#271: Advice and Insight from a Sports Medicine Doctor

Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini talk about running injuries and prevention with Dr. David Geier, a respected orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist in Charleston, South Carolina, and host of his own podcast. Dr. David answers a slew of questions garnered from the AMR Facebook page, starting with what’s causing that (literal!) pain in the butt so many mother runners are feeling. He explains why an MRI isn’t the best test for a labral tear. (Speaking of tests, you’ll definitely ace the word “medial” on the SATs after listening to this podcast!) Dr. David describe the classic symptoms of a stress fracture—and tells why heeding early signs will limit time off running. The good doctor—or, rather, the “Good News Doctor” as Sarah dubs him in the show due to his optimistic outlook on injuries and recovery—talks about how age tinkers with a runner’s body and how to allay some of those changes. The trio covers a whole lot of ground: shin splints, IT Band issues, piriformis syndrome, knee pain, and more, as well as “gear” such as KT Tape and cortisone injections. A must-listen episode, even if you’re currently injury free!!

In the introduction, Sarah and Adrienne talk about why shorter long runs are often tougher than lengthier ones. The interview with Dr. David Geier starts at 16:43.

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