#174: A Conversation about Plus-Size Runners

Mother runner Mirna takes a break from running ultramarathons to pose for Runner's World feature.
Mother runner Mirna takes a break from running ultramarathons to pose for Runner's World feature.

Sarah and Dimity tap into the media zeitgeist of plus-size runners for a thought-provoking, 72-minute (!!) running podcast. First, they are joined by Jessie Sebor, editor in chief of Women’s Running, to talk about the magazine featuring a “curvy” runner on the cover and the reactions the image generated. Find out if the magazine plans to continue featuring a diverse cross-section of runners. Next up, the mother runners welcome Mirna Valerio, a distance runner who weighs about 240 pounds and is the subject of in an in-depth profile in August issue of Runner’s World magazine. Interspersed with jubilant laughter, this mother runner shares the story how she morphed from a high schooler running laps for field hockey to a woman poised to take on her first 100K event. Mirna explains how she loves “breaking the mold” and disrupting perceptions of the “typical” runner. Find out what she sometimes tells herself in the mirror before a run to get out the door--you might never look at yourself the same way again.

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3 responses to “#174: A Conversation about Plus-Size Runners

  1. Although I’m late to the party, I loved this podcast!
    Also, it felt a little ironic to me that Dimity was talking about her trip to Yellowstone, just as my husband and I are starting to get a plan together for a trip there next summer! Would love some must see-stay-do recommendations!

  2. This was one of my faves, ever…. It seemed appropriate that as I left the gym for the third leg of my run swim run, a few women commented on my tri kit in a not so kind way. Every one of us who is out there, whatever our size, is better than being on the couch!~

  3. This podcast got me through my Sunday (long) run today, and it was sheer joy to listen to! I think Jessie and the gang have made not only a smart, savvy choice, but also an incredibly encouraging one by “aggressively” including runners of all shapes in their magazine features. And Mirna? You guys should seriously consider making her a regular guest on the show! Her energy, enthusiasm, and wit are absolutely amazing. I could have used a mentor like her back in my highschool days! I am not an overweight runner, but have wrestled with my share of body image issues in the past and this episode was refreshingly candid and so entertaining. Thanks, ladies – and great job!

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