Why a Pod? Try a Pod

While I love, love, love all of the physical and emotional benefits of running, what I love, love, love even more is all of the dedicated time to listen to podcasts.

Music has its time and place, granted. For me, that place is on the track doing speed work and the music itself is generally Beyonce-based with maybe a sidetrack into the Hamilton soundtrack. But for any easy run or any long run or any long, easy run, I'm all about the podcast.

March has been officially declared by whatever organization declares these things to be #trypod month. A motley crew of podcasters are taking to their airwaves and encouraging listeners to a) recommend their favorites and b) get non-podsters on-board.

Podcasts were a major tool in my "training for the NYC marathon" arsenal. When out for three- and four-hour runs, I felt like my brain was getting stronger while my legs were getting wearier. Also: the podcasts kept me company, so much so that I developed unrequited relationships with the NPR Politics crew, Robert Krulwich, and the guys who host "Rex Factor." Now that I'm not out running for stupidly long chunks of time, I find I miss all of those friends since I can't hang out with them as much.

I checked in with SBS for her recommendations, because I know that not everyone will enjoy the two Brits talking about royal succession in Rex Factor. Her #trypods?

As an entrepreneur, I love "How I Built This," especially while awaiting new season of "Start Up." When I'm in a foodie mood, I enjoy "Gastropod," which talks about the background of certain types of food and beverages, like kombucha or honey. I was riveted by "LifeAfter," a 10-episode thriller that's like listening to an old-time radio drama--with 21st-century twists! 


We've been asking for your #trypod recommendations over on twitter, too. Now we're bringing the question here: What pods are you digging right now? While we are quite fond of our own pod -- it's here and we'd love it if you'd give it a listen -- we'd also love to know what you're listening to.


So what pods are pleasing to your ears this March? And if you're favorite is on hiatus, which one can you not wait to hear again?

32 responses to “Why a Pod? Try a Pod

  1. I couldn’t listen to a podcast or book when I ran. I just couldn’t hear it. I mostly listen in the car even though my commute is now only 15 minutes.
    I’ll give two food recommendations: the Alton Browncast and Special Sauce with Ed Levine (from Serious Eats) and two memory keeping recommendations: Pocket Talk and Modern Photo Solutions (are you using Google Photos to back up your photos? Steph has a lot of strategies on organizing and managing your photos!)

  2. Criminal, Sporkful, Another Round, Overdue, This American Life, Stuffed You Missed in History Class, The Alton Browncast and OF COURSE Another Mother Runner!

  3. I subscribe to this podcast, Welcome to Night Vale, Chive Podcast, and XOXO After Darkcast. Most involve humor and I know people think I’m crazy when I bust out laughing while running.

  4. Besides this podcast I listen to God Centered Mom, the Popcast, Focus on the Family, I’ll Have Another, and Inspired to Action.

  5. I started listening to podcasts with the first season of Serial. Now I regularly listen to AMR, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, and Freakonomics. Sprinkle in some Spartan Up! and Runner’s World Show episodes. I wish I had time to listen to more podcasts.

  6. Runner’s World, Human Race, The Health Nut and Hot Mess, and Run, Selfie, Repeat. So good and great way to distract my internal voice during a hard run!!!

  7. Wait, Wait Don’t Tell me, This American Life, Death, Sex & Money, Planet Money, HerMoney, Matrimoney (I’m an Accountant, surprise) Pod Save America, Stuff you missed in History class, Katie Couric, The Minimalist Podcast, and eagerly waiting the 3rd season of SERIAL!!! The Cheercast, and thinking about adding Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin but I’m six years behind on that one. Yes, I’m addicted to podcasts, and of course, my favourite, Another Mother Runner 🙂

  8. I never listened to podcasts until Heart Rate Training. I found it was easier to keep my HR in check with people talking to me rather than listening to music. One I listen to that hasn’t been mentioned is “Happier with Gretchen Rubin” She is the author of “The Happiness Project”. She, along with her sister, talk about life, happiness, and lots of other stuff. Their voices keep the HR nice and steady!

  9. I’ve been binge listening to “Trail Talk” and “Marathon Training Academy” lately. I also love listening to “Brains On” in the car with my kids. It keeps my kids quiet and listening intently and I always learn something new too. We also listen to “Stories Podcast” together.

  10. I’ve recently found “Run this World” with Nicole DeBoom. Another fun one is “I’ll Have Another” with Lindsy Hein, which also talks running. A while back Robin Roberts had a podcast that was really good but nothing new has come out in months. Dan Harris has “10% Happier” which talks life and meditation with very interesting guests. I tried a funny one for a while with Dr. Terry Debrow and his wife Heather called “Dr. Guinea Pig”. They try the latest beauty or skincare fads and give opinions and feedback. They also have questions and answers with callers. “Stuff You Should Know” can be very entertaining as well as informative. These are just a few I listen to – in addition to AMR!

  11. I love What Should I Read Next, Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, NPR Politics, The Runner’s World Podcast and sometimes the Simple Show. And of course, every Friday is AMR!! You’re my definite fave!

  12. I listen while driving, running, cooking, folding laundry…my weekly shows: AMR (listener from the beginning!), Dear Sugar (love Cheryl Strayed & Steve Almond), Fresh Air (Terry Gross is a great interviewer), How I Built This (so much inspiration), Longform (best writing podcast out there), Death, Sex & Money (always interesting) and The Runner’s World Show. … And, yes, I listen to my own, too. 🙂 If you’re a Michigan/Great Lakes runner, I think you’d like the Michigan Runner Girl Show.

  13. Love, love , love Satellite Sisters. Also The Moth, The History Chicks, This American Life.
    Also check out In the Dark –

  14. This bleeding heart progressive liberal snowflake also loves Pod Save America…and Runners World podcast, and The Moth, and Human Race, and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and NPR Politics. NPR One is also
    Good, and introduced me to Outside Magazine’s podcast: the Survival Series.

  15. I listen to podcasts while running, but mostly while in my car. My favorite, of course, is Another Mother Runner. But closely following that are Katie Couric, NPR Politics, Fresh Air with Terri Gross, The Runners World Show, On Being with Krista Tippett, and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me.

  16. I wait anxiously every week for the new edition of West Wing Weekly. also enjoy Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me and Nerdette.

  17. I love podcasts! Other than AMR and several quilting podcasts, I also enjoy the TED Radio Hour, and A Way With Words, which is about ‘language and how we use it’. Happier with Gretchen Rubin is also worth a listen.

  18. I often listen to podcasts. Here are a few of my regulars along with AMR. Finding mastery, Rich Roll, Robcast, Hidden Brain, Runner’s world show, This american life, Ted radio hour….to name a few.

  19. I am addicted to podcasts when I run without my BRF! I got addicted to true crime podcasts after serial so I love Undisclosed, Truth and Justice with Bob Ruff, In the Dark, and Accused. When I am feeling like something lighter I love Run to the Top with Tina Muir and of course AMR with some Moth thrown in!

  20. I also like Runners Connect:Run to the Top podcast How I Built This. The new C Tolle Run is good (another running related podcast) and have been listening to Missing Richard Simmons too. For some laughs I have listened to My Dad Wrote a Porno.

  21. This one only works if you’re a bleeding heart liberal snowflake, because it’s done by a few of Pres. Obamas former speech writers, but it is informative and hilarious at the same time: Pod Save America.

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