#249: Hacks and Advice for Runners to Combat the Effects of Aging

Sarah and co-host/BRF Molly Williams are feeling creaky on this week's running podcast!! With Molly staring down the big 5-0 next month, the best running friends talk about the aches and stiffness that accompany aging—and how runners can fight back. Molly asserts an astute observation about when niggling joint pain or stiffness might kick in. Sarah talks about shuffling her workout schedule, plus why she’s changed up her strength-training routine. Dynamic flexibility drills pop up, too. Other topics that enter into the conversation: Embracing your inner dork. Walking down stairs. Hot older guys. Beards.

Before turning to aging woes (and solutions), Sarah and Molly gab pretty much as if they’re on a morning run, chatting about Molly’s recent trip to Victoria, B.C., plus weekend dates with their respective hubbies. Find out which one of those adventures prompts Molly to rave about, “a thick, leathery hide and a roll in the sprinkles.” Guaranteed laugh-out-loud moments so be prepared for odd stares if you listen while running solo!

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14 responses to “#249: Hacks and Advice for Runners to Combat the Effects of Aging

  1. I LOVE this ep. The honesty, the humor, the friendship. Was like listening to a convo at a nearby table and wanting to be a part of it! Please make the Sarah/Molly chat on aging, running, training, and life an ongoing monthly! I laughed, snorted, nodded, thought, planned….all while moving.

  2. I just finished listening to the “Hacks and Advice” podcast from yesterday! It was such a treat to have you hand Molly be so candid about the topics you shared and how you jumped from one topic to another and had so much fun sharing about other things going on other than running. You can totally tell you two are BFF running buddies!! 🙂

  3. I laughed my head off at Molly not finding any change in Canada. I live in Montreal..and listen to your podcast religiously….and I often think.. ..”Man..they find a LOT of change!” …
    I have been keeping all the change i find….since I started hearing you talk about it..and it is not a lot! Canadians really hold onto their nickels! LOL
    Prescription sunglasses are possible….can be expensive. I have a pair of Cross train glasses…and they have an insert with my prescription…if the prescription just change the don’ t have to change the whole sunglass….very handy.
    I can also change the lense of the sunglass…if I ski on a cloudy day there is a yellow lense that gives you more contrast….

    1. Love that you’ve been saving #foundchange since hearing us talk about it on the podcast! I once stopped mid-tempo run because there were pennies scattered all over road. I was GIDDY–until I realized they were all Canadian pennies!

  4. Oh ladies! I may have to listen to another podcast on my runs as I laughed so much listening today I had to stop running a couple of times so I didn’t pee myself (as a peri-menopausal 45 year old who had two ‘geriatric’ pregnancies this is becoming a regular consideration) I love the tangental nature of this episode and Timothy Olyphant references should be a weekly thing from now on!

    1. Roisin: You’re cracking me up! You and Molly need to run together to discuss Timothy O. She once regaled me for MILES talking about him on “Justified.”

  5. I want to connect with SBS about babysitting by your daughter! Don’t want to put my email in the public comment but I assume you can see it behind the scenes? Live in your neighborhood!

  6. Thank you for a podcast that I related to completely. Not that I don’t relate to a lot of them. But as an example of being kind to this older runner body of mine, I chose to walk today verses running. Legs were just too tired. And since Monday through Thursday had Spring like temperatures, I might have over done it a bit.
    And have you watched Timothy Olyphant in Justified? Definitely worth a look.
    And on the subject of school reunions, I attended my 40th (how is that possible) HS reunion. And several of my HS girlfriends asked when did the guys get so heavy and where is their hair?
    Thank you again for making my walk so much more enjoyable!

    1. Oh, trust me: Molly LIVED for “Justified!!” I am not a fan of Westerns so I skipped. I didn’t dig Timothy O. until Molly ranted about him…I gave him a second look, and now think he’s yummy! Love that you related re: reunions and guys. Alas, I forgot that a college rowing buddy of mine, a father runner, is a loyal listener of the show. OOPS! I totally was NOT referring to him (he’s retained all his hair and is quite fit and trim!). Thanks for listening, Pam!

  7. I listened to this today on my way to work and laughed all the way. I turned 58 in January and feel very old at times. I can’t imagine what you are like at 80! I am always the oldest in those fitness classes! Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one!

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