Dry Martini: Road Trip!

The last few weeks have been a tedious exercise in energy management, with the energy in question being my own. And while I could go into a long and rambling (and just a little bit whiney) tale about aging parents and Hallmark holidays and children and work, I’ll spare you. Besides, you likely have your own version, with some of the details changed but the end point being more or less the same: wrung out like a sponge that’s seen better days and should likely be tossed before it grows some kind of lethal bacteria.

More than once (per hour) during the last two weeks, I’ve dreamed of stocking the fridge full of frozen pizzas, jumping in the car, and driving away. I’ve held off, because I’m an adult, damn it. And also because I knew I’d have a chance to do just that Memorial Day weekend.

I’ll be on the coast above the skier’s head. Hopefully, there won’t be snow - but one never knows in Vermont in May.

Nearly three years ago, some knitter runners and I took on the Vermont City Relay. A few months ago, one of those same knitter runners, who I will call Carol because that is her name, decided she wanted to take on the full 26.2 this year. Carol asked if any of us would like to run some of it with her. Lisa (who is my go-to BRF and has turned up in posts on more than one occasion) and I said “sure."

Carol is in the red/pink hat; Lisa is in the white hat; I am #teamvisor in the back.

Carol’s marathon training went well over the winter and into early spring. Bodies, however, are fragile and marathon training excels at teasing out all of your personal fragilities and laying them bare.

The good news is that what the doctor thought could be torn cartilage in Carol’s knee isn’t quite that dire. While the marathon is no longer in her plan (this year), she has been given a cautious OK to run the half. So we three will still run, just in a different configuration than planned.

Given the way Vermont City organizes its race, there is no official half. Instead, two runners each take on 13.1 miles of the marathon course and run it as a relay. Lisa and I will be a 2-person team. Carol start with whichever one of us takes the first leg; then the third runner will pick up at the second leg. I might make a play for being the second leg runner, if only because I’m told there will be ice pops and drag queens on that part of the route. Priorities.

It appears that I took zero pictures when I last ran this race so I’ve stolen this one to show you how pretty the course is. It goes right along Lake Champlain and is lovely, if brutally sunny in spots.

My only goal for the race is to finish -- and I’m 100 percent willing to let that go if Voldesun drops in or if I get hungry or if my shoe feels weird. I do like Sunday morning that ends with a medal, though. That plus finish line Ben and Jerry’s will likely see me through.

More than the race, what I’m really looking forward to is four hours in the car on the way up (and the way back). I love a solo road trip, especially one that won’t take me through any major city centers. Once I get past Albany, it’s mostly cow country, which means more time with my thoughts and my podcasts and lush, rolling hills. It’s one of the ways my batteries recharge and the power is currently low.

Add to that the knowledge that I’ll be able to spend 48 hours or so with two knitters -- we’ve already been talking about the projects we’re bringing -- and no rigid schedule, well, I couldn’t look forward to my road trip any more. Any other mother runners going to be there, too?

A simple question this week, how do you recharge your batteries? 

20 responses to “Dry Martini: Road Trip!

  1. I just discovered AMR. Glad mothers of only furbabies are welcome. To be honest when I saw the title of the blog of was hoping you were heading to the “Dry Martini Half & Marathon”. I’ll never understand the appeal of beer but straight up vodka with a fly over of vermouth, I’d be signing up for that race in a heart beat.

  2. My batteries are perpetually at 23% lately, but I have found that I can add a little juice with a little time writing in my journal, or 10 minutes of meditation in the AM, or listening to podcasts while I cook dinner. (Though, inevitably, the family that has been ignoring me suddenly MUST TALK TO ME NOW if I turn on a podcast. It’s like magic.)

  3. A girls race weekend always recharges my batteries. Had one recently and it was the best!
    Have fun in VT. Hit the shops in Burlington in you can and tour the Ben & Jerrys factory in Waterbury. Yum!

  4. Baking and bloody mary’s with friends….. not necessarily in that order 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. ignoring your actual question………one of my favorite parts of the Rock N Roll San Francisco course is the group of drag queens right near the end! so much love and energy always pushes me to a good finish! now I just need them to stock ice pops!

  6. I love a good drive ALONE to meet up with girlfriends. The passenger seat must contain the iPad and speaker for podcasts and audiobooks, pretzels, and grapes. My girls’ weekend starts June 2!!!
    Enjoy VT, Adrienne! The Ben and Jerry’s is a great motivator.

  7. It sounds like the perfect weekend and I hope you and the Fitter Knitters have a ball. I’m a wee bit jealous as I have no plans but Graduation tomorrow.

  8. Good luck to you and the other BAMRs!!! VCM has a special place in my heart. For years, when our kids were little, a group of us would do the VCM as a relay. Sometimes the dads would have their own team. We would shuffle kid care around with race legs. I guess we were BAMRs ahead of our time! Afterwards, a friend’s parents had a camp on Lake Champlain, and we would get together there.
    It fell by the wayside when the kids started having their own activities to plan around.
    Now my husband and I make our annual trek to Cooperstown for the BASE race 5K and 10K. I wish they weren’t both the same weekend.

  9. I’m running half of it too – the first half! any way we could stage an AMR meet up? Good luck!

  10. This is why I turned to triathlons back in 1982. I had run so many marathons and ultras that my body was saying “enough” (yeah I wouldn’t recommend six in one year). So know if I am stale in one sport I just focus for awhile on the other….and they all compliment the running!

  11. I also like a nice road trip, or shopping at a not crowded Wegmans (so much potential!), or a yoga class if I can get myself there. I hope you have an amazing time!

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