#268: Best Ways to Utilize a GPS Running Watch

Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin spend some time talking about GPS running watches - the best ways to utilize one as well as how to prevent becoming overly reliant on numbers on your wrist. Coach Amanda talks about why an “easy run” is different on every single run. The gals reveal the definition of running “naked” - and how often you should be doing it. (!!) Hear how wearing a GPS ruined a race for Coach Amanda, yet how useful she finds them for speedwork. (If that’s your jam.) At the other end of the spectrum: The gals discuss the importance of letting your body dictate pace and using a GPS to keep you honest about going slowly enough. These decades-long runners also impart advice on honing your inner GPS. The topic then prances over to the ideal cadence and whether you should fret about hitting some magic number of steps per minute. Voice Memos from other mother runners are woven into the duo’s slightly subversive conversation.

In the intro, hear about Amanda’s recent Appalachian mission project with her teenage son plus Sarah’s CT visit with her three kids to see her elderly parents. Plus, discover Sarah’s happy place! The meat of the conversation starts at 21:32.

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8 responses to “#268: Best Ways to Utilize a GPS Running Watch

  1. Look forward to podcast each week and was so excited to hear about ways to utilize my GPS watch, but the title was deceiving. Hope a future podcast has someone who can teach BAMRs how to utilize a GPS watch. Would love to know some of the advantages.

  2. I agree with the previous comments. This was not at all “BEST WAYS TO UTILIZE A GPS RUNNING WATCH.” You all just complained about how people shouldn’t use the watch and didn’t tell us how to use them best. Very disappointing. You should have gotten an expert or someone who at least knows the features of a GPS watch!

  3. Lack luster podcast. I was hoping you would have addressed a few key points but all that I was left with us that neither of you like them. Programming the watch fir track workouts is pretty basic. Are you sponsored by Polar?

  4. Not the podcast I was hoping for.
    My husband gave me a Garmin when I started running halfs again. At first, I downloaded every run, but that fell by the wayside. Now I wear it almost every run and find it such a valuable tool. I find it frees me to run wherever, on a whim sometimes, because I still know how far I have run. I track mileage on my various pairs of shoes so I know when to replace them. I don’t worry about pace so much, but it does help to know when I might need a day off. Even after many years of running, I am not always accurate regarding my pace. I find tracking mileage also helps to know when it is time for a GU. If I wait until I feel like I need one, it is often too late.
    As far as “running naked” I don’t run w/ music or entertainment, but my watch has become a valuable tool for me.

  5. I stopped listening midway through this one. I think the topic of using GPS and technology would be better served by people who were a bit more knowledgeable and not as disparaging.

  6. I’m a huge AMR fan. This was not your best podcast, I’m sorry to say. Maybe it’s not a good idea to talk about a topic – any topic – when you admit that your adverse to that topic and don’t know anything about it.

  7. I’m looking forward to this. The technology intimidates me. So far I’ve only been able to handle my Timex Ironman stopwatch and my Fitbit HR

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