Dry Martini: On the Struggle Bus

I distinctly remember, just a few weeks ago, back in March, maybe, when Spring seemed forever away, feeling a little bored by how quiet life was. Our weekends were more or less empty, which gave me ample time to get all of my chores done. I had time to read, too, and my job-job was humming along without too much input.

Right now, I kinda want to travel back in time and shout at past-me: “Stop and enjoy in, Martini! This lull will pass far sooner than you think.” Oh, how perfect hindsight is.

To make a long but tremendously tedious story short: the last ten days could not have been more full. Not only did I travel to Pittsburgh, work the Expo (which was super fun), run the half, and drive back home; I also had to work all of the senior week events my office hosts at SUNY Oneonta (which was super fun for the seniors, if exhausting for the rest of us). Saturday was Commencement, which lasts all day when you have 1000+ graduates spread across three ceremonies. Just getting to Sunday was a struggle. Mother’s Day was my first chance to get a nice long run in since I got back.

This is what the indoor running track (it’s the stripe above the black curtain) looks like when the gym is in its full glory. And, no, they don’t allow laps during the ceremony.

My Mother’s Day six miles were just fine, by the way. I also found two nickels so it’s a happy Mother’s Day indeed. Hope yours was equally joyful.

But to jump back a little to Pittsburgh ...

I realized this was the fourth time I’ve run this race. It was my first half marathon, the one that launched my AMR tenure, in fact. Soon I’ll need to register this column for Kindergarten and the time will really start to fly.

This time around, however, due to construction, the race had to be rerouted and skip two of my favorite bridges downtown. *Cue sad trombone*

I guess that’s fine -- I mean, you do need to fix bridges every now and again -- and the new route was allegedly flatter. Plus, we wound around near the sports stadiums, which I’m told were a huge draw. But I’m not a stadium girl. I dig bridges. We all have our quirks.

Marianne, who you may remember from her column about training for a marathon, and I waiting at the start. She was my boon booth companion.

Still. We run on. Given how tired my legs, feet, hips, etc., are after working an Expo, my plan was always to mosey this race and soak in my hometown. Marianne put up with me for all 13.1 miles. Our race, in a few pictures.

Leia had to be freezing.

Eventually, we crossed the starting line.

Bridge #1.
The view from bridge #1. Man, I love Pittsburgh.


Bridge #2.
Bridge #3. Marianne is still perky; I’m starting to fade.
And done. That’s my Dad, btw. He spent his weekend hanging out with extended family and drinking homemade wine. As one does.

Marianne, my cousin Donna, and I wandered back to the hotel to get a little cleaned up. Then Donna and I went back to her place, where I took a delicious nap. I’m told that everyone else did, too, but cannot speak to the quality of their napping.

A few of these might have fueled my nap. (Oakmont Bakery, in case you are curious. So good.)

Now that the race is done and students have graduated, there should be a little bit of quiet while I try to get back on top of all of it. I will do my best to appreciate this window of relatively un-busy time. We’ll see how long that lasts.

 If you could go back a week or two in time, what would you tell yourself?

5 responses to “Dry Martini: On the Struggle Bus

  1. So funny, my inlaws live in Pittsburgh and swear by Oakmont Bakery. In fact, the brought an apple pie from there down to our house in MD this past weekend.
    Congrats on the race.

  2. Scrub the entire house down and start taking vitamin C. The cold from the 4 year old will settle into your lungs just in time for your half marathon

  3. Do not eat the yummy French sauce on your pasta, nor the delectable creme brulee, nor the mousse du chocolate the night before the race. In fact, just eat plain noodles and no breakfast. Suck down the Gu and go…..but I didn’t listen to that little voice and I got sick in my half-marathon.

  4. Get in your runs when you can b/c the last 2-3 weeks of school (w/no hubby b/c of busy season) are gonna be hell, and you’ll barely have time to breathe, much less run. (But there’s always time to drink, sadly, which makes it even harder to lose/maintain weight!)

  5. Get on the foam roller. And stretch your hips! My last few funs have had my hips screaming at me… And those goodies look AMAZING!

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