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Badas$ mother runner, we cordially invite you and your best running friends to join us for our 2016 AMR Retreat: Run + Refresh. Whether you want to rev your engine at a race, refresh your body with yoga and foam rolling, or befriend a bevy of other BAMRs, you will be delighted by the weekend’s offerings.

We are convening in Spokane, Washington, at the newly revamped Red Lion Hotel at the Park. (It’s very name sounds relaxing and fun!). The friendly, informative fun starts on Thursday, September 22 and wraps up on Sunday, September 25. We’ll run, gab, laugh, eat tasty food, sleep on luxurious beds, share racing advice, showcase how to decrease the risk of running injuries (and banish those niggling aches and pains!) and increase your speed, impart nutritional wisdom, and reinvigorate your passion for our beloved sport.

This could be you in an SBS/Dim sandwich! Sarah, attendee Amy Blake, and Dimity in head-to-toe Saucony at the 2015 Retreat.

And—AND—we will be taking part in Happy Girls Spokane, an amazing all-women’s race that serves up 5K, 10K, and 13.1 options (with SBS emcee’ing!). The race will be the culmination of a Train Like a Mother Club program so we all get to celebrate the finish line together, in person, after getting to know each other through a private Facebook page for Retreat participants.

We could go on and on, but here’s the almost-Twitter-length version of our 2016 women's running retreat: Our goal is for you to leave the AMR Retreat feeling refreshed, inspired, informed, connected, supported, and fired up for many more miles. 

A Few FAQs

Some Q+A's to break down the details into bite-size pieces.

When is the Retreat? September 22 to 26, 2016.

Where is it?In Spokane, Washington, a charming small city/big town in eastern Washington situated along the banks of the Spokane River surrounded by towering evergreens and sweeping valley vistas. The Red Lion Hotel at the Park, overlooking the river, will be our base camp for the Retreat.

What level runner do I have to be to attend? Newbies to ultra-marathoners are all welcome. In order to get the most out of the Retreat, it will be helpful if you can cover 3 miles in run/walk intervals, regardless of pace.

Starting 'em young: The 2015 Happy Girls' half-marathon winner and her aspiring half-marathon winner.

What does the schedule look like? The Happy Girls race is the cornerstone of the Retreat, so we’re planning around that Saturday morning race. Check out the complete schedule in a nifty PDF, and here's a rundown:

We’ll kick things off Thursday afternoon with two educational sessions, then an evening reception to get to know each other a bit.

Friday morning will start with a shake-out run (2-5 miles on the lovely riverside path adjacent to the hotel) and a scrumptious breakfast buffet (the first of three for the weekend), followed by educational sessions with experts who get the mother running lifestyle and concerns, as they're all mother runners themselves. (See deets below.) Friday afternoon will feature get-you-fired-up-and-informed talks that are focused on racing wisely; Dimity will co-lead one with Sage Rountree, and Sarah will tag-team with Coach Christine for the other.

Saturday morning will be the race (and celebration!), followed by restorative yoga and some optional info sessions (and, yes, some R&R—maybe poolside, if weather permits). If you’re so inclined, we’ll check out a few fun boutiques and stores in downtown Spokane, a short walk across a bridge. Both Friday and Saturday nights will be delicious, friendship-forming dinners, and Sunday morning we’ll wrap up our weekend with a celebratory group brunch.

Joining us are:
Running + triathlete coach and yoga instructor Sage Rountree, author of Racing Wisely and our all-time fave Yoga DVD The Athlete's Guide to Yoga.

Coach Christine Hinton, the creator of all of the flexible, effective training plans in Train Like a Mother and the Train Like a Mother Club.

Coach Mary-Katherine “MK” Fleming, the fast-talking coach who spearheads all the TLAM Club heart-rate training programs.

Katie Nelson, R.D., a registered dietician and certified sports conditioning coach in Spokane.

This is truly a dream team of mother running experts. Whether you cover a mile in 14 minutes or half that time, your running—and your life—will benefit greatly by hanging around these inspirational, insightful women for a weekend.

I'm a new runner. Will I fit in? Absolutely: You'll leave with a bunch of BRFs from around the country (and possibly the globe) who will virtually cheer you on through your upcoming miles and races!

Insta-bond: Smiles on the faces of some of the ladies at our 2015 Retreat.
Insta-bond: Smiles on the faces of some of the ladies at our 2015 Retreat, at every experience level.

I've run countless marathons. What will I get out of it? Along with the aforementioned BRFs (because you can never have too many!), you’ll learn from sessions on training schedules, injury prevention, strength training, fueling for running, racing, and living, and goal setting will add to your running arsenal.

Do I have to be a mother to be a part of the Retreat? Not at all (and thanks for asking!): all women runners are welcome. Nothing mother-specific about the Retreat (well, um, except for the name of our brand).

What’s up with Train Like a Mother Club program being incorporated into the build-up of the Retreat? First off, it’s up to Retreat’ers whether or not they participate in a Train Like a Mother Club program pre-Retreat. But if you do opt to train for the Happy Girls race using a TLAM Club 10K or half-marathon program, you will save 50% of registration price of a TLAM Club program of your choice.

AMR's Jonna gettin' up close and personal with the best kind of bear, a Spokane bear.

Wait, if I register for the Retreat, I also save 50% on registration for a TLAM Club program? Here’s how it works: Once you register for the Retreat, you will receive a code for 50% off the TLAM Club program of your choice. (And, yes, if you’ve already signed up for a fall TLAM Club program before registering for Retreat, we’ll offer you 50% refund on TLAM Club fee.) So-weet deal, right?!

I live in Spokane (or nearby). Can I come?You betcha. We welcome locals and out-of-towners alike with open arms!

Should I attend solo?Um, do we sweat when we run? Yes, yes, yes, attend solo! Promise, you'll have an army of running buddies within the first mile—or actually, first hours, as we already have some introductory games planned (pack your creativity!). You'll also have the opportunity to enjoy some much needed quiet in your room, by the pool, or exploring downtown Spokane.

2015 Retreat finding their strong
Attendees from the 2015 Retreat finding friends--and finding their strong.

What if I want to come with my BRF? We've got you covered, and have options for rooms with double beds or a king-size bed if you care to spoon. And if you attend solo but want to share the cost of hotel room, we can help pair you with a roommate. (We are working on setting this up on the Retreat registration page--should be in place by EOD Thursday, May 5.)

What if I want to come with my posse of BRFs—and pretend this is a non-stop slumber party? Pack your PJ’s and bring 'em! The hotel has rooms with two queen beds in them. (If you have a six-pack of BRFs, you might just want two rooms. Just sayin'.)

And if I attend with just me, myself, and I, can I get a roommate? Yes: Like a college admissions office, we'll assign you with a roommate. Once we pair you, we'll send you contact information of your roomie and you can book your accommodations at that point. Hold off on booking a room until you hear from us if you are waiting for a roommate assignment. 

Will we see the slide where Sarah fractured her ankle? Yes: We’ll certainly pass it on one of our runs or walk by it en route to dinner one night. We doubt she’ll slide down it, though—once was more than enough!

SBS running on trail both feet off ground April
Ankle, smankle: SBS is back, with both feet off the ground--hitting a Spokane trail.

What's included in the packages? Guided runs and yoga sessions; all educational sessions; meals (breakfast on Friday + Saturday; a celebratory brunch on Sunday; lunch on Friday and Saturday; evening reception on Thursday; dinner on Friday and Saturday); race registration for Happy Girls Run (distance of your choice); and 50% discount on registration to Train Like a Mother Club. Travel to/from Spokane is not included, neither is lodging: You will book your posh, spacious digs at the Red Lion Hotel at the Park separately. (When you register for the Retreat, you will go to this page to book your accommodations.) Laughter, camaraderie, and sweat: limitless—and free-flowing all Retreat long.

Just so I’m clear: Once I register for the Retreat, I should book a room at the host hotel, right? If only our children were as good at following directions as you are! Yes, you are correct: Lodging is not included, so you need to make your own hotel reservations. Our host hotel is the lovely Red Lion Hotel at the Park, and we have negotiated great room rates. (This page is set up for Retreat attendees to get the great rates.) All the educational sessions and all meals but Friday and Saturday dinners will take place at the Red Lion at the Park.

Do I need a rental car? No, ma’am! The Red Lion at the Park is the only hotel in Spokane that has a free shuttle to and from the airport so you’re covered there. The hotel also has free bikes for guests to tool around town, so no need for a gas-guzzler.

Runners waiting and expo area
Does it get any better than this? Runners waiting to shoot out of the gate on a beautiful morning--at 2015 Happy Girls races.

Will there be swag, great running gear, and other surprises along the way? You know us so well—of course! We want to keep some details secret, but you’ll definitely be gifted many of our favorites, including Nuun Hydration, GU Energy Gels and Chews, Hyland’s Active, Balega socks, a FuelBelt Sprint, and much more.

But what if "life" happens and I have to cancel? We know broken bones, business trips, and the unexpected can happen in any woman’s life. That's why we have cancellation terms with a mom's schedule in mind:

60  days or more prior to the start of the retreat, you receive:  100% credit of the cost of the retreat toward a 2017 AMR Retreat or 100% full refund to original method of payment.

31-60 days prior to the start of the retreat, you receive:50% credit of the cost of the retreat toward a 2017 AMR Retreat or 50% refund to original method of payment.

0-30 days prior to the start of the retreat: No refunds or credits will be given.

In Little Rock, at AMR 2015 Retreat, it was time to #FindYourStrong!

Ready to Run + Refresh?
Register for the 2016 AMR Retreat: Run + Refresh

Have more questions? Ask away in the comments below or email us at runmother [at] gmail [at] com

9 responses to “2016 Women’s Running Retreat: Register for Spokane Now!

  1. Can you let us know approximately what time we’ll be starting on Thursday afternoon? I want to book my flight and make sure I get there early enough. Thanks!

  2. Would soooo love to join with my mother but we live in NEW YORK City and the trip would be far for us. Any idea where the retreat might be for 2017? Would love to really get to it if possible. 🙂

  3. My dream trip!! Asking hubby to combine Birthday/Mother’s Day/Christmas gifts for the next 4 years so I can attend! We’ll see. Great hotel prices by the way!

    1. Meredith: So glad you’re jazzed about Retreat. I read your comment before driving my kids to school, and I smiled all the way home thinking about what you wrote! I hope you can join us.

  4. question about the rooms. is that rate per person or per room? so if I grab a room with 2 queens, I have a bed for a roommate or is someone else renting that other bed?

    1. Good question, Susan: The rate is per ROOM. So if you note that there will be two people in the room, the price is actually $113 (not correct, currently, on website). We are working out how we’d pair people up. For now, you can book room, then call hotel later once we find you a roomie, or you find one on Retreat FB page–you can always modify your reservation. Glad you are thinking about joining us!

  5. So excited to crunch the numbers and see if this is possible! I tried the various links in this article to try & see the cost of booking a room, but they all said “group not available.” Help!

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