

  257. Oh yes. I’m recovering from a calf strain and compression socks REALLY help. I prefer socks to sleeves– especially for recovery. I’m finally running again and being oh-so-careful!

  258. Have one pair and love them! Always wear them after hard speed session and long runs. Also started wearing them on planes during pregnancy and never went back!

  259. I’m too cheap to fork over $$$ for a pair of compression tights, but they’re definitely on my wish list. I wear compression socks and sleeves after stressful runs. 10 miles through the snow on Saturday killed my calves in a way I’ve never previously experienced. I wore compression socks around the clock for 2 days to recover.

  260. I wore a pair of compression tights last week for the first time after my 19.5 mile run and I actually think that sped up my recovery from that run. I hate to keep spending more and more $$ on running gear but compression socks are on my “wish list.”

  261. Well, I’ve actually never worn compression socks, BUT this summer my sweet husband and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary with a 3-week trip to England and Italy (yes, I’ll actually be running IN EUROPE! Pinch me!)

    I would LOVE to try the compression socks on the plane, as well as after my runs. Thanks for the chance to win!

  262. Have not used sleeves or socks but would love to. Just started a training plan that has me running consecutive days. Thinking these would help tremendously. Thank you!!

  263. I haven’t worn compression yet, but am going to try them soon because I am training for my 1st 1/2 marathon in May. My teenage daughter uses compression when she plays soccer and I know she loves them!

  264. I started wearing compression socks last fall training for my 1st 1/2 marathon. I wore them after every long run. I was experiencing tight calves, and after a good foam roll, it really helped speed up the recovery.

  265. I have never worn a pair of compression socks or sleeves but am very intrigued by them. I would love to win a pair!!

  266. I wear calf sleeves on every run and every race! I have terrible varicose veins and they need all the support they can get! I really need to try the socks for after my long runs. These old legs aren’t recovering as well as they should.

  267. Haven’t ever worn compression for running or recovery but used compression tights to safely fly while pregnant without as much fear for blood clots. Loved how they made my legs feel!

  268. I wear compression socks on long runs (more than 8 miles) and when I am pregnant. Oh, and there was that ‘recovery’ I needed after my first day on a retail sales job when I just wanted to cry. Compression socks always help me!

  269. I have raynauds like you Sarah, mine is mostly in my feet. Living in Maine, last winter my toes would be numb practically every time I went outside. I used to wear compression socks after a log run and noticed that my the numbness was better when I was wearing them! So now in the winter I wear them every day and the raynauds symptoms are much less. I have one pair of pros and a few other cheap brands; would love another pair of pros since they are much better! 🙂

  270. I started wearing compression socks post-long runs as I train for my first full marathon. More miles means more soreness so compression as socks help.

  271. I wear compression socks or sleeves during cold runs but mostly for recovery. I like them on long, slow runs. For some unknown (psychological) reason I don’t like to run fast in them….I feel like they slow me down.
    I even wore compression socks for the first 75 miles of my 100 mile 24 hour race and my legs were happy, happy, happy.
    I would love some compression sleeves in bright, cheery colors! 🙂

  272. I wear compression socks after any run over 7 miles. I have also worn them on long car rides. I forget to wear them on long plane rides.

  273. I wear compression socks for running ALL THE TIME…unless of course the one pair I own haven’t been washed yet! I got this pair for Christmas from my hubby. 🙂

  274. I like wearing compression socks or sleeves after long runs. Wore compression socks for my last 1/2 and they were great. Love these colorful beauties!

  275. I literally just got my first pair in the mail yesterday. I tried them on, and my sore calves sang Hallelujah. I think I need to add some sleeves to my collection too.

  276. I am obsessive about compression socks. I have a variety of sizes and wear them for everything…running, recovery and for work (the short ones under my tights for extra warmth).
    I generally wear Swiftwick. I would love to try the Pros. They are so colorful.

  277. Always wondered what they were like and do they make you really hot when running with them in the summer?would love to find out!

  278. I wore compression socks last year when I had a calf strain. They were great — really the only reason I could keep running while in PT!

  279. I typically wear compression socks after my LR, or after a tough tempo session. Loved them for preventing calf cramps while I was pregnant, too!

  280. I have never worn compression gear but am definitely curious as I am getting ready to start training for my first marathon in the spring.

  281. I have a pair of socks I wear after really long runs, and some sleeves I don’t much like (so rarely get worn). Would love to have more socks!

  282. I wear compression often. Not just after a run but at work (standing on cold concrete floors, muy mal!), when traveling (planes, trains and automobiles) or power shopping. What a difference compression makes! Btw, LOVE all the colors! Never could understand why compression couldn’t be colorful and cute. 🙂

  283. I’ve worn the sleeves after any runs over 6 miles & I think they make a difference. Especially when I run before work, where I sit in front of a computer all day.

  284. I have sleeves that I wear after long runs. I also wore them on the plane home after the Disney Wine and Dine race. They helped sooo much!! Need an extra pair for during runs too!

  285. I’m a big fan of compression socks! Didn’t wear them for my first marathon and could barely walk for a week afterwards. Now I wear them during and after all my long runs and notice a huge difference. Thank you for the code!

  286. My compression sleeves got me through all my tough races….and I’ve lost them. :(. Pretty sure they got left in Florida after the goofy. A new pair would be awesome!!

  287. I have a pair of compressin sleeves that I usually wear after long runs. I would really love an extra pair to wear during a long run.

  288. Never tried compression socks before but am curious. I think they will help my recovery from longs runs when I have to jump right back into “Mom Mode” and on the go all day

  289. I have one pair that I wear after any half that I do or as mileage Increases. Love the green ones, perfect for a St Patty’s run. Also thanks for the fun fact on the Little Dam Bridge….very cool.

  290. I have worn 110% compression pants. Bought them with AMR discount and love, love, love them! The ice pockets with the packets are amazing!

  291. I’ve never worn compression but have been considering it as I’m increasing my training for my first half. I’ve heard it’s great help for your shins 🙂

  292. I wear compression capris on long long runs, but would like to try compression socks (and regular shorts) instead. The capris are too hot here in FL!

  293. Want a pair desperately! Asked for them for Christmas the last 2 years but no socks! (word is they are too expensive) I have a very rare muscular disorder and hoping this helps with my running or recovery. It is getting harder to run and need all the help I can get! PLEASE pick me!

  294. I started wearing compression socks last fall after developing Achilles/calf pain from running. In conjunction with my PT, they worked wonders!

  295. I wear my compression socks after transitioning from the treadmill to outdoors. It really helps speed the recovery and ward off the dreaded shin splints. Plus they just feel so good!!! I have a boring white pair and a mega hot pink. I’d really like another pattern or color.

  296. I have one pair and was just telling myself I need another pair! I wear for recovery and sometimes wear during long runs if my achilles is bothering me.

  297. I have never wore compression sock but am really curious about the benefits! I see many runners wearing them at the races I participate in or out on my regular route! As I prepare for my first 1/2 marathon these might be helpful for those long runs I will be doinf!

  298. I bought some at the expo and wore them after my first marathon, and they helped immensely with my nagging achilles pain. Definitely made me a believer!

  299. I wear compression socks on most of my long runs, although I deal with a lot of blistering issues, so it’s not always feasible.

  300. I wear compression socks after every long run and swear by them! I think they make a difference! I love them and would love a newer pair.

  301. As a newer runner, I haven’t used any compression products yet – but would love to try these, especially as the training runs get longer!!

  302. LOVE compression sleeves and socks! I wear sleeves on any run over 12 miles and socks for recovery after the same. I am a true believer in their benefits. Plus, they make me feel badass!

  303. I’ve never worn compression gear unless you count the pneumatic half leg compression “boots” that the hospital had me wear following the last 2 c-sections.;)

  304. I wear them during all runs of 10+ miles, and then change into a fresh pair for recovery! Love socks, because my feet and ankles appreciate the extra support too.

  305. I have worn my boring black sleeves for both recovery and on a recent hilly long run. Every time I have done so, I ask myself why I don’t wear them more….perhaps because they are ugly black!

  306. I’m a compression virgin, and would love the opportunity to enter into the world of compression as the years of wear & tear running = constantly new, different and annoying aches, pains, and issues.

  307. Yes, I love my compression socks for post-workout recovery and for wear during travel! I fly to Europe, for work, 7-8 times per year and always wear compression socks for the long flights. Last September, I flew to Madrid the day after a marathon, and my comfy supportive socks saved my legs on that trip (I could *almost* walk normally when i exited the plane. 🙂 )

  308. I love compression! I wore sleeves in training last year after getting shin splints from wearing the wrong shoes. Now I wear socks after hard or long runs. More socks would be helpful for Mararthon training.

  309. Put me in the “compression curious” camp – plus I’m going to train for my first marathon this summer so there’s no better time to dive in!

  310. I’ve never worn compression socks/sleeves but my husband does for recovery and swears by them! I would love to have a pair too!

  311. I’ve only worn compression socks once or twice, but since I’m training for my first marathon, I would definitely put them to use!

  312. I’ve never worn compression socks but would love to try them! After 4 kids and some vein issues I’ve worn medical grade, full length compression socks and although they feel good on, they are a huge PAIN to wear. I’d love to try cute, more manageable ones!

  313. I have never worn compression gear (spanx isn’t gear, right?) it just looks so hot here in Florida, maybe I am wrong so I should try it? I don’t run a ton of miles either, more of a cross trainer. But as I get older I bet it would help recovery.

  314. I love compression socks! My five pregnancies were not kind to my lower-leg circulation! I wear them on long runs, after long runs, and on the airplane. I NEED to remember them when I’m working (I’m a nurse)…otherwise my feet resemble water balloons.

  315. I have never worn compression socks but hear a lot of great things about them. Not only for running but long flights. I have to travel to Europe on business this summer and these socks would be great on the plane.

  316. I always put on compression socks after my Saturday long run. they are bright pink so if going out in public usually try to cover up with another sock!

  317. I have never worn them, but I am very compression curious. I have a couple flights coming up soon and love the reminder (and discount code!) to go check them out!

  318. Yes, I have been wearing compression socks on my long runs and I love them. Really has made a difference with my problem calves.

  319. I’ve worn compression socks for distance runs. Another benefit-wearing them on LONG flights. I wore them during my flights to/from Australia!

  320. I swear by compression gear! I wear calf sleeves for any run longer than 7 miles and wear compression socks after those runs. I also wear compression capris after 10+ mile runs. I have yet to get sore using this method (and feel it when I don’t!). 🙂

  321. I have never used compression gear but I am definitely curious. I have always run to keep in shape for other sports but have recently started running longer distances and did my first half marathon last year. I am a teacher and spend a lot of time on my feet after early morning runs. Curious to see if wearing them during training or through out the day would make a difference in how my legs feel after runs and/or improve my recovery.

  322. I work in rehab as an OT so know the benefits of compression socks post surgery but have never tried them myself. Probably should!

  323. Haven’t worn them yet, but I’m just now getting to longer distances. News the time to try them! Wthanks so much for the discpunt code!

  324. I wore the sleeves after long runs during my half training including one Saturday when I had to stand for a few hours for a work function. I wore the bright pink sleeves under my business suit. It really helped make all that time on my feet more bearable. I would love to get a pair of full socks.

  325. I love my compression sleeves after any run longer than 10+ miles. Ah, feels so good for a few hours after a warm shower, some coffee and my favorite soft lounge pants!

  326. I wear compression socks but typically save them for after my long runs. Recently though, the weather has been so cold that I’ve been wearing them during my long runs to provide another layer!

  327. I have recently started wearing compression socks for my runs – used them for back-to-back races with Disney’s Glass Slipper Challenge and felt they helped in my recovery process so much. Would love to try the sleeves next.

  328. I have not worn compression socks yet. I’ve had recommendations but no one has shared a brand they love. I tried to order some once from Amazon but they cancelled the order because they ended up out of stock and didn’t know when they would restock. I like to try running gear based on other people’s feedback do I would love to try these! I’m sure they will be great for my first marathon this fall!

  329. I tried calf sleeves out of curiosity a few years ago and haven’t run without them since. I’m not near as good about wearing them for recovery, though.

  330. I love my calf compression sleeves after long runs. I like full length compression pants too. In fact I would probably rock full body compression wear if it was socially acceptable.

  331. I have not yet worn compression socks, but my husband got some after he pulled a calf muscle during marathon training. He now swears by them, and I would love to give them a try!

  332. I fall under the category of compression-curious, but as a mega water-retainer I think I need some compression gear. I could’ve used these during my 2 pregnancies!

  333. You know the compression stockings with the holes where the toes go that one gets post-c-section? I have those from having my 3 daughters c-section style and loved using them after my long runs and ice baths while I trained for my first marathon last year. They worked great so I could keep on moving after my 4am long runs as I took care of my three little girls all day. I’d love a real pair so I can actually wear them in public! (I hid mine under pants even though I wanted to wear shorts!)

  334. I have never tried them but would love to check them out. My legs could use some extra TLC.. I am half way through my marathon training plan and feeling the effects of those long runs.

  335. I haven’t worn long compression socks, just anklet ones that compressed the middle of my foot. But I LOVED them, and would love to try these long socks as well. Thx!

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