Hump Day Giveaway: Sweat X Sport

Before I (Adrienne) sing the praises of Sweat X Sport, a quick announcement:

Listen up! There's a bonus AMR podcast that dropped yesterday -- a chat between Sarah and Molly. BAMR, look for it in your podcast feed! And who doesn't love a bonus Molly?

I am a late adopter. It doesn't matter, really, what the thing to be adopted is. The new thing, I reason, really can't be that much better than the old thing. For example, I committed to a digital camera just in time for them to be eclipsed by smart phones. Then I switched to a smart phone once I could no longer get a decent dumb phone. Once I had a smart phone, I was slow to hop on the podcast bandwagon. Ditto Facebook. And Twitter. And Instagram.

But now that I've adopted all of those things, I can't look back. I love my iPhone and podcasts and social media. Sad, maybe, but true.

Which is why I was a late convert to Sweat X Sport, the nanotech laundry detergent that has been engineered to work magic on stinky, stained technical fabrics. I scoffed, frankly. I poo-poo'd. How can one laundry detergent really be that different from any other?

I've borrowed this shot from Dimity simply because my laundry room is too dark for good pictures. Also: I think her laundry is more colorful than mine.

I finally gave Sweat X Sport a shot when faced with a Ziplock bag full of running clothes that had been marinating in my suitcase after a vacation in hot, humid Florida. While I'd like to think I am a delicate flower who always smells like a fresh spring rain, my capris tell their own tale. I had a Sweat X Sport sample in my laundry room, had heard all about how the wee little nanoparticles scrub the crud from man-made fibers, and figured it couldn't hurt.

I always have a package of Sweat X Sport in my luggage, just in case. It's saved the noses of those around me on more than one occasion.

After that load, I was a convert. My odiferous bra, capris, and Balegas emerged from the washer smelling like ... nothing. They continued to smell like nothing the next time I went for a run in them. Which is the best praise I can give for laundry. I honestly don't want it to smell like detergent or fabric softener or much of anything. I just want it to be clean and odor-free.

Now I can't imagine doing laundry without sorting out all of the tech fabrics first so that they can get their own special spa treatment in biodegradable Sweat X Sport. Sometimes I also chuck in the towels I've used to dry off the dog, which develop their own special stench, and my daughter's tennis gear. I've also been tempted to toss in my 11-year old son -- how do pre-pubescent boys get so smelly? -- but can't figure out a way to do it without hurting the kid.

If you're ready to adopt a new laundry routine, our Hump Day Giveaway will set you up. We're giving three mother runners a Sweat X Value Bundle -- the Sweat X Stain Remover Spray, Odor Eliminator Spray, and 45 ounces of laundry detergent -- that will let you give this technological wonder a whirl. Warning: you'll find it hard to use anything else.

Can't wait to give Sweat X Sport a try? Mother Runners can take 15 percent off any order with the code AMR15.


To enter our Sweat X Sport Hump Day Giveaway, comment and answer this question: What new thing were you slow to adopt but now can't live without?


The fine print: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 4/19/17 and ends on 4/25/17. We will announce one random winner on our Facebook page on 4/28/17, as well as notifying the winner by email. One entry per person. The value of this prize is $39.99. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

326 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Sweat X Sport

  1. Oooh! A lot of good ones are listed here. I’m a slow adopter too – smart phone, texting, and podcasts…oh my! (AMR was my first!!)

  2. Podcasts. My old phone wouldn’t play them and so I had basically given up on ever being able to enjoy listening to all of the fun stuff my friends were telling me about. Then I bought I new phone and can listen to podcasts any time…in the car, on a run, etc.

  3. Podcasts and audiobooks on my long runs. Getting hooked into them makes me want to keep piling on the miles! Which makes me need to try SweatX. I have been wanting to for months after hearing about it on your podcast.

  4. My kindle and reading ebooks. The ease of it and not lugging around multiple books on trips is totally worth it!

  5. Texting! Say what you will but there is just something so great about a quick text – “On my way”, “Get Milk” I don’t know why it took me so long to give it a try.

  6. Driving a mini van! I didn’t want to be “that” mom. I broke ours a couple of weeks ago and my husband is talking about getting a Subaru Outback. I don’t think I can go back to something “that small”! Lol!

  7. Podcasts. I still barely listen to any, mainly because I have the attention span of a small child. Ooo! Shiny object!

  8. I was slow to adopt a GPS watch, but fell in love when I got a Garmin! It just died and I’ve been feeling lost without it. 🙁

  9. I was slow to adopt quality running clothes vs. cotton tshirts and workout shorts. Chafing was my first reason to switch; coolness & breathability convinced me to pay for it!

  10. I was slow to adopt fancy running clothes. For years it was Gap shorts found on clearance and race tees, but now I want all the Lululemon and Oiselle. I justify it since I never buy any normal clothes anymore.

  11. I was slow to adopt taking care of myself. It’s amazing how much better you feel when you take the time to feed yourself well, get good sleep, and do all the other little extras that most of us don’t feel we have the time for!

  12. Penciling in my eyebrows. I finally took the plunge and now I can’t leave the house without “putting on my eyebrows!”

  13. A step counter. Made fun of hubby when he got a Fitbit because I said I didn’t want to know how many steps I took or feel the pressure of the red not moving line. Now my garmin watch tracks steps and I like seeing if I’ve met the days goal.

  14. I was slow to adopt both smart phones and runner GPS watches. I tend to like minimal tech, although I’m no luddite, just because I usually feel most of it isn’t necessary. Now, I’m like 100% ebook, all social media on phone, and very obvious runner watch tan line woman. I may be slow to get started, but if it works, I tend to embrace wholeheartedly.

  15. Ugg boots – I saw everyone in NY and NJ wearing them on cold fall days and didn’t try them for a long time. Now, there’s nothing I love more for keeping my feet warm after an icy cold run!

  16. I received a sample of SweatX Sport after signing up for a heart rate program and am amazed at how wonderful this product is!

  17. Coffee – I’ve always been a tea drinker and didn’t like the taste of coffee. Until I tried good coffee, and now I really enjoy it. Still can’t drink it black though!

  18. I don’t know how I lived so long without a FlipBelt! Now that I have it, I could never go back to running without it. Wish I had not waited so long to try it!

  19. I can’t think of anything I’ve been slow to adopt.
    I’m more likely to be early to adopt and early to reject. Like Facebook or online dating, I tried them long before others did but have since ditched them and haven’t missed them. (I should probably add that I only used online dating before I was married so even if I liked it, I wouldn’t still be using the sites…right? LOL)

  20. Texting. I absolutely didn’t want to do it. I thought it was rude and impersonal. Now, I’ve only had text convos with some people.

  21. Strength training! I am a cardio junkie so lifting weights and doing lunges and squats was just plain boring! Then I started and have found that I am faster and stronger. Now I am a believer!

  22. Running trails!! I have lived by some most of my life but only started running there a few years ago. And I’m talking they are a few miles away. I love trails…especially as I get a little older 🙂

  23. company email on my personal phone (we have a byod program and have phased out company phones). I wanted to keep work and personal separate since it was *my* device. However now that I can catch up on work email without being chained to my computer (ie I can go get an oil change, doctor visit, etc on a work at home day without being out of commission for a big chunk of time) and even now have skype for business on my phone to view what is being shared during conference calls, I just can’t imagine going back to being so disconnected!

  24. I live in snowy Central NY (Sarah, and Dimity and Adrienne know what I’m talking about) and for years my aunt tried to convince me to visit her while she wintered in Florida. I always declined, convinced that I’d end up snowed in at an airport in Philly or Pittsburgh. That’s just how my luck runs. Three years ago my aunt sent me the money for a plane ticket so I flew to Florida at the end of January. Wow- the little dose of sand and sun was just what the doctor ordered. Now I look forward to my little break from the snow and kick myself for all the years I missed.

  25. Getting up at 5:15am to meet my amazing RWF (running with friends) pals! A special thanks to that mom on the playground that invited this new to town gal to the group and to the bird that chirped outside my window for two weeks…telling me to get up and just do it!

  26. The iPhone and (years later) the iPad. I was super happy with my Blackberry and its nubby little keyboard … it was so tactile! It was so easy! Then it was stolen, and I got an iPhone … and never looked back. Then when the iPad launched, I scoffed at what was essentially a huge iPhone. “Why would you need both of them?” Oh, I don’t know … ask me while I’m reading a book before bed, entertaining my children, browsing websites, or watching movies on a plane.

  27. Coffee! In college, I worked at our coffee shop in the student union building, and didn’t have my first coffee drink until a year after I started working there! Now I’m 15 years into the daily habit…

  28. Instagram. Now I post every day about my runs and nutrition. I do it more for myself than anyone else but it’s motivating to see what others post too.

  29. Heart rate training. I felt like not working super hard every time I ran was never going to get me anywhere near my goals. But once I started heart rate training and after I adjusted to it, I saw more improvement and felt much better.

  30. Watching “This is Us”. I recorded all the episodes so then had binge watching sessions at the end of the season instead of watching weekly.

  31. Running! I could not understand why some of my friends gave up tennis to start running. I didn’t start until I was 55. Now, my whole life is built around it.

  32. to podcasts. My daughter listened to podcasts years before I discovered them. I finally started listening to a podcast other than the AMR one in the last 6 months!

  33. I started swimming once a week to give my joints a break from constantly running and now I can’t skip a week! Love it!

  34. Motherhood. I was in the “Nope. No way. Don’t want to be a mom” camp. Then, I got pregnant. I thought my life, running and otherwise was over and then discovered the AMR podcasts and they actually helped change my mindset. Spoiler: I love my little guy. And my Chariot carrier.

  35. I was slow getting into Netflix. I could not understand how people could just watch Netflix vs. cable. Now I am a convert!

  36. Foam rolling! I never thought I had an issue that foam rolling would help. Now I realize that it is for every issue!

  37. Definitely podcasts. And also, a dishwasher! I didn’t have one in any of my houses until I was almost 30, and now there’s no going back.

  38. Non cotton running clothes! I ran for years in cotton everything. I hated the feel of synthetics. I finally had to switch when I moved to Texas.

  39. DVR. Long after my friends sang it’s praise, we finally switched cable and joined the bandwagon. Seriously, how did I survive before I had the ability to watch television without the ability to pause, rewind or skip commercials? :). And with two stinky runners in my house, we would love to win this giveaway!

  40. I wasn’t convinced that energy gels were necessary until I did my first run over 6 miles – then I understood!

  41. Compression socks! They help take the edge off post-run muscle tightness, and help me recover properly.

    (Really hoping to win this one because my workout gear gets washed with my husband’s and comes out smellier than when it went in!) 🙁

  42. Fancy running socks… didn’t see the point until I got a pair in a goodie bag. Now I don’t know how I ever ran without them!

  43. A running watch. Thought it was a silly extravagance. Probably more true was the thought that I wasn’t a real runner and eyes would roll when people saw me wearing one. Finally bought one on sale last year and once I wore it, I saw what I’d been missing from my runs – real info. Makes a difference.

  44. I was slow to adopt true body confidence…and it’s still a work in progress!! As I get older, my wisdom grows and I become more accepting and even proud of the body that my running has created!!

  45. Running! My husband kept trying to get me to go running, and I kept saying no way, I hate running. Then one day desperate for a workout I could do with my two little ones, I put them in a jogging stroller and off we went! I run more than him now!.

  46. High tech running socks, I thought my Costco brand socks were enough until I tried Balegas. Now you can’t pry them off my sweaty, well cushioned feet!

  47. Handheld bottle. I wore a belt and fiddled with it the entire run because I didn’t want to ‘carry’ something. Now I won’t do s short trail without a handheld. No more adjusting for me

  48. Okay, I am admitting it. When my husband first got an iPad years ago, I thought it was silly, frivolous, and that I SO did not need one. When he got me one the next year for Christmas, I didn’t even open the box for a while. Fast forward to now and I don’t know how I got through long treadmill runs without being able to stream TV and movies on the thing!!! Took me a while, but I came around!

  49. I was slow to adopt the use of a heart rate monitor when training but now I can’t live without it! I’ve been injury-free since doing so!

  50. Running with a headlamp! Sounds ridiculous but I resisted until my runs got so early, I couldn’t go without. I LOVE my light now!

  51. Social media! I finally caved and got on Pinterest, but still steadfastly refuse to get a Facebook account. I just stalk others through my hubby’s account. 🙂

  52. The Tv shoe “friends”. I thought it was not worth my time until it was in its 7th season and I started watching reruns and then the current ones. I got hooked and now own all ten seasons

  53. When I first heard about the concept of Dancing WithThe Stars, I thought it was the dumbest idea EVER. Now I watch that show every week!

  54. Capris. I wasn’t a huge fan, but they are great at offering moderate coverage and keeping you cool in the warmer temperatures. I still haven’t caved to the GPS watch temptation 😐

  55. I love reading through these comments! I was slow to join spotify and now I have it playing all day long. I used to be a huge pandora fan but got sick of not being able to listen to exactly what I want to listen to or having the same songs play over and over. Spotify is great and solved my frustrations with pandora–why did I hold out so long?!

  56. I was a slow believer in New You and Relief supplements- I’ve tried others and they didn’t really make me feel any different. I won’t go without these now.

  57. Podcasts! I just started listening last month (**GASP**), but now I’m hooked. AMR & Mike Rowe (This is the Way I Heard It) were the 2 that got me started.

  58. Smartphone! I was probably the last person I knew to get one and now it’s attached to me at almost all times.

  59. My husband is a tech guy but I am not much of a tech girl. He finally convince me that a thermostat you can set from your phone is a great idea and it really is. I love co,Ingrid home to a warm house at the end of a long day and checking to make sure we actually did turn the heat down when we are away for vacation.

  60. I was a late adopter of a GPS watch. Now I’m one of the crazy Garmin wearers beeping and checking out on the course!

  61. Took me forever to get around to using Siri on my iphone, but now I use it when I think of something on my runs: “Siri, make me a reminder to get groceries for the school picnic tomorrow.” That’s pretty much all I use it for, but it takes those little reminders so I can forget about them and keep running free of worries.

  62. Not recently, but… iPod. My Dad, a guy who LOVES all new tech, bought me one for my birthday, and it took me over a year to finally open the box and get started because I found the whole concept intimidating. Come to think of it, I had the same response to setting up my Keurig, which I just used for the very first time this past weekend (it lived, sealed in its box, on the floor of my kitchen since Christmas 2015…don’t judge…)

  63. An iPad! I had my phone, computer for work… why need anything else, what value can this provide that the other two can’t. Ugh… I love it, I love it!!! recipe reading during cooking, easy youtube tutorial… on and on.

  64. I was the last in my house, with teenagers to get a cellphone and no find it hard to live without it. Can access my email, social media, text, and get deals with some cool apps.

  65. Listening to podcasts or audiobooks while running. I thought I would get too caught up and break a leg, but it has kept me motivated when I didn’t really want to get and when the treadmill is a must more tolerable. Now I have an alternating schedule of what I listen to!

  66. Hiring a running coach! I never thought I was fast enough or hardcore enough to pay for a coach. But having done it, I can honestly say it was well worth it if for nothing else other than accountability. It’s hard to rationalize skipping a workout or doing a workout half a**ed when you have to report back to someone. I feel stronger and more fit than I ever have after only 6 weeks working with coach.

  67. Protein shakes. I never really thought I needed them, but I really feel like it’s helped my recovery after hard runs. And I’m not STARVING an hour later!

  68. Smartphone….wish I could be less “adopting” of it now. I’m working on it! And, rarely run with it. FREE time!!

  69. Smartphone would be #1 – there are so many, and many I have still not adopted. As we age it seems time goes so fast, but we must find ways to slow down.

  70. Google Calendar. I just couldn’t seem to switch to an electronic calendar, but with all the activities/practices to keep up with, it’s made things easier. Now I don’t get a daily text from the hubby asking what is going on after school each day!

  71. Running! I was always the girl who hated to run. Didn’t want to have anything to do with it. EVER. A friend invited me to come run with her and some friends, and I was instantly bitten by the running bug. Before I knew it, I was running my first half, then another, and another, and eventually my first FULL!

  72. I was slow to adopt the TiVo, google calendar and smart phone. I really have no idea how I lived without these things! TiVo has saved my family sanity because there is always something we can watch ( even in the summer dull drums). Google calander has saved my mommy sanity so I can set alarms, same with my smart phone. It is like a a Swiss Army knife of sanity.

  73. I haven’t tried this laundry detergent, but it has been sitting in my amazon cart for a while. With laundry on the brain, one thing I finally adopted… wool dryer balls. I like not having to use chemical-laden dryer sheets anymore

  74. I was a late adopter of the smart phone. In some ways, I wish I could go back but I love the ability to send pictures to friends and family whenever I want, and having GPS capabilities for when I want to know how to get somewhere new in town is a nice perk too.

  75. Oddly enough, Facebook messenger. I was a holdout for a long time, because seriously? ANOTHER app to download? Another chance to sign over my data and first born child?
    But I finally gave in, because it’s the method my best friend in NYC uses often. And now we chat through it all the time, much more frequently than phone calls or visits happen. I can’t imagine not having that common mode of communication with her.

  76. Reading books on my iPad. As a librarian I love the feel of hardbacks and end up lugging 2-3 on trips. Now I just use my iPad. So easy

  77. It took me forever to join Snapchat, but my kids convinced me to try it. I don’t use it every day, but the filters never fail to crack me up.

  78. It would have to be audiobooks. In the last few months I finally broke down and started listening to audiobooks since I have almost zero free time to read. I spend about an hour in the car each day going to and from work and run a few times per week. I have found these are the perfect times to listen to all of the books I have been wanting to read, but just can’t find the time to do so. Thanks for the chance!

  79. Running! I ran for soccer and swimming dry land training when i was a kid, but I hated it. I didn’t really discover how good running makes me feel until my mid-30s.

  80. Oh my – I see I’m not the only techno-phobe! I was the last of my friends to get a smartphone. For years I insisted I didn’t need one. What was I thinking???

  81. Most everything…..I am one who really does not like change and am happy when everything is known and predictable. My friends tell me that I like to live in ruts, but I think of it as safe. I’m trying to be better about this as I get older, but change is never something I have relished.

  82. Nuun! I only started using it last year, and I think it has helped my post-run recovery immensely! Wish I would’ve used it sooner!

  83. Running! I hated running when I was younger (and would have maybe been better/faster), but now I can’t go too long without it.

  84. Updating my sports bras. Sounds so dumb but I would keep them for many months past their prime. Now I upgrade and refresh every few months and my girls feel so much better during runs!!!!

  85. I was super slow to adopt podcasts. And now I listen about 25% of the time I am at work. 🙂 I am usually on the front edge of adopting new things, but for some reason podcasts were hard for me.

  86. I’ve been slow to adopt letting go…letting go of the constant hustle, the making sure everything is right, the constant nagging…and now I feel so much lighter. Honestly thought…I could seriously use some detergent that gets the stink out!

  87. Outlanders! My friends all watched it and it took me a year to get on board and now have been binge watching!

  88. I had a flip phone until less than 3 years ago. I got an outdated iPhone at that time and have used it since. People would probably think my iPhone is ancient, but I still just enjoy the fact it’s not a flip phone!

  89. Honestly? SweatX detergent! I thought I needed it, but doubted it would be strong enough. SO glad I made the leap.

  90. Running official races. I started running in 1977 but did not do an official chip timed race with swag until 2009.

  91. Also the smartphone. When I quit my corporate job, I ditched my Blackberry and went to a flip phone for several years, despite my husband’s urging to jump on the iphone bandwagon. I finally did and those who know me find it HILARIOUS that I was ever without one. I’m still searching for that elusive balance…

  92. Phone upgrade. I had a mustard yellow rotary phone until 2001! The sound was really amazing and I had to relax and sit in one place to talk. Now I love my smart phone.

  93. I still don’t have an Instagram or Twitter account! I was slow to jump on the Facebook bandwagon and now I spend way too much time on it.

  94. Online banking! I’ll never need to “go to the bank” ever again. I send e checks and deposit checks online. It’s truly great.

  95. I was slow to adopt the mini van. Strapping three kids under 4 years old into the back of my beloved Taurus was a workout in itself! I loved the mini van from day 1, and embraced the “Mom car”.

  96. Running! Although I am an early-to-mid-adopter in many other things, I did not start running until age 47. Now I am all in.

  97. Podcasts for sure! My husband listened to them for the longest time before I did and now I could never go back!

  98. I was hesitant to start using saline wipes for my young son’s nose. I thought they were silly and gimmicky. Then we tried them and I realized that it’s SO MUCH EASIER on his nose, and now he actually blows it himself (still young).

  99. Not so much a “thing”, but a show. Game of Thrones… just started watching it and am ADDICTED. Which is good because I need to cram in 4.5 seasons before the new one starts in July. 🙂

  100. Foam Rolling – I scoffed until I ran a plethora of hills and my body screamed at me. I don’t like it a whole lot while I DO it, but I do understand WHY I do it and see the benefits 🙂

  101. Social media!!! I have a Facebook page, but still am so clumsy with it. And I have to learn about Twitter (signed up years ago, but never figured out how to use it). Ditto Instagram. I’ve had my second I-phone for over a year and still haven’t explored all of its capabilities. My fifteen year-old laughs at me for being such a luddite.

  102. I’m a late adopter of sweaty armpits and non-aluminum deodorant. All it took was the interview you did with Stacy Sims for me to realize the harm I was doing to my running, let alone the dangers of aluminum right next to the girls. I could go on and on about the things we put on our bodies that may be causing us harm! It’s a new passion. I’m pretty sure I heard the creator of Sweat X say that it doesn’t contain the unsafe surfactants SES and SLES. Way to go!

  103. I’m a late-blooming runner, but now it’s a huge part of my identity. Also, I still refuse to become a Twitterer (Tweeter? Whatever…). 🙂

  104. RUNNING….. I was very late to the running game. I didn’t start running until I was 52. Never realized how much I would enjoy it and the running community.

  105. I was very late to the iPod game, and happily trudged out on runs and to the gym with my trusty walkman and cassette tapes WAY after most people had moved to digital formats. After my favorite mix tape got eaten by my walkman, I finally caved in and regretted all those times I’d foolishly clung to the past!

  106. In my personal life, I was slow to adopt instagram and listening to podcasts, but now I can’t imagine life without both! In my role as a teacher, I was slow to embrace electronic grading (there are different programs, like the old scantron system I had, that now work from your phone). It has saved me so much time – why didn’t I adopt it earlier?

  107. I was a late adopter of Facebook, but then I had a kid and my best friend was across the country, and I gave in.

  108. I think I was the last person I know to get a smartwatch — I can’t remember life without my Apple Watch. I LOVE it! And I actually know what my heart rate is now.

  109. Instant pot. I thought it was ridiculous and there was no way it could do what people said, but honestly, we use it almost daily.

  110. I was slow to AudioBooks and Podcasts. Now, I cannot imagine running without them! They allow me to learn and to grow, but also to tune into my body during a run, and stay aware of my surroundings, unlike music, which tends to drown out all other sound.

  111. I was slow to adopt the Hamilton soundtrack into my running music collection! Oh, the runs I could have had Hamilton to keep me going!

  112. I’m a pretty early adopter of most things, but I’m finding that I cannot understand some of the newest social media platforms – Twitter continues to baffle me, and SnapChat or anything after it? I’m lost!

  113. Just got my first ever smart phone 4 months ago. Can’t really say I see what all the fuss is about. It’s been convenient a few times but I’m really more sucked into silly card games when sitting in my car waiting for kids 🙂

  114. I was slow to join in on the smartphone craze. Now, I have that dumb thing by my side all day – mostly thanks to the step counter on the home screen!

  115. I tend to be a late adopter of all pop culture crazes, on principle. I seem to eventually give in, and most of them, I completely understand the craze, though not all. Currently, I’m IN LOVE with all things Hamilton! And I could not live without the soundtrack and mix tape 🙂

  116. I’m a slow adopter as well. I was one of the last people I knew to get a cell phone (including my grandparents!) and I only finally joined Facebook after several groups I was involved in decided to use it as the main way to communicate. I love my cell phone, but maybe I should’ve held out on Facebook… except for following AMR, of course. 😉

  117. I was a rather late adopter to the iPhone, first being attached to my Blackberry and then an Android phone. But Apple sucked me in and here I am 🙂

  118. I held out getting a smart phone for years. Silly me. It has made my life a million times more efficient. A computer in my purse!

  119. For me it is running. I thought for sure I would hate it and it would be too boring. I decided to run one evening to make my walk faster because it was raining, lol…I loved it. I’ve been running since.

  120. I’ve been slow to adopt cooking! No, really, for years I could barely boil water. My husband and I ate out (and spent ridiculous amounts of money) because I was such a terrible cook — like, America’s Worst Cooks on Food Network kind of bad. Over the last couple of years I’ve made a commitment to help my family eat better, and I’m finally coming around to embracing my mama-chef status. Well, I’m trying anyway. 😉

  121. This Sweat X or any other kind of special laundry care for sports clothes I still have yet to adopt but the arguments mentioned in the article above look good/strong. I think I’d be willing to give it a try. Perhaps I’ll use the smple packs I have from the last two train like a mother programs I’ve joined. Also my HR strap. I’ve had one for a while never even opened the package. So glad I tried HR training and using my strap as a data point for informed running. Who knew you didn’t just run out the door as fast as you possibly could every time you went for a run?!

  122. Smart phones! I loved my flip phone and only reluctantly moved to a smart phone two years ago. Now I can’t live without it. I use it for everything from tracking my runs to reading my library books. Phew!

  123. Texting. Seriously, I hated it when it got started, and now I’m of the opinion that if your hands aren’t broken you should be texting me, not calling! (With a few exceptions of course)

  124. Like Adrienne, I am slow to adopt any new social media or technology. My most recent adaptation is Snapchat because I work with some younger women who are obsessed with it.

  125. I was slow to adopt running! I waited until AFTER having my two kids to pick up the sport and now I’m wishing I could get all those running years back.

  126. Running socks!!! I couldn’t understand why anyone would spend that much money on a pair of socks and how they could possibly make a difference. My husband put a pair in my christmas stocking one year and I never looked back!!

  127. My cell phone…if I can count it at this point. I used to DRAG my feet on carrying one with me — after so many years of the “electronic leash” that was my work pager I couldn’t bear the thought of being so reachable. Now my life is on my phone – though I do like a phone-less run now and then!

  128. Can you say DVR?! Yep, was a holdout for a long time, but once I embraced the device, it turned into pretty much how I watch any TV series and even the news! Now if I could just embrace TV on the go so I can watch from any device and anywhere, that would solve my issue of spending only about 8 hours total at my house each day which is consumed mostly by 6-7 hours of sleep.

  129. I was slow to adopt a smartphone. I had a feeling that I might become addicted to constantly checking it. Now I am a bit lost without it, but I am not addicted

  130. I’m a late adopter too. I just joined Facebook last year – and I only did it because I joined an AMR marathon training group!

  131. Typically I am a quick adopter (technology, gadget geek that I am), but I had such a hard time understanding why I should be on instagram when I was already on Facebook. Finally my teen daughters convinced me, now I love it!!

  132. I was the hold out when it came to reading and was one of the last to adopt reading the newspaper and books on my Kindle. Working in a bookstore, I love the feel of a book and the turn of a page. Oh, why did it take me so long!

  133. Running! I started running two years ago .and it has saved my mind and my body, but created some stinky clothes.

  134. I was slow to adopt running. I never liked it and even when training for my first 5k I hated running for a good two months…then I stuck with it and now running is my favourite workout.

  135. I have been told by numerous friends that I am not good with change. Any change. I guess I feel more comfortable with doing what I know. However, I have been learning to accept change in my life and in by behavior. (And since I am older, change in my body also!)

  136. Email! I remember my sister getting her first account at college in 1994. She told me to go to the high school lab and get one, so we could email back and forth. I told her she was nuts. Who was ever going to use? It was so cumbersome and the email addresses were super long and forgettable. Well…needless to say, my thoughts have changed.

  137. I was slow to adopt having more than one pair of running shoes in the rotation. Now I usually have three pair going at a time

  138. I was slow to adapt to using real food on my long runs, instead relying on gels, etc. Now I love having a sip of coke, bite of snickers, PBJ, etc!

  139. I tend to jump right on any new shiny thing that comes my way but, I have purposefully avoided engaging in any other social media besides Facebook because I know what a time suck that is for me. I can’t even imagine getting on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. as well (although I do stalk my teenager on them).

  140. Running specific socks (shout out to the first pair of Balegas I got in a swag bag from an AMR training challenge) who knew it’s possible to get through a long run without blisters!

  141. Yoga……..after starting my first half marathon training last year, I had never experienced tightness in my gluteus before. I had to try something different than the typical stretching………enter yoga………..tightness gone!

  142. Kombucha! I still can’t think about it too much as I’m drinking it, but man is it tasty and good for you!!!!

  143. With running related stuff. Compression gear. I never saw why it was needed, but now can’t live without it. Same with running sunglasses. I always thought how silly I would look in them but now I don’t care because they make such a huge difference! If only I had started using them in my twenties! Haha

  144. Oh where to start on my list…xm radio, Garmin, strava, the list could go on. I think my Blue tooth headphones is at the top of the list. I don’t get tangled up in the cord anymore when have on several layers when running in cold weather. Layers come off easier if over heat.

  145. My brother has been raving about podcasts for years now, but I only recently started listening. I love them! And while I’m on the subject, I’ll give a #trypod shoutout to the Outside podcast, which is currently featuring an excellent series about women, the XX Factor.

  146. I was slow to adopt to run/walk plans for racing and kept bonking in later miles. A friend finally convinced me to do run/walk (in the middle of a marathon!) and I’ve had great races ever since.

  147. Kids. Ha! I was never having kids, but now we have four and I stay home with them and homeschool and can’t imagine another way of life.

  148. I was slow to adopt Nuun. All the AMR ladies have been singing it’s praises forever and it wasn’t until the podcast with the Nuun guy that I thought I’d give this stuff a try. Now I can’t imagine long training runs and race aid stations without it! I’m only sorry I came too late in the game to try this Kona Cola Dimity raves about! HA.

  149. My smart phone. Not because of the phone itself, but because of the easy access camera. I was the one who carried my camera everywhere. Now, it’s so much easier!

  150. I was a super late adopter to smart phones. The only reason I finally gave up and got one was because I wanted to use the couch to 5 K app LOL!

  151. Heart rate training. I tried many years ago, but couldn’t believe it would work running so SLOWLY. It wasn’t until last year when I signed up with TLAM, that through coach MK and Dimity did I learn to love HRT.

  152. My family decided recently to ditch cable and stream channels via SlingTV and use a digital antenna for local channels. We are saving so much money. I wish we had done this sooner.

  153. I was unwilling to adopt a camper. I have always been a tent kind of gal. Now that my husband went out and bought one (behind my back) and we have kids I would never go back to the tent!

  154. This isn’t necessarily a new thing but I never really used the library much until recently and now we are all about the library at our house

  155. I was s l o w to adopt S L O W running as part of training! Mixing it up also keeps it fresh. So much to learn from running! Thanks BAMRs

  156. My friends had been raving about Amazon Prime for a couple of years before I took the plunge. It’s saved me countless trips to the store and made shopping enjoyable again since I don’t have kids melting down in the store.

  157. I was super slow to adopt a smart phone as well. Right before the birth of my first son I got an iPhone 4 in efforts to have something to take pictures of the baby with (pretty sure one or two other iPhones has already come out by then)…. but now I love my iPhone! It keeps me company on a run and helps me stay in touch with my five siblings! (And snap lots of pictures of my two little boys).

  158. Green tea. I know it’s a healthy drink, but I’m a coffee lover. I’ve switched my occasional cup of afternoon coffee to an almost every day cup or two of green tea. Technology–definitely NOT an early adopter.

  159. A new Garmin. My husband finally just went and got me a new one. My old one was really old. Now I’m struggling to figure out the new one. Oh well, I’ll catch on by the time this one is considered old…

  160. I didn’t even have a dumb cell phone until 2013. Smartphone only 2 years ago. And apparently I’m still tweeting with a chicken and an oar, apparently.

  161. Pinterest : All my friends seem to use it on a regular basis. However, a couple of them seem to get lost in Pinterest for hours on end and stay up all night looking at different ideas.

  162. Strength training – for so long I just “ran”…then I started some strength training and have really seen a different in my endurance and ability to run well. I don’t do it as often as I should, but I am definitely glad I started!

  163. My oldest getting her drivers license. She was just shy of 18. I didn’t realize how much I actually carted her around. It’s so much nicer/easier/schedule accommodating to have another driver.

  164. Smart phone. I held onto my old one thinking the extra fees associated with a smart phone were ridiculous. Now I can’t live without it!

  165. A new iPhone bc they’re now so much bigger! Now it fits in nothing but my bullet capris. I’m happy though bc I can now podcast and listen to music for an entire long run and have battery to spare.

  166. This might be gross, but I know I should changing the sheets on my kids beds more often. They are still young and it seems like every time I change them they throw up or pee in the clean sheets the first night. So I have gotten so I wait until one of those events happen naturally.

  167. My SUV! Why does anyone need a big car? Turns out I do! Two kids, a dog, and all the crap that comes with them are no longer a stressor on family trips!

  168. I was slow to adopt a GPS watch. I ran for 20 years keeping track of EITHER time or distance, but never both. I got a Garmin watch about a year ago, and love it (although I do run without it periodically).

  169. Meditation – headspace. I still struggle with doing it consistently, but I know I am much better off when I do.

  170. My slow to adopt “thing” is actually podcasts! I love them! Great to listen to while getting other things done. Great motivators!

  171. I am a slow adopter, too! Iwas the last one I knew to get a cell phone. What I never thought I need and now can’t live without is a phone with a camera that takes decent pictures and auto uploads to Google. I have a digital SLR that I was obsessed with because it’s been my “dream” to be a professional photographer. Having a good camera on my phone, though, lets me take good shots of my girls anywhere, since it’s always on me. And having them auto-upload and organize themselves in Google saves me so much time!

    I love your post! I have had the same thoughts about Sweat X (how could it be that different?), but my curiosity is piqued and I’d love to have odor-free running clothes!

  172. eBooks. I for so long scoffed at those that used tablets to read books and insisted that the real thing was the best. Then my daughter got a new Kindle and I took over the old one. I discovered Overdrive through my local library and have never looked back. For someone who reads 3-5 books a week, having a library at my fingertips (as long as I’m connected to wifi!) has been life changing. Need a new book at 11pm? A few swipes later and you got one! Always late returning books to the library? Virtual books are returned automatically! Can’t remember the author of that book you read a month ago? Look in your history! My husband is also happy that I no longer lug around a suitcase of books to get me through a

  173. I was slow to adopt running! I always thought it would be bad for my knees (I’ve had two knee surgeries), but it turns out it doesn’t bother my knees at all. I started running at age 44, and can’t imagine giving it up.

  174. I think we are kindred spirits, Adrienne! I resisted many of the same things! I’d have to say my iPhone. ( I still only read books from the library)

  175. 2 things. Texting, which I had to learn to keep in touch with my son when he went to college in 2009. Also my kindle. I never thought I wanted one, but I won it in a contest. Now it is my primary source for library books, word games, the Internet…

  176. I was a slow adopter of many things too – I dislike change and usually go kicking and screaming! The thing that pops into my mind is coffee. I started drinking coffee in my 30’s while on vacation with my husband and now I can’t live without the stuff!

  177. I was slow to get a smartphone, but now I can’t live without it and keep everything on the calendar and LOVE it! I still haven’t adopted Twitter or Instagram and I’m still living happily without. :).

  178. I was slow to get a smartphone, but now I can’t live without it and keep everything on the calendar and LOVE it! I still haven’t adopted Twitter or Instagram and I’m still living happily without. 🙂

  179. That would def be my smartphone! I’ve only had it for two years, and I only got it because my old phone diead and they didn’t have any non-smartphones to pick from

  180. Sunglasses! I wear them all the time, but only recently stated wearing them while running. Such a difference!

  181. I never had a pair of capri running pants until recently. Always wore shorts or long tights. Wow!! Capri pants rock especially now that my legs look better covered up!

  182. Coffee! I didn’t start in high school like kids now, or even college or my first job for that matter…but now I can’t start my day without it.

  183. My headlamp! My husband bought me one for Christmas since I run at dark o’clock in the morning. It took me a lot to gear myself up to wear it (felt like a dork). I always wear bright, reflective clothing and thought that was good enough. But, while driving one night, I came up on a runner who was wearing reflective, bright clothing and didn’t see him until the last minute. Now I run with that headlamp AND a shoe light. Light up, ladies that run in the dark!!

  184. I ran for years in plain old cotton socks until one year my hubby threw in a pair of “real” running socks (wool). Not life changing but I now at least get it why people spend a little more for great running socks!

  185. Running! I always thought of running as torture and that I couldn’t do it unless I was running across the street or to get away from a bee. Now I’ve run so many races, I can’t count and I’m running my second Chicago marathon in October and can honestly say I can’t live without it!

  186. Podcasts! A little over a year ago I had a friend talk me step by step on how to find them on my phone so I could listen to the AMR podcast. Now I listen to podcasts most days of the week!

  187. Ebooks! While I still enjoy holding and actual book and turning pages, I love that I can take a library with me on my iPad wherever I go.

  188. Definitely my wireless headphones. I have picky ears, and finding the right fit was exasperating, but now… liberating!!

  189. Wireless headphones and my FitBit! Didn’t want to give in to wireless headphones but when my headphones were getting too sweaty my husband told me to use his and I was hooked! And of course, if you worked out but didn’t have a fitbit, did it really happen!

  190. My Fitbit I can’t do without now. I’m pretty much always behind the eight ball in trying new things, but once I do, I’m all in.

  191. Ooo that’s wearing a heart rate monitor or a Fitbit. I was like really why do you need to know how many steps you did or how well you slept. Now I’m like ‘what does the data tell me’. I can’t go for a run n now without my HRT and then spend some time reviewing the data.

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