#204: Natural Chef Talks Food and Recipes

IMG_0763Sarah and Adrienne Martini chew the fat with Jacquelyn Grandy, the chef and kitchenatrix behind the successful recipe blog, Marin Mama Cooks. An active mom of two teens, Jacquelyn describes her blog as, “a cookbook of our lives,” filled with healthy and incredibly tasty recipes her discriminating kids deem “blog-worthy.” Jacquelyn details the nutrients growing bodies need and how to best get your children to consume them, saying why veganism or even vegetarianism can be tricky for youngsters. Find out why “toothy” foods are good for you, and why Jacquelyn is trying to bring back “the art of chewing” to her family’s table. She shares tips on making meals exciting for your kids and how to get your family away from processed foods. This trail runner extols the meditative powers of running and the power of whole foods. Along with Sarah, learn how to incorporate coconut oil and chia seeds into your daily life.

First find out where Sarah and Adrienne will be seeing each other in person in a few weeks—and how (and why) Adrienne makes faux Magic Shell.

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7 responses to “#204: Natural Chef Talks Food and Recipes

  1. I love the AMR podcast and always appreciate healthy recipes. Unfortunately, the discussion about veggie diets really irritated me. The comments made on this podcast were incorrect and misleading. I would encourage you to bring an informed guest on the show to explore vegetarian and vegan nutrition. An omnivore chef, however trained and certified, should not take the place of a dietician or veg athlete.

  2. This was a great episode. First I looked up her site and there are so many recipes that look delicious. Second i bought some coconut oil. The first thing I used it on was my roasted cauliflower. Oh my! What a difference in taste. Just a little bit goes a long way.
    In the episode Sarah talked about kids and cooking. In some article I read the parents had a professional chef come to the house to teach their child so he could be able to compete in one the cooking show competitions.

  3. This was another great podcast. I love how it relates to both running AND family life. I have been working hard to improve both my running and cooking. Thank you.

  4. Love, love , love your podcast. I listen every week. Not thrilled with the comment by the guest this week saying that veganism is not healthy. This is absolutely not true – an appropriately planned vegan diet is certainly a healthy choice. Perhaps a vegan runner would be a good choice for the podcast to show another point of view?

  5. Love this podcast! And I love the Marin Mama Cooks site – I want to make ALL the recipes right now. The part of the podcast where she talked about vegetarianism vs. the need for animal protein was especially timely for me at this time. If you’ve read the book How Not to Die, you’ll most likely come away from it thinking that if you consume any animal products, you’re doomed to die a disease-ridden, painful death. So I sort of became an instant vegan. The first thing I noticed was that I was struggling to get through my runs and other workouts. Suddenly a 5 mile run felt exhausting, along with life in general. I’ve gone back to eating poultry and fish a couple times a few times a week, and this podcast helped me feel confident that it’s the right thing to do for my health.

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