#272: Prehab: The Secret to Avoiding Running Injuries

Sarah and co-host Molly are joined by two guests who offer valuable insight into prehab: the simple moves that can help you with avoiding running injuries. First is Britny Fowler, a personal trainer who leads education session on TriggerPoint Therapy products.  This mother runner speaks from experience: After getting talked into running several races by friends, she qualified for Boston Marathon—then ran the race 23 weeks pregnant! Britny provides enlightened advice for starting a prehab routine (just one minute a day!) and how to make it successful. Find out why she suggests we take cues from cats and babies, and how the ABC’s enter into the picture. She answers all sorts of foam rolling questions—including why, when, how long, and how intensely. (And why adding vibration is a game-changer!) Next, the BRFs welcome on MK Fleming, the Train Like a Mother Club heart rate coach and multi-time marathoner. Pregnant with baby #4, MK talks about how her workouts are morphing along with her body. In answering questions culled from the AMR Facebook page, MK explains how to let attitude be your guide on workouts plus the importance of making easy days easy enough. This leads to intriguing side conversation about what constitutes true “rest” on a training plan—and why us mother runners have such a tough time doing it. Coach MK stresses the importance of a short pre-run warm-up and why to ditch an all-or-nothing mentality.

Whether it’s Britny’s analogy of training for a fight before getting beat up or MK’s sage advice about the importance of continuing to ask questions, we guarantee words from this episode will reverberate in your head for miles to come! Be sure to nab one of our new hats or visors for $15—sale ends August 20.

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  1. Wondering if Molly will share the last name of her PT friend in Ohio. I live in Cincinnati (I’ve been to a Jennifer in town) and looking for a PT.

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